i take a lot of selfies im sorry

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my name is haania. im always over dressed, i doodle a lot, and i often stay up late at night lost in my own head 💕 ***sidenote: i don't have an about/selfie page so if you want you can look at my insta, @haania.n***

heeeello! sorry for taking so long! 

Haania’s hands where marked in the way an artists would be. She didn’t draw on her hands like bright eyed youth did, no, that wasn’t the sign at all. Rather, she had pen marks and dents on the sides of her graceful fingers. That was sometimes easy to overlook - she wore sleeves past her wrist on most days, always hidden from sight behind large clothes. 

just finishing off!


I was once (A DAMN LONG TIME AGO) tagged by @shouyio, @kkvroo, @mikotoray, @edwarddelrics, @sawtsuki, @nanzse @yozoras, @oizumi & @kurooa (idk if there was more ppl i’m sorry >.<) for this selfie challenge XDDDD Sorry it took me so long, but working everyday and thinking on lots of stuff just made me forget about it >.< Really sorry BUT!! Here it is haha XD My selfies :) I’m horrible taking selfies hahah so yeah it’s me! XD *runs away* Thank you very much for tagging me hehe :D

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this just in… ya girl wears too many pink hijabs, can’t smile, and can’t take selfies for shit lol

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I’m Cute But Sehun is Cuter, a two part autobiography by me

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i love you all pls show me your beautiful faces <3333


i was tagged by a lot of people lately, im sorry but my memory sucks and i cant remember who tagged me (i just remember getting tagged a lot and saying ‘i should take some selfies…’) these are from a week ago???? yeah… i look so weird istg

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happy tdov !!! i havent been doing very good recently and im having trouble finding the energy to take selfies or look decent but im reposting this pic bc tdov is important .. its technically the 1 year anniversary of when i came out !!
a lot has happened this year ….. ! ive learned a lot abt myself and met a lot of very great and wonderful ppl and i even got my own binder ! even tho im far from where i want to b i can safely say that im proud of my progress, and i want everyone to know that when it comes to ur gender, just remember that no one knows u like urself ! take time to figure urself out and dont let anyone try to decide on things for u. its ok if not all the puzzle pieces come together immediately, take ur time.
have a great day !! [he/him]


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why do u guys tag me im lame af. (these are so weird too idk)

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