i take awful photos

Sorry, but I just have to say something.

Here’s the thing. Lili and Cole are celebrities and if they’re spotted out they will always be photographed - they’re not stupid; they know this. We know this. Everyone knows this. As much as I completely agree that invading someone’s privacy is awful, fans taking photos of them will never stop. Period. Same for anyone famous. And, I’ll reiterate what I’ve already said - they’re not stupid! They’re totally aware of all of this. I get it to an extent but some reactions on here are very over the top lately.

Harassing their friends and families needs to stop as that really is a HUGE invasion of privacy but this is a four second video of them sat at a table, not a fucking leaked sex tape. Seriously, chill. And please stop sending hate to members of the fandom on here who haven’t even done anything wrong.


Took myself on a date yesterday cos I was feelin down,Spent a few hours in a bookstore and stumbled on the book I never got to read cos my stepdad burned it a while back! walked around and admired some waterfowl and turtles and koi fish and big woofers and on my commute back it started pouring so I wrapped my shirt around my ukelele and splashed home it was wonderful. Ooh! And to put a cherry on top I got to read my favorite spooky stories to the boyfriend later that night!


It’s been a week on hormones!!
Still waiting on any changes of course; apart from maybe a change in mood (could be placebo though), and a potential negative reaction to my anti-depressants (though I’m not sure this is the hormones fault, it wasn’t at all serious, and it’s passed.)

Also, a big change I know I need from taking these photos is my skin…. It’s actually really awful, but Samsungs camera filter makes it look amazing…

anonymous asked:

What's the strangest animal you've had to tend?

If you mean ‘what was the most bizarre patient’ I’ve had, it would be the cat that repeatedly attacked his own tail.

If you mean most unusual species, it would be Suri the obese meerkat.

They move fast and take awful photos, but I had to prove I’d done it all those years ago.

rfa + rainy day headcanons


- not a huge fan of rain, cloudy skies make him feel down
- you two are both laying on his bed, him playing an app on his phone and you listening to music on yours
- its about to storm and you notice he’s looking more and more nervous when the sky starts to rumble
- “yoosung, are you scared of thunder?”
- he 100% is but is also 100% embarrassed about it so your question turns him bright red
- tries to deny it but when a loud BOOM shakes the windows he ducks his head under his covers
- when he peeks his head out you hug him really tight
- “im here with you so you don’t have to worry”
- his heart skips a beat when you say that but before he can respond, there’s another loud rumbling of thunder
- wraps his arms around your waist and buries his face in your neck
- he’s afraid but all he can think of now is how soft your skin is and how good you smell
- he focuses on listening to your soft breaths and heartbeat to calm himself down
- you sing to him until the storm passes
- when it does he kisses you and you’re surprised that he’s the one initiating it for once (he’s usually so shy-)
- he’s a blushing baby and he’s hopelessly in love with you
- he clings onto you for the rest of the night
- and he can barely sleep because all he can think of is how in love he is with you
- traces hearts on your back and plays with your hair while you’re sleeping


- was so excited to take you shopping in the city but when he sees how heavy it’s pouring outside his hopes are dashed
- really bitter about it because he was so excited
- you’re about to go out to pick up some groceries but he refuses to let you go in the weather
- “zen it’s fine I have a raincoat I just need to pick up some milk-”
- he says this weathers too ugly for a princess to be exposed to
- you appreciate the compliment but zen I’m not a child ive been in rain before like everybody else in the world has
- he won’t let up so you both end up binge watching Netflix together
- (insert whichever movies you’d like to watch with him here, I personally think he’d love the movie rent-)
- after you’re finished you both have fun in the kitchen
- you decide to make cookies and he’s making dinner
- he licks off the batter that’s on your cheek and it makes you turn bright red
- after eating together you end up falling asleep on the couch and he carries you to the bedroom


- you and jaehee both are fans of rain, as long as it’s not too crazy
- it’s a light drizzle on an autumn day and you two both go on a date to a new art museum
- you share your umbrella with her and hold hands when you’re walking there and it’s so romantic and gay you love it
- jaehee really takes a liking to the gallery and their works, telling you little tidbits of information about the artists
- takes lots of pictures with her phone when inside (she’s gotta get those Instagram shots)
- sneaks a lot of candid pics of you
- when you are examining a painting she looks at you and tells you that you’re prettier than any work of art in the entire gallery
- the compliment makes you blush and you lace your fingers with hers
- you two stop at a library on your way home and jaehee checks out some books
- when you get home you’re both sitting on the couch, she’s leaning her head against you as she reads
- she makes you some amazing coffee and you two sit there quietly enjoying each other’s company, and the soft rain can be heard outside the window


- he doesn’t really care for the weather
- when he finishes his paperwork and sees you staring out the window with that serene smile he just wants to pick you up and hug you
- you turn to him and say something about how nice the weather is
- he tells you that you look beautiful
- 5 minutes pass, and jumin is on the couch trying to read but you’re playing with Elizabeth 3rd on the ground and it’s the cutest thing he’s ever seen
- you’re dangling some string in front of her and she’s jumping and you’re giggling
- he’s irritated that elizabeth’s not being as graceful as she usually is but he lets it slide because it’s you
- you pick her up gently and rub your nose and hers, speaking in babytalk to her
- low key he’s taking a million pictures of you and sending them to the group chat
- he prefaced the photo spam by saying “the two I love most in the world”
- jumin your photo taking skills are awful every picture is blurry
- he doesn’t care, he’s already made you two his lock screen


- you LOVE the rain and insist that he comes with you outside
- tries to make a dirty joke when you say “come play with me” but you’re not listening
- “wait mc it’s like midnight I didn’t think you were serious-”
- you tug on his jacket sleeve and run outside, you both end up at a park nearby
- his hair is a mess already
- when he sees our bright smile he can’t help it and he leans down and kisses you
- (kissing in the rain how romantic-)
- you pull away and he looks at you and smiles gently
- he’s about to say I love you but you interrupt him by quickly poking his cheek
- this is a game you are DEFINITELY not going to win with him
- he grins and begins to chase you and you laugh, trying to find a place to hide
- you crouch down behind the big plastic slide, your hair totally soaked but you are so determined to win
- you yelp in surprise when you feel his arms around your waist and he picks you up and spins you around
- on the walk home he’s giving you a piggyback ride so you don’t have to tire your legs out
- the mood has changed and you smile at him and begin telling him stories
- like that time you attempted suicide as a teenager and how you thought you would never make it to 18
- but now you’re here with the love of your life acting like a kid and everything feels right
- and you don’t feel that deep hole in your chest that you did in high school and you can finally sleep and you don’t feel confused at all about what to do
- you know that this is exactly where you belong and it’s the first time you’ve felt a true sense of security
- everything about you and him fills every empty space in your heart and it all fits right into place
- you fall asleep talking and wake up in his arms in bed


arrested development opening + friends plot parody:

When the recently fired Knox starts struggling to pay rent, his twin sister, Autumn, tells him that a friend of hers in her apartment building is in need of a roommate. He’s reluctant at first, but he decides (well, Autumn decides for him, and he was honestly a bit too scared to disagree) that he should stop living life with ‘a stick up his ass’. So he throws caution to the wind and somehow ends up not only with a new place and a new roommate, but also finds himself attending Autumn’s weekly singing sessions, having neighbours barging in his and Malone’s place like its theirs, getting a in-between-jobs job at the nearby coffeeshop, making eight amazing new friends, and maybe even falling in love with someone who’s too cool for him in the process (come on, her hair is BLUE for God’s sakes. She’s WAAY out of his league).

this was supposed to be a simple 'oh i shud find a cool way to introduce sugarballoon’s sim (named Mae temporarily) onto my blog’ but then i may have gotten a little carried away….


I remember once everyone was doing that whole “dress like your mayor shing ding” and I thought it was so cute but Lune and I don’t really look anything alike so instead I had her dress a little like me. Our trench coats aren’t the exact same shade of pink, and I am not quite as cute as Lune is, nor is my apartment loft as snazzy as hers but I like how her barrette  turned out.

Promises (Cameron Dallas Imagine)

A/N: I don’t know if you’ll find this cute or not, but I tried lol. Happy reading! xoxo

Requested by Anonymous: Can you do an imagine where Y/N and Cam have a 3 week old son named Nolan and one day Y/N is dropping Cameron off at the airport for a 2 month tour and it’s like really cute and sad at the same time?

Word Count: 1900+ words

Pairing: Reader + Cameron Dallas


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