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Hello! I don't draw, at all, by I used to paint on canvas and I stopped a while ago. I've been struggling with depression and as a way to figure this shit out I would very much like to get back in touch with my artistic side. I'm just wondering is you have any tips/tutorials for someone who never drew anything ever (and is also left handed if that's important)

Being left handed isn’t important unless you use leaking/inky pens that smudge easily. I have spent a while thinking about this one because I know that depression is a very serious subject.

Something that I have learned from posting art on here for a couple of years is that we should draw for no one but ourselves (commissions aside) Never let the pressure of letting people see your drawings/paintings get to you because it’s something we do for our own enjoyment. One of the few things that gets me down on this website is people who think they are entitled to my drawings. I’ll often get comments on a drawing of a group of characters that are like “why didn’t you draw this character too?” which is annoying because obviously I didn’t draw them because I didn’t want to. Or a serious hatred of mine “their hair colour is a couple of shades different to what I personally imagined so you are obviously wrong”. People can be really shit man so if your depression has anything to do with that, work on trying to block out the people that will judge and be nasty about your art.

Now drawing is fun, it isn’t supposed to be perfect all the time, I recommend getting a sketchbook for only basic, basic sketches. It is so freeing to have something to just sribble in and not have to make things finished pieces in.

I have a couple tutorials here from myself

and I am also going to leave some links to my favourite speedpaint channels on YouTube, as well as my own one. I pick up half my techniques from watching speedpaints.










I really really hope this was helpful!!

Okaaay, I don’t get it. If the 7 daughters from SJ belong to Aku, why are they killed without the magic sword? Why can’t they shape-shift like Aku? 

I’m starting to think that the Mother was tricked into sleeping  with someone who pretended to be Aku and was like ‘Yeah, no, I’m totally Aku, let’s do it!’ but decided to take off when he found out she was having 7 kids. Made an excuse, something about Jack of course, and left and that was when she decided to use her kids to fight Jack.

And I’am pretty sure I know who the real dad would be if someone looked like Aku.

50 years later and he’s going around tricking people into believing he’s Aku so they would give him what he wants. 

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komaeda do you still experience daily symptoms of your dementia? not "big" episodes with physical symptoms, but just the "little" things such as having trouble understanding whats going on in a social situation, or communicating your thoughts properly, or memory issues or trouble keeping attention, etc. (like the mental/social/emotional stuff that you cant really do much about except have the others be extra patient with you)?

It doesn’t happen all the time but yes, I still experience it from time to time. Especially when there are a lot of people in the room or when I’m tired.

I know it can be a pain for others but thankfully they all have been suportive and didn’t make fun of me for it…

Of course none of us would ever do such a thing.

And we don’t think that it’s a pain either, you know?

Yeah ! So what if sometimes we have to repeat a phrase a few times or if you have troubles saying what you want ? We all have things we struggle with !

…Thank you.

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I'm sorry you were misgendered... tbh it's weird that people use sir or ma'am at all (yeah it's a cultural/regional thing), and if you need to use a pronoun and you're unsure, just use "they"! It's not that difficult. I know you're not trans but the misgendering seriously fucks with a person.

Yeah, I actually really dislike when people use “they” for me because I so strongly associate it with queer scenes where it’s standard policy ONLY for gender nonconforming people (especially gnc women) or people you read as trans and how othering that can be and how uncomfortable it is to think of yourself as a woman and have everyone around you actively deny that reality by using “they” for you, or asking you if you’re thinking about transition, or just straight up referring to you as genderqueer or something. In general, when at a place like a retail establishment, it just seems weird to use “sir” or “ma’am” at all, and I don’t use those terms with customers less because of gender stuff and more because it’s just so weirdly formal for buying and selling coffee. But thank you, this was very sweet to send and I’m mostly rambling! I hope you had a good day.

Been working on that shoulder boulder💪🏻 something that I use to HATE about myself was my arms, I thought they were too “big” and I hated the idea of having to take a photo because people would see them. I would stand in the mirror and pinch the insides together just to torment myself and think “if you were skinnier this is what they would look like” completely consumed by the idea of being as thin as possible because I thought that then I would be happy and then I would love myself. But that didn’t happen. When I was brittle as possible I still felt like I wasn’t thin enough, I was completely miserable and hated myself. Now fast forward I’m working on something that I never thought I would be trying to do and that is growing! Growing my muscles, getting stronger and loving my body for how it is build. I was not born to be a skeleton and nether were you.

I understand where you’re coming from [nukirk], but I want to tell you that in this life, it’s never about being right, it’s about being what you can prove. It’s not about what you think is fair, it’s how ‘fair people’ use the unfairness to gain power.  You don’t want power. I respect that, and that’s why I like you. You have creativity, I dig that. I like that you are honest. You’re a good person.  Sadly, you’re gonna get stomped on, trampled on, chewed up, and spit out. There’s nothing wrong with power. It’s a tool. It’s the ABUSE of power that you gotta fear more. So, gain power… or get trampled. Which do you want? Get the power and only use it when you REALLY need to and I’ll follow you off a cliff.
—  Paraphrasing a friend about my refusal to read the 48 Laws of Power. I hang with dangerous minds. 

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Why do you think SVU focuses so much on Benson? From the twitter account it seems as if they care about the other characters but every episode never focuses on anyone but Benson.

Honestly, I don’t know. Literally every single thing I read about it on Tumblr and from people I talk to are sick of it being about Benson so much and completely forgetting the rest of the characters.

It used to be SO good! Every character got at least one episode centered around them each season and it was so much more of a team than it is now. Once Elliot left it started going down and by the time Nick left, it was basically The Olivia Show with a few exceptions.

Most long-running characters leave whatever show they’re on because the actor’s think their characters have run their course and don’t want to keep going on just for the sake of going on. That happened with one character in Homicide: Life On The Streets - the show Munch was on before SVU, it even got a little shout out by Munch answering the phone for the last time saying Homicide at first - I forget which character, but one of them thought the character had run his course and wanted to be written off because he wanted the character to be remembered as the character, not a character that didn’t know when to leave. But the production/producers/fans/everyone else didn’t want him to leave, so they wrote it in that the character got a Stroke and the actor decided that was a good enough reason to stay, it brought something new to the character. Julian McMahon wanted to leave Charmed because he thought Cole had come to the end of his story, so they changed it up to make him evil again, make Phoebe go with him for a bit, make him evil and try to get Phoebe to become evil with him, all this stuff, but they still let him leave when that ended.

They don’t do that with Benson. They think they do, because they keep putting her through all this stuff, but it’s the same stuff. I think it was  @adarafaelbarbas who has a post about how it would have been amazing if Nick had the Lewis storyline and Benson had shot the boy. It would have put them both through something new. The post goes into it a lot more, but it was a really good idea and made me internally sing ‘We could have had it alllllllll’ and, let me tell you, I sound EXACTLY like Adele in my head! And that could have led to a really good, really fulfilling exit for Benson.

There’s only so much you can do with one character and making her act OOC or having her continually sexually assaulted doesn’t count as changing it up or making it interesting.

I love Mariska Hargitay and have so much respect for her. She’s an amazing actress and an amazing person. I’m not sure if it’s her or someone behind the scenes or a lot of people behind the scenes that won’t let Benson go, but it’s time. She’s an amazing character played by an amazing woman, but everything must come to end eventually and I think it’s time for Benson as a main character to end.

I wouldn’t even mind if she stayed on longer, if it went on for more five more seasons and she was in all of them, if they would just let other characters have some storylines. I shouldn’t have to play ‘guess which main character isn’t gonna be in it tonight’ for every episode, I shouldn’t have to rely solely on the fandom to get any sort of information about my favorite characters because the only thing we get is headcanons and fics made by us, I shouldn’t feel blessed every time a character besides Benson is on screen, the fandom shouldn’t be better writers than the actual, paid, professional writers.

This is probably a lot longer than you expected and I could probably go on ranting for even longer, but I’ll spare you and everyone else who stumbles upon this post from that. Basically, I don’t know why it’s all about Benson all the time, but if anyone else knows, please tell me ‘cause I’d love to know.

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Please enlighten me why Tess Munster is “cool”, “inspirational” and promotes “body positivity” but the skinny model on the Gucci ad is “unhealthy” and “disgusting”? If we’re gonna talk about body positivity we’re gonna have to include skinny people too. However the body positivity movement, as it stands today, is simply a way for fat women to feel better about not going to the gym. Both Tess Munster and that Gucci model are not healthy role models and shouldn’t be promoted.

I don’t know if this is in reference to a previous post on this blog, and I’m having trouble caring. You’re so fatphobic and healthist that I don’t think it even matters. 

The body positive movement has mostly been stolen from fat people and used by thin people to discourage body shaming. We were JUST discussing this. And, while I’m against body shaming, the body positivity as it currently stands is not for fat women at all.

Add a side order of healthism, and I’m guessing you’re just a bigot who doesn’t even care about body positivity or probably even people unless they look like you think they’re supposed to. 

Fuck off. 

-Mod Siarl

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i've actually left the sherlock fandom since it was pretty bad for my mental health, but could you give me an update of sorts as to whats going on in general?? i have friends still in and i want to know. thanks!!

Hey Nonny!

I hope you’re doing much better now <3

Well… there’s nothing much right now other than the RP Twitter which may or may not be real (and probably the only light we have right now); Moffat further saying really bizarre stuff in relation to S4 / Mary otherwise everyone else is remaining radio silent about the season; and there’s still the speculation about a secret episode on Easter, though I think a Dr. Who episode is playing on Easter. The fandom is getting randomly shat on here and there. Other than that, it’s been quiet, though BBC occasionally releases a new BTS video to remind us the series is still existing, which is weird. I’m sure other people can summarize better, since my knowledge of everything is based on what comes across on my dash; I don’t go actively looking for anything. :P

That all said, continue to take care of yourself, Nonny. Trust me when I say that if something big happens in the fandom / about the show, you will probably hear about it off Tumblr :P

I think when people get all up in arms about ‘awful sjw special snowflakes!’ they forget that some of them are actually real adults. I’m a real legal adult! I’m older than the some of the people criticizing me!

yes I identify as a nonbinary “fake gender” in real life! all my close adult friends use my preferred pronouns + name!

yes I’m self dx and the few irl people I’ve talked to who are adults agree + support me!

yes I’m fictionkin and I have adult friends who also identify as such!

these concepts exist outside of tumblr.. i don’t come online and decide to just start pretending to be something because it’s ‘cool’ or whatever

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Any ideas how to make a character hated???


Okay so to start, make them arrogant, not in an endearing way (if such a thing is possible) but in a way that just makes them infuriating. Have them constantly talk down to others and be really elitist, sexist, racist. 

Abusing spouses, family, children, SO, and animals is another way to make them hated. Using slurs is good. 

This isn’t super detailed but i really like writing characters that people hate. 

The key I think is to think about characters people love to hate and pick out the common tropes. 

I hope this helps! (Ebeth)

Give them a mindset/attitude like the child of Umbridge from Harry Potter and literally any villain you might see on BBC Sherlock. I don’t know about you, but I’d hate that mashup more than literally anything. ~Kylee

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before i knew i was trans i despised the colour pink and wouldnt be caught dead wearing it, now that im out its practically all i want to wear but i cant because im worried about what people think, the only reason people call me by the correct pronouns is because of the way i dress and i dont want to lose that. all i know is once im able to transition my closet is going pink

I dont see why you cant wear it if you want to. Plenty of men wear pink and they arent suddenly misgendered because of it. You may have heard the expression ‘real men wear pink’. If anyone hassles you over it just say that. It is used for breast cancer awareness so you could always say you were wearing it in support of that. Or of course state that you are not interested in their gender roles and stereotypes and that pink is just a colour like any other is. It doesnt inherently mean anything on its own

Its difficult with stereotypes with it being a stereotypical ‘feminine’ colour but things change all the time. It used to be the exact opposite, blue was for girls and pink was for boys. It also used to be boys who wore dresses and heels

You can of course wear pink as a man. It can take a bit more confidence to pull it off but if its done well it can work with style. Maybe dont go over the top with it but use it in a softer sublte way or as highlights/accessories which can stand out without being too much

I avoid pink because I dont like it. Not because I care about what other people think, if I liked it I would wear it regardless if I wanted to. I dont because I genuinely dont like it. If you like something and want to do it then you shouldnt let other peoples opinions stop you. Its down to how you feel about it though. If it was between that and being misgendered (if people would genuinely misgender you over a colour you wear) then which you did would depend on what mattered more to you. If its an assumption though that people will misgender you because of it then I suggest you try it out and see. That may not be true at all and you can do both. Be confident with it and own it. You dont have to go head to toe pink but it can be done in a more subtle way. I think it would be worth trying to wear something you wanted to and see how it goes. If it did cause you problems then you dont have to do it again. You will likely never see those people again. You may be surprised and it go well then you could feel better in not having to worry about being misgendered and being able to wear what you want to

Here are 2 links which may be of interest

How to Wear Pink Like a Man
5 Reasons All Men Should Wear Pink

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you were not kidding, the tsar is eeeeeeevil! this last chapter revealed a little bit of his motivations, but i cant stop being curious about his past now and how was the relationship between him and pitch before this all. can you tell us anything about the tsarina or their son? i have a habit of wondering about people that are only mentioned in stories, and im loving your worldbuilding in this one x_x

The Tsar is definitely not being all that nice to Jack at the moment (he’s evil as all get out). :D We’ll definitely find out more re: his motivations too, and the relationship he used to have with Pitch.

We’ll find out more about Mihail (the Man in the Moon / son) and Agnessa (the Tsarina) as the story progresses. But…maybe not a ton more.

Agnessa is a grounded, good-hearted person. She’s under no illusions re: her husband and has made several strategic decisions to protect Mihail - she doesn’t think the Tsar would abuse him, she just also doesn’t think Mihail should spend too much time around him. Which is why we sometimes see Mihail with Seraphina, or why Eva talks about how she has helped out with Mihail a great deal. (Eva and Agnessa are close friends -> as are Agnessa and Toothiana).

Mihail is neuroatypical, and bright and observant. He sees far more than he lets on (I mean most kids do, honestly, but given he is selectively mute, he doesn’t often convey how much he knows. He speaks in the sign language of the Lune pictogram alphabet, but he doesn’t speak to everyone with that, and Seraphina is one of the few people he’ll actually converse with. Sandy’s another).

They both live quite separate lives to the Tsar. The Tsarina turns up for public appearances with him, but otherwise they don’t spend much time together. And Mihail doesn’t actually come out for public appearances due to fears of assassination attempts (something the Tsar had to deal with as a child - he’s very protective of Mihail in this sense, even as he’s kind of…aware that Mihail can’t necessarily inherit the throne either). Agnessa is also pretty adept with a stiletto knife.

Agnessa is kind of mercurial. She’s secretive, she tends to stay out of what her husband is doing, which is why we never see her around the Tsar within the Palace. She is fiercely protective/loving of Mihail, but also lets him roam, because she knows he enjoys that and doesn’t believe in smothering her child. She’s garnered some criticism for this (esp. from people who think that because Mihail doesn’t talk/doesn’t make eye contact, he couldn’t be smart enough to be let to go roam through the Palace on his own), but she defends his intelligence readily, though she does encourage him to preferably hang out with Seraphina, mostly because she knows they get along. (Seraphina kind of considers him the younger brother she never wanted but loves anyway, lol).

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weve been mutuals for a long long time but you keep reblogging stuff making fun of aspec identities, including demi, and its seriously upsetting as i thought we were friends and ive always identified as demi. i dont think its safe to follow you anymore. you can have your opinions on the aspec community all you want but you i think it could do good to try and be less aggressive to those of us who are ALSO not straight and trans aspec people and still get our identities attacked.

listen i don’t talk about it very much because it’s Personal and also confusing but i identify as an ace lesbian. it’s something im still thinking a lot about, and im still trying to figure out a lot of the details on it (like, i know a lot of my sex repulsion stems from Gender Stuff as well as a lot of internalized transphobia i had to work out since i was told for years being a trans lesbian actually meant i was a Male Predatory, and that’s all stuff im still trying to work out and fully think out), but i have considered myself ace for a while now. a lot of things i reblog on the subject of ace stuff comes directly from frustrations i have with a big part of the ace community on here AS an ace person

being ace is a complicated thing a lot of the time and i respect that, i LIVE that with me dealing with the things i mentioned above. i have an issue though with a lot of the rampant homophobia/transphobia prevalent throughout a big part of the community, i have an issue with me and other non-straight folks being lumped in with straight people for being “allo”, i have an issue with seeing “LGB” used and seeing trans folks be told they shouldn’t be in the community, i have an issue with tons and tons of my trans friends ending up on “don’t follow” posts with Actual Nazis and terfs for being “aphobes”. obviously the entire community isn’t like that, and im more than willing to believe it’s just the vocal minority that is like that, but it’s still a big thing i see and those things are one of the biggest reasons i feel uncomfortable listing myself a member of the ace community since i feel so unwelcome in it

im sorry if you’ve felt unwelcome on my blog and if anything ive reblogged has upset you, im not going to tell you that you’re wrong for feeling that way. but a lot of the posts i reblog center around criticism of the above issues, and ones i reblog that have a more mocking tone are targeted toward the people who perpetrate the above things. none of my posts are intended as a direct insult toward the ace community, and if it ever feels that way im sorry for that

this is all a Complicated issue for me so i say in response please consider that i am an ace trans lesbian and everything i reblog is under that context and please consider that as those things im allowed to be critical of issues prevalent

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how can i find the motivation to work out? i used to work out all the time and then school got in the way, but now i'm in a routine of work and i have no motivation to get back to the gym!! any tips?

literally same !!! 

i’m working on rebuliding my motivation too!! what’s been sort working for me is looking at people whose bodies/strength i admire, and thinking about how hard they’ve worked to get to that place, and how that i started my fitness journey in the first place for a good reason, and how FUN it was!! it’s frustrating that i’ve gone backwards in progress, and i’m further from my ultimate goal, but remember to be kind and gentle towards yourself as you get back to Killing It™ at the gym. you may have to go down in reps or weight initially but it’ll be worth it!! better to do that than to injure yourself by going too hard too fast and putting off your reintroduction to the gym for even longer. it’s also about purposefully MAKING time for the gym – like put it in your planner. i always work out first thing in the mornings, because if i don’t i make excuses for myself to skip the gym later in the day. 

for me, some of my biggest fitspos are harry styles, park jimin, and jade chynoweth!! (particularly jade and harry because we have very similar body types in that we’re just more stocky/athletically built – like harry is soft and muscular at the same time??? idk how he does it but i wanna be like that i love him so much)

i hope this helped you cause typing this out has actually helped me, haha. best of luck to you, friend !!! 

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Trope: Couple adopts a pet.

I am 100% likely to write pet adoption fic, have written, will write again, no problem.

The next fic I am likely to write along those lines is the Yuri Plisetsky / Otabek Altin Yuri on Ice fic, in which Otabek semi-accidentally adopts a stray cat to get Yuri’s attention.  

I also need to write more about Molly and her cat Sylvia, someday.

But since you specified a couple… hmm.  Hannigram pet adoption fics are too easy, it’s almost no fun anymore unless they do something weird, like they adopt a parrot and Will teaches it to sneak up on Hannibal and yell RECKONING at him at inopportune moments.

What do we think about letting Reba and Francis have a cat in the more-people-live fewer-people-die everyone-is-nicer ‘verse?  I feel like they could do with a cat.  Francis could get used to having another living creature willing to put its tiny life in his hands, trusting him enough to curl up on his chest and doze an afternoon away.  

And Reba would insist on calling her Tiger in memory of one of their first dates.  She doesn’t care that the cat is black-and-white splotched, she’s Tiger to Reba and Tiger she remains.  She insists when pressed on the topic of why her cat looks nothing like a tiger that sighted people just have no imagination, and isn’t it a pity for them?

(Tiger does not care. Tiger is possibly the best-loved cat alive, Tiger is smug as shit about her lot in life.)

“Do you believe that a person can be hurt without being physically touched by or any external forces?”

The question above doesn’t make any relation to the title right? But soon you will know why. This question keeps on running inside my head for years now, because I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it but I don’t understand it fully.

We are in a generation where kids at their teenage year’s experiences such as fucked up thoughts, useless motions, the feeling of being unwanted, and anything that I think only people 25 above would understand. Thinking about how people act at this stage, I don’t know what they call it, is like having lots of responsibilities at a very young age. They will give you this, take care of that, and make sure not to break that trust because it’s like what our grandma use to say that once broken, it will never be the same again.

At this time of the day, what do you usually think? Usually do? To those who are very busy, what do you do during your free time? These days, teens and the not so are so busy not just school or work, but with their like “extra “ curricular activities that I don’t think is that much important because it leads to not having more time with your family, values and others.

To cut the chase, this is more like a slice of life; hope will bring you fun, laughter, a little bit of sadness, and so much complication.


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Could I dm you about my dog, who I'd like to submit for guess the breed? I want to make sure he is the breeds I think he is, and I could use some help on that with your eye.

Guess the breed is only for DNA tested or verified parentage dogs. The point is to have an answer at the end, and show that dogs aren’t always what they appear to be. If you are just guessing, you can send in a regular submission asking people what they think


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So it seems pretty much everyone is freaking out that Even will never get a season since he is graduating, but I really don't think that is the case. I mean if Julie does want to do an Even season it could easily be about his summer or his first year of college or a million other possible ideas. Yes so far they have all been at Nissen but only a part of the show is in school and if Julie feels creatively about an Even season she could do it however she wants, so I don't think people should freak

Yeah, I think we just don’t know what the future holds! Something that strikes me about watching Skam is it’s a lot more flexible than what I’m used to, as well as a lot more reactive. I think Julie Andem does like surprising people too so you especially never know. ;)

(I do think six potential seasons is already a big undertaking and I wouldn’t necessarily expect it to keep expanding but I’m a big fan of just taking this chill.)

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I totally get people getting angry about the whole hearts thing with 59 Airplane pilots but I don't think it was done maliciously. They might have seen it as a sign of love and just wanted to do it at the concert. But I do understand that people are going to be upset because it was started to support the LGBTQ+. Could it have been thought more thoroughly? Probably, but I don't think people need to attack viciously about it.

I’ve not seen anyone be viciously attacked. But it wasn’t right for them to do it. If anything, do red hearts. They used rainbow hearts for a straight couple, one of whom alluded that gay marriage was a burden.