i think fire emblem is one of my favourite series now

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What's your favorite persona game?

“This looks like an Anna Question”


Ok, fun little fact, I was away at work during the Fire Emblem ask on Sunday and was super upset I missed out on it. I play the series like it’s a religion and I was just so disappointed I didn’t get to geek out with everyone.

But Persona has a very special place in my heart so i’ll make up for everything by droning on about it for a bit. My favourite in the series isssssss:

Persona 3 Portable. 

I adore it and have bought it probably over 10 times now. I buy it for people when it’s on sale and i’ve gone through 3 Playstation Network accounts all having a copy, plus having it’s UMD. I really feel like it’s an RPG anyone can enjoy as it’s easily accessible, has great story and characters, and a HUGE PLUS is having a female main character option that really makes the game feel different.

In a lot of modern and old RPGs, choosing a gender for the MC really doesn’t mean much. There might be slight dialog changes, or a few special features for only said gender, but it’s pretty rare to see much more than that (in games i’ve played anyways). 

So in comes P3P, a port of a pretty awesome PS2 game, now with added female main. Now I didn’t know what to expect with this addition, but I didn’t expect a WHOLE FREAKING NEW GAMING EXPERIENCE. 

The difference between the two playable mains is like night and day. You want a low key person with soft blue for the game UI? Go with the male MC. Prefer a more outgoing role with a bubbly pink UI? Girl MC. 

And it doesn’t stop there. 70% of the soundtrack changes depending on which one you choose. For Example:

One of the Male MC’s school themes

One of the the FeMC’s school themes

There are characters the male can befriend that the girl can’t and vise versa. Heck, you can even change one of the mid game events for the better playing as the girl because of her being able to befriend a certain someone that the boy couldn’t. 

And there’s more! All of the main cast retain their roles on both sides regardless of the MC’s gender, however, the sheer amount of dialog on how they react and treat the MC makes the two of them hardly similar at all besides story role. This goes for the MC too, they have similar dialog options for all things presented to them, but also completely different ones that portray the fact that they think and act differently from one another.   

So yeah, Persona 3 Portable. Fun game, tons of replayability, and it blew my mind back in 2010 when it came out. I could get into the battle system and other mechanics, but i’ve rambled on enough already. I love it, period.

- Mod Anna


Ahaaaa, now this week was more my speed, since the GBA games are probably my favourite in the series. i been working on these all week and i felt they would work better if i uploaded them all as one photoset, soooooooooo~

also I was thinking of doing more but some characters just absolutely stumped me (Eliwood WHAT WOULD YOU BE), so I decided to just keep it one picture for each game.