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Progressive Music Awards with the Prog God’s, 2012-2016.

Rick Wakeman: “I’ve always believed that these days there is hardly a band or musician anywhere who haven’t used some element of prog in their music. It’s all about freedom of expression, which in my case is often in seven different time signatures! I am genuinely very, very proud to get this award.”

Ian Anderson: “Prog is FUN! Prog music popularity grows again from strength to strength with a new generation of young fans swelling the ranks and encouraging the welcome appearance of new bands and artists who follow the progressive creed.”

Peter Gabriel: “Despite prog probably being the most derided musical genre of all time there were - as today - a lot of extraordinary musicians trying to break down the barriers to reject the rules of music. I see it all as a very healthy part of growing up.”

Tony Banks: “I’m not normally picked out for this recognition – in fact, I’ve spent my entire career trying not to be noticed. Now someone has seen through my clever disguise. I’m really gratified to get this award. It’s nice to know people appreciate the music I’ve helped create. Being in such rarified company is also something I’m delighted about – Rick, Ian and Peter are probably the first people you think of when you mention the bands they’re most associated with.”

Jon Anderson: “After all these years, it’s just wonderful to be getting this very special award. Music has guided me along to this point in my life and I’m forever excited about the new and progressive musical adventures I am given by the gods of music. Making music is like breathing to me, and I am blessed to be able to create music every day. A very grateful and humble thank you.”

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I have a lot of questions. I hope you don't mind. 1. What do all these with types mean? (Pegan, wicca, etc.) 2. Do people create their own sigils? How would you go about that? Like how would you know what symbols to put and stuff. 3. I was wondering if you have any types for beginners. Like about spells and whatnot. Thanks for your time. :)

no problem! i’ll do my best to answer accurately. 

1. paganism (linked to the pagan federation’s more in depth description) is a very old polytheistic, nature-worshiping religion. people who are pagan are sometimes also wiccan (linked to a better description). wiccans are people who follow the religion wicca, which is rooted in paganism. they celebrate specific holidays and have gods that they look to. all wiccans are pagan, but not all pagans are wicca.

2. people do create their own sigils, but using one with the intent you need and charging it with your own energy is not stealing any more than using a spell you find online or in a book is stealing. sigils are not my main area of expertise so i’m probably not the best person to ask about how to create them, but i use a formula i read about a few years ago where you basically write down the most simplified form of your intent as you can, cross out any duplicate letters, and then allow your energy to guide the letters together, and as you write them down you are linking them into a single symbol. 

4. to be honest i’m actually not sure what this question is asking, but if you mean tips for beginners, my main tip is always read as much as you can! spells are pretty easy to screw up the first few times, so don’t start with anything too important/challenging.

good luck! 

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