i think he actually looks pretty cute

i hope you like soft dex and awkward nursey cause Oh Boy 

(”quit it or i’ll bite")

“Shitty I swear to God if you don’t give me that cute ginger librarian’s deets I will kick your ass in the Annie’s parking lot until you do,” Nursey hisses. They’re tucked into the corner of the nonfiction section, unopened binders and textbooks thrown carelessly on the table to make them at least look like they’re studying.

“Ok, first, pretty sure he’s not an actual librarian, you need, like, a degree for that. Second, are you sure? He looks and acts like a pissed off cat ninety percent of the time. Third, why the Annie’s parking lot? You could just do it here,” Shitty laughs quietly. Nursey chooses not to respond to the last question and furrows his brows.

“Yeah, man, I just think he’s cute. Why not, y'know? If he ends up being an asshole I can just stop talking to him, it’s chill.”

Actually, it is definitely not chill, the absolute opposite of chill, in fact; Nursey had been doing his homework in the public library for the past month just to catch glimpses of this stupid boy. Shitty’s right, his mouth always carries a small hint of a scowl, but Nursey sees how his eyes melt every time he helps a child find what they’re looking for, how the lines on his forehead soften when he puts in his headphones while shelving books. Nursey wants to wine and dine this motherfucker, learn about his hobbies and the music he likes, maybe swipe his thumb over the cluster of freckles that decorate the other boy’s hand. If this doesn’t work out, he also may or may not have to throw out a couple of poems that are scribbled out in his notebook, and that would be a total waste of a good slam performance.

“Ok, ok, it’s your funeral. His name’s Will, from what I remember. I’m pretty sure he’s the same age as you, and good news, he played hockey in high school, so you two have a little bit in common. I took a comp sci class last year just ‘cause and he was mad good at it, like, he was doing hacker-level shit. I’m pretty sure I saw him making out with another dude at our last kegster so you most likely have the green light for flirting with him. And the last thing I know is that under that charming appearance lies a snappy little lobster, probably, so watch out,” Shitty says, moving his hands like claws for emphasis. Nursey laughs, a little too loudly for their location.

“Good thing I’m in the mood for fishing, then,” Nursey declares as he grabs a random book from a nearby shelf and makes his way over to the front of the library. He can hear Shitty whisper-cheering him on, which doesn’t really help much, but the effort is appreciated.

As he nears the front desk, Nursey can finally read the name tag that’s pinned to Will’s collar: William Poindexter. Nursey almost chuckles, because that is definitely one of the nerdiest names at Samwell, but it is kind of fitting. There’s no one in line, so Nursey walks right up and sets his book down, which causes Will to look up from his computer.

“Did you find everything all right?” Will asks, and for once he doesn’t look irritated, just distracted. His voice is unexpectedly soft, probably because he’s trying not to disturb any of the other patrons, and Nursey has to resist the urge to lay his head down on the counter.

“Oh, uh, yeah,” Nursey answers, and mentally slaps himself. This should be easy for him; he’s flirted with tons of other people at varying stages of sobriety, but this is the first time that he’s actually been nervous. Will picks up the book to scan it, his eyebrows raising as he reads the title.

“Are you a bio major?” Will asks offhandedly as he searches for the scanner.

“Oh, no, creative writing,” Nursey replies, surprised that Will is actually initiating conversation. From the way Shitty talked about him, he half expected Will to beat him up the second they made eye contact (but to be honest, he doesn’t think he would really mind that).

“So you read about ‘the effect of temperature and soil water content on forest drought stress’ for fun?” Will asks, a hint of a smirk in his voice. If Will wasn’t currently chirping him, Nursey would actually be happy at the progress he’s making; he hasn’t gotten yelled at yet, at least.

“Haha, it’s…for a friend?” Will snorts, and it’s close enough to a laugh that Nursey’s face floods with warmth.

“You go to Samwell, right? I mean, you probably do since the campus is like two minutes away, huh. I feel like I’ve seen you around before.” Nursey feels like a dumbass; of course he knows Will goes to school with him, he just wants to keep the conversation going.

“Yeah, I live in the dorms, so you’ve probably seen me walking to class half-dead in my pajamas,” Will says, typing something with one hand into the computer, and Nursey chuckles in agreement.

“Do you play any sports?” Nursey asks, leaning against the counter, his facade of calmness hanging on by a thread. A small voice in his head chants common interest common interest, but he pushes it out of his awareness.

“Nah, not right now. I used to play hockey in high school, but I stopped after graduation. My scholarship is for academics, so I don’t want to lose it because of sports getting in the way.” The lines on Will’s forehead reappear, and his eyes lower. It’s different from his usual expression, though, more sad and thoughtful, and Nursey absolutely aches. “I still love it though, I sometimes wish I could play again, y'know?”

“Dude, I’m on the hockey team, you can always come practice with us! It can’t hurt to have an extra player, Dex,” Nursey offers, hoping that he doesn’t sound like he was waiting for this opportunity.

Will’s ears turn a flattering shade of pink, and Nursey doesn’t know if it’s from the offer he just made or the nickname (Oh my god! I just called him Dex! What the fuck!). Will scratches the back of his neck, seemingly embarrassed.

“I mean, if you wouldn’t mind? Fair warning, I might be a little rusty,” Will says. Nursey is just about ready to cry with joy.

“No problem dude, can I get your number? So we can plan a day, and stuff.” Derek Malik Nurse, your mamas raised you to be stronger than this, stop shaking, fuck–

“Hey, I don’t give my number out to just anyone. I don’t even know your name,”  Will jokes. He’s smirking again, but there’s a blush creeping down his neck.

“Oh shit, my name’s Derek! Everyone calls me Nursey, though. And…I could take you out for coffee? My treat?”

Will doesn’t answer, just turns around and finishes getting Nursey’s book ready. When Nursey opens the front cover, there’s a phone number scrawled out on the receipt. Underneath it, a message reads, “actually, I’m more of a tea type of guy”.


“Not gonna lie, I totally thought you were an asshole before I actually talked to you. But you were like, super nice the whole time!”

“Only ‘cause you were bumbling around like a middle schooler with his first crush.”

“Ok, I’m revoking your tea privileges, time to take this back–”

“Hey! Quit it or I’ll bite!”

“On the first date, Poindexter? I thought you were classier than that!”

Through The Ages - Newt Scamander

soulmate AU where you can see everything their soulmate writes on their skin. 

pairing: Newt Scamander x reader

warnings: fluffy?

A/N: i’m actually pretty happy with how this turned out. I think its really cute. Hope you like it!! It may be a little messy cuz I’m exhausted. 

AGE 11

you smiled slightly and looked down when you felt something appear on your arm. “I’m so excited!” had been written there by your soulmate. You and him just so happened to be starting wizardry school on the same day, but you were at Ilvermorny… and he was at Hogwarts. All the way across the ocean. But the distance didn’t stop you from becoming best friends. You had talked to each other all your life and had bonded over your mutual love for animals. You wanted to know the name of your best friend, but some strange force prohibited you from sharing information like that with your soulmate. You looked around and quickly grabbed a quill before writing back “me too! These are going to be the best years of our lives!”

AGE 16

The past 5 years of school had been the worst years of your life. Apparently people found it fun to torture you. To make fun of you and to force you to hate yourself. And you truly did. You felt like there was something wrong with you, and that’s why people hurt you. But your soulmate never treated you that way. He was loving and kind and you had never wanted to be with someone as much as you did him. He couldn’t comfort you with hugs or kisses, but his words kept you going. He taught you to love yourself and to stand up against the people who knocked you down. He made you life better.

AGE 18

You sat on a bench in the corridors of Ilvermorny, watching couples pass with their hands in an embrace and their heads in the clouds. You wanted that. You needed that. And maybe that would come soon. Your soulmate had been recently kicked out of Hogwarts, and was now traveling the world to study and document magical creatures. You hoped everyday that his studies would lead him to you. You waited. And waited. But your prince never came to rescue you from this godforsaken school.

AGE 22

You were out of school and were now working at a wizarding firm in Miami, Florida. Your family worked their as well and you loved it, but you would never truly be happy until you met the man you wrote to daily. You were even sadder when you found out he was in America, but far far away from you. And wouldn’t be in the states for long. You didn’t know exactly where he was, just that it was far north. He didn’t tell you much about his travels in America. He said he wanted to save that story for when they finally had each other face to face. It hurt you that he was so close, yet so far. 

AGE 23

Tears ran down your face as you wrote to your soulmate about the recent event that had torn your life apart. Your mother, your father, your sister, and both your brothers. All dead. And you blamed yourself. You had been at home sick when the attack happened. Grindlewald left no survivors when he attacked the firm. You had no one left. And you had lost your job. So now you were being shipped up to New York to live with your cousins. A small hope flickered inside you when your soulmate told you he was also on his way to New York to visit some old friends. Maybe you would find him. Maybe he could put your broken pieces back together. 

Newt eagerly knocked on the door to the Goldstein apartment. After a moment, the door swung open to reveal the faces of his three friends grinning at him. Queenie, Tina, and Jacob instantly showered him in hugs and warm welcomes, hurrying him inside. There was a delightful meal already set up at the dinner table. “Merlin’s beard, I’m starving,” he smiled, setting his case down and taking a seat. The others quickly took their seats as well, not hesitating to dig into the meal. Just as she was about to take another bite, Queenie froze and looked over at Newt. “Why are you so distraught, honey?” she asked, putting her fork down. “Oh, uh um…,” Newt stuttered, unconsciously glancing down at his arm. “My soulmate… her family was recently killed in a Grindlewald attack,” he explained. Queenie and Tina looked at each other, wide eyed. “What is it?” Newt asked, seeing their bewildered expressions. “Oh, it’s nothing,” Queenie assured quickly. Tina frowned slightly but didn’t say anything. “Anyway, you’ll be sharing a room with our cousin, Y/n, if that’s ok. She’ll be arriving sometime tomorrow,” Queenie informed Newt. “…Cousin?” Newt asked slowly, his heart skipping a beat. “Um, yes. She’s coming up from… Virginia,” Queenie nodded. Tina glanced between Newt and Queenie, looking extremely confused. “Oh,” Newt just nodded, his heart dropping to his feet. 

You arrived in New York late the next day. It was already dark by the time you arrived at the Goldstein residence. You climbed up the stairs and knocked on the door, waiting quietly. Tina opened the door and pulled you into a hug, not bothering to say anything. “Thank you,” you whispered weakly. Tina smiled softly at you and lead you inside. “We finished dinner quite awhile ago, but we left some for you. You’ll be sharing a room with our visiting friend, Newt Scamander. I think he’s already alseep. So is Queenie,” she said. “Thank you, Tina. I’m not very hungry, though,” you replied. “Of course,” Tina nodded, taking your hand and leading you down the hallway and into a room. “Your bed is on the left,” she said before leaving. 

You closed the door behind her, taking in your surroundings. The bed on the right was occupied. Someone was awake under the covered, the light of their wand glowing faintly through the sheets. You sighed and climbed into bed, not bothering to change clothes. You made yourself comfortable under the covers, using your wand as a light source. You got a quill and wrote to your soulmate. “how are you?” you asked. “I’m great. Safe and in New York,” he replied almost immediately. “That’s great! Who are you staying with?” you questioned. “Some friends of mine who work with MACUSA,” he answered. “Ooh, i might know them. Names?” you wrote, curious. “Tina and Queenie Goldstein,” he wrote back. Your heart stopped and your breath hitched. It was him. He was here, just across the room. You instantly sat up in bed and let out an odd high-pitched noise, startling Newt. “Oh my, is everything alright?” he asked, quickly turning on the lamp. You just stared at him, taking in every freckle on his face and every curl in his hair. “It’s you,” you gasped, on the brink of tears. “I-I don’t think i understand…,” Newt responded, confused. He couldn’t help but stare back at you. You were absolutely beautiful, everything about you was perfect. He felt something deep inside him but couldn’t pinpoint what is was. He was snapped out of his thoughts when you suddenly ran over and tackled him in a hug. “It’s me. My family… I told you about them. They were killed. Tina and Queenie are my cousins. It’s me!” you rambled, tears streaming down your face. Realization dawned on Newt and he hugged you back tightly, nearly crying himself. “I found you, my love. And everything is going to be ok,” he whispered, running a hand through your hair. 


The next morning, Tina and Queenie walked into the bedroom to find you and Newt fast alseep, wrapped up in a tight embrace. “Looks like they finally found each other,” Queenie smiled. 

Yes I know that I already drew a Baby Tamatoa like a month ago, but looking back, it was pretty bad, so I drew another one. :U

I think he looks much cuter in this picture…plus the posing is better, as well as the coloring. I’m actually pretty proud of it.

But the other reason I drew Baby Tama again is because of all the super cute fanart I’ve been seeing of him as a baby. I just LOVE the idea of him having buck teeth when he was a baby. It’s just so cute! ;A;

And before he got all the barnacles in his teeth and on his chin too…XD

((Re-done humanized Marshal, Because I don’t really like the first one I did that much, and I wanted to keep his ears and tail lol, Hope you like it!!!))

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Headcanons about what milard looks like if he wasn't invaluable

I think you mean if he wasn’t invisible? xD and these aren’t even all that great, and they’re headcanons!! So obviously I don’t know how he actually looks

- This cutie is pretty tall.but not too tall.  Like- 5’8 probably.

- He has dark brown eyes!

- Light brown hair!

- Straight hair that’s pretty long, but not too long. (kinda like Asa when he has long hair)

- Fair skin but it’s not pale.


- Big feet to be honest.

- He’s skinny but has chubby cheeks! You know? Those really cute ones you wanna pinch so bad? Yeah he hates that.

- Long legs

- Slim body structure. 

I hope you like these! 


Okay ~ so first things first, @angela-fxxkin-lee and I were watching Voltron again when she pointed out a few things, well, more than few things, but anyway - this is our take on things. Also, she may or may not be a fan of Rolo x Keith. So first picture, we have Keith looking pretty annoyed by Lance’s flirting with Allura, but in the second one he doesn’t seem all that bothered like he normally would be (I like to think his attention/curiosity is on Rolo).

Keith was actually very talkative (actually talking with someone that isn’t a part of the squad), assuring Rolo that they were going to change the galaxy (look at Rolo’s little smile when he replies).

A better picture of Keith smiling at Rolo, it’s just adorable, he seems like he’s attached/attracted to the guy ~ it’s just so cute ~ ! Also, an extra where Keith’s seems to be looking at Rolo’s backside ~ 

Keith was the first to tell Hunk that they got it when Hunk started going off, then again, and then the others joined in the third time. Seems to me Keith is the first to be annoyed about Hunk ragging on his potential new boyfriend ~

Jokes people, jokes.

And finally, Keith telling Rolo that they’ll have to wait for a rescue. The guy was really talkative, or so we thought. Also ~ 

Rolo’s little smile when he says they were nice folks ~ Keith. Cough. Cough.

All that was said is nothing to take seriously ~ just a couple of friends spazzing over characters. Also, we like to think Rolo is 21 if he had an age. Dunno why. I like the adorable little ship name: Coca Kolo.

So cute ~

Coffeeshop Cutie [Zach Mitchell x Reader]

Author’s Note: Whoa, this is really dialogue-heavy, but I actually kind of like it. Dialogue is fun. I hope you enjoy this! I’ll admit it’s pretty rushed and I think  you can kind of tell, but it’s cute, so. Also I haven’t exactly proofread it yet, but I’ll slowly do that! I’m really tired right now.

Word Count: 2,060

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I was thinking about this and I had to share it: I feel like the fact that Alex doesn't have any actual siblings doesn't only makes him see his band mates as brothers (he might have other close friends, but those were the friends he grew up with and are still there) but he also probably feels like an actual uncle to Amelia, Hearst, Forrest and Iggy, since he won't have any "real" nieces/nephews

Yeah I think about that too, they’re so close and they’ve known each other since they were very young so they must feel like family since they practically grew up together and pretty much lived together all those years on the road. 
Uncle Alex is such a cute thing to imagine, look how precious 

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Ik that they said the r*cas moment was pretty sweet... and it was! ❤But I personally don't like how the line about "I'm hopeful too" and extending his hand(or something like that) was delivered by Lucas/Peyton. Idk I just felt he said it too forced or without to much sentiment.

“Too forced” and “without much sentiment” are two expressions I relate with every r*cas moment, to be honest.

I actually did think that it was pretty cute and one of the only scenes where they’re actually acting like a couple since Ski Lodge. (Ironic that it’s while they’re discussing that Riley doesn’t exactly believe in their relationship.)

My focus was mainly on Maya who very obviously looked away from the whole exchange. But, I agree, it seemed forced because, isn’t most of their relationship? 

I often wonder, does Hussie ever decide to look up some Homestuck porn? Like does he ever decide to go and see who best matches his idea of what Trolls mating would actually look like, to see if they got close enough? Or maybe just to see how they present his characters? 

‘Oh wow that Fef is cute but she’s way too short.’

‘Damn tavros is pretty muscular there but he’s missing legday’

‘Equius man now that guy’s pretty tough but he’d be a switch for real’.

What’s what I like to think.

Ongoing Feelings (part 2) [Jungkook]

Originally posted by jungkooz

Genre: Angst

Characters: Jungkook; Reader (You)

Word Count: 1150

Notes: Continuation of my sad love life :( There will probably not be a part 3 unless a lot of you want one or if I’m feeling like I want to write a third part. Enjoy!

1 | 23

Jungkook snap chatted you the next morning. After you had seen his text you felt even more horrible, the fact that he actually said that he thought you were attractive made it seem like you needed  justification and that you didn’t think you were attractive. You were pretty if you said so yourself, but most of the time you were modest about your looks, always looking at the bad aspects of yourself instead if the good. So when you received his snap you just didn’t want to open it, but your personality was very forgiving so you opened it.

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Some people ship you with Bakugou because they like shipping rivals. It really doesn't make much sense, to be honest. I just know its something that happens a lot.

That’s… that’s one way of looking at it. Thanks for the explanations.

I personally don’t mind you guys shipping me with pretty much anyone, and the ideas I’ve heard until now were actually quite amusing and cute.

That’s my vision of this situation. But Bakugou seems to have very… bakugou-ish reaction to the very idea of people shipping him with anyone. I honestly think it would be better to spare his feelings and not to mention this topic to him anymore. He becomes quite insufferable when annoyed by something.

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so listen my crush is 6'4 and i'm 5'3 and he's so cute and it looks like his hair is so soft (i wouldn't know i can't fucking rEACH IT) and he's such a great person and everyone loves him and he's so nice to everyone but we're pretty good friends and we don't actually see each other much bc we don't have any classes together but when we do he always teases me and like bumps into me on purpose but i also think he has a girlfriend yikes (but at homecoming he told me i looked good and hugged me hm)

OMG yikes but OMG girl he sounds cute

Inumuta Houka: A character analysis

If you know me for any amount of time, you would know that I love Houka Inumuta. He’s obviously pretty cute and well designed and I have a type for pretty asshole characters, but when people ask me why I actually like him, I have a hard time explaining it. In truth, I think he’s a very interesting character, for several different reasons. This character analysis is kind of me trying to truly and completely explain all the different aspects of him that I really like and also maybe bring light to what he’s like as a character since the majority of the klk fandom either ignores him or makes him just the ‘tech guy’.

(look at this smile he’s so cute but anyway let’s begin)

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AU where Freddy is a college kid, really popular amongst his friend group, and he has a huge thing for older guys (although he would never admit it) and his friends love to go to the beach and one day Larry notices him there and thinks he’s really cute, starts to tease him and flirt with him because he looks so sweet when he’s blushing and Freddy pretends he’s not really into it but he’s SO into it. And Larry offers him a ride home so Freddy looks at his friends like “why not” and follows Larry to his car which is actually a fucking bugatti and Freddy is like ummmm…this is your car? And Larry laughs, says, yeah I do pretty well for myself. And one day Larry asks him out to dinner, lets him pick the place, and Freddy jokingly says the most elite, expensive place in LA and Larry is just like “okay.” And Freddy is like how the hell are we going to get seated there? You have to make a reservation like a year in advance. And Larry just laughs, says, “kid, i OWN the place.”

Royal Pirates: When he catches you singing along loudly to their songs Risky Business style while wearing one of his shirts.

Oh god this idea was hilarious and so cute to think of–plus it gave me an excuse to watch the original movie again (>W<)!! Hope you enjoy~

Moon: …Are you having fun?–S/He looks really good in my clothes…it’s actually pretty sexy now that I’m giving her/him a closer look.

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James: Is this the reason why you always offer to do my laundry before I leave?–Awe, so cute!~

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Sooyoon: My love…you’re so weird!!!–Haha, but in a good way of course!… But seriously though, how often do you do this? *Laughs*

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A Day in LA (Joe Sugg Imagine- Requested)

Anonymous whispered: Hi I love your writing so much!!💖 Could you please write a cute imagine that is the topic of Joe’s LA vlogs from this year? sorry if that made 0 sense ️😁x -I hope this is okay for you! x

‘Morning guys, I’m whispering because Y/N is still asleep, she got here late last night so she’s pretty knackered’ Joe’s voice woke you up and you rolled over to see him standing the other side of your bed talking to his camera.

‘Oh actually I think I’ve just woken her up’ he pulled a face and looked over at you. 'Morning love’ he came and sat next to you, he was still vlogging and turned the camera to you. 'Look how cute she looks first thing in the morning’

'Joe go away!’ you complained pulling the duvet up over your head so he couldn’t see you.

'And as you can all probably tell Y/N is not a morning person’ he chuckled and wondered off to find Oli.

You’d arrived in LA last night, although Joe had already been out there with his friends for two weeks prior to your arrival. You’d pretty much had something to eat and gone straight to bed when you’d got to the house, but today you were looking forward to spending a day with your boyfriend for the first time in weeks.

You looked at the time and forced yourself to get up it was 10am and you knew if you carried on sleeping you wouldn’t help the jet lag. You went into the kitchen where Joe was vlogging with Oli and Louis.

'There she is’ Joe turned the camera to you and you pulled a face. 'Looking gorgeous as always’ he laughed and put his camera down.

You grabbed a banana off the side and Joe poured you some orange juice.

'We’re going out to the pool’ Oli and Louis told you.

'Ok, we’ll be there in a bit’ Joe replied.

'I’m so glad you’re here’ Joe said once the others had disappeared, he placed his arms around your waist and you moved yours around his neck.

'I am too’ you agreed. 'So what are we going to do today Joseph?’

'Well I thought maybe we could just hang by the pool today and then I was planning on taking you to dinner tonight if you fancy it, we can spend some time just the two of us’

'Sounds perfect’ you smiled leaning on your tiptoes so you could kiss him.

'But right now I think you should go and unpack and meet me by the pool’ he told you, you agreed and went to unpack your things. You changed into your new bikini chucking a kimono over the top and headed over to the pool.

You saw Joe sat on a sun lounger vlogging again whilst the others all sat around him. You decided to sneak up on him, you stayed quiet standing only centimeters from him, you were surprised he hadn’t turned around already. 'Vlogging again Joseph!’ you said from behind him and you noticed him jump.

'Y/N!’ he exclaimed putting his hand on his heart.

You laughed and he put his camera down beside him getting up off the sun lounger. 'Just for that you’re going in the pool’ he said trying to grab your waist. You darted out the way and started running around the pool with Joe chasing after you. He eventually caught up with you and chucked you over his shoulder. He tossed you in and you squealed as you hit the water.

'I hate you!’ You shouted as soon as you came back to the surface. You swam to the side where Joe was stood laughing at you. 'Stop laughing and help me out!’ You ordered pulling an angry face at him. Joe obliged and bent down to help you offering you his hand. You quickly pulled him in causing another huge splash, this time it was your turn to laugh.

Joe came up for air and started to splash you with water.

'Joe stop it!’ You tried to splash him back but he was too quick and you didn’t really have the chance. ’ Come on Joe, stop it, you’re an idiot!’ You yelled at him and he eventually stopped pulling your body towards him.

'Yes but I’m your idiot’ he said kissing you square on the lips.

 'Aren’t they just sickeningly adorable?’ you heard Oli say, you turned to reply but then realised he had picked up Joe’s camera and filmed the whole thing. Needless to say you were definitely making it into Joe’s vlog that day.

i’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about frank and the progression of his looks over the years, specifically his time in mcr. like he started out as this dorky looking kid who had a cute face if you could look past the dreads and like slowly became like…gorgeous. like he was always pretty but like at some point it was just like oh my god he’s beautiful like he ACTUALLY is and like i’m just wondering what it was like to see that transition as one of the other guys in mcr like frank literally grew up in that band cause he was 20 when he joined and like did they slowly realize like ok frank’s a really good looking dude or did like gerard walk out into the lounge on the bus one morning and get struck with how fucking pretty frank was with like the morning light shining on his face or something like i need to know