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Post-Infinity War: Peter Quill subtly asking Tony Stark to go on a space adventure with him away from the hurt, the deception, slowly taking away the fear.

Yes, please???

I need Peter ever so subtly suggesting that he and Tony just get on a space ship and go on a full-out space adventure. Peter taking Tony to all his favorite planets, taking him to his favorite parts of the galaxy and Tony would have the time of his life. He’d be in complete awe, taking notes about the technology on certain planets and noting how far more advanced they are compared to earth. He’d talk with the locals, sometimes having to be steered away by Peter when things get a little too heated with arguments. Having to escape life threatening situations and fighting with an upgraded version of the Iron Man suit that he and Rocket worked on, having such a great time. He hasn’t felt this alive in ages and he’s gone for years. 

The first time Peter suggested it, Tony wasn’t sure but he was glad he accepted it because he needed the time away for all the mess. He needed to be around someone that he trusted, someone who knew would have his back and that was Peter. 

Peter wanted to take Tony on this adventure because he knew Tony needed this and he loved seeing Tony happy and content, he always deserved that. 

These two going on a space adventure while possibly falling in love in the process, yes please!!

Reylo and why it’s a problem beyond any shipper war….

I’ve been part of many shipper wars over the years. Absolutely crazy and disgusting ones that left me wondering why I had ever joined the fandom in the first place. I have seen people call each other retarded and freaks over a ship and bully people, stalk their social media accounts… I have seen people insult actors and writers on social media over shipping - even sending them death threats (!!!!), I have seen people insult the significant others of actors because their ship wasn’t happening in real life as well… You name it, I’ve probably seen it. Some of these things also take place in the Star Wars fandom and I find them just as appalling and disgusting as I do in any other fandom. However I have become used to this insanity to a certain point and so there is a level of shipping-craziness I can ignore. Is this good? Probably not, but that’s simply what happens when you are confronted with bullshit for years and years, you become immune to it to a degree.

What I have seen in the Star Wars fandom recently though has crossed my line…and sometimes it has not just crossed it, it jumped past the line and blew itself into the freaking stratosphere of unacceptable behaviour.

Look, Reylo started out as somewhat of a crack ship, something that exists in almost any fandom. The villain + the hero… people writing fanfics about it, enjoying the idea. No problem so far because what you imagine in fics and have as a head canon can be problematic and unrealistic. As long as you are aware of it and don’t take it too seriously, everything’s cool.

The thing started to blow out of proportion when people suddenly became convinced that it will be canon. And that it’s the only acceptable, interesting canon, and that the entire Star Wars crew is playing some giant goose chase game with the fandom and only the Reylos get it. Shipping Reylo became some sort of detective game that only the truly smart people can figure out. Hidden clues, fairytale motives… Half of it seemed like we had suddenly entered a real life conspiracy theory scenario.

All of this is weird and insulting the intelligence of non-shippers but it can still be overlooked with an eyeroll. The real problems began when people started to justify why Reylo is better than any other ship and entirely unproblematic. They did not stop at plot points and hidden clues…no! In the course of defending their ship as a realistic option for the future of Star Wars, huge issues arose that made Reylo even MORE problematic instead of making it more acceptable.

Issue 1: The treatment of Finn

Some of the biggest treats of any ship are obviously other ships that involve one of the characters. In case of Reylo the biggest treat is Finnrey, ie. the ship between Rey and the character she spent the majority of time with during TFA. This ship somehow had to be discredited. Looking at the dynamic between Finn and Rey in the movie, making this ship not just unrealistic but downright horrible should be quite a challenge. Yet it was shockingly easy for the Reylo fandom. Not by using any valid plot points, but by stepping over lines that should never be crossed, not only in fandoms but in society in general: racism, homophobia and toxic masculinity!

Finn is, for many reasons, an absolutely groundbreaking and incredibly important character in the Star Wars franchise. Played by John Boyega, a man of colour, he is one of the few POC lead characters in any major franchises, cinema and TV alike. But not only that, the character himself is representing an incredibly important arc: A person brainwashed by an ideology for most of his life questioning this ideology and breaking free from it, breaking out of a facist organisation, refusing to follow their blind ideals and joining the fight against them. Finn becomes a hero in TFA for many reasons. He saves Rey, the other lead of the movie, several times and it is obvious she adores him. So the version of Finn we are presented with in TFA is that of a hero who becomes best friends with the heroine.

Somehow many members of the Reylo fandom considered it necessary to reinterpret this version of Finn to the point he became unrecognizable to justify why he is wrong for Rey. The fact that he broke out from the First Order suddenly became an act of cowardness because he was not strong enough to kill for them. His fear when he ran away from the facist organisation that turned him into nothing more but a number was interpreted as weakness. Him pretending to be a member of the Resistance was not seen as the act of someone ashamed of where he came from or someone who thought no one would trust him if they knew the truth – it was seen as a character flaw. His lie to personally get to save Rey from the First Order was interpreted as a sign of him being a pathologic liar instead of someone who would do everything for his friend. Even his motives were questioned…wondering if he REALLY left the First Order or might just be a double agent, trying to infiltrate the Resistance, even though there is absolutely no evidence for it in TFA! The fact that a man of colour is villainized, ridiculed, made out as weak and essentially a loser, who did everything just because of fear and because he is a liar, when all of his character’s storyline does originally make him look like a hero, is wrong on so many levels that I don’t even know where to start - and all of this seemingly to justify why he is not a suitable love interest for Rey! The fact that people did this with ease can’t help but make you wonder if they could do so because of their internalized racism. In this scenario a black man is made unworthy of a white heroine, even though his character was meant to be a hero just like she is. Turning a black man into a pathetic loser, even though his storyline contradicts it completely, falls right into racist behaviour patterns… especially if you do so to justify why a white character, who was constructed as a villain, is a better choice for the heroine than the black character who was constructed as a hero.

This is however just one kind of mistreatment Finn receives. Other scenarios involve Finn being gay to get him out of the way as a love interest for Rey. This way of thinking does not interpret Finn as gay for the sake of equality and representation but mainly to make him unsuitable as a love interest for the heroine. To use the sexuality of a character only to make room for a ship is obviously a totally wrong way of approaching homosexuality in fiction. Connected to this is people’s reception of some of Finn’s characteristics: for whatever reason many see Finn as unmanly, because he shows fear and seeks for support in dangerous, scary moments. This apparent unmanliness of his made some come to the conclusion that he is gay. So a man who does not fit into stereotypical ideas of how a man should be like… of course has to be gay, implying that a gay man is unmanly due to his sexuality? URGHS! If this is not the conclusion drawn by people, another popular one is that the “unmanly” Finn is not strong enough for Rey. Yet many of the people who express these ideas have no problem with Finn potentially being with a WOC who will be introduced in the Last Jedi. So he is too weak for Rey but not for an Asian woman they know nothing about? Does this scream racism? It obviously does…

Another tactic is….ignoring Finn. Removing him from all discourse, from all fan art and fan fics, erase him in pictures and switch him for Kylo Ren. Not only does this make no sense looking at the actual movie, but it removes the movie’s black lead from his rightful position. You can’t tell me it doesn’t leave a sour taste in people’s mouths if TFA’s black hero is switched for the white villain? In the end it’s the erasure of a black person, no matter how you look at it. And that is just WRONG.

Let’s summarize: If your tactics to convince people of your ship involve sidelining and demonizing a POC character or discrediting a man because he doesn’t fit into stereotypical masculine characteristics… you got a problem.

Issue 2: The racist attacks towards other fans and John Boyega

People love to pretend this is a tiny issue and does not reflect the fandom but… Something like this can never be a tiny issue! I am not saying that no vile, wrong actions took place outside of the Reylo fandom (check out the very beginning of this post…I acknowledge the usual shipper war insanity, which did take place from all sides, not denying this for a second) – however there is a difference between people insulting each other for a ship, and people sending anonymous messages full of racist slurs to people of colour in this fandom because they are against Reylo or adore Finn. That is, to put it mildly, an absolute catastrophe and the fact alone that this sort of behaviour was inspired by a ship is shocking. If you then remember that one character of this ship is in fact a facist… It has “abort mission” written all over itself. Yet people did not even manage to keep their trash inside of the fandom… it made its way into the comments section of the actors’ social media accounts. One much cited incident took place on Daisy Ridley’s instagram page, where people threw around racist insults towards John Boyega. If anyone has followed her, they will know she took down her instagram. I can only assume that this incident did not do anything positive for her view of social media. Since apparently this is still not enough, some racists feel the need to spread lies about John Boyega, turning him into a sexual predator even… I don’t think I have to explain that this is absolutely, utterly unacceptable!! From slight, internalized racism to open, inexcusable racism - we have now seen it all. This has to stop! And it will not stop by the Reylo fandom insisting it’s not all of them. Of course it isn’t. But that doesn’t make it any less of a giant problem! I could as well now draw the conclusion that Reylo fans are okay with shipping Rey with a facist because they are okay with facism…. and racism. It would be unfair to many of them, sure… but let’s be serious…can anybody be blamed if they come to this conclusion at this point? And is it such a crazy idea to assume that this ships draws in racists and facists??

Issue 3: The reinterpretation of Kylo Ren as a misunderstood anti-hero

One preferred way to make the villain Kylo Ren worthy of Rey is to try and explain why he is the way he is. This goes beyond a serious psychological analysis of why he turned into a facist murderer. It is used to turn him into a guy who is not responsible for his actions and actually kinda nice. “Poor Ben Solo was targeted by Snoke in the womb, in the WOOOOMB!! He couldn’t do anything about it. His childhood was traumatizing (why exactly we do not know), he had nobody and so of course he fell into Snoke’s hands, the poor boy! He is so lonely and misunderstood!” I can’t even count how often I have read these kinds of things. Yet in TFA itself we have examples of people who were brought up by the First Order (Finn) and abandoned by their parents on desert planets (Rey), but neither of them follows Kylo Ren’s path at this point. Neither of them is drowning in self pity and going around killing and torturing people. So resistance is possible, even IF you are related to facists and even IF some dark force is targeting you. Portraying Kylo Ren as the victim of this storyline is doing injustice to all the people who suffered from his actions. He is not a brainless puppet. He made a decision. Maybe he will realise himself that it was the wrong one… but never in Star Wars has it seemed like those who join the Dark Side did so because they were brainwashed and had no other choice. Mostly they did it for selfish reasons and from everything we can see at this point, so did Kylo Ren. Does his background story make it understandable why he became evil? It seems so. It is meant to. But it is not meant to excuse his behaviour or make him a victim. Anakin, even before he became Darth Vader, always had the potential to be evil because of his character traits. It is the same for Kylo Ren and also Luke. Luke chose to become a Jedi and Kylo Ren chose the Dark Side. So no, he is not innocent, he isn’t a victim, he isn’t an anti-hero… He is a murderer, plain and simple. So turning him into some emo Disney-Prince is nothing but disturbing. It alters the story and changes what he truly is. Many do this to make him worthy of Rey and so that they can keep the illusion alive that he can be completely redeemed and fall into her arms. This is however not logical and should not happen under any circumstances if the Star Wars writers take their own writing and the legacy of the saga seriously. A facist and murderer is no misunderstood puppy. He is evil. If people romanticise him, they have issues. But then there’s also a serial killer fandom, right? And tbh I see clear similarities between that and some of the Kylo Ren fandom…

Btw: Diagnosing Kyle Ren with all sorts of mental illnesses does not make him a better person either. Nowhere among the symptoms of depression, PTSD etc. will you find “turns person into a facist killer”. The idea alone that blaming his acts on what could be a mental illness is insulting every single person who struggles with mental illnesses! It makes it seem like they are all potential murderers! This is HORRIBLE!

Issue 4: The acceptance and downright glorification of a facist regime

If only all members of the Reylo fandom tried to make it a possibility by redeeming Kylo Ren. This is of course also problematic to the moon and back, yet it is still preferable to the other option, which is to say that he has the right to do what he does. I have seen people say that the Republic is evil and someone had to do something against it, so what if they take drastic measures? (like killing everyone??) I have seen fanfics were people wrote about Nazi experiments like it’s some kind of kink. I have seen people call Kylo Ren and Hux “extra”, as if they were some fun drama queens and not members of a facist regime. I have seen people who hope Rey becomes evil, so that she and Kylo Ren become some evil super couple. What is this meant to say about the people who do and say these things? Some of them seem to see all of this as some joke, pointing out again and again that it is not real. Sure, supporting this in real life is a huge step further than squeeing over murderers in fiction… however if you see your views as unproblematic and hope they will find support in canon… God, I don’t even want to think about this… it’s just NUTS.

Issue 5: The interpretation of abusive behaviour as sexy and romantic

To make the scenes Kylo Ren and Rey share in TFA romantic, they require a certain interpretation. Take the torture scene. People say things like “He was sitting by her side, waiting until she wakes up herself because he didn’t want to wake her” So we have a villain that ties up a heroine to get information out of her. He sits down and watches his prisoner for a certain time, waiting until the prisoner wakes up. The idea that he admires her looks in this scene is something I have often seen as an argument why this scene is romantic. However people seem to ignore that this is not, let’s say, a friend who is staying in the same place with someone and watches them sleep. This is a villain who knocked out a woman, tied her up and now waits for her to wake up to get information out of her. Is this really a romantic situation or a creepy one? Another argument as to why this scene is romantic is that he apparently holds her captive in his private rooms. I have no idea if there is any evidence for this, but is it really romantic that a villain keeps a woman imprisoned in his private rooms to read her mind? Or is it an abusive action by a kidnapper who clearly has disturbing ideas? I mean imagine you get knocked out and kidnapped by someone and then wake up in a dark room, with the person who kidnapped you watching you in silence? Would you find this creepy or cute?

Even if we take a look at the kidnapping scene itself people can’t seem to get over the fact that Kylo Ren carries an unconscious Rey. Could this be a romantic moment in another context? It surely could be. IF he had not been the one to knock her out in the first place, and IF he was not carrying her into his spaceship to get information out of her (by torturing her with his powers)! We are not watching a man carrying his unconscious love to safety. We are watching a villain carry the unconscious heroine into the enemy’s headquarters. This is a scary situation, NOT a romantic one!

Obviously we have to end this with their final fight. Arguments I’ve heard mainly talk about how he did not kill her because he has a soft spot for her. Not only does this ignore the fact that he was quite severely injured during this scene but also the obvious reason why he is so interested in her. He wants her power. He wants to train her, wants her to join HIS side of the force because she is crazily powerful. Is her unique power enough of a reason not to kill her at this point? Of course it is! People who are strong with the force are rare and special. You do not just chop their heads off if they don’t directly do what you want. So no, this is again not a romantic scene. It is a scene between the villain of the movie and the heroine where he is trying to bring her to his side. Something else I keep hearing is that they apparently exchanged romantic looks when she escapes and he lies in the snow. He was just defeated by a scavenger from a desert planet! He, the mighty Kylo Ren! He knows that there probably won’t be a way around her on his way to power! And she knows that the head of the First Order wants to get his hand on her because of her power, because of something she never wanted to be part of. This is a “Holy Shit, this is our future” – moment. This is the start of an epic fight. Not two lovers staring longingly at each other!

To summarize: All scenes between Rey and Kylo Ren get reinterpreted as romantic, even if they are creepy, abusive and potentially lethal. Dare I claim that they would not be seen as such if they would not take place between a young woman and a young man? The fact though that these two people could theoretically put together their sexual organs should not make these scenes romantic or nice or hot. That people interpret them this way is more than problematic and makes it look like they find abuse, kidnapping and trashing each other with light sabers cute, when it would honest to God not be in any other context.

Issue 6: The sidelining of Rey in favour of Kylo Ren’s character development

Sadly most arguments for Reylo seem to centre around Kylo Ren and the redemption this relationship could bring to him. No words about why it is a great idea for Rey or why it should further her character development to fall for the villain. Kylo Ren often suddenly takes the position of the hero, it becomes his storyline and she, the actual heroine, becomes an asset that is being used to make him a better person. She is supposed to save the lonely, misunderstood man from his misery. Why she should do this mostly seems obscure. Most of these scenarios are combined with Issue 3. Kylo Ren’s crimes are downplayed, so that Rey can fall in love with him and “save” him. So again… canon Kylo Ren’s actions have to be reinterpreted and canon Rey’s storyline shoved aside in favour of his.

These six issues are my main reasons to stay away from the Reylo fandom. I have mostly experienced it as a toxic space for reasons that go beyond the usual shipper war problems. Even though I have read some of the theories and tried to stay open-minded… it was simply not possible looking at all the problematic and sometimes downright disgusting things that were happening all around. I only hope for the sake of Star Wars that Reylo stays nothing but a fanon ship and that this will somewhat calm down the situation. Canon Reylo could give power to people who clearly should not have any. 

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what's your opinion on the got7 members not wanting to be shipped with eachother??

I agree. Some fans take it too far, it might make idols uncomfortable. There was a fan in one of the US concerts that wore a tshirt with ‘JB wants to f*ck JY in the ass’ (sorry for the language, this is exactly how it was).

Idols are also aware of fans writing fanfics about them. They know they wait for moments between them, sometimes they care about these moments more about the group itself or their music.

Bambam and Mark had a fansite (later chased by the police because she cheated many people) who shouted at them to get closer so she could ‘create moments’ in her pics.

They also see comments on their SNS, fans are angry when they take a selca with a member they don’t like being shipped with their bias. How exhausting it must be. 

Fans buy advertisements in public places that promote members as a couple (happened with Mark and Jackson many times). Fans drew rated fanarts and tagged Jackson on Weibo. 

I don’t think shipping itself should be banned or anything, there are many fans who know there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed, they don’t want idols to feel uncomfortable. But because of those fans who cross the line, members said they don’t want to be shipped anymore and tagged in posts about ships (Jackson and Bambam said it). Shipping is a part of a fandom culture.

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I believe SC never minded the shipping. They had as much fun as everyone. But then people lost control and took things too far. Started hurting their friends, real SO's. we would all still be shipping and having fun with them had we kept things light and as a fantasy.

How did people lose control and take things too far? I am genuinely curious. From what I’ve seen, Shippers enjoy blogging and tweeting about Sam and Cait, sometimes @ them. Sometimes we get worked up over silly things, but such is the nature of fanning.

I don’t support going to Sam or Cait’s friend’s accounts and bombarding them with invasive questions, but, again, not necessarily Shippers.

What I cannot fathom is entertaining fans with flirtation and affection for YEARS if you’re not together. How do you expect to find an actual significant other if you’re snuggling and flirting with your co-star on camera and over SM? Look at all the receipts @elle came up with! And we have more. They know we know we have more ; )


Seriously stop. You guys call yourself shippers but do you even care about them as a person? Baekhyun is a guy, a man, a boy call him whatever you want but he is not a girl get that through your thick head. If you are really his fan you would know that he stated multiple of time that he is a man. He is manly. Baekhyun is not a “fragile, delicate princess” who needs his “boyfriend” to protect him. He did freaking hapkido ffs. I was fine with you guys shipping them but sometimes shippers are taking it too far. Making up rumors of them? Like the only reason baekhyun might be limping is because he did “something” with chanyeol. Not because he was dancing his ass off on stage doing what he likes to do. What is wrong with just using real moments of them to spazz. Why must you make something up? Sometimes you guys just like to jump to conclusion without even knowing if its real or not. That hand on baekhyun’s skechers video? Well newsflash its not chanyeol’s. If they are really gay then good for them but dont push your fantasies on someone when they themselves didn’t confirm shit. Some of you talk like you are so sure they are gay. So what if baekhyun and chanyeol wants to follow some girl on ig. Its their life. If you want to be a shipper, be a fun one not a delusional one.

BTS Ships as Troye Sivan Lyrics

Note: I had so much fun with my BTS as Views Lyrics that I thought I’d do another :)


You don’t have to say ‘I love you’ to say I love you.”


And we take jokes way too far/’Cause sometimes living’s too hard/We’re like two halves of one heart.”


And whatever I lack, you make up/We make a really good team.”


Let’s go have fun, you and me in the old Jeep/Ride around town with our rifles in the front seat.”


Though not everyone sees/We got this crazy chemistry between us.”


And it’s driving me wild/You’re driving me wild.”


You can coax the cold right out of me/Drape me in your warmth.”

Bonus: ARMY x BTS

My youth/My youth is yours.”

My Opinion and Discussion on “Fandoms”

I’m not going to sugar coat it. Nothing makes me balk more than seeing the title Fandom being attached to something because as a person who’s been on the internet for a while, especially on Tumblr, this is generally a bad sign.

Fandoms are of course a term used to describe an avid fan base that has been built around something being a game, a movie, even a play. ANYTHING can spark a fandom and it’s almost always random. Fandoms being built around stylized media most often i.e. Overwatch, Bendy and the Ink Machine (BATIM), Undertale, Rick and Morty, My Little Pony, Camp Camp, Sonic the Hedgehog, Voltron and many many others. These are only more prominent or recent fandoms that have exploded and are kinda hard to avoid seeing content of, especially when they just come out and blow up. This blowing up, can lead to bad outcomes.

Now I’m not saying these these pieces of media are bad things. I personally thing BATIM’s art style is charming, Rick and Morty is both funny and witty, and Undertale is a fun game with unique mechanics and characters. These shows and games are great on their own sometimes, becoming mainstream is easy for them due to their stylized nature and lore or just likable characters in general. It’s sometimes a mystery as to how and why something becomes a Fandom but sometimes it’s not a bad thing.

More often than not though, it is.

People in Fandoms can get out of control quickly, frighteningly quickly. Death threats, threats of suicide, harassment, shipping wars, pedophilia, just a slew of horrid things can come of Fandoms by overzealous fans that take it WAY too far. A lot of words have been used to describe Fandoms that get a bad rap that I don’t necessarily like or agree with, so I’m going to use the term that I think best describes a “Bad Fandom.” Toxic.

Think of it like the move in Pokemon. Poison is a lesser effect where it only does a set amount of damage over time and is easily manageable, some fandoms are only poisoned by their more shameful sides. However when a Fandom reaches toxic level, it does more than poisons them. At first, it starts out as a little annoyance, a little bit of damage. Nothing to worry about. Then, if left untreated or if theirs no way to treat it, it just keeps getting worse. Every turn it just does more and more damage till it has taken most if not all of your health, and then, your Pokemon faints. Just like when a Fandom dies and all the good parts abandon ship.

Some Fandoms are like this right out of the gate like the Onceler Fandom that sprung up out of nowhere and was awful from the beginning. And that brings me to my next point, key factors that can warn you that something is becoming a fandom or is potentially going to become or is already becoming toxic. Unfortunately, a new fandom is on the rise and already exhibits A LOT of these traits. Don’t go down the rabbit hole Cuphead Fandom. Note: these aren’t all bad, just consistencies I’ve noticed.

  • (Rarely on it’s own.) Fanart, now this is actually harder to detect since fanart is an amazing outlet to show your love and admiration for something. It’s almost always a good thing. Plus, Great Artists! People showing their awesome talent! But of course, most the time, it develops into some art that is less than tasteful. 
  • Discussions, people can get into constructive discussions about Fandoms and it can lead to great theories and good impacts, it also can spiral out of control into discourse when people’s opinions and point of views don’t happen to agree with someone else’s and they choose to express this very…violently.
  • Stylization, when media looks unique. Again, this type of media is more prone to attract mass attention due to how unique it looks.
  • The “wild” Character, the one character in the cast who is wild, untamed, evil, or just straight an asshole that for some reason people immediately get attracted to. Which leads me to my next point.
  • That One Character, we all know them, that character that EVERYONE likes. That EVERYONE wants to collectively hug or smooch, or how it mostly turns out, the character everyone sexualizes. Prime examples: Sans, Rick, Junkrat, Guzma, Black Hat, The Onceler, Shadow the Hedgehog, Rainbow Dash, you get my point.
  • Shipping, oh boy does shipping have it’s bad side. Shipping in itself is again, not necessarily a bad thing. People can ship things and it can be quite cute and logical, a nice thing and a way to express what characters you’d like to see together. It can however fall prey to pedophillia, people telling others to literally kill themselves and overall just so much negativity that it drives people away. The biggest culprit I know of who has had the WORST with shipping is Steven Universe. No need to digress further.

These are just some aspects of a Fandom that can go south very quickly. People can get hurt by something so silly as these points simply by disagreeing with someone. Isn’t that just childish? But despite all of this, there’s one last thing I want to talk about that I feel is the most important thing to keep in mind. The Creators. The people who pour their heart and souls into creating these things so that others may enjoy them, so that others can add to what they’ve done, constructively criticize what they could improve and praise what they did well. How do you think they feel when they go online and the first thing they see their underage character being raped? When they see incest between two characters? When they see a young child being harassed with violence for what they like? When they see how many people are just sick and tired of what they created because of how toxic it has become? I feel bad for Toby Fox who can’t even look up the game he worked so hard to create without seeing endless amounts of skeleton porn. I feel bad for Rebecca Sugar who has to see and know that the thing she has created resulted in a child’s trauma. I feel bad for Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland who have to watch as their “fans” stab each other over sauce. Sauce. People suffer from toxicity, the creators suffer more. I’m not calling the people who draw porn of this bad, I’m not calling the people who fetishize something bad, I’m calling the action in itself bad. Because all of your actions have a consequence, whether that be good or bad.

So please, please, think before you post. And remember, there’s a person behind that piece of artwork, there’s a person behind that fansong, there’s a person behind that username.

Like I get that shippers sometimes take things too far, and they sometimes confuse homophobia and queerbaiting with I-didn’t-get-my-ship. 

I get that. 

But seriously. How ridiculous do you have to be to be like: “X character has never been shown as anything but straight” when that character literally slept with someone of the same gender in the pilot goddamn episode of the show. 

Exactly how much heteronormativity do you have to be smoking to make that assertion with a straight face? (pls excuse the pun) 

List of SW stuff I have to draw

I normally don’t take requests, but sometimes the prompt is too funny. So here I leave my pending drawings. It’s been nice so far, but I really want to finish these projects so I can go back to the cringe and shipping. Be it:

-Romance covers: Rey/Luke, Plutt/Snoke, reylo/anti (this one I still don’t know how to do it…)

-Rey shoving her lightsaber towards the sky while Kylo hugs her leg languidly.

I’ll keep this post and edit to add/remove stuff.

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I'm absolutely confused about antis. I'm again in the ygo fandom and I've seen I kid you not no antis tearing puzzleshipping apart, that ship should be the pinnacle of problematic! A friendly anonymous user looked in the anti tags to just check if antis exist they found nothing! Antis definitely exist in the ygo fandom but how was this ship ignored!? I love this ship but I'm honestly very shocked! This is a considered healthy ship in the ygo fandom even by the people who don't like it!

Alright, here’s another hot take that might get me labeled unsavory, but I believe I know the answer.

The YGO fandom in the US dates to 2001-2002, which was a far more innocent time for fandom in general. The social justice excuse was never used to prop up a ship, so people had to look to the show to figure out what made sense and what didn’t. Essentially, people didn’t use the excuses the Voltron “fandom” (I question if these people are even fans of the show sometimes) did and by the time they came around, opinions were far too entrenched to be changed.

Voltron unfortunately was made in a post Steven Universe and a post Korra world, with the downside of using the same animation studio as Korra despite not sharing the same writers (to the series’ eternal benefit). These fans are rabid because they have been shown that yes, the show will pander to minority groups for social justice brownie points, and that fan opinion could sway romance.

This disregards three things:

1 - Neither of those two shows are driven by boy targeted merchandise. Voltron is and is selling giant robot toys like it’s the 80’s again.

2. Korra only made its same sex pairing canon in the last 16 seconds of the show, which is why I will always dismiss it as a cheap attention ploy.

3. Steven Universe has become an example of how a fandom shouldn’t act.

That said, I get why people are defensive of what is rare representation, but it doesn’t excuse the actions of the fanbase.

tl;dr: Puzzleshipping comes from a healthier fanbase during a simpler time, before entitlement took hold. The show proves it isn’t an evil thing.

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Plance 23 and 41! :D I hope your homework went well!

well, i finished that particular paper, lol. but thank you!

23) How do they hug? Kiss? Tease? Flirt? Comfort?

  • Lance would definitely try to put his arm around Pidge as often as possible, especially when they sit next to each other on the couch. He’d probably do that old-school yawning-and-stretching schtick, the boob. Pidge would probably act all fondly exasperated, but would secretly LOVE it cause she LOVES hugs. She’s a hugger, but she doesn’t want people to know about it. (Lance figures it out eventually and then takes full advantage.)
  • ….all I can think of is this cute fanart I saw for a different ship where one of them was really short and the other was tall, so the short one kissed the tall one’s arm and when the tall one asked what the heck they were doing, they said that they wanted to kiss them but they could only reach their arm. (alskdnf i can’t for the life of me find that art;-;)
  • Pidge is re-lent-less in her teasing. She shows her affection by messing with Lance to no end. She probably sometimes even takes it too far and actually hurts his feelings, but she apologizes afterward, because she’s never actually trying to hurt him or be mean.
  • Lance can’t stop, won’t stop, and Pidge loves to act like she hates his awful lines (she really does, but that doesn’t mean she wants him to stop…..)
  • These two are HUGE on comforting each other. They can both need reassurance at times, and they’re good about learning to lean on each other. Cuddling is definitely a common occurrence, too

41) Are they party-goers? What are they like when they’re drunk? Does it happen often?

  • Lance loves a good party, but Pidge is much more of a homebody. She’ll tag along, though, if Lance is nice and convincing enough about it.
  • Lance is, to everyone’s collective horror, a melancholy drunk. Sure, at first he’s very bubbly and loud and jokes around a lot, but that’s just when he’s tipsy. When he gets to drunk, though, he gets upset really easily. One time when he was drunk, he forgot that Pidge was his girlfriend, and when she reminded him he started crying because “how did I ever get so lucky??”
  • Pidge gets super mellowed out when she gets drunk, and usually ends up getting the sleepy-drunk giggles. She’ll laugh over the dumbest things, even things that are literally not funny at all. (Lance thinks it’s super cute, though.)

send me a ship and a number!

Dancing on broken glass

A (aos) Chekov x reader thing I wrote for @why-this-star-trek-mess . Based on the song “Never let you go” from Dima Bilan.

Warnings: Angst + a little bit of fluff + graphic description of food

Part I - Pain

When has shore leave become such a drag?

When has he started to dread coming home?

He’s 30 now, has served under the same Captain for more than 10 years without ever losing his amazement for the stars, his Captain, the teamwork. It’s not the job, he knows that he’s still the best at what he does, has made it to Lieutenant Commander two years ago and will probably become Captain of his own Ship if he ever dares to ask.

It’s not the crew life, not his age.

It’s you.

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one time, i was looking at seul/min video just to see what they were on about. and then i was like what. the. fuck. did i just watch. i thought some yoon/min and v/kook stans were reaching far sometimes, but this makes it looks like actual proof! there was a clip where they were on an interview together and jimin looked at seu*gi (cuz she was TALKING) and she walked away (HE DIDNT WATCH HER WALK AWAY) and the person zoomed in on his face and said "look how happy he is!" and he has a tiny (1/?)

(2/?) little close-lipped half smile on while clapping because shes done speaking… it looks like a polite smile.. meanwhile he could be beaming at jk with the biggest of big smiles and theyre like omg look such good friends! more proof from that video wasnt even them together; it was their matching pajamas that they wore on the same show (they were actually matching for once tho), but ive matched pajamas with some random guy from a summer camp? i guess were dating? and other ones were they

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i sorta get why you don't like seiji but you have to admit though that natsume and him make a pretty cool ship pair when they're on screen

No. Look I love a good enemy-turned-lovers relationship, but that’s not this? The basis of those ships are essentially that they did not get along at first and maybe they were assholes to each other, but they still treated each other like people. Just people they didn’t like. That’s different from this.

Let’s take kagehina and tsukkikage from haikyuu. To say kageyama and hinata had a rough start would be the understatement of the century and lbr they’re still dicks to each other sometimes. Tsukishima super did not like kageyama going in and pushed it a bit too far on their first encounter. But in both of those situations they all still treated each other like people. Those are pairings that started off antagonistically. However I’m ok with them because, even if they were asshats, they weren’t manipulative or abusive. Matoba is both. Those relationships and the shitshow between matoba and natsume aren’t even comparable. They’re not even in the same realm. Matoba seiji is a 22 year old adult who’s emotionally and physically abusing, using, and threatening a 15/16 year old survivor of child abuse–he freaking kidnapped natsume and tried to kill his friends twice for ffs! Every one of those factors disqualifies him as a possible romantic partner. His “relationship” with natsume is in no way salvageable. I like frenemy ships but there needs to be some level basic human respect involved–the kind of respect matoba doesn’t seem to have for anyone. And besides “frenemy” implies they get along to some degree. Every single thing matoba does repulses natsume to the core. That’s just an enemy.

You guys ship whatever pleases you, last thing I need to do is police the fandom I just joined, but please don’t try and convince me that ship is healthy or good in any way because you won’t get me to agree. From the very first kidnapping, there’s was already too much damage done for this relationship to be salvageable imo. Matoba is someone I don’t even want to see natsume become friends with. He’s creepy and abusive. What really cemented it was how he tried to get natsume to leave his friends and family by convincing him they don’t care about him. He was isolating him which is actually emotional abuse. So no, I do not think they’d be a “cool ship” and there’s not a thing in the world you could say to convince me. Leave me out of that ship and I’ll leave you alone too.

Shipping: Beetlejuice X Lydia Deetz, both from the cartoon and the movie!

What is the ship’s name(s)?

  It’s very hard to come up with a shipping name for this, but I like the Beetlebabes one from the group. Anything else just sounds too weird XDDD

Why do you ship it?

   Woo, golly! It’s easy and hard to say. When I first watched the Beetlejuice movie, I didn’t ship them at all. I just found it as a rushed aspect of the movie at the time. And while the marriage in there was just unconventional(more or less), I realized that this pair actually made more sense the older I got. And, thankfully, Beetlejuice X Lydia only became a popular thing because of the cartoon. God bless its existence.

   So…for starters, they link to each other very well. Lydia wants to be dead and Beetlejuice wants to go back(or let out) to the living world. Adam and Barbara Maitland are only allowed on the premises of their house, but BJ can literally go anywhere. He’s a powerful being that is able to kill someone just with the flick of his wrist. Contrary to the movie’s ending, I actually see Lydia being fascinated with Beetlejuice to the point where she’s attracted to him because of everything he can do. And it’s fairly obvious that BJ is attached to her ever since the start.

   And that’s where the cartoon kicks in. While it wasn’t revealed how Lydia and Beetlejuice became friends, their relationship increased over the episodes and the writers dropped both subtle and not-so-subtle hints to them being together. The two of them just click together. Both as friends and a couple. I have no idea why they toned down Lydia’s age for the cartoon, but I can imagine the two of them hooking up once she’s old enough. There’s just too much evidence of them liking each other. Lydia was even referred to as Beetlejuice’s girlfriend in the cartoon so *shrug*

What category would work best for your ship? Angst, fluff, romance, etc…

  Definitely angsty. I imagine there being some fluff cartoon-wise, but the movie is definitely angst. Since I like the combination of both, I’d have to say, like, 80% angst and 20% fluff. ‘Cause Beetlejuice is an asshole and all.

Is it your OTP?

   Ashamed to say, but yes. In this series at least. The idea of BJ hooking up with that gal mentioned in the Hawaiian thing just set me off entirely. I can only imagine Lydia being the one for Beetlejuice in a serious context. Vice versa, too.

Is there anything or anyone getting in the way of your ship? (i.e. not canon, maybe an ex..?)

  The fact that Beetlejuice is perverted and hits on any hot chick he sees xD. There was also Prince Vince, Boris, and Bully the Crud hitting on Lydia. They all ended with BJ getting jealous and ruining everything between them so he could keep Lyds all to himself. So nothing really getting in the way as far as I can see.

Have you made any fanart/fanfictions of the ship?

   I made one fanfiction but that was it.( It’s a Sign of Trust) I drew Beetlejuice/Lydia when I was 13 but that’s long gone. I’d love to try and draw them now but I haven’t been in the artistic mood lately.

Any headcanons?

  • Lydia is suicidal and tries to kill herself from time-to-time. Adam and Barbara can’t talk her out of it as well as Beetlejuice can. In fact, in my own AU, Lydia met with Beetlejuice again after the film when he catches her trying to use a noose.
  • The two of them still wear their wedding rings, though both on different fingers for different reasons. I like to imagine that they’re officially married when it comes to everything past the breathers’ world.
  • Adam and Barbara are against their relationship but can’t do anything about it because Beetlejuice would exorcise them on the spot if he wanted to. Lydia isn’t willing to budge on leaving or stop calling him so they’re visibly against it but won’t do anything about it.
  • Beetlejuice made a promise(that he actually kept *gasp*) that he wouldn’t kill or hurt anyone close to Lydia. Scare 'em, yeah, but not anything drastic.
  • Lydia has always wanted to take a portrait/picture of Beetlejuice but he won’t let her. That’s her main goal, to try and get a photo of him sometime during her life.

Do they fight or argue at all?

  Far too much. Beetlejuice doesn’t start many but is often the cause of them. Lydia just rebuts or asks him when he’s done anything like cheating or such. And BJ is a jealous type of guy so I imagine some drama would start from that. But it’s all 98% cause of Beetlejuice.

What fascinates(interests) you about this ship?

  Definitely the whole “i’m dating a dead guy” type of thing. Lydia is obsessed with the supernatural so having a ghost for a boyfriend is just a really neat concept I like. Especially to see it from her point of view. And seeing such a jackass like Beetlejuice sort of settle down for a goth girl seems plausible enough. Especially that it’s canon he calls her his babe all the time.

Is there a song out there that you feel best suits them? If so, provide us with a video or a link!

  Beetlejuice is horrible at knowing how he feels, so he has a lot of mood swings(if you could count them as such). So probably the cliche Hot N’ Cold by Katy Perry. I’m amazed if you haven’t heard it but here’s a link anyway.


Would they ever break up?

  I wouldn’t deny it. BJ has known her since a kid so that might cause some issues down the road. And also the fact that he won’t let any other guy get too close to her. And Lydia would probably throw fits over him not being loyal and stuff. So it’s possible and likely but I just don’t want to see it happening, even though it probably will.

Are they the type to kiss each other often? What kinds of kisses do they like?

  Ahhh…no. Lydia doesn’t like the idea of kissing someone with beetles in his mouth. I imagine she’d give him quick pecks on the cheek but they’d only seriously kiss once in awhile. BJ usually initiating it, as always.

Do you see them getting married or having kids in the future?

  I guess they’re technically already married??? I don’t see Beetlejuice as the fatherly type. Hell, he’d abandon his kids and give no two shits about them. So the whole “family” deal is out of the way but I don’t see Lydia complaining. Maybe she’d take care of someone’s else’s kids but BJ would be too hard to handle in a family life.

What’s your favorite fanart/fanfic of your ship? Show us below!

  My partner has forbidden me from reading smut/Mature fics(I’m perfectly okay with it), so I had to skim through most of this one. “The Beetle Bride” by EarthAngelGirl30 is a really good read. It’s true to the nature of the movie but a slight hint with the cartoon. It shows theories that makes sense and plenty of pleasurable angst. My only complaint would be the sudden change of tone within two specific chapters. You’ll notice it, but the fluff is too adorable!

The Beetle Bride

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As a former shipper, how would you define respectful shipping? I've seen this being discussed by shippers that say they are shipping respectfully although they dismiss Sam and Cait's denials and Cait saying she is annoyed with people insisting they are a couple. What's your take on this?

Hmmm well I’m going to sound so hypocritical because I used to do all of this…but yes I think respectful shipping is believing Sam and Cait when they say they aren’t a couple. Add to that all the crazy conspiracy theories trying to prove they are together and the lack of respect towards Mackenzie and Tony. Yes believe what you want and all that but sometimes there’s a line where it goes too far. Just my opinion, obviously everyone has different interpretations ❤

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asdfghkls not trying to start any shit but literally everything revolves around the ships in the vld fandom half the time?? like sometimes i feel like people forget the ignore the entire plot and if their ship gets zero interactions they get mad and call it a shitty season when it could actually be a decent one (not pointing any fingers btw i’m just saying people take these “ship wars” or discourse too far sometimes and it just ruins it for everyone ://


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honestly,I feel like overanalysing is taking and ruining the fun about shipping. I'm a jikook shipper,I like me some kookmin world from time to time but tbh I just cant believe/like her analysis most of the times,I think it's pure reach. What I like about jikook is their natural and pure interactions that make me happy but I think sometimes people are a bit "too much" about it. What do you think?

yeah, no i feel you. i love kookmin world’s videos, i watch them all. but sometimes i just got to ??? at some of their videos. it’s getting hard for me to watch jikook videos on youtube without people stretching every little thing ridiculously out of proportion and acting like jk glancing at jm for 3 seconds is a signal they’re going to go fuck. 

like, i see that there’s no harm in analayzing, i do it sometimes. i’m like “hhhmmm, jungkook touched his nose right before staring at jimin and then jimin did it right back. hhhmm. sus. what’s going on there” but it’s mainly just in a joking manner, most people take it way too far. idk, it’s like, people are so deadset on discovering if jikook is real or not that they forget to just sit back and ship them lmao.