i think a lot of this is just bc i like and reply to so many ppl's posts

@wylanvanshitpost replied to your post “can you hex or curse a general group of people or can you only…”

I don’t see why not tbh?

i just wonder how that’d be possible? since u usually need some sort of item that relates to the target, or connects the spell with the target i guess, so idk how that’d be possible when the target is a group of ppl who all have one thing in common, but u don’t know anything else about them, not even how many there are? and even if that worked, i don’t think i could do it bc im a witchling and i feel like u’d need A Lot™ of power and energy for a curse/hex like that;;; rip

wylanvanshitpost replied to your post “i bought 3 rly cute notebooks yesterday but idk what to do with them,…”

U could use one to keep track of witchy stuff! (Readings, spells u tried)

aaaa i thought about that but i rarely do any witchy stuff tbh? partially bc im not devoted like others lmao i just do whatever whenever, but also bc im still a lil lost ;o; so idek how i’d write those things down hhsjkdhfkjsd. it’s a rly good idea tho hhhhh i’ll see!! (eye emoji)