i think gigi is captain america in this one

The Family Meeting (CFKAU)

“If it’s a family meeting, then why are we having the Friar’s here too?”

“Andy,” Farkle sighed with a trace of a hidden smile on his face. “Sometimes you are too smart for your own good.” Andy beamed with pride and stuck her tongue out of the side of her mouth through a gap from a lost tooth.

“I’m hungry,” Ethan whined under his breath. His eyes trained on the giant bowl of pasta in front of him that he had been instructed not to touch until their guests had arrived. “Can’t I just have a few bites? They practically all live here anyways.”

“Ethan Gordon Minkus if you so much as touch a noodle on your plate-”

Riley was cut off by the sound of the doorbell, followed by the thunder of multiple feet against the floor. Austin was the first of the Friar kids to burst into the kitchen and say hello to his pseudo cousins. He was followed by Maddie who ran directly to hug Andy, despite the fact that they had seen each other at school only a few hours before. Noah was the last child to enter, carrying Lottie on his back. A pair of very frazzled looking parents followed their children.

“I told them to wait after we rang the bell,” Lucas groaned. “They clearly didn’t listen.”

“Clearly.” Maya rolled her eyes and walked over to give Riley a big hug. “They’re monsters, I swear.”

“I heard that, mommy.” Austin looked up at his mother with a frown on his face.

Maya leaned down and ruffled Austin’s hair much to his disapproval. “Big eared monsters with no manners!”

Riley smirked at her best friend. “Remind you of anyone?”

“Can we eat yet?” Ethan yelled over the side conversations between children and adults. “If I don’t eat now I think I might explode!”

Farkle laughed and nodded. “Alright everyone, dig in!”

Friday night family feast had become a Friar-Minkus tradition long before any of the kids were born. The two families took turns hosting a dinner of some sort every other Friday night. As each child was born, the table at both houses grew bigger and more food needed to be bought. Somehow, every feast always resulted in at least one day of leftovers, not that anyone was complaining about it. This tradition was one that both families cherished and hoped to keep up for a long time to come.

“So what’s this about a meeting?” Noah asked with a mouth full of spaghetti. Maddie hit his leg under the table at the same exact time that Lucas groaned “we raised savages” to his wife.

“Are we going to Disney again?” Lottie asked hopefully.

“No, we aren’t going to Disney. Sorry Lot.” Lottie frowned a bit at Farkle, but he continued anyway. “Have you guys all enjoyed modeling a bit for me?”

Andy and Maddie looked at each other with big smiles on their face, nodding vigorously. “It’s been so much fun dad!”

“Yeah! Are we gonna be able to do more shoots?”

Farkle smiled at their response. “Hopefully you girls will be doing a lot more shoots.”

“It’s been pretty cool,” Noah agreed. The girls at school think I’m really cool because I’m a model now.“

"Me too!” Ethan agreed with a giant bite of garlic bread almost falling from his mouth. “Lacy Bartley told me that chicks totally dig guys who model.”

Riley rolled her eyes and looked at the twins for their answer. “How bout you Aus and Lottie? Have you guys had fun?”

“Yeah!” The said simultaneously. Sometimes they were creepy with the whole “twin telepathy” thing.

“So you would all agree if I asked to take you on an adventure for some shoots?”

“You mean like your family adventures?” Maddie asked.

“Bigger,” Lucas smiled.

“A bigger adventure than that time we stole Peter Pan’s shadow and held it ransom for Andy’s lost tooth back?” Ethan asked with wide eyes.

“Isn’t it the tooth fairy who takes your teeth?” Noah asked confused by the younger boy’s logic.

“Yeah,” Ethan agreed. “But she lives with all the other fairies in pixie hallow so Pan just had to ask her for it.”

“Bigger than that Eth.” Riley smiled adoringly at her son and his wild imagination. “That was a great adventure though.”

“Some pretty important people have seen the pictures I’ve taken of all of you,” Farkle explained. “They loved the pictures, but they said that it was the kids that made them truly special. I’ve gotten a job offer pretty far away that would be pretty hard to turn down.”

“You’re going to move away from us?” Maddie asked in distress. “You can’t all move away!”

“Calm down Mads,” Maya interrupted her. “Let Farkle finish.”

“Well as I said they really loved the kids in the pictures. They asked me to move far away and take the kids with me to do some bigger shoots.”

All six of the kids stared at the four parents in confusion. None of them were comprehending what was being thrown at them right now.

“How long would we be gone?” Noah asked skeptically.

“That’s the thing,” Lucas looked at the adults. “We aren’t sure. This could be a very temporary thing, or it could be a permanent thing. It’s all based on what happens when we get there.”

“And where is ‘there’ exactly?” Andy asked.

“Los Angeles, California,” Riley beamed.

The realization hit the four older kids at once, but the twins didn’t understand what was so great about LA.

“That’s where they make all of the movies like Captain America and Tangled,” Maya whispered in their direction. It didn’t take long before they were just as excited as the older ones.

“Are you serious mom?” Ethan asked, still skeptical of their parents. “You’re not playing a trick on us, are you?”

“No trick,” Lucas held his hand over his heart. “I promise bud.”

“This is so amazing!” Maddie shrieked to Andy. “We could be world famous models! You could be the Kendall to my Gigi!”

“Think of all of the beaches and the warmth,” Noah put his hands behind his head as if he were relaxing in the sun. “Sure beats the snowy winters here.”

“Well,” Farkle interrupted the kids and their excitement. “Thats the thing. We don’t know how well this is going to work out, so we are going to keep our houses here in New York too.”

“So we can still be close to Grandma Pangers and Grandpa Cory?” Lottie asked softly.

“Exactly.” Lucas leaned down next to him and kissed the top of her head gently. “They can also come see us any time they want.”

“This is the coolest thing ever dad,” Andy grinned. “I can’t wait!”

“Good,” Riley laughed. “Because we are leaving next week.”

“Get ready LA,” Noah smirked. “The Friar and Minkus families are coming for ya!”