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Q. What’s your favourite number?

V: 85. Last September, it was announced for the first time that DNA ranked #85 in Billboard’s HOT100. Since then, 85 became my favourite number.  

Q. What’s your favourite drink?

V: Lime/lemon flavoured carbonated drinks. It’s an essential when I’m eating meals or when I’m resting. I don’t really like coffee or wine.

Q. What’s your favourite movie genre? 

V: Everything but Horror! The one I find interesting recently is ‘the movie ‘Youth Police (Midnight Runners)’

Q. What’s happening these days?

V: Actually right now, I’m planning to give a car to my parents as a surprise. Just thinking about it is making me excited!

Q. What is the saddest BTS song?

V: From our latest album LOVE YOURSELF承 ‘Her’, It’s the hidden track ‘Ocean (Sea)’. The lyrics shows the road we’ve been walking and when I listen to it, my chest tightens.

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Not my Jacket - Part 1 - S.P

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The red headed boy run into Southside high. Ghoulies looked at him oddly and serpents glared at him.

“Archie? What the hell are you doing here?” Jughead quizzed him.

“It’s Mayor McCoy! She’s rounding up all the serpents. You gotta go jug!”

“Oi!” Sweet Pea walked up to the red headed boy, pushing him slightly, “What are you doing here.

“You have to g-”

Archie couldn’t finished what he started. For the mayor, trailed by cops, started walking into the school. First they got fangs, securing him in handcuffs. They ran after Toni, slamming her into the ground.

“Fuck” Sweet peas eyes wondered around. “Fuck, fuck wheres y/n?”

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i might shut this blog down soon!

so i’ve really really enjoyed this blog, and i very much want to continue to run it! however, not only is the fandom slowly dying, but it’s getting gross.

normally i’d do my best to ignore the more toxic parts of the fandom, but…90% of the fandom has converted from being obsessed with IT and the characters to being obsessed with child actors.

my inbox is flooded with questions about mike wheeler and finn wolfhard! i want to separate the character of richie tozier from the actor who portrays him in the 2017 movie, i want nothing to do with the sexualization of minors.

i am going to keep this blog running for another 2 weeks or so, and i hope i see a positive change in that time. but if i still feel uncomfortable with the asks i’m getting and the content i see, i might have to take my leave.

thanks SO much to all my supporters, i love all of you! i’ll keep my store open (the keychains are being manufactured now!! im so excited!!) and i may answer an ask every now and then (because my love for richie tozier will NEVER die!) but i just don’t feel right in this fandom right now.

much love! hope to see some positive changes in the future. 


okay, so finally sitting down and doing some Thor: Ragnarok fic recs, because I’ve been reading a whole bunch and figure it’s about time to at least…do kind of a starter pack, a first week pack, a “sure I haven’t actually finished any of mine but kudos to the people who have” pack

ANYWAY, A RECS LIST. disclaimer that this is basically a Loki-centric list, because I know what I like and I’ve basically stopped apologizing for it (mostly. sort of.).

better stop and rebuild all your ruins by ohliamylia.

An immediate post-movie tag, including The Hug and Thor and Loki having a bit of a talk.

home through shadows journeying by Etharei (Thor/Loki)

On the whole, I don’t read a lot of Thor/Loki, but this fic was…ahhh. A bunch of post-movie vignettes (and one sex scene) about settling in on the ship, and with each other.

put out the flames by finalizer

Loki and Thor get to Earth with the ship (so, ignoring the mid-credits scene), and some of the things still unresolved. This one doesn’t necessarily mesh with all my headcanons, but it’s excellently written and has some great characterization.

bold and roll the dice by finalizer (Loki/Valkyrie)

Okay so I fell into kind of shipping it - they’re both enough of disasters that it hits my “two disaster people being disasters together” kink. This fic kind of ties into the one above (by the same author) but you don’t need to read that one to read this one - Loki takes off to get some space, and Valkyrie does the same. Eventually they crash into each other and it goes from there.

Recalibrating by KhamanV

Another short post-movie tag with Thor trying to figure out his new problems with depth perception. It’s short and sweet and good brother fic.

over the edge of all our knowing by grim_lupine

It’s marked as Thor/Loki but reads as gen to me, and just feels like another look into Thor and Loki’s relationship post-Ragnarok, featuring Loki returning to old habits (but not those ones) and a really great last line.

In His Good Graces by Tandirra (Loki/Grandmaster)

Loki’s first weeks on Sakaar - not just about the sex (though a little about the sex) - also about Loki dealing with the sudden (presumed) loss of everything he knew and figuring out how to live with that. 

Loki lands on his feet (always) by alternatedoom (Loki/Grandmaster)

Another one about Loki on Sakaar working his way up - some good sex, a lot of good character study.

be my mirror, my sword and shield by ginnyweasleys (Loki/Valkyrie)

Yeah, so I’m weak for the “fighting turns into sex” trope, and I’m also weak for this kind of sharp, deadly, edged relationship. Valkyrie doesn’t pull her punches on Loki (in any way), and it creates a tense, convincing dynamic and some very hot sex. 

Getting to the Top by StarsintheRiver (Loki/Grandmaster)

Loki parties too hard. It’s really hot and really dubious smut. That’s what you’re in this pairing for, right? (It’s what I’m in this pairing for.)

Vices Are for Mortals (series) by TheOtherOdinson (Loki/Grandmaster)

Written pre-movie so the series isn’t exactly canon-compliant, but damn it’s hot and also some…delightful Grandmaster characterization. All the right fairy king edges. And did I mention that it’s really hot.

atonement by foolandahill17

It’s angst and I would read 1000 fics like this, honestly, I would. Loki takes action during the mid-credits scene.

play to win by humanveil (Loki/Grandmaster)

So sue me, there’s a bit of a theme to this list. It’s just that a lot of the really interesting (to me) fic that’s come out so far has been…really smutty Loki/Grandmaster. I will not apologize for art, and neither should this fic writer.

Un/Hurt by PoorYorick

A fic where Loki was injured in the battle against Hela and tries to hide it from…basically everyone. I am almost embarrassed by how much this fic pushes all my buttons, but not really. Good quality whump, A+.

a land flowing with milk and honey by LadyCharity

Okay, I honestly might’ve screamed a little when I saw that LadyCharity was writing in this fandom again. This fic…she says that it’s not “her trademark” but it’s beautiful character work and beautiful prose and made me cry, so I figure that’s pretty much a trademark. Thor POV and Thor-centric (unlike most of this list), it’s a lot about Thor’s struggle with ruling and trying to find a way to deal with his newfound responsibility and all the revelations that came in the movie. And that ending. Jesus. Just go read it. 

The Convalescent Way by gaslightgallows (WIP, Loki/Valkyrie)

This one is a WIP but it’s three chapters in and I’m loving it. It’s set on the ship post-Ragnarok - Loki and Valkyrie is the ship in it but it’s not just about them. I’m really excited to see where this one goes.

The Governess

Anonymous asked: Meg! I love your blog and I know you love AUs and Classic literature so I was wondering if you could write a Loki x fem!reader based on Jane Eyre??? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

Here you are, lovely! This thing took on a life of its own to be honest. I do not own Loki, Natasha, or Tony. They belong to Marvel.

Warnings: Some angst, some fluff, a little jealousy, Movie/book based AU, and it’s long! Probably the longest one-shot I’ve written. 

Pairings: Loki x fem!reader, Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark. 

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The beautiful manor of your new employer came into view and you drew in a breath.  It was beautiful. The falling leaves all around the place only added to its charm. You knew you had to take it in while you could because once you entered the manor, you would have to put on your professional attitude. You were there for a job after all. To be a governess to the ward of the owner of the estate.

           Your carriage stopped and you took a deep breath. Were you ready for this? This was your first real job. Your previous employment had been through the boarding school you’d grown up in. You knew everyone there before you even began working, This was uncharted territory. However, whether you were ready or not, it was time. You climbed down from the carriage and the door of the manor immediately opened.

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a 2000s story…

when Spiderman 2 came out, there was a lot of buzz about the videogame. like everyone was talking about how good the game for Spiderman 2 was, it got a good review in Game Informer, X-PLAY gave it a good review, and a lot of people were hyping it up.

usually games based on movies sucked really bad, but I bought it anyway, it was like $60. And it was a total rip off. Yeah it was fun I guess, but it was so easy. I beat it in like 1 day. So I take it back to GameStop, and I’m all “I want a refund, this game sucks.” and they were all “Nah dude, we can’t give you a refund. But you can trade it in for credit.” and I asked how much credit theyd give me and they were like “$8.” so I ended up just keeping the game and never playing it. Years later I did end up trading it in and only got 10 cents. 

  • richie: you’re giving me a sticker.
  • eddie: not just a sticker. it's a sticker of a kitty saying, “me-wow.”
  • richie: i’m not a preschooler.
  • eddie: fine, i’ll take it back.
  • richie: i earned this. back off!

that-one-strange-geek  asked:

Since I want to spread some happy Gwenvid on this fine late night (should be sleeping but eh): David tries to at LEAST have one date night every week, because he loves Gwen so much. So he'll take her out for ice-skating, movies, dinners, stargazing, trips to the mall, etc. He just wants her to know how much he loves her. And Gwen, in return, tries to use their Sundays to go hike. Doesn't have to be long hikes, but just some fun hikes for the two of them (and Max, when they can convince him).

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Me at you

anonymous asked:

Your tweet about the film runtime is trending on Reddit! It was linked by the movies subreddit

I just checked and you’re right…….

so that must be why i received a sudden burst of activity on twitter today. it’s so weird to see my icon on the front page lol 

and the other thread on the star wars subreddit is trending too wtf. I guess everyone’s worried about having to take bathroom breaks midway through the movie

anonymous asked:

got any suggestions for someone who feels like shit :/

if you feel sick :

  • @littlewitchlingrowan ‘s soup knocked the world’s worst cold out of me a few weeks ago (link)
  • i posted this potion for you. it’s green but i promise it’s not gross (link)
  • spells, but, like, on your illness (sigil) (banishment spell) (tons of healing spells by @maintain-balance)
  • maybe see a doctor who might prescribe you something to help if it’s bad enough

if you feel sad :

  • look at pictures of cute animals
  • watch your favourite movie from when you were a kid
  • do some divination to help you think
  • do some banishment spells to banish sad feelings
  • do some attraction spells to attract positive feelings
  • take a nap and eat carb-rich foods (like pasta or rice)
  • if you think you would benefit from it, try seeing a doctor or a counsellor

i hope that helped, but i’m always here if you need anything ♥

littlexavenger  asked:

Tomorrow er-today I'm meeting a guy who I've been talking with online for awhile. We're just doing a low key meet at the movies thing. A movie was my idea because I'm horribly crippled socially and struggle to get comfortable with new people. I'm always afraid they won't like me. Movies provide a distraction and allow me to grow use to being around someone. My question is as someone who also suffers from anxiety, how do you deal with meeting people for the first time in real life? Thank you!

As a lover of books and being comfortable around them as well as libraries and bookstores that is my go to. Mainly because in a previous job I could take a long lunch breaks and had the opportunity to go to the bookstore and read for long amounts of time.

I would shy away from using a movie as a first time meet because basically you get together and talk for 10 minutes and then you ignore each other for two hours while sitting in the dark.

Bookstores and libraries offer quiet spaces that can also be solitary, while also being safe because there are people around but generally those people are not looking to talk to you.

And if things end up going bad, you’re always in a good place to find a book to read that night.

ID #70501

Name: Jordynn
Age: 18
Country: USA

hello! i’m very shy and quiet, but i really want to break out of my shell and talk to new people and make new friends.

i’m a college student (i’m undecided at the moment) and i love music, psychology, dank memes, movies etc. i also love to take photos, draw (i can only draw flowers lol) read and write. i also love to learn new languages as well and i love puppies and kitties (though i’m more of a dog person)

i would love to communicate either via snail mail (because i think letters are really cute) or social media. i’m very open-minded and i love to learn about different things. i hope you all have a great day/night!! ♡

Preferences: someone between ages 18-25 please. i don’t have a country or gender preference. also, i don’t tolerate racism (i’m black btw), homo/transphobia, neo-nazis etc.

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imagine harry has pulled you into his lap and won't stop kissing you all of your face until you start giggling and he grins and goes, "there's my girl," and then you take turns playing with each other's hair and comparing hand sizes and feet sizes as you watch a cozy movie

Oh WOW this is exactly what I need right now holy shit I’m going to die thank you for this


Natasha Romanoff x Reader


Safe House

Two Different Sides

Iron Man’s Daughter and the Black Widow

Our Little Avenger

Love Confessions

Take the Lead

I Never Stopped Loving You

Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Wounds and Cuddles

Missing Puzzle Piece


I Can’t Lose You

Horror Movies

Back in Her Arms

Please Don’t Leave Me

Whatever Happens

Magical Accident

Don’t Go

What They Say Doesn’t Matter

Natasha Romanoff x Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Date Night 

The Best Way to Heal

New Member of the Family

Maria Hill x Reader

Relaxing Night In

Jessica Jones x Reader

I’ve Fallen for you

In the Arms of the Woman You Love

It Was to Protect You

Movie Night


Daisy Johnson x Reader

Dating Daisy Johnson Would Include

The Inhuman and the Bakery Owner

Bobbi Morse x Reader

Hidden Feelings


Michelle Jones x Reader

The New Student

anonymous asked:

you ever think about what people would say about Dead Girl Walking if the genders were reversed

Always. Which is why I thought it was a weird choice that they switched the roles in the musical from the movie. In the movie JD is the one who goes to Veronica‘s room. Now he doesn’t break in a demand sex, he just suggests that they play croquet and one thing leads to another. But for sure if he had broken in and said “shut your mouth and take off your panties“ it would’ve not gone over well. But since shy, mild-mannered Veronica does it it’s “empowering“.

willzgirl: Your tags are awesome!

it would be so touching and so great for girls who get scoffed at for enjoying star wars like little girls can watch it with their dads and be included in the story its not just little boys and their dads girls can be the skywalker hero too they get this wonderful heroine to look up to and the rocky-turned-strong relationship she has with her dad who loves her more than anything in the galaxy and also !! also !! through ben and leia you kinda get a contrasting mother-son relationship too a strong mother who’s actually alive so little boys can take their moms with them to see the movie even better if leia plays a big role in ben’s return to the light a mother’s love for her son a son’s love for his mother a father’s love for his daughter a daughter’s love for her father these are two dynamics we’ve never had before in star wars and i am 100% here for them

This is the star wars I am here for

SEVENTEEN Reveals What They Like To Do When They Are Not Working

Have you ever wondered what SEVENTEEN prefers to do during their down time?

The 13-member group appeared on the November 18 broadcast of SBS Radio LoveFM’s “Song Eun Yi and Kim Sook’s Unni’s Radio” to answer such questions.

SEVENTEEN answered, “There are some who are homebodies. They have friends they play games with at home or watch movies with members and eat.”

Members continued, “There’s a group who goes to Han River. They go and take walks. There’s also a Naju beef-bone soup group.”

Jun explained, “I like spicy beef-bone soup, so I’ve been going for four years. I like food like soybean paste stew and spicy beef soup. I only eat the soup and I don’t eat rice.”

What are your thoughts on their preferences?


I’m laughing so hard because my mind is incredibly (stupid) amusing sometimes, I can’t even xD XDD

It’s about my Lunyx Dirty Dancing fan fiction. I tried to use some elements from the 1987 movie and now I should start writing the final scene, the one where Johnny (Nyx) sneaks into the show theater (treaty ceremony) and takes Baby (Luna) for one last epic and super romantic dance. You know, when they prove themselves being amazing dancers, super in love, and where EVERYONE in the room knows the moves too like in some crazy disney movie. I mean this scene: 

Look at the squad being so smooth. Amazing. Perfection. 

And now look at what the scene looks like in my imagination: 


sangdoldol  asked:

Bubble gum, peanut butter,black cherry, neapolitan, dark chocolate 👀, fudge, blueberry lemon Big fan, love you

bubblegum: books or movies?                

Honestly depends. There are things I love and dislike about both. I like books because they allow me to imagine a certain scene and the characters in the way I envision them. But I also like movies for the times they take me beyond what my imagination could.

peanut butter: favorite academic subject?        

Definitely History, Psychology, and Sociology.

black cherry: four words that describe you?

I’m a trash can.           

neapolitan: things that stress you out?                       

Money worries, career worries, family, friends, and personal health

dark chocolate: turn ons?

Brains, humor, leather jackets, tight pants, tattoos, arms, thighs, butts, boobs, hickies, spanking, breath play, biting, thigh riding, hair pulling, orgasm denial.  

fudge: turn offs?                      

Narcissism, Drugs, no sense of humor, close minded, rudeness   

blueberry lemon: favorite blogs?  

@djhyngwn @sangdoldol @jooheonster @minpuphyuk @minhyuuk @sugasfatgf @ihateparkjaehyung @dimpledjookyun @sosmark @satinseok @ckihyun @kihyuns @wonhosflower @wonhosgoofyasslaugh @taemsphltrum @silverkyun @jackseung @hyungnu @kimyumbin @supersaiyum @theshenanigansoftakiyah