i think daft punk's movie is better

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TIME RN: 12:37 PM
LAST THING I GOOGLED: ‘getting struck by lightning in dream meaning’ lmfao
FAVORITE MUSIC ARTIST(S): omg there are so many but a few are frank ocean, daft punk, lana del rey, mothxr, the weeknd, muse
SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: dead in the water by hawthorne heights (channeling teen angst forever and always)
LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: hmmm i think moana but i fell asleep halfway so lets go with war dogs
WHAT AM I WEARING RIGHT NOW: us navy sweatshirt, grey sweats and batman socks lmao, it’s a lazy saturday for me
WHEN I CREATED THIS BLOG: uhh september 2016 i think
THE KIND OF STUFF I POST: the same 20 photos of deathstroke, sladewing, deathstroke rebirth spoilers, and salty tags
DO I HAVE OTHER BLOGS: only one other which is my personal @solardust where i draw stupid things, post some of my photography/gif edits/comic edits/ and reblog relatable memes 
DO I GET ASKS REGULARLY: not unless i provoke it really 
WHY DID I CHOOSE MY URL: WELLL it was originally youllneverwin which i thought embodied slade pretty well…then it went to killerborn for that same reason and now it’s emitsdeath because of adeline talking about deathstroke with the line “other people kill, wilson EMITS DEATH, in sharp effortless bursts.”
GENDER: female
HOGWARTS HOUSE: it was gryffindor when pottermore first came out, and now as of late, it’s slytherin
POKEMON TEAM: i follow classic pokemon. so i’m just gonna throw red version out there.
FAVORITE COLORS: black, olive green
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: depends but usually 6-7 hours
LUCKY NUMBERS: seven and only because it rhymes with my name lmao
FAVORITE CHARACTERS: slade wilson (dc), dick grayson (dc), corvo attano (dishonored), alphonse elric (fma), hades (disney), severus snape (hp), darth vader (sw), no face (spirited away), spongebob/patrick, lucille bluth (arrested development), jacket (hotline miami), uncle iroh (atla) and gosh a helluva lot more
BLANKETS I SLEEP WITH: usually just the comforter