i then walked away quickly because I was actually crying


*  heh, we actually met on a quite snowy day, we were both probably something around 18 in human years 

* ((… yes… I had though finally running away from home was a smart thing to do without backup plans…  and because I left so quickly I also forgot driverman was a thing… so the smart kid I was I walked all the way to Snowdin…))

* he was so burned out when I spotted him just sitting in the snow crying, of course I had to held out a helping hand

* (( …I was glad Sans let me stay at his house for the night… the next day he showed me the town and helped me to find a place to stay… ))

* I remember how excited Pap was to have a visit, he almost didn’t go to sleep because he was so worried about Grillbz’s well being and wanted to make sure he was as comfortable as possible