i taste sound


I got really excited about old man Corvo today

arielgryffinpuff said: I want stony tsum tsums as well. Will have to buy some :) they’re so cute!

yup, they are cute!

I would even recommend to get a whole bunch, not only Stony!

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🐝- Tag three friends and your three favorite things about them!
@galahave enabler 10/10
@sapphic-shite fucking awful memes, makes me cry 10/10
@nickigrabbedmyass hot, dresses well 10/10

🌷- What are you attracted to in people physical appearance-wise?

Looks exactly like my icon

my aesthetic is first lady michelle obama trashing donald trump without ever using his name

u guys remember how i can kind of taste sounds and colors and also hear colors and textures?? I forgot to mention that i also have this weird thing that everyone has a theme song. Everyone i see looks like a song and that same song plays in my head when i see that person. Idk this doesn’t make sense im just thinking abt a cute girl i saw at school

So I have synesthesia, which basically means some of my senses are mixed. For example, I feel sound and taste sight. A common thing for synesthes is colors popping up for words/letters/numbers etc.

Like for me, g is a yellowy-orange. One time in California I saw a flower and gasped, crying out in surprise, “That’s g!” because it was the exact shade I couldn’t believe it


nordstr0m, being such a wonderful human being, helped me determine a kind of synesthesia Len would have. It’s commonly known as “space-time synesthesia.” Basically, most synesthes with this can stand in, say, the middle of the street, and know exactly what time they’re standing in. All around them are the months, like a clock. I picture Len having something like a stopwatch, and he can close his eyes and walk around, determining time patterns for heists and whatnot

and what if Mick had something like mine? What if he felt the sound of fire, tasted every crackle of flame and their associated colors like I do? What if they bonded over having synesthesia, even though they have different types and most color palates for synesthes are different?

I just have a lot of feelings about synesthe characters

35. Playing Teekesselchen as a child because of all the words with more than one meaning. A “Hamburger”… can you eat it? Is it a person? Who knows!

What to listen for in a cold war of visual cues.

                        In a  posture of surrender,

                        you take to the deepest shades of the day

                       and keep them for yourself.

                       The motion of shifting colors

        has never been a quiet motion,

                       but it can be readily ignored

                       by a world distracted with sight.

                       You, a wealth of darkest shades,

       know well the color of loneliness.

                       you beg,

dive to the bottom of the ocean with me –

let us dig to the black soil until we find white bones –

the galaxy is loud, but it is beautiful. Won’t you move into this noise with me.


Okay but can we talk  about this?

This italian Ice cream shop made an  Il Volo ice cream flavor.

I’ll say it again


I just have alot of questions… what does it taste like?… what’s it made of?

I’d love to hear your theories cause I have no idea… STILL DYING TO TRY IT THOUGH LIKE YES BRING ME TEN POUNDS OF IT