i think about these kinds of dumb things a lot

so I’ve been thinking a lot about Finn Wolfhard lately and I thought I’d share some of my thoughts with you lot:

- he’s the kind of kid that would stay up till 7am with nothing but Red Bull and bags of chips trying to finish the level of the game he’s been stuck on all week

- you’d DEFINITELY see him skating around the streets outside his house with his friends laughing about dumb stuff like making up their own anti-jokes

- “hey josh, what’s worse then a paper cut?” “I dunno, man” “babies dying”

- as much as he loves his punk rock music, he’s a sucker for movie sound tracks like Moana (thank you, twitch live stream), Tangled and Aladdin

- he also plays them really loudly in the car and sings along to them just as loudly, no matter who he’s in the car with

- the sole reason why he likes keeping his hair long and curly is because he know it makes him look so much older that 14

- he’s secretly a bath person, but doesn’t ever tell anyone

- like so much so that he goes to Lush every couple weeks and stocks up on all the glittery bath bombs because they are his favourite

- he’s a reddie shipper, but doesn’t say anything on it in fear of fans going crazy and sending him “FACK IS REAL” messages

- he for sure sleeps with some kind of stuffed animal or blanket from when he was younger that he cuddles

- in addition to the stuffed animal or blanket, he loves wearing snuggly pyjamas to bed. he has so many different sets that he has a separate shelf in his wardrobe dedicated to soft, flannel, patterned pyjama sets

I’m probably going to keep adding onto this tbh so look out for updates

father’s day is coming up soon, and i just want to express how wonderful my dad is. 

i’ve been seeing posts on my dash for weeks about how south asian men aint shit, and while i respect that unfortunately is a lot of people’s experience with their fathers/brothers/uncles/cousins/whomever, i have to also put out another narrative:

my pakistani, muslim dad has been the most wonderful, caring, loving, nurturing parent ever - to both me and my sister.

he supports us and loves us unconditionally. he is always telling us how proud he is of us. i’ve been struggling with my weight and overall health so he has made it a point to cook me three healthy meals a day and snacks for the last few months (while i am on vacation). when i told him about my assault, he cried and wanted to come all the way to toronto to take care of me (he lives in another country). even now that i am an adult, he wants to show up to all of my important events, like a small panel discussion i have at an art gallery next weekend - he even rented a car so he could drive me there instead of me taking buses and stuff. i lent him a bunch of my postcolonial feminist books and while he didnt really ~get~ everything he still made it a point to say “but i am proud to say that i am a feminist”. we make lots of jokes, and he roasts me a lot for some dumb shit i do. he is always the first person i call whenever i am in trouble or sad.

he does so many kind, generous, and sweet things for me that i cant possibly write about each and every one, because it makes me want to cry. he brags about me to all his friends - even when it’s sort of an exaggeration and then i have to come in later and be like, well, that’s not exactly true - and he thinks of me and my sister as his best friends.

i feel so lucky, and so blessed, and i am so glad that i have this amazing relationship with my dad. i hope that some of you have similar stories too.

✿ I’m 23 today. It’s a really weird feeling! When I was eighteen, I thought twenty-three was, like. Old. I thought by twenty-three, I’d be this old person who has their life figured out and who is satisfied with their art and writing. I thought I’d have something measurable finished, I thought I’d be in a relationship, I thought I’d have graduated and had a full-time job and maybe own a cat or two.

I have none of those things. And thinking about it, it’s kind of messed up I thought I’d have any of those things by now.

I know a lot of people following me are young. You’re probably thinking some of the same things as me - that you’re going to have your life together, and that you’re a failure if you don’t. You’re probably measuring yourself by the success and standards of other people, and you probably are finding yourself lacking in comparison.

This is dumb and a lie. You won’t have it figured out, you aren’t a failure, and the people who are fabulously skilled and successful at ages like 21, 22? Those are unusual stories, and should be used as inspiration… but not a goalpost for your own life. Take your time. Everyone progresses differently. Learn some cool things. Have fun. Don’t be crushed by the success of others; be curious about what you can do and what you can learn from it.

You’re not old. I’m not old, though I feel pretty old when I see these amazing illustrators who are like… twenty. We’ll all get there eventually if we keep working at it.

So keep working at it. You’ve got this.

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pls tell us what you have written for the scp wiki. thank you

okay my ~~~fancy scp wiki story~~~

-i started reading scp when i was 13 years old. having always been interested in the paranormal and weird, i quickly fell into it. i applied for membership and didn’t make it in, because i. was 13. and should not have been on the wiki anyway. because i was 13

-i then made it my life goal (and this is like. seriously what i did lmao) to be a wiki member and write for the wiki

-i started an RP blog, @drgears-site-19. i wrote on this EVERY. DAY. i roleplayed. CONSTANTLY. this became my LIFE. i was GOING TO GET INTO THE SCARY WEBSITE I LOVED SO MUCH.

-then when i was 15 almost 16, i applied again and got in. 

-fast forward: I’m 18 now, and have an author page. drgears-site-19 is mostly shitposting and a general scp blog now, but i still love SCP with all my heart even though most of the writing I do is for the site as opposed to my old fan-made content and fic. I feel like it has a really special place in my heart as not only something that i love and grew to love more as i became a teen, then a young adult, but something that encouraged me along during my formative years as a young creative writer. most of what i write for the site are tales, or stories that take place in the SCP universe. I have one proper SCP. 

my stuff:

-Shell Shock (2015) my first site tale that I kept up. meh. i guess read it but i dont think its that good


-wrote a lot in 2016, didn’t publish any of it

-Mitochondria (2017) something weird and messed up that i wrote on a dare from people in the scp shitposting discord. its one of those things i just kind of forget i wrote because i wrote it literally in 45 minutes and then had it published the next day lol. TW FOR BODY HORROR AND SQUICK

-SCP-2751: Hydrophobic Dogs (2017) my first and so far only proper SCP; its also my highest rated article. TW FOR ANIMAL DEATH

-Bad Dreams (2017) meh. its lolfounation. take it as you will. 

-Loosen Up A Bit (2017) for the resurrection hub. meh. 

-Major Tom (2017) Okay. so like. This tale is my highest rated tale. This tale is also the longest thing I’ve ever written. It took me 8 months to write, and is the first installment of a series entitled “Being Human”, that I’m anticipating should be formally launched here in the near future whenever I get the next installment done. It talks about Dr. Jack Bright, depression, midwestern gothic and the liminal space of the midwest, strange things happening, and fate. Will be best appreciated by people who are more familiar with wiki lore and the well-established senior research staff that comes with it, but anyone can dive in if they want. TW FOR SELF HARM

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I think you're going great. You post guess the breed, mixes, all kinds of dogs and then specific breeds. I'm going to sound dumb, but when you have a breed day could you maybe do a post listing some of the specifics of that breed? Like you told us about the claw that is very common in great pyrenees and things like that? A lot of people spoke of sight hounds having a double gait and they were able to guess a breed in GtB thanks to that. IDk maybe I'm the only one that would enjoy that.

Thanks 😊 Yeah for sure! I have a bad habit of assuming what people know. That’s why I don’t go into depth with asks or facts. But I could do some breed posts here and there. I actually had already done a few, years ago. You can find them under the #fun+fact tag!


BK: During Aang and Zuko’s heyday, the ability to bend lightning was an incredibly rare skill usually reserved for the inner circles of Fire Nation royalty and high-ranking military officers. Now, in the thick of the Avatar world’s own Industrial Age, we see that this skill is, while not widespread, common enough that it is practiced by blue-collar workers changing up massive batteries in the city’s power plants. This kind of work is incredibly taxing on a person’s chi reserves; that’s why the plant bosses tend to get desperate, strapping young men like Mako to sign up for the grueling task. Mako designs by Jin-Sun Kim and Ki-Hyun Ryu. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf. Background design by Eun-Sang Yang. Painting by Emily Tetri. 


ISFJ x INTJ - Fair
  • ISFJ: You know. Whenever my friends ask me to describe you, I always say "fair". I'm careful not to say "nice". That wouldn't describe you accurately.
  • INTJ: Hahaha. Why's that?
  • ISFJ: Every reason you've ever given me for anything has shown me how meticulous of a thinker you are. I asked you once if you genuinely thought people were stupid. And you said no, you thought they were careless. You explained why too, whereas most people would really generalize others as dumb. And I would say you're kind, but not nice. You're nice to me and people you like or think will benefit you in the future. You do extremely kind things for the people you care about.
  • INTJ: Okay.
  • ISFJ: Sorry, I look up a lot when I talk.
  • INTJ: Yes, it's cute. Remember it was one of the first things I teased you about? "Did you find the answer up there?"
  • ISFJ: Yes. -.-
  • INTJ: Anyway, it's funny because in high school, when the teachers asked us to describe ourselves in three words for our personal statement brainstorms, a lot of people came up to me to describe them. And you know, as a trade, I would tell them to do the same for me.
  • ISFJ: And what would they say?
  • INTJ: No one ever said anything like "nice". Ha. While, you know, most people say stuff to others like "nice", "considerate", "patient", etc. I did get "patient" though.
  • ISFJ: And what else?
  • INTJ: Innovative. Aggressive. Snarky. I got one "kind-hearted" then the person changed it.
  • ISFJ: LOL.

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Could you talk more about Stanford stereotypes regarding literally anything (idk majors?) bc they way how you explain them is literally so funny/good

lmao aw ily, you can always come to me if u want my opinion related to anything stanford (stereotypes about dorms, sports teams, greek life, a cappella ??) because i have A Lot Of It - i only wish i was more integrated with the school cuz most of my opinions are hearsay instead of personal experience

major stereotypes….hmm thats hard cuz there are So Many majors but i can just go with the most common ones and group some together, etc


  • aero/astro - small department full of space nerds, most of them are in SSI, drones, i personally consider them very brainy and if i were better at engineering i would be aero/astro cuz i think it’s the next frontier. there should definitely be more women in it for sure
  • bioe - my ex was bioe, they’re a bunch of nerds but they have good enough hearts. they care about curing diseases and shit
  • CS - oh boy. ohhhhhh boy. here we fuckin go. honestly CS is barely even a sterotype at stanford cuz its such a dominant culture…..the people who decide what stereotypes even are, are probably CS. it’s gotten to the point where if i meet someone and they aren’t CS it’s worth noting. it’s gotten to the point where, in my psych/literature/communications/education classes, i expect the other people to be CS. i have so many Opinions on CS Boys because CS Boys are such!!!!a!!!type!!!! (and different from just, a boy who does CS). they worship the trinity of google, facebook, and microsoft. their junior summer internship is at least one of these. they buy into all silicon valley startup culture and they love elon musk and talk about venture capital when its really not welcome. they love talking about how much work they have and how little they sleep. all INTJs. probably virgos. there is also a subgenre of CS boy who didnt come into stanford wanting to do CS and ended up switching because its easier to be a CS Boy at stanford. they criticize the culture all the time. to this you can say, “it’s all right, craig, i know you just want to make money.”
  • CME - people major in this when they dont love themselves
  • design - i personally think this major is fuckin cool and considered it before i realized physics was a pre-req. the d school is thought to be d for douchey though because their whole shtick is so ~ideate~ ~prototype~ ~We Are Quirky and Put Post-Its On Walls~ but i dug it as a frosh. they can be kinda condescending, but theyre by far the most interdisciplinary dept in the engineering major (although its also full of white men who think theyre hot shit cuz they can use photoshop)
  • EE - again for people who lack self love, its supposed to be so fuckin hard
  • MS&E - white frat boys who glorify jordan belfort
  • ME - similar to design. live at the PRL. stay up till ungodly hours carving wood. somehow this is enjoyable. also white male heavy

who knows how the f to categorize this:

  • education - if i could do stanford over i would major in this. usually very diverse, woke, often come from underprivileged backgrounds so they want to make it better for other people and reach communities that arent currently benefited (unlike silicon valley or wall street :) ) i respect them because they do what they love and not to make $ although if educational engineering were a thing im certain people would jump ship. it’s also not in the humanities dept so i feel like theyre Above the stanford hegemony and i love that
  • earthsys - i considered a minor in this. usually sweet, earth-friendly people. white but woke. possibly queer. granola loving hippies and maybe some frathletes who want an “easy” major but not sure (im not shitting on easy majors. i have one. love ‘em)

generally i like girls in any of the engineering depts because they are dealing with sexism and doing it. the boys are oftentimes extremely self-congratulatory and will usually say something dumb about the humanities. even the girls will hit you with the “oh i wish i could study that!” about any non-engineering discipline, and it’s implied that what they’re really saying is “but i care about my future too much!” 


  • AAAS/chicanx studies/asian-american studies/CSRE - woke poc who use lots of buzzwords and say things like folx
  • art - the people who major in art are usually more quiet than you’d think. we have an Artsy Type at stanf that are kind of extra (theta chi/EBF types, also very woke QPOC) but i dont think theyre art majors for the most part. i barely know any actual art Majors. lots of engineers just do art on the side
  • bio - i love bio majors because they are sciency but also get shit on by engineers so we’re in solidarity. they are sweet and study all the time and just wanna make the world a better place. there’s also the pre-med kind of bio who i would hate if i were also pre med but since im not i just kind of admire and fear them
  • chem - i like chem people much more than i thought i would. again a very small major and they just live in lab and have varied non chem interests. this year i accidentally became friends with like 6 people from the chem fraternity and i was surprised how much i liked them
  • complit/english - i was this major! english in creative writing are usually chill, interesting people. complit and english in literature…….it’s a shakespeare circlejerk and they hit you with the Discourse. overly educated white people. avoid the boys specifically but the girls can also be incredibly self-satisfied. maybe 50/50. but if you take a creative writing class instead of a lit class, the CW kids are usually awesome
  • taps - our drama department. they’re nice, but extra and intimidating. (also stanford theater is…..okay….not really as good as they seem to think it is yikes that was mean but) however, like with english, take an introductory class and you’ll meet very cool non-taps majors.
  • econ - oftentimes wonderful people! outside of class that is
  • femgen - same people as the AAAS/CSRE crowd except whiter. queer girls with undercuts. upperclassmen are intimidating to many. everyone shares their opinion even when its not warranted. my honors is in this
  • film studies - this was almost my minor and if i werent CW i might have doubled in film and comm! i dont know any film majors but if they arent a cole sprouse im sure theyre fine (they are probably a cole sprouse)
  • german/italian/french/spanish language or studies - spot the person who studied abroad!
  • history - like english, can be cool, more likely pretentious
  • humbio - the other premeds! actually humbio gets shit on alllll the time for being easy or having a fluff major, bio majors think they’re soft. thus, i like them. their course catalog is awesome and its a huge major but all the scary pre meds are straight up bio and humbios are softer but in a good way its a lot of sweet girls
  • intl relations - one of my favorite majors. usually very down to earth, the best of the IR/poli-sci/pub-po trinity. however, they can also be self-congratulatory for being So Woke and also they love to educate you when You Didn’t Ask
  • linguistics - weird, diverse people. very small major. similar to anthro, my old major. i love small majors they always have cute dinners together
  • MCS - a hard fuckin major. not as “Look How Smart I Am” as a bad CS. mostly quiet and stay in and study their ass off
  • math - love to wax poetic about the beauty of math. fun when drunk. not when sober
  • philosophy/MTL/classics - avoid. classics can be okay if it overlaps with archaeology because theyre just a bunch of nerds and they get really excited and its cute. phil majors would rather just educate you about how free will is fake and youre like tim can you please just get out of the way we’re in the dining hall and you’re blocking the cornbread
  • physics - Avoid. they think all other sciences are lesser. women and POC are ok
  • poli-sci - hit or miss. generally pretty friendly. very talkative. fun to talk to about Not Politics
  • psych - the best major hehe. generally liberal and woke and often queer. however, non-psych people in psych classes can be a nightmare (unlike english, taps, etc) and problematic as fuck. also sometimes psych majors are extra (exhibit a: me)
  • pub policy - probably in student government. im biased against it, but go in with hesitation. student government is by and large not as effective as they seem to think (however, a “woke” person in pub po might be cool because they will campaign for sexual assault awareness and economic diversity and good stuff)
  • STS - ohhhhh man. probably the major that gets most shit on at stanford. i think engineers think it’s fake. (humbio, design, and STS get shit on the most i’d say, because they are interdisciplinary STEM majors, so engineers think that they’re for people who arent smart enough to do hard majors. whereas with english or IR, engineers know they couldnt do it because they havent written an essay since 2009, so they offer grudging respect) a frathlete major. i personally like it because i dig interdisciplinary shit, but i don’t dig frat boys or athletes so i avoid. some of their courses are great but it does seem kind of scrapped together as a major and i dont know how people outside of stan see it
  • sociology - a small major, seems cool. stigmatized but not by stanford because stanford students dont know it exists. “dont you mean psychology?” no
  • urban studies - skaters? who knows. i respect them tho. i think they care about….like….architecture? and city development? its a very niche thing and i feel like it’s pretty hip n happening

Screenshots from I WANT TO BE CHRIS PRATT | Who Am I Really? :D

I seriously love these kind of videos from Seán, I love the kind of videos that let you get to know him and who he is as a person more. Even though these were just fun little dumb online quizzes to take it was sill a lot of fun for me to hear him answer the questions in them. I think my favorite parts of this video was when he would share his thoughts on certain questions. Like for a few examples, when he talked about the things he lived his life by or when he talked about how he wants to and likes to make other people happy and kind of gravitates to those kind of people too. I think Seán can be very insightful and I seriously love how he looks at world and at life in general. I get super fascinated just listening to him talk about his thoughts on certain things and topics because I genuinely think he has interesting thoughts and things to say about them. Honestly there was so many moments I liked in this video. I had so much fun watching him answer dumb online personality quizzes god dammit! xD 

Seán’s definitely crazy, but in a GOOD way! ;D


(first post, yeaa!!)

hello everyone!

I’m Anja aka. @animestudyblr , i’m currently 17 years old and from Germany.

After changing my URL a hundred times, getting inspired by the tons of studyblr’s i am following right now, I decided to finally create my own studyblr!

I’ve planned to post in a week or so, because I’m currently waiting for my new camera to arrive! (^-^’) can’t wait..

So.. I am going to “college” as a media-design student in topic of media and communication. I finished my first year so far with good grades but that’s not enough because I’ve two next years ahead of me. I hope to get the chance to go to university after I finished school.

The things that I learn in school:

  • photography
  • mediadesign (using kinda stuff like html or css, coding our own websites, portfolios, etc.)
  • the regular things: german, english, math
  • audiovision (filming, editing, that kind of stuff)
  • art history and film history
  • art (it’s not really art, but kind of: something like illustrating an advertisement for voss water - this was really one of our assignments back then)

and a lot more..

Some things about me:

  •  i am watching and loving anime (i think you noticed that much ^^’)
  • besides i’ve watched a lot of shows like: game of thrones, awkward, 13 reasons why, the vampire diaries, the originals, …
  • i am a huge fan of game of thrones (currently reading the first book - i know it’s dumb reading the first book and watching the seventh season, but hey, it’s like living in the old times again where everything was fine and nice and… “oh my sweet summerchildren if you knew what is coming for you, my beloved characters..” *coughing* winter.. *coughing* stay in winterfell *coughing* pleeease..) my studygram (not active yet) is: animestudygram
  • i’m an perfectionist with a huge plan/to-do list’s addiction
  • i’m listening to anime songs (openings, endings, soundtracks, all of it), k-pop (i love blackpink and bts and exo - songs and.. i have to become a part of the fandoms, rlly) and so much more music, i can’t count
  • i am a pro at procrastinating summer holidays are boring too, right now
  • my favourite band is “The Oral Cigarettes” (from japan)
  • i love tea and coffee (tea more: especially green tea, milk tea or tea out of berries)
  • my favourite colours are blue and red. i think
  • i have short blonde hair (bangs) and blue eyes
  • my english isn’t the best. so, i’m sorry..

and i don’t know what to write here anymore..


Blogs that inspired me: 

(thank you so much!! <3)

@elkstudies @obsidianstudy @studyblr @studiousgrace @kaiistudies @oikawastudies @studyinstyle

and a lot more..

ありがとうございます - thank you very much (sadly i can’t speak japanese yet)

so i know this is weird but this is a post i’ve been meaning to write for a while and i always just forget to do it

i’ve always thought homestar runner was really unsettling in a subtle way, and i don’t know why

like it’s clearly just a dumb internet cartoon show and it’s really funny a lot of the time but if i think too long about it it kinda makes me uneasy.

i think it’s like, the world it takes place in and how simplistic it is? how the world of homestar runner is just a big empty green field with three houses, bub’s stand, a stick poking out of the ground, and that’s it

like it’s some kind of simplistic flat-colored flash animated purgatory where there’s like five things, ten people, and nothing ever changes about the world at all

i know it’s silly but it’s something i’ve always felt about the caroons that i can’t really explain. there’s just SOMETHING about this bizarre stagnant world full of abstract, mismatched creatures that hits the uncanny valley for me

‘Let me tell you something specific about yourself, Student Starling. Back in your room, you have a string of gold add-a-beads and you feel an ugly little thump when you look at how tacky they are now, isn’t that so? All those tedious thank-yous, permitting all that sincere fumbling, getting all sticky once for every bead. Tedious. Tedious. Bo-o-o-o-r-i-ing. Being smart spoils a lot of things, doesn’t it? And, taste isn’t kind. When you think about this conversation, you’ll remember the dumb animal hurt in his face when you got rid of him. If the add-a-beads got tacky, what else will as you go along? You wonder don’t you, at night?’ Dr. Lecter asked in the kindest of tones.

The Silence of the Lambs

Sorry! I’ll delete my reblog
those knaves don’t read the best part of your post
that is, the tag essay.
Can’t reblog tags, thus reblogged post to remind self to look up source.

(Why does Tumblr do this whenever I want to reply to multiple people? Well, enjoy your free numbers)

Normally I’d let it go, and I certainly don’t expect you guys to exhaustively fact-check every dumb thing you see on my Tumblr, it’s just as a prominent historical woman a lot of people like to examine her in a feminist context, and I think a lot of people are reblogging that post in a feminist context (or the context of some kind of suppression) since it’s about a woman speaking of the terror of finding her own voice…but it looks like whoever originally made up that quote about finding a voice was actually just stuffing words in the mouth of a dead woman who in my opinion would have disagreed with them. Using her in that way is uncomfortable and I just don’t want to see this quote get spread around any more than it already has been. (Again, it’s 100% on whoever made it up, either intentionally or through some kind of mix-up, which is simple negligence.) 

In any case, my university library has some of her works and I can read the stuff of hers I haven’t read. If I can find it I’ll source it and we’ll all get a fun post about the work it was in and the original context. (If not I’ll probably read something interesting in there and can have fun making a post anyway.)

I don’t think it’s likely to be a real quote from her though, I can’t find any instance of this quote that cites the source text (Scivia, Ordo Virtutum, her letters, nothing) and honestly the phrasing sounds like the kind of thing a native English speaker would say. I can’t find it in another language, I tried Googling “der gedeuteten Welt Hildegard von Bingen“ and came up with exactly nothing (besides a quote from Rilke that appeared in a citation list near a work of hers) (though it’s possible you can say “the interpreted world” or “the deciphered world” or whatever in a different way, I just nicked the phrasing from that same Rilke). Can’t find anything looking for “разгаданный мир” either. 

Anyway, I’ll get to the bottom of this.

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Hello, can I get a Harry Potter and black Butler matchup? I'm 5'3, shoulder length golden Auburnish hair, pale skin, green hazel eyes. I'm a distant, kind, gentle and quiet person, I tend to space out a lot and think about the past and future. People suspect I'm dumb when I don't answer them but truly I'm very smart, I love books, piano, art and nature, I can be brave, and I tend to over worry and over think about things, I always scold myself and don't like touch. Thank you!

HP - Neville Longbottom

- Your quiet nature would complement his own thoughtfulness. The two of you can often be found studying quietly in the corner, having met up somewhere if you’re in separate Houses. He’s 5′’11 so he’s quite a bit taller than you. Without meaning to be insulting, your height would make him want to protect you, even though you’re more than capable of doing so yourself. 

- Your distance takes him a while to get used to but he comes to like it. You’re often stuck inside your own thoughts and he likes to watch you when you’re zoned out. Sometimes he wonders what has you so engrossed and he considers asking you but then he doesn’t want to disturb you, so he leaves you be and interrupts you only if he has to.

- Neville is used to people thinking that he’s inept at Potions or idiotic, when in reality he’s just clumsy and nervous, so he’d never assume that you’re stupid for not answering him. Instead, he’d gently get your attention and repeat whatever it was again. If you don’t answer a second time, no worries, he’ll save what he was going to say for a moment when you’re not so focused on something else.

- You’re creative and a lover of nature, which strikes Neville deeply as his passion lies in Herbology. I can only guess that your first date takes place in a Greenhouse, with Neville tending to one of Professor Sprout’s plants and you keeping him company, enraptured by the many herbs and plants there. It’s only a date because you sneak to the kitchens afterwards to get snacks, having missed dinner.

- If you over-worried and expressed it to him, Neville would be silent for a moment and then soothe your worries with a poorly-worded sentence, though sometimes he does strike at the heart of things with the words you need to hear. He scolds himself too but would be sure to tell you to stop if he saw that you had no need to scold yourself. As far as affection goes; he wouldn’t mind not touching you, just so long as you’re happy.

BB - Edward Midford

- Edward is dignified and a true gentleman, so he’d take everything in stride and if he ever had any concerns, he’d share them with you in private. He’s also incredibly gentle, patient and does everything with care, though he’s fiercely protecctive of his loved ones and would challenge someone to a duel if they so much as looked at you wrong. 

- Your distance wouldn’t bother him at all. As a Victorian gentleman, there are boundaries and so many rules for propriety that he’d probably think you’re distant because society expects you to be. Upon learning that it’s who you are, he’d be intrigued and would watch you carefully so he can come to learn the difference between you being distant and open, in thse rare moments. 

-  When you space out, he turns his own attentions elsewhere while still keeping an eye on you to make sure that you’re okay. He wouldn’t ever question your inteligence when you don’t answer and would instead use his observations to figure out the answer on his own, or he’d say your name quietly until he got your attention so he could ask you when you were paying attention. Again, if someone dared to question your intellect in front of him, he’d challenge them to a duel in a bid to defend your honour.

- You have quiet and self-expressive hobbies and interests, which tell him more abut you than words ever could. He’d pay close attention to your favourite books and would plan date around the things you’re passionate about, including carriage rides out into a forest so you can sit and draw, or read or simply observe nature. One of his own favourite pastimes is to watch you interact with your own pastimes.

-  Edward is deeply perceptive so he’d know when you’re worrying and would find a way to soothe your worries without touching you; which doesn’t affect your relationship all that much because Victorian couples aren’t permitted to touch each other unless it’s to help a lady down from the carriage, etc. He’d completely adore you.

frequently asked questions

okay, so most of you who follow me are gonna be like shut the heck up but i get these questions so often it kills me i’m too friendly for my own good so I’m making this so I can direct them here, and feel free to reblog this & use it if you always get the same questions & definitely correct me if you think I am wrong bc for some reason people think i have a lot of knowledge when i really do not

Okay so let’s start with some damn definitions

POT - a potential daddy, they just knocked the ential part off. this is defined differently by different girls, some need to see true potential, others just call guys they’re meeting for the first time a POT, both are fine.

SD - a sugar daddy. a guy who gives you money or things in exchange for your time. what constitutes an actual sugar daddy also changes from girl to girl.

SA - welcome to hell!!!! or also known as seeking arrangement, the most popular sugar dating website

salt/salt daddy - someone who doesn’t want to give you their money. they’re trying to get as much out of you as possible while giving you the least amount possible, the opposite of sugar

gift daddy - a guy who doesn’t want to give you cash, just gifts. this is totally cool if you are okay with it, but be careful when these relationships get sexual that you still are comfortable with the level of compensation.

allowance - an amount given to you on a regular basis, usually monthly, by your daddy

pay per meet - literally what it sounds like

and here are the questions I get most often

“So this is what this guy is offering me, what do you think & how should I respond?”

If the situation is particularly interesting, I am happy to provide my opinion. But most of the time, this is completely up to you. Just don’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with. If he creeps you out, if he’s asking you to do something you don’t want to do, if he’s offering you less money than you’re comfortable with, just don’t respond. Simple.

“How do I send messages to men on SA?”

My number one piece of advice for this is to pick out something in their profile and talk about that, show them that you read it. Just be polite, and type things out well. It goes a long way.

“Where do I find a good sugar daddy?”

Shit takes tiiiiiiiiime like a lot of it. Be patient, do your work, and try not to expect much or rely to much on sugaring if possible, because that makes it way more stressful. 

“What questions should I ask a POT?”

Just ask him what you want to know about him within reason. Keep up a good conversation, be interesting and intelligent. I think a good majority of the posts on tumblr about what to ask a guy are kind of dumb, just have a normal conversation. If you can’t do that, this is not for you.

“Is $xxxx per a month a good allowance, or is $xxxx per meet appropriate?”

I don’t know! Is it? This is up to you. Please decide this for yourself, make a decision about how much money you need and what you’re comfortable with. Ignore what other girls on here say.

“My SD/POT said he will buy me *insert expensive thing here*, do you think he will?”

Maybe, but probably not. NEVER get your hopes up or rely on things like this, and PLEASE GOD never let a guy buy you a car or an apartment or something unless the whole thing is paid for at once and is in your name. I don’t even want to think of how badly things could go if you were relying that heavily on an SD, these guys can be flaky.

“What do you think about married SDs?”

I have literally no problem with this. If you do, fine, but if he’s not going to cheat on his wife with you, he will do it with some other girl who will get paid instead. There’s no moral high ground here.

“How do I bring up allowance or getting paid?”

Ask, please just ask man. Just get right out with it and demand your cash, in a nice way of course. Don’t do anything sexual before getting paid. He’s not going to give you any money if you don’t ask for it, why the hell would he if he thinks he can get what he wants for free? 

“How do I stay safe?”

Use common sense and don’t put yourself in stupid situations. ALWAYS meet in a public place. Honestly, just don’t be dumb, use your brain, that’s the whole thing. Every once in awhile shit happens and know that you’re putting yourself at risk, but just thinking goes a looooong way.

I will probably come up with more to add to this post later, if I’m missing something.

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More than anything else, I think what matters is a heartfelt story. If you run your work through too many critique machines, it’s going to turn into a formula, and you still won’t please everyone, even after all that. I would spend some time thinking about why you cherish your story. I know you’re supposed to write for your audience, but if you don’t know who that is, why not write for yourself? Maybe that will help you figure out who your audience really is. *hugs*

I wish I could write for myself but I’m trying to sell books.  I think all I’ve learned is I’m not allowed to write for myself because I’m wrong.  Everything I enjoy in other books are things new writers aren’t allowed to do which kind of makes it dumb for the industry to tell you read a lot of books and absorb what other writers do.  If you aren’t analytical it’s a struggle.  Maybe they only want analytical people?  Also if I can’t write the things I’ve actually identified as what  I like in the book, then it does not help.

I don’t fit fantasy because that’s more mythology, magic, dragons etc.  Urban Fantasy etc had to take place in a city per the definition I found.  Sci Fi is very science and technical oriented and you don’t write that without a science background and lots of science detail to back you up.  I’ve read comments on books and movies by those consumers and they are meticulous in the nit picking.

I really thought I was writing a genre book.  I keep changing it over and over again and people still find stuff that’s wrong or there’s some  new unwritten rule I’ve broken.  There’s lots of conflicting opinions on all the things I’m doing wrong.  There’s lots of opinions differing from the formal critiques I got.  I get a lot of I like this part but not the rest of it.  and can’t you just do ABC.  And I can’t because I already had someone tell I couldn’t or criticize ABC.  Person asking then doesn’t understand and still thinks they are right. 

Then I’m caught in the middle of trying to make all these opinions work, follow all the rules until I hit some that violate the technical parts of:  Show conflict, internal and external,  show goals, show motivations, incorporate action, incorporate emotion and then there are the grammar rules.

You see how this has become a mess.  I don’t understand how writers cram their story into all these rules and sell it and still like out or are proud of it?

anonymous asked:

Could you do your headcanons for how the members of the bowers gang cheer each other up(cause they’re dumb and don’t talk about feelings)

This is super shitty because I really couldn’t think of a whole lot for all of them I am SO SORRY


-Lowkey super mushy and sensitive when it comes to certain things

-The guys try to cheer him up by making him laugh, or getting him cigarettes

-When he’s alone with Patrick, Patrick will throw his arm around Henry’s shoulder and pull him close, even if Henry kind of thinks it’s weird but at least he’s calming down for a second

-He gets SUPER quiet when he’s upset and that’s how the others know that somethings wrong with him and they want to help

-Victor one time straight up just found a kid for Henry to beat the shit out of BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT THIS LIL SHIT DOES

-Patrick sharpened Henry’s pocket knife for him when he wasn’t paying attention and slipped it back into his pocket before he could notice that it was even missing


-He tries making jokes when he’s sad but the boys can all see it on his face that somethings wrong

-Becomes super distant and doesn’t really want to fuck with anyone

-Henry brings him beetles in a little mason jar, offering them to him because he knows that Patrick hasn’t been killing any himself and that isn’t like him

-One Time Belch managed to catch a dragonfly somehow and gave it to Patrick (and watched in disgust as Patrick pulled the wings off it)


-Belch pulls Victor aside and asks him if he’s okay and gets really flustered when Victor admits that he isn’t

-Awkwardly puts a hand on his shoulder to make him feel better, but Vic just shrugs it off and walks away with his hands deep in his pockets

-Henry kind of pushes his shoulder and is like “Hey, do you want to talk about it” but Vic is like no that’s gay stop get away from me dumbass

-Patrick tries giving him a butterfly, thinking that maybe he would like it but Victor just stares at it like dude what the fuck is this shit stop it