i teach topics that will entertain me

Today in my lit class
  • Teacher: The problem with today's literature is that it serves only as entertainment and prevents people from knowing what really is out there. You could ask a girl in middle school to tell you about the Hunger Games and she'd tell you the entire story, but if you ask her about the situation in Afghanistan she won't know a thing about it.
  • Me: Have you read the Hunger Games?
  • Teacher: No, but I saw the movie.
  • Me: Then you can't say anything about that because the purpose of the book is to raise teenagers' attention, teach them what war is and mock the society we live in and the things we value as important.
  • Teacher: *looks around nervously and changes topic*
  • Now I won't deny that a lot of the books publish nowadays serve only for entertainment. However, I believe that it recent years author's have tried to capture our reality, criticize it and they aim to make readers aware of this. It is as if they want to inspire us to make a change.
  • I hate it when people criticize something they know nothing about. Particularly when it comes to YA literature. I know there are some very bad YA books out there, heck I've read some. But, there are also plenty of bad adult books out there and no one says anything about that. Adults believe that because we are teenagers we just want to read cookie-cutter stuff that obliterates reality. However, I disagree; the books I enjoy the most are those that make me aware of social issues I had not know before. I will say this again, stop underestimating teenagers and what we like to read. Buy a YA book once in a while and you might be pleasantly surprised.