i tense up and freak out

Come on Cel – I promise you will have fun!

One thing I noticed with Celeste is how much she dislikes uncertainty for anything. If it is a new area she stiffens up and everything is tensed. She thinks about things way too much and it almost freaks her out. She is always willing to follow but it won’t be her making the first steps. 

Her confidence is slowly coming through with every ride (before any ride in a new area we need to walk the course or surrounding area to get her really warmed up) and she is now in love with the Firgrove XC courses! I know she can soar through these jumps without any faults she just needs that “You got this” whisper in her ear!

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If you had told Dex even a week ago that he would willingly be sharing a blanket with Derek Nurse on the floor of the Haus living room all afternoon, pressed together so close they’re practically in each other’s laps, he would’ve laughed in your face.

Now, he just bangs a fist against the side of the old space heater in front of them and subtly pulls Nursey a little closer into his side. Not that there’s all that much closer to pull him.

“I told them,” he mutters. “Draft fucking central.”

He not so much sees as senses Nursey roll his eyes. “Rans and Holtzy not letting you replace all the windowpanes last year is not why the heating went out, yo.”

Intellectually, Dex know this. But it’s easier to blame their former captains for their current predicament than it is to blame the fact that he’s let routine Haus maintenance slide so much this semester that they’ve ended up here. Because if Dex doesn’t keep a close eye on things like the barely functioning water heater, or the garbage disposal that’s missing two blades and is about to fall out of the sink entirely, who will?

Except, well, he’s been distracted this year. From the moment he got back from summer break and moved into the attic with Nursey, he’s been… distracted.

Nursey is distracting.

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So the Humans are Weird tag keeps popping up and I absolutely love it, so I’m going to add!

So everyone talks about pack bonding and how humans are super friendly but imagine the aliens trying to find out why and discovering the humans actually have the ability to tap into empathetic fields. To feel a small bit of what another person if feeling.

Like they don’t have to be looking at someone to tell if they’re upset. They just ‘feel’ it. Like 'so I just got a call from Jenny and she seems sad’. And the alien is like 'she sounded fine to me?’ but the humans like 'no, no, I know Jenny, something is wrong’ and guess what something is.

Or how in really tense situations humans sort of just MOVE together. Shift and cover each other’s blind spots without even talking or looking. How they just seem to know when someone is upset and the aliens are like cool low level hive mind.

And then they find out about mob mentality and that freaks them out, that someone can get so caught up in the emotions of a group they basically become one person in 100 bodies. About how when humans go to conserts and dance the music just enhances Thier emotions and they all get in sync and that’s why humans like music so much, it strengthens that empathetic connection!

And then they realize that yes, when the John-human winces because Mizan smashed his finger TS because he somehow 'felt’ that and they’re all like wait no and the realize yeah, Humans can tap into us too.

Tavik is going threw a rough patch with Thier mate but doesn’t tell anyone and acts the exact same so HOW DOES THIS HUMAN KNOW IM UPSET? And all the aliens are like forget telepathy, humans just freaking FEEL this stuff.

Drive In Confessions

Word Count: 1,711    

   A/N: This was requested by NoaCohen17 on Wattpad, i hope this is what you wanted!

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    It was the last night that the Drive In was going to be open, and as expected Jughead was upset. He had been a mess all night, although Y/N was the only one who knew it, he wouldn’t dare to show anyone else how he actually felt. They knew he was upset of course, but they never saw him cry over the matter like Y/N did, she was his absolute best friend and his crush. The Drive In had a final showing, and everyone left as soon as the movie was over, everyone except for Jughead and Y/N. They sat on the ground on a blanket discussing the next movie they were going to watch.    

    “Whats next?” Jughead asked quietly, and Y/N shrugged.    

    “Whatever you want Juggie, this is your night.” she said tenderly.    

    “No, its our night, this was our favourite hang out and its about to be demolished. This is just as much your night as it is mine.” he said, sniffling and trying to hold back tears. Y/N rubbed small circles on Jugheads back, and leaned her head on his shoulder, staring off at the screen.    

    “I honestly don’t care what we watch, as long as I’m with you this night will be special.” she said, and Jughead nodded, standing up. He held out his hand to Y/N and she took it, and he pulled her up. She stumbled and crashed into his chest and he caught her, chuckling and staring down at her. She backed away and tried to hide her crimson blush, brushing herself off.    

    “Whats so funny, Chuckles?” she said, and Jughead laughed even more.     “Whats so funny? Maybe the fact that apparently you don’t know how to stand on two feet. Have you been standing long, princess?” he teased, and she blushed even more at the nickname.    

    “You’re an ass, why am I friends with you?” she asked, walking towards the film room.    

    “Because I’m your ass.” he called, walking after her. She stopped in her tracks and turned around.    

    “Wow, cringe alert.” she said, and Jughead rolled his eyes.    

    “You know what I meant.” he said and she shrugged.    

    “Do I really?” she teased and he gave her a slight shove.    

    “Yes, you know me better than anyone.” he said in a serious tone, and she nodded.    

    “I better, I’m your best friend and I don’t want any secrets between us.” she said, and he nodded.    

    “Are you keeping any secrets from me?” he asked and she tensed up slightly.    

    “You don’t need to know.” she said, and grabbed her arm as she tried to walk away.    

    “Woah I don’t think so, you just said there shouldn’t be any secrets between us.” he said, staring down at her.    

    “"Are you keeping any secrets from me?” she asked cheekily, and he stared down at the floor. “Wow, your poker face really crumbles when it comes to me.” she teased.    

    “Yeah whatever.” he huffed. “We should probably get these secrets out of the way, shouldn’t we?” he asked and Y/N blushed, slowly nodding her head.     “Yeah, I guess.” she looked up at the raven haired boy. “You should probably go first.” she quickly added, earning a chuckle from the boy.    

    “Fine, I guess I will.” slowly he walked the rest of the way to the little shack at the back of the Drive In and stopped in front of the door and turned to face the (Y/H/C) haired girl. “Please don’t get mad at what I’m about to tell you.” he said quietly, and she looked at him worriedly.    

    “Okay…” she said. Slowly, he opened the door to the little room and let her peer inside. Her eyes fell onto a small mattress with blankets and clothes on it. She saw a few pictures around the small place, and she turned to face Jughead. “Are you…?”    

    “Yeah.” he said quietly. “You already know whats going on with my dad of course, but I got tired of it so I moved out. I didn’t exactly have anywhere else to go so I came here.”    

    “What do you mean you had no where else to go, you could of come to live with me!” she exclaimed, and she saw his face fall even more. “Im sorry, I didn’t mean to yell, its just you could have come and stayed with me. You know that right?” she said quietly, grabbing onto his shoulder and forcing him to look at her.    

    “Your parents wouldn’t of allowed it.” he said, and it was her turn to spill a secret.    

    “About that.” she said, giving a nervous laugh. “I don’t exactly live with my parents anymore.” she said, and he looked at her wide eyed. “Please don’t tell the others, they’d take over my house and throw a party, and I cant stand seeing people at our school already, I don’t need to hate them at my house as well.” she said and Jughead laughed.    

    “I wont, I promise, but what do you mean you don’t live with them anymore?” he asked.    

    “Well, as you know my parents aren’t all that great either. You know how they were never home and I practically take care of myself anyways, so I got a job and moved out of my house. I’m in a small two bedroom one bathroom apartment and its super cheap but kind of shitty but hey, its better than living with parents who don’t care about me.  At least this way I have a reason to take care of myself, and its my own roof so its my own rules.” she said. Jughead slowly nodded his head.    

    “Why didn’t you tell me before, you have to be careful Y/N, theres a murderer on the loose and having you alone scares me.”’ he said worriedly and she giggled.    

    “You’re the one to talk, this place has the shittiest locks ever, I could kick down your door in .02 seconds. And I didn’t tell you because I knew you’d freak out.” she said, and he nodded his head in agreement.    

    “Touché.” he said.    

    “Anything else you have to take off your chest?” she asked, leaning against the door frame and crossing her arms across her chest.    

    “Well, there is one thing, but I don’t know if I want to say anything.” he said and she rolled her eyes.    

    “Come on, you can tell me.” she said, and Jughead sighed. “Wait, don’t tell me, I think I know what it is.”      

    “"What?” he asked, tensing up. There was no way she would know, is there?    

    “You’re an alcoholic.” she said seriously, and Jughead shook his head. Y/N giggled. “I know that’s not it, you’re just taking way too long to tell me whats actually up.”    

    “I didn’t find it very funny.” he said, staring down at the ground.      

    “Wow, and there goes your sense of humor. Seriously Juggie, whats up, just tell me.” she pleaded. A sudden burst of confidence coursed through Jughead and he took a deep breath.      

    “Fine, here it goes.” he started, and Y/N perked up. Jughead took a few steps forward until he was right in front of Y/N. His gaze fell upon her face, and she looked up questioningly up at him.      

    “Jughead, what’s going on, I thought you were going to…” she trailed off as Jugheads gaze went from her eyes to her lips, and she quickly caught on to what was about to happen. “Oh…” she said as he started to lean down. He paused right before his lips met hers.      

    “Are you sure?” he asked quietly, his breath fanning out across her face, sending shivers up her back. She stood on her toes, closing the gap between the two of them. They stood there for what felt like hours, his lips on hers. pouring every emotion they could into this one kiss. Y/N finally pulled away breathlessly, staring up at the handsome raven haired boy that stood in front of her.

    “Thats quite a secret you’ve been holding onto.” she joked, earning a smirk from Jughead.      

    “Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like you were keeping the same one.” he said, grabbing her hands and leaning down close to her again.    

    “Its a shame you didn’t tell me earlier.” she whispered and Jughead chuckled, moving to close the gap between them. She quickly pulled away, moving towards the shelves of movies, searching for one to watch. Jughead watched as she looked through the films, and she slowly turned around smirking.      

    “You’re such a tease.” he said, walking towards her.      

    “Not a tease, just impatient to watch our last movies here.” she stated bluntly, still smiling. “We have our whole lives to celebrate our little secret, but we only havetonight to celebrate the Drive In.” Jughead nodded, looking through the movies as well. He pulled out (Y/F/M) and showed it to her, and she lit up.      

    “My favourite!” she exclaimed, and he laughed. “Are you sure that’s the one you want to watch?” she asked, and he nodded.      

    “I don’t care what we watch, as long as I’m with you this night will be special.” he said, and she leaned up and gave him a peck on the lips. Jughead set the movie up, and it started rolling.    

    “Well then, shall we?” she asked, holding out her hand.      

    “We shall.” he said, taking it. They exited the small shack and Jughead turned to close the door.      

    “You do realize I’m being serious about you living with me.” Y/N said, walking back towards their spot. Jughead watched her as she walked backwards, smiling at him. Sure he was heartbroken about this being the last night he had at the Drive In, but this night still was a good one. He may be loosing one important part of his life, but he gained another, and he felt like Y/N was going to make it all okay. For once in a long time, he felt happy, truly happy.      

    “I never doubted it.” he called, jogging to catch up with her. She plopped down on the blanket and Jughead sat beside her, wrapping his arm around her. She snuggled into his side, and they sat there in silence, enjoying the last night there in eachothers company.

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yerimh  asked:

hello! can u do a reaction of seventeen to their crush falls asleep on their shoulders ? thank u, sorry if u dont uderstand.

Hi guys!! requests are open right now so please feel free to send in anything! If you have any questions about the smuts or admins feel free to ask anything! When you send in requests, the more detail you give about what you want or about yourself then we will tailor it to you. Also if you are shy you can always message us requests off anon and we won’t post it if you say so or just want to chat to us feel free to message us!Thank you for requesting!

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S.coups- When he feels you head against his shoulder, the first thing that he does is freak out inside as he doesn’t know how to react. He would turn his head and peek at your adorable face and giggle to himself. He would also adjust himself to make you feel more comfortable and hold you closer so you don’t get cold. His heart will be filled with butterflies whenever you move because he doesn’t want to wake you up but when he sees that you are still peacefully asleep he would then relax a little and continue to watch you sleep

Originally posted by minqhyuk

Jeonghan- Jeonghan’s first reaction to his crush falling on his shoulder would be smiling to himself, he would feel your warmth against his shoulder and would just froze because he doesn’t want to wake you up. He would also sneakily run his hands through your hair and your face because he just can’t believe that he has an angel sleeping on his shoulder. When other people look over at you he would just cover your face with his giant hands because he wants to be the only one to admire your beauty.

Originally posted by encaleigh

Joshua - He would try his best to stay still as he doesn’t want to move and for you to wake up but on the inside he’s having a panic attack. He would look at you while you sleep and just think to himself “she’s so pretty even when she’s asleep.” A part of him can’t believe that you’re actually asleep on his shoulder. He’s trying to stay calm but he’s so nervous. He would make sure that the boys were being quiet because he didn’t want you to wake up. He would also make sure you were comfortable because this boy is a total sweetheart. He would listen carefully as you mumble things in your sleep. He found you even cuter when you were asleep. After this moment he was so sure about his feelings for you and began thinking of how to confess his love to you.

Originally posted by mauloveskpop

Jun - He’s usually such a cool, confident guy but when he’s around you he turns into a shy schoolbook who stutters and never makes eye contact with you. When you say next to him on the couch he immediately freaked out. Sweaty palms, fidgeting but still trying to remain as normal as position. He puts on a movie and slowly you start getting sleepy as you weren’t really interested. After a while you fall asleep and your head lands on his shoulder. The moment he feels your head on his shoulder a part of him becomes more comfortable. He sees how comfortable you are around h and he just relaxes resting his head on yours and slowly drifting off to sleep.

Originally posted by mvnghaos

Hoshi- When you fall asleep on his shoulder after a long date, Hoshi’s first reaction would be to secure your head so that your neck doesn’t get hurt and he will just smile at your appearance. He would try and cover you with his jacket and move your closer to him so that the whole world knows that you belong to him. After a while he would most likely fall asleep too with his head by yours and hands intertwined because he finally found the courage to hold your hand while you are asleep.

Originally posted by plummetintothediamondlife

Wonwoo - He has one of the biggest crushes on you but he’s never going to let you know. You kinda think he doesn’t like you because he’s so quiet and you’ve barely talked to him. If only you knew that when you were around he would freak out on the inside, get sweaty palms and just look down but always sneak glances at you. One day you decided to drop in on practice to see the boys. You sat down on the floor next to him and slowly since you drifted off to sleep. Once your head makes contact with his shoulder he immediately freaks out and tries to remain calm but he’s sweating and freaking out. The boys notice and try to keep Wonwoo calm as they wanted to get you guys together. Slowly one by one they all leave just leaving him alone with you. He sits there freaking out and clueless about what to do but he wraps his arm around you to keep you warm and slowly becomes more relaxed.

Originally posted by fyboyfriendsvt

Woozi- Woozi’s personality is very hard to understand as he doesn’t really show his emotions often. So of course you won’t know how much he likes you and wants to spend time with you, when he finally asks you out on a date he would be dead nervous. He wouldn’t know what to say but you just initiate conversations anyway. When he feels your head against his shoulder he would scream a million times inside and his body would stiffen. He would make things look really awkward but that’s just because he is shy. After a while when he gets more use to it he would move closer and start patting your back and humming a song while you sleep.

Originally posted by pledis17

DK - As soon as he feels your head on his shoulder. He can’t stop smiling. This is one the biggest cheesiest smiles he’s ever had. He looks down at you sleeping and smiles even harder if that’s possible. He finds you absolutely adorable and cute. He would slightly panic a bit but then he’s so happy to see you sleeping on his shoulder like you picked him. He would feel so special and proud. After this he would just smile for days. Maybe even months.

Originally posted by what-ohhellnah-holdup-huh-ohokay

Mingyu - this boy drops everything and immediately freaks so obviously once you fell asleep on his shoulder he completely freaks out and stands up causing you to fall on the floor. Once you fall he freaks out so much and comes to comfort you straight away. Mingyu apologises and apologises. He feels so bad but he was so nervous about you sleeping on his shoulder. After this the other boys never missed a chance to tease you or him about this.

Originally posted by mystarsandmoonhao

The8 - His Korean wasn’t really good but he always made an effort to talk to you. You had a massive crush on him but never figured out how he felt about you. Until the day you fell asleep on his shoulder. He would immediately tense up because he was freaking out like??? What do I do?? She’s so beautiful. He would try to get comfortable because he sees you’re looking a bit awkward sleeping that way. He would still continue to freak out inside because he wouldn’t believe it was you asleep on his shoulder so close to him.

Originally posted by lunarjun

Seungkwan - He is literally one of the sassiest people you know and everyone would expect him to be a bit dramatic and sassy if anyone had fallen asleep on his shoulder but when you fell asleep on his shoulder his reaction shocked everyone. He was so calm he wrapped you in the blanket and wrapped his arms around you comforting you. He would eventually drift off to sleep with you in his arms. This would be one of the cutest moments ever.

Originally posted by sneezes

Vernon - Vernon would look down at you sleeping on his shoulder and just stare at you not knowing what to do. His body would just stiffen up causing you discomfort and you would make this obvious by trying to adjust yourself. He would immediately shift around trying to get you comfortable. He tries to pull a blanket over you but instead you grab his hand and wrap it around yourself. After this he would just stay completely still and be as red a tomato.

Originally posted by livelovelunch

Dino - this poor boy would not know how to react. You’re his first real crush and he has absolutely no idea how to even talk to you. He’s made it so obvious that he’s got a crush on you and well the other boys are always teasing him about it. You found it so cute that he has a crush on you especially since you felt the same way about him but you both are so nervous to tell each other. One day you came to the dorm absolutely drained but you promised to have a movie marathon. The last thing you wanted to do was cancel on your crush. You arrive at the dorm and sit next to him in the couch. Some of the other boys join you and it’s so tight that you’re squashed but you’re next to Dino so it’s all okay. The movie was so boring that you drift off to sleep on Dino’s shoulder. He immediately freaks out and when the boys notice they begin to tease him. He tells them all to shush and slowly grabs the blanket and covers you. He continues to watch the movie but keeps checking to make sure you’re okay. Once you wake up you apologise so much but he just responds “it’s okay don’t worry about it but you did look really cute sleeping on my shoulder.” This makes you blush and let’s just say that was the start to an amazing relationship.

Really hope you guys like this!!

Admin Mi & Sunshine. 

Starco Week 3 - Day 1

“Damn, it’s hard to get to that pathetic princess.” A large brute said.

“Yeah, she’s long due for an initiation, but with her bodyguard agent Diaz around we can’t touch her.”

“Why don’t we shake them up a little then? Scare them a bit.” One of them suggested.

Another smiled. “I like that idea. They won’t know what’s coming.”

“C'mon, Marco! We have math now!” Star urged him as the bell rung, signaling the next period.

Marco winced. “Do we have to go to math? I’m already in a bad mood and I’m not looking forward to making it worse,” he replied.

“Geez, are we sure you’re the one who’s supposed to look after me? We have to go! If you miss class you’ll get detention!” Star exclaimed.

Marco feigned a gasp and shook his head. “No not detention!”

“Diaz, that is extremely rude.” Star seriously replied.

Marco sighed and rubbed his forehead. “Look, you can go without me princess. I don’t want you missing class and getting in trouble, which will inevitably lead to both of us getting into trouble. I’ll show up…later, okay?”

Star frowned before giving him a nod. “Okay. But don’t get in trouble!” She commanded.

Marco waved her off as she ran off to Ms. Skullnick’s room. He sighed and scratched the bandage on his cheek.

Lying down on the hill just far off the school building, Marco was taking a nap; taking in the feel of the grass below him, the air he breathed, and the warmth that coursed through him.

Suddenly he was jarred awake, being shaken by somebody. He grabbed whoever was shaking him by the scruff of their necks and threw them down to the ground, holding a fist near their face.

Marco’s victim shivered in fear until Marco stared at him for a few seconds and gave him a look of confusion. “Ferguson?”

Marco let go of his fellow classmate, standing straight and crossing his arms. “Okay spit it out. Why’d you wake me up?”

“Um, Skullnick asked me to find you and bring you to class.” Ferguson stammered.

Marco frowned and cracked his neck, which was stiff from sleeping. Damn, Skullnick knew he wouldn’t try and beat up Ferg. Being an old friend and pitiful made him more likely to survive with Marco.

He groaned and rolled up the sleeves of his jacket. “Alright, let’s go.” Marco started walking toward his class, before stopping and turning to Ferguson. “You coming or do you want to lie there all day?”

Ferguson scrambled to his feet, following Marco back to class.

“So a derivative is the - Ah, Mr. Diaz. How nice of you to join us for class. 20 minutes late. ” Ms. Skullnick sneered that last part. Marco lacked a reaction.

“As punishment, you’ll be cleaning the storage out back. I hear it’s been years since it’s seen light.” Skullnick said.

Marco rolled his eyes and took his seat by the window, paying more attention to the two squirrels fighting outside than Skullzers at the front of the class.

The bell signaling the end of school rang through the building, Marco groaning at his recent after school punishment.

He packed his things in his bag, making his way to the back of school grounds to clean the storage facility.

He already told Star to wait for him at home, but he could see her in his peripherals, always hiding behind something. He didn’t pay much attention to it, but soon he couldn’t keep up the obliviousness and called her out on her lousy stealth tactics.

“Princess, why are you following me?” Marco deadpanned.

Star jumped. She hadn’t noticed he noticed her. She stepped out from her hiding place, staring at the floor and looking for the right words. “Um…I just thought…maybe, I would help you clean. Less load on you, but if you want me gone, I totally understand-” Star was interrupted by Marco smirking and patting her head affectionately.

“Thanks, prin…Star” Marco corrected himself.

Star blushed and avoided his gaze. Marco rarely ever used her name when he referred to her, but when he did it made her knees buckle.

“Yeah, well, you owe me after this! I want one, no, two more nachos than I’m allowed! And wipe that dumb smirk off your face!” Star exclaimed.

“Um, you never had a limit to what you can eat, princess,” Marco said, beginning to walk away again.

“O-oh. Then I want you to attend every class ON TIME from now on!” Star commanded.

Marco couldn’t really say no. She was already doing this much for him, and with that cute demanding face, it’s hard to refuse.

“Yeah, fine. Whatever. Let’s go.”

Marco and Star made their way to the storage facility, walking up to the metal double doors. Using the key he got from the janitor, he unlocked the doors, pushing them open to reveal a large dusty room, with stuff that looked to be thirty-maybe forty-years old.

“Wow. This looks ancient.” Marco tried to switch on the lights, but due to age and the lack of much-needed renovation of the building, the lights refused to switch on.

“Damnit. Guess we’re going in dark,” Marco said.

Star suddenly seemed very nervous. “Do we have some flashlights or something?” She asked.

“Uh, maybe. Do you need them to see?” Marco asked.

“Y-yeah, right. Well?”

“I don’t have any on me now, but- OOF!” Marco grunted as he and Star were shoved into the building. Landing hard on their sides they heard the click of the lock, along with the footsteps of a few people.

Marco started to pat his body for the keys, only to realize he dropped it when he was shoved. “Stupid bastards…” Marco growled. “Princess, are you-”

Marco stopped and his eyes widened when he felt Star abruptly grab his arm. He narrowed his eyes in concern.

“Uh, princess?” He asked, starting to turn to look at her.

“Stop, don’t look at me. Please. Just, let me do this.” Star said.

Marco frowned, looking forward as Star vice gripped his forearm. He could feel her press up against him, shivering in…fear?

He could feel her heartbeat, and it was pounding pretty fast. Marco thought his own was too. Could she feel it as well?

“Star,” Marco began after a few moments of silence, “are you afraid,”

Star tensed up, and Marco could feel it.

“of the dark?”

Star’s grip suddenly intensified, and Marco could feel all circulating blood stop flowing in his left arm. She was surprisingly strong for such a timid girl.

“Ow! What the fu-!”

“Yes! I’m terrified of the dark! Shut up about it and please do something.” Star said, burying her face into his shoulder.

Marco furrowed his eyebrows together. “Don’t you have your wand?”

Star shook her head. “I…left it…in my locker. I…wanted to show you…I’m capable…without it.” Star took short breaths between each pause, and Marco thought she’d start hyperventilating.

Marco turned around and embraced her, kneeling on the floor. He closed his eyes and began to speak, “Deep breaths, princess. I know you’re capable. You fought monsters with me, a person you’ve never met and was a jerk towards you because you were concerned for me. You went through brainwashing and managed to stay your old self a bit. So prove me right. There’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m here with you. So calm down, now.” Marco said firmly.

Star’s breaths slowed down, and her tense form eased up a bit. Still hugging Marco, she spoke into his shoulder. “Thanks, Marco. I think I’ve calmed down. But can you just hold on for a little while?” She asked.

Marco tightened his jaw and nodded. “Sure.”

So they sat there. Marco’s eyes had adjusted to the darkness by now, and he could make out a silhouette of a box of props and costumes.

He got an idea of how to distract Star from her fear.

“Okay, Star. Don’t freak out, but I’m gonna let go for a few seconds.”

Star’s eyes widened as she looked up at him. “No, no no no no no no no! Don’t let go! I will throttle you if you do!” She begged,

Marco’s eyebrow lifted at the unexpected threat. “It’s okay, I’m only gonna let go for a few seconds, I’m gonna be back, I promise.” Marco hushed her. “Do you trust me?”

Star wiped her eye and silently nodded. Slowly Marco let go of her. He stood up and began to back away, their arms sliding against one another before it was only their hands connected, then fingers.

Then his warmth left Star, and he blended in with the inky blackness. Damnit! Why must his jacket be black!? Star began to feel alone now, the sense of abandonment creeping up on her for the first time in years. She curled up into a ball and almost began to tear up before Marco’s voice rang out from the darkness.

“I’m still here, princess. I’m still with you.” His assurance gave her courage and she managed to outlast until Marco came back holding a cardboard box. He placed it down in between him and Star before sitting down.

“What’s…what’s that?” Star asked.

“Just something to pass the time.” Marco pulled a couple of sticks from the box and bend them, a cracking noise coming from it.

The sticks suddenly started to glow, and Star stared at them in amazement. “Whoa! Is that more earth magic?” She asked.

Marco smirked at her childlike curiosity. “No, just some old glow sticks to light it up a little.”

He placed down the colorful glowing rods in a circle around the pair, leaving them in a dim, but brighter than before, setting.

Marco reached back into the box. Pulling out a red headband with horns on it, he placed it on his head and put a massive frown on his face.

“I’m Tom. I’m in denial and think l can get Star to like me, but I’m just hopelessly desperate and angry.” Marco mocked.

Star giggled at his impression, his voice not even close to Tom’s.

“Marco, stop, that’s mean.”

He smiled and pushed the box towards her. “Here, you try.”

“Um, I’m not sure…”

“It’s okay princess. Nobody here but us. I’ll keep it a secret.”

“Okay…” Star agreed. She dug into the box and pulled out a wig and a crown. Putting them both on, she then wore a dull, bored expression on her face. “This is of utmost importance! We can’t have this silly nonsense when you’re to be a ruler soon! Blah, blah, rules, rules, boring, discipline.” Star mocked in a mundane, strong accented tone.

Marco laughed and Star smiled.

“Lemme guess, your mom?” Marco asked.

Star nodded, not fully confident in mocking people she knew.

“Okay, my turn,” Marco said, digging through the box.

They went at this for a while, having a good time messing around with each other. They role played Skullnick, their classmates, Ludo, and even each other.

The two rolled around the floor, wheezing after laughing too hard at Star’s impression of Marco’s bad boy attitude. She accidentally cracked her knuckles, and her cute expression of pain made Marco laugh, Star eventually following in suit.

“Oh, man. That was…amazingly horrible.” Marco said.

Star smiled, nodding in agreement.

“So, you still afraid?” Marco asked.

“No, not anymore. Being in the dark isn’t so bad when you have someone to have fun with you here.”

“I don’t think you’re scared of the dark. I think it’s because of your isolation from people and loved ones during your hated experience at St. O’s, it made you feel alone and you were afraid of being lonely. In the dark, you can’t see anything. You feel cold, there’s nobody in sight. It’s like being alone, which may explain why you fear darkness.”

Star tilted her head at Marco’s explanation, a small smile telling him she didn’t understand what the hell he just said.

Marco realized what he was doing and covered his face. “Sorry, that’s Marco PhD talking,” Marco said, angry at himself for showing that part of him again. Why is it around her when his past comes out?

“Don’t be embarrassed. I don’t fully understand what you just said, but-” Star grabbed Marco’s hand, “-I hope you stay with me for now.” Star said.

Marco gulped. He blushed. A very pretty girl just grabbed his hand and pretty much said she wished they could stick together, with him. Marco Flippin Diaz. His blush intensified now that he was analyzing it. Stop thinking about it, Marco mentally scolded himself. Yeah, now he was embarrassed.

“Star, what-”

The sound of jingling keys was heard through the door and was inserted into the lock. Star suddenly stood up. “Help has arrived!” She said.

She eagerly walked forward, forgetting the heavy box between her and Marco. She tripped and fell on top of Marco, making a loud grunt as she did.

The janitor on the other end raised a brow. Since when did storage buildings grunt? He unlocked and opened the door, low and behold Star lying on top of Marco, a bunch of spilled props and costume pieces strewn about the floor.

The janitor gave the two a hard gaze before opening his mouth, “Look, I’m gonna go home and forget this. I’m closing this door and leaving it unlocked. Suggestion, keep your weird lovey-dovey affectionate cosplay sessions at home.” And with that, he slammed the door shut.

Star and Marco scrambled away from each other, faces burning crimson and tension as thick as maple syrup.

They quickly cleaned up in sync and walked out the door.

Awkwardly they turned to each other.

“So, nachos?”

“Yep, lots of nachos.”





“So you wanted two more nachos than usual?”


“That janitor thing never happened.”


The looked at each other once more and started to burst out laughing. Marco wasn’t in a bad mood anymore.

“Let’s get home, princess.”

“Excellent suggestion, Marco!”

Marco then went on to have a bad mood again the next day, when Skullnick harshly reminded him at the volume of 120 decibels that he forgot to actually clean the storage building yesterday.

He should’ve skipped class.

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10 Facts About Me
  1. I love Ghost Adventures. I will literally watch twelve hours of Ghost Adventures at a time. If you think that I won’t sit in an abandoned, haunted house on the off chance any of the Ghost Adventures crew will come by to give me one of their patented “aggravate the ghosts” speeches, then you are wrong.
  2. I am a huge scaredy cat, but have very poor self preservation skills. I have to know. I have to. I hear something upstairs? Sounds like a murderer? Hip hip, it’s investigation time.
  3. I love lox. Smoked salmon an everything bagel with capers and onion and cream cheese. Sign me up. I’ve had it every year for my birthday breakfast since I was 17.
  4. One time at the beach one of my brothers got swept off the rocks by a big wave. I just stood there screaming, making no move to save him, until he washed back up on shore laughing his ass off.
  5. I later became a lifeguard with that same brother.
  6. Screaming freaks me out. It never used to until I became an EMT (large families are loud), but it does now. Even celebratory screaming or “so nice to see you” screaming.  It automatically makes my spine rigid, my hearing super sensitive, and my muscles tense. I have to see what’s happening to relax.
  7. I hate kazoos, actually. Someone recently invited me to a kazoo party. “It will be fun,” they said. “Over my dead body,” I told them with equal earnestness.
  8. I have four siblings, all the same age as me! I don’t know what I’d do without them, they’re all such amazing, talented people. Every time I talk to them I am continuously amazed that due to marriage/blood/blackmail they have to like me.
  9. I’ve been writing stories since I was eight. It started in Mrs. S’s class where we were writing fables and I wrote about why the moon is so much smaller than the sun. I ought to write her a thank you note.
  10. I am writing this list instead of working. This list is powered by procrastination, the most powerful force in the world. We should all be afraid of procrastination. It is too mighty.

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first date

• both of them would be nervous, their hearts pounding in their chests like drums, they would just show it differently.

• dan would be all blushes and glances and he would touch his hair a lot, maybe it would get curly from sweat/messing with it.

• phil would be the one to blurt things out, like “oh wow you look really cute tonight,” and “i like your hair like that, i think it’s sexy.” he would be the one to reduce to awkward complements and puns when nervous, while dan just stared at the ground and internally freaked out.

• once they settled in though, it would be fine. dan would actually flirt back, but more in actions than words. dan would be the one to subtly put his hand on phil’s knee or casually curl into his side if they were watching a movie.

• if dan did that, phil would tense up at first, not sure if he should say anything or what he should do. eventually he would put his arms around him or maybe play with a strand of his hair, smiling if dan hummed or made any noise of satisfaction.

• phil would probably do that thing where you walk home/drive the other person, and kiss them outside their door. he would probably scratch the back of his neck while dan watched him sputter, amused. finally he would just blurt it out- “dan, can i kiss you?” or “i’ve really wanted to do something all night…” and dan probably wouldn’t even let him finish, grabbing him by the shirt and pressing their lips together gently.

• their first date would be awkward and there would be far too many puns and innuendos and too much blushing. but they’d definitely want a second one.

Don’t Break My Heart- daryl x reader part one

Summary: You are pregnant with Daryl’s child but he doesn’t believe its his.

Note: Part 2 will be on its way soon!!

Warning: angst, fluff, swearing

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“Come here baby”

You let out a small giggle as you felt Daryl’s hands run up your waist and over your hips. You turned around in the cell bed and faced him, admiring his messy bed head. He smiled as he saw you and he brought you in for kiss.

“Morning” you smiled up at him, running a hand over his bare chest.

You turned onto your back again as you rested your head on Daryl’s arm, but the change in movement suddenly made you feel sick. Daryl noticed some colour drain from your face and he leaned up on his elbows.

“(Y/n)?” he questioned.

You were about to reply but you knew this feeling all too well. If you opened your mouth you knew you would vomit everywhere. You quickly jumped out of the bed, already feeling the contents in your stomach making their way up to your mouth. As soon as your knees hit the floor, bile and beans came shooting into the metal toilet bowl. You started to heave as your stomach was essentially empty with the little food your group had. You were so busy concentrating on not gagging that you didn’t even notice Daryl holding your hair back. Once you were done, you leaned your back against the cold wall and thanked Daryl for keeping your hair out of the way.

“That’s the second time this has happened” Daryl spoke, sitting back on the bed. “Are you ill or something?”

You looked at Daryl and then back to the floor. It was time you told him what you knew. It wasn’t fair to keep this from him but you didn’t know how he would react. He could either flip out and go mad, or he could be sweet and excited. There was no in between with Daryl but you felt like you knew him by now. You let your head fall back against the wall as you looked at Daryl.

“I’m gonna tell you something and I don’t want you to freak out” you said, watching as Daryl’s face turned serious. “I’m pregnant”

You bit your lip, tensing up as the words left your mouth. Daryl kept his eyes on you, almost thinking this was a joke. You were starting to doubt your decision and you stood from the floor. “Say something” you said, taking a step towards him but he stood up suddenly, his body towering over you.

“Whose is it?” he asked, taking you by surprise.

“The hell do you mean whose is it? I’ve only ever been with you-”

“Na, I’ve seen the way you look at Rick, you two got something goin’ on that I don’t know about!” he shouted, cutting you completely off.

“Daryl that’s not true” you said, keeping your voice calm in hopes of calming him down. “There’s nothing between me and Rick or anyone. It’s just you and me baby”

“Don’t lie to my face (y/n)” he spat.

“I’m not lying! Think about it, I’ve only ever slept with you, you took my damn virginity back on the farm for fuck sake!”

“Fuck!” Daryl shouted out in frustration and slammed his fists against the wall. You took a step back and you felt your heart starting to crumble.

“Don’t break my heart” you whispered, placing a hand protectively over your stomach.

“Don’t break your heart? You’ve already broken mine with your lies and betrayal!”

“I’m not lying!” you shouted again, loud enough that even the walkers could have heard you.

“What’s going on in here, your shouting woke the baby”  

Your attention was turned to the cell door as you saw Beth standing with the baby in her arms. Its eyes were just closing after being awoken by your argument.

“Nothin’, I was just leaving” Daryl said, angrily grabbing his leather jacket before looking at you one last time and stalking out the room. Beth gave you a nervous look before walking off with the baby and leaving you alone, wrapped in your confused, hurt and scared thoughts.

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| Roleplay | Peter Parker

[permanent + peter parker tag] : @momosakaki-san

“Hey pretty lady,” You wiggled your eyebrows. 

A snicker.

You tried to recover from your laughter and put back on your character, smoothing your expression out. 

“Do I work out? Nah,” you kissed your bicep, still grinning at your reflection in the mirror, flaunting off the spiderman outfit you found stashed in the back of Peter’s closet. You winked. “I’m just Peter Parker, your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman.”

You scoffed, striking another pose. “My powers? Got em off the world wide web.”  

Are you crooks alright? You look like your hands are tied.”

“Cat caught your tongue? Well more like spide- actually that’s gross, scrap that.”

“Babe, I can show you a sky high view of the city.”

“A mutant you say? Well sure I’m a freak, but only in the sheets-”


You stiffened, mouth clamping shut. Pure trepidation ran through you, lighting your cheeks as you turned around.

Peter greeted you with a raised eyebrow, leaning against the closed door that you hadn’t heard open, a slight tint to his cheeks as well but largely outmatched by his grin. He was comfortable, as if he’d been watching for a while.

“P-Peter!” You laughed nervously. “Your aunt said you were over N-Ned’s-”

“I was,” He confirmed, eyes raking over your form, the red and blue material looking much more revealing on you than he, hugging to your chest and sides. You flushed brighter, attempting to cover yourself. He blushed at your reaction, snapping his eyes back to yours. “But I left early.”

You broke his gaze, looking everywhere else but him and coughing into your hand. “Is that so?”

“Yup,” he nonchalantly put his bag down on the floor beside him before starting to walk towards you. You tensed further, backing up. 

He stopped in front of you, so close you could feel the warmth radiating off him.

If you weren’t so embarrassed, you might have had a rush of tingles.

“Look, Pete, I can explain-”

“Explain what?” He interrupted, his eyebrows pulling together. “I’m the one freaking out about the actual Spiderman in my room.”

You blinked, confused. It only took you a couple more moments to get the hint and when you did, you felt happiness fill your chest.

“Fret not, citizen,” You placed your hands on your hips. “It is I, yes, but I am only a mere human, one of you. I’m not that special.”

“But you’re so cool!” He placed a hand on his forehead, mock swooning. “Can I get an autograph?”

“Where do you want it?” You bit your lip playfully, sounding authoritative.

Peter contemplated, glancing at the ceiling before falling backwards onto the bed, pulling you down with him. You landed on top of him, your hands by his head to hold you up and knees straddling his hips.

“Somewhere no one can see,” Peter whispered, hot breath hitting your ear and causing you to lose strength, almost falling on top of him as your arms wobbled.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that,” You mumbled, flashing a cocky grin. “Spiderman does tend to be incredibly flashy.”

Peter laughed, eyes twinkling.

“Well then I guess we’ve got to make due.”

He cupped the back of your neck gently but firmly with a calloused hand, tugging you down to seal his lips to yours.

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turtleangel94  asked:

Bakushima! :D

  • who proposed: Bakugou. Kirishima never considered proposing, because he didn’t think Bakugou cared for marriages and he was happy enough with things as they were. Then Bakugou did propose and Kirishima found out he could, indeed, be happier.
  • how they proposed: they are both pro heros and they basically live together, since both have copies of one another’s apartment keys. Bakugou secretly always wanted a nice marriage, like his parents’, and, when becomes clear that Kirishima won’t propose, he takes the matter in his hands. He gets surprisingly nervous about it (it’s not like he doesn’t know Kirishima is oging to say yes, but… Fuck, this is hard.) and he stresses over it for weeks before blurting a “Why don’t you marry me already?” when they’re cuddling in bed and almost gives poor Kirishima a heartattack. 
  • who stressed more over wedding planning: Kaminari, lmao. Bakugou didn’t care as long as he got officially married and Kirishima didn’t care as long as all of their friends and family were there. That’s how Kaminari ended up taking care of it.
  • who had the wildest bachelor(ette) party: Kiri just goes out with Tetsutetsu and a couple of friends, but Bakugou? Oh boy. Bakugou is kidnapped by Uraraka and Kaminari and they take him clubing and things get… out of hand. Like Hangover out of hand. Sero loses a tooth. Midoriya drunk marries Todoroki (how did Todoroki and Midoriya ended up with them, anyway? They weren’t invited!!) and Bakugou is pretty sure Uraraka fought a tiger at some point of the night. 
  • who freaked out before the wedding: Kirishima. He got nervous, because this is it, this is happening, Bakugou and I are going to be officially together forever. And he doesn’t doubt he wants to be with Bakugou forever, he doesn’t even know what he’s nervous about. He only calms down when his friends drag him out of the room so he can take a peek at Bakugou and see that he’s also tense, but wearing his determined expression. Seeing Bakugou grounds him. Kirishima feels finally ready.
  • best man/maid of honor: Uraraka, Kaminari, Tetsutetsu and Ashido. All four of them.
  • where they got married: idk ask Kaminari
  • if/what they wrote in their vows: They write them and they make sure to make the vows as not-sappy as they can. Something like “I promise to love you and stay with you, even if you explode the TV when they cancel your favorite TV show.” “I promise to stay married to you even if your hair is so fucking pointy it almost stabbed me in the eye once.”
  • who cried at the wedding: Kaminari, again. Kirishima cries, too, but just a lil. Bakugou is more of an angry crier, so he doesn’t, but he’s so disgusting happy you can feel it even if he keeps his face stern. 
  • which song they had their first dance to: uhhhh this one?? you made me associate Dark Horse with KiriBaku!! And I love this mashup so much–
  • where they went on their honeymoon: the freaks go to the mountains. Now ask me what they do there. Ask me.
  • what they did on their honeymoon: They go fucking hiking, because they are freaks. They might or might not make out in the woods and spend the nights in a cabin super far from civilization. Bakugou is super excited about it and Kirishima loves every second. 

Imagine Person A kissing Person B on the neck for the first time. Person B wasn’t expecting it and starts giggling because it tickles.

Always Be the Same (Smut)


Request: Could you do one where y/n can’t sleep because shawn is going back on tour soon so you try and wake him up and he gets kinda frustrated but you too end up having very gentle/sweet sex?

Word count: 2,231

Always Be the Same (Smut)

I tossed and turned around the bed, still not being able to sleep. I gazed over at the clock, four hours ago, Shawn had kissed my forehead lovingly goodnight, before slowly fading into his sleep.

Looking beside me, Shawn were lying on his stomach, drooling a bit on the pillow. I still hadn’t been able to sleep, not even for just a minute.

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Sherlock’s Valentine’s Day Challenge Day #2

“Why would you want to celebrate a holiday created specifically to boost sales in the greeting cards and candy industries?”    

“…Because I love you?”

Sherlock x Reader

Side Note: I’ll try to use my own GIFS later once I make more, but for now I don’t have ones that fit my works. Thank you, everyone, for your support on the last one and I hope you enjoy the next!

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A figure blurred past Sherlock’s vision as he sat on his chair and looked intently at the screen of his laptop. With a slight shake of his head, Sherlock’s eyebrow raised along with his eyes to gaze at the hallway where you then preceded to run from the bathroom to your room in a rush. He smirked at the look of panic that crossed your face once your vision caught sight of the time on your watch. 


“Sherlock, have you seen the black dress I wore last week?”

He shrugged, knowing fully you wouldn’t see it, and began typing as you peaked your head out the door.

“Sherl! I asked you a question.”

Sherlock looked up at you before nonchalantly remarking, “I know,” and faced the screen once again. He heard you sigh and your footsteps retreat before the sounds of drawers being frantically pulled open was brought to Sherlock’s attention. 

Letting out a frustrated sigh, your annoyance took over. “Ugh! Where is it?” You threw your hands up dramatically in defeat. “God, I knew I should have set multiple alarms. My date will be here any minute!”

A low chuckle from the other room caught your attention. Getting up steadily, you walked over to the door frame and put your hands on your hips. 

“Oh, I’m sorry we can’t all be somewhat emotionless sociopaths who wouldn’t worry about looking presentable to the person they seek affection from.”

“I thought you were emotionless?” Sherlock smiled at you brightly for a few seconds before dropping the expression completely. “Actually, your mood swings are significantly increased whenever in my presence, not to mention around that time of the month - it can only be assumed that you are quite possibly the most emotional person to have ever been in my acquaintance. Never mind then.”

You couldn’t help but to smile at that with a shake of your head, “Very funny.”

Turning around to quickly throw on the second dress of your choosing and add a small touch of makeup, you approached Sherlock’s chair with a burgundy box in your hands. He caught sight of the flowing mid-thigh red dress you wore hugging your curves, and your hair that was wavy and perfectly framing your face… Beautiful.

Sherlock picked up his laptop after shutting it closed to place on the table beside him. His glance towards you was questioning, gesturing towards the box that you now extended for him to take.

“What is this?” Sherlock hesitantly asked you while taking it into his arms.

“Open it.”

His hands slowly took the lid off, its velvety material caressing his skin. Sherlock’s pupils dilated as he took in the beautiful violin you had bought just for him. The wood was glossy and shined due to the sunlight behind him as a warm feeling crossed over his chest.

You swallowed nervously. “I uh… Bought this when I saw it in a display case on my way back to Baker Street one day. Your’s was getting pretty beat up so I thought you deserved a new one - I can never thank you enough for helping me find my brother and letting me stay here, by the way,” Tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, you swallowed before continuing, “and Happy Valentines Day.”

Sherlock’s brain couldn’t process what to say and battled with his own mind. You studied his expression as your hands moved to clasp behind your back and he blurted out the last sentence on his mind. 

“Why would you want to celebrate a holiday created specifically to boost sales in the greeting cards and candy industries?”     

“…Because I love you?” 

His whole body tensed up as the words tugged at his heartstrings - Sherlock’s eyes widened, and as silence filled the room once again, you began to freak out in fear of rejection. 


“Just kidding!” Your laugh wavered. “I just wanted to see your reaction, and it was priceless!” 

You shook your head with a laugh, panic signals restricting you from noticing the words that began to be expressed out of Sherlock’s mouth. The sound of a phone text alert reminded you that you had a date. “He’s here! I’d better be off then. I hope you liked the present, Sherl.”

You smiled at him dismissively and walked over to grab your coat, much similar to Sherlock’s Belstaff - you had unconsciously bought it only due to the way it reminded you of the man that was constantly on your mind. 

You shook your head at yourself and wrapped the coat tighter around your body. 

What did you even expect, Y/N?

Your date was a mere distraction from what you really wanted, but knew you could never have. After confessing, although pretending to lie, you did all you could have done. The person who waited for you downstairs now deserved the utmost attention and care. 

Opening the door, you felt a hand on your wrist pulling you back forcefully and bringing you to face towards the inside of the flat.


Your lips were cut off by Sherlock’s as his hands moved to cup each side of your face. He parted after a moment before moving his head to the other side, finding the perfect angle. The two of you stood there for a minute, lips moving in sync, before you pulled apart with a gasp.

“What was that for?”

He stroked your cheek and rested his palm below your jaw, his eyes trained on your lips. 

“Because I love you.”

“...This My Girl, No One Else’s”

Requested by an anon. I hope you enjoy. I love Min Sik, guys. Look at this cutie. A WHOLE SNACK!

Originally posted by streetrapshit

“How am I going to do this? Do you think now is a good time?” Min Sik asked quickly.

He wanted to come clean. It was killing him just to hide you out of the public eye. He loved you too much to not let the world know he was taken. He wanted to spoil you and let the world watch as he showered you in gifts he could get with that rapper money of his. You were his most prized possession and he wanted to show you off as his, and not anyone else’s. You couldn’t blame him. You came from a rough background and all he wanted was to give you a good life. 

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Danny stood across the room. He had his back to the wall, his arms folded across his chest. From where he sat on the couch, Steve threw his partner a smirk, knowing that alone would piss Danny off. “You’re mad at me.”

Danny kept his hard gaze locked on Steve’s chest. “I’m not mad.”

“Screw that, Danny. You’ve been mad at me since the raid on that house on Maui. Like it was my fault.”

“You got shot. Twice.”

“I didn’t ask the guy to shoot me.”

Danny made eye contact with his partner, “You might as well have. You went at him like you had no training at all.”

Steve sat up with a jolt. “Are you calling me a shitty SEAL?”

“No. I’m calling you a reckless one.”

“I know you don’t mean that.” Steve sighed in frustration. It hadn’t been his abilities - or lack thereof - that had been gotten him injured. It was the asshole homeowner and his brother who’d fired on them as they were attempting to execute a search warrant. He got off the couch and went to stand in front of Danny. “Just like I knew in that house you’d have my back. Like always.”

Danny met Steve’s gaze again and snorted out a laugh. He didn’t let up on the tense posture, though. “You always think you know everything.”

Steve let out his own terse laugh before he returned to the more serious expression. Maybe to serious, but somewhere deep inside, there was a part of him that ached to hear Danny say the words. “Just admit it. You’re pissed about the shooting because it freaked you out.” He jabbed a finger at Danny’s chest. “Because you’re in love with me.”

Danny’s lips parted. He sucked in a shallow, audible breath. That was enough of reaction for Steve. He reached for Danny and cupped his cheek, then drew him forward until they were kissing, their mouths and tongues and bodies coming together slowly, tenderly, all of Danny pressing into him, focused on him with that usual intensity of his. Shit, Steve would never tire of kissing this man.

When they finally parted, Danny fell back against the wall. “God you’re infuriating.” He smiled with a softness Steve had rarely seen from him in the past few months. “And you’re right. About everything. So don’t ever get your ass shot again.”

“Deal.” Steve gripped Danny by the waistband of his pants and tugged until he was in his arms again.

Scenario - “Hitting A Sweet Spot While Massaging You”

Scenario: It finally seems to be getting to the point where you feel free                       and comfortable enough to ask if he can rub your body. You                       wouldn’t have really said anything, but you’re barely walking,                     he’s just sitting there and your back is screaming for some of                     that special pressure. And it gets it. And you make a noise.  
                  And he freaks out in more ways than one ~
                  No way of escaping the weird feelings in this scenario, my                         apologies. 😂😂

Jaebum :

First Reaction : Holy– am I doing this too hard. .?

He’d immediately pull his knuckles up from the tense plank of muscle but wouldn’t stop the motions. The only sensation that would be the aftertaste of your brief ecstasy? Butterfly tickles smoothing around the pool of your hip bone as he processes the sound you’ve just sung into the air.

* Not in control of my fingers anymore but still has no shame in saying this *

Second Reaction : Is there anywhere else that hurts, Y/N? I’ll be happy to
                                check it all out for my baby…. girl….

I can’t. I literally can’t. Your limbs aren’t about to fall off from what he can see and he’ll have to take that sweater off from you sometime so why not now? Why not just give your whole body a massage while its happening. Best part, it’s for free. At least until he see’s you can stand on your toes– and now see you pinned underneath his arms.  Yeah, Daddy, why don’t you?

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Prompt (because your last yousana one was amazing 😍) : yousef's turn for the chat roulette and something to do with sana came up and all the boys' reactions

« Last person you sent a message to on facebook »

Yousef should have known that sending a message to Sana right before filming this challenge with the boys wasn’t a good idea. He sighed, hopeless.

-Guys, isn’t this game stupid ? It’s a bit repetitive isn’t it ? Yousef asked, trying to stop whatever was going to happen.

His friends before him had done it, and it actually seemed a bit repetitive to him, so maybe this was a good way to escape having to do the thing. This was a nightmare. Honestly. He was actually gonna be filmed  confessing that he had added Sana on facebook and messaged her right in front of her older brother?

-Are you kidding ? This is the challenge that all norwegian youtubers are doing at the moment, we have to film it ! Are you afraid or something ? Elias asked.

-I don’t know, man…

-Oh come on dude, who was the last person you sent a message to ? Go on, just say it !Asked Adam

-Yeah man, we won’t judge you, come on ! Mikael added, enthusiastic.

They were joking but he was really wondering what their reactions would be.Yousef turned his head to look at Elias again, whom seemed pretty busy on his phone. Maybe he could try to use the fact that his friend was distracted to say someone else’s name or something. He unlocked his phone which was already opened on Messenger. He was currently waiting for Sana’s answer, and more than Elias maybe beating him to death, he would look like a fool to Sana if he sent her a stupid message again… Seeing him hesitating, Mutta just went and grabbed his phone.

-Sana ! The last person Yousef messaged is Sana !

He didn’t really want to face the other guy’s reactions, but he did anyway. There wasn’t really a rule that said that he couldn’t add his friends’ eventual sisters on facebook but he guessed the boys hadn’t ever tried to friend any of them, and definitely not Sana. She was too important to them, and always seemed to want to keep her social lifeaway from them. Her brother wasn’t even friends with her on facebook !

Hearing Mutta saying his sister’s name, Elias turned his face to actually try and understand what was going on. Seeing Yousef’s phone, he looked down on his friend whom was sitting on the floor. Elias had really lost his composure and Yousef could see he didn’t really know what to say. He also seemed angry.

-What the fuck man ? Why would you message my sister ?

The guys were all watching the scene in front of them while Yousef was trying to get his phone back before someone tried to read what he had sent. They had totally forgotten about the camera filming.

-Come on guys, focus ! Pick something to send her Yousef ?, someone said hesitantly.

-What ? No way, there’s no way we’re doing that ! Elias said.

-Oh come on Elias, you wanted him to do it ! And now he’s doing it, Adam tried to tell his friend.

Yousef saw Elias thinking, and prayed for him to just say no. Then he would only have to deal with him and Sana wouldn’t think he was weird or something. But Elias noticed how Yousef was pining for him to refuse.

-Okay. We’re doing it. Nothing dirty though, Elias said. Give him a choice.

Yousef sighed, really hoping for something not too ridiculous. He didn’t want Sana to think he was ridiculous. Really not. Before adding her, he had checked nothing too bizarre was on his profile, he had also checked if his profile and cover pictures matched. He had hesitated for two long hours before sending her that stupid meme, and he still thought what he had done would seem curious to her. He didn’t know why, but he was always trying to impress her, and after being caught dancing the other day, he just wanted to regain a credibility. He always felt like he needed to be validated by her, and he knew it wasn’t because he wanted to be welcome in her house. It was because there was something intimidating and solar in her, like when she was here he felt better about everything. So of course he was freaked out by the possibility of being ridiculous in her eyes. Sana was impressive, and the fact that she was two years younger than him didn’t change that.

Mikael put his hand in the jar which contained the texts and sorted two out. His friend looked at him, a forced smile on his mouth. The other boys were clearly tense, and Mikael couldn’t stop moving his leg behind him.

-Either… « I dreamt about you last night » or One Direction’s famous lyrics « Baby you light up my world like nobody else ». Your choice, Yousef !

Elias had said that in the most ironic way possible. Yousef was frightened. Both by the idea of Elias hating or beating him up (that was unlikely, but still) and by Sana’s possible answer. Honestly, 1D lyrics would just seem like a prank… It had been Adam’s idea to put them in the jar even though the others thought it was ridiculous and not that funny, but if Yousef could take advantage of it, then…

-Okay. I’ll send One Direction lyrics…

-Are you suuuure you don’t want to send « I dreamt about you last night » and be asked to elaborate ?

Mikael had asked, probably trying to reduce the tensions he was feeling. The other guys hit him while Elias kept a raising a brow while looking straight into Yousef’s eyes, clearly daring him to do so. Yousef could see he was mad, and he knew he would be when he’d friended Sana in the afternoon… Now he just had to deal with his anger.

The boy unlocked his phone, typing the stupid lyrics.

-Add a heart emoji, Yousef ! Like the double heart or something ! Mikael said.

He was met with a slap behind the head from Elias, and Yousef clicked on send.

(thank you, anon ! idk if i did a good job but… thats it !)

Close as Strangers: Chapter 9

Close as Strangers: Chapter 9

Word count: 4.4k

Genre: High School au, angst, fluff

Sorry this is kind of late. Anyway, thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! Hope you enjoy, let me know if you’re still reading. haha :)

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Parts:  one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

When you woke up you heard singing from your shower and you knew exactly who it was. You jumped up hearing Yoongi sing, Skin by Mac Miller. You pressed your ear against the door, tears welling in your eyes. Man, you had missed your best friend and it had only been one day. Then again it had felt a lot longer than that. You were so busy with Jungkook that you hadn’t been paying as much attention to Yoongi, not as much as you always did. The shower turned off and he started humming the song while you heard the door slide opened to the shower.

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Wrong Name

Dean Winchester x Reader

Requested by @sandlee44. Requested #128 and #79, and they fit well together. #79:  “My name isn’t Leslie…who’s Leslie?” #128:  “Don’t touch me. We’re fighting.”

HERE is the list of Drabble prompts people are requesting from.

HERE is the list of prompts I have completed!

Tonight you wanted to surprise Dean. He was already asleep in the room the two of you shared, headphones on as the music kept playing. Quietly shrugging out of your shirt and jeans, you stayed in your bra and underwear. Crawling up the edge of the edge of the bed, your hand inched under the waistband of his sweatpants, smiling when you realized he had forgone underwear. Wrapping your hand around him, you began idly stroking, watching as his eyelids started fluttering. Feeling him start to harden underneath your hand, you began moving faster, hearing him groan as his entire body tensed. “Um..Leslie.” He whispered, and your hand instantly stilled.

“You jerk!” You exclaimed, pulling your hand out of your pants. Sitting up, he blinked his eyes, trying to wake himself up fully. 

“Y/N?” He questioned, his fuzzy gaze landing on you. 

“Yep.  My name isn’t Leslie…who’s Leslie?” You growled. You could have understood this happening early in your relationship, but the two of you had grown incredibly close, and this hurt. “You know what, never mind. I don’t freaking care.”

Standing up, you raced out of the room, past a curious Sam. With tears in your eyes, you stormed into your old room, ready to pack and get the hell out of the bunker. It wasn’t worth staying in here if he was dreaming of another woman’s hand on his body.

“Y/N, wait!” He exclaimed, pounding on your door. Ignoring him, you weren’t surprised when your door opened a minute later, his lock picking tool in his hands. “Please don’t do anything hasty. Let me explain.”

“Explain what? That I try to surprise you in bed and you’re thinking of someone else?” You yelled, grabbing the closest thing and throwing it at him. Lucky for him it was only a pillow.

Reaching for you, his hand brushed your arm.  “Don’t touch me. We’re fighting.” You grumbled, pulling your arm away. “Dean, how could you. I just told you last night I was in love with you, and you do this to me? Do you know how much it hurt to hear another woman’s name on your lips?”

“Y/N.” He started. “It’s not what you think. I know it sounds bad, but well…this is hard.”

“Then don’t. If it’s hard to say, then maybe our relationship isn’t worth saving.” You told him, fighting against tears.

Reaching over, he grasped your hand, holding you still. “Damn it. What I’m trying to say is Leslie was in a freaking porn movie I watched! She was my favorite porn star, and I sometimes dream about her still. It doesn’t mean anything, I promise!”

You couldn’t help yourself. Laughter slipped past your lips, and you found yourself leaning forward, your hands on your knees. “Seriously? A porn star? That’s who you called out?”

Blushing, he nodded. “I promise I’ve been with no one but you since we became a couple. I don’t want anyone else but you, but she still sneaks into my dreams. And when I woke up with your hand on me, I couldn’t stop her name from slipping from my lips. Let me make it up to you, please.”

Your earlier anger had faded once you heard his story. You believed him. “You have some sucking up to do. But I forgive you.”

“Thank god.” He answered. “Now about that sucking up? How about we go finish what you started?”

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