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Garnet Tells Jamie Off

An alternate ending to the episode “Love Letters”.

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so, because I am friends with terrible wonderful people enablers, and because last night some asshole *coughs in @obaewankenope‘s general direction* said “you’re good at art, accept it”, and finally because kenope and @ricooola and @meabhair are treasures of human beings willing to instruct over continents and oceans, @deadcatwithaflamethrower hi have a slightly improved sketch of Nizar?

Best I Have

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Another AU, for the Thirsty Crew! Tagging @toxiicpop, @oraclegazes  and OF COURSE @hardcorewwetrash! Enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

Okay I get this is a blog run by people for their amusement, but minors follow this blog so you may not want to publish such suggestive asks

yeah you’re right. i’ve been thinking about this n considering deleting them for a while. i thought tagging it as nsfw would be enough but like i’ve been rly thinking about it and i don’t think it is.

i guess the reason i published it is because i’ve been really attention starved recently, and i’ve had particular issues with thinking that i’m completely unattractive in all ways, and i really really hate my voice - but i realise that even though this is my blog, i have a really wide audience, a lot of whom are minors, so it isn’t right for me to post this kind of shit, and i really want to apologize to anybody made uncomfortable by it; it won’t happen again.

i’m considering linking to my personal blog so there people can send me whatever they want and i can publish whatever i want, what are people’s opinions on this?

i think i’ll delete the asks in the morning + consider linking to my blog

Since I apparently can’t avoid this shit no matter how many tags I block, I guess I’m gonna say a thing about it.

TFA in and of itself was a bad enough experience for me, but tbh the fandom made it ten times worse.

When you’re still coming to terms with the fact that you were basically brainwashed as a kid and it’s all starting to hit you now, seeing endless reams of commentary on your dash about brainwashed people being morally culpable, completely and solely, for all of their actions and deserving only of punishment is…not exactly helpful.

Especially when “you are to blame for everything” is…literally what you heard constantly from your abusers.

about me

you seem to like to hear about me a little so here goes

Hi, my name is Jennifer (my pronouns are she/her), I’m 24 and live in Germany (which is probably something you know because I keep complaining about it). I’m bi and I have a girlfriend (who I met because of Dallon). I’m also bipolar if that’s something anyone is interested in.
I live together with a roommate and work full-time as a media designer (in training) at a large scale digital printing company.
I have an ever-growing vinyl collection and I kind of try to play bass but I’m still pretty shit at it. I love going to concerts and I’ve been lucky enough to be able to see Panic play three times last year. Otherwise I basically don’t really have a social life because I spend all my free time in front of a computer. I really like digging up information and I guess I’m pretty good at it (I once found 6 out of 8 parts of a fanfic that had been deleted months ago).
My personal blog is @dallnweeks (if you wanna see what I look like check the …/my face tag there) and I’m also a co-mod of @dallonappreciation as well as TheDalPals on twitter and instagram.

I’m incredibly proud of what I’ve managed to do for IDK and I’d even like to say that I basically built this fandom. This blog is growing every day and it actually even is the very first google result that comes up when you search for the band name.
I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all of you.

I can’t really think of more right now but if you’d like to know anything else feel free to ask :)

the second installment of this fucking incredible bach au where Sophia is dead and Cap had an argument with MTT about TV or something??

holy shit this is convoluted, TST, we’re reaching underswapfell levels of AU here

@totalskeletontrash and @ginger-delight-writes, the partners in this crime

I’m so tired of seeing some of these blogs sexualizing idols who are minors. Attempting to justify the smut they write about them. It’s not just in these kpop fandoms either, so this is @ everyone who sexualize minors. I’ve called out blogs who do this shit before and I will continue to do so.

Recently someone told me about a blog I used to follow as a matter of fact, who writes about idols that are minors.

Their reasoning?:

First of all, the age of consent law depends on where you live. In the U.S. it varies from state to state. The law in each country also vary, as well as the consequences. Secondly, just because a teenager may be “of age” does not mean that they are sexually active, or that they want to be. Teens have hormones of course, but not every one of them are having sex. Whether or not they’re “innocent” shouldn’t be a factor, that’s none of your business, especially if you’re 18 or older. Inappropriate thoughts about a minor is not justifiable in any way. It’s predatorial, taking action towards it can land you in jail in some places. Federal law makes it criminal to engage in a sexual act with another person who is between the age of 12 and 16 if they are at least four years younger than you (laws may vary).

Writing smut about idols who are minors is disgusting and disrespectful to them. I’m sure their parents wouldn’t appreciate that shit at all, in their eyes that’s still their baby. Especially since they aren’t a full grown adult yet. Boys don’t stop growing until around age 21 and girls by age 18 (physically and mentally). Even though they may have “the body of an adult”, it doesn’t take away from the facts. They aren’t full grown adults yet, they are still adolescents. Again, I’d like to mention the fact that they may not be thinking about sex at all. And even if they are, even if they are sexually active, it’s most likely with someone around their age. And I’m sure they don’t want to be sexualized either. Let’s say someone is 16 years old and where they live that’s the age of consent. If they were having sex, it would likely be with someone who is between the ages of 16 and 17. Not some 21 year-old adult who thinks the 16 year-old kid is attractive.

Ask yourself this: Why do you want to write smut about someone who is under the age of 18 years-old? What do you think their parents would think of the things you’re writing about their child who is not yet an adult? Why would you, an adult, think of a minor in this manor?

Just because these underaged idols are attractive to you doesn’t mean you should write about them in sexual situations. Nor should you comment about how “sexy” or “hot” they look.


WRONG. Ephebophilia: Sexual attraction of an adult for postpubescent adolescents.

Fact check yourself next time. @imaginethesedorks

@tastymotion Wtf is wrong with you honestly? I would go on about how creepy your blog is, but people can look for themselves… Besides, this is about your sexualization of Somi, a 16 year-old girl.

In a video that they posted here Somi was dancing, but look at the tags…

I almost puked. She had to be 15 here…


Don’t know if you noticed yet, but they rate these videos and pictures of her with stars. I guess her sticking out her tongue wasn’t “sexy” enough for them so it only got one star…

This video got 4 though.

This is the cherry on top, they recognize the fact that she is a teenager. I am beyond disgusted.


i’m gonna take a shot every time i get an ask or see a post about how tony stark is definitely being emotionally abusive to peter in homecoming because then that way i will quickly get drunk enough to let go of my human struggles so thanks for your contribution i guess

Gundam 00 Friendly Reminders

@sapphireswimming​ and I decided to compose this heartwarming list, just in case you weren’t sad enough about 00 already.

Feel free to add more!

  1. Tieria lost everything that had ever mattered to him in the span of two weeks: Veda abandoned him when the GN-Xes appeared on the world stage; Lockon died less than a week later; less than a week after that, Celestial Being was destroyed, and a shattered skeleton of a crew was left to limp back to Krung Thep with next to no hope of their continued survival.
  2. When Setsuna ran into Saji on Proud, it was the first familiar face he’d seen in four years.
  3. Feldt’s parents were 28 when they died, and Feldt was two.
  4. Dr. Moreno and Ian were best friends for decades before the show.
  5. Saji lost both Louise and Kinue within a week.
  6. Tieria and the Trinities were the effective ages of young children, despite their conditioning in Veda and their physical appearances.
  7. Lichty died thinking he saved Chris’ life.
  8. Ian was the only one on board the Ptolemy who had any semblance of a family left.
  9. Allelujah thought he killed Marie when he destroyed the Super Human Institute.
  10. Setsuna said he doesn’t have anyone to write a letter to when Feldt asked, but he’d already left one for Marina.
  11. Sergei never got the chance to formally adopt Soma.
  12. After Fallen Angels, Graham didn’t talk to Billy unless he wanted something modified on his suit.
  13. Lockon was perfectly fine with dying, because he thought he took Ali down with him.
  14. Allelujah spent days alone on the shuttle before he was rescued, surrounded by the bodies of his friends and covered in their blood while Hallelujah laughed.
  15. Sumeragi abandoned Celestial Being after Fallen Angels because she held herself responsible for everyone dead and missing.
  16. Feldt changed her hairstyle after Fallen Angels to honor Chris.
  17. Andrei and Sergei never got a chance to talk through their issues, and Andrei never got a chance to apologize.
  18. Setsuna was drawn to Marina because she reminded him of his mother.
  19. Anew was her own person and honestly loved Lyle, and the two of them probably would have lived happily together had Ribbons not meddled.
  20. Neil was never able to move past the bombing that haunted his every action and every thought until the moment he died.
  21. Despite not seeing each other since they were teenagers, Neil and Lyle ended up with the same mannerisms, the same haircut, the same affinity for cigarettes and old cars—and they both joined up with organizations hell-bent on fixing the government so that no one else’s lives will be torn apart by terrorists.
  22. Allelujah’s mission in episode 5 was to destroy Soma’s suit and kill the pilot, and the only reason he didn’t was because he decided to save the orbital block instead.
  23. Tieria didn’t know he wasn’t human until Regene told him, and struggled with his existence throughout the entirety of season one—which explains his desperate reliance on Veda and the Plan, which was the only direction he got when he was activated.
  24. Louise was a high school student when she watched her entire extended family get blown apart in front of her, and was critically injured in the process—and then, she was barely twenty when she was turned into a tool of war by Ribbons in a plot beyond her control.
  25. Feldt Grace is a codename, and nobody knows what her real name is, anymore.
  26. Tieria’s early reliance on Veda is reminiscent of a young child’s dependence on their mother.
  27. Should Lockon have lived to see it, he would have been impossibly proud of the heroes the rest of the crew had become.
  28. Marie’s only link to the world outside her head was Allelujah, who disappeared one day with no explanation or warning—and never returned.
  29. Lichty, like Lockon, was caught up in a terrorist attack that killed his family—and was severely injured by it, to boot—but he was still a loving, caring person who honestly believed in Celestial Being’s goals, and did not get caught up in revenge and hatred.
  30. Ali killed every member of Lyle’s family, and laughed in his face when confronted about it.

Hyuuga and Kiyoshi have an on going game of “who manages to keep live animals in school without letting anybody find out, especially Riko” and they keep sabotaging each other

Kagami’s excuse was so good, that hyuuga couldn’t get mad

Izuki was proud of Hyuuga for that extremely witty pun


Himuro, the loving brother

those brownies were totally safe, what do u mean

I love how people really shit on DVa76 as a ship like guess what people, 19 year olds date older guys, I would know, I did it. Plus your all on here talking about how you would fuck actors/actresses old enough to be your parents, get over yourselves lmao

Loafers of Striding and Springing  
Inktober, Day 1: Swift 

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10 facts!

tagged by @ellelan thx babe <3

Once you get this it would be cool if you posted ten facts about yourself and then passed this along to your ten favorite followers :)

1. today i was holding a door open and i let it go and just. fucking. punched a wall. i guess my hand slipped? so i split open my right forefinger and knuckle, not too terribly but enough to be annoying as shit.

2. I work two jobs (three when i sometimes do freelance photography). One i love to death and i never want to leave which is kind of a weird novelty for me. The other i dread going to, but when i’m there i enjoy it. Which is an even weirder feeling.

3. I also have three tattoos.

4. This month will be my second year anniversary of being a naturalized U.S. citizen! It could be better! I’m not gonna lie! Being an American could be a whooole lot better right now.

5. I’ve been listening to My Favorite Murder because I’m also of the opinion that if I think about murders a lot it lessens my chance of getting murdered

6. Last week I had one fic in my to-write pile. Now I have like 8, in response to all the generosity. But i am excited about each and every one of them!

7. My idea of organization is writing something on a post-it note.

8. I Was A Teenage Goth, and I feel like it’s very obvious when you look at me, like I never really grew out of it, but a person I just met recently said she never would have guessed, which makes me feel SOME kind of way

9. I keep a plastic skull on my desk so when I have writer’s block, i pick it up and hold it in my hand and contemplate how much easier it would be to kill myself than write. His name is, of course, Yorick.

10. I’ve currently got a Glade candle burning that’s called like “Warm Flannel Embrace” and it smells just like I’ve been wandering around a forest by myself because I was birdwatching and I had been hoping to find a rare kind of sparrow, but I got lost and it got dark, and I’m soon found by this lumberjack, but he’s like a loner lumberjack. He doesn’t work for any kind of lumber company, though. he cuts down trees because of his own internal angst, and he saves me from hypothermia and takes me back to his log cabin, which he probably built himself with all the trees his cut down, and he’s very respectful of me and gives me dinner and a blanket and says it’s too dangerous to travel back tonight but i was welcome to stay here, and i stay because this lumberjack looks just like Toby Stephens and i’m not a fucking idiot. And he lights a fire (also with the wood he’s chopped) and we’re sitting quietly on his couch and i ask what he does for fun around here and he says he thinks about his angst and whittles, but sometimes he fights loneliness by trying to recount his favorite movies as though they were stories, describing them out loud even though it’s been years since he saw them last. I ask him to tell me one and i wrap his blanket around me tighter as the night stretches onward and he tells the story of Independence Day as though he really lived through it and i fall asleep against his broad, muscular shoulder just as Will Smith is welcoming the alien to Earth. And in the morning i wake up and we’re still on the couch and he’s still asleep next to me and we’re both wrapped in flannel blankets and from my spot against his shoulder, with his arm now nestled around me, i see out the window that damned sparrow i’d been looking for earlier, gently nestled in a birdhouse the lumberjack built himself with some of his leftover wood.

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i respect all ships/shippers but i feel like the whole “why aren’t we included in Da/dv/id week?? >:(“ thing is stupid. its specifically for people who don’t like Max/vid (i think) and like the Da/dv/id AU and want to draw it without having a ship that makes them uncomfy bein included. i guess what i mean is stay within your own tags. don’t go out of your way proving a point to make someone uncomfy. enjoy what you want but don’t be a dickhead