i take back every time i called you a princess

Princess (Luke Hemmings)

i lack the self-control to wait more than two days after posting to post again so. lucky you.


“Hey, princess.”

You instinctively rolled your eyes, knowing the comment coming from down the hallway was for you. You ignored it, however, and continued to gather your books for your third period class. The boots striding along the tiled floor of the hall got louder and louder until the clink of a zipper hitting the locker next to yours rang in the air around you.

“You know, it’s not polite to ignore people when they’re talking to you, princess,” Luke shook his head, eliciting another eye roll from you.

Luke Hemmings was the school’s resident bad boy slash soccer team captain, causing trouble everywhere he went. You weren’t as popular – most of your classmates didn’t even know your name – but for some reason, you were the person Luke chose to pine for.

“You know it’s not polite to ignore people when they tell you they don’t want you to call them princess, Hemmings,” you shot back, still not looking at him.

“When have you ever said you don’t want me calling you princess?”

“Ah, let’s see…” you pretended to think about it, “Every time you call me princess?”

“Huh, weird,” he hummed, shrugging, “Anyway, I’ve got a proposition for you.”

“Oh, boy; I can’t wait to hear it,” you said monotonously, shoving your pencil into the spiral of your notebook.

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The Weekend: Tom x Reader

Based of of my favorite song by SZA. Listen here. 

Reader is basically a sidechick in this one, sowwy. Tom x Zendaya x Reader

You were looking at yourself in the mirror, deciding on an outfit for tonight. Your phone buzzed and you quickly picked it up and frowned when you got a notification from Buzzfeed about an article, reading: 10 Reasons Why Tom Holland and Zendaya are the cutest couple ever!

“Fuck that.” You knew your feelings were wrong. You were in a secret relationship with Tom while he was pretending to be in love with her for the public. 

You remember that night when he approached you. 

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Robert x MC - a very nosy Princess


The studio was sweltering, and trickles of sweat ran down the back of my neck. Outside, I could hear the calls of locusts in the mid summer heat.

My eyes gazed around the room, taking in every painting hanging on the wall for the umpteenth time, and inhaling the stuffy odor of paint, sweat, and canvas.

“Stop moving,” Robert’s eyes didn’t leave his canvas, but in his peripheral he must have seen me wiggle. “This will go faster if you hold still.”

“Robert,” I whined. “It’s so hot in here. Can’t you at least open a window, please?”

Robert shook his head. “The bugs will fly in if I do that.”


Robert ignored me, he only concentrated fully on the painting in front of him; it was a portrait of me for the main hall with all the former rulers of Wysteria. A little absurd to me, but I guess that’s the fate of the Princess.




Only the buzz of locusts.

“How many women have you slept with?”

That got Robert’s attention. He nearly dropped his brush on the floor, and in recovering it; he bumped into the easel and had to catch it before it tumbled over.

“Princess!” He scolded. “Excuse me that is not a question for a lady to ask a gentleman.”

“It must have been a lot if you’re so bent out of shape about it.” I grinned.

“That’s none of your business.”

He was trying to turn his attention back to the task at hand, but I could tell my question had really caught him off guard. He was muttering under his breath, and I almost thought maybe he had begun to count on his fingers.

“Have you ever painted anyone naked?”

“Stop asking such indecent questions.”

“I bet that means yes.” I snickered.

Robert stopped and set his brush down. He turned to look directly at me from the stool where he was seated. “If you are so curious as to my sex life, perhaps you should make yourself educated.”


“You heard me, Princess. Let me know if your curiosities get the best of you.” He winked and abruptly turned back to his painting.

TargFyre Negotiations (bad name?)...

Imagine being the daughter to Good King, King Daeron the Second and his Queen Mariah Martell (the aunt to Maester Aemon for those who only watch the show) and unbeknownst to your Father, going to Ser Daemon Blackfyre’s castle to try negotiate with him in order to stop the Blackfyre Rebellion from happening.

( So I decided to post this since i had already been writing it in my spare time. And I’m sorry if this is absolutely horrible it’s an idea I have had for some time now and just decided to go with it.)

(Pt. 2 http://letsasoiaftogether.tumblr.com/post/138170393605/targfyre-pt-2

Pt. 3 http://letsasoiaftogether.tumblr.com/post/140463947775/targfyre-pt-3)

(Word Count: 2,306)

“This is madness, Princess.” Your handmaiden hissed urgently to you as the two of you rode your horses through the crownlands.

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Request:  Would you write a John Murphy imagine where he has always been an asshole to the reader and was still Bellamy’s sidekick, but during the hanging scene instead of Murphy getting accused of killing Well’s the reader does. Then Murphy gets all protective and has to choose between staying Bellamy’s second or saving the reader, because he has been in love with them all along but he didn’t think he was good enough for them so he pushed them away. (I hope this makes sense) Thank you!

Requested by Anonymous

Wells was dead. It came as a shock to everyone in the camp when they found his body with a gaping hole in his neck. Most people didn’t like him, all they could see was Counselor Jaha, but the threat of a grounder attack right outside the camp couldn’t be ignored. Most tried to forget the news, going on with their daily lives and their chores. But not Clarke. Even though she had publicly hated Wells, she was still grieving. She spent the whole day inside the drop ship, ignoring everyone and trying to help Monty fix the radio. The camp was quiet, until the unmistakable screaming of Jasper rung out. No on really thought too much of it, he had been doing a lot of screaming lately so everyone went back to work. That is until they saw him running full speed to the drop ship. Bellamy dropped what he was doing and followed, entering the ship quickly after Jasper.

“Clarke! Clarke, you gotta look at this!” Jasper shouted, thrusting his hand at the worn out girl sitting in the corner.

“What is it?” Bellamy said gruffly, walking up from behind Jasper to stand in front of him.

“This…” Jasper said quietly, Bellamy took the rusty knife into his hands and looked at Jasper, clearly confused.

“I found it near where Wells was killed, there were….oh god.” Jasper could barely confess what he had found.

“There were his missing fingers…”

Mentioning wells had peaked Clarkes interest, she stood up and walked up to them, yanking the knife from Bellamy’s hands. She shifted and turned it over in her hands, her brow furrowed. Suddenly her eyes widen, her fists tighten and she storms out of the drop ship.

“Y/N!” Clarke screams out, anger and pain soaking her voice. The sound of her yelling booms across the camp and startles everyone, especially you. Everyone looks up to see you slowly walking up to her, always hungry for a fight they begin to crowd around you both. She throws the knife to your feet and shoves you.

“Why? Why’d you do it Y/n?” She seethes

“Do what?!” You snap, trying to stay calm.

“Why’d you kill Wells?!?!”

“I didn’t kill him you fucking Psychopath!”

“Don’t fucking lie!” Clarke screams, her voice filled with pain and tears brimming at her eyes. She shoves you again, making you fall to the ground and be surrounded by everyone. People begin kicking you, you can barley hear Clarke over the angry mob of teens but you know she’s fighting for you execution. Suddenly you feel hands gripping you arms and you’re pulled up roughly.

“Back the fuck off!” A familiar voice yells shoving people and pulling you out of the crowd. When you’re finally standing free of the horde of people, Murphy gently pushes you behind him, standing between you and those who want you dead.

“Back off! Bellamy she didn’t kill Wells!” Murphy speaks loudly, with a dominant tone. Still holding on to you, he stares at Bellamy.

“Then why was her knife found with Wells?” Clarke barks, stepping closer to him.

‘I don’t know, I don’t care, all I do know is she didn’t kill him. Bellamy you know I’m right.”

“I’m sorry Murphy, but if you’re her only defense then I stand with Clarke.” Bellamy states, almost regretfully, and takes a step back to align himself with Clarke.

“Your call, Princess. You started it, now finish it.” Bellamy says quietly, glancing at her before returning his hard gaze to you.

“I say we kill her. Eye for an eye.”

That’s all it took. Within seconds the crowd livens up again and swarms you, shoving Murphy away and dragging you down. Fists connect to every part of your body, you attempt to get away but it isn’t enough. They gag and tie you in record time, dragging you into the woods. You can almost hear Murphy’s outraged screaming and cursing over the crowd, you have no time to think before the rope is around your neck and you begin to choke.

“Please Bellamy! Don’t do this! Let her down she didn’t do it! Please!” Murphy screams, shoving Bellamy.

“Why?! Why do you care?! I thought you hated the bitch, why?!” Bellamy yells, getting in Murphy’s face.

“Because I love her!”

“I did it! I killed Wells!” Charlottes voice cuts through the voices. Everyone freezes in horror. Murphy is the first to move; he shoves his way through the people and cuts the rope. He catches your body as you fall, choking and sputtering. He cradles you in his lap, rocking you. You never heard what he said, no one did apart from Bellamy, and it may just stay that way.

You look so beautiful today. When you’re sitting there it’s hard for me to look away, so I try to find the words that l could say. I know distance doesn’t matter but you feel so far away. And I can’t lie, every time I leave, my heart turns gray. And I want to come back home to see your face. And I..
Cause I just cant take it!

Another day without you with me is like a blade that cuts right through me. But I can wait, I can wait forever. When you call my heart stops beating. When you’re gone it wont stop bleeding. But I can wait, I can wait forever..