i think all the angels have gone mad

Live Blog TWP Ep. 6

This week I had just over 5 pages of thoughts as I watched the episode.  The timeline has become so convoluted I just can’t.  I think I nit pick more at the historical side of things in this one (not comparing the historical story of Henry & Elizabeth of York to the show, but rather other historical aspects).  Enjoy!


The whole royal fam turned out for this thang.  The fact they’re all wearing the same clothes lets me know this takes place on the same day William was arrested…. Come on, I know it was the medieval times, but surely they had more than one or two changes of clothes in their wardrobe.  They are the king and queen after all.

Lizzie grabs his hand like “don’t listen 2 the haterz.”

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Problems with Angel’s Curse

Angel’s curse has always fascinated me. I love the concept. However, there are a few problems that exist in how it’s handled. Angel was cursed with his soul as a punishment. Naturally, as having a soul in an undead body is against nature, there are loopholes involved that can break this curse. In Angel’s case the loophole is one of “perfect happiness.” This happens in Surprise when Angel and Buffy make love and, In Angel: The Series, a huge deal is made about Angel not being able to have sex now that he knows that’s a trigger. However, sex does not equal perfect happiness. Perfect happiness can only be generated as a result of genuine love so, frankly, Angel can have sex all he wants so long as it’s meaningless. (Although, I doubt that will help his redemption arc.) Angel lost his soul when he and Buffy made love because she accepted him and loved him unconditionally in spite of his past. Hence, perfect happiness. So all the blather about Angel and calling him a “eunuch” is the result of ignorance or an oversimplification depending upon which character is saying it. It also explains why he had to leave Buffy, because, sex or no sex, she made him too happy for him to feasibly be able to stay.

More to the point though, after they learn about how the curse can be broken, why is no attempt to alter it ever discussed? I can understand why the Romani made “perfect happiness” the breaking point because that was the one thing Angel was never meant to have. They did that as a means of making the curse to suit their needs. Therefore, why couldn’t a new curse be made? The gypsies clearly tailored that one to their needs, so why not tailor a new one with some less problematic loophole? Perhaps the loophole could be that if Angel farts upside down the curse would be broken. That way he could still regain his soul and still get to be happy and the curse is a lot harder to break. Frankly, I really do have to wonder if Janna/Jenny wasn’t trying to do this when Angelus killed her. After all, what’s the point in restoring Angel’s soul if he’s only going to be doomed to misery? (Well, I suppose it might save some lives, but still, if you’re going to do it, why not do it properly?) She didn’t get the time or the chance though so we’ll never know. 

This doesn’t explain, however, why no one ever (to my knowledge) went to the Kalderash clan and asked them to amend Angel’s curse. An argument could easily have been made that it would make for better vengeance. Angelus would suffer a whole lot more if he was forced to be trapped inside an undead body unable to do anything because of Liam’s soul. It was heavily implied in Innocence and Becoming that Angelus was making up for lost time having been trapped for about a century. Furthermore, in Orpheus, Angelus talks to Faith about how much he hates Angel/Liam for his conscience and not giving into the bloodlust that Angelus harbored. It was torture for him being trapped. Someone should have definitely gone to the Romani and gotten Angel’s curse set permanently.

However, perhaps this is impossible. As I touched upon above, a soul in an undead body is unnatural. Maybe, it can’t be made permanent without even worse consequences. Let’s speculate here that if Angel’s soul were anchored to his body, even if he were to be dusted, his soul would be trapped to the remains of the body, and being trapped to his own dust would drive him insane. It would be like hell on earth. This makes sense to me, and, if, for whatever reason, they could not anchor his soul or alter the curse as suggested in the previous paragraph, then Angel would certainly have had to have left Buffy rather than risk innocent lives to Angelus. I’m okay with that. I love stories about tragic and noble self-sacrifice more than the Hollywood endings. They seem to have more depth and power. Nevertheless, it sort of ruins aspects of the Buffyverse that the above was never discussed in an episode of Buffy in any kind of depth (that I can recall). I mean, one would think that after the Scoobies found out Angel was back from Hell, if only for the sake of safety, they would look into the finer workings of that curse. Regrettably, this is never discussed and was a huge oversight in my, not so humble, opinion 😉. What’s worse though, is that, if the above speculations are true about why Angel might have had to leave, it is entirely ruined by Spike’s (problematic) arc.

So, Spike gets his soul back and there are no known checks on it. This means that Angel’s curse clearly can be altered so that there is no “perfect happiness” clause. This means that the pain and suffering that he and Buffy have gone through is utterly useless. (Which makes me really, really mad at the stupidity of it all as they suffered needlessly. Still, if it couldn’t have been done by magic, Angel could absolutely have done what Spike did and gotten his wish fulfilled and gotten a stable soul back. I’ve heard the argument that “Angel wanted to earn it.” Nevertheless, I think that that is a bit too flippant, because Angel can still earn Shanshu without having to be cursed. Becoming human and having a soul are two separate issues. Angel can get a stable soul and still earn his human body back. Frankly, Angel probably would have done what it took to get that curse stabilized, if it were at all possible, as he would not want the risk that Angelus might ever take control of his body again and hurt people. This could happen by accident,or on purpose by his enemies. Both the mayor of Sunnydale and Wolfram and Hart tried after all. Angel would have been doing the right thing in getting his soul anchored permanently like Spike did. He would have been deeply motivated to do so.

This leads me to one horrifyingly awful conclusion: Angel and Buffy never had to separate for the greater good! Not when the implications of Spike’s arc are taken into account. It’s just bad writing.

Which really, really, really sucks and someone needs to get some fanfics out rectifying this horrific oversight. There are two options to fix this:

1. Angel gets his soul anchored properly at some point between Season 3 and Season 7 of Buffy.

2. Spike never gets his soul back, or if he does, it’s not without having some awful loophole like “perfect happiness.”

Pick your poison there, but you can’t really have it both ways. I can’t say I really have a preference. Option 1. Angel and Buffy suffer less and can be together. Option 2. Angel and Buffy demonstrate strength of character in the sacrifices and choices they make for the sake of the greater good.