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The Council [Chapter 1: The Body]

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Chapter 1: The Body

A/N: Mature series. Mentions of crime, death, violence & sex.

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Standard work hours are long over but your profession is far from ordinary. It is in the dead of night where the true monsters come out to play, feeding and existing only in the shadows. It is there, hidden that they find their strength.

You are no stranger to such a lifestyle. Just as they do, you live under a dark sheath, thinly cloaked by nothing more than a name that is not your own to protect you.

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college lance things

more parts coming! this is just an intoduction to my mua lance au!!

  • He got into makeup at age 15 through concealer which he nicked from his older sister’s dressing table. It started out because he was breaking out a little bit and was feeling mildly insecure about his skin
  • ALTHOUGH NOW…this boy goes out looking fly as fuck 24/7. His cheekbones will and can cut a bitch
  • Probably an astrology fanatic 
    • “Capricorns make the best friends. If you don’t believe me, Hunk is living proof. Facts”
  • He’s not even an MUA, he’s actually majoring in fine arts, but he goes around introducing himself as “Lance MUA xoxo” as a joke. 
    • Teachers take this seriously and ask him for makeup tips & tricks from time to time
  • “I might be difficult to work with but at least I can match my foundation smh”
  • “Keith I love you, but please, at least try a facial mask. Your pores are screaming in agony”
  • He beats his face with his beauty blender in tune to the beat of Kiss It Better by Rihanna & soley because of that, it takes him twice as long to get ready
  • “Do I want to look like a cute or bad bitch today?” “How about both” “Thanks, Pidge. I knew I could count on you”
  • Lance is really artistic and great at painting, so naturally he’s actually bomb as fuck with his makeup??? Like one swipe and bam! instantly blended eyeshadow 
  • MVP from the start. He didn’t need anyone to tell him that he needed to blend his foundation all the way down to his neck. This mf just knew
  • Started a fashion blog for fun at age 16 and it?? Actually got popular?? He’s an inspiration for guys his age that enjoy makeup & breaks traditional gender roles
  • Probably most likely popular on instagram
    • Posts OOTDs, pics of doggos and kitties, retro anime aesthetics and memes because lets be real. He’s a meme
    • He and Allura have a Monday ritual in which, no matter what, must have a selfie of them together with their freshly beat faces
  • Keith accidentally knocked over one of Lance’s Urban Decay palettes
    • Forced Keith to watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race as punishment
  • Is the prettiest but most dramatic person that ever walked this earth
    • Once hyperventilated after seeing a hot guy with a piercing and had to reapply his matte lip in a public bathroom
    • Keith was not impressed when he heard about this
  • His makeup brushes are his babies. His ride or dies. Don’t mess with them
  • Also slight digs at Keith even though he loves him 
    • “Mullets were never in fashion why do people even?? Also, you DO have to wash leather jackets at some point. Not being mean, just facts”
    • Shiro shows him all the shade because Keith is a hermit and doesn’t have snapchat (lowkey Shiro lives for drama)
  • “Keith you can try and insult me all you want but I’m a tough one to crack” “Purple really isn’t your colour though” “i – YOU ASS PURPLE BRINGS OUT THE BLUE IN MY EYES”
  • Painfully obvious mutual pining between Keith and Lance. So much so that even Lotor was getting annoyed
    • Pidge got fed up to the point where she walked into Keith’s lecture, yelled “Y’AINT BLIND OR NAH” and walked out
  • Lance does his eyebrows when hes stressed
  • Lotor is in Lance’s graphic design class and rants to him about boy problems. Lotor is…mildly confused, but slightly flattered
  • Almost teared up from the pride that swelled in him when Keith was able to differentiate between bronzer and contour
  • Lives for online drama. Has an account in gurugossiper.com and doesn’t regret it
  • Allura and Lance get into petty but hilarious arguments at times
    • Shiro:? are you two seriously not gonna talk to each other???
    • Allura: that’s what he gets for pairing up that eye look with that sweater
    College!AU Jungkook
    • major: computer science 
    • minor: digital art 
    • sports: on-campus dance crew, track & field 
    • clubs: e-sports club LOL 
    • is basically considered the “computed genius” of his year and all the professors in the computer science major just adore him 
    • halfway through his freshman year he was offered an internship at TWELVE different companies that had all heard about him because of the software projects he had perfected and also the fact that he apparently holds the record on campus for writing a code up in approximately 3.5 minutes
    • he thinks algorithms are fun and didn’t have to take the core for Calc 1 because when he was in High School he was past Calc 3
    • can take apart and rebuild a computer faster than most of the professors themselves
    • the cute thing is that as much as he knows about the inner workings of computers and all that, he’s also crazy about computer games and is super competitive. plays everything from World of Warcraft & League of Legends to Minecraft and Garry’s Mod.
    • is part of the universities e-sports club and plays in local tournaments for like cash and he has been scouted to join pro LOL or Starcraft teams but he’s like meh not interested but thanks
    • digital art is his minor and it kind of confuses the computer science department heads because they’re like!!! jungkook!!! you could do so much better how about?? mathematics oR economics as a minor and he’s like sketching his favorite playable character from mortal kombat like “nope. drawing is fun. drawing on the computer is even better.”
    • he kinda has this secret dream of being able to be a game software designer but he keeps it quiet from most people because everyones always on his case about the gREat things he can do with his mind like write software for the government or huge corporations and he’s like yeah yeah but in his head he’s got all these cool designs and plots for characters and adventures 
    • and the fact that he’s so good at like ?? everything kind of makes him the target for mean jealous peoples hatred and so his only real friends are like this small group of people that he meet through jimin, a friend of his on the dance team
    • other than them jungkook doesn’t really warm up to people the way jimin and taehyung do,,,,he kinda tends to be shy and closed up
    • oh and he does track & field because the coach like begged him to join after he saw jungkook doing a dash across the campus to get away from jimin who just wanted to give his best buddy a kiss on the cheek
    • and actually you meet jungkook because see you’re sitting in study hall with your laptop and you’re finishing up this essay. it took you like 10 hours to write and you’ve got like one billion sources and you’re on your last sentence when BAM your computer just freezes and dies on the spot
    • and you’re sitting there looking at your screen like what. the. fuck.
    • and jungkook is like two seats away with his headphones in watching some walk-through on his phone and laughing at all the mistakes of the streamer when he hears you let out the tiniest little yell and like almost slip onto the floor of your chair
    • and usually jungkook isn’t the type to put his nose into other peoples business but seeing as though you look like you’re about to start sobbing and the fact that your laptop is threatening to fall of your lap and break he’s like
    • “excuse me- your laptop-”
    • and you’re like” itS DEAD B ro  IT JUSt D I E D it RIPPED On me I wanNA sCream THAT PAPER is DUE BY 3 o’clock tHIS is the bittersweet end”
    • and jungkook is like 
    • well firstly he bursts into laughter because ‘the bittersweet end’ thats funny but also he’s like “hand me your laptop”
    • and you’re like what no how do i know you’re not gonna take it and run and jungkook’s like “because i have a macbook at home i don’t need your little pc notebook laptop” and you’re like Excuse me don’t trash talk my laptop and jungkooks like “fine fine but i can fix it hand it over”
    • and you’re a little suspicious because jungkook doesn’t look like he can fix it not when he’s wearing ripped up denim jeans, a white t-shirt three sizes too big and timberlands that look like they’ve seen hell and back but you’re like well…….it’s worth a shot
    • so you hand it over to him and jungkook like flips it over, checks the bottom of your laptop touches some stuff presses some buttons listen im not a computer science major jungkook is here
    • and when he presses the power button WALLA the screen turns on and there’s your saved word document with your essay and you’re like
    • staring at it and then looking back at jungkook with your mouth open and he’s like “told you” and you’re like 
    • “dude. dude you are GOD” and jungkook’s like “maybe not god but like yes im really really good.” and you’re like “i owe you one!!” and jungkook’s like nah forget about it bUT THEN
    • he hears it
    • the voice
    • that voice
    • and jungkook’s like oh nO and you’re like??? what oh look it’s jimin i know him he’s nice-
    • and jungkook is like hide me. please don’t tell him im here let me get behind yo-
    • and he like tries to get over you to the seat that’s like beside you but jimin is like jUNGKOOK!!! ive been looking for you - oh well hello there
    • jimin like smiles and waves to you and you like awkwardly wave back and jimin’s like “i didn’t know you knew jungkook, am i……….interrupting something (——:” 
    • and you’re about to be like “what?? no!” but jungkook sits up and is like “yes. jimin this is my significant other. we were just talking about where we were going to go on our DATE so if you could give us some time…..”
    • and jimin (being a sucker for all things romantic) gets a little red in the ears and is like OH OH I SEE WELL I WILL BE ON MY WAY 
    • and like winks and does a little finger gun @ jungkook
    • and you’re sitting there in stunned silence and jungkook is like umm uhhh umm 
    • and his face is getting redder by the minute and his eyes are wide like a lost bunny and he’s like “REmember how you said you owed me, yeah that was the favor I’m sorry-”
    • and you put your hands up like it’s fine it’s fine but why are you avoiding jimin?
    • and jungkook kind of sighs and he’s like dont get me wrong i love my hyung but he’s always saying i should go out and do things like date or whatever and im just like,,,,,,,id rather stay home and stream overwatch or something
    • and you’re like i know that Feel but you’re also like jimin is kinda right like isn’t that what college is about having fun and doing stuff but you shrug because it’s not your business and jungkook did fix your laptop and he is pretty cute you wouldn’t mind actually going on a date w/ him but since he’s obviously not interested you two like part ways and you thank him again for fixing your laptop and you’re like that’s that
    • ok im being dramatic but yeah you notice jimin at smoothie place near campus and you’re like oh no i better hide so he doesn’t ask me about jungkook
    • but jimin sees and he’s like HEY and you’re like fRICK but you smile and wave and he like jogs over to you and he’s like “listen this is going to sound so imposing and what not but im so happy you’re dating jungkook because he needs to get out of his shell and i never thought he’d find someone that he’d willing let do that and im just so thankful for taking care of him” 
    • jimin like grabs both your hands and does a little bow and you’re like oh my god what did i get myself into
    • and you have to search the whole campus until you find jungkook in one of the empty computer labs of the lab buildings and you’re like hEY WE HAVE A PROBLEM 
    • and jungkook takes his headphones off and he’s like ???? what problem wait one sec let me finish this -
    • and you’re like jungkook stop playing your online game and listen to me-
    • and he’s like one SEC i promise it’s for a good cause and you’re like what good cause it’s some online battle but then you see the screen flash the word ‘victory’ and you’re like jungkook this is serious-
    • and he’s like yeah yeah i know i just needed to beat that game it’s like a charity thing im doing that if i beat like twenty straight rounds this company will donate 20,000,000 won to a childrens hospital so
    • and you’re like hold up back it up you’re playing games for,,,,,,charity
    • and he kinda scratches his neck like well yeah i mean im good at it so i might as well put my skills toward helping people
    • and you’re @ you’re own heart don’t you dare skip a beat
    • but then jungkook also adds in the info that he fixes up old computers at poor schools so kids will be able to use the internet even if schools can’t afford newer models of computers and you’re like
    • well damn there my heart goes skipping TEN beats
    • and jungkook’s like so what’s up is it your laptop- but you’re like no no it’s park jimin he basically thanked me for being your significant other and was very genuine and passionate about this “relationship” of ours jungkook how are you ever going to tell him you lied
    • and jungkook’s like oh no,,,,,and you two are like standing there looking at each other like we done messed up until jungkook like clears his throat and he’s like
    • “wELL there is a way we could get away with it”
    • and you perk up like how??? tell me!!! and jungkooks like “well-ah-um-ah d-d–da-date–w-w- we could g-go on a date and see- see if mayb-maybe….”
    • and you’re like date? see? and you’re like oh he means see where it goes and you like instantly feel your own cheeks heat up and you’re like 
    • “actually,,,,id love to but,,,but,,,wait jungkook-”
    • and he’s like swallowing like yes??? 
    • and you’re like “did you think i was cute when you saw me in study hall with my laptop?” and he looks like he’s been caught red handed and he’s like wHAT No and you’re like oh my god you did 
    • and jungkook admits it (after you two bicker cutely about it for like half an hour) that yes he actually did think you were cute and honestly he would never have asked you out if it weren’t for this Twist of Events
    • and you two like laugh a little at each other because honestly you two were too scared to see if the other person would actually go on a date that when you pretended to date in front of jimin you both were like but this could never be real!!!?!!?!?!?
    • until you two are finally at a movie together, probably a movie based of a comic or something or like a kids animated movie lol, and you’re laughing sharing popcorn and then jungkook is like there’s a ferris wheel near here!! and you’re like fRICK yES take me and you two literally are like five year olds laughing and joking with each other on that date
    • and jungkook finally sees why the hell jimin is so into romance and love and all that jazz
    • because as much as he’s having fun and doing things he likes he’s doing them with someone as stunning and breathtaking as you
    • and sure when jimin comes around you guys have to amp up skinship or whatever but the second he leaves jungkook is like 10 feet away apologizing and you’re like jungkook it’s ok,,,because tbh his arms around your shoulder is so nice and warm
    • and you guys go on a couple more dates on the DL and it’s so cute and finally jungkook walks you to your dorm and is like hey,,,,,,hey,,,,,,,,and you’re like hmmm and he’s looking at your lips but he can’t bring himself to do it so you like roll your eyes and lean up to kiss him and he’s like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    • and you’re like also !!!! but you like cover your mouth and look down and this would be so innocent and soft if it weren’t like the next second jungkooks like 
    • “you wanted to kiss me for a long time right? you were holding back RIGHT?” 
    • and you’re like JUNGKOOK SHUT IT 
    • and you’re chasing him down the street and his laughter is loud
    • and jungkook would totally call you up just so you two can sit in the park near the campus at night and push each other on the swings and it’s like
    • childish but you kids are so pure and so excited about everything
    • jungkook like rants a lot about all the games he’s played and his favorite characters and he like tries to help you get better at the games you’re interested in
    • and also he’s always there to fix anything that goes wrong with your laptop or phone
    • and like jimin thinks you two have been together for a super long time and you and jungkook are like actually jimin,,,,,,,,,,,
    • and when you finally tell him how you actually got together you expect jimin to like be super mad but no it’s the opposite jimin is like 
    • and you’re like well kinda and jungkook is burying his face in his hands like oh my god jimin …..is the reason i was able to fall in love….and jimin is like YES IM CUPID I KnEW IT
    • you going to jungkook’s dance competitions and like jimin is always pointing you out and jungkook waves shyly and you’re like he’s so adorable how and jimin’s like JunGKOOK lOVES YOU and the entire bleacher of girls is like casting glances at you and you’re like ,,,,,,oh god and jungkook’s like covering jimin’s mouth his hand like hYUng CHill
    • jungkook showing off his math skills by calculating tip and total prices when you go out to eat or shopping and you’re like “im dating a human calculator”
    • jungkook purposely ignoring you to play on his nintendo 3ds and you’re like jungkook kiss me and he’s like wait im playing fire emblem - and you’re like jungkook i will turn off your 3ds right now and he’s like ok ok ok 
    • (but in reality he was playing on purpose to see if you’d get pouty w him)
    • you meet the rest of his friends and they’re all equally as surprised to see jungkook dating and being so happy especially taehyung and yoongi who’re like “is this really jungkook? the jungkook who only knows romance through side plots in games?” 
    • it’s jungkooks birthday when you’re all over at his dorm together because jin baked a cake and jungkook was forced into a silly party hat by hoseok and jimin and like
    • everyone’s slowly leaving and jungkook is like “hey, can you stay?” and you’re like sure and idk it’s romantic the only light in the whole dorm is the candles still on the cake and jungkook asks you to close your eyes as he kisses down your neck
    • and like,,,,,you know he leads you toward his bed and like ,,,,, you mumble his name against his neck,,,,,and then-
    • and you and jungkook are like two flustered messes coming out of the bedroom and jin is like 
    • oh…….OH YOU TWO CHILDREn- and basically you get lectured by him and it’s hilarious jungkook is like jin please and you’re like so embarrassed you can barely speak up
    • jungkook creates a code so that every time you open up your laptop a little bubble with his face in it appears and there’s a message like “you’re lucky you have such a cute boyfriend” and you always like do a little ‘pfft’ but it’s adorable and you keep it 
    • you love watching jungkook sketch instead of just do digital art like sometimes you’ll see him sitting on the windowsill in one of the campus building looking out of the window and just drawing and he looks so serene with the light hugging him
    • and also jungkook in his big oversized clothes waiting for you after class so you two can literally just go to his dorm and cuddle 
    • jin: “take them out on a nice date jungkook, hear ill give you some money-” you and jungkook: “is buying 5 bags of cheetos with this money you’re gonna give us count as ‘doing something nice’?” jin: “………you are both children. Children.” 

    find namjoon’s ver (here)  // jimin’s ver (here) // taehyung’s ver (here
    college!au vixx (here)

    please look forward to the rest of college!bts coming soon~

    No but guys, Parent’s Trap AU with twins Enjolras and Cosette.

    Filled under “fics I will never write” BUT I am so inspired by this (and plot twist : it has Valvert, Mariusette, Enjoltaire, Courferre, and Montponine) (don’t underestimate my capacity to include my ships in everything I writte.)

    So get this:

    • Valjean and Javert are in love and they adopte adorable blonde baby twins and call them Enjolras and Cosette.
    • But the plot being the plot, they break up. Valjean keeps Cosette and Javert keeps Enjolras. (And yes this is the weirdest arrangement ever but blame the movie not me).
    • And so we have on one hand Cosette and Valjean having pretty much the same relationship they have in the book, sweet and caring, but with a slightly overprotective Valjean. On the other hand we have Javert and Enjolras who deeply love each others, but have trouble communicating and therefore don’t get along that well. With Enjolras being his revolutionary self and Javert being … well … himself.
    • Okay can we take a moment to imagine fucking Cosette and fucking Enjolras AT WAR AGAINST EACH OTHER ??? They are the most determined and savage characters from the book like can you imagine the bloodbath ???
    • And to make it clear, Cosette is the one trapping Enjolras’ room like they do in the movie. Yes Cosette can be evil as fuck.
    • And then obviously they discover the truth because they both have half of a super cheesy 80′s wending picture with Valjean and Javert (just imagine) and they decide to switch places.
    • Okay so for this to work I made some canon divergences BUT BEAR WITH ME GUYS I PROMISE IT WILL WORTH IT TRUST ME.
    • For exemple : at home, Enjolras obviously has Les Amis but Grantaire isn’t part of it. In fact, he doesn’t know Enjolras, because he lives near Cosette. Not Enjolras.
    • At home, Cosette has two best friends : Eponine and Grantaire. (Squad goal amarite ?)
    • At home, Enjolras has Les Amis, Marius, and in a way Montparnasse who shows up sometimes.
    • And therefore when they switch, Enjolras end up with Valjean, Eponine, and Grantaire. On the other side Cosette end up with Javert, Les Amis and Montparnasse.
    • Valjean is super glad to have his daughter back, but can help to notice that she is different. She seems more politics aware, more rebel, she questions more of his decisions (it’s not a bad thing though) … Eponine notices too. And so does Grantaire. Actually he might be … developing some feelings for her ???? Which is odd because Cosette is her best friend and he never felt anything else for her before.
    • And Enjolras is freaking out because this painter guy is really cute and seems to like him, but it’s obviously because he thinks he is Cosette and ANGST.
    • On the other side, Javert is surprised as well by his son. He is way more gentle, speaks to him more, ask him a lot of questions about him. Les Amis are also surprised to see that Enjolras talks a lot more about feminist and prison issues.
    • Also there is a subplot where Cosette notices that Courfeyrac and Combferre like each others and act as a match maker.
    • It works. They make out and everything is great.
    • And Marius is confused as fuck. Because he never considered himself attracted to guys, but since he is back Enjolras seems different more gentle and sweet. And Cosette freaks out as well because he obviously likes Enjolras and not her and damn this guy is cute and ANGST.
    • And one day Montparnasse shows up and immediately realize that it’s not Enjolras for plot reasons. But he promise Cosette he won’t tell.
    • On the other side, Eponine find out as well and make the same promise to Enjolras.
    • Also no “Meredith” in this fic because I always found her useless in the movie and I have enough subplots already. (If we really need some obstacle between Valjean and Javert, Javert’s pride will do).
    • Being the only ones who know the truth, Montparnasse and Eponine help the twins to organize the reunion and BAM MONTPONINE HAPPENS !
    • Montponine is love. Montponine is life.
    • No but seriously it will be like Martin and Jenny. They help to organize the whole reunion in a hotel, meet up and go like WELL HELLOOOOOO.
    • (Let me have my ship)
    • So Valvert reunion with every cheesy romcom cliche ever.
    • And yes it means that Enjolras, Cosette, Montparnase, Eponine and Les Amis organize them a big ass romantic dinner in a ship with fireworks.
    • It also means that Javert threw a hairdryer at Valjean. 
    • SUBPLOTS RESOLUTION : Grantaire finds out that Cosette is a guy and Enjolras freaks out thinking he is going to hate him but Grantaire is like “Are you kidding ? I love you even more as yourself ! I did not fall in love with Cosette ! I fell in love with you !”
    • And they make out and everything is great.
    • And Cosette goes to Marius like “I”m so sorry you thought I was Enjolras you must be so disapointed” and Marius is like “Are you kidding ??? You are so much better then Enjolras !! I love you”
    • And they make out and everything is great.
    • And also at the end you think that Valjean and Javert won’t get back together because Javert leaves with Enjolras again.
    • But !!!! Valjean and Cosette are wanting them home just like in the movie.
    • And Valjean says “I thought for one I should be the one chasing you”
    • And they make out and everything is great.
    • (And Cosette and Enjolras high five each other)
    • (The end)
    One Hundred Points to Slytherin (Cora & Stiles)

    eternalsterek-broughttolife Cora / Stiles brotp for “If we get arrested, it’s your fault.” 

    I had so much fun writing this! I really hope you enjoy it, bb! There is pre-Derek/Stiles of the pining variety as well as pre-Cora/Allison in the same pining way. Oh, also, this is not a Harry Potter AU or anything. They’re just Potter geeks. LOL This is Fic #48 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge

    One Hundred Points to Slytherin. Cora & Stiles BrOTP. Teen. Also on AO3.

    Cora and Stiles are a great team whose latest assignment is recovering a magical vase from the guy who stole it.

    “If we get arrested, it’s your fault.” Cora loops the bungee cord around her hand and tugs, testing the strength.

    “How exactly did you come to that conclusion again?” Stiles asks curiously, typing the codes needed to hack into the security system. “I’m getting us video access so we avoid running into any of Callahan’s goons. That means I’m doing my best to prevent us from getting arrested.”

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    The Council [Chapter 3: The Estate]

    Originally posted by timetoemptythetrash

    Mini Masterlist

    The sun is hardly up as you sit anxiously on the couch, waiting for your ride.

    The estate, as Bam Bam called it, is apparently where you’ll be residing for the time being and as the seconds tick by you become more and more nervous.

    What are they going to be like? You’re more than aware of the connotations your new job entails and you’re committed to doing what you need to break this case.

    At least that’s what you keep telling yourself.

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    Got7 Imagine: Jackson as University / College Student
    • Requested by Anon
    • Got7 X Reader
    • Order from eldest to youngest member
    • YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW OFTEN I IMAGINE THESE 7 BOYS AS UNI/ COLLEGE STUDENTS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR REQUEST! Also, I feel like I’d over-write for each member so I’ll put this into 7 separate posts!
    • Inbox / Requests are OPEN
    • Masterlist

    University AU list: Mark | Jaebum | Jinyoung


    • Second/ Sophomore Year
    • Major in Fencing at the Physical Education/ Sports Department
    • Student Ambassador
    • Excellent Grades
    • Best friends with Mark from the Science Department and Bam Bam from the Arts Department
    • Known around campus as the sweetest guy alive by females and the everybody’s bro by males
    • How he commutes to campus: Usually jogs or walk but will take a ride on Jaebum’s car if he’s running late
    • Everyday outfit: All black athletic wear, nike or adidas
    • Class Schedule: 8 am to 2 pm classes because he has early morning practice with the fencing team
    • At school during at the crack of dawn and lasts until afternoons practicing at the gym, in a lecture, or on ambassador duty in the offices

    During Class:

    • Takes his seat right by the middle row, usually right in the center of the hall
    • Has a pen and one piece of paper, usually at the very bottom of his bag
    • Tries to take notes but scribbles hieroglyphics because he can’t catch up with the speed of the professor
    • Gives up and type notes on his computer instead and gets distracted by social media notifications
    • Hands in his assignment on time; fulfills the minimum and tries for maximum (even if he struggles)
    • Sits with his friends and usually gets distracted every 5 seconds
    • Has habit of breathing heavily and drumming his fingers if the class gets boring
    • Starts off sitting properly at the beginning of class and has his upper body laid flat on the table by the end of class
    • Always arrives just after the professor steps in because he was too caught up with morning practice

    During Breaks:

    • Can be seen around the cafeteria or at the school’s common area with his friends (the rest of got7)
    • Usually, has caesar salad with shreds of chicken breast with organic green tea
    • From time to time he has a cheat day and has a burger with chips/ crisps/ fries
    • Always tries to talk to Mark even if Mark doesn’t reply
    • Talks to Jaebum and Youngjae as well cause they all live together and share house chores
    • Occasionally goes out with Bam bam and Jinyoung off campus to have grilled meat
    • If he’s preparing for a competition, he’d be in the gym practicing
    • If he’s particularly free that day he’d go play basketball with Mark
    • Other times he’d be working at the offices as the uni/ college’s student ambassador
    • Helping out mostly undergraduates and freshmen around campus
    • Tries his best to answer any questions students have about their career path
    • Low-key on the side promoting his beloved organic products

    During Exam Season:

    • This boy will be panicking
    • Asks his hyungs, noonas and friends to tutor him
    • He will disappear for a good few days to study
    • Hella stressed and you can tell from a glimpse
    • So stressed that he’ll neglect food AND sleep if necessary
    • Speaks out loud to himself while studying to help himself remember things
    • Has his hair up in a ponytail to stop it from falling over his eyes
    • Stubble Jackson at the very peaks of exam season (reference to Law of Jungle for accurate depiction)
    • He shows up to his exams hobo style and ALL BLACK
    • “I am attending the funeral of my grades.”
    • Checks grade or GPA updates every day during the holidays
    • Thanks his mom and gives a speech to celebrate the world, when he finds out he scored flying colours on most his exams

    How he handles on-campus admirers:

    • Thinks himself as unattractive or not desirable when there’s a flock of Jackies everywhere (like boy, please, be more confident)
    • If he’s approached with a confession, he’d be very flattered and humbled
    • Also would politely decline if he’s not interested, tells admirers that he has other goals in priority and that he wouldn’t mind being friends instead

    How you meet him:

    • It was at the beginning of the uni/ college break when you meet Jackson
    • You visiting the offices, hopefully, to rearrange the clashing class schedule for your next academic year
    • It was pretty much your second time in the office aside from the time you had your interview there
    • The office was empty besides the one guy dressed in FULL BLACK by the desks
    • He had his back facing towards you
    • “Excuse me—”
    • You slip into the office and touch the guy’s shoulder
    • “ARGH!” “AHH!”
    • He jumped up at your touch and screamed that resulted in scared you
    • The two of you just kind of looked at each other and burst out laughing
    • “Hi, sorry for scaring you just now, I’m trying to look for the program advisor. Any idea where they would be?”
    • “Actually, _______ is currently in a meeting. But, I can try to help you out. I’m Jackson, one of the many student ambassadors here.”
    • Jackson smiled at you and pulled out a chair, motioning you to sit next to him
    • “So what exactly do you need help with?”
    • “I just need to rearrange my schedule for next semester/ quarter. I have a night class that’s clashing with my part-time shift.”
    • “Oh okay, that’s quite simple then. I’ll do it for you cause the meeting might take a while.”
    • You then went on into telling him what classes you’d need to change and got business done. You thanked Jackson and left for home and enjoyed the rest of your well-deserved break/ holiday
    • For the rest of the academic year, you’d always run into Jackson in the offices
    • You guys gradually become really good friends
    • You also grew to help around the offices, and people thought you were a student ambassador at some point (when you were not)
    • Fast forward to the end of the academic year, it was the end of your last class when you find Jackson waiting outside
    • “Hey!”
    • “Hi, Jackson! What are you doing here?”
    • He hands you a sign-up form for the student ambassador program
    • “Came to hand this to you. Figure you should actually become part of the team since it’s been a while you’ve been helping out now.”
    • “Haha, I should. Thank you for delivering this to me! Got anything planned for later since it is now officially holidays.”
    • “Nothing, but I would want to hang out with you.”
    • “We see each other all the time, Jack! Classes and at the offices?”
    • “I want to see you outside of school and the offices for once.”
    • Jackson smiles cutely at you and boy you know it’s gonna be the perfect way to start your uni/ college break

    Originally posted by suga-pills

    (Jackson looks like a polished but cute af high schooler here HAHAHA)^

    clar-isima-deactivated20170327  asked:

    Some people leave the fandom 'cause the canon might get dissapointing, BUT in my opinion that's when fandom becomes a sort of refuge... Not enough Brodinsons love in the movies? BAM! FF!, Interesting concepts droped like a hot potato by the directors? YOU KNOW THERE'S A FIC SOMEWHERE THAT EXPLORES IT! And your fics in particular are a great part of what lured me here and to ff in general, so don't get discouraged, cause your writing is AWESOME, and it's only improved :D

    Thank you so much for sending this. ♥ I couldn’t agree more that FANFICTION IS WONDERFUL. And so is fandom is general. When canon lets us down or takes 4 freaking years to give us new content *cough*, our fellow fans are there to get us through.

    I’ve been wanting to do fic recs lately, and this is a good excuse.

    Fanfic Recommendations


    • Learning To Fly - astolat
      I don’t see why I should follow the crowd, the magpie said.
    • The Prisoner - ladymacbeth99 @ladyofmidgard
      Laufey did not abandon Loki, though he was anything but a good father. When Jotunheim wages war against Asgard yet again, Odin takes the young prince back with him as a political prisoner. An unlikely friendship forms between enemies.
    • No Such Liberty - XParrot
      Following the attack on New York, Thor takes Loki back to Asgard in chains; but this does not mean that the god of mischief’s schemes are ended, or that Thor has or ever will give up on his brother. But when Thanos threatens the realm to claim his lost prizes, on which side will Loki fall?
    • Tempting Death - loxxlay/sigyndenning @loxxxlay
      When Loki falls, Thanos picks him back up.
    • Godchild - griseldajane
      When Loki finds a de-aged Thor wandering alone on the battlefield, Loki takes the five year old child in and resolves to figure out how Thor was transformed and why…
    • Fault in Heart - aTasteofCaramell
    • What does Odin feel after Loki lets go?
    • Understanding the Storm - Lizardbeth @lizardbeths
      Loki returns to Asgard after Avengers. His family, especially his mother Frigga, searches for answers and hope. But on the other side of the universe, a dark storm rises.
    • In the Shadow of the Valley - Lise @veliseraptor
      Most of their meetings are accidental. But not all of them.
    • The Lullaby Singer - TheOtherOdinson @theotherodinson
      Odin hasn’t left Asgard in over a thousand years. When he finds out Loki is still alive and preparing to launch an attack on Midgard, he could send Thor to stop him. Or Odin could go himself.
    • Standing Still - TheOtherOdinson
      One year after the invasion of New York, Tony Stark receives two unexpected houseguests. One is welcome, the other not so much. Tony would love to know why they’re there. So would everyone else.
    • Life In Reverse - Lise
      Home is where you make it. Or, the AU where Loki falls to Earth after Thor, wanders around trying to work out what to do with himself, and somehow ends up working for SHIELD. (Mostly because supervillains are so plebian.)
    • Birthright - Lise
      Five times Odin almost told Loki the truth. Almost.
    • Four Days with Lazarus - LadyCharity @mykingdomforapen
      When the sky falls, he reaches for his brother.(in which Loki is afraid of hell)
    • in her garden grew hyacinths - LadyCharity
      There is a tapestry that hung on Frigga’s wall for as long as Thor can remember. He won’t admit it, but the sight of it makes him want to cry.
    • Road to Nowhere - Lise
      When Loki turns up demanding Thor’s help on a quest to retrieve the All-Mother from Valhalla, Thor isn’t about to say no. But that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten anything, and what better time than a road trip through the backwaters of the universe for trying to talk things out?
    • Truthfully - Salazarfalcon
      Loki gets a therapist and finds Earth hobbies that he enjoys in between bothering his brother and his friends.
    • The Great Subconscious Club - Mikkeneko @mikkeneko
      After the events of Avengers, Loki comes under the care of one Charles Xavier, who is determined to save him in spite of himself. 


    • A Differing Lot - disenchanted
      Thor was born to become a king. Loki was born to become nothing; he becomes something anyway.
    • A Wished-For Song - cavaleira @cavaleirahh
      In which Thor is forced to become king and Loki returns from parts unknown.
    • Shadow Plays - dreamlittleyo
      In which Thor lives a single day more times than he can count, and Loki doesn’t know how to fix it.
    • Bridges - themantlingdark @themantlingdark
      Thor and Loki write letters and fall in love.
    • Chaos War - astolat
      It was never easy to find Loki when he wanted to hide, but he wasn’t doing a particularly good job of it at the moment. Probably he didn’t think anyone from Asgard would be wasting their time hunting for him while the shining ones churned their way steadily through all the realm.


    • Syrgja - LadyCharity
      None of this was supposed to happen. SHIELD wasn’t supposed to find Thor and Loki on Earth three years after the battle. Loki wasn’t supposed to be a silent shadow of who he once was. And the Avengers…weren’t ever meant to endure the madness that would follow. “Cry, Loki. Cry”


    • Fleet-Footed and Caught - Barkour
      They caught up to him on the outskirts of a small and rainy town in the northwest of what Jane called America.
    • Kingsverse - nayanroo
      In an attempt to rein in the son that remains to her after Thor’s banishment, Frigga arranges a marriage between two old friends in the hopes that they can work together to heal an eroded realm. On Earth, a prince searches for identity after his world is turned upside-down. And in the darkness, something stirs.


    • Remember This Cold - Lise
      The series where Loki and Steve Rogers start orbiting each other, and it gradually turns into a thing, and then into another kind of thing.
    • Little Talks - Lena7142, Mostfacinorous @portraitoftheoddity; @mostfacinorous
      When Loki breaks into the Triskelion in search of the sceptre he’d left behind, he encounters trouble in the form of Steve Rogers and ends up in a SHIELD holding cell, while the good Captain attempts to figure out what to do with him.

    I’ll have to do a Part Two soon. I’m missing so many favorite authors from this post. THANK YOU for all the hours of reading!

    It's Not That Common, It Doesn't Happen to Every Guy, and It Is a Big Deal!

    10,388 words of me trying to fit as many headcanons in one fic as humanly possible. Polyfrogs Soulmates (AU where you have the first words your soulmate says to you on your body somewhere)!

    Chris knows when he’s very young that he’ll have to leave home eventually. He loves his family, he loves his home, and he loves the Sharks, but his words seem to imply that his soulmate will meet him somewhere that isn’t California.

    Keep reading

    klance coffee shop au because why not

    The afternoon shift was busy as usual, although they had cleared through the rush hour. The tables were mostly occupied and a drone of conversation could be heard over the soft music played in the coffee shop. 

    Lance sighed as he leaned against the counter, cracking his knuckles. He glanced at the clock. Four p.m. was the time to take it easy. 

    “You holding up there Lance?” Hunk asked as he wiped the counter. 

    “Yeah! There were way too many people this afternoon don’t you think?” 

    “It’s mostly freshmen.” Hunk replied. “You know, excited and wanting to know the joys of a coffee shop in a new city…before the crushing reality of the importance of this education comes into full force.” He waved his arm as if he had pulled away some non-existent curtain to show the ‘reality’. 

    “Well,” Lance grinned. “We were like that. Innocent. Excited. Turning over a new chapter of our lives.” He patted Hunk who snorted. “And now look at us. Still kicking but…with a more refined charm.” 

    “If you call cursing like a sailor at your report a refined charm.” 

    “That was one time and I’m sorry I woke you up.” Lance waved his hand and Hunk shook his head. 

    Keep reading

    unwrap me

    Group/Member: BTS // Jungkook

    Collection: BTS Christmas Drabbles ⛄🎄❄

    Word Count: 1.384

    Prompt: Christmas AU w/ Jungkook 18
    My friends saw me staring at you while we were Christmas shopping and they dared me to go up to you and ask if you were a present because I want to unwrap you and I never turn down a dare so I did it but you actually thought it was funny, let’s get married ok

    Rules // Full Masterlist // Christmas Masterlist // Christmas Prompt List // AU Prompt List // Dialogue Prompt List

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    anonymous asked:

    high school au where yugyeom & bambam are best friends and yugyeom can't stop rambling about this girl he has a crush on so bambam eventually gets really jealous and fed up and tells yugyeom that he likes him!!

    Warnings: Minor swearing

    Word Count: 1.5k

    Author: TJ

    I was taking a break from working on my 2jae fill (that is getting way too long >.<) when this kinda happened… whoops xD Anyways, hope this satisfies, anon!

    Keep reading

    based off of my ask (coffee shop or bartender au) aight lets boogie

    so coffee shop or bartender au where noiz has been flirting with the ‘ladies man’ koujaku ever since he got the job (mainly because his reactions are the cutest funniest), causing a lot of arguments and banter between them, but nonetheless find themselves hanging out and chatting on more occasions than intended.

    then one day the spicy, mysterious, new local mink stops by to and the moment he walks through the rusted double doors, koujaku and noiz are borderline lovestruck. but the killer is when mink speaks, the deep baritone rumbling in their chests and bam the both of them are hooked like holy shit i gotta get to know this guy.

    Keep reading

    Canon Characters: Oh no, Responsibilities?!

    Alright, so not long ago I made a post saying Do as Ye Will, about RPing as long as you aren’t claiming to be 100% canon. So I figured I should follow that mess up with information pertaining to what you open yourself up to if you claim to be a straight out vanilla representation of a character, and why sometimes it’s better to claim to be a minor AU to save yourself the headache.

    Keep reading

    Inception (Pt. IV)

    Plot: Bucky sees Y/N share those forever alone posts from 9GAG on Facebook but he’s too shy to ask you out. But Natasha has a plan… (this is an AU where everyone is happy and no one hates each other and pepper is still with tony)

    In this chapter: Y/N had a dream..

    Pairing: Bucky x Reader

    Wordcount: 1.2K+

    Warnings: none for this one!

    In case you missed it: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five

    Tags: @matteblackvevo @5secondsofmerrick @wolvrins @procrastinatingvirgo@tearsandbloodofmyenemies @canikeepit-imkeepingit @crazychick010  @blueswallow5 @winterbxchanan @emmaplum @panickingwiththefalloutboys @sarcasmismyfirstlove (let me know if you wanna be tagged/untagged in this new one!)

    Originally posted by virginbucky

    Natasha found Y/N in Wanda’s room as she headed back towards her room. They were sat cross-legged on Wanda’s bed. She could see Y/N’s mouth moving, Wanda’s eyes wide and eyebrows raised, hanging onto every word Y/N said and acknowledging her with the occasional nod. Natasha wasn’t going to let herself miss out on story time that’s for sure.

    “Shouldn’t you be at the gym now?” she asked. Leading questions always led to deeper answers.

    “About that.. you should hear about Y/N’s WILD dream last night,” Wanda chimed in, trying to suppress her laughter.


    “I’d tell you but you have to promise not to laugh,” she hushed, shooting daggers at Wanda through her squinted eyes.

    Natasha kicked the door shut. “Spill.”

    Y/N described at length how she was on a yacht with Sam celebrating their wedding anniversary. Everyone was apparently very happy for them. He even bought Cristal and had rose petals scattered all over the bed, so she went along with it because she didn’t want to hurt his feelings. All while feeling incredibly disgusted and confused at the thought of being with Sam romantically. She cringed when she related how Sam tried to play footsy with her under the table while they had dinner on the deck. And how he hugged her and fell asleep while she remained tense and wide-awake on their bed, praying he wouldn’t wake up so she didn’t have to oblige him with kisses, or worse - some love-making. 

    But for some inglorious reason, Bucky came and rescued her from her misery, defying physics, riding a black horse across the ocean to whisk her away while Sam was asleep. Not that it was a situation to be “rescued” from but she climbed out of the circular window on the boat and BAM the horse brought them to Target to buy grapes.

    Natasha’s lips remained pursed and tense as she stared at Y/N in wonder.

    “This means she’s into Bucky, right!” Wanda exclaimed.

    “No! I don’t know! This is weird UGH my skin is crawling. I don’t even like Bucky that way,” Y/N snapped.

    Natasha rolled her eyes. “But you certainly think of him that way. Do we need to remind you of what you said about him last night?”

    “NO! We’re just friends!”

    “Friends don’t bail on training sessions together,” Wanda quipped. 

    “I just need some space away from him right now. Until I get my head sorted out. Just help me, help me avoid him or something, warn me when he’s somewhere so I don’t have to bump into him pleasepleaseplease..”

    Natasha sighed, “that is so juvenile.”

    What’s a stressed-out but ridiculously motivated young woman to do when she doesn’t want to confront her feelings? She buries herself in work of course!

    Y/N spent much of the following week holed up in the lab – the only part of the base she knew Bucky had no business in. She went through several designs and upgrades for her utility belt, surviving on pop tarts and instant noodles for the large part. She only joined the team for dinner once because it was Pizza Part Friday Night.

    They knew something was up, but with Natasha threatening to break their ribs with that look in her eyes from across the table, no one peeped a squeak about the elephant in the room.

    And when Bucky asked, she only taunted him with “Y/N had a weird dream, about you.”

    “What dream?”

    “It’s not my place to say. If you wanna know, ask her yourself,” she answered coyly.

    He rolled his eyes. “I don’t even see her anymore. Where the hell is she anyway?”

    “Even if I told you, you wouldn’t have the guts to straight-up talk to her about it anyways.” And Natasha was right

    Of course, it was impossible to avoid him for long, even if the base was the size of Disneyland or there about. When she saw him in the kitchen, she ignored her hunger pangs and headed back to the lab again, ignoring him as he called out after her. It’s not that she didn’t feel bad about the ice wall she had inadvertently erected between them. He deserved an explanation. But right now, her instinct was to flee and not fight. 

    “Y/N! Wanda said I’d find you here!” Peter greeted cheerfully. He mustn’t have sensed the tension around the base. “Haven’t seen you in a while,” he chuckled, “I uh.. need some help..”


    “Eh.. advice actually, girl stuff,” he admitted.

    Here we go again,’ she thought to herself.

    “Wanda said you give great advice,” he continued, voice softening as he fiddled with the notebook in his hands.


    Turns out Peter and Kamala did have a thing going on. What do you know? Tony’s matchmaking attempts did have some success. Peter was afraid of Kamala’s parents and didn’t know how to broach the subject of actually taking her out on a proper date, especially when they were pretty conservative.

    “Awwwww Peter,” Y/N gushed. “First of, it’s great that you’re keeping her parents’ opinion in mind, gotta respect them after all. I think you should continue hanging out with her, like maybe here, so they won’t feel too uncomfortable about it. OH! Or you can have dinner at their house, let them get to know you first?”

    Y/N was really impressed with how mature Peter was, though he was still a bumbling fool at times, especially around females. If only she could say the same about herself (or Bucky) – grown-ass adults who couldn’t get their shit together.

    “Whoa-o-kays, that’s gonna be a little intimidating but I guess it’s a good move. Thanks Y/N! Can’t believe you’ve been single your whole life, you know just what to do!”

    Her face fell.

    “Oh, um, shoot, that’s not what I-uh- I mean you’re so great someone’s gonna be happy to have you um wait- no uh- you’ll definitely find someone soon!” he stuttered awkwardly.

    “Don’t worry about it, Peter,” she replied faintly.

    “Uh, sorry and thank you! You’re still great though! I’d date you if I were older!” he called out as he walked out of the lab.

    Now left alone in the lab once again, the weight of all those years – having never been asked out on a date, seeing her high school crush go to prom with her cousin, dishing out relationship advice to her friends though she never had any experience, watching Legally Blonde and yearning for her own Emmett – made her crack.

    It’s been a while, but she shared another meme.

    “Reasons to date me: 1. No one will try to steal me from you. 2. Sometimes I’m funny.”

    Bucky woke up to a barrage of notifications on his phone.

    Natasha liked your comment.
    Steve liked your comment.
    Wanda liked your comment.
    Sam liked your comment.
    Tony liked your comment.
    Scott liked your comment.
    Scott replied your comment.

    What comment?!

    Date me. Lol.

    “WHATTHEDAMNHELL! STEVE. NATASHA. SAM. WHO DID THIS? I KNOW IT WAS ONE OF YOU!” he screamed as he threw open his door, banging on theirs as he stormed through the hallway. “‘LOL’? REALLY?!”

    “WASN’T ME,” Sam yelled through his door.
    “NOT ME,” as did Natasha.

    “STEVE. WHA-WH-WHY HOW DID YOU.. STEVE!” he called out, but received no response - Steve was out on the track with Y/N.

    “Do you think she’s seen it?”

    The three of them stood before the large glass wall of the living room that overlooked the field outside.

    “Probably,” Natasha nodded. “But you should be worrying about what Steve will say to her in person,” she added as they looked out the window, observing Y/N as she ran laps around the track with Steve barking next to her.

    Did Steve say anything to her? Or did she ask him about it first? And when did Steve do this? What is he saying to her right now? Why are her lips moving, what is she saying back to him? Are they talking about Bucky? Did they see him looking at them?

    Bucky let his head hit the wall as he sighed in defeat, leaving an imprint of his oily forehead on the otherwise clean glass. “What do I do now, Nat?”

    “Date her. Lol,” she smirked as Sam chortled behind her.

    im sorry i pulled the dream-used-to-accelerate-plot trope, i usually dislike it but foreal this happened to me when i was younger and i woke up FREAKING OUT so i think writing this is gonna help me let that go. 

    also, that meme the reader shared did happen to my friend christy when her senpai shared (urgh)


    I want an all-human AU where Stiles’s parents are divorced and his mom (not Claudia, some other meaner woman) sends him off to boarding school in Georgia or something, where he meets Scott as his roommate. The fic starts out with Stiles being miserable at this no-nonsense behavior school, and the other kids are assholes who decide to make him and asthmatic Scott their punching bag, so Stiles makes a plan to escape and find his dad in New York. Scott wants to join but knows he’d slow Stiles down with his condition, so he gives Stiles his small stash of savings and tells him to “make me proud and break out of here, dude. Pay me back when you find your dad.”

    So BAM Stiles manages to escape via awesome cunning plan and he’s dashing down the wintery streets to the train station (he was sent to boarding school for a reason so he’s super badass and mischievous and uses this to his advantage to travel distance) BUT THEN after obstacles (being forced to jump train, wander on foot, eventually jumped and robbed by a gang) he runs out of money in Vermont.

    So he’s stumbling down the street all tired and dirty and he uses his last five dollars to order a burger at some 24-hour diner at three in the morning. He savors it, tries to ignore the way that hot-but-creepy waiter guy is eyeing him distastefully (he hasn’t showered since like, that gym in North Carolina), and eventually decides that he’s going to steal from the register on his way out (and then just pay the diner back someday. Probably).

    And so…

    Keep reading

    Fanfiction Round-Up Post 2014

    I like making lists, so I made one of all the fics I’ve written in 2014. The result surprised me - it didn’t feel like that much when I was writing it. Probably because I was having fun.

    A lot of the things on this list would never have been written without all of your prompts, your encouragement, and your support. You make me want to keep writing things to share with you. Thank you!

    So: 57 fics, more than 345,000 Words altogether.

    Multi-Chaptered Fics:

    For Better Or For Worse: NC-17; 66,000 Words / Kurt and Blaine are the perfect match - according to their test scores. Reality looks a little bit different.

    From This Day Forward: NC-17; 61,000 Words / FBOFW Sequel: Being matched up by the government may not be the most romantic way to start a life together. But after moving to New York City, Kurt and Blaine are dedicated to making it work. With moving into their own place, forming new friendships, and the creation of a punk band, they both have to learn to navigate the beginning of the rest of their lives.

    Seasons May Change: NC-17; 40,000 Words / From the time he’s five years old, Kurt’s best friend lives right across the street – at least for the holidays. (A story about friendship, loneliness and love, told through a series of summers and winters.)

    Clash: NC-17; 32,000 Words / Blaine is a sexual free spirit with a bit of a reputation, Kurt doesn’t do casual. It should be impossible, and yet Blaine just cannot stop thinking about him.

    (Im)Possible: G; 26,000 Words / Being the blacksmith’s son doesn’t exactly give Kurt a lot of opportunities to put on nice clothes and dance, but then his friends sneak him into a royal ball for the prince’s 17th birthday for one night of fun. And for the first time in his life he gets to dance with a boy and flirt with a boy and just be himself - until he has to run off to get back home before his dad notices his absence. What he doesn’t know is that the boy he danced with was Prince Blaine himself, and that Blaine, who still believes Kurt to be nobility, leaves no stone unturned to find the wonderful boy he just can’t forget…

    Keep reading

    Catch Fire Pt. 1

    Luke Hemmings Soulmate AU

    summary: In a world where one can enter the dreams of their soulmate until they finally meet, Nikki soon finds out these aren’t just regular soulmate dreams because Luke has a dark secret that changes everything.

    word count: 1.9K

    Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5 || Pt. 6 ||

    The smell of fear was thick in the air as a young girl, no older than 18 or 19, was walking through the usually busy quad of the university campus undoubtedly headed back to her dorm; however it was eerily empty as it was barely past 11:30pm. The young girl had been walking back from a typical Friday night party at a nearby house after deciding to leave early as she had an early morning shift at the café down the street from campus. She had left alone, not wanting to drag her two roommates away from the party just because of her. However, she almost instantly regretted telling them to stay and continue having fun because as soon as she left the fraternity house she felt like she was being followed, but every time she took a look behind her, there was no one there.

    She couldn’t shake the feeling and was becoming increasingly paranoid with each step she took. The wind had picked up, blowing a chilly breeze through her hair, whipping it out behind her and she wrapped her arms around herself trying to keep somewhat warm; the dress she was wearing wasn’t necessarily weather appropriate considering it was the middle of May and autumn was ending.  

    Keep reading