i talk about them loads

Okay I’m so petty so,
Tonight I was working the closing shift which is 5:30-11:15 and it was like what 10:30?
So I was working at the belt (I work at a Wal Mart so there’s an express lane as well)
A woman came with a bunch of groceries blah blah blah, and she was price matching and using coupons. Now I have absolutely no problem with that because save ya money!!!!
This fucking girl with like TWO items in her hand came and started swearing and complaining that it was taking too long, like ??????? Why are you here and not in express???????????????
So me being the petty person I am, looks her dead in her eye and I smile and I take my time doing everything just so it takes so much longer, she swears and she leaves.
Another woman came and complained so I did the exact same thing and she left,
The woman who was price matching and everything, and I talked a bunch of shit about them after.
This gave me a load of joy.