i think daft punk's movie is better


Ya know, whenever Thomas talks about meeting Guy-Man at 12 years old at Lycée Carnot, he makes it seem like their friendship was instantaneous since they shared so much in common which lead to them spending so much time together. But when Guy-Man said his piece in the April 2001 issue of Musikexpress, it turns out that he used to think Thomas was a douche bag who always had the better girlfriends in spite of being a huge jerk. Ouch.

I guess…since Thomas was Mr. Super-Popular McGeniusstudent and Guy-Man was the resident greasy music nerd delinquent…and they were 13 and 12 years old respectively, so they were practically children…I guess it makes sense for a young Guy-Man to be jealous…

Plus, you don’t make mixtapes for  and go on a movie date every week with someone you hate…

…Do you?

meet the mun!

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Name/Nickname: july/julie/mochi (the last one is an inside thing with my siblings)

Height: 5 ft 5 inches

Star sign: capricorn

Time now: 11: 26 am

Last thing googled:  “compound interest online calculator” lmao 

Fave music artist: i have a lot, but i’ve always rly liked the strokes, daft punk and the neighbourhood 

Song stuck in head: next time around by little joy

Last movie: logan (i cried way too hard lmao) 

Last tv show: community  

What I’m wearing: (this question omf) long sleeved tee with nike shorts 

When I created this blog: jan 3rd, 2017 (wow, only a few months??)

Do I get asks regularly?: yeet, my inbox usually stays around 50+ (i know i’m shit at answering questions)

Why the Url: well. this is, an ameripan ask blog, 

Gender: she/her/they

Hogwarts House: i joined pottermore just for this gryffindor!

Pokemon team: valor or instinct 

Favourite Colour: yellow, pastel pink

Average hours of sleep: i usually knock out at 11 pm and wake up around 6 am on weekdays, or around 9 on weekends (i hate sleeping in) 

Lucky #: 96,000

Fav character (From Hetalia): ya’ll know i’d ride or die for japan 

Dream job: storyboard artist at disney animation studios, or a historian 

# of blankets: 2+ 

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nickname: Brex, as a joke cause a lot of languages don’t have the ‘ch’ sound

gender: woman

star sign: aquarius

height: 163 cm (5′3″)

time: 21:31

birthday: 6 feb ‘96

favourite bands: queen, abba if i’m drunk enough, tinariwen, daft punk (is that a ‘band’?)

favourite solo artists: beyonce, childish gambino, does parov stellar count

song stuck in my head: glitter and gold - barns courtney

last movie I watched: probably everything, everything, I don’t think I have watched any full-length movies since term has started

last show I watched: Community

when did I create my blog? quite a while ago but I only really started posting this september

what do I post?  studyspo, (relatable) jokes, some history stuff

last thing I googled: “164 cm in feet” but before that I looked up Issei Sagawa, which has some tws for cannibalism if you look that up as well

do I have other blogs? : yep @floatingcoward, which is my main that I’ve had since like 2011

do I get ask? : basically no, but please do, I’m a friendly lonely nerd

why I chose my url: it is a reference to a quote from Parks and Rec where Tom refers to food as resembling a coy dutch woman guarding a dark secret, which later became an inside joke with a friend and then eventually this earl

following: 242, i should probably clean that out a bit cause a lot of those are inactive now

followers: 45, who just appeared overnight, and like most of those are real blogs! unlike on my main where it is basically all porn and spam :,)

average hours of sleep: 9

lucky number: ehm none??

instruments: accordion 

what am I wearing? : purple tee, fleece sweater, old as jeans and my duvet coat

dream job: something that lets me work with old things, either I’d go into academia and become a historian, or I would also love to become an archivist of some sort.

dream trip: Berlin (again), my bed honestly, Alaska

favourite food: ehm pad thai from the place downstairs

nationality: Dutch and Belgian

favourite song: ehhhmm

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