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Hello darlings!

I saw Harry Styles at the Ryman and it was hands down the best experience I have had with any show.

edit: my pants got a lot of nice compliments and some interesting stares which I assume were kind.

Muna played a small set including Loudspeaker, Winter Break, and I Know A Place. Their last song was prefaced by a statement about the beauty of diversity. They also told us that they believe we can change the world.

Cam also played a small set. She is Nashville-based and some of Harrys writers worked on her album. She has a brilliant voice and is totally adorable. We got out our flashlights for her last song. My row got a nice little arm-on-shoulder-chain sway going.

Then our beautiful, dramatic Harold took the stage. I have never seen someone command a stage and audience (and it was a very good audience!!) as well as him. His voice is beautiful live. His performance is phenomenal live. I can’t say more than that. You have to experience it. I am sure you can find the setlist somewhere. It had one deviation from past shows, I believe.

He didn’t play Stockholm Syndrome but he played Girl Crush. He dropped the “girl” at least one noticable time and by my memory, the rumors he switched “you” to “him” are true. I don’t know the song well, but he clearly killed it.

His banter was adorable. He introduced himself. “Hi! I’m Harry!” He talked about how historic the Ryman is. He told us that one of his cowriters was in the audience (Tommy?) and that he had come to Jamaica to write with Harry just after he had gotten married. He introduced the band “Claire, Sarah, Adam, and…… this is Mitch, isn’t he cute?” He told us we had to make some noise so he would come back to Nashville. He asked “This is a church, right?” “I am very aware I just sang ‘I’m having your baby!’ at a church… (cringe) sorry!” He spotted a girl in the balcony and sweetly mocked her dancing. He told us “I love you.”

At one point, I put up heart hands for Harry. He noticed and returned the gesture with a peace sign.

I want to interrupt here to tell you a little story.

You may know that I am gay and closeted. I wanted to bring in a Gay Pride flag like many other rainbow directoners have before me, so I had one in my bag.

Security pulled it out, insisted “what is this?” and then told me “no flags allowed.” I understand that flags are not a normal thing in small venues. They can obstruct peoples’ views and that is not really okay. The guard allowed me to take the flag back to my car.

I tweeted Harry and messaged his stylist on instagram that flags were taken from fans at the door because I didn’t want Harry to believe that no one had wanted to bring in a flag for him.

In a perfect world, I took the folded flag and thanks to my very sturdy, tight velvet vest was able to conceal the flag and take it through security. In a perfect world, I wore the flag around my shoulders for much of Harry’s set and cautiously waved it about during the more uptempo songs. In a perfect world, I felt the kind of strength you can only feel as a gay person who has taken a personal risk to show the world who you are for the sake of others like you.

I will let you decide if the world is perfect, but I certainly saw at least four pride flags in the audience. Rumor had it that if security deemed the flag to be clothing and it wasn’t hung over the balcony or waved it was acceptable to the venue.

Then came the encore. I wasn’t expecting such drama!

When they came back, there was a pride flag on the drum riser. [edit: the lovely @1d-somethinggreat has told me that they saw that Harry himself carried the flag out across his shoulders.]

He started off with FTDT. It’s my personal favorite song off the album.

Next he played The Chain. He looked at my section a lot. In a perfect world he was looking partly at me because of my visible pride flag.

Then came SOTT.

But first! He told us “I only have you for another 8 minutes.” “I want you to find a stranger!” Once we had done that, he told us “Now I want you to embrace that stranger! Embrace, I think thats a much better word to use about women.” *cheer break* “Well go on then, EMBRACE!” We hugged a bunch. In a perfect world,my stranger and I made a heart hand and draped my flag from it. Claire saw us and gave a thousand-watt smile. I smiled back.

Then Harry said a few words which escape me at the moment, but they lead up to some very important, iconic ones.

He said “I was told that this was taken. I want to restore it to its rightful place.” He took the pride flag from the riser and put it on his mic stand.

He sang Sign of the Times. During this song, I put up a half heart hand briefly. (my other hand was occupied) Harry looked at me and then pantomimed tucking it away neatly in his jacket pocket.

I really can’t imagine a better concert. He is brilliant live. The venue was completely perfect. The audience was amazing. And he took that night to make a statement and make all of his rainbow children feel safe and loved.

I wish there were better words to tell you what Harry Styles is like. He is an amazingly talented and loving individual. I hope everyone gets to have an equally personal and meaningful experience of him. It would make the world a better place. 🏳️‍🌈

[Update: I came out to my mom and dad using the flag story. It went as well as I could hope. My parents are understanding and loving people at heart.]

Take pride in your work, don't sell yourself short

Remember kids, especially if you draw a lot and want to make a living with art, or even just a bit of pocket change:

If a stranger approaches you and promises you fame and USD 100.- in exchange for exclusive copyrights, you just say NO.

Two reasons:

Reason 1

Exclusive copyrights mean that you don’t get to use your own work anymore without the ok of the one owning the copyrights now. In all the contracts I signed so far, the company allows me to still use my works for blogs, portfolio, poster shops, merchandise and other things. And I can sell the original drawing too, if I want to.

Reason 2

USD 100.- for exclusive copyrights is a rather offending joke. Exclusive copyrights for small scribbles easily get over USD 1000.-. A caricature can go for USD 800.-. And those are rarely known for the high quality art, but rather for the sarcasm in them.

What most people want is the confirmation that their image won’t be sold to other publishers. And that can be done easily without handing over exclusive copyrights.

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t work for free. Work for free when you feel like you WANT to do that. When you WANT to see the project take shape and come into existence. There are MANY examples, where I did not mind just sharing my works, because I felt like it was a good thing to do. And not one of them expected me to say yes in exchange for nothing. I offered it.

But don’t let anybody bully you into working for nothing. Or worse, the promise of exposure.

You’re not unprofessional for saying no. You’re not a bad person for wanting something in return for your work. It does not make it “not work” and with that unworthy of payment, just because it was fun to do. And if someone tries to hound you into working for free, they are cheap assholes.

If what you do is so easy and not worth paying, they can do that by themselves, right? No need for you to waste your time on it.

Prequel: Azriel-Centric Stories Set Before ACOTAR (ch.3)

This is a collection of interconnected short stories about Azriel’s life before any of the events of ACOTAR through ACOWAR.

Make sure to read Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 4Chapter 4.5Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10

Read the follow up fic, Shadows and Darkness: One and the Same


Time frame: 40 years after the War. 

Summary: The Prince of Adriata has been found dead in his sleep lying next to his wife, the newly crowned Princess of Adriata, Dorea. Knowing that the Night Court has a skilled spymaster, High Lord Narayan calls in a favor from Rhys. Azriel and Cassian offer to help investigate the death. Cassian may or may not accidentally destroy a building. 

(Note: This is the longest chapter yet and holds several clues to an overarching fic I’m working on. Remember that though these stories are spaced out and not posted chronologically, they are all interconnected. Enjoy!)

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a McKirk AU, in which Leonard is deaf but has like the most hilarious comments in sign language (and also complains a lot)? Your writing is awesome!~

  • So Jim knows sign language. A car accident left his roommate permanently deaf, and when he got back to the dorm, both of them learned sign language together so they could keep communicating together. Though college had been a couple of years ago, he still recognizes that sign language anywhere. And when he’s having lunch in the park, he watches some teenager on a skateboard ride into this man. The man doesn’t yell, but he uses his hands to wildly gesture, and then “watch it, you clumsy, ponytail wearing ass-hat” and Jim just laughs out loud because that’s ridiculous. Coincidentally, the man looks in his direction, catches him staring, and he continues to wildly gesture a “what are you staring at?”, to which Jim raises his hands and gestures: “You, scaring away that punk”, and he nods in the boy’s direction, who makes a swift escape. The man looks just dumbfounded at the reply, and slowly makes his way over. Jim shifts to allow them to sit together. “Did that kid hurt you?” Jim asks and the man shakes his head. “Only my pride.” Jim chuckles, then introduces himself. It takes a little bit of repeating before he catches the other man’s name. Leonard
  • They exchange phone numbers, and Leonard’s as vivid in his sign language as he is in his texts. It’s all ‘Gdi I can’t beLIEVE they shut down my favorite Deli WHERE AM I GOING TO GET MY BAGELS NOW’ and it’s fascinating, mostly because the next time Jim sees Leonard, his whole sign language thing is just as wild as before. Guess this guy really is like that all the time. They sit together in a coffee shop, and Jim orders them lunch and coffees. And Jim’s like “So what do you do exactly?” and Leonard replies “I’m a motivational speaker for the blind.” Jim is stunned. “Wow, really?” “No, of course now. How am I gonna talk to the blind? Idiot.” But Leonard grins, and so does Jim - even though, yeah, he should’ve seen that one coming. “I’m a medical research scientist.” “Impressive” Jim replies, and Leonard shrugs. “You?” “Sales” Jim replies, “On Wall Street” “So you’re an asshole, then,” Leonard says, and Jim raises his eyebrows. “So you’re a nerd, then” he replies, and Leonard’s lips tug into another small grin. 
  • And people stare at them a lot. Because when they decide to cook dinner at Jim’s home, they’re in the supermarket, and somehow end up in a heated discussion about which tomato sauce to buy. Jim’s gesturing wildly for a generic brand because “it’s cheaper and it has the same ingredients!” and Leonard’s all like “It has lots of conservatives and it’s not as healthy as making it from scratch.” “That takes too long,” Jim gestures wildly. “What are you in a hurry for? Your stocks crashing?“ "Shut up,“ Jim replies, “I prefer eating, not cooking.” And he gestures so vividly he nearly hits someone in the face, and it’s the first time he’s heard Leonard laugh out loud. That’s a sound he’s willing to chase. 
  • Spending time with Leonard reminds him to get in touch with his old college friend. And spending so much time around the deaf significantly improves his own sign language, which is very necessary because for the longest time he calls Leonard “Lion-nerd” since it’s easy. It’s also hilarious to see him roll his eyes at Jim, every time. “Someday you’re gonna insult a deaf person real bad. I feel it in my bones.” And Jim calls him Bones from then on.
  • Jim doesn’t even know how they get closer, but they are. Leonard has such strong opinions about the world, and he’s definitely not shy, it’s just that no one is there to understand him when he’s signing at the next moron who crosses his path. Jim is often at the receiving end of Leonard’s insults. Because Jim is reckless. Because he is unintentionally smug. Because “Aw I lost a 5k bet today I guess I won’t be going out to dinner tonight.” and Leonard’s just like “Shut the fuck up you rich piece of shit”. Sometimes he even says it out loud, though his intonation is off. Jim still gets what he means. 
  • And there is something about their relationship that Jim enjoys. They’re not together, sure, but they can talk about everything and it doesn’t matter. No one understands them when they’re taking the subway (ugh, Jim hates it, but Leonard insists he shouldn’t be one of those snobs taking taxis everywhere). No one knows what they’re talking about when they’re wildly signing insults at each other in a restaurant, only to laugh it off afterwards. And there’s a lot of eye contact involved. Jim sometimes likes to speak his phrases while he signs them. Because Bones is a good lip reader, and when Jim’s drunk the signing gets a lot harder. 
  • After Jim takes them out to some place ridiculously expensive (“Who pays 50 bucks for a SMALL pizza, Jim?” “Who cares, though? Was it tasty?” “I hate you.”), Jim walks Leonard home. Like a true gentleman, even though neither of them would admit to it being an actual date. “If you could change anything in your life, would you? I mean, besides being deaf?” Jim asks, and Leonard huffs. “I don’t mind being deaf. At least I don’t have to listen to you talking shit all day.” Jim stops in front of Leonard’s apartment, and Leonard does, too. Neither of them are saying goodbye just yet. “Rude.” Jim signs, and Leonard shrugs. “Actually, I don’t mind being deaf. The only thing that sucks is that I never get to hear you laugh.” Leonard says, in all earnest now, and Jim’s expression is stuck between a frown and a smile simultaneously. It’s sweet. He doesn’t know how to respond to it, other than: “sound is overrated. Sight is more important. At least we get to watch the stars at night.” “In New York? Don’t be an idiot. Those are planes.” Jim rolls his eyes, and when Leonard sits down on the stairs that lead up to the entrance door to his building, Jim sits down next to him. “You suck at being cheesy.” Leonard says. “Really? How about yourself, then?” Jim replies. Leonard straightens up a little, and signs: “I don’t need to look at the sky to see the stars.” and Jim just… stares when Bones gestures at Jim’s eyes. Did that really fluster Jim? Yes it did. And Leonard grins smugly as a result. “Shut up” Jim gestures, and Leonard’s like: “I’m not saying anything”, but Jim grabs both Leonard’s hands, and he leans in to kiss him. Leonard’s hands pull away from Jim’s, slowly sliding around Jim’s shoulders to keep him close. Jim slowly pulls away, far enough to be able to sign a quick “want to come upstairs?” “Are you inviting me over to my own house?”  Leonard laughs, out loud, and he grabs Jim’s hand to take him inside.
CSBB Author Spotlight: lassluna

Today’s Captain Swan Big Bang Spotlight features @lassluna!

What is your writing process like?

I usually outline a few key scenes and plot points, and write.

What do you think your greatest strength is as a writer?

Foreshadowing, I love creating anticipation.

What’s a particular trope or kind of story you’ve wanted to try, but haven’t gotten to yet?

I’ve had a Brothers Jones fic half planned for 6 months.

Who is your favorite OUAT character to write?

Emma Swan

If you are new to the Captain Swan Big Bang, what made you decide to sign up? What are you looking forward to?

Seeing the beautiful art created by all the talented artists.

Favorite Fics:

Freeing the Witch (FFnet)

This was the first thing I ever finished writing, and I loved every minute of it.

The Beauty in Apartment 13B (FFnet)

It’s so different from anything I’ve ever written and I’m super excited of where I’m planning to take it.

Baby There’s a Price to Pay (I’m a genie in a bottle) (FFnet)

It was my post for January Joy, and it was my pride and joy for all of December, I’m very proud of how it turned out.

Check out lassluna on FFnet - AO3

Nurse Inko AU(s):

Grey’s Anatomy is addicting, and it got me thinking…

Inko works as a nurse at the hospital where All Might has the first of his many, may surgeries, and she’s the nurse assigned to his case. She doesn’t know who this man is or what he does, and she sits by his side tending to his needs. When he comes to, she’s the first person he sees, and knowing how traumatic surgery can be, she talks to him.

Of the strict doctors and formal government officials and his colleagues whose eyes are swollen with pity and concern, Inko’s presence is a breath of much needed fresh air. She talks to him not as a dying man, but a man still alive and kicking. She makes jokes at his expense, still worries as it’s her job, but doesn’t try to hinder him. He knows her first name but not her last, and it’s something he never figures out.

But they talk. She asks questions about him. His childhood, and barely aware of how secret this is, since he’s kinda incoherent, he talks about Nana and his work. Of his enemies, and she sits and listens to it all. She thinks he’s partially delirious, and listens with a sympathetic ear. He quickly tires talking about himself, and asks about her.

Flustered, since no one ever asks Inko about herself she stammers she has one son, no husband, and talks about him infrequently. She mentions he’s quirkless, but so smart and so good and so kind. There’s so much pride in her voice that he openly laments, “Why, I too was quirkless…impossible things can happen.” Not knowing who this man is, she smiles a bitter smile, and tells him that’s nice but she doesn’t think it’ll happen to her boy.

“Have faith, ma’am. Have faith.”

For several months he’s there, and she takes care of them. She makes sure his signs are good, and she changes his bed sheets and cleans up his messes, “I’m a nurse, Toshinori. It’s my job.”

Maybe, there’s something more. Maybe, something lies in every action and missed chanced. But everyone notices the bond, and it’s sad when she comes in one morning and he’s gone. Transferred to a different hospital for another surgery.

Toshinori Yagi never forgets that kind nurse, and Midoriya Inko never forgets that strange but kind man. 

It isn’t six years when he sees her again in the face of an eager fanboy. It isn’t six years when he meets that kind nurse again, and she turns on her television, watching the world’s greatest hero take his final stand.

Rhody Tales Pt. 2

Fandom: OMG Check Please.

Characters: Jack Zimmermann, Eric Bittle, Shitty Knight, mentions of SMH and the Falconers, Random OCs.

Notes: TW for homophobia and swearing. I apologize if Jack seems OOC, despite writing a 3 part fic starring him I’m still not sure if I’m writing him correctly or not. Also, anxiety is a bitch.

@asexualdex for once I posted this at a decent time (where I live anyway).

Jack didn’t mean to out himself. It was after a particularly tough game, 3 periods of regular play, overtime, and 2 rounds of shootout. Marty had gotten the game winning goal, and Jack was thankful he could finally get out of his sweaty hockey gear and into the shower. Bitty was visiting from Samwell, and was going to meet Jack at his apartment. Jack was lost in thought he left the Dunk, thinking about the wonderful dinner him and Bitty were going to have, and the quality time they were going to enjoy. He wasn’t expecting a camera shoved into his face when he left the player’s entrance.

“Jack, how do you think the Falconers played today?” The reporter, clearly from out of town, asked him.

“Uh, we played well, the Rangers are a tough team to beat. We’re all really proud of Marty for his shootout goal.” Jack responded, trying to push past the reporter and his camera man.

“Do you think today’s performance is indicative of how the Falconers will play in the playoffs?” The reporter stood his ground. Normally calm, Jack grew frustrated. He was practically dead on his feet, he had precious little time with Bitty, and this reporter wanted him to talk about playoffs? It was October, for goodness sake! The season had just started!

“I think that I want to be at home with my boyfriend.” Jack shoved past the reporter, who had frozen in shock. It took Jack a moment to realize what he said. He stopped in the lobby of his apartment complex and quickly dialled Georgia’s number.

“Georgia? It’s Jack Zimmermann. I might’ve screwed up…”

Jack lay on his couch, head on Bitty’s lap.

“It’s going to be ok, honey,” Bitty ran his fingers through Jack’s hair. “Georgia will get it sorted out.” Jack grunted, eyes closed. Possibilities ran through his head, ranging from his comment getting no coverage and the rest of the team not finding out, to the entire world knowing he, Jack Zimmermann, was an openly gay athlete in a generally homophobic sport. The two sat together, Jack worrying, Bitty talking about some recipes his mother sent him that he was going to try on his vlog. Both froze when Jack’s cell phone rang. It was Georgia.

“Hello?” Jack said nervously, the phone on speaker so Bitty could hear what was going on.

“Jack? It’s Georgia. I’ve got…. News.” Jack gulped, anxiety levels skyrocketing.

“What’s going on?” Dread gathered in his stomach.

“The reporter is going to air your comments. He said it’s his First Amendment right. The team lawyers are looking into it, but if he can air that part, we need to have a plan.” Jack felt like his worst fears had been realized. He closed his eyes, trying to gather courage.

“I’ll stand by you, no matter what.” Bitty whispered. Jack nodded, smiling at his boyfriend.

“What’s the plan, Georgia?”

Both Jack and Bitty thought the best place for Jack to watch the press conference was from the Haus, one of the places Jack loved. Shitty came down from Harvard, and the SMH took the afternoon off their classes to support Jack. Jack, Shitty, Ransom, and Holster squished together on the couch. Lardo and Chowder were sprawled on the floor, working on homework at the same time as keeping an eye on the news. Dex was on his laptop, ready and willing to fight anyone online who wanted to shit-talk Jack. Nursey was in the kitchen with Bitty, finishing up baking cookies for everyone. Finally, the press conference came on. Jack watched himself come out to the world, explain that he was happily dating someone, and that, although his remarks to the reporter were made out of exhaustion and anger, he doesn’t regret them. Which was partially true, Jack thought to himself. He didn’t exactly regret coming out, but he did wish it had been a little more on his terms.

“Dude, you’re trending already,” Dex commented from the floor. The press conference was over, a group of analysts were talking about Jack. His phone buzzed, Georgia was calling.

“Gotta take this,” Jack said, holding up the phone.

Jack came up the right side of the rink, skated digging into the ice to give him more speed. He turned along the boards, looping around the net, turning at the last moment to shoot. The puck whizzed into the upper left corner, stretching the netting from the force of impact. Jack skated back to center ice, where dozens of pucks waited. He picked out another puck, this time skating up the middle of the ice and taking a slap shot.

“You know, Chowder won’t be too happy if you break his net.” Jack turned to the Samwell bench, seeing Shitty sitting there by himself. Jack skated over.

“What’re you doing here?”

“Just checking in, bro.” Jack shook his head.

“I’m fine Shitty.” Shitty snorted.

“How long have we known each other, Jack? I know when you aren’t entirely ok.” Jack sighed.

“Fine. You’re right.” Jack looked down at the ice. “I’m worried I made the wrong choice.”

“That’s valid. I mean, we both know hockey isn’t exactly the most welcoming sport all the time. Never mind the homophobia from the fans.” Shitty reached for Jack. “But you’ve got a great support system in place, Jack. You’ve got me, Bits, your family, the team. Dex said a lot of pro players have tweeted in support of you, especially Falconers players. You aren’t alone in all this.”

Jack walked to the Dunk, getting into his gameday mindset. He almost didn’t notice the protesters…. Almost. He could hear them yelling, but did his best to tune them out. Georgia had arranged for Providence Police to provide extra security today, specifically for this reason. He kept his head down, trying to get to the safety of the doors as quickly as he could. A glass bottle hit the wall in front of him, shards flying at his face. Jack flinched away, the glass missing his face and hitting his raised arm instead. Someone had broken past the security barrier and was yelling things at him, slurs and insults. Jack froze in fear. Time seemed to stop. Tater came flying out of nowhere, yelling at the attacker in a mix of Russian and English. Security rushed Jack into the Dunk, while a couple police officers and Thirdy and Snowy tried to restrain Tater from ripping the attacker apart.

“You alright?” Georgia asked Jack when he got into the stadium.

“Yeah, fine,” Jack said, clearly shaken. His phone buzzed, Bitty was calling. He stepped away from Georgia to answer.

“I’m fine, honey,” Jack said. He could picture the look Bitty had, a mixture of anger and concern for his boyfriend. “And I promise not to leave without making sure the protesters have left already.” The two talked for a few more moments before Jack had to go.

The locker room was another hurdle for Jack. Marty was the only one on the team who had known Jack was gay before he came out to everyone. On one hand, Jack knew the team was very supportive, and just judging by their reactions on Twitter and Tater almost mauling a guy this morning, he knew they’d be ok. Anxiety, though, tried to trick him into thinking the team would hate him. But the logical part of Jack was right, and he received more hugs and hair ruffles that day than any other time before.

The next day, protesters waited outside the Dunk again, but this time, a line of fans, all in Falconers gear, stood in front of the protesters, creating a wall. Jack had never appreciated fans more than in that moment.

After awhile, things died down. Eventually, protesters stopped showing up to games. The talk died down, and Jack was having a fantastic season.

“Uhh, Mr. Zimmermann?” Jack almost dropped the box of cereal he was holding. No one called him ‘Mr. Zimmermann’. He turned to see a young teenager, maybe 15, standing behind him.

“Just Jack,” Jack said, smiling at the teenager. The teen smiled back.

“Uh, Jack. My name’s Riley. I just wanted to tell you, you coming out really helped me a lot. I was able to tell my parents and my team that I’m gay.” Riley smiled up at Jack, in awe he was meeting his hero. Jack did a double take when he saw the shirt Riley was wearing. It was his jersey, but the number and words were done in rainbow colors.

“I’m glad I could help you, Riley.” Pride swelled in Jack. This was the kind of thing he wanted, to help kids be themselves.

“Um, do you mind if we take a picture together?” Riley asked. Jack shook his head.

“It would be my honor, Riley.”

A few months later, at Falconers Pride Night, Jack wore a jersey with rainbow lettering, the team wore jerseys with rainbow hearts, and Riley did the ceremonial puck drop at Jack’s insistence. The whole team signed a puck for Riley, but Jack signed one special for the boy, thanking him for reminding Jack about why he was out.

Jack’s phone rang, breaking him out of his focus.

“Hello?” Jack answered the phone.

“Any reason why you haven’t been up to visit recently?” Adrien said over the line.

“I, uh,” Jack stammered.

“Look if this is about you coming out, you should know we all support you. Irene wants you to bring your boyfriend up sometime so they can exchange recipes.” The last reservations Jack had about being out disappeared.

“Thank you,” he finally said. “I know Eric would love to exchange recipes with Irene.”

Wounded Pride

(( This story was written for eeveespirit​ for the USUK Summer Festival Exchange. They requested: omegaverse, “Stripper dad!Arthur married to Alfred and gets found out”, and “Alfred and Arthur almost get divorced”… so I did my best to combine them all together! Sorry I was so last minute and I hope you enjoy! qwq/ ))

The yelling had been terrible.

Arthur was a shaking mess of violent rage and maternal instincts when he grabbed his child—their child, for Christ’s sake—and ushered him into his car, driving off to his mum’s house with the fury of an omega wronged. How dare he— How dare he!?

That addle-headed swine! A positively disgusting specimen of the alpha species!

Arthur’s father had taken one look at him and simply shook his head before whisking off his two-year-old to be distracted elsewhere, alpha to alpha. The omega’s stomach churned: he was always surrounded by the lot of them…

And then his own mother—a female omega with a soft touch and an even softer heart—sat him down over some tea and pastries and held his shaking hands in her own, murmuring, “There, there, dear… I’m sure he didn’t mean it…”

“He did.” Arthur insisted, holding onto that fact, because Alfred had said those—those—words and he wasn’t about to forget them so long as he lived. Mate and husband and father of his child be damned!

Arthur’s mother sighed, her eyes sympathetic. “You know, you never told us either.” She said to him, tone gentle. “We would have helped you. You didn’t need to stoop to… that.”

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I was tagged by @love-letters-x-cardigan-sweaters  Thanks for the tag, sorry it’s taken me forever to do it! <3

Name: Kristie
Star Sign: Cancer.
Average hours of sleep: Hmm, it varies. Usually around 5 but sometimes I take naps that last 9 hours lol
Lucky number: 4.
Last thing I googled: Foods for Autumn Equinox. It’s on the 22nd and I want to have a picnic that day.
Favorite Fiction Character: YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME! The Doctor or The Master are up there, Leo McGarry is a favourite, also Piper and Chris Halliwell, they’re so precious.
What are you wearing right now: My white “Rear Ended?” t-shirt I got from pride last year and cutoff shorts.
When did you start this blog: Six years this November. (Wow!)
What do I post: A hodgepodge of different interests. Right now it’s a lot of West Wing, Doctor Who, age gap related posts, things I find funny and things that inspire me.
Do I get a lot of ask: No :( I wish I did. I also like tag games :)
Why did I chose this URL?: Mainly it was because of a Beecake song, Waiting For You. The song is about how they’re waiting on someone even though they don’t want them to, it speaks to me on so many levels. I added “painfully” to it because two people I would run to the minute they asked, even though I know neither of them hardly ever think about me. Also, I wrote a thing and the song really describes the two main characters, and, in my opinion, it’s the best pilot script I’ve ever written and so I’m painfully waiting for the day that the show comes to the screen and the characters can help the people who watch and love the show. (I’m so annoying, sorry :P)

Thanks again for reading <3

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blue I'm kind of scared :( my harry concert is next year (may 25) and I want to take a rainbow flag or something to show support and pride to my beautiful community but I'm afraid that people will be mean to me or something like that. I mean, chile now is thankfully a more accepting country but there is still a lot of homophobia and probably some people will wrongfully associate the flag with larry *sigh*, the only thing keeping me calm is that 30 people are signed up to rainbow direction

nony, i’m so sorry your feeling this way but i think you should totally do it! especially if there’s more people doing it, you can talk to someone so you won’t be alone while in there. Harry will love to see all the rainbows and you shouldn’t have to feel scared of showing support and pride 

Arima’s House Call

In which Kinshirou pays a visit to Arima’s house, and they are both lovelier than the flowers.

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I made a promise to myself awhile back that no matter how difficult life gets, to not let a few negative experiences change the condition of who I am as a person.  The moment I empathize with someone, I give myself fully. I become hyper sensitive to their well being over my own. I extend this beyond the surface of friendships. I sign away a blank check of everything I physically, mentally, and emotionally own and give myself away whole heartedly. I understand that this may disservice me, as there are always a few people who will take this for granted…but I’ve rationalized that the people who don’t are worth the few painful experiences.  This week has been especially challenging, and I’ve began to question the way I approach friendships and relationships. I don’t want to live a guarded life with walls up, choose to put out a hard exterior in stake of pride or protection of my psyche. But I’m beginning to question this, re-evaluate if what I’m doing is wrong. Is this even worth it? Why do I choose to spend the limited time I have trying re-arrange the pieces of someone else’s broken self-esteem? We choose to be unhappy. We are not victims of the situations we put ourselves in. Every decision we make is a conscious one. Every truth and lie exposed is done with intention. Every backward step and promise broken is perpetrated by your own desire, and not to be blamed on anyone else. And the truth always, always prevails.  On a personal note, it has taken me 10 months to emotionally recover from my last relationship. If there’s one thing I walked away from almost a year of uncertainties, it’s this. Happiness can only be found from within. You can’t pursue it in the form of people. You can’t use money, status, drugs, short flings or bad relationships as a shortcut.  I’ve also come to terms with this: I can’t pursue any type of relationship half-baked. I can’t pursue anything in life half-baked. I can’t accept half for what I give in full.  Even if that limits the amount of people I can be around… As I’m trying to re-evaluate the past six months of friendships and flings, this is my first attempt at applying meaning on what feels like a few months of reckless abandon. If any of you have advice I would love to hear it.  “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
Bobby, dissing and rapping

After a few weeks of rumors, and Ravi’s answer, maybe it is time to talk about Bobby for the first article of this blog ? 


A little recap ? 

        Bobby is a YG Trainee, and honestly, a good rapper. Scratch that, he’s a great rapper. He’s 19, came from America to Korea, alone, trained with YG and to make things short, participated in a survivor show named Show Me The Money, where contestants are underground rappers doing rap battles. He won, even if no one actually thought he would win at the beginning, and it was later decided that he would debut with YG’s new boyband iKon, scheduled to start its activites next January. 

        BUT the problem is that in some of his tracks performed during SMTM, he criticized “idol rappers”, and seem to have mention Boyfriend, VIXX, and BTS (RapMonster). Ravi (VIXX) released a track to answer that diss, saying more or less that he had no interest in starting a diss battle, and that Bobby, as good as he was, was in no place to criticize idol rappers


What people say…

And as anyone would have expected, there’s some serious and bloody fanwars going on :

  • Accord to Starlights (and ARMY) : Bobby should take it down a notch, remember that he is still a little rookie who did not even debut and realize that he is himself an idol rapper
  • According to YGStans : some deny that there was any dissing at all, some say that Bobby is a “real” rapper before anything else, and that dissing is something common in the rap culture. 


Honestly ? 

     Before anything, I’m pretty sure there was no diss toward Boyfriend ; just because he used the word “boyfriend” in a track seems kind of light to say that he dissed them… On the opposite, inthe same song he mentionned “Bulletproof” (Bangtan) and “Monster” : seems more likely to be a diss, but I’m not totally sure. However, the diss toward VIXX seems undeniable, with the reference to the “clock dance”, which is a VIXX thing.

     But people who think Bobby cannot criticize idol rappers because he is himself an idol rapper, signed in a boy group with one of the biggest company are mistaken. Let’s take a look at some lyrics, ok ? 

The name Bobby is classified as an idol
I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either”

“I’m the bastard who broke through the underground pride as an idol in this hiphop scene”

“Saying that you rap but are just goofing around
You make me frown, you lower the quality of my dreams, agree?
You all smeared dung on the idol title
Why should I erase and wipe it off?
So stop crapping and clean up after yourselves
If you don’t have skills, instead of going to MCountdown
Go rot away in the practice studio

(Put up your guard and bounce)

     The whole POINT is that he KNOWS he is (going to be) an idol rapper. He even embraces it ; during SMTM, he was some real easy target for every other rappers, who came from the underground rap scenes, and expected him to be all “idolish”, soft and pretty because he came from YG. He had a lot of pressure because of that, and I think he heard these kind of things way to much. What he wants to show is that he can be both an idol and a rapper. A REAL rapper, who writes freely, can cuss and does not care about being cute and pretty. 

     What he is saying is that the other idol rappers are giving rap a bad name. It’s because of them that people think he can’t be and idol and a rapper, because way to many times, companies introduced an idol as a rapper because he was not good enough at singing or dancing. They are lowering the quality of the rap scene in the mainstream entertainment, anf he wants them to shut up, step aside and let real rappers do actual rap.

Was it rude ? HELL YES. 

Should he be bashed ? HELL NO.

     Let’s be honest. There ARE so MANY so-called “rappers” in Kpop groups that just can’t rap, or barely. I’m not here to bash, but we all know at least on or two idols who are supposed to be the “rapper” and just… no. Sorry. And if you go listen to Bobby’s rap, you’ll see that it is the kind of rap that you don’t get to here a lot in Kpop (in BTS a bit, maybe ? B.A.P too ? But still, more polished, not with that “coming from the guts” vibe). What he is saying is RIGHT, even though it’s rude especially for a newbie, still a rookie. 

     The fact that a hoobae is dissing a sunbae is a bit shocking for someone versed into Korean culture, and actally, Bobby is quite aware a bit. Let’s take a look at some other lyrics

“In the olden times, experience gave you a high position and seniority was everything (what)
If time is the fund, hurry and declare bankruptcy boy
Call the hyungs, even the CEO is ok”

(Born Hater)

     He knows how things work. He just disagrees. With a lot of cussing, and an attitude that would deserve a good slap if it was not for the obscene amount of talent that he had. He wants things to change, and not be looked down upon just because he is younger. 

     The only thing that is a bit obscure to me is… Why VIXX ? I discovered VIXX recently, so I looked for a bit of Ravi’s rapping and… it was not bad at all. OK, it’s not Bobby’s level, espacially since Ravi probably does not have the same amount of freedom as Bobby does, but still. There is way worse than that in the whole Kpop scene, isn’t it? It’s just like dissing Rap Monster, who is actually from the underground rap scene…

    • Anyone has an idea ? Some people said maybe Bobby actually wanted an answer, so he dissed someone who was not that bad, but … I’m not sure ?


How bad is it, after all ? 

     I think the whole thing has been blown out of proportion. Bobby is a very talented rapper, he is young, ambitious, not afraid of anything or anyone, and believes in talent more that experience. He is so self-confident that it can be a bit annoying (even if I personnally like this kind of way of living!) but he is right. Rudely, but.. Still. 

     Now, I just want to see the way YG will handle that very special free spirit. Hopefully like with WINNER’s Mino (whose part in Born Hater is still one of the best thing EVER), YG will let him use all his creativity, and not “idolify” him ! 


     It seems that YG is trying something new with its idols, and I like where this is going ! What about you ?




A few definitely incoherent thoughts on Mojo

My thoughts are all over the place. I’m tearing up a lot. I miss London. I miss the rave butterflies where having in my stomach whenever I got near the Harold Pinter. I miss Mojo. I miss this fucking awesome cast. I even miss the stage door manager. I am emotionally crippled.

I was in London from Feb. 6th to Feb. 9th. My days consisted of walking back and forth between point A (hotel) and point B (theatre). Come to think of it, I didn’t leave the West End at all, which is kind of sad, but also beautiful because it made me happy - it’s where I felt I needed to be.

Woke up that morning, I just knew it was going to be one of those days. Beautiful, sunny, and one I was definitely going to be there for.

Last performance things I’ll never ever forget :

  • Tom’s ‘come on!’ right before he jumps down the stairs (it was the first time I’ve heard him say that) - it felt like a ’let’s do this!’ for the final run 
  • their faces when the chair Brendan threw slowly made its way down the staircase, step by step by step by step - it felt like ages and they all just stood there, trying to keep the laughs in, waiting for it to stop already
  • Rupert and Daniel corpsing after Daniel accidentally spat out his toothpick - it was hilarious; Rupert tried to get back on track about 2-3 times, accompanied by applause (Ben must’ve had quite a laugh as well while 'sleeping’ on the table)
  • Ben letting out tears after he shot Colin - whereas he usually just stood there, showing no hint of emotion whatsoever. He was also crying when he spoke to Tom, right at the end
  • Brendan crying real tears at the bar, when Daniel brought him the bowl of hot water - either it’s new, or I just haven’t noticed it before
  • Colin giving it all. He was mesmerizing. I honestly thought I was in dream world when he was on.
  • Brendan fucking up the decor when he threw the chair at the bar, bottles flying everywhere :)
  • the tears flooding Danny’s eyes at the curtain call
  • the way Colin kept looking through the audience during the curtain call, acknowledging everyone
  • the mix of feelings I experienced during the curtain call: pure joy, pride and a crazy amount of sadness - it was quite weird and I felt overwhelmed so I cried.
  • the noise the drills made when they started taking apart the set - it was literally seconds after the curtain came down
  • Danny 

My most treasured things:

  • signed Mojo program. I was missing Colin’s and Brendan’s signatures but I managed to get them at the stage door on the 8th, although it was madness out there. I did not trample anyone, I was like 6th or 7th row back from the barriers, I just held my program up and Colin took it off my hand then placed it back :) I SCREAMED.

  • Mojo script signed by the freaking amazing Danny Mays

  • tickets collection: Jan. 24 and 25, Feb. 06, 07 and 08. Anyone who thinks I shouldn’t do whatever I fucking please with my own money, earned from going to work every single day, is wrong. Plus, I don’t think ATG threw anyone off their website while I was buying my tickets, there were plenty left anyways. I also froze my butt off twice for day tickets so…


Crazy fangirly things:

  • went to collect my tickets on Thursday, Colin bumped into me with the door when he was walking in, I smiled like an idiot, I didn’t even say hi, I think my heart stopped and I had no white ones available
  • when I finally arrived at the box office (there was a queue, it’s why I was all the way at the door when Colin came in) Brendan peeked through the small window, right near my frickin’ head, to ask the guy there to unlock the door Colin bumped into earlier. Didn’t say anything, again, because that’s me, an actual fucking idiot
  • went alone to lunch at Nonna’s on Thursday. Low and behold, within 10 minutes of walking in, I was sitting across from Ben and Rupert, and right near Danny and Tom. My biggest mistake was ordering actual food that you have to eat with a fork - I could not eat it properly, my hands were shaking like crazy, I’ve never felt so embarrassed. Most of the food ended up on my face and lap.
  • did I mention I lunched with Danny Mays (or at least as close as that’s ever gonna get?). I think my Danny is showing now.
  • queued for day tickets on Friday, lent my leg warmers to a guy to wear as socks because his toes were frozen
  • planned on queueing on Saturday as well, but luckily I was the 12th person there so I wouldn’t have gotten an evening ticket anyway. Luckily, because the queue started at 10PM and ended at 10AM. To all who made it through the rainy night: you are my heroes! I meant to bring coffee to you all, even set my alarm for 4AM, but I was dead tired so I didn’t hear it, I’m sorry!
  • went to lunch at Nonna’s again, downstairs, this time with a bunch of awesome people. Cast was sitting upstairs. That’s like saying we had lunch with the cast, right? Didn’t go to say hi, but saw Tom presenting the “Last curtain call” book to his mother, going through it, which made me very happy. The manager (who handed them the books) said they were 'shocked’ when they received them :)
  • the food at Nonna’s is really good (go for the Caprino salad or the Carbonaras; house white wine is also ok)
  • after the last performance, emotions were running high so I stayed around the theatre (the cast were having their party at the pub across the street). I know it’s creepy, but I peeked through the window a few times. When they started hugging it out (including Jezz Butterworth), it literally made me cry and my sadness level was already sky-high so I decided to head home.
  • had breakfast at Nonna’s on Sunday. I shouldn’t have done that because the theatre looked like this and it made it so much worse.

I’ve invested a lot into this production and now that it’s gone, I feel like I am left without a purpose.

But I’ve gained a lot from it as well, I got to see Colin perform live (which still feels like a dream), I fell in love with Danny Mays, I’ve discovered the pure awesomeness of all the other actors (I’ll be following their work from now on) and I’ve met some amazing people. 

The general idea is that while I am quite sad, I’m also really happy I was fortunate enough to witness Mojo live. 

Excited for what comes next.

My previously nice co-intern is now showing his true colors

He just sent a really nasty text to me about how “I don’t appreciate that you answer pages about my patients when I am not present because you don’t know my patients and that can lead to patient safety issues.”

Okay first of all, we’re on the same team so we should know about ALL the patients. Sorry not sorry that you don’t have the courtesy to pay attention to what’s going on with all the patients.

Second, you are in clinic. Who ELSE is going to answer the pages?

Third, I’m not your fucking secretary. I don’t get paid to do that job.

Four, HE caused safety issues himself by ignoring a concerned nurse’s call about a disoriented patient and it was up to my senior and I to call an airway code and transfer his patient to the ICU. While he waltzed off to clinic. And didn’t sign out a thing to us.

I sent him a polite but very direct text back. If you’re going to be a little shit and take your bruised pride out on me, you got another thing coming.

I hate fake-ass people like this. Fuck him.

anonymous asked:

hi! I am a mostly-casual-fan person who wanted to drop by and tell you about my sydney concert experience. basically, I went with a friend who is actually a huge fan and on a whim took my pride flag with me, cause it is colourful and large and idk it seemed like a better idea than taking a huge 'mARRY ME HARREH' sign. I didn't even know rainbow direction was a THING until before the performance when a couple girls came up and babbled at me, asking for a picture with the flag (cont.)

which i had been waving to annoy my friend, mostly. it was a really happy moment, but not as happy as during the actual concert when (keeping in mind that we were back in the first set of stands so I can’t be certain… but still…) harry totally waved at us! he came over to our section like three times and then, yeah. totally waved at us. it was just amazing to go to a one direction concert of all places and feel the rainbow love. (cont.)
and also (and this is just personal speculation) harry just came across as so incredibly not-hetero and it was seriously wonderful. since I figured out about rainbow direction I sort of fell into some larry blogs and honestly I would be so unsurprised if they came out. I am not invested, I am not even really involved, but as soon as I put some thought into it, it seemed so obvious. just thought I would share how easy it is to see in actual fact aha <3

Oh this is so neat! There have been a lot of rainbow direction participants who have said that Harry has acknowledged them - it really seems like Harry really loves the rainbows and pride flags and all his LGBTQ fans. So nice - and so nice that you felt the rainbow love! Rainbow Direction can be such a positive thing, and it’s so wonderful that you brought a pride flag even without the knowledge of it. <3

As for coming out and sexuality, I know that stereotypes are not always indicative of truth, but I think Harry is well aware that he is not acting in ways that a heterosexual male normally would, and there is nothing wrong with pointing that out :) Always nice to see the impressions of those who aren’t emotionally connected to the situation. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story!

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I'm gonna quote Zayn here and say people need to learn to stay in their own lane. There's a post going around that's being eaten up by all the Larries and Louis stans that a poc wrote about how Zayn fans are quick to excuse his behavior because of his race/religion. But one thing I don't appreciate is when non-Muslims tell Muslims how to feel about Islamophobia. Don't tell me it isn't a thing when that disgusting hashtag was trending today. Don't tell me I can't come to his defense.

This is something I’ve talked a bit about before. An excerpt from a previous post:

I haven’t seen the post, but I can guess that might be at play again. It’s happened before. The first time I saw a POC play apologist to placate white followers, I blew my fucking lid. I hate when POC show signs of being “Willie Lynched”, meaning they’ve internalized racism to the point where they value the approval of whites more than they respect themselves and their culture. It’s a very real thing. And white people cosigning POC who may be struggling with internalized racism, self acceptance and ethnic pride perpetuate a master/slave superior/inferior worthy/worthless type dynamic, which probably suits many of the fandom princesses just fine. And don’t expect a single one to take these comments under consideration. White privilege means never having to consider your ways. And it’s not just an American thing. Where ever POC have been historically subjugated via colonialism, indentured servitude and slavery or where ever an immigrant has had to survive in the white racist western world, this mentality exists. So it impacts many, many people worldwide.

As far as Zayn’s behavior, there’s nothing to excuse since he’s being used as a pawn in an elaborate publicity stunt–it’s all made up!! But the racist and Islamophobic insults that have been directed at him are very real. Sooooo…