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Movie Night

A Bucky Barnes One-Shot

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader

Word Count: 2246 (I got a little carried away!)

Warnings: NSFW! 18+. Swearing, smut, fingering, unprotected sex (wrap it up!)

Request: Anon: “Hello there! First I just wanted to tell you that your writing was amazing for the 100 kinks for Bucky! I loved your stories so much and wanted to ask if you were taking requests at all? If you are, can you please write a one shot about Bucky lusting after the reader? Maybe shes an assistant at the compound or something like that. If not, it’s all good, but I think you should write because your amazing at it! Smut if you want!”

A/N: Here your go nonnie! Sorry this took so long and I hope you like it!

You were wearing it again. That damn black pencil skirt that formed perfectly to every curve. The black heels you had on made your legs look fucking fantastic. Bucky knew he should stop staring, but you always caught his attention when you both shared a room together. He watched as you smiled easily at everyone, how you flipped your hair over your shoulder when you would talk and fiddled with the buttons on your shirt when you were lost in thought. He nearly bit back a groan as you bent over the table to pass out the file folders you were holding. The glimpse of white lace underneath your white button down about ended him.

“Buck, you’re being obvious,” Steve said while punching Bucky’s shoulder and sitting down next to him. Bucky looked up to also see Sam shooting him a knowing smile from across the table.

“I don’t know what the hell you are talking about,” he said while trying to focus on anything other than the way that skirt hugged your ass. When you walked behind his chair, he caught a whiff of your perfume and it instantly made his dick hard. Bucky adjusted himself in his jeans and grabbed the file folder in front of him in hopes of getting his brain on the task at hand instead of what you would look like naked underneath him.

You were walking down the hallway back to your office after the meeting was over. You needed to get inside your personal space. The way Bucky looked at you earlier had left your skin tingling. That man was going to be the death of you. You felt like your brain fizzled out whenever you were near him. His quiet demeanor made it impossible to read him but his stare said enough. You couldn’t decide if you wanted to strangle him or kiss him. Oh, who were you kidding, you wanted to feel those lips on your body.

Right after that thought took root in your head, you turned a corner and slammed right into a solid chest, causing you to drop your papers and folders. You looked up after regaining your balance and were mortified to see Bucky staring down at you, his brow creased. You felt your cheeks grow hot before kneeling to pick up your papers.

“I’m so sorry Mr. Barnes. I wasn’t paying attention,” you said to his feet. You were too embarrassed to look at his face after the thoughts you were having about him. A pair of hands appeared in your line of sight. You were startled by his metal one, he normally had a black glove covering it. He was organizing the folders when you chanced a glance up at him. His hair was falling in his face and the black t-shirt he had on was stretched across his broad shoulders.

“Bucky. Please call me Bucky.” He said while straitening back up. You clutched the files to your chest and stood awkwardly in front of him. You almost jumped out of your skin when he reached out and brushed a piece of your hair away from your face. The shock must have clearly read on your face because he snatched his hand back quick.  

“Well, I’m sorry again, and thank you for helping me.” You moved to walk around him. His metal arm shot out and stilled you by placing his hand on your arm. You looked up at him with confusion.

“Doll, it was an accident, you don’t have to apologize.” He looked down at where his hand was touching you. “Would you like to stick around for movie night tonight? It is Tony’s night to pick so I don’t know if it will be good but…” he let his sentence trail off.

You were so shocked that he was even talking to you that you realized your mouth was hanging open. You closed it and mentally shook yourself out of the dazed state you were in. “Are assistants allowed to join the Avengers at movie night?” You joked. Bucky smiled and you thought for sure your heart was going to stop. God, he was gorgeous.

“I think you passed up the assistant title long ago,” Bucky said while rubbing his thumb on your arm. “You can sit next to me. I’ll even share my blanket with you.”

Wait a minute, was he hitting on you? You were sure if you didn’t distance yourself from him soon, you were going to melt into a puddle on the floor. “Yea, that sounds great Bucky. I’ll see you there.” You gave him a smile before hurrying the rest of the way to your office.

Bucky watched you until you shut the door behind you. He smiled to himself. You were attracted to him just as much as he was to you. This was good to know. After having a talk with Steve earlier, he had decided to make his move. With any luck, you two wouldn’t be watching too much of the movie tonight.


You were nervous. You had asked Wanda what time to be in the screening room. When you told her that Bucky had invited you, she was shocked but then grinned and winked at you. You smiled to yourself as you looked up at the clock. Fifteen minutes to go. You grabbed your gym bag from underneath your desk and pulled out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. You stepped out of your shoes while unbuttoning your shirt. You pulled it off and bent to take your skirt off. As you were folding the garments, you heard the door click open. Before you could cover yourself, Bucky’s head popped in.

“Hey doll, I thought I would…” Whatever he was saying, died on his lips as he came in and saw you standing there in your bra and panties. You thought he was just going to back out, but he didn’t. He slowly closed the door and leaned back against it. Your face had to be ten shades of red as you were frozen in place. Bucky’s hot stare was setting your skin on fire. He crossed his arms over his chest and licked his lips. Your eyes darted to the floor, but didn’t miss the bulge his cock was making in his sweats.

“Do you want me to leave, doll face?” He asked in a husky voice. You looked back up at him and saw the red color in his cheeks and the way his breathing had changed. Did you want him to leave? You hadn’t had sex in a while and the man standing across from you looked like he was made for sin.

No, you didn’t want him to leave. Instead of voicing your answer, you reached behind you and unclasped your bra. You held the cups to your chest for a second before letting it fall down your arms. Bucky groaned so low that it almost sounded like a growl. He practically stalked over to you. His flesh hand cupped your jaw and his metal arm curled around your waist. The coolness against your hot skin make goosebumps rise.

“Are you sure about this? Because in about ten seconds, I’m not going to be much of a gentleman.” His words made your shiver and wetness to pool between your thighs. The look he was giving you with his lust blown eyes and his breath coming in short pants was making your anxious.

“Bucky yes, I’m sure. Now kiss me.” You said before wrapping your arms around his back and crashing your lips against his. Bucky instantly commanded the kiss. He ran his tongue along the seam of your lips, asking for entrance. You opened them and tangled your tongue with his. It was consuming; teeth clanking, lip biting, sighs and moans. You felt drugged as his metal hand made its way to your ass, grabbing a handful, pressing your body into his. His other hand was buried in the hair at the nape of your neck. Your hands found their way inside the back of his shirt and roamed over the warm muscles. He lifted his lips from yours to trail soft kisses along your cheek and landing on the pulse point below your ear. You leaned your head to the side with a moan. His teeth nipped the tender spot, causing you to gasp and score his back with your fingernails.

“Kitten has claws,” he murmured against your collarbone. Your sigh turned into a moan when you felt his tongue swipe across your nipple. He brought his flesh hand down to flick over your nipple as his tongue and lips continued their torture. This man was turning your bones to jelly. You pulled on his shoulders to bring him back up.

“Too many clothes,” you whispered as you stripped his shirt off. He chuckled at your urgency. You put your hands in the waistband of his pants and pushed them down his legs. His cock sprang free between the two of you and you nearly wept. It was beautiful. Long, thick and dripping precum. Bucky didn’t give you enough time to admire it before he swooped you into his arms. He walked across the room and laid you on the couch. He propped a pillow beneath your head and kneeled between your thighs. He ran his hands down your body before pulling your panties down your legs. After tossing them to the floor, he stopped and stared at you. His eyes took in every detail they could. He settled his hands on your thighs and spread them further apart, his eyes fixed to your pussy.

“God damn doll, look how wet you are,” he said as his thumb trailed through your wetness. You moaned and watched as he brought his thumb to his lips and licked off your essence. You nearly came right then.

“Bucky…” you whimpered. “Please, I need you.” You thrust your hips up at him. He smirked before you felt his finger enter you. He brought his thumb down again, circling your clit while his finger started thrusting in and out of your cunt. You arched your back and let soft moans fall from your lips. Bucky watched every reaction. He was a man enjoying himself. A wicked chuckle left his mouth when he found your g-spot.  You had become a writhing mess as you were nearing orgasm. Bucky added a second finger and gave your clit a pinch, sending you over the edge. Your whole body shook as you nearly screamed out your release.

“That was fucking beautiful baby,” Bucky said, brushing his lips against yours. You nudged your hips against his, coating his cock with your slick. He grunted and reached down to align himself with your entrance. He slowly pushed forward, letting both of you enjoy the feeling. When he was fully seated inside, he stopped to give you a minute to adjust. You felt stretched, almost to the point of pain, but it was amazing.

Bucky was whispering words of encouragement against your lips. How good you felt, how tight you were around his cock, how he wanted to make you feel good. You rolled your hips into his, causing him to inhale sharply. He looked down at you, adjusting his arms on the couch for leverage. You brought one hand up to tangle in his hair, while the other got a good grasp on his ass.

Bucky started a nice and slow rhythm, just enough to make you want more. He placed his lips against your neck and sucked on the tender spot he had found earlier. You gasped and tugged on his hair. He growled into your neck and his thrust getting harder, going deeper. The sound of his skin slapping against yours was intoxicating.

“Oh god… Bucky… you feel so good.” You said, biting his shoulder. His lips met yours again. Your moans began mingling with his groans.  

He pulled his mouth from yours, “Are you going to come on my cock doll?” His thrusts had turned fast and choppy. The angle he was pumping, hit your clit with every drag in and out. Your body began to tense. “Come on, baby. I want to feel you come.” he said, chasing his own release. He reached down and drew rapid circles on your clit. You flew apart, coming with a startled cry. “O-oh fuck baby… shit,” Bucky groaned. He reared back, pulled out and gave his cock a few hard pumps before he spilled himself on your stomach. His face was contorted in pleasure and sweat was dripping from his forehead. It could have been your blissed-out brain, but he was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen.

While you were waiting on both of your breathing to return to normal, you reached out and rubbed your hands along his thighs, “I’m pretty sure we missed the movie.” He laughed and got up to grab his t-shirt from the floor. He swiped it across your belly, cleaning up his mess. He wiped himself clean before sitting down and pulling you onto his lap.

“Trust me, I would much rather be right here with you, rather than watching some movie Tony picks.” He said brushing the hair off your face. He gave you a gentle kiss, “Wanna go back to my room and have our own movie night?”

How Got7 would ask you out.

JB: He would ask to take you to dinner. You wouldn’t have any idea as to what he was up to. As soon the waiter left the table after taking your order. JB would confidently ask you to be his girlfriend, but before you could answer he would tell you that this is “our” first day as a couple. 

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Mark: Mark would be taking you home from watching a movie, when suddenly he stops the car in the middle of the street and asks you to his. Flustered by his actions you couldn’t possibly say no. I mean, it’s not like you had a huge crush on him or anything ;)

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Jinyoung: Jinyoung would try to be a man in this kind of situation. He would try to make it all romantic, but ends up looking like a cute monster threw up all over his kitchen, dining room, and living room. He had up so much effort into the perfect way to ask you out. Jinyoung thought that you would end up saying no, but in the end he ends up asking you over hot chocolate. The cute gesture was enough to move you. Smiling like a little kid, you nearly screamed “yes”. The night ended with both of you smiling and talking like fifth graders. :3

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Jackson: Oh lord. Jackson, now this boy is boyfriend material (not that the others aren’t either). He would end up taking you to get ice cream, while ordering you went to grab a seat. He asked the person who made the ice cream to write, “y/n, will you be my girlfriend?” in whip cream over the ice cream. Jackson coming back with the ice cream and a gigantic smile across his face. Placing the ice cream in-front of you and yelling, “Will you be my girlfriend?” at the top of his lungs. The pressure of everyone looking at you was nothing compared to Jackson staring at you with wide eyes. He knew you couldn’t resest the wangpuppy eyes, you wiped the cream all over his face and hugged him while saying “yes’ 

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Youngjae: Youngjae, this sweet boy. He would take you to get a snowcone, because he knows how much you love them. When you would sit down at the table that was provided at the stand, he would mumble something under his breath. You would have to ask him a couple times before he finally mustered up the courage to ask you. 

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Bambam: We all know that this boy has no shame. He would bring you some snacks at lunch and tell you that “starting today, we are the school’s power couple.” 

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Yugyeom: My bias  He can be kind of shy when it comes to things like this, but he’s had enough of just watching you get played by all these boys and wants you to be his. He would confidently walk up to you, confess and ask you to be his. 

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So like...why do you think Trini was willing to let Kimberly take a drink from her water bottle. Don't they like barely know each other and Trini is letting a practical stranger drink from her bottle?

If Kimberly came up to me and asked to drink some water from my bottle I wouldn’t say no either lol

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imagine giving our man bucky a handjob during a movie night or something. he's old fashioned and the idea that you'd do that freaks him out at first but not enough for him to stop you. he's got his brows furrowed and his eyes pinched shut and right as he's gonna come someone asks him a question and it takes him a second to recuprerate and gather his thoughts

“Bucky?” Steve asked for the third time.

“I’m - I’m coming” Bucky answers somewhat strangled.

“Alright man, poker night tomorrow starts at 8” Steve quirks his brow at his answer.

Sinful Sunday™

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Hc where The reader is super ticklish and Tyler takes advantage of his knowledge about it at the most inappropriate times? (Like at a movie theater, livestream ect.) Thanks a million!! I love your HC'S :)

I’m glad you do and I hope you enjoy with one as well 😊😊💕💕


- ‘Are you ticklish?’

- ‘No…’

- He sensed your lie, you’ve been compromised

- While you’re cooking, he just tickled you and you nearly dropped the pan

- Him dying and you blushing furiously

- Watching a movie and him tickling you discreetly

- Squeaking and smacking him to stop so you can watch the movie

- Being terrorized by Ty cause he won’t stOP

- Always being on the lookout for him now

- Can never be at peace, ever

- But he does it out of love so it’s okay

“Baby Project“: Laters Baby (Pt. 2)

Tyler Joseph Fic 

Part 1

(A/N): Hey party people, I hope you all are doing well. Enjoy x PS there‘s a movie reference hidden in this chapter, hola at me if you know which one 

Words: 744

(Y/N) straightens her posture, takes a deep breath and presses the doorbell. No more than a minute later the door flies open, revealing a shirtless guy. 

“Ms (Y/L/N)“, the brown haired man greets with a hint of ridicule, “To what do I owe the honour of your presence?“ he asks with a smug smirk, casually leaning against the door frame. 

“I need you to take care of the baby“ she answers straightforwardly and presses the object in his hands, catching him off guard; yet he still manages to get a grasp of it. However, the doll immediately wakes up from its slumber and starts crying.

“What no I can‘t-“ Tyler protests while trying to soothe the baby, but gets cut off. 

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Wtf did disney do to make us fall in love with a couple that is barely seen. Even when they become human again we only see them for a brief second.

Oh, you know Disney; it always has its magic touch…

But no, I think the real reason why the musicians have received so many positive reactions is because Disney gave us a reason to look.

Take the prologue. If we weren’t looking at the prince we were looking at the Madame.  She stands out by a ton, with her wig and her dress and her place above the dancers like the full-blown opera diva she is.  And if we weren’t looking, we were listening, and by heaven, she’s the best singer in the entire production.  Plus if you know the lyrics to the Aria, she’s setting the prince up to be initially hate-able to the audience.  She owns the prologue, no competition there.

And then, because he’s in her vicinity, we notice Cadenza.  Even while the prince is dancing, the camera cuts away for little snippets of Cadenza’s expressions during the festivities, and he’s feeling every second of her performance and he’s so in love with her voice and her.  And then we notice the harpsichord and I don’t know if you had this thought, but I remember thinking “Huh…that’s actually really good playing.”  In fact, if people just listen to the audio, Cadenza’s a lot more prominent than one would initially think (because in the movie, the prologue gives us so much to look at that we hardly focus on the music.  In fact, Cadenza’s got an amazing part in the OST “Castle Under Attack”–at around 3:28).

Another reason why they’re so noticeable is because–and this is a film trick that can be used in the best of ways–aside from the prince (but he’s so covered in makeup anyway), they’re the only ones whose faces are shown.  

Even I have trouble remembering that the other servants were present for the entire dance because we were only shown their backs.  If we did see their fronts, their faces were hidden in shadow.  The only reactions we got to the prince’s transformation were Cadenza’s and Garderobe’s.  And they weren’t so much terrified as they were in awe, but they helped put us in that moment.  

The same thing happens at the end of the movie, when Garderobe’s singing the finale.  They are literally the last faces we see.  She sings the last E-flat, Cadenza’s hands go up to play the final note, and then the screen cuts to black.  In a way, it started and ended with them, plus they represent and pay homage to what made this movie such a blast back in 1991: music.  And above all, that’s what makes them so important.

People who think we spend too much time dissecting Sherlock (and no- not just for tjlc) , it’s not like we were the first fandom to really obsessed over the truth of the story we have been given. Anyone watch “Room 237” on Netflix? It’s a documentary about The Shining from the perspective of the people who would be The Shinning’s version of TJLC. No, there isn’t a ship, but they do spend an incredible amount of time and energy dissecting the movie and Kubrick’s intentions for the sake of extrapolating a purpose that isn’t obvious to casual viewers.

Take this quote, “…I’ve always had fun with that because…Continuity error? Could be. Or it’s not, or it was originally but Kubrick saw it and decided to keep it. He’s parodying horror films. In order to remind you that this isn’t just a horror film.”

Sound familiar? People want to try and put us down and call us delusional, but its not like we are the first and only fandom to do this.

Request: “I would’ve had breakfast ready, but you were sleeping on my arm, and I didn’t want to wake you.” With Lin/Reader ~ @colbertandlin-manuel

Masterlist | Request!

You were working on the script for the new movie you were writing. Your agent said you had to have it to her in four days. Knowing yourself and how you procrastinate, you decided to start early. You only planned to work on it for an hour or so, but once you started you couldn’t stop. The click-clacking of keys was the only thing heard through your small apartment.

“Baby, you’ve been working all day!” Lin whined from his spot on the couch. “Come cuddle.”

“Lin, I can’t,” you told him, not taking your eyes away from your computer screen.

He walked over to you and put his hands on your shoulders. He massaged them and placed a kiss on the top of your head.

“Take a break,” Lin said, quoting his own work.

“I have to get this draft to Jennifer, I can’t stop ’til I get this draft to Jennifer,” you smiled smugly.

“You’re so sarcastic!” he grumbled and made his way back to the couch.

“I am your wife!” you shot back.

“Y/N, it’s 12 o’clock in the morning.” Lin told you, irritation present in his voice. “Please come to bed.”

“Lin, I have to finish this one scene then I’ll come to bed,” you said.

“You said that four scenes ago!” he said.

You just ignored him and continued to type.

“Well, I’m going to back to sleep,” he said, quoting more of his work.

“Best of husbands and best of men,” you said apathetically.

That’s when he got fed up. He walked over and closed your laptop screen.

“Hey!” you exclaimed.

“It’s Google Docs, it saves automatically! Now, come to bed!” he said.

You surrendered. The thought of being snuggled up with him was enough for you to stop everything. You followed him to the bedroom and got under the covers. As soon as you cuddled against him you were out like a light.

You felt Lin shift underneath you, and it with was enough to wake you up.

“’Morning, sleeping beauty,” he said softly.

“’Morning,” you replied groggily. “I’m hungry.”

“I would’ve had breakfast ready, but you were sleeping on my arm, and I didn’t want to wake you,” he said.

“My draft!” you remembered and shot up off the bed.

“That’s another reason why I didn’t wake you,” Lin began, “I knew the first thing you would do was rush off to go write.”

You looked at your husband. He was frowning and you absolutely hated seeing that. You immediately felt bad; after all, all he wanted to do was spend time with you.

“Mi rey, don’t pout. I’m sorry,” you cooed as you caressed his cheeks. “how about I make chocolate chip pancakes and then we can rewatch ‘The West Wing?’”

“With whipped cream?” he asked, looking up at you with a childlike glint in his eyes.

“They’re not chocolate chip pancakes without whipped cream!” you chuckled and led him into the kitchen.

Your draft could wait.

send me one of these with a cast member/character and I’ll write a drabble!

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* Man, do I feel devious... And I feel like shit. Why would I do this to anyone? Sorry. It's like, what, 1 in the morning? I wasn't thinking. You can hurt me as much as you want, now or afterward. Actually, you know what? Infect me with that Fresh virus, and I'll suffer with you, buddy ol' pal. Or whatever you can do. Make me suffer. Make me compensate for my sins, Skittles.

“Okay.” He takes out the bee movie script.

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any new childhood friends fics above 10k ?

some of these aren’t new but they weren’t in our tag

leave the window open (because I miss you) by minful - “It is a lesson taught by both adults and horror movies that Jeongguk could never sit through without ending up in his parents bed later that night: never talk to strangers and never answer the incognito voice. But now, it is different. Especially when the noise, now voice, calling for him is tender and nearly as naive as his own.” In which Jeongguk finds friendship through his bedroom window.

You’re So Special by miniimin - Sometimes you find your soulmate in the form of a dirty kid on the playground. Sometimes it takes a little longer to figure it out, but that’s okay - in the meantime, you have a best friend. (Or: Jeongguk falls in love before he knows what the word means. Taehyung spends all his years teaching him.)

Us, that summer by nalbwanalbwa - Jeongguk wants to go back to that summer, to the rocky beach and clear sky, to easy smiles and comfortable silences, to hearts beating pit-a-pat, to light brown hair dancing lightly in the breeze, to Kim Taehyung and his love; to that summer where there is them.

got a question or request? check our tags page first to see if what you’re looking for is already there, or use the search bar on our blog! if you don’t have any luck with that, feel free to send us an ask when the inbox is open^^

Ta-ta 4 Now!

((Adios, ladies and gentlemen! As the fandom seems to be cooling down and settling into hiatus, Tina will be taking a break from her blog until November of 2018. Coincidentally, this is the same month the next Fantastic Beasts movie hits theaters! What happenstance!

Anyway, until then, Tina and I love and adore all of you. Stay tuned. She’ll be back.))

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See, when it comes to JL, I'm really, really sick and tired of Snyder's need to make everything a freaking music video allllllllllllll the time. Especially when the songs are the most unsuitable things imaginable; I mean.. Seriously? The White Stripes and John Lennon's complete bullshit word-salad song? Totally makes you think of the Justice League. I also really dislike how we're meant to take some manner of optimism from these characters and their brevity... But it still looks drab as Hell.

Hell it’s not even Snyder, it’s WB. Suicide Squad looked great until you see how the movie was edited just like a music video. I think that’s the one common thing about this universe, it’s making things look cool without any meaning behind it.

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So was the power rangers movie good?

technically? it’s not going to be up for an oscar any time soon (not that the oscars mean much) but for a superhero movie in the age of the mcu and dceu? and for a remake of a 1990s children’s television show? yes

it’s an origin story about one of the most diverse groups of superheroes you’ll see outside of the pages of a comic book and you’ll find yourself rooting for each and every member of the team. the film doesn’t take itself seriously and it’s beyond refreshing. i was laughing and crying and didn’t even realize that i had been in the theater for almost two hours and that’s coming from someone who couldn’t sit through rogue one without being distracted. it’s not perfect and there’s room for improvement in the very probable sequel but as someone who grew up with the original series i’m really excited to see where this one goes

Thrilled - ravenbringslight - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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Additional Tags: suggestive fruit eating, Flying, First Kiss, Tumblr Prompt

Thor takes Loki flying for the first time.

This is for @lunariagold who sent me the one-word prompt “thrilled,” which I intended to be no more than 500 words but which somehow got a tiny bit away from me. Hope you enjoy it! Smooches!! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

If you’d like your own one-word prompt ficlet feel free to send me one! I posted a list here.

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What are you going to do once john goes back to normal? Will he still be a bad guy? Will you have to fight him? Will he remember you?

This is a hard one. I guess continue on with how my life was before? Maybe check in on him from time to time to remind him to eat and take care of himself, as well as give him gifts on his birthday and other holidays? I honestly don’t know. And isn’t that the nature of the uncertain? He may remember me, he may not. I might have to fight him, I might not. I hope he won’t be a, as you put it, ‘bad guy’. But I don’t know. Either way, I will always see him as the same three year old that demands crispy bacon every morning, gets hooked onto Disney movies easily, loves the snow, but hates being cold, and most of all, who smiles as bright as the sun.

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I'm going to take the wait & see approach on what Harry's Instagram and social media mean an how things are handled from that point, but to be honest if this is his album launch it does not sit well & continues to perpetuate the I'm too cool & elitist image he has going on right now. It makes me sad because at this point I'm starting not to care if he has music. We'll see I guess, it could just mean new official movie posters for Dunkirk are coming soon.

/Never mind my last ask/comment about Harry (& his social media). I just saw the Tv ad- just ick. So pretentious. I just can’t, I think I’m going to need to take a break for a bit, he’s lost me😝/

Oh Anon,

I’m sad to hear this, and I really do hope you change your mind.

I admit that I’m human and was hoping, like most fans, that Harry’s team would make a formal announcement re: his solo album. But this is how they chose to announce it.

The blank SM was hard to interpret. Was he announcing new material or a new beginning? If a new beginning, does it mean a repudiation of One Direction?

Along with his statements re: 1D in Another Man, are these cryptic actions in fact, informal and passive ways of separating from One Direction?

And I agree with others who feel we can’t continue to interpret Harry’s actions by blaming his management team (he chose it, he agrees to its strategy, he may be directly involved in strategizing) or by ignoring all the interpretations that don’t fit our desires. In fact, we just don’t know anything other than what he’s been quoted as saying in Another Man.

But if you think of this as a PR strategy for the general public, it is, in fact, very smart. And I’ll refer to the television ad.

As a Harry fan, I recognize the elements of Harry that seem at first so contradictory, but has come to embody what we know about him. We know he’s whimsical, melancholic, sentimental, opinionated, ambitious, and talented in many creative ways, not only in music but in the visual arts and perhaps acting and writing, as well. We also know that he loves performing–in the sense of being theatrical and dramatic–but also that he has grown tired of the downsides of being a celebrity.

We know that media will continue to call him “Harry Styles from One Direction,” with all the implications of being stuck singing WMYB, taking photos with preteen fans, selling Harry dolls, etc.

This is why Zayn is no longer Zayn Malik from One Direction but only Zayn.

The SM change and the TV ad certainly make a break from that, and whatever you think of them, THEY CERTAINLY AREN’T BORING. And to me, they aren’t alienating, and won’t be to the general public. They are fresh and challenging, the way Apple Computers Super Bowl ads used to be. They are creative and thought-provoking.

Now, the ad.

The piano chords are in that moody twilight-zone of alternating major and minor chords, typical of a certain 1970’s sounds like Dark Side of the Moon, and just like IICF, Walking in the Wind, and What a Feeling. The mood is evocative. The lighting is theatrical, with a single light source, and a mixture of dramatic long shots and tight close-ups.

The pacing is on target and the build is really perfect for a thirty-second ad. We see gradually more personal details– silhouette, wet waist, back of the head, forearm and hand dripping with water (with Harry’s personal and immediately recognizable tattoos), front of the head, and then, suddenly, the androgynous, young quarter face, a beautifully clear golden green nearly filling his irises, his instantly recognizable sloe-shaped eyes, a wet strand of hair.

One can’t help being seduced by this ad. It’s so restrained, yet every element works to build the mystique and astounding beauty.

Maybe you felt it was pretentious, and you are absolutely entitled to have your opinion, but it’s still an undeniably gorgeous ad.

It works. It’s great PR. The timing, two weeks before release, is also perfect. Should there be an official announcement? I think so.

As for the music, we will see. Never prejudge a song before you hear it.

The problem is, I foresee a lot of problems listening to the song honestly. I’ll explain why later… this post is already too long.