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I laugh so hard when people hang up on Libra charm or cuteness or when they focus on how Libra are “fake and pretentious” but don’t realize how fucking smart Libra are, how great planners they are, how they know the right way to lead or control something or someone. It amuses me cause while people are wasting their time focusing on silly stuff about Libra they fail to notice the greatness that Libras can be. It’s beautiful when i observe how Libra think and function, no wonder the most successful business people tend to be Libra or have Libra strong in their chart.


Welp, I doodled a few more. I’m so sorry for the influx of Riddlers this past week. Tried with the hoodie up this time and I think he looks a little too cute. Oh, and have a transparent one while I’m at it. Thanks everyone who’s been liking my silly art of this silly puzzle gramps. Have a pleasant day folks. ;)

SHINee Reaction - You Have an Under Boob Tattoo

This is kinda late! I hope you like it!

~ Brooklyn


He’d be shocked. Honestly seeing at first he’d be really surprised to see it. He’d then get a little worried. He’d ask if it hurt and if the tattoo artist did anything you didn’t want him to:

“Did it hurt?”

“A little yeah, does it bother you?”

“No, not at all”

After his little worrying moment, he’d love it. He’d think it’s cute and it suits you well. He especially loved the design you had chosen for your tattoo.

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He would high key love it. He would be totally open about it too. At first when he saw it he’d be shocked and just stare at it. He’d voice his surprise too:

“What’s this? I haven’t seen this before.”

He’d trace the design you have with his fingers. He’d play with it and pay extra attention to it 24/7 during sex. Honestly, it would drive him crazy that his girlfriend has a tattoo in such a scandalous place that he’ll only see.

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He’d be a little surprised but he’d instantly love it. He’d also get a little flustered, embarrassed about how much he likes it. He’d steal glances at it every now and then during sex and stuff. He’d think it’s really bad ass though. Like boobs are sensitive in general and he knows this:

“That really must’ve hurt,”

“It is a tattoo Kibum, they tend to hurt when you get them”

“Yeah but it’s under your boob”

When I say he’d get flustered, I mean like blushing like crazy, a silly smile while looking at it, kissing it very tenderly and just stuttering as he sees it. To make it short, he’d love it.

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He’d be really shy about it. Whenever the other members mention anything that has to do with your boobs or sex or anything his mind would go right to the tattoo, and then the events that unfolded that night. When you first showed him he got really shy. His gaze would continuously switch from the tattoo to something else in the room.

“Do you not like it?”

“No, I do,”

“Then what’s wrong?”


He’d honestly love it, but couldn’t his words out properly because he’s just really flustered. You’d find this out later because he’d constantly kiss it.

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He’d low-key love it. And by love I mean like adore it. He’d constantly pay attention to it during the unholy act killing, lmao no I mean sex. Even when you don’t do it he’s paying attention to it. When you’re chilling on the couch with him, no bra just a shirt, he’ll draw the same pattern/drawing you have right over the shirt.

*is drawing the pattern right where your tattoo is* “Tae, stop that tickles”

*he stops for a minute*

*does it again*

“Lee Taemin,”

“I’m sorry jagi, I just can help it,”

Although he may not be showering it with kisses 24/7 or bring it up all time, he loves it.

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Emotion and Pacing in comics

One of the reasons that I love comics so much is that there are many valid ways to approach the medium. When I make comics, the parts I’m most concerned with are character and story. Everything I draw on the comic page is in service to character and story. Because of my focus on those two elements over, say, experimenting with my art and page structure, I will sometimes get criticism that my work is safe or boring. This is probably fair criticism! I don’t do a lot of experimenting with paneling or challenging storytelling or explicitly challenging artwork in my comics, because right now that’s not what I’m interested in. Maybe I will be more experimental someday, but not right now, with the kind of stories I want to tell. :)

When I make a comic, my goal is for my readers to be engaged with the story I’m telling, and the characters in that story. That’s also what I look for when I want to read a good comic. I want characters to love, I want a story to be engaged with.

For the most part, I struggle with drawing comics (most artists do, if we’re honest ;)), but there are some parts of comics I think I have a good handle on. I feel like I’m strongest when portraying emotion on the page, and I’m good at drawing those scenes out and making the reader feel what my characters are going through. Some of the techniques I use to convey emotion came from being obsessed with movies when I was a teenager, and some techniques are stolen from my holy trinity of influences: Jeff Smith (Bone), Hiromu Arakawa (Fullmetal Alchemist) and Naoki Urasawa (Monster, Pluto, 20th Century Boys). 

Of the three artists I’ve mentioned, I consider Urasawa especially to be a master of emotion and pacing. When I first started reading his comics, it was like light struck my brain; finally I saw what I’d been trying to do for years right there on the comic page in front of me! I like the way he lays out his emotional scenes a lot. Here’s an example (read right to left): 

Urasawa uses repeating panels and decompression to draw out the emotions of a scene. In this single page there isn’t a lot of movement. It’s literally just two characters staring at each other, but the tension rises going from panel 1 to panel five. Gesicht (the man)’s expression doesn’t change between panels two and five, but we literally feel his anger rising off-panel, concluding in the close up in panel 5.

There’s an excellent You Tube channel called Every Frame a Painting (I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but if you haven’t, please go watch all the videos! There aren’t many, and they’re all really informative). My favourite video is this one, about editing:

This video hit on something that I strive for in my comics: emotion takes time. When I draw a scene that is emotional, when characters are struggling with something, or celebrating something, or being challenged, I want my readers to feel what the character is feeling, and one of the best ways to do that, for me, is to take my time. To give that emotion time to breathe on the page. 

I’m going to use some scenes in my graphic novel The Nameless City to illustrate how I use decompression and pacing to underscore the emotion in my comics. To avoid spoilers and because this is getting a little long, I’m going to put it under a cut. Please read on! :)  

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rinrinp42  asked:

What advice would you give a first time d&d player? My brother is running a one-shot for me, my friend, our mom, and our cousin and it's my first time ever, though I do listen to Campaign and I've helped him make decisions both as a player and a DM in the past

:) awesome!! I’m glad you’re getting to play! I obviously think the world of these games, and hope you have a wonderful time playing them.

the best pieces of advice I think I can give to players are the ones I wish I’d had myself going in so sorry in advance if they’re sloppy and not useful for you.

1. Put your stuff on the table. I tend to construct rapidly and elaborately in my head. I can be content doing that pretty much entirely. But the point of play is collaborative storytelling. No one will know the cool thing you thought up for your character or for the scene unless you say it. Take the risk. You won’t be thought of as silly. I promise. The GM wants your engagement. It’s, most likely, how they figure out how to mold their game to your/others’ liking. And a large portion of other players’ fun is getting to see you shine. Don’t hold stuff in. Be awesome.

2. It’s ok to focus on the bits that interest you. Does your character’s clothing interest you? Indulge that. The spell list? Spend time there. Whatever’s fun for you should be allowed to be fun. Don’t monopolize things entirely so things aren’t fun for other players, but don’t deny yourself your own fun. Collaboration means you’re all doing something together. Let yourself figure out what your part of that means.

3. You are allowed to call for time outs, out of character clarifications, or set ANY necessary boundaries along the way as you go. You’re also allowed to ask for trigger warnings going into things. That might seem daunting, so here’s an application that doesn’t press on things we traditionally think of as a boundary-breaching. Your character is playing quid-pro-quo with the needle-toothed mage. You’ve been at it for around 10 minutes, and she has been handily sidestepping the information that you want to get from her. You also suspect she is feeding you some misinformation. Nothing is happening outside of the rules. This is frustrating. You’re starting to get frustrated. You call for a time out, and check in with the GM, “Both my character and I are getting frustrated.” The break enables the GM, who had previously been acting as a character meant to frustrate your character to be able to step back enough to see the bleed taking place and alleviate your concerns. “Ah. Your character is DEFINITELY allowed to be frustrated right now. They are being fucked over. But I don’t want you to be. You also have a chance to turn this around through cunning or a good roll. Are we good to continue?” If you are, the scene is reframed as a collaborative effort again where you’re both on the same side, the side of the story. Asking for breaks to sort through stuff that’s more complex than what’s on the table is ALWAYS OK. It helps everyone.

4. Bring a water bottle. Drink water.

5. This isn’t one I ever needed, but it’s one I’ve seen lots of folks be shy about so I guess this is the place for it. Unless you’re playing a game that’s just you and the GM, games are, in my experience, at their best when the party loves each other unrepentantly. Not everyone is good about speaking up for themselves, or finding room to showcase their own special talents, so help them do that. Love each other by helping each other be awesome. “Lidda, you’d be great at that!” Is a * 0 * moment for a shy player. If your game is more rp focused, asking folks questions about themselves is going to get you cool answers, and forge neat bonds for your GM to mess with down the line. Play with each other. It is your GM’s responsibility to introduce villains and other relevant NPCs early enough to make you give a damn about them. They have to earn each important conversation you have with an npc. Not so with the party. You kids have fun and indulge each other. It’s the good stuff.

Errr that’s all for now I think. Have fun! Oh! And you are 1000% allowed to make your first character a self insert. ALL of your characters can be that. Don’t let anyone give you ANY flack for that. And smooch that cute Jaebrin. Honestly.

jenasisity  asked:

Oh, you know I have to ask Iwaoi about the OTP Questions...would it be too much to ask for all questions?? xD ^^; Thanks, sister! <3 :3

Who says the ‘the floor is lava’ and the other always jumps up on something?

Oikawa is definitely the one who says it and Iwaizumi will always jump up on whatever, slowly making his way to his boyfriend so he can ‘save’ him from the lava flow. Pretty much picture Iwaizumi holding Oikawa bridal style on their little couch like the hero he is.

Who makes the other laugh so the beverage that they are drinking comes out of their nose?

It’s kind of a both answer, but Oikawa is a giggly little shit and sometimes it’s the stupidest of things Iwaizumi says and it still makes Oikawa wheeze with laughter. He always has tears in his eyes because it burns and Iwaizumi will apologize even though it’s not entirely his fault. Oikawa drinks at the worst time he swears.

Who can make the other laugh without even trying?

Like I said above, Oikawa is a giggly boy and so Iwaizumi always makes him smile and laugh really easily. The moments Oikawa get Iwaizumi’s to laugh without trying is just when he’s being his dorky, silly self.  

Who stresses out about everything? And who has to calm the other person down?

Oikawa. Definitely Oikawa. A lot of stuff tends to stress him out even when he tries not to let it. He just has a horrible habit of over thinking things and in those moments Iwaizumi is really level headed for him. He needs that kind of strong support because he can get himself sick over stress. When Iwaizumi’s stressed, he just needs lots of hugs.  

Who gets super competitive during Mario Kart?

Iwaizumi. Holy shit is he competitive. It doesn’t show outwardly usually, but Oikawa’s seen him get super riled up before. He gets super happy when he wins too and for Oikawa that’s definitely worth getting demolished in Mario Kart. 

Would they leave the party early? Or stay all night to party?

Leave early unless it’s a party with very close friends or family. Both Iwaizumi and Oikawa get invited to a lot of things and they go more so out of respect for the person be a classmate or other. They usually try to go together, but if they go to it alone, they definitely come home early. There was one time that Oikawa told Iwaizumi he was going to come back early and he ended up losing his phone and was late coming back because he lost his phone and was trying to find it. Iwaizumi was so terrified, especially because it wasn’t exactly a party Oikawa had wanted to go to since it was mostly a bunch of strangers. So when Oikawa did end up coming back safe, he just held him for a while, trying to calm down his racing heart. It was pretty much after that where they decided go together or not at all.

How do they celebrate their one year anniversary of being married?

They take the day of off work and make a pillow fort together, Oikawa tangles fairy lights all in it and puts all their bed plushies, pillows, and blankets in while Iwaizumi structures the fort properly from the couch (which they move closer) over to their TV. They binge watch all of the movies they can remember going and seeing together in theaters whiles eating popcorn and sour candies, sharing lots and lots of kisses.  

Who accidentally puts on the other person’s shoes to help bring the groceries in and now they are trying not to trip?

Iwaizumi. He’s in such a rush to run down and try to help Oikawa that he ends up putting on his tiny shoes—Oikawa has surprisingly small feet—and has the mind set of ‘two trips is for wimps’ so he’s tripping while carrying arm loads of groceries and Oikawa’s laughing.

Who carries the other to bed when the other person is sick?

Iwaizumi carries Oikawa definitely. Will move him anywhere he wants to be in the house and gets fussy with him when he’s trying to stumble around by himself.

Who loves to wear the other person’s clothes?

Oikawa is a clothes stealing thief. He’s always in one of Iwaizumi’s t-shirts or hoodies. Iwaizumi will joke of how Oikawa must not have any clothes of his own because he’s always wearing his.

I realize that I’m not always as gentle in my critiques as I should be. If I’m not a fan of a route or an event I tend to be not super subtle about it, and I was thinking last night at like 2 AM (as one does) that there are probably people reading that and going, ‘but I really liked it’ and this being the internet sometimes that makes folks just not speak up because they think they’re the only ones who enjoyed it. I really hope that’s not the case.

Please don’t ever let my (or any other)!silly, surface level opinions sully your enjoyment of something! Love away! Post about it! Share and spread the joy you found in it. Sometimes, stuff just doesn’t appeal to us, right? Like why some people like chocolate chip cookies and other people like snickerdoodles and some people would just rather have a slab of cheese. And other times, we just lack a perspective that you have. If you share that perspective, maybe someone else will be able to better appreciate a character or a route they hadn’t considered in that light.

I can tell you that characters have grown on me so much lately for reasons that are only marginally related to apps themselves. It’s fun to consider context I don’t personally have, it’s even better to see people happy about a storyline that speaks to them and get to know them a little better through understanding why.

And you can always drop in my messages or what have you and get excited about anything SLBP and I’ll welcome it. There’s nothing in the game I actively hate. And even if it’s not high on my list, share your enthusiasm and I’ll come around (some would say “easily influenced” I greatly prefer “highly adaptable”)

Let your fan flag fly, friends.

ETA I was awake at 2 AM for completely different reasons, like nothing happened I was just awake. It’s effing cold where I live and I loathe turning on the heat.

Mc4 (aka my daughter- THIS IS THE LONGEST ONE GET READY ) 

  • GAP MOE 
  • -thicc™ 
  • -super chill, the second most evenly tempered after 2, and is actually cool 
  • -a little too chill
  • - she’s the queen of delayed reactions 
  • -however this also means she doesn’t get scared easily and is the designated “hide behind when ur scared” person 
  • -coincidentally she loves horror films, especially the classics
  •  -Pun Fiend™ 
  • -Witty and quick, goes tit for tat with Seven and Jumin often 
  • -She’s more dry than Seven but will play along with his jokes
  •  -She is also one of the few ppl who can kinda vaguely understand when Jumin is joking (he ain’t that funny but she commends his effort)
  •  -keeps her hair short most of the time with an undercut, but grows it out when she doesn’t feel like cutting it (usually in the fall/winter!) 
  • -the longer her hair, the curlier it gets! It will also start curl up when wet/humid 
  • -4 is Afro-Korean, spent her childhood/early teenage years in Korea before moving with her family to the States. She moves back for college!
  •  -she is a freelance artist, mostly does photography but does fine art and sculpture as well!
  •  -Has a grand total of four piercings
  • - a pair for her lobes and two cartilage piercings on her right ear 

 Ship stuff under readmore! 

  •  -I ship her with everyone but I ship her most with Seven, Zen, and Yoosung! 
  • -ngl 4 is already hot so put her with zen and they are like…burning the roof down 
  •  -personally I think 4 would have a low tolerance for zen’s narcissism, but she wouldn’t put him down in response
  •  -she would like how passionate he is, though, and they would flirt back and forth until either one of them gets flustered or everyone else in the chatroom has to leave bc EWWWW 
  • -would most definitely have to consciously restrain herself from smacking the pores off of Echo Girl’s face 
  •  -and with Yoosung, they would be a pretty normal couple! -I feel like yoosung would be steered away from his gaming addiction just bc of the fact that he has a girlfriend now
  •  -he’d really admire how cool 4 is, and 4 thinks he’s cute so they show each other off 
  • -they’d have to come to a compromise with 4’s horror movie interest because even though Yoosung tries to act tough she feels bad about giving him nightmares! 
  • -they would settle for romantic scary movies, and even tho it’s not really up 4’s alley, Yoosung gets really into the romantic parts and that’s pretty cute 
  • -to go with the cat yoosung ends up keeping, they would also get a big doggo who is super happy and not so subtly fights yoosung for 4’s attention
  •  -4 would feel really guilty about yoosung’s eye for a long time, and the event causes her to become much more protective of him
  •  -do not touch my soft bf ò__ó -seven and 4!!! they love each other lots and this is my fav ship with her 
  • -i think 4 would worry about seven quite a bit, she would b making sure he eats and gets actual rest and stuff 
  •  -but seven is ok with that bc he likes her fussing over him and just being close to him in general
  •  -like whenever she makes him go to sleep he always makes sure she goes with him bc she’s warm and soft and he likes shoving his cold hands up her shirt (she, on the other hand, is not a fan) 
  • -they casually fall over each other, tangled up on the couch while doing their own thing, 4 finding herself in seven’s lap more often than not while he works, seven trailing 4 while she makes food and trying to distract her when she’s on the phone, that kinda thing; they tend to always b in close proximity to each other
  •  -pranks!!! Jokes!!! Banter!!! 4 is seven’s deadpan wingwoman 
  • -she steals his hoodie like every other day and he retaliates by wearing her sweaters and stuff but he’s so gatdam tall and gangly compared to her it just looks silly.
  •  -I think 4 would b really stubborn during seven’s depression episodes, she can relate 
  •  -but she won’t let him spiral… she’s found that hugs, or simply being close to him and softly changing the subject, helps
  •  -they take walks at night often, or night drives, and just stay out until the sun comes up

cultural-goldmanism replied to your postI’d say that Thor: Ragnarok comes closer to…

Is that a good thing?

Well, I tend to think that Jack Kirby’s stuff from the 70s is great, so yes.

Strawberry Cake

Have some fluffy Gadge and Eversee friendship! 


Because true love is best friends. And maybe cute boys with cake.

“You’re killing the foam,” Katniss points out and Madge blinks, comes back to the moment.

“Huh?” she asks, can feel her cheeks start to heat up at being caught spacing out.

“The foam,” Katniss repeats, points at Madge’s mug. Madge looks down at her hot chocolate and sees that she’s been stirring absentmindedly this whole time, effectively killing the whip cream on top.

“So?” Katniss asks and Madge looks back at her in confusion.

“So what?”

Katniss rolls her eyes.“What’s wrong?”

Madge thinks of saying ‘nothing’, but she doubts Katniss would believe her. Her eyes drift a little over Katniss’ head and land on the shiny cupid hanging from the ceiling. She sighs.

“Well, it’s just…this was supposed to be our fist Valentine’s Day together, but Gale’s busy all day.” Katniss’ eyebrows draw together and she looks like she might say something, so Madge hurries to continue,  "I mean, I’m not angry at him or anything, and it’s not really that important. I’m used to spending it alone, and I don’t need a day to know Gale loves me, I already know that.“ She pauses for a moment and Katniss looks a little lost.

Madge sighs. "But…I guess it’s just a little sad, having to spend this one alone when I actually have someone to spend it with. And you don’t need to say anything, Ms Valentine’s-Day-is-totally-pointless, I know I’m being silly. I just…” Madge trails off in a sigh, wishes paper hearts weren’t mocking her from every corner of the cafe. Katniss doesn’t say anything and Madge doesn’t look at her, doesn’t need to see that Katniss thinks she’s being stupid.

“Why don’t you come to my place,” Katniss says and Madge jerks her head up in surprise.

“What?” she asks because Katniss tends to turn into a hermit on February fourteenth, hides away to avoid what she thinks is the dumbest “holiday” around.

“We could…watch movies and stuff,” Katniss answers, sounds a little embarrassed.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I mean, I’d probably be sitting at home watching movies anyway. Why not do it with you?”

Madge beams.

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Some Tips on Making Original Characters

Not sure if this is the best place to talk about this since i dont really have much notoriety here, but a lot of people on DA found this helpful, so I’ll copypaste it here too! I got rid of the part where I used my characters as examples though because the images werent showing up here |D

(Disclaimer: Most of this stuff are things I’ve experienced and observed over the years and I’m just sharing my thoughts and opinions. I’m in no way a professional at character/story creation)

Also keep in mind that this is mostly advice for visual artists and not really writers. I’m not a writer so these things I’m gonna say may not apply :’D

Whenever I tell people that my original stuff is what gets the most feedback on here they always seems shocked because well, lets face it, original ideas dont get as much love on the internet than say fanart or whatever’s trending on the web. |D Because of this a lot of people often give up on thier own ideas and kinda just stick with what works for them or what gets them most feedback. But those people who I can see are passionate about their stories and characters and dont give up on them are the ones that I see having successful comics and even careers producing their own work! even though the road to notoriety is a hard one, especially if you’re working on your own thing.

Now my original stuff isnt THAT popular, but it definitely gets a significant amount of more commenters and interest than my other things, even if those things are much better drawn. It doesnt get as many favorites of course, but I think its because most people favorite for visual appeal. Plus, people seem to like my characters enough to draw giftart, request rping (even though 95% of the rp requests i get nowadays are ppl tryin to get into Sky’s pants |D) and make plz accounts from their facial expressions, so I think that counts for something! I personally dont think my characters and comics are very good, but people are enjoying them, so thats good enough for me!

Now it didnt used to be this way! Before NO ONE gave a shit about my characters or whatever it was that i was creating. |D Maybe I’d get a comment or two if I was lucky. But i didnt give up on them because well I couldnt! I’ve had these characters since childhood and I’ve grown up with them, so in many ways they’re like my children. Before DA I drew HUNDREDS of pages of comics, but I didnt care if no one read them because Ienjoyed them (and maybe a few others irl close to me). Its only when I started posting comics here (and therefore I could communicate my character’s personality and actions better than just a standalone drawing or written description) that I noticed a sudden influx of interest in my characters. While I’m flattered by the attention and it keeps me motivated to keep posting comics here, what really drives me is the love I have for these characters.  I guess what I’m getting at here is don’t make characters for people’s approval, make them because you love making stories.

I’m mainly gonna touch on how to make your characters more interesting to newcomers and not so much on character design itself. Thats for another journal lol

Make your characters DO things:
Im just gonna lay it down here right now: people wont care about your OCs UNLESS you make them DO things. (‘Do’ is a word I’m gonna use a lot here) People cant get excited about your character if all you have is a standalone drawing of them. If you do get a lot of feedback on the first pass its probably because 1) you drew them irresistibly attractive or 2) you already have a lot of followers and they’ll praise anything you’ll do. But if you dont have that skill or luck, you need to GET people excited about them. Put them in a comic! Make them solve a problem! Draw cinematic scenes with them in it! Drawing them in a blank space with no expression (or boring expressions) with no context (no matter how many times you draw them) isnt gonna get people excited about your character.

Even though I’m a character creator myself, its actually very hard for me to get invested in people’s characters. (at least online) The only times I can find myself getting interested in peoples characters is if:

1) the character is in a comic, animation, film, illustration, some visual medium and I can see their actions and judge their character. SOMETIMES I can get into characters from books and writing, but im not much of a reader and words dont get me as excited as visuals (sorry writers |D)

2) we roleplay and i see that the character is well developed through their words and actions, and the relationship between our own characters is well done and believable. This doesnt happen often but i have had good roleplaying partners in the past!

I guess its because the stuff im studying includes character development, so I’ve learned to judge whether or not a character is well or poorly done, and therefore its harder to win me over with OCs unless they’re done well. :’D This is probably the reason why adoptables arent appealing to me. Sure sometimes the design looks nice and usually the creator will put some kind of lore for the design to entice people to buy it, but it isnt enough for me to spend money on it. To me a character isnt a character unless you give them life, otherwise its really just a design in a blank space. I know obviously not everyone thinks this way and its probably because I’m not in the adoptables fad that I’m not seeing something, but thats just how I view them.

Not only that but make them interesting:
Alright this one is a no brainer. |D But a lot of people do have a hard time getting people sucked in to their character’s world. So lets say you made a comic, drew a bunch of stuff with your characters doing stuff and people still arent showing any interest in your work. (granted that you’ve been showing people your stuff and that you’re not totally unknown) Then theres probably one or two things wrong: 1. Your characters and story arent well developed or 2. Your art skill isnt conveying the right mood, expressions and atmosphere to get people sucked into the world. Even writing a novella on the character’s backstory and giving them 1000 personality traits doesnt do anything for me because I havent seen your character do anything yet. I dont care if your character’s whole clan was killed off. I dont care if your character was enslaved for 100,000 years. I dont care if your character is a half demon half werewolf half neko pangenderfluid polysexual transsquirrelkin penguin princess. If they dont DO anything interesting to get me to like them, all of those labels and traits are meaningless. Not saying that backstory isnt important, they do help give your character depth, but they wont be that important in the long run as your character grows and develops. Many reasons why I dont roleplay anymore is because of too many mary-sues and poorly written characters (among other things) and it can be frustrating |’D You may notice that I often dont like writing essays like this in my character descriptions because I just dont think theres a point until AFTER people get interested in the character first. Maybe I’ll write a paragraph about their personality, basic info and background just to hook people in, but I want to let my character’s actions show people who they are first.

My characters do need a lot of work in terms of development and design, thats why I’m making these comics so you guys can see that! Eventually I do wanna make a serious comic with actual thought and effort put into it, so right now these stupid silly comics are like testing the waters of comic making x’D

As for improving your art skill, people might not think this is a very important factor, but if you’re not good at conveying emotion with words (like me) you need to rely on your drawing and coloring skills to convey the mood you’re trying to get across effectively. (especially important if you want to be a comic artist) Amateur artwork can be distracting from getting the emotion across because we just see too many mistakes rather than focusing on what you’re trying to communicate to the audience.  I cant get invested in a character if the artwork just isnt at the level where the expressions, mood and environment arent communicating to me clearly. My favorite style of artwork is those 'cinematic’, illustrative types of artworks that kinda implies a story. Kinda like scenes you’d see in a movie. This is the type of artwork that gets me sucked in and want to know more about the character, because the emotion and expressions on the character are displayed clearly and the atmosphere of the environment is done so well to get me immersed in the world. If I wanna get invested in a non-serious story, funny comics and silly stuff can win me over, but I tend to be more picky with those. Not with the art skill so much but the actions and expressions of the characters, as well as the dialogue. I love comedy but it needs to be done well, otherwise I’ll just think its plain dumb |D

Even when I draw commissions for people I try to add these elements in to get me more engaged with the character and the drawing. Most of the time I have no idea who this character is or what they’re like, so I oftentimes have to get inside the commissioners head to see what they’re trying to get across with this scene or I have to invent a personality trait for the character to get myself more invested in this drawing. When I do this, the artwork tends to turn out better than if I had not.

How to start:
As artists, we always want people to get interested in our own ideas, but it can be hard because the things that we know about our characters and stories are completely new and foreign to others and you need to realize that people usually wont be interested at first glance. Dont force your ideas and characters on people to try to get them interested, that will just turn them off more. Instead just put your stuff out there and let them come to you naturally. Its kinda like becoming friends or falling in love, just let it happen naturally and the bond will become stronger.

If you’re new to this character making stuff, try these things out:

1. Watch shows/movies or read books/comics with your favorite characters. See why you like these characters so much and try to find out how you can make your characters just as likable. This is where most people find inspiration to make characters, including me!

2. Get inspired by people and the environment around you. Most of the time you’ll know someone that isnt like anyone you’ve seen before in tv or media. Use them as a model for a completely new character! Dont always rely on the internet for inspiration, since so many things have already been copied from something else.

3. Make a LOT of characters and weed out the bad ones. I made a LOT of characters in the past and many of them I didnt like AT ALL. I didnt completely scrap all of them, but I did try to improve them. Try to make every character unique and different, you’ll get more invested in them if they’re not cut-outs or stereotypes.

4. Try roleplaying with people. I know that sometimes people dont like doing this because they have to deal with a lot of frustrating rp partners, but if youre a newbie at making characters, this can help! It can help you with your writing and character development skills (granted that you have a good rp partner of course xD). I personally never did this when I was developing my characters, but I have seen people make great characters that started from rping.

After you’ve developed your characters to the max and your art style is on point and you think your stuff is pretty gold, but your stuff STILL isnt getting the feedback you want, just be persistent and dont give up. If you’re really passionate about what you do and you work your ass off trying to improve no matter what, eventually you’ll get a small (of maybe even really large!) following of people who will see that in your work and will adore the stuff you do. And sometimes thats all you really need to keep going! Will your audience keep being interested with what you’re doing? Maybe. Thats really up to you and where you want to take your stuff. I eventually want to take my stuff to a more serious route and I’m not sure how that will end up (not to say that I wont add some humor of course haha) but we’ll see!

Feel free to share thoughts, ask questions or correct me if I said something wrong, especially if you’re an actual professional at this stuff. :’D

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5. I dare you to post that charyu comic you showed me the other day & mention Jakei. :3 No backing out now~

@jakei95 just ignore this lololol

I did this when I was at Flor’s house. I was really bored and I wanted to draw, so I asked what should I draw to some people…everybody responded ‘’Charyu’’…I was like ‘’I don’t want to but I don’t have any other idea so okay then’’. And it was like 3~4 am when I was drawing it sooo I tend to just make whatever stupid stuff comes to my mind lolol (due to my horrible quality and handwritting,I’ll write everything down the pictures) (also this silly comic idea is kinda-based on something that Jakei said once on a stream lololol)

J: …And this…

J: …Is the studio.

J: This is where we record the scenes.
B: Oh! It’s so huge!

J: So…what do you think?
B: I really like it here!

J: I’m glad to hear that then!

B: Really?

J: Yeah! We spend most of our time working here. You’ll get to see us recording!
B: Really?! That sounds amazing!

J: Welcome to the underverse studio!
B: Thanks Jakei!

(omg! she’s looking at me f*ck f*ck f*ck helP! sh*t!! what do I do? aaaaa!!)

C: H…hi..! *shyly raises hand* (omg I must be looking so dumb rn why me?)

B: Heya! *excited waving*

C: (She’s too cute)

but lemme tell yall something,and it’s that cannon Charyu would actually go like this:

A.K.A. there’s no love,only an annoying blonde girl and a really pissed off ghost kid.

well, after drawing Midna and Zelda, why not draw more of Twilight Princess? They have a lot of variety, from young preteens to mature women

I’m not sure if Telma looks Telma enough. As you may have noticed, I tend to draw more younger looking people, so tell me if I managed to get her essence here


did a silly. Her name is Beth, not Meg. Thinking about a different girl here

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May I ask why you never publish positive anons you get? I have sent some stuff in the past but I've never seen it or anything like it come up / answered?

I post like 60% of the stuff i get instantly but some things i save for when i can get on laptop so i can give it a proper answer. I’m really sorry if you’ve sent anything which i might have missed. I have a tendency to get ditzy about somethings because i tend to juggle my presence here between both my jobs and college and, with certain things, if too long passes i feel silly posting it because i’m sure the person has long forgotten.

That said, i never willingly ignore positive posts (anon hate usually gets deleted or left to rot). Atm i think i have one anon message which is complimentary which i have yet to answer but i don’t recall really getting any other ones? I’ve had issues before with asks and stuff but i really am sorry if you feel like i’ve not been responding or ignoring your asks.

I post all the anon love i can get tbh because it’s such a sweet gesture and genuinely appreciated xx

Miserable Lester, Part One: A Leisurely Character Study, Interrupted By the Protagonist Of a Mountain Goats Song

So, Les Mis opens with like 90 pages dedicated solely to exploring the personality, worldview, and daily life of Bishop Myriel, a character who will not be appearing in the story at all after this. (I make this assumption based on the fact that he is reported dead several chapters later, and I’m pretty sure there aren’t ghosts in this novel.)

I like this part, to be honest; in a lot of stories, a character like the bishop would only exist as a plot device. His role/plot contribution is– spoiler alert– to show mercy and kindness to Jean Valjean by letting him get away with stealing his silverware, then giving him his expensive silver candlesticks on top of that, as a gift. This act both blows Jean Valjean’s mind in a way that enables his moral transformation– it’s been about 900 years since the last time anyone was kind to him, and he hasn’t behaved in a way that warrants it–, and gives him the resources he needs to start a new life outside of prison. The narrative doesn’t actually need to establish the bishop as a nuanced, well-rounded figure for Jean Valjean’s redemption to be believable and effective; it would work fine if readers only ever knew as much about the bishop as Jean Valjean does. (Which isn’t a lot.) And, from a technical perspective, I have to admit that would probably be a “better” pacing decision.

However, Victor Hugo LOVES writing characters. Oh my god. This guy is SO INTO his own characters, guys. He has no problem stopping the plot dead in its tracks to give you exposition on someone’s backstory or general outlook on the world. This can happen with almost anybody, at any time. You’ll be ambling along through the text, following the main thread of the story where it leads you, and suddenly, WHAM! Victor Hugo ambushes you with a digression about a person who would be credited as “Man In Coffeeshop”, “Elderly Neighbor”, or “Random Jackass #2” if this were a Hollywood movie. Since I am someone who is a lot more focused on and interested in Characters than Plot and/or Concepts in my fiction, this tendency doesn’t bother me.

…In fact, I really appreciate the degree to which it gives me a sense that this novel takes place in a real world, inhabited by real people, who all have their own histories and dramas and lives worth caring about even if we the readers aren’t privy to that much of them. No one in Les Mis (so far) comes across as an NPC. A literary NPC. You know what I mean, right?

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My best friend is trying to kill me because I'm shipping Salphys. I'm hiding now bit she's chasing me *~*. What should I do and how to protect myself??? PS You're best Salphys artist in the world :3

Welp, but why should she kill ya because of shipping thing? XD  o.O;

Hey, when you watch a movie, read a comic, play a game you love the most, you’re given the freedom to do whatever you want, and you have the right to do any fan stuff you enjoy the most. We don’t live in Hitler’s ere.

I’ve had some similar incident before, it’s probably because they prefer to choose ‘canon’ (So they can become the part of group? Be easily accepted? Or for their good sake?) and think it should be “respected” but that’s overly silly. Toby Fox gave us the opportunity to expend our imagination, share lots of love and be inspired to do something productive, or pass fun-stuff to our next generation. Plus Toby Fox NEVER demanded anyone. But when comes to shipping characters like that, or accidental / crack ships, I simply don’t understand why people tend to overreact like that? lol I mean it’s not that hard to ignore or keep this for themselves but they let it slip and intoxicate this wonderful fandom without thinking in the first place, huh? Sad!

I’ve had enough people spamming me with “WITH WHO YOU SHIP?!?!?!”. Not very civilizing, yanno, right? If there’s two best ships you love the most but you’re forced to choose? Why shouldn’t we have them equal? Any argument will only make you hate the same thing and it’s not cool at all. >_<;

Forgive me if I don’t have best tips but perhaps you should try to talk with your friend that fighting over who’s being shipped is not okay. Starting a war is not okay either. When you mentioned “chasing” hopefully you’re referring to the internet and not outside. o.O; 

Last of all, it’s okay if your friend dislikes your favorite ship, but….. You know all characters, random ships and game are nothing but fiction. So, despite having the different preferences, she shouldn’t hate you in person for liking something like that. XD lol


Summary: Punk looking Phil Lester moves to town and attends a school full of cliques. He doesn’t see his life going anywhere until he somehow manages to befriend the mute kid in school. Now he’s beginning to learn that life can take you anywhere, and is full of friends in unlikely places. But in the wake of a tragedy, Phil must learn to understand not just words, but actions. Because sometimes, the loudest cry for help can be soundless.

Warnings: Nothing, really

Word Count: 2,570

{Previous Chapter}

Hmm. I left off on a cliffhanger so I would have to come back to it. Let’s see where the story goes this time! Don’t forget to check out my other phanfic (which is MUCH better in my opinion), Loving Can Hurt. Enjoy this chapter! P.S. this story will be ending very soon :o

Also, this chapter goes out to @virtual-homo​ for wanting me to update ASAP. I told you I would see what I could do:)

Chapter 6

Phil didn’t talk to Dan after that. After Dan had told him that Scott was the reason for all the scars along his back, Phil went home without another word. He locked himself in his bedroom upstairs, essentially causing his parents to worry, but he didn’t care.

Scott was the reason for Dan’s silence.

The question is, why? What really happened that night in the woods so many years ago? Obviously it was pretty bad for Dan to be the way he is now. But Phil couldn’t just ask him, could he? He wasn’t entitled to that right, especially after running home like a baby after Dan had told him one of the biggest secrets he could have possibly revealed.

Phil needed to make things right. He needed to go see Dan, and apologize for acting like a child in primary school. Phil just wasn’t sure if he was ready to face the truth. Then again, was anyone really ever ready for it?

The night was closing in at eleven p.m., and Phil still hadn’t left his room. He sat in the dark for hours, hungry and needing to use the bathroom. When his mum knocked on his door a couple times before she headed off to bed, Phil decided he should open it to let her know he was still alive and breathing. Barely.

“Oh, Phil!” his mum gasped as he opened the door. “I have been worried about you all day. What’s going on?”

Phil hugged her back and muffled into her shoulder, “Just some drama at school. I’m fine.”

They pulled away from each other, his mum getting all teary eyed. “You know you can talk to me about anything. I know you don’t see it that way, and you haven’t really ever done it before, but you can. I’m your mother. And I’m always here for you.”

“I know,” Phil said, though he was never really the type of kid to go to his mum when he had problems. Maybe because he didn’t usually have problems. Dan and Scott and this whole mess, were the first bit of real drama he’s had since primary school. In primary school, the most he had to deal with were kids hogging the swings at recess. But this? This was a whole new level of problems. And it wasn’t even something he could talk about. Damn Dan for telling Phil his secrets. If Dan would have just left him alone like Scott suggested, there were be no problems for Phil. Maybe the occasional remark from Scott’s mouth in English, but there would never have been any physical violence or building tension between classmates. Perhaps Dan should have stayed silent permanently. Including his writing tactics and silly notes. Wasn’t he afraid he would slip up anyway while writing? It’s basically the same as talking, just not with sound. Then again, Phil supposed writing allowed Dan to choose his words more carefully and think about them since it took more time to get them out. Whereas talking is a bit more dangerous. People tend to say stuff they don’t want to say in the heat of a moment.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Phil’s mum asked.

“No.” I can’t. It’s not my secret to tell.

“Alright. I love you,” she said.

“Love you, too,” Phil mumbled, hugging her one last time before retreating back into his bedroom and shutting the door.

Phil walked over to his window and pulled open the black curtains to look outside. The night was dead. He looked up at the moon, noting that it would be full soon. He also looked at the stars–the infinite possibilities life could give him if it wished. And for a brief second, he wondered if Dan was looking at the stars, too. He seemed the type to look at the night sky and contemplate his existence.

The clock on Phil’s nightstand read that it was nearly two in the morning. How long had he been looking out the window? He didn’t think it was that long. But he decided that four hours of sleep wasn’t nearly enough to tackle the school today tomorrow. So as he climbed into bed that night, he decided he would try again tomorrow.


Tomorrow came and went. Phil still wasn’t ready to go back. So he tried again, and again, and again. Each time he failed more than the last. His parents began to worry, and wouldn’t leave him alone after the third day of skipping school.

“Are you sick? Are you being bullied? Is the school that bad?” the questions kept coming and Phil kept ignoring them. He would just nod his head no into the pillow and shut his eyes.

Phil blamed Dan for all of this. Dan should have never told Phil about Scott and his threats. He should have told the police. Not Phil. So why is it that Dan trusts Phil more than the police? The police can help him. They can get rid of Scott and punish him for what he did. Phil couldn’t do a thing. He could only sit there and observe, and take blows from Scott’s (apparent) so serious threats. If he marked up Dan’s back the way he did, then Phil had no trouble believing that Scott was as dangerous as Dan said.

The thought occurred to Phil–maybe he could tell the police of his threats. Though it wouldn’t do any good for anyone. Scott would know it was Phil who told on him, and he might actually do something serious. But Phil didn’t want to wait around to Scott to do his damage and then tell the police so they’ll do something about it. He shouldn’t have to wait for a crime to happen to report it. So that was out of the question.

On the fifth day of skipping school, Phil had a visitor. At first, he thought his parents took the extra step of calling in a doctor, but when his bedroom door opened and Dan strode inside, Phil wished it would have been a doctor. He rather deal with that than Dan.

Phil. Dan held up a sign, clearly prepared for this conversation. Well, at least someone was prepared. Phil knew he wasn’t.

“I’m not in the mood, Dan,” Phil said into his pillow. A heavy weight pressed at the bottom of the bed. Phil didn’t have to look to know it was Dan who was sitting on it. “Yeah, go ahead and make yourself at home,” Phil said sarcastically. He’s already shared his most personal secrets. There might as well be no boundaries between them anymore.

Dan shook Phil and tapped him all over, obviously trying to get Phil’s attention. Phil refused to take his face out of his pillow. He didn’t want to read what Dan had to say. He wasn’t interested in his thoughts or opinions, or any other secrets he felt like sharing today.

“Leave me alone, Dan! I’m not in the mood.” Couldn’t he assume that’s why he was skipping school? So he didn’t have to deal with this?

Dan shook him harder. He was becoming frantic, wanting Phil to look at him. He wanted to ask Phil why he had been gone, why he didn’t seem to like Dan anymore. He just wanted answers, just as much as Phil had wanted them, but once he got them, he wished he would have never bothered.

“I said leave me alone!” Phil yelled into his pillow.

There was silence and no motion, followed by the faintest of whispers. “No.”

Phil wasn’t sure he heard it. It was so quiet and shaky, it sounded as if it could have been from the TV downstairs or someone talking outside. Surely it wasn’t … Dan.

“I will not leave you alone, Phil Lester.”

“Why? Why me? Out of everyone you’ve ever known, you come to me and fuck shit up. I didn’t do anything to anyone. And here you come, messing things up.” Phil was rambling. He didn’t acknowledge the fact that Dan was talking. Physically. Verbally. With sound. It didn’t register to Phil. All he wanted was to be left alone forever with no drama or hurt. And that’s all Dan seemed to bring.

Phil was waiting for more words, but they never came. When he lifted his face off his pillow, Dan wasn’t there. Was he ever there? Phil thought to himself. Was he finally going crazy from being inside all day and night? He must be. Dan doesn’t speak. Not even to Phil.

Maybe it was time to leave the house. Maybe not go back to school, but just go out and do something. Even something as small as going into town.

He got out of bed, not bothering to straighten up the giant ball of pillows and blankets. Phil put on a clean shirt and a decent pair of jeans and slipped on his shoes. He grabbed his coat from the back of his door and sneaked down the hallway quietly. It was nearing three in the afternoon, Phil knew that much. But he didn’t know what day of the week it was. Last he recalled, it was a Wednesday.

Downstairs, he sneaked a peek at the calendar his mum kept on the fridge. She marked off each day right before she went to bed. So according to the calendar, it was Friday. Phil had missed a whole week of school.

Phil wrote his mum a quick note and set it on the table nearest to the door. He didn’t know if she was out or not, but he left a note anyway. The amount of panic she would have if she looked in Phil’s room and saw that he wasn’t there would be ridiculous.

Phil wandered around for a good hour or two. He didn’t dare go back to the woods, however. He just went in and out of a few shops and looked around at the food choices. There was a small cafe at the end of town that served good pastries and coffee. He bought something to munch on since he swore he hadn’t eaten in all those five days. He did eat, just not as much as his parents–or him–would have liked.

As nightfall approached, Phil decided it was best if he went home. even though he left a note, his mum was probably worried that she hadn’t heard from him all afternoon. It was then he realized he forgot his phone at home.

When Phil turned onto his block, he noted that there was a police car parked in front of his house. God. Did my parents really call the police since I was gone for so long? I swear, I can’t do anything without them getting all dramatic about it. He huffed out an annoying sigh and jogged the rest of the way home to assure his parents he was still alive and somewhat well.

Phil opened the door and called out, “Mum, I’m home! And fine,” he added.

“Phil?” his mum called from the kitchen. “Come here!”

Phil rolled his eyes and kicked off his shoes, heading into the kitchen. He was a bit surprised to see Officer Howell standing in the kitchen with worry etched on his face. Phil saw the police car outside, but he had expected it to be someone else. Surely Officer Howell wasn’t the only police officer in this town.

“Phil, where have you been?” his mum asked from the kitchen table.

“Just out in town. I left you a note. You didn’t have to call the police. It’s not like I ran away.” He was annoyed now.

Phil’s mum’s eyes widened. “We didn’t call the police. We trust you, Phil. I know you wouldn’t runaway.”

“Then why …?” He angled his body at Officer Howell, waiting for an explanation on why he was here in their kitchen.

“It’s my son,” the officer said. “He skipped school today without my knowing. We went in together, but he must have left sometime before his first lesson. I haven’t seen or heard from him since. I thought he might be here. He likes to hang out with you. I mean, he talks about you enough, so I assumed …”

“That he might be here,” Phil finished.

“Yeah,” Officer Howell said. “You haven’t seen him, have you?”

Phil thought back to earlier today when he swore Dan had come in his room to talk to him, but he was in and out so fast, Phil wasn’t sure he was even there. Then there was the fact that he spoke. Or at least, Phil thought he spoke. “I–um–I actually don’t know. I thought he was here earlier, but he left so quickly and quietly, it was like he was a ghost.”

“Dan does that,” his dad said. “He’s rather quiet. So he might have been here after all. Why wouldn’t you remember?”

“I wasn’t really, uh, talking to him. I saw him when he came in and had my face in my pillow the rest of the time. I’ve been …” Phil chose his next words carefully. “Sick. I didn’t know if he was a hallucination or not, because–” Phil stopped short. Should he tell Officer Howell and his mum what he thought he heard? Or would they think he just made up the whole thing? His mum didn’t say anything about the fact that Phil said he was “sick.”

“Because?” the officer prompted.

Phil took a deep breath. “Because he spoke to me,” he whispered. “That’s why I’m not sure if it was real or not.”

Officer Howell’s jaw slacked. “He … talked?”

“I don’t know,” Phil said hurriedly. “I think he did, but when was the last time Dan talked? I wouldn’t know if it was really him since I don’t actually know how he sounds. I’ve never heard him talk before.” Phil was wringing his hands nervously. Should he tell the officer what else has happened this week? He didn’t see why not, if Dan was missing.

No, no one said he was missing. Not yet. He could be at home right now, and Officer Howell wouldn’t even know it.

“So, is he … missing?” Phil asked nervously.

Officer Howell shook his head. “He won’t legally be missing until it’s been twenty-four hours since someone has last heard from him. I can’t file a report until then. I’m sure he will turn up. I just get so worried about him since he doesn’t make a sound. Someone could take him and no one would even know it since he doesn’t talk. I just wish he would tell me why.”

Phil’s heart felt like it ripped in two. He knew why Dan didn’t talk, and he could tell Officer Howell right now and possibly make everything great again. But it wasn’t his information to share. If Dan wanted his dad to know, he would tell him.

“I’ll let you know if he turns up,” the officer said, clasping Phil’s shoulder with his massive hand. “I’m sure he’s alright.”

When Officer Howell went home that night, he wasn’t heard from until tomorrow evening when he said he had filed a missing person’s report.

Dan was missing. And Phil couldn’t help but think it was his fault.

{Next Chapter}


It was quite astonished with the amount of pink I wear nowadays. I’m a tomboy as teenager and tend to dismiss anything “girly”. Guess I’m the victim of the notion that everything associated with girls are stupid and silly. I have worn the skirt before.

The top are gift from one of my aunt. It’s pretty, yet comfortable to wear. Really suits the tropical climate I live in.

And the shoes… Well… I think it’s the curse of buying vintage stuff. When at mall, I realize the heels are about to dislodged. No worries though, I know a handyman that can fix it. I still wonder if I can really buy authentic vintage dress. Folks here tend to unable to keep up stuff from the past.

top: Clock House

skirt: custom made

bag: Every Little Things She Needs

shoes : vintage