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what are ur fav sugamon moments

bless you for asking this seriously

(this is gonna be a long one)

ahhhh i love them so much and i know many ppl kind of gloss over their cute moments together bc they don’t do skinship as overtly on camera as the other members but it’s there if you know to look :’)

(i’ll do 10 or else i’ll be going on for hours)

1. i have to start with that emotional and meaningful hug they shared in MAMA 2016 bc how can i not?

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it was just such an important and significant moment for both of them, ship them or not, you can’t deny that it was so heartfelt and showed how close they are :’) they’ve been through so much together and for them to make it here after so much hardship and struggle is so amazing for them both, it was a lovely moment overall for them and i never fail to tear up when i see it :)

2. this entire bangtan bomb bc they’re so adorable and i love the way they were trying to imitate each other’s rap style and just teasing each other

and then ofc them performing together is always amazing and i love it ;;

also it’s dumb but i get a kick out of namjoon calling yoongi chingu instead of hyung bc i love it when namjoon uses informal with yoongi since i strongly suspect namjoon and hoseok forgo polite form with him usually since they’re all close (hoseok does it more on camera but namjoon has slipped up here and there)

3. who can ever forget that one time yoongi was so excited and adorable when namjoon was performing and he kept pointing out namjoon and going “namjoon-ah” ;; my heart

look at that adorable smile on his face, he’s literally so happy and proud of namjoon

jimin even pointed out that yoongi was being uncharacteristically excited and bouncy watching the performance :)))

4. literally the entire episode 4 of bon voyage. sugamon being paired together and working together to go on a tiny adventure in a different country and basically having a great time bc they work really well together 

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them fixing themselves up together and complimenting each other casually like the actual domestic husbands that they are

(can i just say that namjoon put on his sunglasses bc yoongi was putting hairspray on and he didn’t have to do that, he could’ve just waited or told yoongi to go behind him so he wouldn’t get hairspray on his face but he just casually accommodated yoongi nbd ;;;; my heart x)

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having random but hilarious conversations about kebabs? and shopping together?? laughing togetherthe cutest tourist couple

5. that whole backstage mission where namjoon had to take a selca with yoongi without alerting him that it was his mission and he FAILED lmao bc yoongi knows namjoon too well 

poor namjoon, he was so happy bc he got such an easy mission with his own group member

thank god for this mission bc the selca was adorable :)))

6. i live for all moments of namjoon and yoongi calling each other cute

namjoon giggling at how cutely yoongi jumped to the center during 21st century girls (x)

and him jumping around during another part in the same song (x)

namjoon even called yoongi a saint which yoongi very smoothly ignored like he always does with compliments but i can’t get over it (x)

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there’s other times too but i’m too lazy to find them rn

7. this is a small thing but it says a lot about their relationship: yoongi fixing up things that namjoon breaks and just taking care of him

it was said in interviews, it was even a way for them to introduce themselves

namjoon was the destruction king and yoongi was the one that fixed what namjoon broke

like that time in bon voyage where namjoon knocked over some tubes on their dorm room table and yoongi immediately starting fixing them (x)

or in the ynwa preview show where namjoon got up and his mic was hanging out of his pocket and yoongi noticed and picked it up for him (x)

and even recently when namjoon looked confused about putting on his headphones and yoongi immediately went to help (x)

just little things like that :)

8. gifts!! yoongi buying namjoon a wallet when he lost his and then getting all embarrassed and shy when namjoon talked about it happily during an interview

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(he even lost it again and yoongi didn’t look upset when he mentioned it)

and then ofc that ring during their summer in dubai and namjoon saying he’ll wear it often

and namjoon actually wearing the ring in concept pics, fancams, concert pics, etc ^^

9. this doesn’t have any specific video or anything but they’re constantly teasing each other? and it’s really cute?? and it’s so casual and witty that it kinda flows by you until you go “wait what? did he just say something about yoongi/namjoon?” i love their adorable bantering comments at each other

like namjoon insisting yoongi’s on the same level dancing as him but he just gets away with it or yoongi’s “i agree” when namjoon said he’s the worst singer of bts in the recent gayo episode

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namjoon saying yoongi looks like a little count dracula

Originally posted by sugmon

or namjoon talking about how yoongi whines lmao 

(yoongi teasing namjoon about not needing to go to vintage shops when he could just use the clothes there)

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or the time yoongi was saying he wouldn’t mind rooming with namjoon when they were talking about namjoon’s snoring bc he’s used to it and namjoon was like “he’s the first one to not wanna room with me when we stay at hotels”

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but just as much as they tease each other, they help and support each other just as much and it’s beautiful :’)

10. which brings us to my last point, which is the moments where they make each other laugh and just support each other in general ;;;;

(x) (x)

(laughing at yoongi running during not today mv shooting)

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like the waist pats that namjoon has a habit of doing at times

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and just so many more moments that make my heart flutter and love their relationship all the more:

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there’s just so many more but lemme give it a rest for now bc this post is long enough

just know that sugamon is so much more than ppl seem to think and they love and care for each other so much!

their relationship is beautiful :’)

Small Talk

This is a b-day present for @sncwbaz (go wish her a happy birthday!)

In which Simon texts the wrong number

(set in the summer before Carry On)

Italics is Baz

Bold is Simon

(Bc = because)

(Idc = I don’t care)

Can u believe it?

They were holding hands, P!

Sorry, who is this?

Oh shit, sorry. Wrong number

Not a problem.

Do u ever wonder why things happen to u? And why u have to take responsibility of things that are beyond your control or knowledge?

Why are you still texting me? And yes. On a regular basis.

Bc Im bored

Why are u replying?

What happened to P? Ignored you?

Busy w/ her boyfriend

U didnt answer my question

I guess because I’m a disappointment to myself.

What? Why? 4 texting an interesting stranger?

For wasting my time. Come on, interesting?

I slayed a dragon once

I didnt want 2, but I guess thats sth unusual

Uhm. Sure. A. Dragon.


Told ya :)

What else?


Once I ate 30 scones in a row

and I puked them 30 s later


Your turn. Tell me sth about u

I’m a vampire.

Hahahaha, nice 1

Tho u kno, they do exist

I know. I am one.

WICKED. So, u kill ppl?

No. I’m not a murderer.

Srry g2g

Care homes suck, they wont let me use my phone :(

Oh. That’s sad.


Morning vampy!

Call me that again and I swear I’ll kill you with my own fangs.

Touchy, arent we?

Don’t get into trouble for texting me.


No way. Just wouldn’t like you to blame me if you got grounded or something.

Im grounded 24/7 so no worries



Cant wait to start school next week

Me too, actually.

We must b like the only 2 teenagers on earth willing 2 go 2 school

Why are you guessing I’m a teenager? I could be a teacher.

Shit. True

Are u?

No, silly. I’m in A-level.

Omfg me 2

Do u live in England?


Cool! I live in London

Star Wars or LOTR?

Why do I have to choose?

Lets ask random questions 2 kno each other better!

Okay. Lord of the Rings, then.

Rembrandt or Van Gogh?


Day or night?


Coffee or tea?

Tea. W/ scones.

Outside or inside person?

Definitely inside.

Basketball or football?

Football. But Im not v good

Rain or sun?


Do you spit or swallow? (gum)

This question is disturbing

You said RANDOM. And I’m disturbed.

Im still not answering


U kno what? U really wanna kno sth abot me?


My girlfriend just left me


And I dont even care

Sorry about your girlfriend

Well dont b. I have much more fun texting u

Anyway, g2g

Text u later

Until later, then.


Wow. Eloquent.

Whuts goin on on taht baeutiful miiind?

Im on ur magickal mysstery riiied

Are you drunk? Did you just quote John Legend?

Funny spelling of MAGICKAL, though.

I leik u sooooo much.

I’m flattered, but sorry. I’m hopelessly in love with my roommate, actually.

And you don’t even know my gender.

Fcuk taths tru

I didtn think abot it

You didn’t think?!

Deos it mutter?


Answeeeer mee!!1!

R u madd?

I suppose it doesn’t matter. But there’s still my roommate. So, sorry.

I’m a boy, by the way.

its ok

im a bloke 2

i wish my roommate were liek u

my roommate is irky af n sooo posh n strong n graceful n ruthless n tall n smart n bloody perfect u dont understend

That’s a lot of adjectives.

Are you sure you don’t like them?

No I haet him!


n he hats me 2

he pushed me down the stiars!

Go to sleep.

ok ill do it only bc u tell me 2

Good night.

niiiiite ily!! ilysm

Hey, srry about yesterday!

I was pretty pissed…


But don’t worry. I understand.

So, I was thinking… would u like 2 meet?

I kno it sounds weird but I really like u and it would b great if we could, u kno, talk face 2 face?

Well, sounds nice. What do you suggest?

Theres this b-day party 2nite at a friend’s of mine from school. Her name is Anna, shes pretty rad

Anyway, is the only day im allowed to go out

I’ve got permission from the Queen

The party starts at 7

Okay, send me the directions and I’ll be there.

(You’re lucky I love driving)

ill wear worn out jeans n a red jumper

Good. I’ll wear a dark green suit.

See you then.

See u later

Too many people wearing a red jumper.

Wait ill go to the entrance







Baz wait! Dont go

Pls come back





About u being hopelessly in love w/ ur awesome roommate?

I’m pretty sure I didn’t use the word “awesome”.

Glad u stayed yesterday?


Glad u kissed me?

YOU kissed ME, Snow.

I rlly want it to b monday already, so we can b 2gether again

Just because we snogged doesn’t mean we are TOGETHER

I want 2 try

Im terrible at this


Yes, fine.


Yes, what?

You can be my terrible boyfriend.




I have 2 go get everything ready

Cant wait 4 monday!!

See you on Monday, love.




Ari: Hope you like this! <3 </p>

I also posted it on AO3, here’s the link.

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(part 1) ur gonna roast me for this but im legit curious why mafia AUs are so bad? im asking in a non confrontational way, i get it romanticizing mafia is wrong, but i also believe that 1)most mafia AUs are a really toned down type of mafia;2)they do make for some interesting kinds of dynamics with fanart and with fics; 3)in a fic specifically u can create your own world and call something mafia and still make it so they don't kill innocent people but only idk members of other gangs or sth

(part 2) plus theyre a way to put ur charas in a completely diff context and see what theyll do. i mean i dont believe that writing ships in a certain context (like mafia) equals romanticizing that context. mafia AUs arent even my fav things to read (in fact i almost never do), im sure many ppl romanticize it and i obvs dont agree with that but im just trying to udnerstand bc i believe fandoms are a way to explore things that we normally wouldnt.

I’m not gonna roast you don’t worry xD okay wait let me check if I replied to this already if yes I’m gonna c/p because it’s half past midnight otherwise I’ll just go at it again wait *checks tags* fff obviously I don’t have a general post but anyway pls read this after you’ve done with my post and then this which is also choke-full of links. plus for a (not nice) laugh: here. AH WAIT I FOUND THE POST.

okay, so, let’s have it out of the way: I have nothing against mob aus or crime aus. I have a problem against calling them mafia AUs because in the US mafia = organized crime at large, in Italy mafia = ACTUAL EXISTING ORGANIZATIONS THAT ARE ACTIVELY HARMFUL. now that I introduced the topic I’ll c/p you the reply I gave to another anon who while discussing the issue pointed out that most writers don’t even know Italian mafia is a thing, which is pretty much on the same discourse so…

*The thing is - in the US it might not be enough of a deal anymore and I honestly do get why people make the mafia = regular mobsters, since the mafia was the first foreign organized crime being exported to the US via italian immigrants (sorry if this sounds horrible in English but I just woke up and I still didn’t have coffee) so I understand that mafia became the umbrella term.But the thing is that - as you said, these people don’t even know that there’s a mafia in Italy anymore or where the word comes from.

 I’m going to link to italiansreclaimingitaly’s tag about the mafia and its perception outside Italy because they posted about this extensively and it’s an excellent resource, but meanwhile I’m gonna do a very short bullet point list and about the topic:

  • Mafia might not be a big deal in the US, but it still is here. We have the beauty of four different mafias (Cosa Nostra - the Sicilian one, camorra which is the one in Campania but has tendrils spread everywhere, the ‘ndrangheta which is in Calabria and the Sacra Corona Unita in Puglia) which are all active [especially camorra and 'ndrangheta] and whose actions have direct impact (negative) on our economy and on our society. Actually mafias are one of the main reasons we’re currently economically fucked up, and if I start talking about how mafia culture keeps some areas literally backwards I could talk about it for three months.
  • There are still people who are killed for standing up against them. These days the most prominent personality is Roberto Saviano who is a writer who dared to put together a book documenting minutely the way camorra works and he’s been living under protection for years by this point. Like, they want him dead because he wrote a book. And I’m sorta sure that he was talking about leaving Italy and going to the US after years of sticking with it here because he can’t take it anymore but I don’t know if it was a taken decision or if it’s still debating it.
  • It wasn’t even thirty years ago that we had the stragi di mafia - in english it’d be something like the mafia slaughters, basically around the beginning of the nineties there were a number of bombs planted by the mafia targeting people who were trying to oppose it including judges Falcone and Borsellino, actually the anniversary of Falcone’s death is like… tomorrow. And they’ve killed people for way longer than that. Here is a list of only Cosa Nostra victims including the ones from the eighties/nineties. And people are still dying because of it. The slaughters I’m referring to are just the ones in the nineties which are enough of a number.
  • They also perpetuate a culture where if you testify against your mafia-employed relatives you’ll be shunned forever. There are women who testified against their families and couldn’t see their children anymore never mind that they weren’t automatically considered a relative anymore the moment they sided against the mafia. Some people have committed suicide after becoming witnesses also because our police force/justice system can be terribly non-supportive in this kind of situation so they got left on their own. Never mind that back in the day - it was the beginning of the nineties? - I recall at least a particular story of - I think, correct me if I remember wrong but I can’t remember the names for the life of me - where this guy testified against the local mafia when he either used to work for them or was forced to pay them the pizzo and in retaliation his six-year old (or five? Anyway he had a son younger than ten for sure) got kidnapped, killed and thrown into acid to dispose of the body. That happened in what, 1993? 1994? It’s pretty much yesterday. And now the camorra is doing the same - there’s a list here of camorra victims among which accidental passerbys that got killed because they were in the way which I can tell just by glancing is not complete. And I’m not even going into the 'ndrangheta. That is to say, here mafia still kills people and cripples our country.

Now, I get that it’s a word, but the point was: let’s say that instead of the Italians the Japanese came to the US first and the umbrella word for organized crime was yakuza rather than mafia and let’s say yakuza was still what it was originally in Japan while in the US it stopped being a big deal and people write yakuza!AU instead of mafia AU. Let’s say someone Japanese gets angry at that and goes like 'listen the yakuza is a real deal it does this this this and that and it’s a plague in our country so can you please at least look it up before writing your fanfic’, which is what had happened way back then when this whole mafia and fanfic thing blew up. A bunch of people told us to get over it because it’s just a word and if it’s a problem in Italy it’s not in the US so why should they care? Now, if we had been Japanese (or Chinese or Russian or Mexican) would they have said the same thing? Considering the general tumblr attitude I’m pretty sure they would have received either an apology or 'this is an important deal let’s keep that in mind’ with signal boost reblogs and stuff. 

It’s the fact that we should get over people not knowing that it’s still a real problem for us and that they can’t take five seconds to google it that is the problem imo. Especially when instead of mafia au you can just say mobsters au or tag it as organized crime and everyone is a lot happier, mostly because as the tag above explains romanticising the mafia is a good thing for them because it means they can act outside Italy with less stigma because everyone thinks that the mafia is dead or not relevant anymore, if I’m explaining myself. (And it’s active outside Italy - like, there was a mafia kill in Germany in 2007 where six people died (sorry the link is in Italian but there isn’t an English wiki page, if you look the city up you’ll find something probably) and it was because of the 'ndrangheta.

I’d really like to not get worked over it because it meant it was a thing of the past y'know, but the problem is that it isn’t and I’d rather spread some awareness in hope some of these writers look it up (because it’s a good thing that people know what mafia is since as stated they have tendrils everywhere - if you read Saviano’s book the entire first chapter is about how camorra regularly deals with Chinese import/export in Italy for one) than shrug and figure that since they’ll think everything is good for fanfic then it’s not even worth my time.*

Now, ^^^ that was the c/p-ed reply that should answer most of your doubts. What I didn’t address was:

im sure many ppl romanticize it and i obvs dont agree with that but im just trying to udnerstand bc i believe fandoms are a way to explore things that we normally wouldnt.

aaaand as we say here in Italy, this is where the donkey falls (sorry we have weird sayings), because in theory there’s nothing wrong with that… except that in 99% of the mafia aus I’ve seen around the thing is that they’re supposed to be cute.

like, I see a lot of shit with TINY MAFIA BOSS STEVE ROGERS with RUSSIAN ENFORCER BUCKY (????? bucky isn’t even russian???) and the yoi thing I saw before had the japanese character being the leader of a russian mafia gang which is… like… guys it doesn’t happen it really doesn’t, and a lot of them re-use wrongly terminology taken from the godfather without context or knowing what the hell it means, and it’s always from the criminals’ pov and they’re somehow seen as criminals doing justice where the police can’t (???) and like… no. mafia bosses/enforcers/employees are bad people period, and at least here if you try to leave or repent they kill your family in retribution. like, not even ten years ago there’s been a woman who used to belong to a mafia family (or one colluded with the mafia) who testified and her entire town/family shunned her and she couldn’t take it anymore and… killed herself drinking acid if I don’t recall wrong. it’s not even special cases. this shit is not funny, it’s not cute, it’s not adorable and it’s not good fodder for your imagine your otp scenario (srsly I saw one like.. let me find it,

LIKE. just look at this shit. in a regular context, the enforcer goes to the show owner to force them to pay a monthly sum to their boss lest they destroy their shop and their lives and their family’s life never mind that mafia culture is deeply homophobic so the mafia enforcer flirting with the shopkeeper is like completely fucking out of the question. I mean, people here like to shit on the sopranos but that show was actually excellent representation of Horrid Criminals Who Were Never Supposed To Be Good People and the small arc that happened when one of tony’s friends turned out to be gay (closeted) was REALLY well done. btw, it ended that when they found out he was gay most of the crowd rejected him and thought badly of him until I think they killed him also for other reasons, but that spiraled from finding out he liked dick. and that’s american mafia that they actually based on well-done research of the culture in Italy it came from, I assure you that here it doesn’t work that differently. like. the shit above is so inaccurate and frankly offensive, it’s like… I get people romanticizing problematic stuff but the thing is that when you tell them that it’s actually offensive you get brushed off as ‘ah well you’re being too sensitive it’s just a word u__u’. now, I’m all for exploring shit we wouldn’t be into, but not like THAT, because that’s like mafia romantic comedy and that’s not how it works. now, you wanna do a fic where the mafia characters are deeply flawed and bad people and the police tries to catch them? fine, great, go ahead. you wanna do a fic where the enforcer above deals with dunno an entire life of internalized homophobia when he finds the shopkeeper attractive and feels conflicted over having to con money out of him and doing horrible shit for a living and maybe understanding that crime isn’t worth it and then he actually collaborates with the police and gets shit from about everyone he knows and loves for that? okay, awesome, go ahead. nothing bad in that.

but the shit above is not exploring things we wouldn’t/writing darkfic, it’s THINKING THAT A CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION WHICH IS STILL A THING IN OUR PART OF THE WORLD IS CUTE AND ADORABLE. and that only plays in their favor because it takes the bad aura out of the word and we really should not let that happen. like. that is what is bad about mafia aus and mafia discourse, that people don’t realize the mafia is alive and well and thriving and not a thing that doesn’t exist or a generic word for organized crime.

you wanna write the shit above? okay, CALL IT CRIME AU or mob au, not mafia au.

btw, add-on: idk if I mentioned it in the above post or not, but in case I didn’t, I said that people would balk at the idea of a mexican cartel au. sadly since then I’ve found out a fandom where not only there is one but it’s also extra cutesy and people apparently love it and it has a bunch of kudos/comments and idek I’m not even touching that with a ten foot pole but like… I’ve avoided it and everything that author wrote because to me it’s just… nope. like, nope. if you do mafia aus don’t make them fucking cute. (also: in the same fandom I had to mute a v. famous fanartist whose art I actually liked but did cutesy mafia aus and.. like… haahahhaahahahahaha nah sorry. can’t go there. nope.)

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I sent nicotinc that ask. I go to the pride parade every year and I feel like shit for the drama I've started. Only 5% of the population openly identifies as gay (or so I've read). The amount of straight people who make a a bunch of gay sims just to be what they think is trendy is appalling. I used to be one of them. I was not trying to be homophobic, but rather counteract people using other peoples expression of their sexuality to fit in

thank u for messaging me directly! it gives me a chance to clarify that that post was in reference to ur ask, not nicotinc’s answer, so the messages/replies i got about it will be politely ignored bc my issue isn’t with her, it’s with the tone of ur original message and that attitude in general (unfortunately, ur not the only one who feels that way). i saw ur apology to another simmer and i appreciate that u feel bad about it, but the implications of the original message are still harmful!

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Hey do you know any BTS blogs with positive vibes? I need to follow more soft people my dash is so full of negativity :/

hi! ah that sucks ): hmmm, I don’t think I follow many blogs that are vocal so I don’t think I’ll be of much help ): 

but! I think you should follow those ask blogs that draw things! those are really nice and make me feel all warm inside/make me laugh almost all the time. @ask-bts-stuff is one that I follow and ya know there are many others! 

most of the people I follow are original content makers and talk in the tags –> @bts420 @kstopping (honestly their tags are gold!) others that i really love are @gotjimin @chimneytaels @jjks @kths @syubbed @gguked @jimiyoong @jiminrolls @bwiyomi @bwipsul @bwiyomi @apgujeon @booptae @bwibelle @yoongles @doona-baes @yoongichii @jaayhope @allbtsvideos @ojjeon @jengkook they make gifs/edits/graphics that range from r00d to awww and sometimes they tag things with like super sweet and soft tags and other times it’s just incoherent keyboard smashing haha. either way, i totally relate.

lastly, i follow a ton of art blogs bc I really like art haha. Some of my favs are
@saliechelon255 @megymi95 @bokumuteki @bloominflowers

-i know I probably missed out a lot of like quality blogs but that’s all I can think of for now. If anyone knows some positive bts blogs to follow, just drop the url in my ask box or reply to this post! or like any bts blogs that make appreciation posts? I’m into that haha. Anyway, I hope your dash is a little less negative after following some of these ppl anon! (if you don’t already follow them lol I feel like the blogs I mentioned are already followed by almost everyone in the fandom)

please dont follow me if u are mutuals with @.icedsodas/@.phantomemoji/@.owasera or whatever their current url is

this isnt a callout and i have no right to call it one because its mostly personal drama but please take the time to read this anyway (esp if ur mutuals with them) because theyve made me ridiculously uncomfortable over the course of the past couple years

lots of text and screenshots under the cut also tell me if its hard 2 read cuz of my theme and i will edit it (in the meantime u can right click an image + open in new tab to see high res)

u can either block them or me after reading this idrc which/rbing would help me spread the word to all my mutuals but u dont have to

tw for brief mentions of suicide

edit 5/12/17: so they talked to me about it and really only dug themselves further into a hole and made it even more obvious that they are stalking me. that conversation will be linked at the bottom of the post to keep it in chronological order, but if you already read it and want to see the update,  >click here.<

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Art by cherryandsisters

Well, this will go down in history as thE UGLIEST BANNER ON THE PLANET JNFAKJN ANyways so this year (2016 in case u forgot tho I wouldn’t blame u) was def a very interesting year. Lots of shit went down; overall chaos took place. But on the tumblr side of things, I had a really amazing year getting to know a bunch of talented, fantastic ppl!! I became apart of a fandom that is so generous and hardworking. Even though there are a few clashes of opinions between us, we all aim to make this a loving, caring community of bloggers. I’ve been blessed to have gotten to see so many ppl grow, and I wanted to make an appreciation post bc u are all so important in my lives <3 (under the cut bc it got so long rip)

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Lmfao, I don’t think I’ve ever done a bias list or any kind of post on Ikki despite meaning to for 800 years, but better late than never KJERNKGJEBG. I’ll consider this a thank you for all the milestones I’ve hit as well as for all the love I’ve been given on this blog in general, because goodness there is so much more of it than I ever expected. When I first starting roleplaying Ikki almost a year ago, barring like two months at this point, not many people knew what Amnesia was or who Ikki was and I was, like… the only… person… in the rp community rip, so obviously I didn’t expect much from this blog. I kinda figured he’d die off after a month or so, as is my usual curse when I pick up new muses. They rarely stick around – but Ikki didn’t just stick, man, he took over as my main and grabbed my heart and soul akjsdhfajkg.

That is, of course, due to all of you. Despite being from a relatively unknown fandom, so many of you still interacted with me and gave me a chance (in NO small part thanks to Disney World ;’)) and now here I am, almost a year later, still going strong with about 700 of you following me. I can’t thank you all enough for roleplaying with me here and even getting to know my muse after we started interacting, for those of you who went on to play Amnesia! I’m so glad the fandom has gotten a few new members and that I’ve been joined in the community by such great roleplayers. It warms my doki doki heart. I look forward to continuing to interact with you all in the future, despite you all having to put up with my sometimes abysmal reply speed. :’)

Below the cut, a quick bias list to show my appreciation and admiration to a super small group of people. See you all on the other side in 2017 ;) ♥

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destiel-or-destiny-deactivated2  asked:

i saw the post which you answered to this anon which was talking about jensen refusing to say i love you?? then why is it that jensen answers certain question when it comes as dean and cas as something more but like a joke but then other times which is most common denies it i'm getting very very confused now. so like what's your opinion on that?

i think there is a very simple answer to this that i’m going to make complicated by writing too much.

first of all, i don’t think jensen is uncomfortable bc he’s homophobic. the best evidence ppl ever give for jensen being homophobic is this video, which i have watched many times and still am convinced that jared and jensen both recognized that the audience blatantly booing was a good indication that they needed to pretty much ignore the girl’s question. and the fact that jared tries to help her finish asking her question makes it seem likely that j2 really DIDN’T know what exactly her question was. basically, i blame the audience for how shitty that situation was handled.

but i digress. the point is that i think jensen is uncomfortable because

  • he thinks dean is straight, straight, straight. whenever he talks about the dean/cas thing or about dean’s sexuality, it sounds so much like dean winchester himself defending his straightness that i’m just sitting there like, “ok, honey. yeeahhh, suuuuure. all right.” 
  • jensen’s probably been through PR hell about destiel. he’s definitely got carver and singer up his ass telling him what to say and not say, and there’s probably a few more ppl telling him how to evade questions and whatnot. i can’t imagine, with the amount of public appearances j2 have, that they don’t have a slew PR people telling them how to behave. whenever jensen gets a question that puts him on the spot, he’s probably sitting there thinking, “ok what did so-and-so tell me to do in this situation, and what did so-and-so say about how to respond, and what–” 
  • i don’t think that when jensen decided to be an actor he considered the fact that he would spend years of his life answering questions about the romantic implications between his character and another male character. and we all know from that comic con panel a few years ago that jensen had never even heard of “destiel” until right at that moment in 2012. and then it was like the Ship That Must Not Be Named until episode 200 happened. so yeah, i think i would awkwardly laugh off a topic that was pointedly avoided for years if i had no idea how to talk about it and was suddenly expected to.
  • and of course we have this little gem that everybody always freaks out about. but, honestly, i get where jensen is coming from saying that he liked not having a lot of scenes with misha (as much as that hurts my poor cockles heart) and that he thinks the dean/cas thing has been blown out of proportion. like, jensen goes to work and films a tv show and nobody on set’s ever been like “hey, so dean and cas are going to eventually hook up, just so you know.” so then jensen goes to conventions and gets on social media and everything is dESTIEL and i imagine that would be a bit shocking when u didn’t know that was a story that was being told. and now that they’re aware of it, of course jensen’s glad when he doesn’t have scenes with misha. because he knows that every scene with misha means more fodder for destiel shippers, and he KNOWS there’s not going to be any pay-off later. plus, knowing about destiel has probably made acting with misha very awkward. i imagine it’s affecting him probably on a subconscious level, like a voice in the back of his head saying, “don’t act like you like him, don’t act like you like him, don’t act like you like him.”

but, as with most things in life, the passage of time can normalize things and make them more palatable. maybe jensen will never ship destiel himself, but i can’t imagine even a year ago he would’ve been high-fiving misha over a best chemistry nomination.

baby steps. give him some time.

anonymous asked:

i see u post alot about ichigo and rukia even before the ending but personally i never once considered a possible ending where rukia and ichigo would get together i thought kubo was hinting that it would be orihime no matter what

Really?! So I guess we can just agree to disagree on that matter because I just can’t get how Kubo wasn’t hinting IR when he drew panels like this: 

Or made characters who were in love with one of them react like this: 

And many many others, but I don’t wanna flood this ask w/ images lol 

What I can’t really understand is that if it was Ori/hime no matter what, then why he didn’t give any of these mutuals moments to her? It has been always Rukia when it comes to Ichigo. 

He made color spreads with romantic undertones to them, a bunch of poems that linked their meeting to destiny ( being IsshinxMasaki the other ship with this thematic mind I point out) and how they complement each other, there are novels revolving around them, a whole movie about their connection ( in which he heavily helped to create) and sooo many other things that were given to them and them alone. He knew ppl saw IR as romantic, so was Kubo  really trying to prove their platonic friendship by giving them… a lot of destiny poems and romantic cliche scenes..? It just doesn’t make sense to me. 

Oh boy, I could go on and on, but this is so pointless right now, don’t you think? 

In short: I don’t believe so, he either really planned IH and RR from the beginning, but didn’t bother to develop them and instead decided to give all these scenes to IR bc fandom reasons or he changed his mind around half of this arc and went with it. 

anonymous asked:

Hey batool sorry to bother, but what's happening with chanyeol?

hello ^^ its fine anonnie. chanyeol just posted a video of the pokemon game and he happened to have downloaded it illegally bc it wasnt available in korea (note that in south korea illegal downloads arent something thats not popular like c’mon…everybody does it esp in sk) so he got a lot of backlash bc he’s a “celebrity” and should be more responsible – so since he read all the mean comments that mainly kfans wrote about him, he apologized by posting a pic of himself and a long heartfelt apology but then kfans decided that he wasnt being sincere enough bc he used too many exclamation points (he started the apology with “hello im chanyeol!!”/”annyeonghaseyo chanyeol imnida!!”) so he deleted it, posted a black screen pic and removed all the exclamation points which is complete bullshit. i dont think they should be chastising him for downloading it anyways and i definitely dont think they get to decide whether hes being sincere enough or not.

anonymous asked:

i'm wondering how commissions should be priced?

so you can be making AT LEAST  liveable wage once you get up to having a week’s worth of them, like any other job

if you are an art student, a recent grad, or a novice/amateur, i would not recommend charging less than $10/hr. “

“but what about the hobbyist category? what should hobbyists charge?”

there is no hobbyist category. the second you charge for a service, you’re no longer a hobbyist. same rate.

if you are uncomfortable charging so much (trust me, $10 is NOT a lot,) i would still never recommend below $8. if you are more popular, have more experience in the industry/doing commissions, have more skill, etc, charge more than $10/hour for sure. please for the love of all that is sacred charge more than $10/hour lmao

art is a specialized skilled trade. custom art is a luxury item. it should be priced like one. 

let’s compare this to a comic page:

a fairly standard rate for doing flats for a single page in the industry is $20/page.  for flatting. meaning, this person did not sketch the comic. the didn’t ink it. they aren’t going to shade it or edit it. they are getting paid $20 for putting flat color on a single page.

when you do a commission for an illustration, you are doing ALL the work. the sketching, the lineart, the flats, the shading, the refining, the editing.

of course, different styles can take longer or shorter than others. everyone works at a different pace. but if you can do a full body character with simple shading in less than 3 hours, i would still price higher bc u probably did a lot of work to get to that point. 

i see no universe in which someone should be charging less than $40 for a full body character with NO shading, flat colors max.

it’s hard to give one simple answer also since there are so many art styles and stuff out there but yeah. i’m a big proponent of stopping the internet (mainly tumblr and dA) culture of ppl feeling entitled to high quality yet criminally cheap art. if someone only wants ur art bc it’s cheap, they are probably a bad client to deal with anyway. if you’re not getting responses, it’s probably not because you’re charging too high. more likely it’s just lack of popularity (you’d be surprised at how many followers it takes for posts to really get notes, and how many notes, even for popular people, it can take to get a buyer!) DON’T COMBAT THIS BY UNDERCHARGING! u’ll only hurt urself and the entire art community. another reason could be, and i hate to say it, your art just might not be high enough quality that people want commissions yet. i know it’s a shitty feeling. i’ve been there. you just have to keep improving.

another commission tip, though not related to pricing: DON’T do unlimited slots. you’ll get overwhelmed and people will actually be less likely to buy because they’ll think they can wait forever and use every second to procrastinate on deciding. you’ll do much better opening 5 slots or less. also make new commissions posts, even if your old slots aren’t filled. that reminds me. i should make a new one bc mind is stale lmao

i know i’ve answered and reblogged stuff like this before too and it might be tagged “artists” or “commissions.” or not bc i can be bad at tagging these things

but yeah tldr;

CHARGE URSELF A LIVING WAGE LIKE ANY OTHER JOB!!!! Pls try not to charge less than $10/hour for art. also paypal is gonna take out fees and so are other electronic forms of payment AND you HAVE to pay taxes!!!! so remember u are not going to profit as much as u charge

don’t feed into tumblr/dA cheap art client culture pls. it’s hurting artists of all levels of experience and skill everywhere

dragon age fandom: call out for art by donc-desole

#tw rape, #tw sexual abuse, #sex mention

this is a call out post for this piece of art by tumbler user doc-descole. (note: there is a drawn sp-ider in the link! be careful!)

if you want the tl;dr, this art is disgusting and a rape and sexual abuse joke ! if youd like to know why this art is so bad, please keep reading under the cut!!

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