i tense up and freak out


a couple of kacchako doodles

the first one is based on a silly idea that me and a couple friends (@thecrowmaiden and @athanatosora) talked about where Ochako gets up in the middle of the night and accidentally goes back to the wrong room

Bakugou Freaks Out b/c he was sleeping peacefully and suddenly Uraraka is on top of him snoring and he spends like half the night blushing like a firetruck, tense, and silently screaming b/c WH AT THE FU CK SHE’S S LEEP IGN ON M E except he doesn’t wanna wake her up and basically he’s trying very hard not to blow either of them up

u can find the doodle of that [here] lmao (+Uraraka waking up while Baku sleeps)

eventually tho he falls asleep and the above pic happens

(i hc that Bakugou is touch sensitive but he also sorta craves affection deep, deeeep down, and it only shows when he’s not conscious to fight it lmao)

ALSO I JUST LOVE TO DRAW CHARACTERS CUDDLING platonic or romantic idgaf i just love to draw charas cuddling ok i love it so much

(+ more of Uraraka initiating kisses b/c Bakugou doesn’t know a thing about romance and he doesn’t know how to initiate affection lmao)

NCT Reaction: When you fall asleep on their lap (NCT U)

Thank you to anon for the request!


He would be so tense. He would freeze as soon as he realised what had happened and his body would just become completely stiff. He would start panicking and sweating because he wouldn’t know what on earth to do. He would absolutely freak out, although quietly, as he didn’t want to wake you. So many questions would run through his head. What if they don’t wake up? What if I move and they fall off? Stuff like that.

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He would probably feel a little awkward at first, but after he looked down at your sleeping face, he wouldn’t mind it as much. He would actually feel really comfortable with you there, and he would like the feeling of being your protector and guardian while you were in this vulnerable position. He would feel like you had chosen him to fall asleep on and that thought would make him really happy.

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He would find it so cute that you fell asleep on him. Honestly, he would be so happy he would probably fanboy a little bit, but quietly so he didn’t wake you up. He wouldn’t bother carrying you to bed, he would happily just lie back and fall asleep, too. Afterwards, though, you can pretty much bet that his friends wouldn’t hear the end of it. He would be so happy about it that he would tell everyone and not stop talking about it.

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He would actually find it funny I think. He would find it really really cute and it would amuse him. Ten would be the type of person to take pictures of you while you’re sleeping and post them everywhere with the caption ‘they fell asleep on me, how cute~’ and he wouldn’t even tell you about it. You wouldn’t know about it until you saw it or someone else told you. He would apologise but say that you were just too cute not to share with people.

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He would find it really nice that you fell asleep on him. He would feel so warm and comfortable with you in his lap sleeping and he would like being able to feel you breathing soundly and knowing you were peaceful. Although, I think after a while, he would wake you up just a little bit so that he could put you on his back and carry you to the bed, putting you down and tucking you in so that you could rest until the morning.

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Oh man he would be a blushing, shuffling, awkward mess. Honestly, he would love having you sleep on him and he wouldn’t want to move unless he woke you up, but he would find himself shuffling around and twitching loads, completely out of how awkward he felt. He would be blushing soooo much and it would be really cute because he would just be so flustered. He would try and distract himself so he could stop but it would be hard.

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Scenario - “Hitting A Sweet Spot While Massaging You”

Scenario: It finally seems to be getting to the point where you feel free                       and comfortable enough to ask if he can rub your body. You                       wouldn’t have really said anything, but you’re barely walking,                     he’s just sitting there and your back is screaming for some of                     that special pressure. And it gets it. And you make a noise.  
                  And he freaks out in more ways than one ~
                  No way of escaping the weird feelings in this scenario, my                         apologies. 😂😂

Jaebum :

First Reaction : Holy– am I doing this too hard. .?

He’d immediately pull his knuckles up from the tense plank of muscle but wouldn’t stop the motions. The only sensation that would be the aftertaste of your brief ecstasy? Butterfly tickles smoothing around the pool of your hip bone as he processes the sound you’ve just sung into the air.

* Not in control of my fingers anymore but still has no shame in saying this *

Second Reaction : Is there anywhere else that hurts, Y/N? I’ll be happy to
                                check it all out for my baby…. girl….

I can’t. I literally can’t. Your limbs aren’t about to fall off from what he can see and he’ll have to take that sweater off from you sometime so why not now? Why not just give your whole body a massage while its happening. Best part, it’s for free. At least until he see’s you can stand on your toes– and now see you pinned underneath his arms.  Yeah, Daddy, why don’t you?

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Imagine Person A kissing Person B on the neck for the first time. Person B wasn’t expecting it and starts giggling because it tickles.

When writing Fan-fiction:

Before you even figure out your characters and your story, you must first figure out your viewpoint.


First Person – The character tells the story, using the pronoun ‘I’.

This is best for OC X Kpopidol stories. It puts you right into the character’s shoes.

Example: I saw him sitting on the wooden park bench looking glum and I deliberated whether or not to go and talk to him. Things had been tense since the argument on my doorstep last Friday night, but I still cared about him.

Second Person – The character tells the story using the pronoun ‘You’.

Example: You walk up to him, stutter out some lines; try your best to flirt and then what? He laughs–or worse–he thinks you’re a freak and avoids you.

This is the least common of all viewpoints used by authors. It is used to make the reader feel uncomfortable. The character is often alienated or in an altered state. The reader feels as if he or she is being compelled to listen. Children do not like second person.

This is best for short parts of a chapter when you want to make the reader disassociate with character.

Third Person – The narrator tells the story using the pronouns ‘He’ and ‘She’.

Example: He ran a hand through his blonde hair, in an agitated manner. He looked at the smaller boy in front of him; opened his mouth to say something, closed it again, then frowned.

“Fine, have it your way” he grumbled, causing the younger boy to yelp in excitement.

Like a puppy he thought and smiled.

Three Viewpoint Structures in Third Person

Subjective This means the author focuses on one character and his thoughts and feelings. It is similar to simple first person but the author uses ‘he’ instead of ‘I’.  

Example: He stared at the board and couldn’t believe his luck, somehow, someway he had actually beaten the top student in ranking.

“So you beat me” Kyungsoo said from behind him, making him yelp in surprise.

“Which means that you have to be my slave for a week” Jongin couldn’t hide the grin spreading over his face. 

There was a small twitch a the corner of Kyungsoo’s lips indicating that he was displeased and Jongin couldn’t help but feel triumphant, because any emotion Kyungsoo showed was better than his usual blank expression.

“So it seems” was all the gloomy boy said, before turning on his heel and disappearing down the hall.

(In this example, we only know how Kyungsoo is feeling from what Jongin sees and understands. We are seeing the world through Jongin’s eyes.)

Omniscient – This means the author gives readers a broad view of the story. The thoughts and feelings of many, or all, the characters are shown. (This is the most common in fan-fiction)

Example: Kyungsoo walked briskly down the hall and around the corner and straight into and unsuspecting Baekhyun.

“Whoa there” Baekhyun said, steadying himself “What’s got you so riled up?”

“I’m not” Kyungsoo said evenly.

He knew Kyungsoo better than anyone and could read his moods like a book. So he didn’t appreciate the other lying to him.

“Jongin again?” He didn’t need to ask though. He already knew that when Kyungsoo was agitated it was to do with the tall, egotistical-yet-charming, baseball player. Kyungsoo bit his lip in worry, now he’d have to spend a whole week at the mercy of his arch-nemesis. Well, Kyungsoo wouldn’t accept it so easily.

Kim Jongin, you are going down he thought as Baekhyun patted his head sympathetically.

(In this example, we know how both Baekhyun and Kyungsoo feel about Jongin. This style shows the reader how everyone is feeling)

ObjectiveThis means the author observes, and tells the story according to the actions of the characters. Readers have no idea what is going on inside the heads of the main characters. (This is the style used by newspaper Journalist)

Example: The wind whistled past two guys who stood opposite each other, underneath a blooming cherry blossom tree.

Neither of them said a word.

(Here we don’t know what either of them are thinking or feeling, all we know is what they are doing; standing around, looking at each other.)

Tip: If you don’t know which viewpoint to choose, write a scene in two or three different viewpoints. Read the scenes out loud and you will hear which one works best for your story.


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The mission was over. It didn’t feel like the mission was over. The grounds of the fight were a mess. You still had your gun clutched tightly in your hand. You were on the lookout for another ambush.

You jumped when a hand was placed on your shoulder, but you willed yourself to relax when you noticed it was just Wanda.

“Your first mission. How are you doing?” Wanda asked.

“A bit shaken up,” you replied honestly. “Is this normal?”

“I had a minor freak-out during my first mission. Barton had to talk me down from it,” Wanda replied. “So, yeah, I’d say it’s pretty normal to be tense.”

You gave Wanda a small smile. “Didn’t get too badly hurt or anything,” you said, trying to stay positive.

Wanda smiled back. “That’s always good! Want to join me for my usual post-mission de-stressing?” she asked.

“And what would that be?”

“Cartoons and snacks,” Wanda replied. “Usually Disney.”

You laughed a little. “Sounds like a plan. Thank you, you said.

“Of course,” Wanda replied, starting to head back to the jet. “I figured I needed a big brother-type mentor on my first day, so you could use a big sister.”

World Twinkle Episode 13, a summary
  • Russia: FRIENDS!!! Sorry I was late I was doing some *looks at bloody clothes* stuff.
  • Allies (Except China): O_O...
  • Russia: I'm glad I get to see my friends ^u^
  • Lithuania: Dude, You have no friends.
  • Russia: WHAAAAT? OuO
  • Russia: *is sick*
  • China: OOOOH your muscles are tense, but still fine af like DaaAAAAAAMn.It's okay my precious snowflake bby, I got special meds.
  • China: *Shows up to meeting*
  • Everyone else: *not there*
  • China: EVERY FREAKING TIME *walks out*
  • Hong Kong: *talking to England*
  • England: *leaves*
  • China: *goes to talk to Hong Kong* Ni hao
  • China: England you f-ed him up
It’s Alive

Prompt:  Y/N is a Shy!SlightlyAntisocial!Hufflepuff muggleborn is painting a picture in their common room and freaks out when their painting starts talking to them while purebloods laugh in the corner. Cedric then promptly explains that the paint is magical and goes into detail on how it works. Y/N x Cedric

A/N: I hope you like it :’3 Sorry if I skip tenses and if this one is badly written :S

Warnings: None

Not proof read.


You were sitting in the far corner of the Hufflepuff Common Room, next to a window hidden by a shelf. You had your wooden painting easel set up and a pallet of paint resting on a small table at your side. It was a Saturday and the midday sun projected the perfect lighting for you to continue your art work. It was a nice time to work on it as no-one was really around except for a few small groups of students. The rest were all too busy hanging out around the grounds or in Hogsmeade to bother you. You liked it that way.

You had run out of the paint you had brought with you from the muggleworld and so you had asked to borrow some from a friend. The bottles read ‘wizarding paint’ followed by the shade. You guessed it was just called ‘wizarding paint’ for the hell of it and that it was really just your average muggle-store bought paint. Man, how you had been wrong in thinking so.

You had almost completed the painting and you felt the excitement and sense of accomplishment building as you took a step back to make sure it was going well. You added the final touches and turned to put your paintbrush on the shelf when you almost fell back as you saw movement out the corner of your eye. You stared at the painting, unable to move as if you’d been cornered by a large, poisonous spider. The figures in your painting were walking around and noises of many people talking and laughing could be heard faintly. 

“What the-” You rubbed your eyes thinking you may just be tired from concentrating but still the painting continued to spark with life. It wasn’t until you heard laughter and giggling from in the Common Room as a group of students watched you. 

One was quite a tall, reasonably attractive boy called Cedric. He was very popular in Hufflepuff and you could see why. He was charming, sweet and pretty damn cool once you started talking to him. He wasn’t laughing so much unlike the others. He just merely watched with an amused expression. He saw the redness in your cheeks as you tried to hide back behind your canvas. He stood up and walked over to you before resting against the shelf next to you.

“I see you’ve found the beauty of magic. You’d have thought it would be easier to deal with seeing as you’re in a school for witchcraft and wizardry.” He walked round to pick up a bottle of the paint you had been using. “There’s your answer. Wizard paint. It enchants whatever image it is used to create and as you can see…brings it to life…almost. Technically it’s not an actual living thing it just- well you get the idea.” He chuckled and put the bottle back down. You nodded and huffed out a sigh of exasperation. This whole magic thing was still a mystery to you and for some reason, you couldn’t get used to it. “It’s a good painting by the way. You’ve got a really good talent there.” You smiled at him and quietly thanked him. He replied with “You’re welcome” and started to make his way back over to his group of friends. “Oh and Y/N.” Cedric turned back around to you, “Don’t around those guys laughing. They don’t mean anything by it. Besides, none of them know the first thing about art.” He chuckled and wore a grin that showed off all of his teeth. You smiled kindly at him, showing your appreciation before turning back to your canvas and watching in awe as the things you created moved as if they were alive. 

Too many people! I’ve picked five at random.

Abuse trigger warning.

Germany Germany didn’t know how to react. Did he get angry that someone had felt like harming you? Did he freak out, potentially scaring or upsetting you? Did he demand to know what happened? Did he just pretend he didn’t see the scars? Finally, he decided to ask you about them. If you tensed up and didn’t seem comfortable, he’d drop the matter immediately. If you were okay with talking, he’d listen and try to comfort you. Later, while you were asleep, Germany would still be awake, horrified and angry that someone had dared do this to you – that someone dared do this to anyone. He would be upset for a good part of the night before falling asleep. When morning came, he wouldn’t say anything else on the matter if you didn’t.

North Italy Veneziano would be shocked and horrified, breaking into tears at the sight of the scars. Who would want to hurt anyone, especially you? He’d want to know everything about the scars, but at the same time was afraid of the stories behind them. Plus, he wouldn’t want to upset you. You’d have to spend a while trying to cheer him up … or crying with him. Once Veneziano got over his horror, he’d be angry, going off on a long rant that involved his personal opinion on your abuser to what he’d like to do to the despicable person. Like his tears, he would take a while to come off of his anger. When he was calm again, he would pull you into his arms and hold you for a long time.

France France would gasp. “Who did this to you?” he’d cry in horror. “I’m so sorry this happened!” He’d be broken up inside that you had such an emotionally and physically scarring past. If you wanted to talk, he was there to listen. If you didn’t, he was there to support you in silence. He would pamper you, both to assure you that he would never treat you like that and to let himself know that you were in better hands now. For the next week or so, France would tread carefully around you. He wanted to make sure that he hadn’t made you uncomfortable by asking about the scars. He would do his best to let you know how much you were loved.

Canada Eyes widening, Canada would throw his arms around you. “Oh my God,” he’d mutter. “Oh my God. Who did this to you?” If you didn’t respond, he wouldn’t say anything else. Perhaps you didn’t want to relive the pain, or maybe you had already let go. He’d let you know that someday, if you were ready to talk, he’d be there for you. However, if you did talk, he’d listen attentively. When you finished, he’d simply nod. “I’m so sorry,” he’d say. Canada would spend the rest of the day holding you close and making sure you had everything you wanted at the moment. He wanted to make sure you knew he’d never treat you the way your past lover or family member had. Ever.

Russia Russia wouldn’t speak about the scars, simply staring at them with a childlike horror. He’d take a few days to make sure you weren’t overly freaked with him seeing them and to think about the best way to approach the subject. Then he’d hesitantly ask you about them. Was it a past lover of yours, or was it a family member? If it was the latter and he had been introduced to them, he would be willing to go beat them up for you. If it was from a past lover, he’d wonder why you had been with them in the first place. After learning everything he wanted to know, Russia would let the matter drop. He didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, and besides – the past is the past.

- Mod Husky

This Strange World (A closed RP with helluvawriter and thepalaceofmelanie)

“I would love to! but I hope you ready to win! because I’m terrible at games and trash talk” I laughed as I took a seat on the couch. “wow this is so comfortable, so what shall it be love?”


“Mel!” Seth came up behind her to to notice everyone in the hall watching her with a tense look on their face. Then he noticed a frozen Alberto “Awww did some one piss off my lady?” He smiled coming up next to you “do you need me to punch him babe?” he laughed at Alberto’s terrified face. He had always been a prick it was nice to see him freaking out. Seth didn’t even have to know what he did.


How can I be sure?

@louehmysoul said: Heyy I got a prompt! What about Felicity finding out she’s pregnant and freaking out, Oliver gets worried because she’s acting weird and then she tells him and it’s so fluffy <3 thank you!!!

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How can I be sure?
In a world that’s constantly changing,
How can I be sure?

As soon as he heard the keys turning in the lock of the door, Oliver straightened up tensely. He felt his mouth go dry and his heart starting to race in his chest painfully quickly, making it hard to breathe and hurting his ribs.

The most terrible déjà-vu that he had ever been forced through was creeping into his heart. Since the Gambit had gone down, he had suffered through a lot of those, but this… This was surely the worse. Maybe because it felt the realest and because other than those déjà-vus of the night the Gambit had sunken or the day his father had killed himself right in front of his eyes, it wasn’t that far back in the future. And it could happen again. Anytime.

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Anonymous said: Joshua x oc fluff

Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 602

You scan through the crowd of people, your eyes landing on a familiar head. You made your way towards him with more confidence than you’ve ever had before. This was because you wore a mask over your face due to the theme being masquerade. You also knew you looked good in that dress you’re wearing, you just hoped he doesn’t realize that it’s you right away.

Once you caught his eye, you changed directions and started walking to your right, away from him. You walked up to your friend and greeted her.

“Oh my gosh, Y/N. Is that you?” she asked, shocked. “You look so good. I wouldn’t have recognized you if you didn’t come up to me just now.” You smiled at her complement. “Don’t freak out but Joshua is walking your way, fast,” she whispered in your ears.

Your heart started beating faster and your body tensed up a little, but you didn’t want him to know who you were. You and him were pretty much opposites. He was kind and outgoing, you were quiet and introverted. It was a puzzle itself trying to figure out why you like him in the first place. However, you wanted to change. You wanted to be outgoing and you wanted to make friends; you wanted him.

Someone tapped on your shoulder, making you turn around. Even though he was also wearing a mask, anyone could tell he was Joshua Hong. His hair was styled a little bit differently than usual, but his facial structure was the same and his voice was something you could not just forget.

“Hey. Do you want to dance with me?” he asks. You blink at him, shocked although you were hoping for it.

“I don’t know how to dance,” you told him honestly.

“That’s okay,” he replied quickly. “I don’t mind.”

“Really?” You bit your lip, thinking about it for a little bit. “Ok. I’ll dance with you this time,” you agreed.

He smiled cheekily and held out his hand, asking for yours. You laid a hand on top of his and he pulled you to the dance floor. Stopping in the middle of it, he intertwined his fingers with yours and put his other hand on your waist. You stared back at him, not knowing what to do.

“Put your other hand on my shoulder,” he said, noticing that you were confused. You did as he said.

You two slowly swayed left and right, taking on each stop at a time, you lagging behind.

“I’m sorry,” you apologized. “It would’ve been better if I knew how to dance, right?”

“It would’ve been,” he answered, “but you dancing with me in the first place tops everything.”

You blushed. “Close your eyes,” he ordered.

Not seeing through his plan, you closed your eyes like he told you to. Nothing happened for a couple seconds until you felt his face in front of yours; he felt really close. It was like time stopped. You couldn’t hear anyone or anything else anymore. Your eyes were closed so all you could see was pitch black. It was only the two of you at this place.

Then you felt it: this soft sensation pressed on your lips. Your heart beat faster, harder. What is this?

When you opened your eyes, they widened immediately. You observed his face. His eyes were closed, your nose barely scratching each others, and your lips… touching. Kiss? My… my first kiss…

You saw his eyes open, and then you realized he took your mask off. He smiled brightly at you and boasted, “I knew it was you, Y/N.”

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I love that thing in fanfic where they’ve been pining for ages and it’s blatantly obvious that the interest is mutual and one of them is like fuck it and finally, FINALLY makes a move, and the other one is like whoaaaa what???, just out of surprise, and tenses up and the move-maker FREAKS OUT, because oh god, oh no, was I reading this wrong, I’m such an idiot, I’m sorry, forget that happened!!!!

And then they make out because idek I’m shipper trash.

I’m not doing GREAT but I am getting better at stopping myself from freaking out and crying and stuff so often!! I feel like I’m constantly in the middle of a hostage negotiation with myself, just like a very tense conversation where I try to talk myself out of being upset and back into safe territory. I hope some day it won’t be this hard to feel okay. I’m getting way better at it though! I’ve started to really focus on exchanging negative thoughts with positive ones, and I’m developing better strategies for helping myself & stuff, and I feel like things are looking up!! I have some more unhealthy habits to kick and boy let me tell u what, self improvement is really hard