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Blood, Sweat and Tears. (Yoongi)

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Summary: No one from the day classes associate with the night classes, that’s just how it was. Until one day where you screwed everything up and walked into the wrong room, there sat a tall young man playing a beautiful tune on the piano. Thats when truths started to unravel and maybe some blood to…

Paring: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst, Smut, Fantasy (Vampire) , Maybe fluff?

Based off: Vampire Knight (I changed it up a little bit)

A/N: Send in feedback if you want to, it’s great help for writers to know that someone enjoys their piece of writing.

“50, again?” Mi Na sighed to herself, staring at the years marks displayed on the board in the hall way. You laughed to yourself again, “Y/n? Aren’t you worried?” she asked you.

“Mi Na, I get 40% for every test. My parents found out I was a disappointment when I turned 14″ You laughed staring at the number.

“Oh my god the night class scores are up again” You heard a girl squeal, “They’re all so good!” Another shrieked. Mi Na and you walked over to the other side of hall way and looked at the top mark. “Yoongi” Mi Na whispers “Of fucking course its him AGAIN.” You exclaim shouting down the corridor.

“Miss Y/L/N! Don’t forget to come to the music department tonight! You’re meant to be helping me” Mrs. Kang shouts while tying up her hair into a messy bun. 

You turn around to her, smiling as big as you possibly could “Sure thing” you say through gritted teeth. You walk around facing Mi Na, 

“Oh My God! You get to see the night class!”

“Tell me again why you hate Yoongi so much?” She says, plopping down on her bed in your shared room. “You’ve never met him, how could you hate him?” There was a strong silence before you could thing of an answer “Mothers tuition?” She laughs and falls back onto her silky sheets.

“Boarding at a school is so cliché isn’t it? Especially with the mystical night classes” she huffs out. “It is what it is Mi Na.”

 You grab your toiletries bag and head out towards the bathroom, ‘You’re going to see the night class!’ Mi Na’s voice rang through your head as you were walking down the steps. ‘Maybe I might meet him? Maybe he’ll like me?’  as you were thinking, while walking you tripped on your own foot and missed three steps.

Before you could face plant on to the marble steps someone caught you. You looked up to see his silver hair, “Watch out for yourself Y/n” Jimin talked letting you straighten up.

You smiled. A “Thanks” got muttered out from your pink plump lips, “Anytime” he smiled. “Why are you here? it’s not time for night classes yet” You add staring up at him.

You hated that the night class thought that they owned the school, just because they pay more money to be night students doesn’t mean they can push you around.

“I want to get to class early, plus it’s sunset in a few minutes so classes should start pretty soon” he chuckled. He walked up the steps and turned a sharp left.

“Watch out for yourself Y/n” You replayed what happened in your head through out your shower. “How did he know my name?” you mumbled.

Getting out of the tiled cubicle, you dried yourself and put on black jeans and a white top. Releasing your hair you thought that you did a pretty good job in looking casual.

Looking at the clock on your your phone you noticed you took longer in the shower then you were supposed to. 

Walking down the corridors at night, clutching the clear bag to your heart you felt all eyes were on you. Irritating might be the right word to describe it, you were praying that everybody would go into their designated classes and begin learning.

One more step until you reached the door you were supposed to enter to help out your science professor. Opening the door you stumble in, you look around “This isn’t the right room” you whisper to yourself shaking your head.

You look up and spot a tall boy sitting at the grand black piano, “Damn right it isn’t the right room” he whispered, stopping the tune he was playing he turned around to you.

Only then you were able to stare and admire his features, “I-Uh i’m sorry I didn’t me-” you began to look for words that would make a great apology but his stare through you off guard.

“It’s okay sweetie” His deep voice rang through out your ears, “I forgive you” he stood up and started to move closer towards you. 

“Yoongi?” you whispered “Hm?” he responded not caring that he was intruding your personal space. 

“Do you talk to all girls like they are your girlfriend?” you ask, afraid of his answer you step back. 

He chuckled in response and stopped in his foot steps, turning back around he takes a seat at his piano and starts playing.

“You have to be careful when walking down steps” he stops his sentence and chuckles “If I hadn’t sent Jimin to keep an eye on you then you would’ve been in the nurses office as we speak” 

His words startled you, “Why would you send Jimin to look after me?” you asked. You may be pushing the boundaries with your questions but you wanted to know why he was talking to you like you were something special to him.

“Well…” he trailed off “that’s for me to know and for you to find out” he whispered just for you to hear, knowing that someone was listening in on your conversation.

“I must get going. I have to help out Mrs. Kang” You whispered not wanting to be in this room any longer, you never thought you would come face to face with Min Yoongi.

“I’ll take care of that, you just go back to the day students dorms” He got up and walked towards you, faster this time. 

Opening the door he whispers “Please be careful. I don’t trust them” 

Opening the door, you find a sleeping Mi Na. You lay down onto your cotton sheets and start to think. “Why did he treat me like that?” those questions floated around your head until you fell into a deep slumber.

Yoongi walked into his class, all eyes were on him.

“How is she?” Jimin spoke, popping another blood tablet into his mouth. “How many of those have you had today Jimin?” Jisoo speaks up, referring to the white tablet keeping Jimin from ripping an innocent souls neck open and draining them of their blood.

“Not enough” he mumbled, “I repeat, how is she?” he asked again. “She’s fine, beautiful then ever if you want me to go into detail…” he chuckled. 

“Gross, no..I’m fine. I don’t want to hear about a humans body like that” Lili exclaims, leaning her head onto her boyfriend Taehyung’s shoulder, his hand resting on her thigh.

“Why do you even like her? You could have any vampire beauty and you choose a puny human” Jungkook sighs sitting in his chair.

“Jungkook!” Namjoon shouts, showing dominance “He likes her. That is all.” Namjoon speaks again, coming over to the most dominant one in the room…Yoongi.

“She got to her room safe” he whispered, “Good..” Yoongi whispers back

“I can’t afford to lose her again”

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Geena, can you imagine how worried harry would be if darcy needed to go and get stitches. Xx 😩 he'd be so protective and gentle with her.

He’d be so worried! And even more protective than usual! Feeling her hot little tears soaking the collar of his shirt and the way she’s clinging to him for dear life. Telling her to: “Squeeze Daddy’s hand, hard as you want, okay? I gotcha. We’re getcha all fixed up.” And he’d be talking her through everything the nurse is doing and not daring to move his hand that she’s got a grip on even a little bit. Whispering comforting little words in her ear while trying to wipe away her tears. Trying to make her smile by telling her she’s going to have a cool bandage to show off to all of her friends at school. And telling her how brave she is! He’d definitely be internally worried, but on the outside, he’s the calm and collected dad!   xx.

 SO TODAY I was walking to college down a main road, it was really windy (as you might imagine with all the cars) and I was preocupied with keeping a grip on my beanie when I saw these two women walking a little way ahead of me on the other side of the road. One of these ladies was a bit taller than the other and they were holding hands (aww), the taller kinda butch lady had a flannel shirt on (double aww) and her partner/friend was wearing a cute cream and beige hijab. Now I swear to God this is relevant, wait for it.

A massive gust of wind suddenly comes tearing along the main road. I nearly lose my backpack, to give an idea of how bad it was. I look up and see the wind rip off this poor girls hijab and send it spiriling away down the street. (She had an undercap on so no major crisis but still, right.) 

Before. You. Can. Blink. Our taller flannel-wearing girlfriend of the year TEARS off her flannel like lesbian Clark f***** Kent, throws her shirt over her partners head, and BAM she sprints off LIKE A SHOT after the hijab. 

like 10/10, damn son, holy cheesits burrito, that is the very definition of chivalry and romance right there. 

I want to kiss her neck. I want to breathe in the sweet smell of her hair. I want to watch her eyes changing their color a little bit. I want to hug her from behind while she cooks a breakfast for us. I want to feel how she cuddles me while i get asleep. I want her to hug me when I’m cold. I want to hear her laugh and wipe her tears away. I want to hear her telling me the weirdest of her dreams and the deepest of her secrets. I want to hear her breath against my skin. I want to watch her sleeping early in the morning and wake her up with kisses. To hold her hands when we’re walking across the streets and eat ice cream. To buy her favorite candies and watch her acting like a little child when i bring it to her. To tell her how beautiful she is and how much i love her. I just want more of her into my life. 

I Broke Down Tonight

So tonight something very strange happened. Something that has never happened to me before. I had a panic attack. My day was going normally and I was at work. 10 minutes before my shift, I started to feel a little bit weird. I was uncomfortable. I felt disconnected from the world around me. My hands started shaking and I started shivering and twitching. I clocked out at work and quickly went downstairs and just sat there, thinking about a ton of things all at once. Next thing I knew, I was outside on the sidewalk with two of my co workers beside me trying to calm me down. I was curled up in a ball, breathing heavily with tears running down my face. At first, I couldn’t pin point why this was happening. But then it hit me. Lately, I had been thinking a lot about some people from the start of my channel. People that used to support every video I did and would always interact with me. Flashes of these people flew into my memory. These people were people who I talked to on a regular basis and people I was getting to know fairly well. One of them in particular (who will go nameless) messaged me first because of my videos. She had said that she was very very depressed and cut herself on a regular basis, And at one point had contemplated suicide. At the time, I was making videos on a very regular basis. She said that my videos brought her so much joy and put a smile on her face. My videos were the reason that she had stopped cutting. Months went by and my videos got more and more infrequent. And then I never heard from that girl again. Then, a few months after, I found out that the amazing, strong, and wonderful girl who had sent me those messages months before, had ended her own life. This hit me harder than ever tonight. After conjuring up this memory of her in my mind, I just couldn’t pull myself together. I was crying as my dad held me in his arms asking me what was wrong. And for the first time, I was completely honest with him. I told him that I don’t want to go to college. I told him how much I absolutely adore YouTube, and I told him how incredibly terrified I am of not reaching my dreams as a yputuber. At first, he didn’t understand. He thought my dream was to get famous and be able to make a lot of money. But then I explained my real dream to him. My dream as a YouTuber is to make as many people as I can happy. I want to be there for you all every single day and bring a smile to your faces. I want to make you laugh when you feel like crying. I want to make you smile when you feel like breaking down. I want to make you happy even when you are at your lowest. The thought of that amazing girl ending her own life crushed me. I almost felt responsible for her death. I wish that I had done more. I wish that I had talked to her more. I wish that I could have made more videos for when she felt down. I don’t just want to entertain people. I want to give them hope. I want to make people smile and I want to show people that they truly matter. I don’t do YouTube because I want to get famous. I do YouTube because I want to make people’s lives better. I do it because I want to inspire people and make them feel happy on their saddest days. I do YouTube because I don’t want anyone to feel alone. I want to be there for you guys. I want to be the person you can look to when you are at your lowest and I want to help you in your time of need. I cannot even begin to examine how absolutely in love with YouTube I am. I love it more than anything. I can’t live without it and for this next year, I am going to try as hard as I can to make my dreams come true and I will not stop until it does. You all mean the world to me. I wouldn’t be the happy person I am today without you. Thank you all so much for all of your amazing support. Your comments and tweets and edits and fanarts and everything you do makes me so happy. I love you guys so much. Thank you. Let’s make this year amazing and let’s grow this community into something incredible. A community where everyone respects each other and helps each other out. A community where everyone is close and friendly. A community where no one will ever feel alone. I know we can do this. I love you all so much.

You Will Never Not Matter

I am a ball of emotions after this chapter, every word Touka said, every honest feeling she delivers,,—how she gives Amon advice/helps him to have courage and go see Akira, speaking about her own personal feelings and fears, the exchange of thoughts.. the way Amon feels about the fact she’s rabbit but doesn’t blame her, he understands the circumstances&the other side of the story, honestly..  everything about this talk with Amon was everything I ever wanted and never expected.

“My dearest friend, in whom I trust without hesitation, without doubt─

Come what may, I know you will strive on.

You will strive, and in the end you will triumph, on this journey and the next, and the next, and the next.

And when you have fought the good fight, only to find, yet again, that it is not enough─

I will be there.

This I promise. This I swear.

Beyond darkest night waits a new dawn. I pray you greet her with a smile.

Your friend,

Haurchefant Greystone”

-Letter to the Warrior of Light, Thoughts Unspoken, Tales from the Dragonsong War, 2016

ok but like.. billie joe wrote his first song at 5 years old and he did a little interview at the time in which he said that he loved singing because it made people happy and that he wanted to sing his songs to people all over the world.. and now he goes and plays in arenas with his best friends and thousands of people singing songs he wrote in his basement when he was 16.. it just makes me tear up a little bit and makes my heart fill with joy every time i think about it

I think [Jared and Jensen] understand a wonderful thing. This is unheard of and unreal to be in this situation and I think both of them love each other. We are honestly a family, the Ackles and the Padaleckis, we are literally a family. My son plays with their daughter and we love each other in that way.
—  Gen Padalecki answering the question “How Much Longer Can Supernatural Go?”

i have another request to do but this was something i ended up drawing on my own haha. ive been reading a lot of su criticism and it’s been v interesting, and lapis seems to get adressed a lot. ppl rly appreciate beta lapis so i thought about redesigning her resembling that version and expressing more personality with her design + experimenting with shapes. for her i decided to go with a tear drop theme. it still needs adjustments as i figure out how to draw her fast and consistently so her forehead might get a little smaller but otherwise im very glad with this design! i honestly wanted to draw something so that was rly nice

i made her darker and with gold accents for personal taste, with darker muted and less saturated blues going along with her depressed and mostly negative personality, and the splash of bright gold to go show her bits of her that are funny, silly and light-hearted.  i imagined her freckles would show up dark when corrupted, lighting up gold once steven healed her. they might even glow when shes really happy one day! and for the rest of her i decided to focus on more rounded long shapes.

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I want to tease Harry until the bitter end. Leave him on the very edge and kiss his thighs and tummy and hips, trace my tongue on the permanent vein on his cock, roll his balls in my palms and give them little kisses, trace the underline of his cherry red tip and his slit, telling him not to touch me when I sink down on him painfully slowly, while he has his eyes locked on where we're joined, and he moans while tears are streaming down his face. "I-It h-hurts"

Mmm, he’s thick and pulsing inside of you, rutting his hips up.

“Tsk tsk….” you start to dismount and he stops moving.

“M'sorry, sorry sorry oh fuck I need you, promise I’ll be good…promise”

He looks at you with glassy eyes, head lifted a bit off the mattress, biting his lip.

You smile, sinking back down, kissing his lips as he relaxes back into the mattress.

“Good boy”

me: *deeply insecure about my own writing* *needs constant validation and reassurance* *gets nervous posting anything i’ve written* *reads every comment and tag to see what people think* *tears up a little bit if someone describes my fic as their favourite or tells me they love it*

also me: *delights in torturing my readers with angst* *unironically refers to anyone who reads my work as ‘my fandom’ even if it’s only like… six people*

Springtrap's Struggle [LOUD]
My voice
Springtrap's Struggle [LOUD]

This is my personal interpretation of what I think ol’ Springy sounds like. I like to imagine he’s in constant pain because let’s face it, he probably deserves it. On a side note, I would not recommend choking yourself while voice acting. It’s rather unpleasant. 

Anyways, hope you enjoy it! Feel free to make a request if you wanna hear more VA stuff from me!

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I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but now I got a cold and my eyes are tearing up and my nose is running and I’m supermegaterriblyemotional I guess it’s as good a time as ever.

There are some people I am forever thankful for and indebted to because you are why I’m still here, why I can stay hopeful and courageous and keep loving and I have way too much love and I could burst but instead… thank you wonderful, open-minded, respectful, kind, loving, supportive people who I’ve got to know at least a little bit or very much love your blogs and appreciate the shit out of!

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Can U Move Your Masterlist Up

Updated March 12 2017

Bucky x Reader

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Ghost Story Masterlist // Series In Progress // You were designed to disappear. What happens when you’re caught?

Not A Fairytale, Just This // Fluff and a bit of angst // Bucky believes you deserve more, but all you need is right in front of you.

Hold On To Me // Angst // You’re upset; Bucky comforts you.

Inside Out // Angst; a bit of fluff // You’re slowly tearing yourself apart, but Bucky reminds you of your worth.

Stay // Angst // You’re called away on a high priority solo mission, and saying goodbyes without a return date in sight is harder than expected.

I Just Can’t Adult // Fluff // Sometimes adulting is hard. Childhood comforts and Bucky make it a little more bearable.

Twenty Questions // Fluff!!! and a bit of angst // You and Bucky get lost on a mission so you get to know each other a bit better. Well, maybe more than a bit.

Brooding Minds Think Alike // Angsty fluff // You’re having a shit day. Bucky’s having a shit day. Why not have a shit day together.

Match My Breathing // Fluff // Bucky calms you down from a coughing fit.

~ Coming Soon to a Drive-in Near You ~

Drown Me Out, Fill Me Up // Angst // A mission goes south and everything changes.

Hardcore Parkour // Fluff // A boring week takes an exciting turn.

Red Gone Rogue // Loosely Connected Series // The story of how you met the Avengers, and what happens after.

Other Avengers x Reader

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Tony x Reader

The Old Fashioned Way // Fluff // Holiday parties and giving you surprises are Tony’s two favourite things.

Wanda x Natasha x Reader

Galentine’s Day // Fluff // Valentine’s Day without the boys? Whatever shall you do?