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CONFRONTATION PART 1: Do you truly know who will win?

So. Here is the 3rd sequel/installment of Mistaken Identity and Manipulation. I’ve decided to call the series, which I will guarantee will be seen till the end of this idea of mine, as “Intrusion”, which the reason is pretty obvious. Will also tag them all by #intrusioncomic so navigation to the comic will be easy.

Thank you for the people who supported me and encouraged me to do this comic! Hope you’re liking it so far! You can comment your thoughts about it lol hasdhosdakd Also the comic’s pretty long.

Part 2 (x)

(Also, a little note I hope y'all saw: Dark coming to the prison wearing the ‘Lucky Flannel’ is basically a slap to the face to Mark. )

Citizen’s Soldier - Sam x Reader AU

A/N Note: So, this was finished a bit earlier than I expected. All plot advancement. Feedback, as always, is GREATLY appreciated. Perhaps a little more than usual given the LONG wait. Tags are at the very end given the amount! Anyways, Love y'all, and hope you all enjoy! <3

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Word Count: Roughly 2000

Warnings: Eventual smut. VERY sparse editing. I believe that is all this part! 

“Meeting someone?” Dean finally asked, after an hour of watching your face squinch up more and more.

“Apparently not.” You sighed, tracing the ring of water your beer had left behind. “Have I ever told you that men suck?”

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real talk here there are a lot of ships i do not ship and a lot of ships i would label as “concerning” or “unhealthy” (note: most ships that are that way aren’t canon and never will be canon For Obvious Reasons)

but like?? it’s not my business to go into a ship tag n attack ppl i don’t know

PSA: I’ll be tagging any season 3 content as “voltron s3 spoilers” and “voltron spoilers”.

Ye dun been warned. 

Also, @ladyleceaction and I are planning to binge watch ALL of the episodes on the night of AUGUST 5th due to my funky work schedule. 

I’ll be staying off of tumblr this Friday, August 4th, for obvious reasons. 

Please don’t be a jerk and spoil stuff for me until I announce that I have seen all of season 3. 

On August 6th, get at me with your screaming and hype train. 

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