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90 Days of Autumn (Part 11)

Title: Kiss Me Beneath The Mistletoe

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,461

Warnings: fluff, sam gets tangled in lights, more fluff, lots of kissing

Prompt: Sam and Y/N set out to decorate their apartments for winter, and Y/N has a surprise up her sleeve. Sam couldn’t be more excited to have spent Autumn with her, and now he gets to spend all of winter with her too.

A/N: This is not the end. Even though the last day of Autumn is the 21st (tomorrow) there will be more! Also, the moodboard/aesthetic thing below was made by me! I’m thinking about making them for future chapters. Let me know what you think! Okay, enjoy!

Master List

“Neither of us are going to be at our houses for Christmas, why do we need trees?” you complained as Sam rolled the car up and down the isles of artificial christmas trees.

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Y/N: Hello Scott I have heard lots about you mister alpha

Scott: Don’t say that so loud

Y/N: I have a proposition for you. I wan’t to join you pack, and I think you might need a witch in you pack.

Stiles: Your a witch? I didn’ know witches existed. 

Y/N: They do exist but there is very few off them. Lots of the witch covens were killed in the salem witch trials. 

Stiles: Prove it, prove that your a a witch!

Y/N: Are you sure about that mr. Mieczysław Stilinski?

*Scott slams into the wall on the other side of the room*

Scott:  Mieczyslaw?

Stiles: its my name

Back home - Stiles Imagine Pt.1

A/N: It’s the first time I ever wrote one of these, so please be gentle. I already got more in mind, but I thought it might be the best to check out if someone is interested in this. I also ask you to be gentle if there are some mistakes - English isn’t my mother tounge.
Nevertheless I hope you enjoy reading.
If you’re interested in a second part, feel free to use my ask.

(Y/N) is Scotts younger sister, who moved away a year ago and now returns back to Beacon Hills.

word count: 448

Come to think about it, I never thought anything would change about my relationship with Stiles. We’ve known one another for years. He’s grown a lot into the role of my older brother despite the fact he’s been my real brothers best friend for a bunch of years now. Most time I spend with both of them. It’s always been Scott, Stiles and (Y/N), ever since I remember.

But as most things in life - nothing lasts forever.

It’s been a year since I last saw them. Other than my elder brother, in the age of 15 I went through my rebellious phase, which ended in me moving to our father. Leaving Beacon Hills behind was both – a relief such as hell. I missed them. I missed my mother. I missed my brother and I missed Stiles. While trying to move on, the little girl, always known as Scott McCalls younger sister, turned into an even more rebellious young lady, giving my father one troubled call from my new school after another. Though this time I just wanted to find a way back home and one year after I’m finally back.

No one except our mother knew about the big news. Everything was ready for the big surprise. So the day we moved back to Beacon Hills I almost went nuts, overly excited.

Trying not to be seen by any of them, I was ready for my first day back at school. The new and better version of (Y/N) was ready to make big deals. I could even bet it was hard to recognize the girl I’ve been a year ago, though not only my behaviour but also my looks changed a lot.

Waiting right in front of deans office, voices came to my ear, so familiar I could never forget them. Excitement grew as I stood there and took a deep breath, unsure what would happen if they see me. Would they recognize me? How would they react? My mind raced while I tried to keep my body calm. My eyes went along the hallway and just minutes later I finally saw them again. My heart skipped a beat as our eyes met. Pretty obvious I haven’t been the only one going through some changes. Especially my brother seemed way more confident than the last time I saw him though he wasn’t the one making my heart race.

Surprise was big as they darted a glance at one another, before staring back at me. “(Y/N)?” My name came over their mouths at once, making me giggle. I gave them a gentle smile, just before I finally could head into the deans office, signing in for school.

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Imagine: Showing off your smarts to Sam whilst doing research.

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You’re in the impala’s back seat, Sam is in the front typing furiously on his laptop. Dean is inside a store stoking up on ammunition. You’re hunting a mysterious creature that has killed 17 women the same way, rib cages broken to bits, hearts split into three pieces and thrown on the floor, and thighs cut in half.

Sam: You know, we aren’t even sure if this is something non-human.

Y/N: Well, whether or not it is, we could still save a lot of people from dying. Besides, I don’t think a human, a normal human could stomach doing something like that.

Sam: You’d be surprised.

You held up the crime scene photos and observed them carefully, noticing something about the bones of the victims.

Y/N:  Well, did you notice the patterns of the breakage in the ribs? Straight up both sides and a vertical slash above the heart, and then spread open. What human can just slash bone that easily and neatly. Also, their thighs are cut in half, neatly. The bone is broken absolutely straight. The femur is the thickest bone in the body, no one can just cut it completely perfectly and then just leave with time to spare. 

Sam looked back at you with shock in his eyes.

Y/N: What??

Sam:  Where the hell did you learn so much about bones?


Steve Drabble

@msmarvelchick​ request

16: I ship us

[a/n]: You didn’t put a character so I just decided on Steve, sorry if this isn’t what you wanted, you can always request another one if you don’t like this one.

[y/n] had, on various occasions, jokingly told Bucky and Steve that she shipped them. It was nothing she seriously thought about that much, she just said it when they were hanging out a lot or talking about sentimental memories. She didn’t once stop to think that Steve might not know what it meant.

Steve, sure enough, was lost. He’d heard more than just [y/n] say it too, but he didn’t think that it was that big of deal, since it only came up once in a while, leaving both him and his friend in a lost state of confusion.

Peter had been frantically typing away on his laptop for two hours straight, having just remembered that he had a history project of World War II due in less than 4 hours and he had absolutely no idea what he was writing about. In a panicked frenzy, he sat Bucky and Steve down to ask them questions about the war. They happily obliged, always jumping at the chance to tell their old war stories.

[y/n], on the other hand, thought it was hilarious, Peter typing quicker than she had ever seen anyone type while the super soldiers giddily recalled their past and how heroic they were. 

They shared a particular story about them fighting together.

“This is why I ship you two,” she smirked, plopping down on the couch to further observe the hysterical scene.

“What does that mean anyways?” Bucky wondered aloud, clearly more curious about the topic then Steve. [y/n]’s lips parted in realization of all of the times they had no idea what she was talking about. 

“Oh well I guess it just means that I think that you guys would make a cute couple,” she explained. It was silent. The super soldiers blinked at her.

“But I’m dating you,” Steve said, eyebrows knit together in confusion.

“I know. It’s just a joke Stevie.”

“Oh. Well I ship us,” he decided, pressing his lips to her forehead.

“Really?” | Stiles Stilinski

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A/N: First imagine re-written, edited and up! Yes, I have changed it quite a bit, but I’m a lot more happy with it now. Let me know what you think of it! Y/F/N means your friends name, if you didn’t already know. 

Requested: Yes

Request: Can you make one where the reader has a huge crush on stiles and her brother is Scott and they are at home and Scott finds out about her crush and starts bugging her about it and then stiles walks in and hears them and the reader is upset so she runs out of the house and stiles and Scott have to go find her. 

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Okay we know Kenma dyes his hair, pretty obviously, but what if that wasn’t the end of his body mods? What if he’s got a whole lot of stick ‘n’ poke tattoos hidden where you can’t see them usually. Maybe Kuroo did some of them. Maybe Kenma gave Kuroo some.

And then when he and Hinata become friends, Hinatas like “whoaaaaa, those are awesome Kenma!! I want some!!” And like now I can’t stop thinking about Hinata grinning at Kenma while he gives the sunshine boy tattoos.


1. Cha leader: not to be weird but hakyeon and i have a lot in common, so this is one i think about a lot because he’s the youngest of his family (like me) but also the oldest in his group (like I am the 2nd oldest at work) and because of that dynamic he is very good at caring for people but also really, really, REALLY needs to be babied sometimes. He works so frickin hard to make sure that everything goes the way it should and everyone always says that the rules don’t apply to the youngest in a group of siblings, but Hakyeon is the type of man who would follow the rules even if he was explicitly told he was exempt from them. He would need a lover who’s good at keeping him grounded but isn’t so needy and clingy all the time, otherwise i think he’d get depressed because he would give and give and give and blame himself if he was unhappy. He needs someone who can give as good as they get, who can keep him in line when he gets overwhelmed but also send him cute little gifts out of the blue just because he needs to be reminded that he’s important, too.

2. Jung Taekwoon: I honestly think Taekwoon is the kind of guy that would give and give and give and give and honestly never expect anything in return except mild affection. HE REALLY SEEMS JUST LIKE A CAT TO ME honestly i think Taekwoon would secretly spoil his partner rotten whenever he got the chance, and would want nothing more than to lay his head on your lap and sit in a comfortable silence with you while you read him a book and play with his hair. he wouldn’t like to do a lot of touching in public but i bet he’d be super cuddly in private. He’s a total fuckin’ baby behind closed doors, always wants to touch (even if it’s just hand holding) but never initiates anything or takes the first step unless he’s 500% positive that it’s what his partner wants because his literal worst fear is rejection/humiliation.

3. FRICKIN LEE JAEHWAN. Jaehwan is so-he’s just-UGH. What he needs is someone older slightly than him who is also extremely cute (but could also really fuck ur shit up) who loves it when he does cute stuff and always wants him to smile so they’re constantly just being cute with each other all the time and like playfully flirting with each other and all their friends to make each other secretly jealous but not in a bad way-just a way that makes them both hold on a little tighter when they go to sleep at night ;_; HE WOULD KISS YOU LIKE YOU WERE THE ONLY SOURCE OF AIR ON THIS PLANET and i also think he’s secretly sort of kinky and a little dirty????? like raunchy in the bedroom IDK I BET HE WOULD SAY SOME REAL DANK SHIT TO HIS PARTNER WHILE THEY WERE GETTING IT ON x_x

4. Kim flippin Wonshik. Wonshik needs to feel very important all the time and his way of doing that is to spoil his partners rotten, like, r o t t e n. He would be the one to whine if you didn’t call him before bed every night and he’d be the sappy romantic sort who would propose on a romantic cruise or something xD He just wants to take care of his partner, pamper them and work really hard to give them everything he can. He’s the kind of guy that would want to do well enough in life that his spouse wouldn’t HAVE to work, even if they chose to, because for him i think that stability is really important and that’s how he measures his success in life-by how well and fully he can support his family. he’s a total romantic sap he probably cried after he had sex the first time but like….privately, when he was next by himself.

5. Lee Hongbinshark. THE ONE WITH MANY POINTY TEETH, YES, AHA. I think he’s actually really masculine despite his pretty face and because of that he’d want to fit into a really masculine role in a relationship-maybe not all the time, because i’m sure he’d like to mix it up, but I think he would do well with a person who, like Hakyeon, could give as well get and is maybe a little more okay with being seen as a typical, beautiful couple but then like…. MAYBE HE rEALLY WANTS TO MIX IT UP AND HE SEEMS TO REALLY LIKE HAVING HIS HAIR PULLED SO MAYBE HE ALSO NEEDS SOMEONE WHO’S HELLA BEAUTIFUL AND FEMININE AND WANTS TO BE PAMPERED IN A RELATIONSHIP BUT THEN WHEN IT COMES TO SEX IS LIKE. A TOTAL. JUST. OWNS HIm. -panics bc this is an unpopular opinion-

6. HAN SANGHYUK. Yo Hyuk is such a fucking MAN like he can be all cute and shit but at the end of the day it’s because he honestly doesn’t care what other people think about him he literally does. not. care. about anyone else’s opinion and he’d fit well with someone who needed to be cared for and tbh i think because he’s the youngest he’s really eager to prove himself and demonstrate all the ways he’s grown up like he’s gonna be pickin’ you up for dinner and dropping you off with a cute little kiss before midnight on your first date and he’s gonna do shit RIGHT just to prove that he CAN because he is a total MAN!HYUK

- Admin C. <3

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what kind of tattoos would u want to get? (like when u tattoo over the one u have or just get another one)

okay this is one i think a lot about i genuinely love tattoos n would 100% get them everywhere if it weren’t for my acting rip so i’ve just had to think of smaller ones for now

first off for covering my hip tat im not sure yet what i’ll get covering it but imma get something else and put the musical note on my ankle maybe bc i want an ankle tattoo 

i also want something behind my ear (not sure what just yet, might get |-/ for twenty one pilots bc im corny), i want something around my bicep like a vine or chain or a simple line im not sure, and i also want 3-4 small symbols i designed myself on the inside of my arm going towards my wrist 

there are loads more i know i want but haven’t really thought through yet but thank u v much for the qs! 

ask a thing~

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Ohhsenshine, ohsehunpai, 94-hun, hunandonly


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What I think about their blog: i loved the content they posted so much :( the theme is cute and the blog is well organizated <3


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What I think about their blog: 11/10 an amzing osh stan and exo supporter, she deserves the best tbvh <3


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What I think about their blog: here we go again, im gonna fite sarah cause shes too cute n adorable n she has a really really nice blog and it deserves lots of followers and a lot of love :c


Do they follow me: Yes | No

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What I think about their blog: elaINE!! we never talked but i love her blog, im almost sending daily letters declaring my love for her and her blog :(( srsly she deserves the best

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(about kids being veg*n) I think it's actually more likely that someone who gives their children an omnivore diet doesn't think about the health of that diet at all, whereas most of the vegetarian/vegan people I know who give their kids a veg*n diet focus on giving them all the important nutrients and get blood tests regularly to check they don't have any deficiencies.

certainly depends on context and income and things like that, so I’m not sure I can make any across-the-board generalizations, but I do think it’s true that a lot of veg*n parents pay particularly close attention to health/nutrition both because maintaining a diet like that requires active thought about food and because there is so much stigma against veg*n families so it tends to make folks hyper-vigilant about it

(I feel like every time this conversation comes up I always need to sit through someone bringing up some case of a mom whose baby was nutrient deficient/starving because she wasn’t giving them breast milk or formula where all the clickbait headlines blamed that on “veganism” even though breast milk is vegan and negligent parenting is the antithesis of the central vegan principle to “exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation and cruelty”) 

when I was a little kid, my folks mostly raised me vegetarian, and then as I got older we stopped, then when I got to high school we all started vegetarianism again and then gradually veganism collectively. & quite a few of my extended family is veg*n or veg*n leaning as well, and we share books/recipes etc. It’s been much easier for me to maintain a healthy diet with family support than other veg*ns I know (and I’ve seen friends attempt veg*n diets within unsupportive households who were not suitably meeting their nutrition needs because their families weren’t providing enough non-meat ingredients to sustain a growing kid or they weren’t teaching/allowing their kids to cook). 

I personally think the fear of/disdain for veg*n families is misguided, because in my experience veg*n families are attentive to helping their kids learn about how to choose and prepare food for themselves, how to read food labels, and other important skills for maintaining nutrition. 


“Does this mean I can come up with cute nicknames for you now?” Y/N asked with their arms wrapped around his neck.
“No,” Mick told them.
Y/N cocked their head to the side, “How about in secret? Cause I think Boo Bear would be adorable.” Mick looked around before whispering in Y/N’s ear.
“Fine, but only in secret.”
requested by anon
ps i am so glad you love the imagines! i am glad people are sending in mick imagines.
requests are open

Son Sungdeuk about each BTS member.

Rap Monster dresses well. I couldn’t believe his visual (T/N: it was bad) when I first saw him, but he’s really become cool/stylish. Ha ha. He has a lot of interest in clothing, and he’s really become the most cool/stylish (out of the other members). He (now) gives off the ‘leader aura’ as the leader, and he has charisma too.

Suga’s thinking is really deep. He’s very well-mannered (T/N: can also mean gentle, respectable, like a ‘gentleman’). Out of all of them, it’s easiest to communicate with him (T/N: they understand each other the best / Suga ‘gets’ him the most).

Jin, since he’s the eldest hyung, used to be sly (T/N: can also mean slighly prideful or stiff in terms of associating with others) but we talk a lot (now). He used to be the one who got in the most trouble (was called out/punished the most) but now we’re comfortable (with each other) and we’ve become close. He’s become mature. He’s really positive.

Jungkookie is really innocent (T/N: can also mean pure, genuine). He hasn’t changed any since debut. He’s the same 15 year old Jungkookie that I met on the first day (that first time). His body has become that of a man (though).

I’m really thankful toward J-Hope. It must (definitely) be difficult (T/N: referring to J-Hope being the dance leader) but he’s dependable (reliable). Rap Monster is the leader for the team itself, but in terms of dance, J-Hope’s the one who, more than any of the other members, is the/our greatest strength. He organizes everything on his own.

Jiminnie has a lot of good/positive aspirations (T/N: actual word is ‘greed’ but since that has a negative connotation, I changed it). He’s a work bug (T/N: Korean expression for someone who’s always working diligently). Even now, he practices singing a lot. He practices to fill in the things he believes are lacking (in himself). He stays behind and practices (too).

V also has a blank/dazed charm. I/we also laugh a lot because of V. When they’re learning the choreography, he thinks (for us) about what else he can do for his part. His sense is no joke (T/N: it’s really good) (T/N: ‘sense’ also means ‘talent,’ refers to how quickly he picks up/learns the dance and how well he notices what is missing/what could be added; good ‘sense’). V has good memory too. He does have talent in dancing (to an extent). 

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“Yes Luke?”

“I think it’s time to tell them.”

“Nope. Not ready yet. I mean would they accept me? Will they hate on me? I honestly don’t know babe.”

“Y/N babe, we’ve been dating for six months. I’ll protect you from those jealous fucks lime the haters.”

“But what if they don’t like me? What if they like other girls for you? What if-…” I rambled on and about nervously before Luke cut me off by saying, “They’ll love you.”

“Okay. I trust you.”

Luke fist pumped in the air and went to Twitter immediately, saying that I was his girlfriend and how much he loves me with a picture of the both of us in a beach.

I went to my phone and clicked the now growing hashtag named ‘LukeAndY/N’ and browsed the tweets under it.

couldntreally: Arzaylea could do way better than her.

thinkof: Is she like a human derived from a cow or something?


causeimlame: she’s probably a gold digger of some sort

Were just some of the hate tweets I read. I was filled up with a bit of disappointment, thinking that I was not good enough for Luke.

Luke wiped my tears and pointed to a shit load of tweets that were positive. “See? They love you!”

“But some of them hate me!” His eyes clouded with a little dash of anger and immediately typed on his phone to tweet.

Luke5SOS: She’s my girlfriend and I love her very fucking much. She’s perfect. And if you can’t respect that, back the fuck off :——)

“Gotta admit, that was the kindest mean tweet I’ve ever read.”

“I know!” He flipped his hair.

“Just don’t put noses on smiley faces.”

“Welcome to the family.” He said before giggling.

“And don’t forget, that’s not the only family I’m gonna welcome you to.” He quickly added before winking.

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1-5 :>

1. Your first OC ever?
2. Do you have a personal favourite among your OCs?
I LOVE ALL OF THEM A LOT BUT;; luxus is kinda near the top, along w all three of the poly babs
3. Have you ever adopted a character or gotten a character from someone else?
i don’t rlly do/believe in adopts but!! my gf gave me a cute moth girl once, i think her name was orchid
4. A character you rarely talk about?
most of them tbh, but especially morden bc i don’t have a lot for him, n Simon n the royalty bc i have a lot of spoilery stuff for them. aria too, need to work on him
5. If you could make only one of your OCs popular/known, who would it be?
mmmm ima bc i like her design the most,,

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Seeing ARMYs who stan hyung line looking down on/insulting/judging ARMYs who stan maknae line is one of the most heartbreaking things.

imo like…… it’s just weird.. like a lot of people take this so seriously n act really entitled about who their fav is lmao n it just makes no sense…. like idk if it’s bc the younger ones are more popular so they feel the need to come for them like they deserve it or something (that’s how it seems at least) it’s just group mentality n it’s so ugly like let people get on with themselves n what makes them happy it’s sssooooo bizarre to me!!!! n i feel like people need to just like.. stop n think about how rude they sound bc they take this shit so personally.. like insulting other members doesn’t do anything beside make ur friends who like that member feel upset (i’ve seen this multiple times) and also make u look like a twat lmao it’s just ugly n unnecessary m it’d be nice if we could all just…. calm down n have a lil fun u know

as i get more serious about my path as a polytheist or whatevr u wna call it i like ? wna be more open about it ?? not totally open bc its personal but im the type to crack jokes or like just like share things i find cool but with this i feel like a lot of ppl find it weird bc it isnt a mainstream religion or like practiced at all in public.. like before i got into it the greek gods were just “mythology” i had no idea people actually worshiped them n now here i am.. i just wna be able to be like hey mom can i borrow some of ur wine to give to apollo he’s thirsty atm.. idk man its not tht depressing i actually think im super lucky to b open about being a witch with my mom n have her take it like …. semi seriously lol so like? its not that big of a deal but maybe one day? 

f-i-n-d-4 replied to your post “Someone on here thinks I’m cool and idk how to let them down easy”

I don’t know what they said but I think they’re 100% right

They said I was cool and my writing is good and to not give up and just someone told them about me and wow someone has been spreading lots of false propaganda they must be a communist and as an American I feel threatened