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The Mind Cage - Epilogue

Title: The Mind Cage
Summary: In another world, Stanford Pines places a metal plate in his skull far too soon. In another world, Bill Cipher is in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Characters: Bill Cipher, Ford Pines, Stan Pines, Fiddleford McGucket
Rating: T
Click here for the first chapter, warnings and links to all chapters up so far.

A/N:  And here’s the epilogue - if you read the Journal, you’ll definitely know which scenario it’s based on!
(If you haven’t: it’s from a parallel reality where Stan left with Jornal 1 when told to, Ford reconnected with McGucket and together they made interdimensional travel possible without allowing Bill access to their world. Happy ending for everyone… except Stan, clearly. So I had to fix that.)


The Astonishing Anomalies of Gravity Falls

Fiddleford H. McGucket, PhD
Stanford F. Pines, PhD

– To Stanley Pines, without whom none of this would have seen the light of day.


Nikola Tesla once said that the history of science shows that theories are perishable; with every new truth that is revealed, we get a better understanding of Nature and our conceptions and views are modified.

Much of what is written in this paper defies what most believe to be real; research on the cause of these phenomena is still ongoing. Only by keeping an open mind on the scientific evidence presented in this work, and abandoning all preconceptions…


Stan had seen it coming from a mile away.

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Sleep - pt 5

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He was being silly and you smiled for him, enjoying his antics.

The scenery was nice and no one else was hiking this trail today. You snapped pictures per his request and grinned as he posed along every other weirdly shaped tree or bush.

Soon the thin waterfall was clearly audible and the narrow stream of water was within sight. You guys walked to the viewing platform and looked up at the tall phenomenon.

The mist gently touched your face. It felt good.

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[ENG] Sechskies Allure Interview (2/2)

[Kim Jae Duck]

You got a lot of new parts in the . What’s your favorite part?

I like the rap part in “Couple”. Tablo wrote the rap, and I think it’s pretty and it suits me well. There’s a part where we all draw a rainbow on stage, and that was Jiwon hyung’s idea.

Are you finally over the deprivation of MVs?
To be honest, I never had that much feelings against our MVs. Old MVs have some cons, of course, since they were filmed at our office or were a mashup of other videos. But I think they turned out pretty well. This time, I tried harder because I wanted to keep showing better sides.

How was the filming?
What I liked the most about it was the fact that I went to Japan with the members. It was disappointing that we didn’t really get to spend much time together except for when we were eating because of tight schedule. We had to wake up at 3~4 AM, get ready, film, and we couldn’t even stay out for long because it was cold. I wanted to watch other members awkwardly filming the couple scenes, but I couldn’t. I watched the indoors ones, but they all did well when they started shooting.

Any memorable episode?
Snowflakes were as big as the \500 coins, so we watched it snowing. Jaejin, Suwon, and I finished first, so we went to Sapporo’s beer factory to get a drink. We also went to a park together, and Jaejin made chimpanzee noises there, which was really funny.

Is the team activity different from before?
I think individual personalities and styles are the same as before. But everyone did get more mature. We all have a lot more responsibilities now. We did what was asked without thinking much back then, but now, we all try to participate voluntarily.

Do you feel that there are a lot of new fans?
When I read fan letters or go to filming sites, I see a few young fans. I think it’s cool. I want to tell them, “You’re sad that you’ve come to know us so late too, right? Since you’re late, please like us more, and let’s be together for a long long time”.

Do you feel the difference between 20th century fan culture and 21st century fan culture?
The most obvious one is camera. Back then, there was no camera even on cellphones, but now, they bring huge cameras to take pictures of me. Not only are they good at taking pictures, but they’re also good at editing them, so sometimes I get surprised looking through my SNS. Also, back then, fans crowded around us when they saw us, but now, they don’t approach us. They just take pictures from far away. But one thing that hasn’t changed is their eyes. Regardless of age, everyone still looks like a young girl because of their innocent eyes full of excitement.  

Do you read all the comments on your SNS?
Yes. Fans leave comments that can encourage me and make me laugh. There are touching ones. By reading those comments, I try to fix my mistakes. I think it’s good that I can always show improvements through those feedback.

Fans call you ‘Duck-Chael’ (Jaeduck+Michael). Isn’t the angel image sometimes burdensome?
It was Michael that came after my name? (laughs). But everyone likes nice people. It’s good that people view me in that way. But did I really seem that nice? I have weaknesses too, but I guess fans see more of my strengths.

What was your favorite move when you were in charge of choreographing?
It was mostly Jaejin who made the choreography, and I just helped on the side. It’s already 20 years ago, so I don’t even remember which choreographs I participated in. I think “Road fighter” was really cool, and “Pom Saeng Pom Sa” was very upbeat. But the recent choreos are more fun. The new “Com’ Back” and “Chivalry” choreos have completely different styles from before.

How did it change?
Before, we almost always danced right on the beat, but nowadays, you split the beat a lot. It gets awkward sometimes because my body’s not used to it. The dance itself did get harder, but it’s also that my brain can’t follow as quickly as it could before.

What was the most exciting moment since the reunion?
I think the most memorable ones are of course guerrilla concert on and our recent concert. At Yellow Note concert, they played a video of our fans singing to “Couple” and that almost made me cry.

Your style changed the most since the reunion. Do you like it?
At first, it was hard to accept. It’s not easy when everything suddenly changes at once. But I just trusted the stylists, and I’ve heard that I look good in the style, which boosts me up. Depending on the style of my clothes, my attitude and facial expressions also change. I like such changes.

Have you gotten used to doing photo shoots?
It’s still awkward. But there’s always an excitement at photo shoot sites. You get to meet new people at a new environment. It’s new, but it’s exciting.  

I’ve heard that you filmed in Busan with the memebers. How did that go?
At first, it was a bit awkwrad because I wasn’t used to such setting, but as time went on, I got to have a lot of fun. I think I would’ve had more fun if it wasn’t being filmed. I try not to be conscious of the camera, but sometimes it doesn’t work. I do think it could’ve been better without the cameras.

Do you have any plan of travelling with the members, apart from filming?
We’ve talked about it, but as of right now, carrying out our schedules is the most important.

Do you have any member that you want to form an unit with?
I think I’ll be able to show stronger sides with the black kies members, Jiwon hyung and Jaejin. We’ve been on stage together just as three, and I liked it. I think it’ll be fun.

[Jang Su Won]

You were the second most active member, after Eun Ji Won.
It might seem like I did a lot because of the robot acting, but it’s only been 2 years since I started doing individual activities. I try to be honest and accept everyone’s opinions on variety shows, and I think people like that side.

Robot acting could’ve created a bad reputation, but it was an opportunity for you.
At first, people did criticize me. Then people started laughing, and it became my charm. My personality and attitude changed a lot because of it. If I kept being criticized like I did in the beginning, I would’ve lost all my confidence, but I was lucky. If this happened in the past, I could’ve been forced to leave the industry for a while. Luckily, it became an opportunity for me.

I’ve heard that you played a big role in the reunion.
As time passed, I started to miss the times we were together more. I was a Sechskies member for only 2 years and a half, but back then, it really felt like I was just having fun with hyungs and friends that I liked. I always thought that if there’s a second chance, I want to have more fun with it.

Nowadays, there’s a lot of idol groups that work together but aren’t close.
I think some friends nowadays want get more attention than other members in the group. There’s no one in Sechskies that wants all the attention in variety shows, or wants to do individual activities like acting or going solo. I think that’s why we never felt like we were in a business relationship.

You were the only person that kept in contact with all the members even after the break up.
I keep relationships a broad group of people I don’t really cut anyone off just because that person is different from me. Unless there was a fight or some harm done, I keep in contact.

Such quality must’ve been helpful in your business.
Yes. I finally understand why adults say connection is more important than money.

Isn’t it hard to both own a business and do Sechskies activities?
I’ve been thinking that recently. I can go to my restaurant once a week at most, and recently, I could only once or twice a month. If the CEO isn’t there, management gets neglected even if there’s a manager. I didn’t know things would get this big in terms of scale, so I had opened up two restaurants. I did it just in case I don’t get work, but it’s now worrisome because we’re getting more work as Sechskies.

You said in that drinking with Eun Ji Won is uncomfortable. Is he more careful after that?
Not at all. That person is never careful to his dongsaengs. He’s only weak to people who are older or stronger than him. (laughs)

You’re the maknae in the team, but don’t you have desire to lead people?
Now I like taking care of people and taking them to places, but when I was young, I liked being with hyungs even if it’s a little uncomfortable. But as I’ve aged, I don’t like it if it’s uncomfortable no matter where hyung takes me. I don’t mind being the one to pay if I’m eating with dongasaengs that I like.

You called a person who nags while drinking a fogey.
Even people who are normally quiet tend to nag after drinking, calling themselves life sunbaes. If I keep repeating myself and nagging a lot, then I’ve become a fogey. I try not to nag or make it uncomfortable for dongsaengs. Even if I do, I only do it once.

How do you want to age?
I want to age fine, instead of trying too hard to look young. I want to look my age, but still have some charm. Just looking young as a “frozen man” isn’t as important. I don’t want to dye my hair pink and pretend like I’m young, like someone.

Are you targeting a specific member?
No, it was just an example, hahahaha.

Were you always blunt like this?
I never showed this side on TV, but I always was in waiting rooms. When filming for a show, I had to wait until other members talk first. Sometimes, I just stood there without coming up with any answer in my head because I felt like my turn wasn’t going to come. Back then, I only sang and other members did the talking.

Weren’t you disappointed that you didn’t have as many opportunities to show your talents?
No. I’m introverted and I don’t think I have that much talent. It was only recently that I started talking on variety shows, because I had a lot of things that I had to do on my own. Even when I talk on shows, I have to first think “What if I say this?” I don’t think I have talent in speaking well.

You’re good at dancing and singing, but sometimes those get covered up by the robot character.
Performances that I had mistakes in on were rehearsals. But I think they just aired the rehearsal instead since it’s not a music program. The robot image does get in the way sometimes, but it’s an image that I’ve created, so I have to bear with it. It’s not easy, but I try not to be stressed about it.

There are a lot of edited videos of your past performances and recent performances. It shows that Jang Su Won is constantly improving.
I don’t really watch either of them. The old ones are too bad and embarrassing. I’m not the type to monitor performances and analyze. I just try my best day to day.

In what aspect are you going to improve more?
Jekki is my one and only goal right now. It’s only been half a year since we made a come back, and we only have one new song. We still have a lot of time left. I want to make better songs, and I want jekki to be more global. Wouldn’t it be possible since YG has a lot of resources? I want to focus on jekki activites without thinking about anything else.

Were you always this ambitious?
Catch me on variety shows saying some nonsense, if this all fails.

[Lee Jae Jin]

Is there a reason you got rid of your SNS account?
Because there’s a Sechskies official website now. I wanted the fans to all gather there instead of being spread out on various platforms. I want other members to get rid of their personal accounts too.

Your hair is blue today.
I just got it done today. To be honest, the members have been suggesting that I dye my hair blue again, in a mocking way. I think they thought that I wouldn’t do it. I had pushed it off until now, but I finally did it.

You’re the only one who did V-live regularly.
I told everyone that I’ll do it every week since other members weren’t interested. I said I’ll do it whenever I go to my art studio, which I go to at least once a week. If you watch the first episode, I literally just draw. Since I can’t really read the fans’ comments while drawing, my professor at the studio chooses a couple of them to ask, and then I answer.

The way you were so focused on drawing in a sleevless shirt showing arms, was like a scene from a movie.
V-app is a live broadcast and I don’t even have a script, so there isn’t really anything to do. It was just my most natural state. In the summer ones, I had to wear sleveless because I get hot really easily. I didn’t really think ‘oh since I draw with my right hand, my right biceps are going to look nice’.

Did you focus on art after the military dischargement?
It hasn’t been that long since I started drawing. In 2010, I had a chance to join YG’s design team. Ten of my pieces made it into Big Bang’s album. And in 2014, when my nephews were older, the company’s director suggested that I should study art. But I really just like going to theme parks and Jeju Island with my nephews. I don’t really spend that much, anyways.

Fans told you not to marry, and you responded with “Then we’ll just cohabit”. Both are taboos in idol culture.
Why does all that matter at this age? I think living together is better than getting married. I don’t have to legally change my address.

You’re good at “fan training”, like deleting your picture on SNS 10 seconds after posting it. You should be good at that stuff, even in relationships.
Not really. You know how people always check up on eachother when in a relationship? I answer if the other person asks, but I never ask first. It’s not like I’m going to run to the place anyways. It was out of respect, but they thought I was uninterested in them.

Contrary to your carefree personality, you ran away when Sechskies was about to disband and hid. It was unexpected of you.
I came to Seoul from Busan when I was in second year in high school. I thought when we disband, my life in Seoul ends. Everything that was right in front of my eyes was about to disappear and I didn’t even know which was going to disappear first, so I was anxious and frustrated. And it took me especially long to become close with the members. Looking back, the members were so precious to me. So I disagreed to dreaking up, but some released their solo album in less than a year, and everyone was living well. (laughs)

You released three solo albums too?
I personally really don’t like those albums. I was just going to enlist after disbanding, but my mom kept saying “why don’t you release an album too?” after seeing other members doing so. I had to release it because of her.

Are you satisfied with the remake album?
Things that reflect an era get old, eventually. So the remade versions are better than the old ones, of course.

You had a yellow badge on you on .
I was working out when the Sewol tragedy happened. I was watching it live on TV, and I was frustrated. I clearly remember thinking “Why don’t they save the kids?” I was really heartbroken. I put the ribbon on to remember the deaths of the young students.

You’re known as the ‘4D, alien’ one, but do you have a member that you think is weirder than you?
Hm. I’m not interested. I don’t really care if there is or not.

Then are you only interested in your nephews?
No! I’m the most important to me. Of course, I blend in well without thinking I need to be the most noticeable, when I’m with my members.

You were in . Have you read some bad comments?
Yes, I read them because I’m curious. Sometimes, I stare at them blankly. I ask myself, “Why do these people put an effort of logging in, just to comment some hateful comments, and dislike the article? Do they really hate me enough to slap me when they meet me in real life?”

I heard you researched where the fans lived and chose the intermediate area as where your birthday party was going to be hosted.
Thanks to that, I found out that Daejeon is the best place for fans from all over the country to gather. I know which pubs are good, too.

Until when do you plan to do Sechskies activities?
I think we would have to see how things go in 2017. I’ve asked the members, “Do you think we’ll do this until we completely lose popularity, or until someone makes a big mistake?” But since we’re old, Sechskies won’t disband again because of individual activities. I am pretty sad that I don’t have enough time to draw for my exhbition, but right now, Jekki is my everything.

————————Thank you for reading! Feel free to share the link, as always

Translated by: sechskies0415.tumblr.com

gif cr: 볼펜

Tsukiuta Drama CD #6 Procellarum [Mada Mada Saki Wa Nagai] (Everyone) Translation

Finally done~ I tought it would take me around 2 days but I made it to 4 and a half. Translating a 41 minute drama CD takes sure a lot of time ;u; I’m happy that I finished it though~

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anonymous asked:

Can you do one with the companions reacting to sole belly dancing for them please? I think I might have asked for this from someone already, but it was really late, I was more than a little drunk, and I don't know if I actually did or not...

Anon, you’re a beautiful sinner of course I can do this one for you

Cait(Platonic): What in fuck are ye’ doing? Hey, hey now I didn’t say stop did I…

Cait(Romantic): Near enough the same except now its between “What in fuck are ye’ doing?” and “God I love this perfect idiot”

Codsworth: Is this a new Post-war Commonwealth thing Sir/mum?

Curie(Patonic): Tries to hide her giggles as Sole shakes their hips for her, just can’t but laugh and get a good look at Sole’s figure

Curie(Romance): Checks Sole’s physique for “science” to her they’re perfect, also when Sole’s stomach is close enough she can’t resist but to reach out and caress it

Dogmeat: Jumps up and down excitedly with Sole as they shake what they’ve got round the room, absolutely no idea of what’s going on 

Danse(Platonic): Soldier… SOLDIER, STOP.IT.NOW and for god’s sake put your uniform on before Maxson sees you

Danse(Romantic): Well, err… I can say with total honesty you have my full attention… 

Deacon: WHERE DID YOU GET THAT COSTUME?!?!?!? Can I get one? I’m thinking in a nice orange? :D

Hancock(Platonic): Joins in, gets with the groove and air spanks Sole

Hancock(Romanctic): Joins in, wearing nothing but his awesome hat and his boots… kinky ass lil ghoul

Nick: Woah… slow down there slick, rock the kasbah too hard you’ll knock the damn place down.

MacCready(Platonic): Err, dancings cool an’ all but we ain’t making a lot a caps here boss

MacCready(Romance): I have no idea where you got the costume, but right now I’m feeling we try that thing with the Mutfruit again?

Piper(Platonic): Laughs hysterically, takes a picture and looks at it when she’s feeling blue about Blue or in general

Piper(Romance): Takes a picture, keeps it in her naughty drawer, instead of laughing sits and bites her lip suggestively at Blue, tells them to save the costume for later :3

Preston(Platonic): Uhm general? *Sole keeps dancing* Oooooooookayyyy then

Preston(Romantic): Babe? You wanna explain the costume? NOT that I’m complaining, I’m just curious if… its… going to be around later 

Strong: Puny human want put on more armour if want to survive… Heh Human dance funny, but not stop get killed by brother mutants

X6-88: Sir/Ma’am first off, holy shit that’s hot, but you can’t run the institute in that costume…

+Maxson: Picks up Sole, takes them to his quarters and gives them some of the best if not slightly strange sex of their life

Some light hearted sin after the tearjerker, enjoy! :D


I’m working on my rose quartz cosplay, and i found a very easy way to make a gem! it might not be the best way, but itll do in a pinch!!

heres what you will need!

i got the dividers at walmart, and the card stock from the scrap booking section at Michael’s. also pictured is the star for the middle of my dress, which i was using for size comparison 

you will be using your reference to trace, so make sure its about the size you need 

step one!

trace your gem (not the circle) onto the divider with expo marker! this will erase. use the ruler to get your lines straight, and make sure your lines coming out from the middle are all the same length!!! mine are 1.5 inches. Then, connect the edges with a straight line and cut. at each line, cut a VERY thin notch out so there are tiny gaps, as shown. (the bigger your notch, the more your gem will pop out)

step two!

fold each side back along the middle shape. you will see how the gem now pops up bc you put the notches in it! next, destick some scotch tape on the back of your hand, it will be easier to peel off later.

step three!

tape your gem together on the OUTSIDE! you want it to be popped up, and the edges to have no gaps in them. DONT fold the tape over, and instead trim it off with scissors. once youre done, cut the corners off and round your gem! this is also a good time to start rubbing off the expo marker

step four!

hot glue time!! please be careful guys! hot glue the INSIDE of the gem, closing the edges so you can take the tape off. i also did the inside of the middle shape so the look was consistent, but thats up to you! also you might want to try to be a little neater than me lmao…   let the glue dry and cool completely!!!! now remove all the tape and rub off the rest of the marker

step five!

now, take your sparkly paper, and trace the gem on it. TRACE IT BIGGER, LIKE IN PICTURE 2. its easier to trim later. dont do what i did in that first picture please……    then, cut your circle out!!!

step 6!

hot glue the gem to the paper backing. any place where the gem is not flat against the backing, just pile glue on until it sticks!! i used clear glue so i was pretty messy with it, but again, be as neat as you want!

IMPORTANT NOTE, if you need to SEW your gem onto anything, sew the backing on BEFORE gluing the gem to it. however if you forget like me, 3M77 adhesive spray and a little hot glue attached my gem to my silky star fabric very well!! (honestly it was easier than sewing, i was gonna poke holes in the backing and sew it on like a giant button? idk if that would have even worked) 

finally, trim the backing around your gem! i left a little sticking out bc i thought it looked nice! thats up to you though!!

voila!! your very own gem!! if you really wanted to go the extreme you could even stick an led light or smth in there but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . i really hope this helps people! if you have any questions, shoot me an ask!! happy gem making!!

Male! Mc Mystic Messenger ZEN route Day 5 {Hour 6:59}

Casual Route Previous Hour | List | Mobile List | Next Hour 

6:59 Handsome Me

Zack slowly opened his eyes to see the sun pouring in through the blinds of his window. He hated sunlight and preferred cloudy/rainy days then sunny hot ones. He rolled over in frustration and covered his head with his pillow and slowly closed his eyes. 


“Ugh!” He sat up and unplugged his phone from the charger and turned off his alarm. He stretched his back and rolled out of bed landing harshly on the floor before inch worming his way to the computer. He climbed up the chair and clicked open his document before printing it out. He pressed his back into the chair and let out a loud “Aaaah!” As he yawned loudly. Slowly he grabbed the papers and put them in his bag unlocking his phone simultaneously. No texts from his outside friends. Just a bunch of notifications from the RFA. Not until he joined the group did he suddenly start using his phone so much.  

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Politics [Bucky Barnes AU] (Part 4)

Originally posted by sebastiansource

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Series Title: Politics (AU)
Fandom: MCU
Characters: Bucky Barnes x female!reader
Warnings: Mild swearing/cursing
Word Count: 1,397
Requested: By all of you to keep writing, so technically, yes xx
Short Description of the story: Your father is running to be the state senator of New York City. James Barnes, your childhood nemesis, is an egotistical playboy who is the son of your father’s opponent. The both of you plan to make your fathers’ campaigns living hell together.
Short Description of the chapter: Your plans to get the media’s attention by releasing a sex scandal with Bucky start to come together. You and Bucky go out together in public, only to argue about your high school lives in private.

Disclaimer: not my gif, I have never seen “Political Animals”, which I know Sebastian Stan appears in as an important character, so this isn’t based on Political Animals

[Y/N] = your first name
[L/N] = your last name

A few days after your father’s event, you and Bucky met up one more time. Bucky had left an anonymous tip to the paparazzi that you and Bucky would be meeting up in secret, allowing them to follow the both of you there. You were wearing a very 70s inspired outfit, in a denim button up mini skirt, a long sleeved white top tucked into the skirt and a pair of tall, tan boots that reached just under your knee. It was just casual enough to pass for everyday wear, but it was a little more than you usually wore, so you knew that if the paparazzi got pictures of you and Bucky, they would comment on that.

“What do we do now?” You whispered to Bucky when the both of you were hoarded outside of a relatively private coffee shop in Manhattan. All of the reporters and photographers were making sure you couldn’t move from the crowd.

“Just follow my lead,” Bucky whispered back before taking your hand gently in his and starting to walk, acting like he was shielding you from the paparazzi and cameras. “Please respect our privacy!” he added loudly enough for them to hear. You had to hide your smirk, knowing that there would be plenty of speculation after the words fell from Bucky’s lips. 

“Nicely done,” You complimented once the both of you were safely inside the coffee shop you had planned to meet up in. The both of you found a table near the far corner of the shop, as far away from the paparazzi outside as possible. “All right. So, what’s the game plan?” You questioned Bucky, who was looking at the menu in the café.

“Well, now we have their attention,” Bucky reminded you, a smirk on his lips. “We can release the pictures as we planned.” This made a little bit nervous. Bucky’s plan was to release intimate-looking pictures of the both of you on his Instagram, allowing some people to see it, take screenshots and so on, then delete the picture, acting like he had accidentally posted it publically instead of sending it to you. This would surely take all of the attention the press had away from your fathers’ campaigns.

“But, that means we have to physically take the pictures,” you stammered slightly. 

Bucky raised an eyebrow. “You’re not chicken out now, are you?” he asked you, seeming like he genuinely thought you would. “We’ve barely even gotten started, Y/N.”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “I know. I’m not giving up, don’t worry yourself, Barnes.” You told him, trying to play it cool and as if you weren’t actually freaking out.”

He nodded back at you. “Good,” Bucky said before looking at your legs with a smirk. “I just love that skirt of yours.” He admitted, his eyes raking down the length of it.

You rolled your eyes. “Well, if you love it so much, you can borrow it some time.” You replied back sarcastically. “You do have the legs for it,” you added as a joke, making Bucky grin, before waving a waitress over.

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bart-s1mpson  asked:


  1. what is your dream job?

I’M GONNA BE AN ANIMATOR! I’ll create my own cartoon and cheer up millions of lives with my art!

  1. would you rather live in rural areas or the suburbs?

I’ve lived all my life in a small city, so I’m not sure if I can deal with the big streets! for now I guess I’m neutral!

do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels?

If I pay for it I gotta take full advantage of what they give no?

do you have freckles?

Nah, but they are cool!!!

do you smile for pictures?

Nope! I’m pretty cheerful and squeaky, but I look weird when I smile, so I avoid it for pictures! 

how many pictures do you have on your phone?

2.997 and counting! 

My insurance company is now doing “inspections” via photo, so I literally just had to walk around my house taking pictures of every room to send to them so they don’t have to send a human person to my home for inspection.

And part of me is going, “this is cool, and easy, and I don’t have to make small talk while a stranger walks around my house and takes notes”.

But another part of me is going, “now pictures of all my shit are going to live in a file somewhere forever, and how are they going to use these photos to somehow screw us out of some future insurance claim??”

It’s possible I liked it better when some random dude showed up to take notes and check off boxes like, “yup, there’s a kitchen in this place.”

I hope you’re taking notice of the sheer number of Beanie Boos in my daughter’s collection, faceless insurance bot, because let me tell you, she’ll be filing a claim to replace all of them if we lose this place to flood or fire!

Ten Years Ain’t Nothing - Slash

Pairing: Saul ‘Slash’ Hudson x Reader

Words: 1016

Request: Hello! Okay, this is kinda weird but could you do a Slash imagine where he is in his 30s and the reader is like 20 or something? Like a big age gap you know? Thank you so much! + Maybe deal with hate, and him comforting her or something. Thanks 😊

A/N: @mybucky-yourbucky





It seemed like the world forgot about the rest of the world, for weeks the magazines had been talking shit about our relationship, paparazzi following us everywhere we went together, often taking pictures for those stupid gossip magazines. Now everywhere I go people seem to know my name, and they seem to get every chance to call me slut or a gold digger, or a groupie, a fame seeker, the list goes on.

Even the simple task of going to college seemed impossible now days, with people following me everywhere, and taking pictures and asking me stupid questions every time they see me. It’s cool sometimes, bumping into one of Slash’s fans, they recognizing me, some of them even say that they ‘love me’ when others say that they are grateful that I’m in Saul’s life; but then there are the other fans, the one that when they see me they’d throw stuff at me, and call me names, some of them even getting physical with me, pulling my hair and scratching my arms, but if these means being in his life, then I’d take it all, yes he may be older, and a rock star that is almost never home, but he is sweet, and caring.

As I throw another magazine, that talked about more ridiculous rumors and gossip about our relationship, into the table in front of me, I sigh, closing my eyes and letting my back rest on the cushion behind it. Feeling the need to cry, to scream and break something, to laugh and say ‘Fuck You’ to the world.

A knock on the door interrupts me from the mental battle with myself, taking a deep breath, and blinking my watery eyes away, I stand up from the couch, and walk towards the door, opening it revealing a smiling Saul with a pizza and wine on his hands, making me smile instantly, making me forget about what people were saying about me for a second.

Taking the wine from his hand, I greet him with a kiss, and move to the side, letting him walk inside the apartment, closing the door and walking towards the kitchen, where he stood taking some plates, and glasses.

“How was school?” he asks looking at me.

“It was alright, how was the meeting with the guys?” I ask him, pouting the wine into the glasses.

“Eh, it could have been better” he replied making a face.

“How so?”

“Axl was being a particular ass today” he says shaking his head, I stay silent taking the glasses and walking towards the sofa, Saul following behind me, I place the glasses on the coffee table, slightly glancing at the picture of my and Slash on the magazine, taking the remote, turning on the TV and looking for something to watch.

Saul on the other hand, wasn’t interested in watching a movie at the moment, he saw the way his girlfriend saw the magazine laying on the table in front of her, furrowing his eyebrows he set the plates on the piece of furniture and grabbed one of the magazines, featuring a picture of both of them holding hands, trying to avoid the paparazzi’s, the words “SLASH’S GIRLFRIEND USING ONLY USING HIM FOR HIS MONEY” written at the top of the paper.

He knew that they were indeed, talking bad about both of them, often calling them names, and hating on their relationship because of their age gap. The thing he didn’t know was that what this people were saying about her was hurting her. He looked through the article and read it rather quickly, not pleased with the words that the author had chosen to describe his girlfriend, closing the magazine and throwing it, once again, to the table, he looked at his girlfriend, her eyes were already set on him.

“You don’t believe this, right?” he asked.


“…but?” he insisted.

“But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt”

“Look, I know that dealing with this hard for you” he said, moving closer to her, “but please don’t let this bring you down, you shouldn’t care what they say” he continued.

“I know, I shouldn’t but-

“But nothing, baby you are the most beautiful woman on this earth, yes there is an age gap between us, so? Ten years ain’t nothing” he insisted, smiling at the girl.

“I just…I don’t know how to…deal with this” I said, embarrassed by my own confession, “it’s just that, I know that you are used to being in the papers, and people recognizing you in the street, people knowing who you are, people loving you and hating you all over the world, but me? I’m not, and it all too much” I continued, him listening to my every word.

“It’s overwhelming, there is people taking pictures of me everywhere, I feel like I can’t breathe anymore, I don’t know if I should laugh or cry, scream or remain silent, I just don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to act in this situation” I said, my eyes getting watery again.

“You act like you always do, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to do, we are humans, if you want to cry? Then do it, you want to laugh? Do it, you want to scream? Go on baby, don’t say a word? Its’s up to you, I’m gonna stay here, I’m not gonna leave anytime soon, I can help you get through this, I will help you” he says, whipping a falling tear from my eye with his thumb, smiling at me “I love you” he finishes.

A smile immediately forms into my lips, shaking my head a little “Thanks babe, I love you” I reply.

Smiling he leans in, kissing my lips, slow and soft; enjoying the moment, after all, it was the first time either of us said ‘I love you’.

Scorpio & Cancer Conversation
  • Cancer: I didn't realize I had so many pictures in my phone.
  • Scorpio: Really? You take pictures of everything. I saw you take a pic of a tree branch once. Come on.
  • Cancer: It was weird looking.
  • Scorpio: Ooooohkaayyy. I bet you haven't looked at it since. Anyway, where we going tonight?
  • Cancer: My sister told me about this place downtown. She said the food is good.
  • Scorpio: It's just us or other people?
  • Cancer: Just us for now....I might ask my coworker to come. I was gonna stay in the house tonight but this place sounds legit.
  • Scorpio: This coworker, is she cool? You always bringing random people around.
  • Cancer: Yeah, she's cool.
  • Scorpio: I'll take your word for it. You know I don't like.....random people.
YEE :0

Okay, so today I was in the city center with @shadowywhateveriam to escape from our sad lives and to get a coffee, we were just casually minding our own sad business when out of nowhere we see a guy walking to us. We are like “euh he probably wants us to take a picture from him or tell him where a certain place was or something”. BUT NOPE. He asked us if he could take a picture of us??? He was a street photographer from England I think… So yeh now we will be maybe famous without knowing???

Shadow was wearing a fabulous blue fabulous vest thingy and was fab like always.

Also I was wearing this (and he complimented on my hat ^-^) :

So yeah……. We now will maybe get famous? idk… He looked like a chill and happy dude. I think he thought we where a couple or something???

He called us cool so i guess we are CoolKidz™ nowé

IDOLiSH7 Short Story

Bunta Tsushimi, scenario writer for I7, wrote a short story that they then posted on their twitter. Which is to say, this is?? Official??? AND REALLY CUTE???

hoo boy, the last thing I was ever expecting was to see a probably-official I7 short story posted on twitlonger, but there ya fuckin go.

It was posted with the note that there are no spoilers, but it might make a bit more sense if you’ve read through the first half of part one.

“‘s cold…”

The kitchen before dawn was unpleasantly chilly.

While boiling water in a kettle, Mitsuki chopped up a great number of ingredients.  Large amounts of meat, large amounts of mushrooms.  It was almost too much food for breakfast.

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Yesterday I walked into an elderly guy at an art museum, and judging by the height of the doors there I guess he must have been around 7,2’. No doubt the tallest man I ever saw. Around his neck he wore a tag that said “No pictures” with the typical pictograph underneath. At first I figured he worked at the museum and that the warning was meant for visitors taking pictures of art. But he didn’t wear a uniform like the rest of the guards. Then it hit me: The note was meant for people wanting to take pictures of HIM! I can’t get it out of my mind now.
So people please: Don’t treat people like you just found yourself at a freak show seeing them. Don’t take for granted what you find fascinating, and perhaps even cool, about someone’s appearance is something they are comfortable identifying with. Hell, its not even okay to presume someone wants your attention for features they didn’t choose. Give a different looking person a break!

how about: SEIDOU @ DISNEY

here have some headcanons about if seidou baseball team had a trip to disney. had to write these down after i freaked out to bakashiseijuro about it…

  • first of all: miyuki is probably that one friend that hasn’t seen like half the disney movies and can’t sing the songs and doesn’t know which princess is which. it’s disgraceful tbh but not his fault he was robbed of a childhood. 
  • eijun and kuramochi are especially appalled tho bc they’re BIG DISNEY DWEEBS. so BEFORE THE TRIP they sit miyuki down and marathon their favorites with him. “MIYUKI KAZUYA HOW HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN ALADDINTHELITTLEMERMAID THE LION KINGAND ATLANTIS AND TREASURE PLANET ETC.??” 
  • eijun and kuramochi can’t watch disney movies without singing along and miyuki’s just sitting there like ??????? not sure he really gets all the hype but dang if their enthusiasm isn’t endearing…
  • so once they’re all at the park miyuki at least knows SOOOME things.
  • Kataoka: “You’ll report to three chaperones throughout the day: me, Rei, and Chris.” “CHRIS-SENPAI IS A CHAPERONE??”
  • of course he is, ofc he is…
  • let’s live in a world in which the third years are still around especially since this picture inspired this whole thing to begin with
  • look at them. LOOK AT THEM. masuko in a pooh bear hat JUN HAS MINNIE EARS IT’S ALL ON POINT AND I’M DYIN’
  • tanba is definitely the biggest weenie when it comes to rides like even Dumbo gets him rattled. ryou-san has to hold his hand for the big kid rides…
  • and by “hold his hand” i definitely mean drag through the mud like “can’t even go on space mountain? some ace u are lmao.” and tanba just D’:!!!
  • poor tanba his heart is made of glass sometimes. 
  • so you know those rides that take your picture with hidden cameras on big drops and shit?
  • tetsu ALWAYS KNOWS WHEN THAT SHIT’S COMING. he finds those cameras, senses them, looks straight into the camera with a :| and a 👍!!
  • meanwhile, beside him: jun is usually freaking out and making the most embarrassingly comical expressions, absolutely screaming.
  • when they get off the ride and they see their pics jun always gets mad at tetsu for looking so composed while jun himself is a wreck, basically holding tetsu’s hand in most pictures. “HOW DO YOU FIND THEM?? TELL ME!! YOU’RE PSYCHIC? YOU HAVE SOMEONE ON THE INSIDE? HUH???”
  • ryou-san doesn’t have that gift, but while the others are screaming, he’s looking straight into the jaws of death with his usual fox face. “50ft drop? (〃` ◡ ´〃) bring it on.”
  • nothing threatens ryousuke.
  • meanwhile: chris isn’t so much of a rides guy, and prefers to chill and observe the disney magic, but he does get mistaken as a prince on several different occasions. 
  • kuramochi always lies to eijun about where the camera is and when to pose. “NOW??? NOW?????!” “hyahahahahaoKAY NOW!!” miyuki’s snickering bc eijun’s fucking up and eijun’s faces at the camera are always awful.
  • eijun, miyuki, and kuramochi probably attempt those posed pictures for those surprise cameras, like playing jenga or fake marriage proposals or some absurd shit. 
  • SOMETIMES THEY SUCCEED… other times it’s just a disaster
  • haruichi is on the same ride and is just D8 “this won’t work!!”
  • “it will work!!”
  • (it doesn’t work)
  • furuya is also there but he’s sleeping
  • you know without a doubt that furuya is the type to fall asleep on rides especially those slow disney rides that just take your through a world of animatronics. but furuya would probably sleep through Rocking Rollercoaster lbr.
  • otherwise he’s complaining about the heat bc it’s always hot at disney and he hates waiting in line. i think haruichi could probably just stick him in the shade by one of those mist machines, give him an ice cream cone, and furuya would be set. that’s a happy furuya right there. he likes splash mountain bc it keeps him cool. 
  • now, eijun is the most adamant when it comes to taking pictures with all the characters. no matter what they’re doing, where there going, eijun must stop to take a picture with a character. he’s also the type to get so hyped and believe that these are the ACTUAL characters themselves. “AHH!! IT’S BUZZ LIGHTYEAR! THE REAL BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!!” 
  • miyuki: “but buzz lightyear is a toy, that’s just a man in a suit… i need to know that you know that that’s just a guy–”
  • eijun gets straight up STAR STRUCK in front of the characters. “M-Mickey-san! Thank you for your hard work!!” 
  • haruichi: “eijun-kun, who’s your favorite princess?”
    eijun: [points to miyuki]
  • miyuki’s souvenir is a princess tiara bc miyuki is seidou’s resident hime and has to look the part. 
  • for the record: haruichi’s loves Frozen a lot more than he should. photo of ryou and haruichi with elsa and anna. ROYAL SIBLINGS.
  • eijun and kuramochi buy themselves light sabers and absolutely wave them around while making their own sound effects. they pose in front of everything with them and make miyuki take pictures of them. 
  • if this is tokyo disney then video game nerd kuramochi probably geeks out about kingdom hearts characters. probably talks like “yeah, i totally fought alongside aladdin and jack sparrow.” miyuki: “pls come back to reality, kuramochi.”
  • the whole day i like to believe kataoka really enjoys himself and has mickey ears (with the sorcerer’s hat) and the boys even force him on to a couple of rides and spy him having the teeniest, weeniest of smiles and they’re all “!!! HE LOOKS LIKE HE’S ENJOYING HIMSELF!!” awww boss ur so cute.
  • “but jt! where are kanemaru and toujou?!” umm kissing under a palm tree i reckon!!! a field trip is just a date for them, i can’t interrupt that. 

woops this is really long but i love imagining teams at disney because i myself love going to disney. truly the happiest place on earth. hmu with disney headcanons bc i’m all about it.

a year from now, not only will we be a week away from seeing Dunkirk in theaters BUT ALSO a year from now—on this day perhaps—we will get to see harry at the premiere. he’ll be wearing a custom suit and his hair might be a little longer then (because we all know he is itching to grow it out again). he’ll step out on that red carpet and probably get the biggest screams because of us. he’ll take pictures next to fucking tom hardy. and cillian murphy. and christopher nolan…. and then he’ll take solo pictures……just him. alone. on that red carpet. looking fine as shit and he knows it. he’ll have a smug, cocky smirk with his hands behind his back, looking cool and nonchalant but we’ll all know… underneath he is probably super nervous. underneath he will still be our harry, even though he’ll be a big movie star. he’s still ours, but now we’ll get to share him with the world.

on that day, i will cry blood. 

Emergency Room V

Previously on Emergency Room

“There we go!” Molly cheered, standing in the bleachers and clapping while number eight caught the ball. “Good job, buddy!” 

“Hard to believe when I met you, you hadn’t seen a single game,” Emma shook her head while clapping until her fiancé sat down beside her sheepishly. 

“I’ve clearly been corrupted by you two.” 

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Jimin's Japan Travel Diary 141124

Wow, everyone … I think I’m really bad with computers,..It took me an hour to upload all of my photos .. 

But since it’s for you guys~~ I uploaded them enjoyably hahahaha 
Alright alright, shall we get right into my Japan travel diary

But one thing you should know beforehand is that I only have pictures of me eating ke ke ke 

Anyway, let’s go

Yeah- ah; as soon as we arrived in Japan, with a bloated face, we looked for something to eat kyah-kyah 

PORK CUTLET that I Like so much ~~~

ahheeheeheehee it’s delicious ~~~ 

After, we headed to our hotel. But I think I suddenly got sleepy… I think I slept for about 2 hours or so? 

And after I woke up! We finished the day off with our rehearsal for our first Kobe concert! 

(The) next day, since the morning, we, who went to our concert venue, looked for food first~~ 
Such pigs oink oink oink kekeke

This is the place where 2500 people will come in!!!!!

(And) I’ll be singing while standing like this~!!!!

Since our concert ended around dinner time, we ate meat meat meat for our late-night meal!!! One order of meat and one order of sobaaa~

Oh yeah my roommate was Jin hyung. We didn’t choose our roommates in any special way keke If we use the same carrier, we end up in the same room, who will use the room with me next keke Anyway, we finished our schedules for today too!! 

The (next) morning has risen and we looked for food first~~ babbalababbakababbabbab (T/N: Trumpet sounds using the word “rice”)

We had our second Kobe concert. Because we prepared well for it, like this, we came down after completing it well. 

Ah man~ the picture came out cool (T/N: In his Busan accent)

Oh yeah~ I didn’t show you where our hotel was, huh. Our hotel is like next level? (T/N: It’s really nice)

(And) Our night view is somewhat on this level? (T/N: It’s really pretty)

After making a friendship promise with Taetae that we’ll travel together later on while having a can of coke, I laid down to sleep today as well.


Alright!!! Today is the day we head to Tokyooo~ LET’S GO!!!  

Before we do, we’ll eat some ramen and go~~~ oink oink oink oink oink we’re gonna become pigs 

Ah~ I’m full, stop eating!! Heading over to the airport now!!!

Ueuhh… I was so scared because I thought I lost my ticketㅜㅜ
One of the employees at the airport picked it up (for me)….

Kook-ah, hyung almost got a heart attack ㅠㅠㅠㅠ sigh…

For dinner, we ate some delicious chicken~~~
Jungkook-ah, hyung likes chickennnn give me one 
kekekekekekekekekeke don’t shove it in my mouth you rascal!!!!

After dinner, I finished off my day, exercising restlessly at our place!!

(The) next morning, we once again, went to go eat breakfast, but who puts breakfast on the 33rd floor kekekeke
No joke, right? keke Early in the morning, we grandly went up to the 33rd floor and ate our breakfast keke. 
Alright alright alright alright, now we have to go to our concert. Tokyo concert go go go

At our Tokyo concert, I was happy because I came down after talking in Japanese, which I prepared hard for. proud proud hoot~ 
But that’s not what’s important… our Kookie said he’ll take a picture of us… so move … don’t interrupt us, you humans! (T/N: Because Jungkook said he’ll take a picture of them, Jimin was so happy so he’s telling the others to back away and not to interrupt them while Jungkook takes the photo)

Alright alright today, we finished off our day with Korean food kekeke 
Ah… we do nothing but eat …. the next picture is food too kekekeke We’re pigs, we eat really well 

See, what’d I tell you…. our ARMYs are gonna misunderstand …. now, before we head back (to Korea), I hope no pics of food will come out… (but) I feel like it’s gonna come out…

Anyway, today’s position of my picture is different 
We can see the Tokyo tower.
It’s cool, huh? Keke I want to go up there~ on our last day of schedules; we did an interview for the whole day.. 
All day since the morning ….ha…I’m worried,…

Let’s go, INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIGHTING!!!

It ended…. it became dark outside …. I feel like we did 5 days worth of schedules today…
Let’s hurry up and sleep, forget food, let’s just sleep today kekeke 

The round (morning) sun has risen~~~ My face is blo-oh-ated~ Well, you’re pretty used to this side of me, right? keke 
A new day has begun ~~ 

I went to a record shop and I don’t know who this cool guy is but, wow, I wanted to copy him keke wooeeeeeeeeee!!! While I was at it, I even got his autograph too!!

And the place that I really wanted to go to ~~ Sky Tree ~~ Wow!!!!! Bangtan went to Skytree The height was 634M…!!!
I’m afraid… of heights though…

The highest we were able to go up to was 451M
This place is fun
It felt like the buildings looked somewhat like toys and I was a giant? kekeke
I’ll destroy everything 

This part is also scary.. if that broke all of a sudden oh man… so that’s that.

I don’t think I can take out eating in this kekekeke TAKOYAKI~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KEEUUUU It was delicious keke 
Like this, our last schedule has ended and we were on our way back to Korea. Because I was so tired, I don’t have any pictures of us going back to Korea ㅜㅜ 
I’m sorry~~~

This is the picture that I put up on our twitter, when we arrived at our dorm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A week feels so long for some reason … 

Alright alright alright like this, I feel like all we did in our Japan tour was eat? (We ate in small portions yes yes definitely) 

But first, we successfully completed our Japan concert, finished our schedules enjoyably, and came back~ 

Because I thought that you guys would worry about how we were doing I took a lot of pictures so you can see that we came back after having a great time hohoho

To be honest, my previous diary was the first diary that I uploaded and since you guys liked it.. I feel like I had a great time taking these pictures on this trip. If you guys like this too, I’ll take pictures again on our next trip~~ 
I’ll end it here for today, Bye !!!!^^

Trans by ArmyBaseSubs
Please take out with full credits.