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Free Requests

Ok just to make it clear all of the start this was made by @live4love136 . I wanted to reblog the original one but could find it so again this belongs to @live4love136 and all credit should go to her for creating this.
Ok now what I wanna do is basically train my art and I never did this so this is gonna be fun.

So I’m gonna take request from people to draw character games like MLC, Eldarya or Mystic Messenger; anime like Naruto, DB, Etc; series like Steven Universe, Star vs the forces of Evil, Etc; I may also take Oc’s to draw too.

Now some rules:
1. Plz be patient, I take time drawing and I also busy with personal life.
2. Don’t ask me to draw something more then 2, I wanna give everyone a chance.
3. I have to right to refuse to draw something I don’t want to or just don’t feel comfortable.
4. You have to send me a pic of your character, I will not draw someone only from a description.
5. I’ll be drawing sketches not full digital art so I can make for more people and don’t keep them waiting too much

Ok now if you want me to do something plz comment down below ^^

( @eldaryandy ; @redrose04 ; @sansurina ; @annamaru ; @queenusagiblog ;  @zilinyaineldarya if you guys are interested in one ^^)

itssciencefitz  asked:

Saw you were taking prompts. Could I ask for a Fitzsimmons + 4??

Thank you for the prompt! Hope you enjoy! (Want one? Pick from this list.)

#4 - Come here. Let me fix it.


“There’s nothing to worry about, honestly!”

Jemma sat on the edge of the bed in their shared apartment listening to Fitz’s occasional groans coming from their en suite. She truly didn’t understand why he making such a fuss about his current predicament. To give him credit, it was a strange night, to be sure. For once, instead of the two of them preparing for a night out, with him usually waiting somewhat impatiently for her to finish getting ready, Jemma relaxed in her loungewear rather enjoying herself while Fitz struggled to decide on his wardrobe for the evening. And unlike other nights, Jemma wouldn’t be joining him at their favorite restaurant around the corner.

Half a dozen neckties were thrown haphazardly across the duvet as Fitz’s nerves made decision-making nearly impossible. Jemma found it rather humorous, as he was never one to care too much about his appearance, but she did admire how much effort he seemed to be putting into the occasion. To help him along, she decided the blue one was the best choice, as it was a favorite of hers and hoped it would bring him some luck for his mission.

She heard another groan from her boyfriend, and dropped her head in her hands.

“Easy enough for you to say,” he said, his voice echoing in a defeated tone. “You’re not the one asking for permission.”

Jemma huffed. “Technically, you’re asking for the both of us. It’s not like I don’t have a say in this. And what do you think he’s going to say? No?

“I don’t know. He’s your father!” He paused for a moment, and Jemma heard him throw something on the bathroom counter. “Shit,” he muttered softly.

Jemma scrunched her face, trying to decipher his change in tone. Yes, he was being a bit ridiculous with his worry, but now he sounded quite upset, so she scooted herself off the mattress and made her way to the bathroom. She paused once she reached the doorframe, not wanting to startle him. “What is it?” she asked, her voice full of concern.

Fitz stood in front of the mirror, his head bowed toward the sink. The blue necktie was half-hanging off the edge of the counter, having thrown it down in defeat. But what caught Jemma’s attention was Fitz’s hand trembling at his side, causing a lump to form in her throat.

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wedding-abfotografia  asked:

Do you know any ways to make money online?

I do a couple different things to make money online:

  • surveys: you can earn credit for taking surveys and exchange it for money on paypal (website 1 / website 2)
  • adsense: put an ad on your blog & you make money for clicks (there are tutorials on how to set it up online)
  • sponsors: some companies partner with bloggers & give a commission when people buy through your link! find a lot through cj.com

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i kept thinking she goes home to a cactus was commentary on lack of maternal instinct and her inability to keep anything alive

If you’re interpreting the song as directly about Briana, that makes sense. I think it’s more generally about fame and that line is about life being empty at the end of the day. Home alone to something that didn’t really need you. But I get where you’re coming from.

The thing is, the OP from the cactus/prick post actually made a really good joke. THEY should be credited for that line. I don’t at all think that was Harry’s intention and it doesn’t fit with the surrounding lyrics, but it’s a good line. OP should take credit for it, rather than trying to give Harry credit.

So i started this new "HOBBY “ where i merge a fangirl’s photo with their bias...

this actually started out as a challenge by my friend who sent me a ‘line art’ photo and asked if i could make one for her with her bias. i said yes because it was also a chance for me to practice photoshop since i just started using it…

after a while, the requests didn’t stop… i’m getting better with my photoshop skills altho i still need more practice.


please do not delete my watermarks and please do not alter the photos. effects are okay. credits to the owners of the background photos i used. :)

here are my works…

FANGIRL FT. JIMIN (my very first work)












angelamontencgro  asked:

dude wtf you're copying me??? I can't believe you right now. I spend all year making memes and the second I post them you seriously rip them and watermark them yourself. This is bullshit and I'm suing you. I can't even begin to tell you how many memes you'll be charged for. You're fucking toast, man. I've already got 4 people for taking my memes without crediting me and now their lives are ruined because they couldn't be original. Seriously, get your own memes and learn how to be original becaus

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I never pranked my parents again after the incident.

by reddit user Eigengraulogy

I was 11 years old when it happened.

As a kid, I knew that something wasn’t quite right with the events that unfolded at the time. Even though it was never brought up again under any circumstances by either one of my parents, it’s something that always stuck with me. I can’t say it’s a memory that I tried to suppress seeing as it was always there at the back of my mind, bothering me like an itch that wouldn’t go away unless properly scratched.

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Sometimes I feel myself getting stuck in a CAS rut and a lot of my sims end up looking very similar. I’ve seen these types of click and drag generators often as writing resources, or as silly games to predict the “future” and thought it might be interesting to tailor it and incorporate it directly into the sims so I’ve thrown a quick one together. Everything is still quite open-ended so it’s all up for personal interpretation, it’s just a push to get you started. 

*Note: I included alien and vampire under gender. If you get one of these options, feel free to drag again until you get male/female to determine the gender, or choose it yourself. Like I said this isn’t set in stone and is more for inspiration than hardcore rules. If you don’t have the vampire pack, just pull a different result. No biggie.

By no means do I take any form of credit for this idea, I’m sure it’s probably even been done on simblr in the past, I just wanted to throw my hat in the ring and thought I’d share it with all you lovelies as well. x

Might make a fun challenge too? tag your creations as #clickanddragcas or something and see what this prompts us all to make maybe idk!! just have fun nd make cute sims

Real advice

So a lot of you on here are teens and might be getting ready to be out on your own. Here are some things I learned the hard way or that are just good to know.

  • Never smoke or quit if you are currently. The cost of addictive smoking is more than half your groceries a month AND the bodily cost will surprise you.
  • Drink water. Yeah okay I know this one sucks but water is much much cheaper than soda, trust me. Your skin will thank you.
  • Send thank you cards. Don’t have any? Get the cheap ones and send those. It doesn’t matter how nice they are, the fact that you sent a thank you card matters. Send it for gifts, people calling you to check on you, those adults who helped you move, and even people who interview you.
  • Withhold 1. Okay so speaking of jobs, on your forms (US) where you are trying to figure out your tax withholding, put one. Yourself. It’s an easy way to make sure you don’t owe $2,000 in April and you still get a pretty decent check. 
  • No pets. If you don’t have a pet now, don’t get one. It’s super hard to get an apartment that will let you have a pet when you are first starting out. Wait until you are a bit older and can afford to rent more than a one bedroom apartment. 
  • Insurance. You’re young, so why do you need life insurance? Because that’s the best time to get it. Yeah, it’s a dumb expense to pay right now, but if you get it early, you can afford it. The longer you wait, the more expensive it is. Car insurance is going to be high for a few years, but it will drop around 22 and 25 years old. Health insurance usually comes through your job and please don’t ignore it. Renter’s insurance is usually pretty cheap and it covers you if there is a fire or natural disaster and you have to go back home to mom.
  • Off brand. This goes for food, clothing, makeup, and cleaning supplies and just about anything else you can think of. For food, Aldi’s is your best friend. I can go fill up a cart of just food and it will cost maybe $70. the same amount of food at Walmart is easily over $150. You can of course be picky, but try to get the majority of your food off brand. Hygiene products too. Goodwill is great for clothes, but plan a trip. Save like 60 bucks and drive near a big city where the rich people live. Go to the goodwill there. You can basically get an all new wardrobe for pennies on the dollar. Makeup is tricky. It can be really really expensive but you don’t really have to buy all of it name brand. Pick whats most important to you. I prefer eye shadows and lipsticks name brand and I deal with everything else from the drugstore. With he right techniques, you can make it look expensive. As for cleaning, I always use dollar tree stuff minus my laundry detergent because of allergies. Bleach, stain spray, and vinegar are gonna be your best friends,.
  • Car. Okay so yeah, that brand new car is nice and sure, maybe you can afford it. For now. Disaster will strike. Something will come up and bam, you’re stuck choosing if you want to walk everywhere or eat. Try getting a slightly used car, such as one of the ones they let people test drive a lot or a car that has previously been leased. Just as nice and much MUCH cheaper. And I have gotten THREE cars with no down payment so don’t let them tell you you can’t. But it is nice to put it down,even $100. 
  • Negotiate. Don’t be afraid to haggle with people. Yeah it’s intimidating but it’s 10 minutes of your life versus hundreds of dollars a year. What can you negotiate? Almost anything. Car payment. Rent. Insurance. Hospital bills. Even due dates for the bills you can’t negotiate on. Also, if something comes up where you have to skip a payment on something, call them. Give them like $25 and explain your situation. Ask if your payment date can be moved with the $25 as a goodwill promise to pay the rest later. It works. They would rather move your date than send you to collections. 
  • Collectors. Okay so this one is tricky. If you have fallen behind and owe a collector, don’t fret. I do too, even as I write this. Owing a collector means that the original service has been paid (health bills, credit card ect) and you are now paying the people who paid your bill. (I know it’s confusing) however, they will usually want the entirety of what they paid for you in 6 months. Meaning if they just paid a bill for you that was $3,000, they are gonna ask for $500 a month. That’s rent. That’s crazy. Tell them outright what you can afford and don’t lie about it either. If you can afford $100, tell them that. If you can afford $50, tell them that. If you can’t afford to pay them anything when they call you, let them know when you can. If you can’t afford it when you told them you could, don’t answer your phone to a number you don’t know. I know that sounds horrible but if you are renting an apartment, renting a car, and literally own nothing, they can’t do much to you. Just pay when you can and try to maybe pick up some extra shifts at work to make a payment. I have been dodging collectors for about three years. I owe I think three right now. I pay ONE of them a month, but it’s a large payment to keep them quiet for a while. I do not suggest this for you, I am just letting you know what I do.
  • Credit Cards. Okay, the big one. Many adults will tell you to never ever get a credit card and that’s just not feasible in this world. However, it can be addicting to be able to go to Walmart when you are negative in your bank account and get that $10 movie. I mean, it’s just 10 bucks right? WRONG. It will build up fast and soon the one credit card you have will be maxed. So you have to get another for emergencies. And another. And so on. So here’s my advice; Get a credit card through the same bank as your checking and tell them to put a limit on it and not let it raise. Then lock that sucker away and forget you have it until a real emergency comes up like a flat tire, short on money for groceries, or that collector that hasn’t been paid in 4 months. You can make it on one credit card if you are strict with your money, which I am sure you don’t have a lot of.
  • Budget. Speaking of money, write out a budget for yourself. Don’t know how? Here’s the easiest way. Most people get paid bi-weekly so here’s how to do it. Make two columns, Check 1 and Check 2. If you have a full time job you know about how much your checks are going to be so put the amount at the top of each column. Now that hard part - figure out what is due when. Is something due June 1st? Take it out of check 2 (end of May). Is something due May 14? Take it out of check 1 (beginning of May). That main thought process behind your budget is that you want to have the money for a bill set aside before it’s due. Paying a bill a few days early is a great way to make a good financial reputation for yourself and for some things even build credit. Now if you get paid bi-weekly, you will sometimes have a month where you get 3 checks. DON’T BLOW IT. Put it right back into your budget as Check 1 and keep the flow going. If you prepay bills, like your car or your rent or your credit card, and stay a month a head of those big ones, you may need that wiggle room later. If your car, for instance, is paid ahead 1 month, you can use the car money you would normally pay that month for maybe some extra groceries or some small emergency without using your credit card and you won’t even fall behind! You’ll just be back to owing every month instead of being ahead. It’s like a savings account without the temptation to blow the money. 
  • Simplicity. Enjoy simple things. A gym is expensive, go for a walk instead. Cable is expensive, pay for internet. Phones are expensive, get on a family plan (there is no shame in staying on your parent’s plan, just pay your share). Food is expensive, enjoy leftovers. Movies are expensive, go early and resist any snacks. Shopping is expensive, go to the mall and spend all day trying on cute clothes and taking selfes in the dressing room (makes you feel like a million bucks sometimes!). Time is expensive because you don’t have a lot of it so If you want to stay in bed all day on your day off, do it. If you want to binge on your day off, do it. If you want to just play board games with friends on a Saturday night with a few beers, do it. Simple fun is way better for your pocket and your anxiety.
  • Mental Health  - speaking of anxiety, make sure you take care of your brain. Go outside, even if it means sitting on your steps. Wake up early, even for just an hour. Don’t burn yourself out at work or school because you will suffer the consequences. Make a schedule. If you have trouble with timekeeping, ask for help. If you feel you do have a real mental disorder, see if your employer has what’s called and EAP program (employee assistance program). They usually help you find a mental health provider and give you a few visits for free. This will help you narrow down what exactly you have and after you’re free visits are up you can see who is in your health insurance network that can provide you the mental care you need. if you are prescribed drugs, always get generic. If there is no generic, ask for an alternative. I will not lie to you, mental health is the hardest thing to treat. It took me 8 years and a lot of money to figure out the right medication cocktail for me and my bipolar/ schizophrenia (yes I have both). Turns out I only need two pills, and if I were to refill both of them right now, I wouldn’t even pay $10 thanks to my health insurance (which sucks but at least it’s there) and because I got generics. Also, talk therapy can be pricey but sometimes only a few sessions can change your life. I have literally only been to talk therapy 11 times in my life and that was to deal with PTSD, bipolar, schizophrenia, and suicidal tendencies. 11 sessions. That’s 11 hours. And yeah, I paid over $400 out of pocket for those collectively. But if I hadn’t I would probably be dead right now so it was worth it.
  • Connections. Calling your friends is awesome because sometimes, it’s free therapy. And okay, maybe you’re 19 and you still have a horrible relationship with your parents. It’s okay. I am 25 and I still have problems with my parents. My whole family actually. Social media is a kind of safety net for me because that’s where I can be myself. Find where you can be yourself, it will help you stay sane.
  • Clean. Sometimes when I feel crappy, I take a shower. I clean the living room. I do the dishes. I vacuum. I mop. I open the windows. I get the trash out of the house. Change into some clean clothes. Organize my desk. Clean out your closet and put all your unwanted clothes in bags to donate. Just a small amount of cleaning can make you feel like you accomplished something. 
  • Hobbies. This one is a little hard too. It depends on your personality, your budget, and how much free time you have. Drawing , singing, and writing are free. Exercising can be free if you run or walk in the park. But most hobbies do actually cost money. Video games, playing an instrument, painting, sewing, cooking/baking, making things - those all cost money. Some of them lots of money. But you have to have a hobby outside of social network, sleeping, and working. It’s another thing to keep you sane and it’s just a good idea.
  • Toxic people. Do not be afraid to cut people out of your life that do nothing but make you feel bad about yourself or insult your life. This could mean breaking up with your partner, unfriending a person from your social circle, cutting out a whole circle of people, or even not talking to a relative(s). It’s not easy for some people but if they do not build you up, they will only tear you down. 
  • Drink at home. Okay so this one might sound like a no brainer, but I’ll explain it anyway. Packs of beer and hard liquor bottles are cheaper than a pint and a shots at the bar. Bottles of wine are cheaper than a glass at a restaurant. It’s never okay to drive drunk or even after one bottle of beer. NEVER. Staying at home is cheaper all around and you can drink in your pajamas while watching Finding Nemo on loop. Or invite some friends over and create a drinking game out of a show, a game you already have, or just talk and drink. 
  • Sleep. This one is so important. You need a good bed and a quiet, dark place to sleep. If you are scared of the dark, get a night light. Can’t sleep in silence? Get a fan. I have both of these and they help. You’re brain will feel tired if you ‘slept’ for 12 hours but only got 1 hour of REM. REM can really only happen every night if you are in a calm and dim environment. Quality of sleep will effect your eating habits, your emotional state, your mental stability, and your ability to make rational decisions among other things. 

So these are obviously just a few things, but I feel they are important to share. Please feel free to add any and reblog it for those about to enter adulthood. 

Hey Guys! So I’ve noticed that art theft has been quite the thing lately, (especially people reposting art.) I also know that some people aren’t sure about the difference between a reblog and a repost, so hopefully I can explain this today!

Reposting happens when you take someones art and make a new post for it (be it on a different website or the same one.) Most artists do not like this. Some will allow it with proper credit, but you should always ask permission first.

Reblogging is when you share the original post on the same website with other people. Most artists love when you do this!

Why reblog? It lets other people find the artist more easily (and to see more of their work!) it lets the artist know people are enjoying their work (which is a huge motivator for sharing it), it provides proper context for the work, and more!

Please share the art you like by reblogging it, and remember never to claim other people’s art as your own. : )

exchanges (m)

Summary: In which Jeon Jungkook is that friendly neighborhood superhero, you’re the face in the hallway that saved his high school career, and he can’t ever seem to get a grip around you. Even when he makes you scream after a fated accident—not for the reason you may be thinking; get the thought out of your head! 
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader 
Genre: Fluff/Smut; Spiderman AU 
Word Count: 14,838
Author’s Note: Honestly though, it was only a matter of time before I got around to writing a story like this. I am obsessed with Spiderman, so this might just be the foundational guideline for many future Jungkook Spiderman AU drabbles to come in the future. 

The story was also heavily inspired by this photo that made me cry for seven days and seven nights. +photo credit !!!!!!!


(the present)

If Jeon Jungkook is against anything in his life, it’s one’s ability to exaggerate certain situations or problems to make those things seem much bigger than they probably were. Well, actually, take that back. It’s not that he’s against it per say, it’s just that his peer’s daily struggles of pop quizzes and missing the morning bus aren’t exactly headliner news—especially in comparison to what he has to go through.

Jeon Jungkook is against exaggeration, probably because he can’t get away with it himself. It’s not that he doesn’t like to exchange his fair share of embellished stories or fabricated events weaved into true experiences, it’s that he can’t afford to do so. Sharing stories of his nightly routines and dashing superhero adventures may seem great, but only if he could manage the burden of a personal life and a masked life intertwining.

As an 18-year-old boy, he can probably say it’s safe to assume that he cannot. Manage the overwhelming, opposite pressure both of his lives take him, that is. It’s difficult enough being a college freshman, a tiny fish in an ocean of whales and sharks, but throw in his late night Spiderman facade would be too much of a tale to share with other people and peers who probably ask too many questions and know too much about him. He’s never liked the exposure that comes with being in the spotlight, and he can’t hide behind his mask if people knew who he was.

Oh. Right. Speaking of his Spiderman facade, that’s who is he. Haven’t heard of him? You know, the dashing hero of Seoul, red and blue spandex attire with a web shooter, fine tuned senses and amazingly quick reflexes? The boy who swings around the city, volunteering for trouble and always coming out right on top? The boy who constantly maintains that casual, slightly amused tone throughout a majority of his rescues?

Yeah, well, that’s Jungkook.

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Last but not least, here’s Lance! He is probably the most difficult Graphig to do because of the detail on his bangs. If you decide to make this papercraft, I advise you to take care while cutting out his bangs! Enjoy!

If you’re interested, here are the Graphig templates I made for Keith & Shiro as well!

Original blank Graphig template credits to Nasos (NCEmpire) (email: nasos@scarplex.net)

[LYRICS] Gajah (코끼리 (Elephant)) Feat. Rap Monster by Gaeko


무기력한 하루 해치운 다음
맥주병 뚜껑을 똑 따
술 취한 세상은 느려 보여도
시간은 정직하게 똑딱
전쟁터같은 사회 안에서
내 시선 타깃없는 스나이퍼
당황스럽고 식은땀 나
왜 난 하염없이 목표만을 찾나

정보공급과잉 공급공급 과잉에
머릿속은 흡사 흡연실
잡생각과 갖가지 욕망들이
담배 뻐끔 뻐끔 연기 피워대니
내 안에 불씨가 꺼지는 걸
알아채지 못했다니까 후후불어
다시 후후불어
어디에든 존재하지 호불호

누군 큰 그림을 보라지만
큰 그림들이 주는 뜬구름들이
나의 정밀했던 표현과
세계를 난도질하려 해여
나의 열정이 행여
돈이 덜 된 거라도
그게 실수라고 말하지마
난 내 길을 갈거라고

너도 망설이지 말고
그냥 하고 싶은 거 해
사람 일이 말야 당장
내일도 말야
어찌될지 모르니까 그냥
코끼리스텝 끼리끼리스텝
끼리 스텝으로 가야지
코끼리스텝 끼리끼리스텝
끼리 스텝으로 가야지

인생은 그냥 그냥 Come thru
We ain’t never ever want to
다 강제발탁된 선수
You don’t choose life
chose you
세상은 컬러인 척하는 모노야
Cuz everything so grey
밤은 나일강보다도 훨씬 길고
우리의 슬픔은 애매해

복잡한 이 세상 딱 하나 분명한 건
삶에 떠밀린 너와 내 상태
운명이란 놈은 우리 값어칠 매기고
평생 고독을 강매해
세상과의 불협화음 유난히 잦다면
우린 까만 건반 같은 것
확실한 건 너 역시 피아노의 일부
가만히 앉아서 흑건을 쳐줘

Think about it
별이 될 건가 불가사리 될 건가
No disrespect for starfish
But if you want a fish, be selfish
오늘 아침 거울을 봤다면
뭔 생각했는지 잘 생각해봐
그리고 다시 보고 말해
너는 너를 위해 싸워
너는 너를 위해 날을 세워

너도 망설이지 말고
그냥 하고 싶은 거 해
사람 일이 말야 당장
내일도 말야
어찌될지 모르니까 그냥
코끼리스텝 끼리끼리스텝
끼리 스텝으로 가야지
코끼리스텝 끼리끼리스텝
끼리 스텝으로 가야지

뿌뿌뿌뿌뿌이 뿌뿌뿌뿌이
뿌뿌뿌뿌뿌이 뿌뿌뿌뿌이
그냥 코끼리스텝 끼리끼리스텝
끼리 스텝으로 가야지
코끼리스텝 끼리끼리스텝
끼리 스텝으로 가야지

성공에도 그림자가 있고
실패에도 있지 빛
유명세는 삶을 CCTV로 감시하고
몇 글자로 우릴 반죽해버린 다음
아웅다웅하다 폐기처분한 다음
시치미를 뚝 떼
난 휘둘리지 않고 쭉 해
난 기억해

내 잔고가 0원이었을 때
밤새 얘기했지
영원한 것에 관해
스티비 원더 마빈 게이
유재하 혹은 이문세가
내게 준 것들에 리스펙트
나도 누군가의 삶에 BGM으로
우연히 스며들기를 원해
그때를 기억하네
DT의 난 널 원해

생각 길지 않고 깊게 원해
행동은 담대하고 쉽게 원해
실패보다 더 실례해야 될 건
이거야 Self disrespect myself
내성적인 내게
네트워크 강요하지 마라
내 성적은 내가 관리하게 놔둬
어련히 알아서
Make it work 새겨들어 너


After defeating an exhausting day
I pop off the cap of a beer bottle
Even if the drunk world seems to slow down
Time tick-tocks with honesty
In a society that is like a battlefield
I am a sniper with no target in my sight
I panic and break into a cold sweat
Why am I absentmindedly searching only for a target

From the information and supplies that overstock
The inside of my head is similar to a smoking room
Miscellaneous thoughts and various desires
Continuously puff their cigarettes
I didn’t realize the embers
Dying inside me so I blow on them
Again I blow on them
Likes and dislikes exist anywhere

Some say to look at the big picture,
But the floating clouds that show me the big picture
Want to cut down my world
And my precise expressions
Even if what I’m passionate about
May bring me less money
Don’t tell me that it’s a mistake
I’ll go down my own path

You shouldn’t hesitate either
Just do what you want
The thing is, when it comes to people’s days,
No one knows what’ll happen in the present
Or tomorrow so just
Elephant step phant phant step
You should go with phant steps
Elephant step phant phant step
You should go with phant steps

Life just, just Comes thru
We ain’t never ever want to
Everyone’s an involuntary player
You don’t choose life
Chose you
The world is monochrome pretending to be colourful
Cuz everything so grey
The night is much longer than the Nile River
Our sadness is a grey area

There’s only one thing certain about this complicated world
That your state and mine are washed up by life
A thing like fate decides our value
It’s always pressuring us to buy loneliness
If you’re often in dissonance with the world
We’re like the black piano keys
What’s certain is that you’re only part of a piano
Please sit down and play the black keys

Think about it
Will you become a star or a starfish
No disrespect for starfish
But if you want a fish, be selfish
If you looked into the mirror this morning
Think hard on what you thought about
And then look and tell yourself again
You fight for yourself
You raise me up for yourself

You shouldn’t hesitate either
Just do what you want
The thing is, when it comes to people’s days,
No one knows what’ll happen in the present
Or tomorrow so just
Elephant step phant phant step
You should go with phant steps
Elephant step phant phant step
You should go with phant steps

Bbubbububbui bbubbubbui
Bbubbububbui bbubbubbui
Just elephant step phant phant step
You should go with phant steps
Elephant step phant phant step
You should go with phant steps

Even success has a shadow
There’s also light in failure
The price of fame is monitoring life from a CCTV camera
After kneading us with a few words,
After quarrelling and then throwing it away,
They feign ignorance
I won’t be swayed, I’ll just keep on going
I remember

When my balance was ₩0
I would say this at night
The thing regarding forever
Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye
Yoon Jaeha, or Lee Moonse
Respect for the things they gave me
I also want to coincidentally infiltrate
Someone’s life through BGM
I remember that time
The DT me wants you

I want thoughts to be deep but not long
I want actions to be daring but easy
The thing that’s more disrespectful than failure
Is this self disrespect myself
For my introverted self
Don’t shove networks down my throat
Just leave my records to me
I’ll make it work myself
You, listen closely

Trans cr; Jessie & Scarlett @ bts-trans

Reasons to watch the New Russian Holmes series (2013)

I’ve blogged a lot about this show over the last month or so, but I’ve been meaning to make a big post about it all in one place, so here we go!

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A brief intro for those who care:

Sherlock Holmes (2013), or, as it seems to be popularly called, New Russian Holmes (as opposed to the old Soviet Holmes), is an eight-episode Russian-language Sherlock Holmes adaptation directed by Andrei Kavun, starring Igor Petrenko as Holmes and Andrei Panin as Watson. It first aired in Russia in November 2013, but has had no official English release.

So where can I watch it?

Despite the limited release, all eight episodes are available on Youtube, with English subtitles, translated thanks to the excellent @spiritcc​.

Yeah but why should I watch it?

Because it is excellent. I don’t want to spoil people too much because discovering things yourself is really the best, but let’s be a bit more specific:

The opening credits:

Even before the first scene, we get treated to a beautiful opening sequence with really great music, but this isn’t just a sequence to shove credits in your face, it’s not even just an aesthetically pleasing series of shots of Watson’s notebook, the opening sequence forms part of the episode and part of the series as a whole.

Every opening is unique, from the images to the voiceover, and is as much a part of the story as the substantive scenes themselves. 

The refreshing take on canon:

If you’re going to watch this, you need to know that the fundamental premise of the show is that the ACD canon lies. Watson’s “stories” are just that: stories. Holmes in real life is different, Watson is different, Mrs Hudson is different, the cases went differently, hell, even Gregson is different. So if you’re looking for a faithful replication of canon, this isn’t the show for you, but once you take on board this fundamental premise, it’s fantastic because it forces you to think about canon in a new light, and to consider the implications of Watson as an unreliable narrator.

You’ll get to see how and why Watson came to write “canon” the way he did, and you’ll get to see how everyone reacts to it. Every other adaptation (with the exception of Bert Coules’ radio series perhaps, but even that adheres to canon quite strictly) treats canon as more or less the “truth” and bases their version off that to create an output; this show treats canon as the output, and works backwards to imagine the “true” series of events behind it. This aspect (at least for me) was one of the most delightful themes to watch develop throughout the episodes, and it really shows how much original thought and passion went into the conception and creation of the show.

Watson as the true protagonist:

This sort of follows on from the fundamental premise of the canon stories being mere stories. Watson is the person through whom we get to know Holmes; everything we read is Watson’s doing, so it’s natural that the protagonist should also be Watson. We see the world from Watson’s perspective.

It’s not a story about this genius Holmes and his sidekick Watson, it’s a story about Watson and his adventures with this intriguing man, Holmes, and in that way it makes the show very grounded and very real.

Holmes the nerd:

For some reason, Igor Petrenko’s Holmes has been likened to Robert Downey Jr.’s Holmes, but I don’t think that’s accurate at all. Whereas RDJ’s Holmes veers more towards grubby cocky action hero who happens to be good at reasoning (and I don’t say that with any scorn), Petrenko’s Holmes is very much grounded in the same sheer intellect that defines canon Holmes, only this version is a more flawed, nervous character, which I think makes him more interesting. Petrenko does an excellent job with the quirks and mannerisms of the character. He also keeps insects in jars in his room.


Watson the military man:

A lot of adaptations emphasise Watson’s role as a doctor, but few seem to remember that he was also a soldier, so it’s refreshing once again to see this series not only acknowledge that military background, but to explicitly keep it front and centre the entire time.

Watson the surgeon:

For all its joviality, the show doesn’t shy away from graphic realities either. Watson is more than just a doctor, he’s a surgeon. We see him handle the scalpel more than he does the stethoscope.

Watson the badass:


Watson’s facials:

I know I’ve posted a lot about this but seriously Panin’s acting is really one of the highlights of this show, he was such an excellent actor, absolutely convincing in his role.

Brand new revised subtitles by yours truly!

Over the last two months I’ve gone through and edited all the English subs for the series, so hopefully everything will read a lot smoother! Any remaining mistakes are entirely my responsibility.

The humour:

Sort of reminiscent of the tone of the Soviet series, this series shares that light-heartedness, but it sure as hell isn’t a joke either. It’s not dark and edgy for the sake of being dark and edgy. It doesn’t pull the cheap trick of taking advantage of your feels. The series sets out to tell a story and it tells a beautiful story and you will genuinely love the characters for who they are. And you will feel good about it. Yes, you will even love Lestrade.

Watson taking a bath:

The hilariously bad English (I laugh in good faith):

The creepy autopsy  man:

This weird ass scene:

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Moriarty hiding in the first fucking episode no less

not showing you, you have to spot him yourself

And finally, their timeless friendship:

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Never has a show felt more genuine or more satisfying to watch when the final credits roll. This is a Sherlock Holmes that has had thought, love, and appreciation poured into its making, and it shows. 

So, llamas, go forth! You can watch the entire series here. I hope you have as much fun as I did :)

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Lance,,,being insecure,,,,and the team helping,,,in subtle ways,,,in my,,,aesthetic,,,

anon,,,you get me,,,,

  • lance has no confidence in himself, thats a fact
  • but he hides it pretty well, all the jokes and bravado keep people off his tail
  • and the trick behind all that is that lance is observant.
    • like scarily so
  • so imagine when missions start to go wrong and lance does something behind everyones back that gets them back on track
  • or when they’re having team meetings, he wil mention something thats really off hand that no one really thinks about till later because omg it makes so much sense. and im talking wayyy later, to the point wehre its not relevant anymore
  • but its doesnt stop there
  • sometimes pidge will be sleeping in an odd place and lance will bring her a blanket so she doesnt get cold
    • he also saves the stuff on her laptop and turns it off or idles it for later
  • hunk will misplace something in the kitchen and lance sometimes walks in and ‘magically’ finds it for him
    • lance just knows where everything is
  • when coran is doing maintenance on the castle, lance likes to appear and give him a helping hand
  • shiro has a hard time sleeping and lance found a soothing body wash for shiro specifically that helps him calm down some, enough to sleep more than he does
    • (you cant tell me that lance doesnt know where all the cosmetic stuff is in the castle, the boy has a nose for it i swear)
  • keith is the training room gremlin and when kes been at it too much, lance will come in and basically screw up keiths groove enough to get him out of there
    • usually takes 3 or 4 challenges before keith has had enough and storms out
    • lance’s feelings arent hurt by it, he just wants keith to take care of himself ok?
  • allura can work herself to the bone too so when shes in the control room, lance likes to come by and start talking about earth
    • the similarities draw allura out of her head and start to open up to lance about altea
    • and by the end of the convo, allura is yawning and lance tells her to go to bed. works like a charm
  • and i like to think it takes a really long time for anyone to realize that lance has been keeping them together this whole time
  • like when conversations get to heated, he will make a joke at his expense and it diffuses the situation
  • or he will say just the right thing to kickstart a really great plan
    • all the while not taking any credit for it
  • like my dudes, lance cares so fucking much and no one notices, but hes completely okay with it since the team is all together and he can see his own family in them
  • he doesnt want to lose that
  • so he sticks to being the Middle Child™ and accepts being looked over as long as team voltron is together

happy 420 connor day

i cant believe the greasy boi is growing up yall

Working with this style a bit more (thanks Samurai Jack for motivating me bc I love the cleanliness lmao), but this time with some diff shading and SoRiku

Also people asked if I’m going to take commissions in this style, and the answer is probably? I gotta make it work in various body types and whatnot so it’ll be a while but it’s a very distinct and likely possibility

Do not repost or use without proper credit. Asked permission is preferred.


The Court of Nightmares: Queen Morrigan

A queen—a queen who bowed to no one, a queen who had faced them all down and triumphed. A queen who owned her body, her life, her destiny, and never apologised for it.

Song: 6 Inches- Beyonce