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Beware The Fairies

Your Sam Winchester’s daughter and your cousin, Mary, is your Uncle Dean’s daughter at only 6 years old. 
Family fluff

This is my entry for @one-shots-supernatural‘s spn hiatus writing challenge. This weeks being  “Be quiet, they’ll hear you.” 
(Sorry I missed last weeks hehe)

“Y/N!” Mary, your little cousin, whined. Her small hands tugged at your shirt as you stared at her blankly. You sighed and put your book down, folding your arms over your chest “What?” You demand.

“Uncle Sammy wants you.” She mumbled, her hands clutching her teddy bear.

“Okay. Thank you.” You got up from the comfortable chair and left the library. If your Dad wasn’t in the library or on a run he’d be in the main room. But you’d barely made it halfway out the door when Mary grabbed hold of your leg. “Hey!” You cried out and started dragging her across the floor.

She giggled “I wanna piggyback ride!”

“Ugh, fine. But get off my leg first.” You knelt down when she let go and she hopped on your back, wrapping her arms around your neck. 
“Onwards!” You declare, pointing into the distance dramatically and heading off. She laughed, rambling about utter nonsense when suddenly you stopped. She did too. 
“What?” She shook your head as best she could to try and get your attention.

“Ssshhh,” You hushed “It’s the fairies.”

“The fairies?!” She whispered in excitement. You grinned.

Be quiet, they’ll hear you. They’l get scared if they know we’re here.” You explained, loving how adorably gullible she was.

“If you’re very quiet you might be able to here them. They whisper things. They sing.” You made up, watching her curious eyes dart about the room in fascination.

Her eyes widened in shock and she nodded seriously. You started moving especially slowly to keep the atmosphere “Where are you going? I wanna find the fairies.”

“My Dad wants me, afterwards we can go fairy hunting, okay?” You offered still making sure to keep you voice a hush.

She nodded reluctantly.

You walked into where your Dad and Uncle Dean were, Mary scrambled off you back and ran over to her Dad who picked her up happily. You rolled your eyes causing your Dad to chuckle. “Hey, sweetheart. Would you mind babysiting over the weekend? I think I’ve found a case but Mary won’t be at school and Cas isn’t around…” He explained.

You sigh. You didn’t like missing out on hunts but you knew you couldn’t risk taking Mary with you. “Okay… I guess.” You shrug, peering over his shoulder to look at the article.

“Sounds like an Amazon.” You point out absentmindedly having finished reading. Your Dad sat back in thought “Actually that’s not a bad shout.” He sounded impressed.

“Thank you.” He smiled.

“See? You’d be dead without me.” You smirked and shot Mary a wink.

“Can we find the fairies now!!” Mary squealed, jumping up and down to get your attention. You laughed under your breath and nodded. Your Dad and Uncle Dean gave you a strange look and you grinned innocently “Beware the fairies.” You warned. Picking Mary up and throwing her over your shoulder. She laughed and you wondered back to the hallways. Your Dad and Uncle shared a proud and amused look before shaking their heads and going back to the research. 

“Your kid has the mental age of mine.” Dean chuckled, taking a swig of his beer.

Sam laughed despite himself and nodded “It’s more fun for Mary that way. Besides, be quiet they might here you.”

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A- Age: 20

B- Biggest fear: centipedes

C- Current time: 18:10 pm

D- Drink you last had: water

E- Everyday starts with: 3 shots of tequila

F- Favourite song: Soul Glo !!

G- Ghosts, are they real: yaaasss 

H- Hometown: Rotterdam NUL TIEN! 💚

I- In love with: Hayden Christensen 

J- Jealous of: No one

K- Killed someone: 

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L- Last time you cried: Last week because Legend Of Korra

M- Middle name: badass

N- Number of siblings: 2

O- One wish: If I tell, it might not come true 🤔🤐😜

P- Person you last called/texted: my cousin

Q- Questions you’re always asked: “why are you so wise?“
 and ‘’why are you always so positive’’ trolololol 

R- Reasons to smile: my fam, my dog, Star Wars Star Wars, M Shadows’ dimples and smile, Hayden Christensen, Nathan Diaz, Valentino Rossi getting ready to go on track, life and internet.

S- Song last sang: “Ready Or Not’’ by The Fugees

T- Time you woke up: 6:45 am

U- Underwear colour:

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V- Vacation destination: Mars!

W- Worst habit: being too perfectionist

X- X-rays you’ve had: dental

Y- Your favourite food: spaghetti 

Z- Zodiac sign: libra

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Fleur's Wedding

“Hi lovely! Love your work. You are a cousin of Fleur and at her and Bill’s wedding and you find yourself overcome by the amount of people and how nice they are compared to your own stale family. You accidentally bump into Fred sending your drink flying then you and Fred go into the house to clean up and start talking and… Yeah ;) thanks heaps!! Xx”

Wow, great request! Before I write any of my imagines, I always do a bit of background research to make sure every little detail is as close to the JKR story as possible, and when reading about the Delacours, it turns out they’re rather pleasant and not stuck up at all! I thought that was really interesting, since I always envisioned them the same way you described too, so I’ll try and keep true to their character when writing this! 😄


Your cousin Fleur announced a few weeks ago that she is getting married to this guy named Bill Weasley. You’ve never met him, or any of the other Weasley’s for that matter.

Fleur was older than you and Gabrielle was younger, so you never really bonded exceptionally well with either one of them in particular, so you were beside yourself with excitement when Fleur asked you to be one of her Bridesmaids.

“Of course I will, Fleur!” You beamed at her, running to her and giving her a massive hug before thinking. You two weren’t as close as you’d like to be, but maybe this will all change that.

You always saw her as being a little bit too up herself for your liking; looking down her nose on people and seeing herself as above everyone else, but you were looking forward to hopefully starting up a stronger relationship with your cousin.

“I ‘em a bridesmaid too!” Gabrielle appeared next to you, also looking excited. “’Ve vill 'ave to make sure zee other doesn’t trip over!” The three of you giggle at how exciting this all was.

—– Wedding Day —–

Your hair was perfect, your dress fit like a glove and your makeup was on point. You felt like a princess and were wishing this moment would last forever.

As you were zipping up Gabrielle’s dress, Fleur walked into the room, wearing an absolutely gorgeous gown, with atight fitting bodice and fanned out at mid-thigh and fell gracefully to the floor, with a meter long train at the back.

“Fleur, you look stunning!” You cry out as she blushed. You’ve never seen her blush before, because she’s so used to all the compliments. But then again, this is a big day for her.

“Vould you two 'elp me tie up my corset?” She turned around and in that moment Gabrielle and I remembered what our jobs as bridesmaids was.


“William Weasley and the now Fleur Weasley, I pronounce you husband and wife!” The crowd cheered as the two kissed and white rose petals magically fell from above. Everything up until now had gone perfectly according to plan, but now was the moment you weren’t looking forward to…

The dance.

It’s tradition that the newly weds take the first dance, then joined by the bridesmaids and groomsmen, except you couldn’t dance to save yourself.

There were two groomsmen who looked to be totally identical, down to their dress robes and all. You recognised them as the ones who were playing all sorts of tricks, such as apparating and scaring the life out of their mother, or hexing the wedding toppers to say and do rude things.

When the song that Fleur and Bill were dancing to was over, you knew it was your turn.

You tried to sit there quietly, not daring to make eye contact with anyone, hoping that people would forget.

Fat chance.

“May you do me the honour of accompanying me to this dance?” One of the groomsmen had come up to you with his hand held out. You have to admit, he is pretty damn cute.

By this point everyone was staring at the two of you, as Gabrielle and the other twin were already on the floor.

You took his hand and walked out on the dance floor with him, trembling with nerves.

The music started playing and you took a deep, shaky breath.

“Y/N, look at me” he said quietly to you. He knew your name! You looked up at him to see him staring straight into your eyes. “Just keep looking at me and you won’t need to feel nervous, alright?”

He seems like far more of a gentleman than when he and his brother were attempting to change the falling rose petals into chicken nuggets.

Just as you were getting lost in thought about this boy, you realised what was happening.

You were dancing.

Up until now, you two had been in sync, slow dancing to the music hand in hand. That is, until your nerves kicked in.

You fumbled and tripped and bumped into the table behind you. Of course, it had to be the Weasley’s table you bumped into.

You had never met them before, and you were worried about how disapproving they must have felt about you, but instead they chuckled and the mother made sure that your dress wasn’t stained.

“Wow, they’re so charming” you accidentally said out loud. “Yeah, must be where I get it from, eh?” The boy grinned at you cheekily.

“How come you know my name, but I don’t know yours?” You said, trying to avoid any sort of flirtation. For someone who’s a quarter Veela, you really aren’t good with confidence.

“I only know your name because I was fascinated by who that gorgeous bridesmaid was, the one I’m dancing with now by the way”

You blushed and tried to hide your face by turning away, but of course he saw it.

“My name’s Fred by the way. Make sure that if you’re ever blushing from a compliment that it was from me and not some tosser called George” he inclined his head towards his twin who was dancing with Gabrielle.

The music ended and that meant it was time for that dance to end. You couldn’t believe how much you wanted to keep dancing, for someone who loathed the idea of it about five minutes ago.

Fred bowed before you and kissed your hand, and you gracefully curtsied in return.

“You know Y/N, you’re quite the dancer, so don’t let that pretty head of yours tell you otherwise” he gave you a cheeky smile again and you returned it, trying to suppress a giggle and a blush.

Fred was great, wow! You couldn’t ask for a better guy to be with right now. While wanting to play it cool and try not to say or do anything that might ruin your chances of getting closer with him, you knew that the best thing to do would be to act yourself and let all those worries fly away. You gotta risk it for the biscuit! Which gave you an idea…

You stood on your tippy-toes and whispered in Fred’s ear, “I hear there’s chocolate mud cake out the back for dessert”

As you pulled back from your whisper to see his reaction, he had the exact same look of mischief on his face as you did.


The two of you were sat next to each other on top of the counters in the kitchen, surrounded my mounds of treats.

After pigging out on any sugary food you could find, the two of you started chatting and laughing, and before you knew it were getting on like a house on fire.

“I don’t even feel bad about eating all of these desserts, French food is disgusting” you said as you shoved another piece of cake in your mouth.

Meanwhile Fred was in a fit of laughter at your bluntness, and how you were not the girl he thought you were at all; you were way better.

When you swallowed your bit of cake and Fred had finished laughing, the two of you looked at each other, and for a moment it was perfect, until Fred tried to hold back another burst of laughter, resulting in a grunt sort of noise.

“Oh for Merlin’s sake what now boy!” You said to him as he tried to even out his breathing.

“Did you actually manage to get any of that cake IN your mouth, or just all around it?” He started laughing and howling at his own joke, and your eyes widened as you rubbed ferociously at your face.

“Y/N Y/N stop” he laughed, “let me get it off for you”

With your hands still clasped over your mouth, you turned to look at him and vigorously shook your head. As if you weren’t embarrassed enough!

His hand tilted your chin upwards so that your eyes met his, “Please Y/N?”

Normally you wouldn’t out of embarrassment, but you felt like you could trust him. Maybe it was the ice-cream soaked in butterbeer making you like this, or maybe it was the way Fred’s eyes made you feel when they looked into your own. Or maybe it was just Fred. Whatever it was, your hands moved away from your face and even though you were vulnerable to being made fun of, you never felt safer.

“May I?” He said, his hand still on your chin. You nodded, and he slowly leaned in towards you. You met him half way and the two of you kissed. Funny enough, it was chocolatey.

After a few minutes of what started as a kiss and resulted in a bit of a heavy make out sesh, the two of you pulled away and you saw that now Fred was covered in chocolate sauce too, making you burst out laughing.

As the two of you sat on that counter top laughing with his arm draped around your shoulders, the kitchen door opened.

“'Allo? Iz anyone in 'ere?” A voice called out from the doorway. It must’ve been Uncle Monsieur.

He walked in to see the kitchen empty and spotless, so walked back out to the party.

Once the door shut behind the man, you and Fred crawled out from under the bench cautiously.

“Wow, that could’ve been a *sticky* situation if he had have walked in any earlier” Fred commented to which you rolled your eyes playfully.

“Maybe next time we should be *saucy* somewhere a little more private”

Not only was Fred now smiling because you’re just as goofy and punny as he is, but also at the chance of there being a next time.

Hope you likey! I was a bridesmaid for my own cousin’s wedding about a year ago and it was such a perfect moment, the best day of my life! So pardon me for getting a little carried away writing about the bridesmaid stuff! Thanks for requesting, Anon!

Babies In Baby

Characters: Daddy!Dean and Daddy!Sam being adorable daddies
Words: 411
Requested by @angie1djonasgg:  I was wondering if I could request some Winchesters cousins ( I know Sam and Dean are brothers, but I’m not talking about them😉) I’m talking about Their daughters ( preferably little) and just riding Baby pleeeease and thank you😘😘😘😘 

Dean’s Point Of View 

           “Daddy!” Cassie giggled as I drove down the road toward who knows where. These trips used to be to find hunts. Now, they were used for fun days with kids. My little girl Cassie, and Sam’s little girl Jessica.

           “What, Baby?” I asked.

           “Zeppelin!” she squealed.

           I looked over at Sam as he rolled his eyes, “She is definitely your daughter,” Sam said, “How does she even know Zeppelin?”

           “Because she’s my daughter; how else would she know Zeppelin?” I asked, hitting the button for the cassette to start playing.

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✍ Tattoos: Two - a little one and a big one.
😷 Surgeries: Yep.
🏥 Broken Bones: Nope.
🔫 Shot a gun: No.
💼 Quit a job: Yes.
🛫 Flown on a plane: Yes.
😨 Gone zip lining: No.
😯 Watched someone dying: No.
🇨🇦 Been to Canada: I live in it every day and you can all visit me any time.
🚑 Ridden in an ambulance: Yes.
🗼 Been to Europe: Yes.
🌎 Stamps in Passport: Yes
🏛 Been to Washington DC: Yes, many times, I have family there.
🗻 Visited Colorado: No but my cousin moved there and I owe him a visit and also I love weed.
🇲🇽 Been to Mexico: Yes.
🎰 Visited Las Vegas: No.
🐕 Had a pet? Yes.
⛷ Been downhill skiing: Yes.
🎶 Ability to read music: Yes.
🏍 Rode a motorcycle: Yes and I hated it.
🏇 Rode a horse: Yes and I hated it.
🏥Stayed in a hospital: Yes.
💉Donated blood: No, not eligible in my country.
🐌Eaten Escargot: No.
👽Seen a UFO: Yes. I believe!!!!!!!1
🚢Been on a cruise: No.
⛽Run out of Gas: No.
🍣Eat sushi. I loooooove sushi.
👻Seen a Ghost: No.

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Dear Brandon

 I had my cousin drop this off Here’s one that’s pretty and sure to make her stand out..i have more if you don’t like it.


Brandon couldn’t have been happier to get a corsage for Kiki, having been worried the girl would be hurt by his forgetting. Now he didn’t have to worry about that happening with how nice Marnie had been to letting him have one of hers. He shot her a quick thank you text, expressing his eternal gratitude to her. 

The Escort- Time Stamp

Thank you so much for 13,000 followers! I am blown away. So here’s a trip back into one of my favorite series: The Escort.

“Give me that baby!” Jo demanded, totally ignoring you and reaching for the toddler squirming in your arms. You gladly handed him over, smiling at how he squealed happily as Jo swung him into the air.

“Nice to see you, too,” Dean huffed, grinning at your cousin.

“Hi, Dean. Bye, Dean.” Jo turned with Sammy in her arms, and headed toward the largest cabin, where the whole family would be waiting to play with him, and to ignore you and your husband. Rather than follow her and face the crowd right away, you grabbed one of the bags from Dean’s shoulders now that your arms were free, and followed him to a smaller cabin a short walk away.

“It’s good to be back,” Dean smiled, dropping all of the bags just inside the door. The second you let your bag hit the floor as well, he pulled you into his arms and kissed you, slow and sweet, building until you were almost breathless.

“What was that for?” You ran your fingers through his hair and looked up into those green eyes, crinkling a little at the edges as he smiled.

Dean shrugged. “It’s just fun to be here. I can show Sammy where I proposed to you.”

You laughed. “He’s not even two yet, Dean. He won’t understand.”

“Sure he will. He’ll understand how much I love his mother, and that’s all that matters.”

You grabbed Dean’s shirt and pulled him down into another kiss. “How long do you think we have before someone comes looking for us?”

“Long enough,” Dean said, tugging at your shirt.

In no time at all, you were lying on the floor, still in the entryway of the cabin, Dean’s head between your legs as you moaned and writhed beneath him.

Dinner that night was loud, as usual, everyone catching up and talking over one another. You sat on the ground in front of Dean’s chair, your back resting against his legs as you talked to Ellen and stuffed yourself with hot dogs.

You thought back to all the times you had come here as a child, all the campfires you had stared into with glee. You thought about the way things had changed the few summers before you met Dean, and how you had almost started to dread these trips.

But now here you were, happily talking to your family, even talking to Meg, and thoroughly enjoying yourself. You were lucky.

Eventually, you and Dean made your way back to your cabin with your son, tired and cranky from all of the excitement of the day. “Whose night is it to shower first?” you asked.

“Yours,” Dean answered, kissing the top of Sammy’s head as he fidgeted in Dean’s arms.

“Alright, I’ll be quick,” you said, before kissing Sammy goodnight. You hopped in the shower while Dean got Sammy ready for bed, enjoying the hot water on your skin, still lost in your thoughts of how much everything had changed, and how grateful you were to be here with your new little family.

Stepping back into the bedroom, wrapped in a robe and wet hair dangling, you had expected to find Dean watching tv or checking his phone, with your son asleep in the small portable crib your mother had insisted on buying for you. Instead, you found him passed out, stretched out on the bed in his boxers, Sammy curled up asleep on his bare chest. Your son’s little fingers were wrapped around one of Dean’s, and Dean’s other hand was splayed across his back, holding him close.

Your eyes filled with happy tears as you quietly and carefully slid into bed next to them. You stayed up for a long time, watching them sleep, breathing together peacefully.

First thing in the morning, you and Dean were taking Sammy to the tire swing and telling him all about how you fell in love.


hidden_horizon Today I met the most amazing man! I met Sebastian Stan and it was a dream come true, never in a million year did I ever think I’d get to meet him and see in acting on set! He is so polite and phenomenal! Words cannot describe my thoughts and emotions today! Today has been the best day of my life hands down! I never get to meet famous people or go to comic cons and meet them so today was a huge surprise and dream come true! Especially hearing him trying to pronounce my name and love my country it’s amazing! Thank you so much @imsebastianstan i probably looked my a mumbling mess but you have no idea what today meant to me! I will remember this day until I die! 💕💕☘

he’s filming in bray, Ireland my friends cousin works on set so she brought us in and it was incredible ahh I cant😂😂🎉

He was in between shots so he ran over and stayed for like ten minutes , he was so cute and polite and i kinda lost my cool at started laughing which he join in on and he was talking about Ireland and my phone? Weird i know but he was like “it was lovely talking to you Aoife” and he held my hand doing that and i died👌😂😭😭

Sebastian commenting on a fan’s picture and some notes from set!

Victorious Girlfriend

TITLE OF STORY: Victorious Girlfriend
AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Fluff, Humour, Erotica
FIC SUMMARY: A modern Logyn AU. Loki let’s Fandral’s cousin, Sigyn, crash at his place while she’s in town. Turns out they’re both extremely competitive.
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES:  ladyaudiophile is a cruel mistress who keeps putting fic prompt posts on my dash. :P

Why did I agree to this? Loki asked himself again as he welcomed astranger into his home.

“Thanks,” Sigyn replied, nervously looking about the place.

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Thank You

Title: Thank You

Word Count: 1,169

Warnings: fluff

Summary: The Reader and Dean are visiting one of the Reader’s relatives after a hunt nearby. The Reader wanted Dean to meet at least a few of her family members. Once they get there, there happens to be a trampoline and the Reader wants to go on it with Dean.

Pair: [Dean x Reader]

Original Request: I was jumping on my cousins trampoline today and I just got this thought that “this must be something sam and dean most certainly never experienced in their childhood”, so now I wonder if you could write a one shot where the reader and Dean decides to jump on a trampoline (maybe while visiting a relative) and at first Dean is scared that it will break but it ends up with them both having a really great time and laughing and such? Please?

Author’s Note: This definitely isn’t my best one… so my apologies! Also, sorry that I haven’t posted anything in a while!

              “You don’t need to be nervous,” you assured Dean, laying a gentle hand onto his bicep while ushering him up the front walkway to your Aunt and Uncle’s front porch.

              “I’m not nervous,” he grumbled, looking from the ground to you. “I just don’t want to make a bad impression.”

              “You? Make a bad impression? Never,” you eased, leaning up to kiss him on the cheek. You could feel the tension lift from his shoulders, a small smile growing on his features.

              The two of you walked up the two steps to the porch, your knuckles rapping against the wooden door. Dean leaned closer to you, his lips brushing passed your ear. “Do they know?”

              “They do. Their son doesn’t,” you whispered back. Merely seconds later, the door swung open and your aunt stood in the doorway, a radiating smile beaming on her features.

              “Oh, Y/N!” she cried, beckoning the two of you forward into her foyer, you and Dean following her gesture and stepping through the doorway. Dean’s eyes roamed about the house, admiring the unfamiliar scenery before your aunt’s voice interrupted. “And you must be Dean Winchester.” She waggled a finger at Dean, raising an eyebrow up at him before her face broke out into a wide grin. “We’ve heard much about you and your brother.”

              “Hopefully all good things.” Dean chuckled, shoving his hands into his jeans pockets.

              “Only that you and your brother are some of the best hunters out there.”

              “Well, it’s all true,” you piped up, wrapping your arm around Dean’s arm, leaning your head onto his shoulder.

              “I’m sure it is. C’mon. Your uncle’s setting up the dinner table.”


              The five of you enjoyed a home cooked meal, your aunt and uncle both clearing the table off while your cousin went to his room to finish his school assignments. You had offered your aunt assistance in washing the dishes, but she simply replied with the shake of her head and a smile, instructing Dean and you to relax for a little while.

              You watched as Dean stared out the backdoor, his eyes fixated on the backyard. You went to stand beside him, a small smile growing on your features as you stared at the trampoline in the back. “Wanna jump on it?” you suggested, raising an eyebrow.

              Dean cocked his head to face you, his eyebrows scrunched together into a confused expression. “Do I what?”

              You jabbed your finger in the air straight forward, pointing it at the trampoline. “Do you wanna jump on it?” you repeated, your hand reaching for the door handle, yanking it and allowing the door to slide open. The spring breeze blew around the two of you, the smell of freshly mowed grass and blooming flowers lingered in the air. Before Dean could protest, you clutched down onto his hand and dragged him out the doorway and through the grassy landscape. You tore your shoes off in a swift movement, positioning yourself in front of the netting and hoisting yourself up onto the trampoline. “C’mon!” you encouraged with a wide smile, standing to your feet and bouncing your body lightly.

              “Isn’t that a little… kiddish?” Dean skeptically examined the trampoline with furrowed eyebrows and narrowed eyes.

              You couldn’t help yourself when a chortle erupted in your chest, your legs beginning to bend more as the trampoline reacted to your small jumps. “So? Live a little! C’mon!”

              “I don’t know, Y/N,” he responded, scuffing his boots into the grass, shoving his hands into his front jean pockets. “Those things are made for kids. I ain’t a kid.”

              You seized your jumping, your hands folding against your chest and your left hip jutting out as you threw your weight onto your left foot. “Dean Winchester,” you said sternly, raising your eyebrows at him.

              “Y/N Y/L/N,” he mocked, mimicking your stance.

              “Please,” you pleaded, sticking your bottom lip out into an exaggerated pout.

              Dean sighed, rolling his eyes at your nagging, but he couldn’t resist you no matter how hard he tried. He grumbled how ridiculous this was underneath his breath, stripping away his shoes. He lied his hands at the edge of the trampoline, giving you one last ‘this is stupid’ look before heaving himself up and swinging his legs over and through the opening. Dean shakily stood, his arms shooting out in hopes of balancing his weight from the unfamiliar grounding. “You know, I’ve never been on one of these before.”

              “Well, you can’t say that anymore, can ya?” you questioned with a giggle, beginning to bounce up and down once more.

              Dean staggered a little from your sudden jumping, catching himself against the safety net. “Easy, Y/N. I’m new at this.”

              You snorted, shaking your head at him with a large smile, reaching your hand out towards him. “Come on. All you gotta do is jump.”

              Dean grumbled an annoyed response, hesitantly grasping your hand with his and pushing himself off the net and to the middle of the trampoline with you. “Just bend your news and bounce a little. It’s fun! See?” you exclaimed, beginning to bob up and down.

              Dean followed your pursuit, though he was reluctant at first. He bent his knees in rhythm with yours, the trampoline responding to the two of yours movements. You began to jump higher, Dean’s actions more tentative than yours. But in just a few moments as the two of you soared up into the air, the wind blowing through your hair, he began to smile. You looked over at him, his happy state bringing even more joy to you.

              It felt like forever to the two of you as you enjoyed each other’s company as well as the amusing and entertaining activity. You hadn’t seen Dean this at peace and enjoying himself in a rather long time, the hunting lifestyle always bringing the two of you down into a depressive state. But now, Dean seemed to radiate, his features seeming younger and more full of life. His eyes sparkled against the setting sun, his smile beaming as he collapsed after his final jump, his abdomen shaking with laughter. You fell besides him, the two of your breathings heavy with exhaustion from the physical activity. You smiled widely at him, his grin matching yours. He wrapped an arm around your shoulders, reeling you closer to him. The two of you stared up at the sunset, your breaths finally returning to a normal pace.

              “Thanks, Y/N,” he murmured after a few moments of silence.

              “For what?”

              But he didn’t answer, and you didn’t need him to either, for you knew the answer already. Every once and awhile, he would whisper his thanks to you before you two settled in for bed. He would always express his gratitude to you for loving him. For caring for him. For always making sure he’s alright even in the darkest times. You were always there for him and he was always there for you no matter what. No, thank you, you thought.

Master list.

You know the panel where Zera is talking about how Mavis is kidn do like the mother, and you get the head shots of Lucy, Makarov, Wendy, Natsu, and Laxus? I honestly thought there might be some foreshadowing there since, I cousins help but think ironically that they were the “mother issues” squad. Since, Laxus’s mother (as far as we know) died, Makarov’s mother died giving birth to him (thanks to the curse on Mavis), Lucy’s mother is dead from the gate, Natsu’s mother is probably dead since he’s 400 years old, and how Wendy had Grandeneey disappear in front of her like the other dragons alters, except this doesn’t tell us what happened to her biological mother. So I’m thinking, maybe this is a clue? Since there are many other characters in Fairy Tail that also have mother issues, it might not be the case, but why would he use those people? But, it might have just been coincidence for all we know. @magerain what do you think, since your really amazing with your headcannons and your own foreshadowing!!!! (Sorry for bothering you!!!!)