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Marichat May Day 28: ‘Kiss it better’

And then both dreamed with knights and princesses andhappy endings.

(this is probably slightly out of prompt but i understood as a ‘kiss that makes things better’ and sleep is a good thing so)

This is for @thunderpo whose birthday was yesterday and matched with the prompt. Hope like this and that you had a good birthday!

We met at the library (a Yousana HP AU)- Part 1

Because the canon is not satisfying right now, to say the least, here’s a little yousana fic to brighten your day. It’s my first fic ever so be gentle with me. If you see any typo or language mistake please let me know. Also, big thanks to @thickskinandelasticheart for the idea and the positive support <3. I personnaly headcanon Sana as a Ravenclaw with strong Slytherin traits and Yousef as Hufflepuff. Hope you like the first part! More to come


Yousef has been trying to concentrate to finally start learning for his NEWTS but it just seems like everyone in the Hufflepuf common room has decided to go against his wishes of quiet and calm. Everyone’s chatting and playing games and it’s driving him mad. Hufflepufs are suppose to be hard workers are they not ? If only it wasn’t raining so hard, he could go work outside.

He finally decides to go to the library after someone’s (probably a first year) paper plane lands on his notes for what seems like the 50th time. He gets up, grabs his books and papers and leaves.

While on his way to the library he relishes in the silence of the empty halls, wishing for  the library to not be crowded with loud people who can’t wait for the rain to stop so they can go outside. He really needs to get a good start working on his Newts and be efficient.

When he arrives at the library, he can’t seem to find a single table with less than 4 people or without piles of books on them (sometime he realizes there is actually someone behind the pile of books, most of the time a fifth or seven year). He sighs, ready to go and work in a corridor when he spots her. Seating alone at a table surrounded by her notes and looking so serious. Sana Bakkoush. A fifth year Ravenclaw.

It seems he’s drawn to her ever since that day he first noticed her in the Great Hall. He remembers the loud noise her friend’s potion bottle made when she let it fall on the ground which made everyone in the room turn around to stare at her, leaving her frozen on the spot. Then a girl from her table started laughing and that’s when Sana stood up to stand next to her friend and cast the deadlier glare at the mocking girl. While levitating a glass of water next to her face. When the girl stopped laughing and turned back, Sana just sat down with her friend like nothing had happened. She smiled at her friend and her whole demeanor changed, he face softened, her dimples appeared and she just looked so so nice. Since that day, Yousef can’t help but notice her whenever he’s near her.

He decides to seat at her table, hoping she won’t mind but she seems so focused on her work that it doesn’t seem like she’ll even notice him.

Sana was indeed very focused on finishing her transfiguration essay. It’s a very important one and her teacher had told them that it was exactly the kind of question they could get for their exams. So Sana has to ace it. She hears someone moving a chair at her table and starting to sit down. She usually doesn’t mind sharing a table in the library but she swears that if it one of those people who only come into the library when the weather is bad because they’re « bored »,she’s going to riot.

She looks up and it’s a seventh year Hufflepuff who looks at her with a quizzing little smile as if to ask her authorization to sit at the table. His hair is falling on both sides of his face and she’s seen him a few times before (okay, quite a lot of times because they always seem to cross paths these days), laughing with his friends in the corridors. Her brother knows him as well and she’s pretty sure that his name is Yousef. Alright, she’s absolutely sure of that, she even knows his last name. But that’s only because there aren’t as many students in Hogwarts as most people imagine or seem to remember. Not because she looked through the prefect files. It’s really nice to see him there ,she thinks. All the irritation she once had is gone and as an answer to his silent question, she just smiles at him. He sits down, seeming relieved, and starts working in silence. They don’t talk, they just work next to each other. If someone at a table near them makes too much noise, they’ll look at each other as if to say « Are we the only one here actually trying to work ? ».

When dinner time arrives, they stand up at the same time, their eyes meeting across the table as they collect their books and notes. He smiles at her and she simply nods before they both go down their separate way to their common rooms.

colour me

for the longest time, your world has always only been black, white and grey. you’ve only ever known your black eyes and grey skin and the white sun in the silver sky, and this is the norm. these are the only shades that matter, and the world has been black and white since the day you were born.

there isn’t exactly anything wrong with that. really, there isn’t. this is life as you know it, shaded in the lights and shadows, and sometimes you wonder how the rest of the world looked. is it darker than the city or brighter than the sun? are there buildings taller than the ones here? you figure that you’ll never really know. you’ve never been past the edge of the city, after all.

until you look up from where you were aimlessly wandering the streets to find yourself in front of an odd, little store. there are grey, potted plants standing tall beside the small place and a black bike parked just by the pavement, and you blink up at the sign on the store’s window curiously.


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Since I’ve been on a roll today with posting art, here’s another little doodle I did a few days ago.

I’ve recently started watching Rick and Morty and hOLY FUCK the mind fucks I get… so yeah. Hope you guys enjoy the recent addition for the Trash Bin!



Daisuga - Jealousy

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  • harry, yelling across the common room: potter!
  • draco: malfoy!
  • harry: POTTER.
  • draco: MALFOY.
  • harry: POTTER!!!
  • draco: MALFOY!!!!!!
  • ron: wait, why are they both shouting their own last names?
  • hermione, without looking up from her book: they're fighting over which one to use when they get married.