i teared up a little bit ngl

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ngl i teared up a little bit just now thinking about how far dan has come. like damn he's just made so much progress and i'm?? so proud??

i know???? in all ways?? he’s matured so much in such a holistic way.. no shitty racist/rapist jokes.. open about his sexuality.. openly talks about phil all the time instead of just calling him his roommate or friend.. curly hair.. whom is this dan howell??

Denmark/Norway - Outlet For Imagination

He’s reading when Tino taps his arm, jerking his attention from the book to the Finn. Tino is grinning, a sure sign that he’s up to no good, and Sigve cocks his eyebrows in a silent, unimpressed question.

“He just told you that you’re beautiful,” Tino explains bluntly, jerking his thumb at the man sitting behind him. Sigve peers over his shoulder, frowning, to see a man with a hand over his mouth and cheeks flushed a deep red of embarrassment. He can’t quite meet his gaze, and he turns his attention back to Tino as his friend presses on. “I think he was a little hurt you didn’t respond, so I had to step in. He’s cute!

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sorry you’ve been feeling shitty

man, i can’t put into words how much i appreciate this, thank you so much, truly

every single thing like this that I get makes me unreasonably happy, and i really do appreciate the concern

i’m sure things will get better for me, and I hope that things go even better for you, i know that you’ve been in a funk lately too, and i’m really glad to see you getting back into the swing of drawing, even if it’s just little stuff like that messenger program