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ok people were tagging me to show myself once again so here it is my selfie/bias tag thing sjsjjsjs idk what’s going on or what i’m doing but i uh was takes by @yoonohwhat (here is my face) and @iloveyu-ta

uhhhh i love donghyuck sm??? like sm??? like lots

also i am wearing basically no makeup so enjoy 99% naked face jes

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hip hop unit when you’re on your period


  • he probably made plans for the day but you texted him in the morning telling him you can’t make it bc you’re bleeding and you didn’t have the mood :(
  • he would be disappointed but being the sweetheart he is, he would come over to take care of you
  • that includes buying you your favourite snacks
  • you’ll probably be clingy when he’s here but he isn’t complaining
  • he LOVES it when you’re all clingy and pouty so he can take care of you
  • lots of kisses
  • but no cuddles bc you can’t lie in that position you might stain the sheets
  • and as much as you wanted to cuddle mingyu, you won’t have the energy to wash everything
  • binge watch movies
  • romance movies just bc
  • you have to keep leaving in between movies to go to the toilet
  • “babe don’t leave”
  • “i have to change”
  • “no you don’t”
  • “shut up kim mingyu i will bleed on you”
  • you hit his shoulder and then push him away so you can go to the toilet
  • “but i miss u” mingyu will be all pouty and shit
  • “…….we r literally in the same house…… and i’m going to change my pAD ITS DISGUSTING”
  • “it isn’t disgusting bc ure my girlfriend”
  • and then he’ll smirk and ure like…. ???
  • anyways you will push him away and run to the toilet AND LOCK THE DOOR
  • phew it’s so hard to get mingyu away idk if its good or bad
  • and he’ll be outside the toilet calling you asking if you’re done and when you open the door he will try to scare you
  • “BOO” he’ll suddenly jump out
  • when you roll your eyes at him he’ll hug you like a teddy bear and carry you onto the sofa and continue to kiss you
  • “i hope ure always on ur period”
  • “why??”
  • “bc then i get to take care of u and kiss u, and u won’t run away bc u r lazy”
  • you’d be too tired to even reply him and entertain his shit
  • but u still love him 


  • he’s chilling at home and you texted him asking if he can get you pads and come over
  • tbh he would be pretty reluctant and hesitant but too bad he loves u and ure cute
  • “ure lucky I love u so much to be doing this”
  • when he’s at the store he’ll freak out and send u pictures of the pads and ask u which ones u want
  • “babe which”
  • and after u tell him he’ll grab and pay very quickly, trying his best not to be obvious that he’s awkward
  • he’ll get some food along the way
  • after he reached your house he’d rant about how awkward the situation was when he was getting the pads
  • you’ll just laugh bc he’s so cute
  • “what’s so funny??” and you’re like nothing and he starts to tickle u
  • and he’s like “oH shit I forgot SORRY” 
  • he’ll make sure u aren’t in pain
  • y'all will eat lunch while he surfs the net blasting raps
  • and you’ll be taking boyfriend pics of him
  • “babe stop and eat” then he’ll cover ur phone lens
  • “nO VERNON let me take more pictures of u”
  • “but I’m shy”
  • he’ll start rapping his part in fronting and you’re like /heart eyes/
  • lots of selfies with weird faces
  • if you’re having cramps he would stop whatever he was doing and pull u closer to him and let u lay ur head on his shoulder and will ask u if you’re alright
  • if u fall asleep on him he’ll smile and take girlfriend pictures of u ;-)
  • when u wake up he’ll show u those photos and
  • rip chwe hansol


  • we’re looking at a boyfriend material right here
  • he knows exactly what to do when u’re on ur period
  • he already knows which types of pads you use after you told him once
  • he’ll buy so many packs though
  • “you need to store these up in case of emergency”
  • and u’re like “wow u sure know more about this than i do”
  • when you want to drink iced drinks he’ll be like “nO WHAT DO U THINK URE DOING RIGHT NOW”
  • u’re like ???
  • and he will talk about how you shouldn’t drink cold drinks when you’re on your period
  • ………who’s the one bleeding now……… u never know
  • and you’re like “but i rly wanna drink it”
  • and you throw in a few pouts
  • “nope, you’re gonna have cramps later on, YOU’LL REGRET UR DECISION”
  • and before you can continue to argue further he pushes you out of the kitchen and brings you into your room and tells you to rest
  • even though you’re fine
  • “cheol i’m perfectly fine, i’m not in pain”
  • he shushes you and goes to the kitchen to cook lunch for you
  • isn’t he such boyfriend material
  • just marry him already
  • he’ll bring the food into your room and treats you like a princess
  • he might even feed you U NEVER KNOW U WILL NEVER KNOW
  • you’ll catch him staring at you and when you ask why he’ll just say that you’re beautiful and he just needed to have a good look
  • “you feeling ok?” “you need anything?” “i’ll do it” “rest baby” “do u want to cuddle if u want just let me know i’m here”
  • ok i’m ending this here before i spill tears everywhere where do i get a seungcheol


  • i have a feeling he’ll search about periods when he’s alone
  • “why do girls bleed”
  • “why do girls have mood swings when they bleed”
  • “why does cramps hurt”
  • “what to do when your girlfriend is in pain when she bleeds”
  • when he’s over at your house he’ll ask you a lot of questions about it
  • “wonwoo, are u ok? why do u need so much info”
  • “because…… it’s important to know about girls’ needs, and their pain…. and especially now that i have a girlfriend, i just need to know”
  • “but u can’t help much”
  • “how do u know i cant help u have to tell me first”
  • and after you explain everything to him he’ll nod and pout
  • “i’m sorry” he’ll apologise out of nowhere
  • “what for??”
  • “for not understanding what girls go through… and sometimes being angry at you when you have mood swings, i didn’t know things are this hard”
  • “its fine, at least now u know”
  • he’ll ask if you’re hungry and he’ll order anything you want
  • pizza! time
  • after lunch y’all will be doing ur own things aka him sitting beside you on your bed while reading his book while you’re probably decorating your diary, pasting some polaroids that you and wonwoo took together, and snapchatting
  • when he wants to take a break from reading, he will hug you like a koala and make clingy noises
  • “babe i’m sleepy”
  • you’ll pat his head and let him lie on your lap
  • playing with his hair is one of your fav thing to do
  • and you’ll use your fingers to trace his features and he’ll fall asleep
  • aHHH SO CUTE its always so cute when he falls asleep on your lap
  • but it wouldn’t be cute if you need to go to the toilet to change before it overflows and you can’t bc wonwoo is in deep sleep
  • but its still cute

icouldbewicked  asked:

Okay so from what I got of your Red: he's trans, deaf/mute (but there's one picture I saw of him pulling his hat down and muttering a saying from jojo's bizarre adventure), a shy cutie when it comes to PDA and maybe telling what he wants to Blue, and Red is like Blue's sun like "GOD DO YOU SEE THIS CUTIE" and God goes to Blue "Heck yeah I do". I would love to hear some or ALL THE HEADCANONS you have of Red, Blue, or both. Like how they got together (or the build-up), why it's Alola tagged, ect

((the one where he says yare yare daze was purely to make a jjba reference lol)) i draw red deaf/mute but also him just not liking to talk or cant talk well is a Good hc 

uhhh ok so im not good with writing out hcs since im not very good with words also i usually have multiple (bc i cant decide on one lol) im weak to the flamboyant + quiet one trope  so,, thats how they kinda are to me LMAO 

i dont really have a set hc of how they got together but i find it amusing that since they’re both in alola, blue probably had to go up the mountain and search for red and bring him down, prob get him some new clothes, bathe him and go hey lets go on vaca. tbh i kinda just hopped onto the honeymoon bandwagon bc that?s ???the cutest idea ever ?? vacation on a tropical island.. i love the beach and summer theme stuff so 

(red burns when he gets there, even tho blue slathered him in sunscreen)

i like to think red would be a bit shy about their relationship but gets used to it and is ok with more stuff ?? blue makes a lot of flirty jokes mostly to make red laugh. very much in love uh red is big and soft so blue loves hugging him

uhh red loves using line stickers and blue takes lots of pictures and selfies with unsuspecting red in the bg

feel free to send your hcs too! there’s a few asks about them in my inbox (which i will get around to responding with a drawing probably) and they give me fun ideas! mostly cheesy and cliche but im cheesy and cliche

dating liam would involve:

{request here}

- having a top-secret, complex handshake that only you two know

- him trying to make you smile/laugh by making silly faces

- watching movies and feeding each other

- “i’m taking you out tonight”

- holding hands all the time

- wearing the clothes he leaves at your house

- “knock it off, we’re in public”

- peppering kisses all over your face when you fall asleep on him

- taking him out for a celebratory dinner after each of his lacrosse games

- lots of staring contests

- him bragging about how much he lifts at the gym to impress you

- “you’re so cute when you’re mad at me”

- taking lots and lots of selfies together

- him tickling you when you take his spot on the couch/bed

- “c-can i be on top this time?”

- doing homework together and then getting bored so it ends in an intense makeout session

- fist bumps when you pass each other in the hallway

- “good morning, sunshine”

click here for: scott’s


I was once (A DAMN LONG TIME AGO) tagged by @shouyio, @kkvroo, @mikotoray, @edwarddelrics, @sawtsuki, @nanzse @yozoras, @oizumi & @kurooa (idk if there was more ppl i’m sorry >.<) for this selfie challenge XDDDD Sorry it took me so long, but working everyday and thinking on lots of stuff just made me forget about it >.< Really sorry BUT!! Here it is haha XD My selfies :) I’m horrible taking selfies hahah so yeah it’s me! XD *runs away* Thank you very much for tagging me hehe :D

I tag now! @hharukas @gouhs @psychohelmet @yuuchiroz @morgianafanaliss @hajihime @rakuzaun & @kuroona :D (you don’t have to do it if it makes you unconfortable ofc >.<)

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how/why did you meet avan? your selfie is so cute :D



so yesterday or the day before yesterday or smth he was like tweeting about how he was coming back home for Diwali and my mom was visiting me (shes not from vancouver) and i was reading twitter like “wow maybe this time is the time i run into him!!!! maybe!!!!!!” and so my mom and i spent a night in my house and then she was like, visiting my aunt also and they got a hotel here (my aunt is from victoria) and my mom was like “surprise!!! we got you a suite too!!! ur coming 2 the hotel and its close to your school you can just walk in the morning!!!!!” and so i was like #LUXE #RKOI #NICE and then after we checked in we were hanging out upstairs doing absolutely nothing and in the late afternoon we couldn’t make the wifi work so my mom was like “lets stop at the desk on the way out and see if they can get it working for us” and this guy standing in front of me had a man bun and the white shirt combo and I was like WOW!! IT WOULD BE A+ IF THAT WAS AVAN!! except after my first week back in vancouver i stopped having hopeful moments of “maybe when this guy turns around it’ll be avan” but this one time!!! I’m like!!!! mayb!!!!

so this guy in front of us turns around v apologetically because its like us and then some people behind us and idk maybe he felt like he was holding us up or something but he smiled and then went back to talking to the lady at the desk and my heart s t o p p e d and i was like “maybe i imagined that” but we were standing v close and i reCOGNIZED HIS VOICE and my mom was like “you can wait outside if you want” and i was like WHISPER YELLING AT HER “NO YOU DONT UNDERSTAND I NEED TO SAY HELLO TO THIS ACTOR STANDING IN FRONT OF US WHEN HES DONE I DONT WANT TO INTERRUPT” so we wait another minute and he’s about to leave so i like tapped him on the shoulder when my mom went up to the desk and we kind of stepped aside so i was like “hi, i’m really sorry to take your time up but I just wanted to know if I could get a picture” and he was like “oh sure of course,” and asked my name and then was liKE “nice to meet you sarah, i’m avan” and my sarcastic side inside was like YEAH NO SHIT HONEY bc i was so nervous but i was just like “nice to meet you” and i went to take the picture and my phONE FROZE AND I WAS LIKE “OH MY GOD” V QUIETLY AND HE JUST LAUGHED AND WAS LIKE “IT’S OKAY” and then i got it working and lifted my hand up to take it and i was literally shaking so hard it was impossible to try to take a picture so i was like “ok im really sorry but can you just - “ and he grabbed my phone and was like “yeah of course no problem” and took a selfie for us and then gave me my phone back and i just like awkwardly talked to him for a few more minutes and was v shaky and stupid and he was so polite and chill and kind and then i didnt want to keep him any longer so i was like “thank you again so much it means a lot” and he was like “my pleasure” and kind of like went to clap me on the shoulder and my legs gave out for a second i like had to catch myself and he asked for my name one more time and was so so nice the entire time

and then i posted the photo and got v excited and then he tweeted me today and said he didn’t realize i was “sarah” like “sarah wolfgillies” and said it was really nice being able to put a face to a name

And That’s The Story Of How I Died

im going as troye sivan for halloween so im just gonna spend all night online being antisocial and listening to dark pop music while eating my family’s halloween candy and taking hipster selfies it’s gonna be great


this just in… ya girl wears too many pink hijabs, can’t smile, and can’t take selfies for shit lol

i was tagged in the 6 selfie tag by @staygold2000 :*

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I’m Cute But Sehun is Cuter, a two part autobiography by me

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i love you all pls show me your beautiful faces <3333

Today was the best day of my life ever. Meeting Jordan. If you didn’t know already, there was a meetup today in Las Vegas that SuperLeagueGaming did with Jordan in it. The doors opened at 10 am for the Meet & Greet and once I got there it was FILLED. So many people where there. I was basically in the last group of people for him to meet. I waited in line for about 2 hours to see Jordan. When I was there I got to meet @ mianite.is.life (On Instagram) and was basically texting @pyschopathicgeek while freaking out that this is actually happening. 

Once, I got up to the front and it was my turn, I went up to Jordan and said “Hi. Can I have a hug?” and Jordan goes “Sure thing!” and we hugged. HIS HUGS ARE THE ULTIMATE BOMB. WE HUGED FOR THE LONGEST TIME AND BEFORE LETTING GO, I say “Im sorry im just freaking out because you mean so much to me” and Jordan goes “Dont worry! Im just a normal person”.

Jordan then signs my Minecraft book that brought.I go and tell him that I’ve been watching him for 4 years and he was happy and surprised I’ve been around for so long. Since @pyschopathicgeek couldn’t come I told him that she said Hi and Jordan offered to make a video saying thank you. (YOUR SO VERY WELCOME FRAN) Then I asked him if we could take a selfie and he took A LOT (he was just spamming the button).

After all the photo’s we exchanged our goodbyes and Thank You’s. Once I got into the movie theater I played a bit of Minecraft with the other people there. After about 10 minutes a lot of the people in the movie theater left thinking Jordan wouldn’t be coming to play Minecraft though, about another 10 minutes later Jordan walked in and for the ten of us who stayed we got to sit by him (I was the exact seat in front of him) and we all played a bit of Minecraft and took group photo’s.(IDK when SuperLeagueGaming will post it) While playing Jordan was guiding me to try and kill the person in 1st (I was in 2nd) and it was just fun all around. Then Jordan started to vlog and we all got put into it.

 Before it ended, SuperLeague gave us these cool Chroma mouses for free (they cost $100 and they just gave them to us, wat.) Everyone else was to amazed by the mouses they all just ran out the door. Jordan was still sitting down in the theater. I was the last to leave, so I went up to Jordan and said “Bye!” Jordan said Bye back and thanked me again for sticking around for so long with his YouTube channel and was glad I came. Then we both waved bye and I walked out of the theater.

This was truly the best day of my life and I thank you, Jordan Maron, for making my life so much better the day I found you and your videos. 


i was tagged by a lot of people lately, im sorry but my memory sucks and i cant remember who tagged me (i just remember getting tagged a lot and saying ‘i should take some selfies…’) these are from a week ago???? yeah… i look so weird istg

tagging; @myouizi, @snovmin, @jungkoohk, @y0ngsin, @diytae, @yooji, @okimtae, @yooseok, @hoseokery and @allmymUTUALS!!!! (can i do that???)

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Ah yes my poodle hair. Im assuming we’re taking specifically about when I brush my hair when its dry and it literally becomes cloud like

I have A LOT of curly and very very fine hair. So basically it goes fucking nuts when its brushed.

I have a my face tag that has more selfies in it. But mostly they’re of me with wigs…. so have this!

Sorry this took so long to answer!!! I wanted to reply with a picture and I usually try to contain the floof and I never really have my hair like this tbh.

And thank you!!!!