i tear up everytime

“You ain’t gotta be rich but fuck that 

How we gonna get around on your bus pass 

Before I put this pussy on your mustache, 

can you afford me? 

My niggas breadwinners, never corny 

Ambition makes me so horny 

Not the fussin’ and the frontin' 

If you got nothing, baby boy, you better 

Get up, get out and get some, 

shit I like a - lot of Prada, Alize and vodka 

Late nights, candlelight, then I tear the cock up 

Get it up I put it down everytime it pop up, huh 

I got to snap ‘em, let it loose, then I knock ya 

Feel the juice, then I got ya - when you produce a rock 

I let you meet momma and introduce you to poppa 

My - coochie remains in a Gucci name 

Never test my patience, nigga, I’m high maintenance

High class, if you ain’t rollin’, bypass 

If you ain’t holdin’ I dash yo…”

- Amil “Can I Get A…” (1998)



find you a guy 

who embraces you, touches you, kisses you, looks at you, hugs you..

like dog bird ♡


Happy birthday to beautiful, precious Daehyun who works tirelessly doing what he loves, is so humble about his incredible talents, is so dedicated to his team and adores his Babyz so much. 

I love this moment even though I tear up even thinking about it everytime; he sang a song on this show that his father sang at karaoke to cheer him up during the hiatus, and he was so thankful to be singing on stage again in front of his fans that he couldn’t hold back his tears. Being an artist is his life and you can see his passion in everything he does. We’re so grateful to have him and the rest of B.A.P back together again ❤️❤️❤️

Happy Birthday Daehyun!

Can you believe Monica Geller, who’d been planning her wedding day since she was a child, gave up her wedding dress so that she could book Chandler’s favourite band for their wedding, because i can and i do and it’s one of my favourite episodes, but i still tear up at how amazing these two are everytime i watch it

I’m rewatching “Providence” from turn season 2 and I can’t stop crying because Lafayette is so dang cute and I just wanna cuddle him and why????? Who does he think he is just marching in my life being all “ahhh bonjour im ‘ere to destroy your life madame” Who allowed him to be so cute?? I’ve been crying for an hour straight and I can’t go on watching because I tear up everytime. Look at that little Bastard

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everytime i read zayn’s book i find myself tearing up at that quote about his mum ’it reminded me that at the end of the day, even if everyone in the world hated me, my mum would always be there for me’. there are a lot of painful quotes in his book, but this one is heartbreaking for me, considering everything that he has to deal with every single day, only because he, like everyone else in the world, chose his own happiness and mental health, after struggling for years with anxiety and an eating disorder, and because he is a brown muslim man.

Top Figure Skating Programs of All Time

Top 3 Ladies Programs of All Time

1: “Les Miserables” Yuna Kim

This is such a beautiful and emotional performance, I had a hard time deciding which program out of Kiss of the Vampire, Gershwin, Homage to Korea and This but I ultimately decided to go with this because the emotion in it makes me feel things everytime I watch it. Her 3lz is incredible and her movements so beautiful I just love her a lot.

2: “Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto no.2″ Mao Asada.

The sheer emotion in this performance, the gorgeous spiral, the twizzles and the amazing step sequence at the end are all phenomenal. But the context is what truly cements this for me. Mao’s reaction at the end just shows how monumental this program was for her and for fans and it was an historic moment.

3: “An Angel Ave Maria” Carolina Kostner

She truly is an angel, this program goes down as my favourite Ave Maria and one of my favourite routines because Carolina is so compellingly and mesmerisingly beautiful that I tear up everytime. The look on her face on the end pose is just… celestial.

I just had to go with the holy trinity for this.

Honourable mentions: Michelle Kwan’s East of Eden, Sasha Cohen’s Swan Lake, Mao Asada Liebestraume, Yuna Kim’s Gershwin and everything else, and I also adore Ashley Wagner’s Exogenisis. 

Top Ice Dance programs of all time

1: “La Quete” Delobel/Schoenfelder

What are they doing here? They’re telling me a story. The message, the characters, the story itself and the beautiful way they skate it, and above all the personal significance of this routine all make it my favourite ice dance program ever. Skating together since they were 12, former world champions, plagued by injuries, Delobel had had a child, they went in wanting the gold but by the free dance they knew that was out of reach so they were able to skate this so freely. Their goodbye to competition, this was the last time they skated this routine and the first. The story of their career told as they close the book. I have so much emotion over this whole thing and it makes me cry without fail every-time.

I leave you with the words my friend gave me when she 1st showed me this “she had a surprise for you”

2: “Bolero” Torvil and Dean

Truly GOAT, Torvil and Dean’s Bolero will go down in history as one of the most memorable and famous programs ever. It has such a strong and beautiful character, they use the building repetition of the music so well and their skating builds and moves to match it. Everything about this program is phenomenal and It truly deserves the GOAT title.