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their then, and now, and what is to come

inspired by this lovely song~ listen at the same time as it’ll be easier to follow the panels :3 

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  hey guys!! so to celebrate me actually reaching a goal i wanted to make something? like yes pOSITIVITY but also i need help with my edits… anyways me and a friend were talking today? and since i’ve done them long ago on another account, i thought i’d do it again !! (obvs. inspired by someone, named victoria @puveblood)

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Team Voltron Bonding

Idk, I just felt like making random Headcanons on how the team (this is including Allura and Coran) bonds. Other Headcanons might slip in, just saying.

•Allura found out from Lance that there’s this Earth thing called “Yoga” and she wanted to try using it as a bonding exercise. Almost everyone is awful at it. Everyone except Allura herself, Keith, and Lance. Lance can do yoga pretty good because he did it with his mom all the time. Keith can do it fairly well because, I mean, he trains a lot and I just think he can (good reasoning Kat, good reasoning). Allura can do it like there’s no struggle at all. Literally, she can do any pose for any amount of time. I guess younger (how old is Allura anyway???) Alteans are really flexible?

•Lance paints everyone’s nails. And I mean EVERYONE’S. He even paints the mice’s nails. He’s the ultimate nail guru, you can fight me on this. Of course he also probably gives everyone special skin and hair care products as well, cause he care about his teammates skin and hair way more than they themselves do. They all go along with it though cause it’s something he did with his family all the time so it helps him get over his homesickness in a way.

•Hunk is master chef. Which is something we all already knew. He helps teach the others how to cook simple things, just in case they need to eat and he isn’t around. He gives them all little chef hats and aprons, they also have their own color coordinated oven mitts. The amount of chaos that happens in that kitchen though, it’s amazing how they somehow set the food goo on fire, truly amazing.

•Keith teaches everyone self defense tricks, so if any of them are attacked with out a weapon, they’ll know what to do. It’s surprisingly a great bonding activity, considering they’ll end up practicing the moves against each other. Everyone has a good laugh when Allura freaking HURTLES Shiro over her shoulder. Even Shiro laughs, despite really needing an ice pack. Don’t worry, after their little “lesson” is over, they have a bonding activity of patching each other up.

•Pidge figures out how to play video games in the castle. It’s become a tradition to have a game night where they’ll all play video games, card games, and/or board games. The Paladins make the cards and board games themselves and then teach Allura and Coran how to play them. Pidge almost always wins each round with any type of game they play. She is a boss okay? A total boss. (“Mlg” is her new nickname, given to her by Lance himself. Such an honor.)

•Shiro gets embarrassed by this, but he does everyone’s makeup. With lashes and eyeliner like that, how can you convince me he isn’t a makeup guru?? Exactly, you can’t. He’ll also do their hair, cause he has such perfect hair as well, why not give everyone else amazing hair as well? It would just be unfair not to. They all look fabulous btw.

•Coran learns about memes from Lance. He uses these memes like there’s no tomorrow. Voltron charging into battle? “Here come dat boi!!” Is all the enemy hears from Coran before they’re sliced by Voltron’s sword. All the Paladins hate yet love it when he references a meme. Allura is confused™.

•And finally, Team Voltron playing hide n seek and tag. Imagine the possibilities man. So great. Love it. Must have. Please give me fanfic of them playing hide and seek. I need it to survive.

I’m done


In which our beloved monster ambassador fends off the attacks of the well-intentioned but misguided gym teacher.

I can’t seem to stop drawing them in stupid situations sorry X’D Also, I decided to give D-bag #3 a face–


BTW Frisk senpai’s popularity shot up even higher due to this incident–


Finally done!!!! Final character designs for les amis, which I’ll be using for all the dumb fanart I do as well as the webcomic I’m plotting for 2015. Woooo. Long post, sorry, if you want me to upload any as individuals just shoot me an ask :)


i can’t believe i’d ever dare to do this but i’ve been tagged in this “stick your selca beside your bias’, who is apparently sculpted by the gods themselves, selca” by @jinmini​ and normally i don’t think i’d ever do this but several users have tagged me as well (i have shitty memory so i can’t remember who did but i do remember @bwink​ tagging me in this self picture thingy) and now i feel bad and- i digress…

anyway, pointless speech said and done, i miss you all and i miss my boys and i can’t believe i’m seeing them in a month so

i’m tagging: @daegucrew@apgujeon@bwipsul​ (because i really really miss talking to you guys) and @joonjuly@jeonsshi@yoonseok@cyyphr​ (because i wanted to see you beautiful people gracing my dashboard with your beautiful existence) and to everyone who’s willing to do this! tag me as someone who tagged you because I would love to see you all ♥


…. I take a metric fuck ton of screens when I do things like this.  … like A FUCK TON.  Currently I’ve taken 121 screens for this and I am nowhere near done.  I have four more sims to find, and I’d like to re-shoot some of the ones I’ve already done.

That said, the vast majority of them would never be shown unless I bombard you with crap on occasion.  xD  Not that I need all of them to be seen, but… it just seems like a waste to take hundreds of shots but only use eight.  :>  I still haven’t edited shit all here either.  :|

Soulmate AU HELP!!!

Okay, so I had an idea and it seems beautiful to me. I’ve always been super into soulmate AUs, and recently Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has taken over most of my thoughts, so I’ve been looking through the tags for my ships, and there are a lot of great AUs, and while that happened, I thought of one. A soulmate AU where the pairing dies and comes back to each other every time and it’s beautiful, and eternal, and tragic, and all that. I know that’s been done with other ships, but I think it’d be amazing for this fandom. So, I can’t write all that well, and I don’t have a ton of followers, but I figured if I tag all the details, an awesome writer in this fandom would find it and be like “wow, plot bunnies, I’ve got this!”

I can handle this

I did a search of my name to make sure I hadn’t missed anything I was tagged in during the week from hell I’m having (i.e. very long work days, braindeadness galore), and I saw this. It made me laugh, so I had to share it!

BTW, my plans to work on the other three themes of SWS Week haven’t gone well this week. I might get them done late or I might not get them done, but I did at least manage five out of eight. I won’t complain! 

And I hope to get back to my 2K Giveaway fics this weekend, for all the winners of that! I’ve got a test to take, but no other plans at this time except trying to write a bit!

If anyone is out there, feel free to send me random fandom Asks or whatnot. I’m mentally exhausted & unable to focus on anything right now, so the distraction would be nice. Otherwise, I’ll just catch up on SongPop. LOL

rachel-lizzie-dare  asked:

(Hah. Me. AGAIN) (sorry for the spam, questions keep popping in my mind). How do you create a well-structured character/world?

I’ve done a few questions and posts on character development so I’m going to suggest that you search for the #character development tag on the blog for all the asks and the Character Questions. Hopefully that will help you out. As for the world building, I’ve got some pretty good links:

  • Tips on World Building for Writers (Writer’s Digest. I swear I don’t get paid for suggesting them.) What I like about this one is that it breaks down steps to build your world and what are the fundamental parts of building a realistic society.
  • 10 Questions to Ask When You Create a Fictional Culture because every place needs a culture and it will make your characters and their environment way more interesting.
  • Map Creator lets you make your own map for your world if it’s not a real geographic place. Or you could just draw it out by hand if you don’t feel like doing it on a computer. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy but I think having a general idea of what the place looks like, even if you’re dealing with a city or something, can help you plan everything out.

I was tagged by @missthorinoakenshield to post 6 random facts about myself and then tag a slew of my followers for them to partake in sharing fun facts as well. Thank you! Woo! Here goes. 

1) i competed in a math exam among all californians in a special group and got first place my senior year of high school. 

2) i don’t think i’ll ever stop studying. once i’m done with exams i’m considering a JD or PhD. 

3) i have super mild dyslexia that pretty much keeps me from speed reading since the letters merge and blur if i try to go fast. (r m and n all look the same, basically)

4) i do what i can to eat as many meals vegetarian

5) i kinda know what general direction i want my life to go, but i don’t know where i want it to be at physically. 

6) i haven’t really consumed television or movies in a regular fashion since 2011 so most film/show references are lost on me unless i’ve seen it through tumblr.

Thanks again!

I’m tagging @chubbychummy, @faithefaithefaithe, @greekgirltogreekgoddess @justlacey, @plant–powered

dear wonderful emma

mega gigantic happy birthday greetings to my best friend in this world ( @aeryastark ) who turns 19 today!!
i love you more than words can say and it pains me that we have to live literally as far from each other as the planet will allow. anyway spending time with you in wellington just confirmed that you are even more amazing than i thought and that i am the luckiest gal in the world to be friends with you. as i am currently in Tokyo i haven’t been able to prepare as many edits for you as i would like but i have done something different. i have asked your friends and favourite blogs to help me celebrate you. today a bunch of blogs will make edits for you and all tag them with #aeryastark birthday.
ofc i did go against your advice myself and spent my last couple of days before my trip preparing edits for you as well so there you go.
did I mention that I love you? anyway i do (A LOT) and HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU LOSER. ONE STEP CLOSER TO ADULTHOOD AND LAST YEAR OF TEENAGEHOOD. i have to stop now or i will quite literally make myself cry. you make me smile every day and i couldn’t possibly imagine my life without you in it. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Two unrelated things

1.) Nazi cultists are going to fill all my plot holes for my WW2 adventure novel/ honors thesis project

2.) Does anyone want to beta this priest kink filth I’ve been writing? I’m almost done with the first chapter. It’s mostly setup (I’m working on four chapters at once right now, and the fun stuff won’t come until around chapter 5, so be prepared for that. I blame the plot fairy for coming to me and giving me ideas when this was supposed to be a quick and dirty one shot.) PM me with your email if you’re interested!

Since my blog is done ( exclude the background which i’m still trying to write ), i’ll be moving all the replies I owe there. The list of the thread is here and if you don’t want me to continue them, please tell me ahead. It’ll help me a lot. 

Anyways, I decided to drop Rihwan and may or may not add a new muse to replace him. But, all threads with him will be drop as well. @desimagery ; since you have a thread with him so I tagged you to let you know! 😊 

I’m still in the middle of plotting with @yokviboy so i’ll be lurking from time to time c:


Get to know me!

Hey everyone! I didn’t really like how my first introductory post turned out, so I’m gonna redo it! I’ve decided to do the “studyblr question tag” which I saw on @studyblrsarah and @studygasms !

Well here goes!!

1. What [subjects] are you currently studying?

I am currently doing my IGCSE’s and I am studying History, French, first language English + literature, Bio, Chem, Physics, Extended Maths, Drama and Global Perspectives.

2. Who would you say is your biggest influence?

My parents and grandparents! They are super supportive and I cannot thank them enough for all the amazing things they have done for me! They are constantly looking out for my siblings and I, and are incredibly encouraging :D I hope I can spread the love they have given me to the rest of this fantastic community <3

3. What’s one country you’d like to visit?

hmmmmm…. all of them? ahaha I’d definitely love to visit a ton of countries but right now France, Korea, Russia, Italy and Norway are at the top of my list!

4. What’s your favorite book?

This is hard! As of right now, my favourite book is “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee.

5. What do you do to keep yourself motivated?

 I imagine myself where I want to be in the future! I tell myself, “This could be you! Don’t give up! You can achieve this!!” I also remind myself that it is okay if I can’t be super productive every day and that it is totally fine to take small steps towards the direction you want x

6. What language(s) would you like to learn?

I currently speak and am learning 4 languages (English, French, Thai and Irish). I truly would love to learn Spanish, German, Norwegian, Russian and Korean!

7. Which holiday do you prefer, Halloween or Christmas?

Christmas!!!!! Honestly, the feeling of warmth, joy and connectedness is just amazing! 

8. How old are you?

14, turning 15 in April

9. Favorite season?

I love them all for various reasons, but I think my favourites are Spring and Winter!

10. Who is your favorite band/singer?

I absolutely adore Ed Sheeran, The Beatles, Queen, Arcade Fire etc..! I also really like TOP, Melanie Martinez and Lana Del Rey. I also enjoy jamming to some 50′s-80′s music from time to time haha

11. Have you had a good day today?

Ehhh, the morning was super stressful just because I had a Drama monologue performance! But everything went uphill from there! 

Thanks for reading! I tag anyone and everyone who wants to do it too :) I’m hoping to make friends with all of you, so feel free to message! Also if you’d like a follow, just ask! xxx

tag game

well i saw that @three-different-ones had done this and it looked like a fun chance for me answer things sarcastically so here it goes

Choose a band and answer the following about yourself using only song titles from that band.

Band - AC/DC (and you have no idea how long i agonized over whether to pick them or The Clash because they both have perfect song titles for this)

What is your gender? - Girl Got Rhythm

Describe yourself - All Screwed Up

How do you feel right now? - Rock the Blues Away

If you could go anywhere, where would it be? - Highway to Hell

Favorite mode of transportation - Evil Walks

Relationship status - Can I Sit Next To You Girl

Greatest fear - Meltdown

i tag @frostlesbian, @dustonmars, @dearprudence68, @flowers-killers, and @bitch-tbh (only if you guys feel like doing it of course)


Well I was tagged by @thepensieve to screenshot both my lock and home screen and well here there are. I’m constantly changing them when I find a new Kreider pic but these are the ones for this week!!

I tag @shamelessyouthqueen @bliss-baberuthless @inneedofapuckbuddy @curlyfrycarrick @sutersparise and who ever else wants to do this!! (If you have already done these please ignore me!) and also tag me so I can see y'alls lock and home screens!!!

-goes through the kairi tag and is disappointed by some of the kairi treatment, as well as sokai hate there-

Holy crap. My fandom needs me. It needs me so badly.

I’m so sorry, guys! I’m so sorry I haven’t been doing enough for Kairi or for SoKai! I used to be the person you could count on doing a story for them weekly even if it was all crappy, but now-

I really stopped, for the most part, years ago–because I felt like I’d done all that I can for them at the time.

But now I don’t feel that way anymore, so I need to get back to them! Someone needs to.

My fandom needs me. It needs me so badly.