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I know we all talk about how Robert’s romantic plans always fall to shit. The thing is he always has such a adorable intentions, my lil pure mess of a boy. 

Aaron organized the cabin getaway as a twisted  way of getting evidence when he was angry.

Aaron organized the Manc dirty weekend on his birthday as a way of not being caught out when he was jealous.

Can Aaron just organize something lovely just to treat his husband, and they actually get to do it, and it all goes smoothly? Please, I beg. Robert deserves a bit of attention, come on Emmerdale. 

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Okay but I feel like he's gonna fall for a sweet gal who loves music. And she's going to have an ample collection and he'll come over and they'll lay head-to-head on the tacky shag rug in the living room of her shitty house and listen to record after record. And after each track, she'll animatedly explain the history and meaning and story behind each song. And he'd love to see her animated hangs hanging in the air above their hands tapping out the beat and signaling the importance of her words.

And it’d be absolutely no different when his new album is released. They’ll lay on that shitty shag rug and listen. And Harry’s nervous as fuck but she’ll love it so much, and she’ll be all giggly as she attempt to explain the meaning to the man who wrote it, and she may not always have the right meaning but Harry will nod along because her meaning sounds so important and frankly quite better than he originally intended. And he’s just so enamored by this quirky girl and he can’t get over how
Excited he is that she likes it. And in a fit of happiness and proudness after the album finishes, she puts his album on her favorite albums shelf and runs back over and plants a nervous excited kiss on his pink lips. And neither can stop smiling and the world is so happy and so at peace and harry literally think he’s seeing stars. Like he’s been on world tours, and in massive movies, and every crazy scenario you can even imagine, but he’s never been happier then now.

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Can you talk in more detail about Mulan 2? For me, that's the one that sorta falls inbetween good and bad.

I can’t talk that much detail because I watched it once and I never will again… I remember sort of liking the princesses. But the drama between Mulan and Shang was so forced, the animation was typical, lazy, direct-to-sequel nonsense, and making Mushu the bad guy was just absolutely absurd. He’s clumsy, sure, but come on! Give us someone to really root against!

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No offense but if keith n lance do like kiss even on the cheek I'm gonna expect you to like. put up a gif of that one Gravity Falls guy (Stan I think) doing that 'wrong song'. I expect this. Okay.

w h a t are you talking about what gif??? I didn’t watch gravity falls from beginning to end so idk?!!!!!

i just want somebody to...

-call me beautiful
-adore me
-never stop talking to me
-hold my hand
-go on dates with (or imagine dates)
-skype if we are long distance
-be my person
-kiss me
-hug me
-give me attention
-let me spoil them and love them
-not let me feel alone


Bungou Stray Dogs S2 » (ep. 18) the strategy of conflict

“It’s true that if the Detective Agency defeats the Guild, you will slash the enemy’s strength without lifting a finger. If you’re lucky, the Detective Agency and the Guild may even take each other out.


I have faith in us. I believe in us. Do you?

am i the only one on here who has like… a very short temper because of abusive parents who got angry at every single thing and never taught me anger management skills. and i dont talk about it but I Know that the apple doesnt fall far from the tree and that i picked up the ‘gets mad easily and overreacts’ trait and i live in fear every day that one day ill snap and become Just Like Them ha ha i wanna die

You are the first person I want to talk to when I wake up. The last person when I fall asleep. The one to share good news with, the one to upset with. I love you.

Why is the popular characterization of Stanford Pines still this “cold, stuck up science jerk with ambiguous morals” sorta thing…have you seen him??? Sure he’s spent the last 30 years in dimensions with rules and social norms wildly different than ours, and sure he can be standoffish at times and get really carried away with his research, but other than that honestly he’s like… embarrassingly wholesome. Did y'all miss the “gotta do the right thing even when it seems impossible” speech? The part when he pulls out a picture of him and Stan as kids that he’s kept in his pocket for 30+ years? The time where he stops what he’s working on to play a goofy board game with his 12 year old nephew, complete with doing ridiculous hand gestures and poses when he talks about different characters? Or how about how he’s been wandering through dimensions with no home or resources with ppl hunting him down and he like…can’t stop overthrowing evil regimes and being friendly to random people and generally doing good? Its not that the angsty loser of science who gives weapons and mind control ties to children isn’t him, but sometimes i kinda wanna see more Stanford “chronic dogooder with a marshmallow center” Pines in fan work, y'know?