i take my wins where i can get them

Picture this:

Phil Coulson and Melinda May, top of their classes in the Academy, youngest recruits of their time. Known as some of SHIELD’s best and brightest. Experts in strategy, analysis, and hand-to-hand-combat. Specialist and field agent, living legends. The greatest two-man team in the field.

Needing to employ all their training and skills….

Against each other….

In a tiny apartment….

Knocking over lamps and running into the coffee table….

Wrestling relentlessly on the carpet….

To get a hold of the last Oreo.

No shade.

I do think Ahgase is the best fandom when it comes to being chill, but y’all take it to a level where it becomes…what’s the right word….boring. 

Yes it is good to keep your calm and everything, but stop sleeping on the boys. Stream their shit ffs why is the mv still at 3m?? You think they will ever win a Daesang if you stay like this? Mark broke my heart today. The fact that they have already given up hurts me so much I can’t describe it even in the five languages that I speak. 

Support the boys. Stream their songs. Protect them. They deserve more than they get and they’re so underrated even by their own fandom.