i think everyone cried during this

monsta x in chicago!

firstly… i apologize.. for probably being confused about everything im about to say also it’s not even the Important stuff that other people have already said it’s just whatever is coming to my mind right now fjdksflds

  • wonho fell at the end of shine forever!! i feel bad for laughing jfdkslfds i posted the video i really hope he’s ok though? i didn’t notice anything wrong after but i saw people say he might’ve been limping and he did step off stage for a minute or two during the talking part right after those songs.. hope he’s ok but i think all is fine
  • please their english was so cute and good? changkyun seemed a lot more comfortable than normal which was nice :’) kihyun’s pronunciation was so good? and jooheon and minhyuk in general just wanted to try to get as much english in as possible fjdsfds pls :( i took vids of uh… every single talking time fjdksfds so if i find anything particularly cute again i’ll post it… changkyun called us his babies at the beginning i really wailed.. all their intros were cute as hell
  • chicago was really in love with wonho.. and his muscles.. every time he took off his jacket everyone SCREECHED and jooheon kept saying “make some noise for wonho’s muscles!!!” (on at least two different occasions)
  • i think? they did a trespass rock version? i’m honestly not sure fjkdslfds it might’ve just been a strong bass but i think they said afterwards that it was special so i think?? it was a rock version? anyway trespass + rush rock version were a PARTY
  • speaking of trespass!! a personal favorite moment plfjdskflds ok during trespass i noticed that minhyuk’s hair got.. puffy? i don’t know how to say it it looked kinda static-y dkjslfdsfds i’m not sure if it would even show up in pictures but it made me laugh he looked SO SO cute and i thought maybe i was just imagining it but then he came over to my side of the stage and i was like Wow ok and then jooheon stepped up behind him and flattened his hair pls fjdkslfds my little fluffy duck :(
  • listen i never knew the baskets were for throwing chocolate.. have they done that before.. it was wild they were really throwing chocolate everywhere (i didn’t get one rest in pieces) but anyway A CUTE MOMENT jooheon and minhyuk ran into each other by accident i think jooheon was looking back and not paying attention and minhyuk like grabbed him by the waist pls i really screamed
  • ok people in the front row.. must be fuckin dead because they were all personally handing them chocolate… also changkyun took a lot of people’s phones on stage near the end? like taking selfies of himself and just filming things pls release that footage mbbs im begging you
  • during fighter that one part where kihyun and wonho circle each other wonho like,,, spun kihyun around by the waist oh my god it was so fcuking cute PLEASE tell me someone got a video.. i think minhyuk did something cute too but i was still crying at the kiho
  • minhyuk really,,,,,, dressed as a farmer during 24k magic,,,,, for me oh my god
  • they mentioned hyungwon so much!! saying how he wanted to be there and hopefully he’ll be back soon :( i think it was shownu? held his arm out like it should be around hyungwon’s shoulders and i cried :(
  • they mostly didn’t replace most of hyungwon’s parts but i Think they had jooheon covering it sometimes? and i think i caught shownu with a few lines as well… could be wrong about all of this though tbh
  • listen the translator fucking sounded like changkyun fdkjsfds i didn’t even realize it during the show but afterwards when i posted that clip of wonho hitting on the translator.. i can’t even tell if the translator said it in english or changkyun wtf…
  • they’re all so talented and beautiful!!!!!! everyone pls im in love with monsta x im gonna fuckigng cry they deserve the world :((((((((((((

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if you haven't done this yet, top five serves in haikyuu?

I’m….so weak for all the serves tbh 

1. Oikawa. Ah, nobody serves the way you do, baby and I’m so here for people being absolutely dead inside and outside before during and after his serves. He truly is the most beautiful and I think that this particular one from the last Karasuno vs. Aoba Johsai match could really be my favorite. But also, every Oikawa serve is my favorite Oikawa serve so there’s that

2. Yamaguchi. This moment. I cried all the tears I’ve got in my eyes and I wanted to run on the court the same way Noya and Hinata tried to do. It was so epic and it meant so much for our little Yams. A person who always felt behind everyone, the only first year not on the starting line, who’s not so good at anything and yet was able to trick with his killer serve one of the best liberos in Haikyuu. And not only him. That happened with Nishinoya too during practice. I can’t even find the words to describe how endlessly proud I am of him :’)

3. Semi. “I want to show my abilities. This desire is too strong. Although I know that the current Shiratorizawa does not need such a setter, this desire is un-containable. But, when I’m serving, I am free.” Like, damn. Semi is honestly so badass and he reminds me of Suga on so many levels. It doesn’t matter that he’s not the official setter anymore, no one could ever dare take his desire to fight away from him, and he will. He’s untamable and I love him so much

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Plus that tongue thing he does before serving really makes me feel…things

4. Kageyama. Same as Oikawa (I mean he’s his student, after all), every time Kags serves is just mesmerizing to watch

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Originally posted by mintsky-a

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Sorry for the spam it’s just that I could really watch him serve on repeat for the rest of my life and be quite happy with that

5. Bokuto & Iwaizumi aka my favorite aces…missing their serves ٩(ఠ益ఠ)۶

Originally posted by kkenma

(You thought I wouldn’t find a way to put Bokuto even in this top 5. Jokes on you.)

- Bonus: BUT there’s just one, true person that deservers the most iconic Haikyuu serve award. And that person is…HINATA SHOUYOU (…mmmh watcha say?)

Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

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I see the Tony is immortal drabble and I raise you this: when Steve hits him in Siberia Tony hopes this is finally it, he will die here like he was supposed to so many years ago. But Steve smashes the shield down and dislodges the fake sternum and cracks rips and later the doctors will say that and the hypothermia and the other injuries should have killed him and Tony just laughs and laughs and laughs. They just mumble that should have killed him too, new sternum and all, and then he just cries.

Well hello there Satan.

I see you and also raise: Tony isn’t reckless because he wants to save everyone. Tony is reckless because he wants to die. The Avengers would shout at him in medical, or in the quinjet, or during debrief, and yell that he’s really fucking lucky, and Tony’s just sitting there quietly, thinking, if I were actually lucky, I would have fucking died. Siberia is sort of a Hail Mary for him. If two Super Soldiers beating the shit out of him doesn’t work, if Steve slamming the shield through the reactor and breaking his fake sternum and the hypothermia didn’t kill him, nothing would.

And it fucking doesn’t.

You know what? I’m going all-in. *shoves entirety of chips to the middle of the table* Thanos comes, and Tony thinks finally, because this… this is what he’d been warning everyone about. And now they can see he was Right. He sees the fear on everyone’s faces even when they try to hide it, and he worries about them, but underneath it all he’s smug. Because now they can see it wasn’t all just his hubris talking.

And then they fight Thanos. Tony sacrifices himself, because that’s what he does, because he’s never going to die. If Afghanistan didn’t kill him, if Stane’s betrayal didn’t kill him, if the Paladium poisoning and the Mandrin didn’t kill him, if Steve’s betrayal didn’t kill him, Thanos certainly isn’t going to. Thanos isn’t personal the way so many of his enemies have been. In fact, this might be the easiest fight Tony’s ever had, if only because there are no feelings attached to it.

They manage to beat Thanos. And Tony finally dies. (Tony stands over his body and watches as the rogue Avengers scream and cry and mourn over him. It’s very surreal. “Too little, too late,” he says, and no one hears him.)

((They bring Tony back, of course, because this is Marvel. They expect Tony to be happy, if only because everyone has to tell him that he was right, and they are sorry. And it’s this that sends Tony over the edge, makes him angry. He does not accept their apologies. He does not care that he was right. “YOU ARE SO SELFISH THAT YOU CAN’T EVEN LET ME DIE IN PEACE. I DON’T KNOW WHY I’M EVEN SURPRISED.” This is not what anyone expected. And now they have to live with the worry that Tony might put a bullet through his head in front of them. He’s angry enough to.))

Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812

Just got back and my mind’s all a whirl but heres’s some notes:

  • Thank you everyone who advised me where to sit in the theater because I got the BEST SEATS and we saw EVERYTHING I think and I am so stoked. Middle front mezzanine all the way, three rows back from the balcony edge. Perfection. 
  • I cried during the opening because I’m so happy I got to take my mom to see this show, she’s never been to Broadway before and she’s done so much for me and I bought tickets for us and I am so happy!
  • what even is this set it’s incredible 
  • where do I look I have to look everywhere oh god I need to see this show 20 times
  • Is Natasha being seduced by Helene or Anatole? Yes. 
  • C O S T U M E S
  • So many bright lights my eyes help please my eyes
  • Poignant snowfall 
  • Denée Benton is the embodiment of that “have you ever seen a woman so beautiful you started crying?” post, because that’s actually what I did tonight. She was onstage, she started singing, and I started weeping at her beauty. I feel honored to have seen her perform. 
  • Accordion duel!
  • Homoerotic masquerade 
  • That clarinet player in the orange jacket was a lovely example of @orangegoth
  • Heartbreaking “I’m still your friend even if you forgot about me” song
  • The inexplicable song for the world’s most charismatic Uber driver, that becomes the most heartpounding spectacle in the entire performance 
  • Ominous figures in robes, chanting
  • lights are stars. lights are comets. lights are romance. lights are loneliness. LIGHTS.
  • Imply the incest but don’t imply it as strongly as the miniseries, well done
  • Josh Groban sang “Dust and Ashes” and emotionally D E S T R O Y E D me. I felt EVERY emotion, and I felt them so strongly I started shaking, dug my nails into my palms, pressed my hands over my mouth, sobbed, and when it was over I clapped with everyone else and I also SCREAMED because EMOTIONS and I’m sorry I screamed but I really couldn’t hold back and I doubt anyone heard that. Fuck that guy I hope he wins the Tony for that song alone dear gods.
  • Mirror check ; )
  • Bizarre symbolic sex ballet
  • ~ S I R E N S ~
  • Is Glitter Mustache Man the same as Tore Off Shirt After Table Dance Man?
  • Helene had the most fabulous outfits I adore her so much
  • You are now surrounded by ominous wailing 
  • The conductor getting shoved out of his spot by Pierre for some solo Sad Songs
  • Clarinet girl carried off on a piggyback ride
  • Dolokhov wasn’t there nearly enough as far as I’m concerned
  • Glass rim humming
  • Lifting your dance partner up on the edge of the balcony, just ensemble things
  • The Anachronistic Rave Dance Orgy was a bit weird
  • Mail time! Here’s the mail it never fails :DDD
  • Pierre rousing himself from his Depression Pit only to stagger around and then drag Anatole in there to have a fight in about 2ft square of stage space and nearly murder him with a paperweight, which if he’d done that 2 hours ago would have saved everyone the trouble, but who’d have wanted that?
Long Post About Great Comet And How Much I Love It

I saw Great Comet today (Oaks first night) and after listening to the original soundtrack and watching every little video and tidbit that the cast or creators post, it was amazing to finally be able to see the show. Just a few things on my mind:

-Oak killed dust and ashes (and everything else).
-Grace McLean singing my house is a spiritual experience and anyone who says otherwise has no soul
-if you get a chance to see the show (and I really hope you can) look all around you even if there is a focal point happening bc there are cast members everywhere doing all kinds of stuff
-everything about Lucas Steele is amazing all around I can’t even begin to list things bc it will get long and out of hand
- Amber Gray came over before the show and gave my section the dumplings and I lost it inside like she didn’t need to do anything I was just happy to be in her presence
- ^same goes for every cast member like I felt graced to be in their presence
- there were so many other things I could go on forever

I physically couldn’t stop smiling from start to finish and I’m p sure I cried a bit during the prologue bc I was so friggin happy to be there I think I probably looked completely crazy to anyone who saw me. I just needed to tell the void aka tumblr how great this show was so thanks for listening void.

Tldr: great comet was amazing, the cast was beautiful and everyone who can should see it and congrats to Oak on an amazing first night as Pierre!

So with Pink Lars and my undying thirst to know what happens to Steven if his Gem is pulled, I have a new theory of how Steven Universe is going to end:

During one final blow against the CGs, Steven takes the shot but instead of shattering his Gem, it separates his Gem from him, but it still kills him

Rose reforms and is in grief of everything she’s done to him and how she has been the worst person in the world to him since she has only brought him harm and trauma and ugly cries all over him while everyone else is in shock all around them

When Rose kisses him on the forehead goodbye thinking he won’t come back since they can’t both exist, her tears and spit combine into an ultra healing-reviving power to bring him back and becomes Pink and like Lion and Lars. Whether the combined power would give him a new Gem I’m not sure


Anyways, remember how Steven said he even thought about dying his hair pink like his mom?? Being brought back to life by her will do just that!

ya’ll... we gotta talk about this.

Nameless ~The One Thing You Must Recall~


So, I just finished playing through every good ending for every route in Nameless. I accomplished this in a matter of three days. Three. Days. That’s how phenomenal this game is. I never thought anything would ever come close to my love for Mystic Messenger. Nameless blew me away. Everything about this game is beautiful. Beautiful art, beautiful soundtrack, beautiful voice acting, beautiful characters. I didn’t expect anything less from Cheritz. For those who aren’t familar with Nameless, it is a fully voiced visual novel-style game from Cheritz, the developers of the extremely popular mobile game Mystic Messenger. With Christmas basically here, I REALLY WANT EVERY ONE TO PURCHASE THIS GAME AND PLAY IT. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. I PINKY SWEAR. I’M GOING TO TRY AND CONVINCE YOU. 

The game description as found on Steam is:  “Eri (the name is replaceable) is a high school student and everything about her seems ordinary except she has a special hobby. Eri is into collecting ball-jointed dolls made from the doll company, Crobidoll. Although she treats her dolls like her real family, she cannot talk about them to even her "normal” best friends. With her parents living overseas, she was left all alone after her grandpa’s death. She started to rely on her dolls to escape from her loneliness. Then, one day, she had a dream about feathers coming out of her diary and when she woke up, she heard strange sounds coming from her kitchen…”

Now, let me just tell you. This game was full of emotions, just like Mystic Messenger. To be corny, it’s a literal roller-coaster of emotions. This game has made me feel really happy, this game has made me literally laugh out loud, and I have shed actual tears due to this game on multiple occasions. The characters are so precious and dear to me, and they all have their own individual problems. They are not perfect, they are flawed. Just like in reality, no one is perfect. I absolutely love games, ESPECIALLY otome games, that embrace that. And Cheritz is extremely good at this, as much in Nameless as in Mystic Messenger. I’ll tell you my opinions on the characters, of course with no spoilers, to further convince you to buy this game. I hate comparing characters, but for Mystic Messenger fans (AKA all of my followers), I will compare since I saw a lot of similarities.

Nameless’s MC, Eri | You can change the name to whatever name you wish in the beginning of the game. She is a freshman at her school, and she lives by herself in her grandfather’s house. Her parents are extremely busy and work overseas, so she lived with her grandfather from an early age. I really, really like this MC. I found her extremely relatable. She has such a gentle heart, but she has pessimistic tendencies and is mature for her age.

Lance | I really enjoyed Lance. He was Eri’s first ball-jointed doll, and the only one that was around when Eri’s grandpa was alive. He’s very smart, but he can be pretty cold at times. He is in the same freshman class as Eri, and is popular against his wishes. He doesn’t really express himself well in front of others. He acts like he doesn’t care about you, but actually cares a lot. He’s a classic tsundere. I couldn’t really compare him to anyone in MysMe personality wise, he’s his own person. I cried during his route.

Yeonho | Yeonho was Eri’s second doll. He had an owner before Eri, but he was sold at auction, with Eri as the winning bid. I absolutely LOVE Yeonho. He is so so so so so sweet. I want to love and protect him forever, the precious angel. I would definitely call him the Yoosung of Nameless. His voice even sounds similar to Yoosung. He is also in the same freshman class with Eri and Lance. He REALLY loves Eri, and is really attached to her. He’s 100% a yandere. He is also really popular at school and he is known as the Yellow Chick. I can’t really get to much into his character without spoiling anything.

Yuri | I like to call Yuri a Jumin-Zen hybrid, with some differences. He is very narcissistic and flirtatious, ESPECIALLY towards Eri. He is very fashion forward, and spends a lot of money on clothes and material items. Out of all the dolls, he appears the most mature physically. He enjoys music, and plays the drums really well. He teaches music at Eri’s school. He appears frivolous, but is actually pretty serious when is alone with Eri. Again, I can’t go into detail without spoiling. I cried during his route.

Tei | I think Tei is probably my favorite route, for many reasons that I can’t disclose without spoiling. I would compare him most to Jumin. He acts like the “mother/father” of the group, but he is actually very complicated. He is the most popular of the group at school, a sophomore, and works in a cafe part-time. I think that he has such a kind heart. I would say that he loves Eri the most out of everyone. Also a yandere. I definitely cried during his route.

Red | And lastly, we have darling Red, warrior of justice! Yes, I said “warrior of justice.” That wasn’t an error. Sounds like our dear defender of justice, Seven Zero Seven, doesn’t it? He reminds me SO MUCH of Seven sometimes, even his voice acting. He’s definitely his own person though. He’s innocent, kind of naive, and very slow at times. That just adds to his cuteness. He is full of energy and is bright like the sun. He loves online games and watching action shows about justice warriors. He believes that he will one day gain special powers. However, is his smile just a mask to hide how he really feels? His route… gosh. So many feels I felt like I was drowning. I definitely cried during his route. A lot. His route is also easily tied as my favorite with Tei’s.


Please consider purchasing this beautiful masterpiece. It would make me so happy if you did. And Cheritz, 정말 고맙습니다. 사랑해.

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I don't know if you have anything on INFP Ravenclaws but I would love to see what they would be like!

Thanks for the ask, @darklordcj ! I’m an INFP so i’m glad that i finally got around to making this :) It was also requested by @astralblooms , @mimyun , @macgyvering-fangirl-hurricane , @crickets-and-constellations , @look-at-all-these-big-ass-trees , @cutebifangvrl , @better-daisy ! Go INFPs!

- daydreaming ALL the time

- during lessons, the middle of a quidditch game, an important exam, their head is in the clouds

- good with languages because they’re great at communication and empathy

- probably fluent in ancient runes by fourth year and can communicate with unicorns

- makes self deprecating jokes but secretly thinks they’re better than everyone

- very emotional sometimes, but doesn’t always show it because of their introversion

- has cried in the common room at least 3 times tbh

- understands you better than you understand yourself

- you can’t mess with them because they take everything way too personally 

- INFP’s friend: “Hey, nice hair! Did you just roll out of bed?” // INFP: “WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING ME??”

- Overanalyzes the crap out of every situation, which makes them a great strategist and a weird but lovable romantic partner

- open minded and woke™ because they’re observant and ready to change themselves if they need to

- seriously, they spend 90% of their time silently listening to and studying people  

- everyone thinks they’re unable to talk or just creepy as hell

- can be unreliable because they follow their emotions, and they have strong emotions. “actually professor, i wasn’t in the right mindset to take an exam today! I’ll come back tomorrow when my aura has changed.”

- need to hide in their dormitory room to recover from social outings, but they do love being social! mostly

- they follow their moral compass, and are very passionate about things that they believe in (think of hermione circa her house elf rights obsession)

- *cough* are actually the best personality type *cough*

Send me an ask requesting headcanons!

Since I Met You

And now you find out exactly why I wanted to post My Father before posting this one. I think the juxtaposition is wonderful. Mwahahaha. Anyway, Tony is going to come across a bit differently in this one, and there is going to be a lot of pain for the Reader. But remember that they are all just doing what they think is the right thing to do.

As always, once the Reader calms down, she will see clearer. But for now, please enjoy, and if you have any feedback, please let me know : )

Oh yes, and I do not have much experience with legal documents, so please keep that in mind as you read! Fitting in extra characters here was a tad tricky, so hopefully that makes sense too…



“Tony, can I come in?” You asked quietly, not daring to enter the lab without permission.

“Of course (Y/N),” came Tony’s reply. You felt a small amount of relief as you walked through the door, and slowly towards him.

“Hi,” you offered, feeling more awkward with him than you would have liked. Why did everything have to be like this?

“Hi,” Tony replied.

“Listen. I… want to apologise for my outburst earlier,” you explained. “It wasn’t very fair or professional for me to behave that way.”

Was that what you wanted to say? Was that what you truly wanted to say?

“It’s alright. It wasn’t your fault. I riled you up,” Tony said with a hesitant smile. “I hear I’m good at that.”

You laughed, and god it felt good. “I wasn’t going to be the first to say it.”

You both fell into silence again, though you were both feeling less anxious in this silence. It was almost comfortable. But the issue of your disagreement over the Accords hung heavily in the air. It had to be addressed, sooner or later.

“I… I don’t think I can sign it Tony.“

Tony sighed, and put down whatever it was he had been tinkering with. He rubbed his eyes wearily. He wasn’t angry anymore. He was… scared?

“At least give it another read before you make your decision. Please?” Tony suggested.

“Tony. What’s wrong?” You asked.

He sighed again. Then he pulled out the copy of the Accords he had been given for safe keeping. The one you were all to sign. He flicked through a considerable way, and then pushed it across the table to you.

You looked from him to the Accords with a furrowed brow, and began to read the page.

If one James Buchanan Barnes, and one (Y/N) Barnes do not sign the Accords by the day of the UN meeting, both will be taken in for questioning.

If James Buchanan Barnes fails to sign this document, it will be treated as a hostile act, and he will be put on trial for his war crimes against America and its allies, in conjunction with the German organisation known as Hydra. If he signs, his unwillingness to participate in these crimes will be fully recognised, and he will be allowed to continue as a free American citizen, and Avenger.

If (Y/N) Barnes fails to sign the Accords, it will be considered an act of treason, and she will be taken into custody and questioned on her Empathic powers and her ability to control them. If she cannot show an acceptable level of control, she will be imprisoned until such a time that she has gained that level of control. If she signs, and cannot demonstrate an appropriate level of control of her powers, she will be placed on house arrest, staying at the Avengers Compound, until such a time that she has gained that level of control.

You couldn’t believe what you were reading. The two of you were essentially being blackmailed into signing something that you just couldn’t agree with. You felt sick, and then you realised.

You hastily flipped all the way to the back, and there they were. Three signatures. James Rhodes, Vision, and Anthony Stark.

“You’re… you’re ok with this? You’re ok with them treating us like dangerous criminals?” You asked incredulous.

“That only happens if you don’t sign (Y/N) ,” Tony replied cautiously.

“Oh of course, only if we don’t sign. If I sign, then I can enjoy the luxury of house arrest, rather than whatever prison or institute they would place me in…”

You were starting to have a panic attack.

Tony came towards you, and attempted to place a hand on your shoulder.

“Don’t touch me,” you cried. He withdrew his hand, and you breathed deep a few times. When you felt you could, you asked him what you had wanted to ask him since the meeting with Ross. “Do you think I’m dangerous?”

“Well, you pack a punch,” Tony replied.

“That isn’t what I meant Tony, and you know it. Do you think that I am dangerous?” You repeated.

“I… I think you can be (Y/N). I’m sorry, but during the fight earlier, everyone got so riled up, if you hadn’t have left, you might have caused a riot,” Tony explained.

You stepped back from him. “How long have you thought that?”

“Since I met you (Y/N). But, it hasn’t stopped me from…”

“From what Tony?!” You spat.

“From loving you.”

“So what you’re saying,” you continued, barely believing what you were hearing, “is that you found it in your heart to love me in spite of the person that I am?”

“No, that isn’t…” Tony tried to explain, but you cut him off. At this point, there was nothing he could say to make you feel better.

“FRIDAY, could you please gather Steve, James, Wanda, Sam and Natasha in the briefing room?” You asked as calmly as possible.

Right away Mrs Barnes.

You walked back to the table, slammed the Accords shut, and then picked it up, striding over to the door.

“(Y/N), please wait,” Tony started.

“I haven’t got time right now. I need to make sure that James and the others who haven’t signed yet see this before they make their decision.”

You opened the door, and hesitated for just a moment. “I accept everything about you Tony, as a part of you. I thought you did the same for me.” And you left.


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okay yeah so Falsettos was. so good. holy shit. i think i felt more during those two-and-a-half hours that i have ever in my entire life. it was wonderful and devastating and i’m still trying to process it honestly. just some thoughts (under a cut because oh boy there are a lot of them):

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Seeing the post for that skit made me think of another one from a Finnish con a couple years ago. It's called Hetalia: World at War and it's split into 2 videos (part 1 being WW1 and part 2 being WW2). It's really cool and gets pretty serious at certain points, especially part 2. I even cried during it at one point lol

Sounds pretty rad. Kinda long for me to watch in one sitting at the moment but I’ll definitely watch the rest later. I’m only two minutes in and the tone is already great.
For those curious:

thescruffygamer  asked:

Overwatch ships, Gency and WidowReaper

Let’s start with Gency, shall we~?   

who’s the cuddler: Genji, he always hugs Angela when she’s reading

who makes the bed: Mercy, she’s a perfect housewife

who wakes up first: Mercy, she’s used to getting up early since she’s a doctor

who has the weird taste in music: They both enjoy swinging to K-Pop and J-Pop as well as dancing to classical music (personally I don’t think it’s weird, but some people find it strange ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

who is more protective: Genji will kill everyone who dares to hurt Angela

who sings in the shower: Angela, she’s also humming sometimes

who cries during movies: Both are in a pool of tissues

who spends the most while out shopping: Genji, because he never knows where are the things he needs

who kisses more roughly: Genji, he’s still got that playboy somewhere inside

who is more dominate: Playboy Genji strikes again

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10, my Overwatch otp ♥

Now onto Widowreaper~

who’s the cuddler: Amelie, she feels safe in Gabe’s arms

who makes the bed: Reaper, he’s a perfectionist

who wakes up first: Widowmaker, because of constant nightmares

who has the weird taste in music: Both chill out to classical music

who is more protective: They can both take care of themselves

who sings in the shower: Amelie, and Gabe secretly listens

who cries during movies: Gabriel, Amelie finds it hilarious and always runs her hand through his hair

who spends the most while out shopping: Amelie, she never knows what to choose

who kisses more roughly: Both are really… affectionate

who is more dominate: Gabe likes to be the leader

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 9, they need more love~


This appears to be another week with “lots of new travel videos from Iceland”. That is usually not a bad thing. In this one, travel along with this videographer as they explore the road around the island. Original caption:

A road trip is an amazing experience. Everyone should do it atleast once, but it isn’t always easy.

Hana and I travelled around the ring road for 10 days capturing the beautiful landscapes of Iceland through every weather condition you could think of. Whilst on the road, the two of us experienced heightened emotions – we were scared, happy, nervously panicking at random points during our trip… we drove under the sunshine, through a blizzard, climbed a mountain as it hailed, rained… we cried, laughed and loved every moment in this beautiful country. This experience was emotionally draining yet rewarding in so many ways. Documenting our journey was incredible and we can’t wait to share it with all of you. We hope you enjoy how we experienced Iceland in this travel journal of ours – 10 days, One road.

Shot on Sony A7Rii + 18mm f/2.8 Batis + 55-210 f/4
DJI Phantom Pro

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Hey I love you! Your amazing I just found you and now I know love at first site is real? { Get it;) } will you marry me babe!! Anywho... I love when you recommend fics, I was wondering if you would rec some of your favorite bottom!harry fics? ^.^ it doesn't have to be smutty smutty just like young, innocent and like Harry is the more submissive in like just him everyday way?idk how to explain it hahaha just your favorite ones? That probably made no sense. Sorry

OMG. OMFG. I love you too anon !! (please come in my ask with you real url ! i want to know who you are!! I want to follow you !!). I love so much when I wake up with something like that on my ask !!


Let’s start with some young and innocent Harry , smutty but not too much.

- nonstop earthquake dreams of you  : canon fic, X-factor era.

- Red brick heart :  Uni AU, Harry founds out he might be gay. (ok, there’s top!harry too at the end but the entire fic is really awesome)

- Give Me Truths : Uni AU (Louis is a psychology student with a tattoo count as high as his genius IQ. Harry is in a (sort-of) relationship with a homophobic man and hates himself a little more every day. Things fall apart and Louis puts him back together.)

-Want You More Than A : Falling in love with your step-brother’s best friend is a disaster enough. When he happens to be the boy everyone loves and you’re a nerd who wears sweater vests and cries during rom-coms, it takes it to a whole new level.

- feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream      : Royal/magic AU (I think it’s only bottom!Harry? m’not sure?)

- bring out feelings in me i never show      : Louis accidentally hires a felon to be his fake boyfriend for Thanksgiving.

- Sail Across Me : Pirate AU (Virgin Harry/first time)

- Just Lay With Me : the one in which Louis is the coach of Harry’s daughter’s football team and Harry likes Louis’ bum. One day there’s a parent football game and Louis, just maybe, starts hitting on Harry and, just maybe, Harry gives in.

- Web Me Harder  : Spiderman AU

In the Checkout Line : Louis is a cashier and Uni student. Harry is the awkward kid who comes through his line nearly every day. Louis knows that it’s just so he can talk to Louis, but he doesn’t say anything. He quite likes it. They become friends, and then maybe a bit more.

- truth be told, i never was yours : College AU in which Harry is a virgin and Louis is definitely not in love with him. One night, this all changes.

And now, some smutty bottom!Harry fics. Like porn without plot (i love this tag so much OMG)

- give you my fever    : x-factor era. harry’s never had an orgasm before, louis gives him his first .

- i’ll fuck you like the devil    : Harry is 17, dresses as an angel for Halloween, and attends Louis’ Halloween party. Louis fucks him.

- wishing for rain as I stand in the desert : Louis is moving out of the flat he shares with Harry because Eleanor thinks they’re too co-dependent. Harry can’t let him leave

- feels so good getting what i want. : Harry is a slutty yoga teacher with his sights set on Louis and Louis wants to pull that long hair of his while he fucks him really hard from behind.

- Number One Fan : Cheerleader!Harry .

UPDATE  (under the cut, it’s very long) (last update on June 30th 2017)

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Are you still doing the question meme challenge? If so, can you please write 2d with 52

Here we go, the prompt that pissed me off the last time. I’m also doing the Murdoc request that went with this prompt. 

Prompt 52 with 2D and Murdoc: “I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death.”

Murdoc Niccals: 

The two of you weren’t exactly on the best terms. Murdoc had been out everyday for the last two weeks straight and you were getting extremely upset about it. 

It started off as a simple question and it turned into a fucking screaming match between the the two of you. You ended up accusing Murdoc of cheating and he called you a whore which made you run to the top floor of Kong Studios. 

“Why am I even with him? Because you love him you idiot,” You said as you started to internally argue with yourself. 

“Can you please come out? I just want to talk,” Murdoc said as he tried opening every door that wasn’t locked. 

You cornered yourself into the small closet. It didn’t have a lock so you knew Murdoc was going to find you. Tears still coming down your face and you really didn’t feel like speaking to him. 

Murdoc opened the door and you shoved your head inside your thighs. You weren’t ready to look at him because you knew you were going to forgive him if he was crying. 

“Listen, just listen. You know I’m not good at this stupid romance thing. I just speak without thinking sometimes and I know this has gotten me into trouble before. But I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death,Murdoc said. 

You sighed and leaned up against his chest giving out cries while he stroked your hair telling you he was sorry. You knew he was but it was so many emotions at once that you couldn’t speak. 

Stuart Pot (2D): 

(Its best if you listen to Amor Prohibido by Selena)

You had been the girl that everyone had aspirations for. You graduated at the top of your class, you went to college and went into their honors program but during that time, you fell in love with Stuart Pot. 

He was everything you looked for in a partner. So when he asked you out on a date, you immediately accepted which made everyone cringe.  

What was a lowlife singer doing with a person who had everything going for them? Many people didn’t agree with it but you didn’t care but you could tell that it was affecting 2D. 

You were laying on his chest, in comfortable silence after just making love with him. He was singing softly into your ear and you felt it was heaven. 

“I wish people actually accepted us. It would be a lot easier if your friends weren’t acting like I was high society,” You said as you continued to stroke his chest. 

“I know love. One day, we’re gonna leave this hell hole and get married and after that, no one can tell us anything,” 2D said as he kissed your cheek for assurance. 

You nodded in agreement. 

But I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death,” 2D said as he ran his fingers through your hair. 

“Let’s get married. Right now, right here. We could take Russel, Murdoc and Noodle as our witnesses,” 2D said looking at you for an answer. 

You felt shocked but kissed him agreement and slipped on your shoes. 2D went off to find Murdoc and Russel while you told Noodle about the situation. 


Yesterday I was at CVS picking out two cards for my wife. One from me and one from our foster daughter and adopted son.
As i was writing my wifes note, i started crying. Never in a million fucking years did i think id get to this point.
Being raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, so many years feeling not good enough, worthless when all i wanted was a place to be accepted and loved. But i was raised with conditional love, watching my siblings get disfellowshipped and everyone acting as if they never existed. Attempting suicide twice because i knew what would happen if i gave into my desires and got with a woman.
I cried my eyes out during my judicial committee when i was told id never find real love if i gave into that “lifestyle”. Id never have a family. Told my other witnesses that all gay ppl wanted was sex. Having private Bible Studies with an elder to tell me how wrong it was and how all I needed to do was do more in Gods service and I wouldn’t be that way.
Having some older woman come to my apartment and guilt me and psycho analyze me for being a lesbian.
6 years later…and I’m helping my 3 yr old foster daughter writer her name on a card for Mommy Mimi. I’m signing my adopted sons name because he’s 3 months and can only gurgle.
Tonight I’m going to meet a 4yr old little girl who needs an adoptive home and will complete our family.
Happiness. Pure fucking happiness. Its possible outside the cult. Fuck. Life is beautiful.


If it’s really Bonnie dying Paul wouldn’t talk about her death like this. He was able to talk about it like this cuz it’s Stefan who dies.

The second article shows Bonnie has finally a peaceful life and so a happy ending, she ain’t dying.

Also, Ian said in his promo to took two fan with him to watch the finale.”8 seasons, 8 love triangles, 3 Bonnie deaths, 3 Bonnie resurrections and a lot of Damon ripping hearts out”

It means Bonnie won’t die anymore and since he talked about Bamon storyline only during the 8 seasons it can be seen as a hint that Bamon is happening in the finale and that’s Bonnie’s happy and unexpected ending. JP also said Damon’s happiness is in reach. 

Ian also stated in the same interview as Paul was talking about the main character’s death that there are some happy endings, but it is impossible to satisfy everyone, but what they have come up with will go part way into doing so.

I think each actor was talking about their character’s arc so Ian talking about happy ending and satisfying ending means he is talking about Damon and Bonnie since he hates DE and is pretty happy about the finale.

Paul talking about the main character’s death means he is talking about Stefan. He said he even cried reading the finale and he is a cold bastard lol so it tells us everything. Even Samantha who is a part of the medias and had the chance to be on set during the funeral hinted at Stefan dying. She said something along those lines “Even Paul of all people liked the finale.” Like he shouldn’t have since Stefan dies that’s how I understood it.

I’m done on this matter. Stop believing trolls especially since the one spreading false spoilers is a DE fan. Of course she wants Bonnie dead.