i tend to buy things on impulse

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I’m glad today turned out well! That was really kind of your roommate. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you ☺️❤

i know right! she’s so sweet. yesterday, we went to a bobbi brown sample sale and walked around a lot. we also sat down at a park and talked about a lotta personal things and stuff i was thinking about. she stopped from impulse buying random stuff i didnt need and i saw a REALLY great corgi. also when we got home cuz i was feeling pretty dizzy she made mesandiwches before. i used to be really annoyed with her but now we’re super close. i’m sorry im oversharing i tend to do that  . .. 

also thank you for complimenting my name! i was born april ‘94 and thats when the winter olympics were happening (in norway i think). my mom saw the name oksana baiul for the ice skater and really liked the name oksana and my abu suggest aqssa so we could have something similar but still in arabic ;v;.

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McCree goes out to the store to buy you a surprise gift - what does he get and how do you react?


okay okay, so I headcanon that he tends to express his love through gifts. Nothing too extravagant. He travels a lot, so he probably goes into a lot of gift shops or tourist traps to just rest and relax. I can totally see him just buying something on impulse because it reminded him of someone he loves. So, gift giving is a normal thing in the relationship from his end.

I think though the first time he did this, I would be so touched. I love giving and receiving personal gifts, because you can give anything as a “gift” put if its personal and sentimental then that adds a whole new layer on the gesture. I would probably cry just a little. I know McCree is out on the run; he’s constantly hunted down by both the law and by criminals (like remaining Deadlock memebers). Yet he spends time and money he could use for motels, food, water, transportation to buy me a personal gift.

Maybe like a cute little animal crafted out of gemstone in a mining town (”I knew how much you like lil’ animals, and its really pretty. Reminded me’a you”)

Or a keychain that has my name spelled correctly (“You know how you hate when they have those chains that spell your name wrong? Well, I went ‘round and found one that went ahead and spelt it right for once. Hope you like it.”)

Or a little antique from my favorite era of history….in terms of aesthetics. ( “I gotch’ya this old jukebox. It’s small - probably used to put it on dining tables. Think you could still use it for something if it don’t work? There’s no refund policy so…”)

Shopping ft Cor

[Pit stop at a shopping center]

Cor: *takes out wallet* Alright. Scientia, food and cooking supplies. Amicitia, specialized potions along with status ailments. I’ll go see if I can pick up any maintenance items for the car. I want us back here in 1800 hours.

Noctis: Hey wait, what about me and Prom?

Cor: *places wallet in pocket* You two can’t be trusted with money. You’ll more then likely spend it on something idiotic.

Noctis: *furious* What?! I’ll have you know we are very responsible with money. Ignis, tell him!

Ignis: *hesitant* Well…you two do tend to buy more on impulse.

Noctis: I can’t believe this! We are not some little kids that walk into a store and buy the first shiny thing we see!

Prompto: *swoops into the car with a bedazzled jacket on* Guess what was on sale for $10.99!