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How about A3 with Chase? :3

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Some alien gives pinning keith a love potion to give to lance. Keith then (while thinking about giving it to lance) accidentally spills it on lance making him fall in love with keith. Keith loves it but at the same time hates it cause he knows it's not true love.

Ahhhhhh poor baby 

“What is this?” Keith rubbed his thumb across the label, the dust falling to the floor. He was in a slightly cramped room, bookshelves creating narrow pathways as the light attempted to filter into the dusty room. 

A pair of eyes dug into Keith, their green eyes clashing with their bright orange skin. The stood about four feet tall and had beaks for mouths, topped off with antennas. Their voices sounded slightly robotic and usually ended on a high note. “Oh! That is called grimsbane, it’s a potion that makes feelings more intense.” They wiggled their eyes slightly at the Red Paladin, obviously not understanding the wiggles. 

“Um more intense? What feelings?” Keith twirled the bottle in his hands, watching how the liquid moved around. It moved just like an other liquid but it sparkled slightly.

The alien stared at Keith then smiled. “Well they take the feelings you have for the person you give out to and enhances them. For example if you dislike the person, their feelings for you would turn negative towards you.” 

Keith blinked a few times, why would anyone want that? “Um sounds fun I guess.” 

“You know the feelings can go both ways, so if you like someone they would like you.” The alien winked at Keith and pulled a few boxes off the shelf, returning to their job of restacking or whatever. “But be warned, the effects are usually permanent.” 

Keith shrugged his shoulders, he moved his arm to put the potion back on the shelf but stopped before he placed the bottle down. Lance. If I use this Lance would like me back. Keith brought the potion back down. He had been pining over Lance since the first day he laid eyes on him. He had started to forget about the tanner skinned boy when he was removed from the Garrison but being shot into space with said boy had made the feelings resurface and Keith wasn’t handling it well. 

He kept his mind occupied by training and learning new things but every time he saw Lance or heard him talk his heart would jump slightly. He knew that Lance didn’t feel the same about him, he knew Lance only saw him as a rival and that hurt Keith more than anything. This could be my only chance. Should I do it? He gripped the bottle tighter and turned towards the alien, “how much?” 


So that’s how Keith found himself standing outside Lance’s bed room and hour or so after everyone had turned in for the night. He held the bottle close to his chest and he stared down at the unfamiliar label. Should I even do this? The feeling wouldn’t be real, it would just be forced upon him, he wouldn’t really like me. Keith raised his hand to knock, biting his lip. What would Shiro say? He wouldn’t approve, I need to leave, this is so stupid. Keith lowered his fist and turned away from the door. 

Keith was halfway down the hallway when Lance’s door opened, revealing a sleep deprived boy in a blue robe and a green face mask on. “Keith? You good?”

Keith stopped in his tracks, how did he wake him? “No I’m fine, sorry if I woke you.” He didn’t even spare a glance at the tanner boy, keeping his eyes on the floor. 

“You didn’t wake me, I grew up with siblings I can tell when someone is standing outside my door. So what’s the reason, nightmares?” He scratched his head, slightly hoping Keith would turn around and looked at him. 

Keith shook his head, he wished his problem was a nightmare or two. “No I’m fine, I just needed to think and I was going to ask you for advice but decided against it. Sorry.” Keith started to walk away, I just need to pour this potion down the drain and go to bed. 

Lance sighed and started to walk towards the raven haired boy using his long stride to catch up to Keith quickly, “Keith wait.” He reached out and spun the boy around, slamming into Keith in the process, getting slightly wet by something. “Oh what the hell?!” 

Keith’s eyes were the size of the moon, shit shit shit shit shit, no no no this isn’t good. The bottle top had fell off during the spin and the liquid spilled all over Lance. 

Lance shook his head a few times, stepping back, using his hands to wipe his robe down. He didn’t say anything for a few ticks and Keith could hear his heartbeat in his ears. After a few moments Lance looked up at Keith and smiled, “hey pretty boy.” 


Keith woke up to arms wrapped around him, a nose rubbing into the back of his neck. Where am I? Memories flooded Keith’s mind from the night before. Lance flirting with him, hugging him and trying to kiss him as Keith attempted to convince him to fall asleep. He had finally compromised with Lance, letting the slightly taller boy spoon him and sleep by him. Oh that’s right. The potion. Keith turned himself around so he could face the boy, prying the hands away from his waist. “Lance. Wake up.” 

Lance slowly opened his eyes, muttering something under his breath before burying his face in Keith’s neck. “Come on, like 5 more minutes.” 

Keith smiled slightly and pulled Lance’s head up from his neck, he’s so cute but this isn’t really Lance. His face fell into a slight frown and Lance mimicked his face. 

“Why are you frowning?” He began to run his hands through the dark locks of Keith’s hair and he leaned into the touch. 

“This isn’t real.” Keith’s voice sounded foreign to him, it sounded empty. 

Lance gave the other boy a confused look before bringing him into a tight hug. “What are you talking about? I like you.” 

Keith felt tears start to burn behind his eyes, this isn’t real, this isn’t right. He doesn’t actually like me. Keith inhaled, letting Lance’s smell filled his senses. He smelt like the ocean, slightly salty but warm, like a breeze. It reminded Keith fo the few time he would go to a beach when he was younger. “Whatever you say Lance,” I know you don’t, these aren’t your real feelings. 

Lance hummed slightly, rubbing his hands up and down Keith’s back, Keith fighting back the shivers that threatened to consume him. They continued to lay there and cuddle for a few more hours, Lance eventually drifting back off to sleep after mumbling I love you in Keith’s hair. 

Keith tried to enjoy himself, he really did, this is what he wanted. This is what he has been craving for years but now that he has it he doesn’t want it anymore. This isn’t real, he doesn’t like me. If it was genuine Keith would be more than willing to cuddle Lance and kiss his tan skin but it wasn’t. Lance probably doesn’t even know what he is doing, how can I fix this? Keith let his mind wander to where the problem started, letting the aliens words repeat in his head.  

Well they take the feelings you have for the person you give out to and enhances them., For example if you dislike the person, their feelings for you would turn negative towards you along with but be warned, the effects are usually permanent. Keith’s eyes widened and he felt bile move up his throat. If I’m going to fix Lance, I’m going to have to hate him. Keith felt dizzy and the longer he laid in Lance’s arms the more his brain attempted to convince him not to change what happened. I need to hate him or else he’ll be in love with me when he doesn’t want to be. 

Keith slumped closer to Lance, he could enjoy this for a bit longer right? 

My poor sons

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Chocolates - H.S x Reader

Quick Description: You intern at a famous venue that Harry Styles loves to play for. Pressed for time, you fumble to set up before he arrives. You soon find out that you’ve never been so lucky to be late in your life.


“No no no,” you muttered to the phone in your hands. “Crap.” Spilling out of bed, you fumbled toward the closet and slipped on a quick flouncy dress. The main plus side of dresses was that you didn’t have to pair it with any bottoms. It made for a quick outfit when you happened to be late, like today - when you happened to be very, very late.

Your heart plummeted when your phone rang. It was your coworker Sandy. “I’m on my way,” you blurted the moment you answered.

“I can hear your dog barking in the background. You’re home,” she declared. Unfortunately, you eyed your dog bouncing at the back door, yapping at a squirrel.

“But I’m leaving right now,” you insisted, slipping into some sandals and grabbing your keys.

“You better. Mr. Boss Man is not too happy right now. Neither am I.”

“I know, I’m sorry that I left you to do everything. I’ll be there in five.”

“Harry Styles’ is coming in ten minutes. You better pray to whatever higher being you believe in that you can set up in time.”

You groaned in reply, mumbled something of a goodbye, and hung up as you peeled out of your driveway.

You got some strange looks as you heaved your way into the venue you called work. You met the blonde-haired Sandy backstage. “I’ve set up the stage. You deal with the dressing room,” she huffed. Without explanation, she handed you an empty bowl and, knowing what to do, you tore away toward Harry Styles’ dressing room.

“Candy, candy, where’s the candy…” you asked yourself as you flung open drawers and cabinets. You heaved a sigh when you found the bag of little chocolates before instantly balancing the empty bowl on your leg and as you stood, you poured the teeny candies into the dish.

All of sudden, your walkie-talkie spewed some static and you jumped. What a mistake it was to think you could balance a bowl of mini chocolates on your leg without spilling. The glass went toppling to the carpet and the contents sprawled across the floor.

“Shit!” you growled and collapsed to your knees, desperately scooping it all up.

“He’s here early,” came a voice from your walkie talkie. “Are you done, Y/N?”

You scrambled for device at your side. “Y-yes, I’ll be ready in two seconds,” you lied.

“Great,” your boss replied. “I’ll send him your way now.”

You yelped and attempted to pick up the miniscule chocolates again. “Damn, I should have used a vaccuum!” you told yourself. “There’s dozens!”

A knock came from the door seconds later. You cursed and didn’t even have time to reply before the door opened. You stopped everything you were doing and looked up at the familiar rockstar who stood magnificently in the doorway.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know anybody was in here,” Harry announced. He then frowned. “What happened?”

The whole time you stood gazing up at the megastar in silent shock. You had met celebrtities before, in fact, you had met him many moons ago when he was in the early stages of One Direction, and then again somewhere later in his career. But you never got used to seeing him off of a screen and truly in front of your eyes. To say you were a big fan was an understatement.

“I, um, spilt your chocolate,” you squeaked and then instantly wanted to shrink away from existance.

On the contrary, he seemed quite delighted. “You spilt my chocolate?” he echoed, laughing softly. You smiled awkwardly in return, nodding. “Do you need help?” he wondered. Your heart flipped upside down and back again and you couldn’t help your mouth from popping open.

“I- you can’t help!” you blurted. That did not come out how you wanted it to.

“And why not?” he asked with a grin on his face as he strolled over to you. You swallowed hard, craning your neck to see him standing tall over your bent figure.

“Because your Harry Styles!” you cried and then winced at yourself. He chuckled.

“Doesn’t mean I can’t help you,” he remarked, his hands on his hips.

“But it’s my job, you-” you began but shut your mouth tight as he sat down next to you on the floor.

He watched you for a couple seconds, merely a couple feet away. Suddenly, he tilted his head. “Do I know you from somewhere?”

“Well, uh, we met a couple times before…” you mumbled. He brightened.

“Wait, I remember you! Hm, yeah…” he stopped, eyeing you strangely, as if he wanted to say more. You smiled, oddly a little more comfortable now. You narrowed your eyes.

“What…?” you pressed. He rubbed his lips together as if to hide his smile and shook his head before starting to pick up the little pieces of candy. “Hey, you have to tell me what you’re thinking.”

He sat back, setting a few sweets into the bowl with a clink, before smirking at you. “You leave quite the impression every time I see you,” he decided. Your eyebrows rose.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” you insisted, grinning like a fool. His eyes flickered over you for a split second and his smile grew. Your eyes narrowed again playfully. “You have to tell me now.” He simply shrugged and continue to pick up the pieces. “You’re impossible,” you grumbled and helped him clean up.

Once all of the chocolates were in the bowl, you dumped them into the trashbin. “Sorry I’m such a klutz,” you said as you set the now-filled bowl in it’s respective place.

“Well if you weren’t a klutz then we wouldn’t have met again,” he replied. Your eyebrows rose.

“Fair enough. It was nice to see you again, even with you on your hands and knees cleaning up after me,” you told him, you hands hooked behind your back. You knew he had a performance to get ready for so you began walking toward the door.

“It was my pleasure,” he followed you to the door. You turned suddenly, your back to the door.

“Was I as impressionable as last time?” you wondered. You would squeeze his thoughts out of him whether it killed you or not.

“Even more so,” he replied.

“May I ask what was impressionable?” you continued. His eyes trained on yours, he hesitated. “Could it have been the spill, or something else?” You knew this was wrong, flirting with a superstar when both of you should be doing your jobs. But this was one of your favorite people on Earth, and you simply couldn’t help yourself.

“Both,” he decided.

“So, there’s something else?” you muttered.

“Mm,” he hummed in agreement, his gaze falling to your lips.

“And that something else is…?” you urged. He looked back up.

“I think you know what it is,” he responded, inching closer. You refrained from giggling.

“No, no, not at all,” you insisted innocently. He chuckled, shaking his head.

You jumped slightly when your walkie talkie once again spewed some static. “Y/N, you’re needed backstage,” the voice declared.

Tilting your head lightly, you rose your eyebrows at him. “Until next time, Harry?”

“You better make it as impressionable as always, Y/N,” he teased.

“I’ll make it even more so,” you mocked. He laughed.

“Can’t wait,” he said and never breaking eye contact, he leaned forward. Just when you thought he’d spontaneously kiss you, he reached for the doorknob, forcing the door to open outwards. You drew in a dissapointed breath. He smirked, knowing just what he was doing.

“Enjoy your chocolates,” you whispered to him before turning and sauntering down the hallway.

“Will do,” you heard him call from behind you and you didn’t hear his door shut until you were well down the hallway.


Author’s Note:

Ta da! New little imagine. I love turning my daydreams into actual words on screen. Hope you enjoyed :)

I’m always down for doing One Direction requests so pop by if you want to see something written!

Thanks Lovelies, much love xx