i then walked away quickly because I was actually crying


*  heh, we actually met on a quite snowy day, we were both probably something around 18 in human years 

* ((… yes… I had though finally running away from home was a smart thing to do without backup plans…  and because I left so quickly I also forgot driverman was a thing… so the smart kid I was I walked all the way to Snowdin…))

* he was so burned out when I spotted him just sitting in the snow crying, of course I had to held out a helping hand

* (( …I was glad Sans let me stay at his house for the night… the next day he showed me the town and helped me to find a place to stay… ))

* I remember how excited Pap was to have a visit, he almost didn’t go to sleep because he was so worried about Grillbz’s well being and wanted to make sure he was as comfortable as possible

Sam Wilkinson- Don’t Leave

A/N: For some reason, I’m super nervous to post this. It’s been awhile since I wrote anything, so this may be awful. However, I hope you enjoy.

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“Don’t leave..” Sam begged. I looked into his hurting eyes. It was nearly 3 o'clock in the morning. We were both tired, but I had to get away. “Sam, we’ve been fighting since you got home. Hell, we’ve been fighting for the past six months. I can’t take this anymore.” I had been in a relationship with this boy for over two years. But at some point we just grew apart and neither of us noticed until it was too late. It seemed like we did nothing but fight, and that got old real quick.

 "You can’t just walk away like this.“ Sam was trying his best to make me stay. I could tell he didn’t want me to leave. "Sammy, I’m tired. If I stay any longer it’s just going to cause more damage. I think we need some time apart.” I explained. I was throwing some clothes into a bag. “Where are you even going?” He questioned. Honestly, I hadn’t thought about it that much. “I don’t know. I’ll figure it out.” I told him. “(Y/N), you don’t even have a place to stay. Please just stay here tonight. Let’s try to fix things. I know I’ve been an ass here lately but I can fix that.” Sam just kept going on and on. It was a hard decision. I loved Sam more than words could even begin to describe. But our relationship was not a healthy one. When we were together we were screaming at each other. We both deserved better than that. 

 I grabbed my bag off of the bed, and hurried down the stair case. Sam was only a few footsteps behind me. “Please (Y/N), don’t leave me.” Sam continued to plead. I put my hand on the door knob. But before I opened the door, I paused. I questioned whether I really was going to leave or not. Sam was a big part of my life. Fighting or not, I still loved him. But because I loved him, I knew that our relationship was not good for him or me. “Bye, Sammy..” I said. I was quick to let the words out. I could feel a lump in the back of my throat, I might start crying any moment. I walked out of the house that Sam & I were living in. He didn’t follow me outside. Which was probably a good thing, because if he did I don’t know that I would have actually have left. I opened my car door and threw in my bad. I put the key in the ignition and backed out of the drive way. I quickly sped away. “You’re going to be okay.” I whispered to myself. I thought by maybe saying it out loud, I might convince my self. 

 At first, I had no idea where I was driving. But my best friend came to mind. I knew she would be home, and I really just needed someone to talk to. In fifteen minutes or so later, I was pulling into her driveway. I sent her a quick text letting her know I was outside before I got out of the car. She met me at her front door. “You’ve been crying.” She stated. My eyes were puffy and red. It was quite obvious. 

 "What’s going on?“ She asked. "Sam. I left. I actually told him I was leaving and I left.” My sentences sounded choppy. As I explained to (Y/B/F/N), it was like I was still trying to understand the situation myself. “Wait. What? You just left Sam?” (Y/B/F/N) asked, she sounded so shocked. I shook my head. “We’ve been arguing a lot. The only time we aren’t fussing about something is when we’re either asleep or not together. I couldn’t handle it anymore.” I explained to her. “I really think I just need some sleep. It’s late. Do you mind if I I just stay here?” I asked. “Of course. Make yourself at home, you know where everything is.” In about a blink of an eye, I crashed on the couch. 

 I woke up the next morning, with a massive head ache. I didn’t get much sleep on my friend’s couch. Despite how tired I was, I was too stressed to sleep. Part of me really wanted to run back to Sam and pretend like none of this ever happened. But let’s be honest, how lame would that be? (Y/B/F/N) walked into the living room. She brought two cups of coffee. One for me and one for herself. We both sat in silence, sipping on or coffee for a few minutes. Finally, (Y/B/F/N) spoke up. “I think you need to talk to Sam.” She said very bluntly. “I mean for god’s sake you spent two years with the boy. You aren’t just going to walk away right now.” I thought about what she said for a minute. She did have a point. Besides, I really just wanted to see him. “Fine, I’ll go home and talk to him.” I agreed.

 I cleaned myself up from the night before. Makeup was smeared underneath my eyes. My hair was looking a little rough. Overall, I looked like a mess. But after a quick shower and whatnot, I looked like my normal self. “Thanks for letting me stay here.” I hugged (Y/B/F/N) before leaving. The ride to mine and Sam’s house seemed to be the longest ride of my entire life. I wasn’t nervous, but I was a little afraid of what might happen. What if Sam was furious at me? I wouldn’t blame him, but I really didn’t want to fight with him. After what seemed like hours, but in reality about fifteen minutes, I pulled into the familiar driveway. 

 I walked onto the front porch, stopping at the door. I took a deep breath before going inside. I turned my key to the right, unlocking the door. When I walked inside, every light in the house was on. But no sign of Sam. I guessed that he might be upstairs. I looked inside our bedroom and there he was. He laid shirtless on our bed, he was staring at the ceiling. “Sammy…” I walked over to the bed. 

 Sam sat up. “(Y/N)!” He said, relief was all over his face. He quickly stood up. “I’m sorry…” He began to apologize, but you stopped him. “If anything, I should be telling you sorry. But we can’t fight anymore. It’s not a relationship when all we do is scream at each other.” I explained. Sam nodded in agreement. “I know, baby. We’ve just been so caught up in everything.” He wrapped his arms tightly around you, he pulled you to the bed. You both had things that needed to be done, but the seemed so small and insignificant. You spent the rest of the day in bed with Sammy. It seemed cheesy, but it was the moments like these that seemed to have the most meaning. “I love you, babygirl.” He whispered into your ear, before leaving a lingering kiss on your lips. “I love you too, Sammy.”