i think a trip to florence is needed

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1. name/nickname: francis

2. gender: female

3. star sign: gemini

4. height: 167 cm

5. hogwarts house: slytherin

6. favorite animal: tigers and dogs and sharks and elephants

7. hours of sleep: i need 7 lmao

8. dogs or cats: both!

9. number of blankets: 1

10. dream trip: germany / iceland

11. dream job: idk lmao OTL

12. time: 6:22 PM

13. birthday: june 14th, 1996

14. favorite bands: bastille, florence + the machine, imagine dragons, twenty one pilots, glass animals

15. favorite solo artists: daoko, idk

16. song stuck in my head:  ステップアップLOVE by daoko

17. last movie i watched: murder on the orient express

18. last show i watched: master chef lmao

19. when did i create my blog: 2011 i think

20. what do i post/reblog: animanga, comics, games

21. last thing i googled: guid columns

22. other blogs: @officialdgm

23. do i get asks: no lmao

24. why i choose my URL: yato’s my fav anime boy

25. following: 1000+

26. followers: 1500+ idk im on mobile

27. lucky number: 14

28. favorite instrument: piano

29. what am i wearing: jeans & tshirt

30. favorite food: lasagna

31. nationality: honduran

32. favorite song: i think it’s daoko’s ステップアップLOVE atm

33. last book read: hp2

34. top three fictional universes i’d like to join: meh

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One time during my Photography class, my teacher was talking about her trip to Florence, Italy while explaining how to print contact sheets since I take film photography.

All I was thinking of while she was explaining how beautiful a city it is was “Hey I climbed that building / Hey I was there / Hey I saw that building” during the Italian renaissance because I’m a total nerd and I need help.

Italy is officially on my bucket list of places to go before I die.

The Week of Kory. day 1

Q 1. You are the founder/creator of Taft. What was the inspiration for starting a sock company?

Kory- The inspiration for Taft came when my wife and I were traveling around Europe together. I saw so many guys rocking the sockless look so I think it was just sort of at the back of my mind the whole trip.

I remember really vividly being in Florence and watching a cobbler create the most beautiful shoes I’d ever seen and it just didn’t seem right to ruin such high quality shoes by going sockless. I knew I loved the look but I didn’t like any of the no-shows on the market.

I started doing tons of research on no-show socks and when I couldn’t find what I wanted, I knew I’d need to just create them myself. So I set out to create the best, highest-quality no-show socks on the market and I’ve been doing it ever since.