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Any Takers?

I’m finishing up a Natasha Romanoff x Reader x Bucky Barnes fic called ‘Three’s a Party’ that’s been sitting in my google docs for yonks. I want to get it finished in the next couple of weeks.

It’s smutty, fluffy goodness  who am I kidding? It’s basically smut.

Summary: It’s the night before your birthday, you’re not interested in having a huge fuss about it all- but Natasha has other ideas

I know it might not be everyone’s jam, so I’ll probably just tag people who ask me for this specific one. Let me know if you’re interested! xx

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Dear Anon (who asked, “How can you be friends with people that are frankly bullies? There is a Larry circle of utter assholes and I’m just baffled at how vile they can be against Zayn.”),

It’s quite simple: I’m not. 

I don’t follow or surround myself with people that are bullies. And I certainly don’t follow anyone who is vile about Zayn given that I don’t believe the narrative that’s been built around him since March of 2015.

One of the first things Zayn said publicly after leaving was:

Even Simon’s version of this story is bullshit. Zayn wasn’t happy so Simon - Simon COWELL - let 1/5 of his main source of income just quit on the spot one day? And Simon was just like, “There he go…”

Because Simon Cowell just “heard about it” and gave it his best go at convincing Zayn to stay but in the end was like, “There, there. Here’s a record deal.” No. Simon Cowell is a manipulative psychopath and somehow managed to skirt over the fact that he relentlessly worked these boys as hard as he could for five years expecting them to die the noble death that most boybands do (RIP NSYNC) and trying to make as much money as possible off of them before they did. 

Zayn might be the literal embodiment of this gif:

But I still love that hoe. I love his music…literally the intro to Mind of Mine is some of the best fifty-seven seconds of music I’ve ever heard. Not to mention the rest of the album which deserved so much more than the half-arsed promo it got. No doubt thanks to the fact that it’s still linked to Syco’s ineptitude.  

So yeah when people are having their petty bitch fests about how much they hate Zayn I’m just like 

Because it is distinctly hypocritical to sit here and analyse everything ever about Louis and Harry but as soon as Dan fuckin Wootton whispers Zayn’s name it’s gospel? I think not. Niall even told everyone not to pay attention to the media.

Why has Liam gone out of his way to make everyone aware that he’s still friends with Zayn?

And why was Zayn part of the RBB tableaus? 

Five x’s for five members.

Look at all dat yellow.

So, yeah. That’s why every time I see people hating on Zayn I’m like 

I don’t know the truth, but I do know that what has been printed about Zayn leaving is so wildly inconsistent with the actions of the band and Zayn. And Liam is out here trying to shut down all the rumours himself. He gonna take everyone who badmouthed Zayn out like 

Anyway, I’m not posting that ask, since you explicitly asked me not to. Also it names specific people and I don’t need to give them any direct attention on my Pro-Zayn blog. 

If you’re interested in reading more about my thoughts on Zayn you can go here: http://sexatoxbridge.tumblr.com/tagged/sao+zayn or follow @mellygrant who is Zayn’s personal Hype Man.

And finally…for all the people being vile…just think, What Would Harry Styles Do? 

Thank you for your ask! xx

Okay! Pride Month is Coming up; why I identify with “Q”, and won’t call that Q-word ‘a slur’

(That Q-Word Redacted for this post, so that I can talk to about the word without using the word – yeah, it’s awkward, but I’m trying to talk  specifically to the people who’re afraid of it)

If you find that word hurtful, and ask me to tag my posts so you don’t have to stumble across it, I can do that. That’s like telling me you’re allergic to eggs. If I invite you over for lunch, I will make sure not to let eggs cross your lips, even through cross contamination.

But telling me that the Q-word is nothing but a slur, and that there “is no ‘Q’-community,”  That’s like telling me “Hens do not exist.” When we raised chickens for eggs through most of my childhood (true fact about me, btw).

And, just in case there are folks reading this who believe chickens are cryptids, here’s a handful of primary-source descriptions of various “Q-Studies” programs at colleges around the United States:

California University at Northridge: College of Humanities

The program explores how heterosexism, heteronormativity and transphobia intersect and collide with national, ethnic, racial, class and other identifications, fostering a community of learners who grapple with issues of diversity, gender, sexuality and social justice.

Denison College (Columbus, Ohio)

To that end, q-studies examines the cultural, social and political implications of sexuality and gender from the perspective of those marginalized by the dominant sexual ethos. It explores the ways that culture defines and regulates sexuality as well as the ways that sexuality structures and shapes social institutions.

Hampshire College (Amherst, Massachusetts)

Q-studies at Hampshire utilizes gender theory/philosophy, historical analysis, critical race theory, and contemporary critique to further the discourse on queer identity and community, as well as notions of q-ring heterosexualized relationships and identities. Courses and projects within q-studies focus on the law, family structure, media representations, public health, religion, the arts, cultural studies, sexuality, and biology.

Oregon State University

Q-Studies teaches students, through theory and practice, to:

  > Recognize and articulate entwined relationship between heterosexism, patriarchy, gender regimes, racism, classism, colonialism, and xenophobia
   > Critically engage oppression and inequality through intersectional analyses in scholarship
   > Practice tactics of intervention in their scholarship and activism that challenges all systems of oppression and inequality
   > Interrogate one’s own multiple and shifting social locations in relationship to intersecting systems of power
   > Practice social justice and transformation through scholarly, artistic, and organizational projects that engage both the OSU campus and local, national and international communities.


While it was originally used as a derogatory word for people who might identify as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender, LGBT communities and grassroots movements reclaimed the [Q-Word] in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The claiming of the [Q-Word] is meant to disrupt simple identity categories and challenge ideas of “normal.”

Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT)

As an interdiscipline, Q-Studies focuses not only on LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans) lives and communities, but more broadly on the social production and regulation of sexuality and gender. It seeks intersectional, social-constructionist, and transnational understandings of sexual and sexualized embodiments, desires, identities, communities, and cultures both within the U.S. and beyond.


As a direct result of student activism, Wesleyan made its first faculty hire in Q-Studies in 2002. Students in Wesleyan’s Q - Alliance lobbied the administration, secured faculty support, and staged a kiss-in in front of the admissions office.

So, you see – the Q-Word has long been used for a lot more than an isolated individual’s personal sexual orientation and / or gender identity. And it’s been so widely used, over the course of the last generation, because it’s useful.

Yes: it’s a hard word. And yes, it’s a crooked word (it’s basically a word that means “crooked”).  It is, frankly, a linguistic crowbar. And you know what crowbars are really, really good for? Open doors that have been nailed shut.

And there are a lot of doors that have been nailed shut, over the course of history. I’m not giving up a tool that was invented to rectify that state.

[Edited to add: I was so hungry when I posted this, I forgot to answer the question posed in my title. *ahem*

I identify by means of the Q-word, because I’m asexual in an aggressively heterosexual world.

But I would still identify by means of the Q-word if I were heterosexual because I’m disabled in an aggressively ableist world, and in this world, the cultural norm demands that disabled bodies are stripped of sexuality (and also adulthood, and the granting of consent).

So I’d find use for the Q-word from whichever end I pick it up.]

(Works cited / Sources [warning: that word not redacted, there)

sciencekills replied to your post: Actually

Please don’t. Not everybody holds the view that’s he’s bi and I came here for the finale metas and critiques, not the sexuality debates. I say this as a bisexual woman. It’s fine if you think he’s bi, but please don’t insist that the rest of us have to hold this view.

It’s a joke brought upon by increased frustration over this topic. 

But see, herein lies the problem. Yuuri being bi is not a matter of headcanon. He could be pan or demi too. But the fact that he’s attracted to more than one gender is not up for debate when even the official website refers to this in Yuko’s character profile. It shouldn’t be controversial to point this out. And yes, it is very damaging that these sort of debates pop up in basically any fandom where characters show interest for more than one gender. Headcanon all you want, but people shouldn’t be afraid to talk about canon facts or feel like the anon who contacted me feels. 

I’m also here for finale metas and critiques. And well, any topic people want to ask me about, not just YOI related. The anon brought it up. Just like how I had to write meta on this topic because a previous anon brought it up and specifically asked about it. I typically avoid topics like this because they are prime anxiety fuel (they shouldn’t be) but I’m not going to ignore asks (unless they are hateful asks). They are anons so I have to reply publicly. That said, I’m happy to tag these sort of discussions if anyone wants to blacklist them, just tell me what tag you would like me to use.

By the way I don’t mean to discourage anons that want to talk about topics like this. Or any topic really. You can still feel free. If you ever want to pop off anon by the way, you can always ask me not to answer you publicly or to use the chat.

honestly though.. I complain about fandom a great deal I think, and obviously there are elements of it that could be much, much better! but fandom as a whole - fandom as a unit - is one of the most incredible things ever.

there’s fic. there’s people who analyze a character’s motivations and voice and inner workings to the point that they can write that character, and write them well, and explore them beyond the boundaries of the canon, the everlasting questions of “what if?” or “why that?” or “what happened then?”

and there’s podfic, there’s people who see fic and say “there are people who can’t read this, or don’t have time to, and I should make it available to them”, and then they make their own audiobook.

there’s fan-art, there’s edits, there’s people creating visual representations of works people love. fan-art that makes people cry, or laugh, fan-art that depicts characters attaining the happiness that they don’t get to achieve, or that depicts them in a way that aligns them with part of a group that the author didn’t think to include.

and there’s people who write meta, who write brilliant, thought-provoking analysis for fun, people who change the way everyone else thinks about the characters. there’s people who look up relevant facts and do the necessary historical research.  there’s people who contribute with their knowledge of a certain language, a specific historical period, anything relevant that furthers the understandings of others.

and there are people that they do it for. people who comment, people who ask questions, people who keysmash in the tags, people who leave asks on a bad day, and anyone can be that, and fandom can’t function without these people, 

and that’s what fandom does, it functions as a unit. and that on its own is amazing.


I hunt.
This may surprise some, but not others. I often deeply reflect on the fact that I hunt, and what it means, and what it means to others. It took a lot of courage to make this post, because frankly hunters are often viewed poorly by modern society. Some of this negativity is because there are a lot of asshole hunters. But, some of this is because of ignorance. I don’t mean this in a mocking way; it’s just that, like all things, we form opinions about controversial subjects by what we have personally experienced and been exposed to.

It is for this reason that I am inviting any hunting related questions to my ask box. Though I don’t allow anonymous asks (when I do, I get a lot of garbage), if you don’t wish to be identified when I respond, all you need to do is ask to remain anonymous and I will respect that. I’ll remove your name when I respond.
This is especially aimed at people that might be interested in learning to hunt. I’ve always been willing to mentor others locally, but few people are like minded. So, if I can help you online in a calm, peaceful way, with no bravado, I’ll try. So many resources online for learning seem to be generic articles (with a lot of bravado, sadly) or forums, where the people often get quite toxic in their responses. Every hunting forum I’ve attempted to visit seems to have a lot of bickering and awful misogyny. I have also noticed that the majority of hunting videos are not representative of how I hunt. It’s a huge turn off to people like me, who are sensitive and thoughtful, and just want to learn.

A few things, so you know what to expect:
++ I will tag all of my responses with a “hunting” tag so that you can avoid them if you’d prefer.
++ I will not show photos of dead animals, gore, etc.
++ If asked for specifics, I will attempt to respectfully discuss specifics. For example, though, if someone asks about butchering, I will tag the post with a “gore” tag even though I will not post photos.
++ I will always attempt to be respectful and thoughtful. This is how I hunt, and this is also how I will discuss hunting.
++ I will not engage in arguments; if you are curious, ask. If you want to scorn or guilt trip me, expect to be ignored.
++ For real; don’t just try to start an argument. I respect that people may not share my opinions, but I am not down for debate. I’m trying to help people learn. I’m really nervous posting this to begin with, please don’t be a jerk. There are a million other places online that will happily engage you in hunting debate and arguments. This is not one of them. If you want to argue with OTHER people, please take it to asks and don’t do it in the reblogs of this post. Please.

To start things off, the basics:

Why do I hunt?
I hunt because I consume. I mean this literally and figuratively; I am a consumer and eating is not something I can go without. I take great personal responsibility for the origins of my food (veggies, too) and attempt to source as much as possible myself. Around 80% of what I eat grew or lived within 20 miles of my home. I am a meat eater, and though I do not eat meat that often, it has been increasingly important for me to source meat in a way that jives with my personal ethics. To me, taking a sustainable wild animal as food, and being involved in it from start to finish, is more agreeable than supporting any sort of commercial livestock operation (though I do also support a few local farms where I can see in person that they care kindly for their animals). I admittedly also sometimes hunt when I do not necessarily intend to harvest (this means kill) an animal. I suppose you could call this stealthy hiking, in a way. I never kill for fun or enjoyment or trophy. Taking the life of an animal is very serious to me and I never take it lightly.

What do I hunt?
I hunt primarily white-tailed deer and squirrels. I have hunted geese once, and have hunted turkeys in the past.

Where do I hunt?
I hunt where I live, which is Western NY state.

How do I hunt?
I use firearms. At this time I am physically incapable of drawing a bow of the legal draw weight limit (for my state’s laws). I understand that there are compound bows that meet the legal requirement designed for people that can’t pull many pounds but they are very expensive and I haven’t been in the position to explore that option yet.

thebakerstreetdragon replied to your photo “Our first post didn’t seem to reach many people or just didn’t matter…”

Why don’t you just look at specific tags for what you want to see? The ‘peaky blinders’ tag is for everyone and if you don’t want to do that then think about what you’re asking everyone who want to read imagine to do

Not sure how many times I’m going to have to say this. We already do. the PB edit & news tags already exist. We check them. We’re not dumb. But not everyone always uses those, and for new people especially, finding a tag that is 90% imagines is confusing, misleading, and not helpful. This is also rather hypocritical seeing as, if you’re looking for imagines (instead of news or edits) why don’t you look that up specifically???

I don’t know how many times I’ll have to repeat this either: there were imagines in the tag before. Imagines have been around forever, and are a great form of fan fiction. But when writers are stealing gifs, tagging characters that aren’t in the imagine, and generally using the tag to promote themselves, this is exactly what happens. Imagines everywhere you god damn look. And no, I don’t want to “just block people” like some have suggested. For instance, @peaky-yamyam ? Kind, understanding, took off her tags and accidentally stolen gifs, because she just wasn’t aware. We’re mutuals now, and guess what?? Her work & writing are both very well done and extremely popular, without having to promote herself all over the general tag. 

When I first came around and got semi-popular as a Peaky blog, I tagged every single ask I received with the PB tag. Someone was kind enough to tell me that what I was doing was obnoxious, and making it hard to look through the tag. I realized that for the greater good, tagging my asks specifically and keeping it to a micro-level of blog organization helped my followers and was better than generalizing my dumb ass in the PB tag. I didn’t realize what I was doing, and that’s fine. But regardless, it was still annoying for everyone else. A fandom is made up of many things, imagines included. They have a right to be in the tag. But when it’s all the tag is made of, and when imagines that aren’t relevant to a character are all over it, it’s fucking rude.

I’m fine with being labeled rude, maybe I am being rude. But insisting on using a tag to promote yourself and say “oh it’s so people can see imagines” is obnoxious, and making it hard for the rest of the fandom (WHICH IS MOSTLY PEOPLE THAT DO NOT WANT TO SEE IMAGINES) to enjoy it. If people want to find imagines, they’ll look them up, and find the imagine writers with their great blogs and work. Don’t understand why that’s such a hard concept to understand, and why I’m being demonized. 

i literally have 0 reason for this i just want followers follow train

I know that I (and tons or others) have crazily benefited from making/reblogging follow trains, and I ALSO know that quite a few of us are trying to meet our end of the year goals! So here’s a follow train specifically for us thirsty 1d bloggers. 

  • I follow back anyone who asks (even in the tags or in my ask or wherever)
  • so just reblog
  • follow some people (and follow me if you want!!)
  • hopefully meet your end of the year goal!!

good luck you guys!! wishing everyone a super great holiday season!!

anonymous asked:

uhhh... im sorry if this is too specific or weird but i saw youre tagging a lot of triggers rn and;; would it be alright to ask if u could tag the name 'austin'? its the name of one of my abusers who died yesterday [i was told this morning] and his name triggers me badly ... again sorry if its too specific, but- (also,, thank you for being so nice about triggers/tagging things,, its nice seeing people who accept ""weird"" triggers,,)

no that’s not too specific at all dw anon! blacklist the tag “austin” ! also really its no problem to tag these things i’m glad i’m able to provide a safe space for people like me :)

i’ve moved to >> 24914

maybe it’s about time for me to announce publicly to people who doesn’t know  - i’ve made a new tumblr which isn’t linked with the same email, so i won’t be able to see any asks if you send them to this account (unless i go on and check here of course!)

this blog is kind of.. infected?? if you’re browsing in some tags, specifically those rly old ones with old posts, you might be attacked by some strange ads popping up iN my theme and all, so i recommend you not to check stuffs on here >->o

this blog will now be archived and i’ll use it sometimes to dig up references and stuffs

thanks for your time!!

A Thing About Shipping TsukiKana

So I’ve noticed a recent scrutiny directed towards undeserving groups  in Tokyo Ghoul  recently, such as the CCG and Tsukikana. But I’m going to start talking about TsukiKana first.

First off, within ships, there will always be a portion, or a group of individuals that represents the ship badly—depending on who you are, and how you justify badly. But in the case of Tsukikana, I’d like to say that it’s not at all the majority, and I say this with confidence because I hardly see any of this “badness” spoken of in the Tsukikana tag.

With that, I think it’s important to understand what the “badness” is that is being attributed to Tsukikana, what the majority of the Tsukikana  fandom is supposedly perpetuating and representing as a whole, despite the fact that’s that’s completely untrue.

Issues regarding the Tsukikana fandom happen to be oversexulatzation of Kanae, underage/pedophilia, and shipping a character with a mental illness as if it’s okay (which inadvertently leads to others depicting Tsukikana shippers as ableist, despite the fact that many Tsukikana shippers close to me suffer from mental ilness).

Oversexulazation of Kanae

I haven’t seen  this a lot, certainly not enough to fault an entire shipping community based off the of the actions of few individuals. Of all the times that this “oversexulization” of Kanae has been brought up, I’ve yet to see anything that’s overly sexualizining him.

Do you mean putting him in a relationship with Shuu, in which they partake in sexual acts like consenting adult couples. In which they’re portrayed during incredibly kinky activities as consenting adults? In which they’re both having sex as consenting adults?

This ties into Kanae’s age and mental illness

Kanae is 18 years old. Again, Kanae  is eighteen (18) years old. He is well over the legal age of consent in Japan, so as far as age goes regarding his relationship with Tsukiyama, there’s no problem.

As for mental illness, it makes me sick to see many of the people complaining about oversexualizing Kanae on the grounds that he’s a character with mental illness,  and that despite his being 18—he’s too young, are many of the people who oversexulize Kaneki with certain characters, despite the fact that he is too 18, and suffers from a mental illness as well.

Staying on that same track,  I will say that his infatuation with Shuu is very unhealthy, that his dependency of Shuu can be symptom of a mental illness and that given proper care or brought up differently than Mirumo so stupidly did – For God’s sake, Kanae was family, yet Mirumo treated him like a servant, made him give his entire life to Shuu in order to live there, ignored his suffering and put Shuu in Kanae’s hands. Kanae’s mental illness, while justifiable by the tragic death of his family, can certainly be explained by Mirumo’s treatment of him, and how he was made to be dependent on Shuu. The only person who gave him any sort of positive attention. He developed an unhealthy attachment to Shuu, because after having lost everything, and instead of being treated like a child should have been, he’s thrown into servitude by his uncle, and Shuu is the only one who comforts him, who seems to care about him, so his love for Shuu grew into a very unhealthy infatuation – then he would not be as obsessed with him as he is now.

So of course, I can see why people would see that this mental illness aspect would be wrong. However, this is why we have this thing called “fandom”, why our shippings exist outside of canon, why we develop fanfictions, or au headcanons, or fanart.

They’re separate from the original  series, save for the fact that we take two characters and their personality. In fanfiction, their relationships can be different, they don’t form a relationship based off of  a mental illness, they’re happy, they’re together and they love each other. There’s no detrimental conditions, there’s no pain.

Of course, writers, artist  and fans are free to explore what they want within fanfiction and the fandoms, and for the most part it doesn’t offend others people. But if the ship does offend you in anyway, shape or form, then why are you letting it get to you? Ignore, black list it, people won’t change how they ship things for you.

I’ve been offended by Tokyo Ghoul ships that display heavy abuse and unhealthy tendencies, but if I don’t like it, there’s no need for me to police shippers who do, there’s no need for me to tell everyone how “wrong” it is because I don’t like it. If a ship offends me, I ignore it.

Also, if you’re unsure of how to keep your hate out of tags, try these methods:



or just don’t say it. And if there’s an ask that you’re sent that specifically has the name in it, try this:

Just print screen it and then answer it.

Unless you do any of those, you must want your words and opinions to be known by shippers, which are typically nice people. That’s childish. We get it, you don’t like the ship. You seek to invalidate about every second you get.
But just stop, people will ship who they want to and how they want to, you have no right to try to pin them as bad people, and label them with your false accusations just because you dislike the ship. That’s incredibly gross and wrong.
And again, flat out childish.

how to join

  • must be following this fitzsimmons trash
  • reblog this post (likes for bookmarking only)
  • must reach 30 notes or this didn’t happen
  • open until may 22nd,  members will be announced on the 23rd!

what i’m looking for 

  • partially or completely agents of shield blogs (multifandom is, of course, acceptable)
  • 10-15 friendly, active bloggers to keep the chat going
  • romantic fitzsimmons shippers who will defend these precious science puppies and their relationship until the end of time

what you’ll get from the network

  • new mutuals and new friends
  • a spot on the network page
  • lovely people to share your selfies, headcanons, edits, etc. with
  • a place to talk about and defend these precious cupcakes and their relationship, specifically their potential romance 

if you get accepted

  • remember to keep your ask open so i can ask for an email/icon/description
  • you’ll be added to the chat and network page
  • track the tag #fsdefensenet
  • follow the other members
  • have the link to the network on your blog

 if you have any questions, feel free to let me know!!

A Note on Cliches

I get questions on cliches every day. Sometimes they’re broad and asking about cliches within an entire genre. Sometimes they’re super specific. If you’re looking for a list of cliches for a genre, go through my tags page for the cliche tags or look through the tag for the genre that you’re writing.

Now, for the people who give me their plot or scene and ask if it’s a cliche, it’s probably not. Stop worrying. Read more. If you read or see something that happens so often that you can predict it or if it has no effect on you because you’ve seen it so much, it’s probably a cliche. 

Does your character die in the arms of a friend and confess their love with their last breath? Cliche. That’s a cliche. You should know that if you’ve watched enough movies or read enough books. It’s used in parodies all the time because it’s so cliche. That’s happened way too many times and if you have to ask me if it’s a cliche or not, you aren’t reading enough. You have to read the genre you’re writing in to know what has been done.

When you ask me how to twist a cliche, I can’t give you an answer because I would be writing your story for you. If you want to do something different, you have to come up with it. I can’t give you any other advice than to tell you to avoid cliches.

The last issue is the different between trends and cliches.

Sometimes people ask me how to write certain things differently. Recently it’s been with dystopian novels and vampires or zombies. These are not cliches. They are major trends. Certain things about them are cliches or have become cliches, but these things by themselves are not cliches.

I don’t like to tell people not to write something unless what they are doing is offensive or plagiarism, but if you want my honest opinion on how to make these things different my advice is to write something different. Not “put a twist on vampires” different, but write something else entirely. It is hard to stand out when everyone is writing the same thing. If you don’t want to stand out or be different and you’re just having some fun, then by all means go ahead and write all the vampire, zombie, and dystopian stories you want.

I can’t assess the scenes you describe to me because I have not read them and I do not know the context. Therefore, there’s not much I can do for you. There aren’t cliches for everything anyway. Keep reading and keep writing.

tl;dr: There is not a cliche for everything and you shouldn’t worry too much as long as you avoid major cliches. Also, I will no longer be answering questions on how to flip cliches or whether or not your story is cliche.


Hey so I’m doing commissions! Wow!

First of all, I’d like to thank every single one of you who enjoy my art! Without all of you, I wouldn’t be as passionate as I am about my art so thank you so much for motivating me every day to do better!!

~Will draw:

  • OCs
  • TV show / video game characters
  • Youtubers
  • Humans in general

~Won’t draw:

  • Mechs
  • NSFW
  • Anything obviously offensive (keep it classy, people)

-I’ll limit 5 characters per picture.

-Please send reference for OCs.

-Just ask and I’ll send you a rough sketch before I start the lineart.

-If you need more examples, check out my art tag!

-Prices can/will vary depending on the specific picture you want. Above are just base prices so you have an idea of how much it will cost. Please, all payments through PayPal (USD).

Any questions? Send me an ask or if you’re interested hit me up at gabzy12@gmail.com.

For now I’ll have 5 slots open:

  1. open
  2. open
  3. open
  4. open
  5. open

anonymous asked:

After today, I gotta ask: How can you be a mod at ASOIAFUniversity? That blog has been anti-Arya and anti-Arya fans to the extreme. Not only have they reblogged post after post filled with inaccuracies about her character, but they've reblogged posts bashing Arya fans. Today's with boiledleather (he's got a tag on there now?) isn't the first. I get why they wanted you on board; they were called out for bias back then. They had to do something. But what are your motives? Why go along with them?

Hello anon, 

I would like to start off by saying that I in no way defend the boiledleather post that I found to be unproductive and only brought gratuitous drama to the ASoIaF fandom.

That being said, you’ll notice, anon, that this post has since been removed from asoiafuniversity. There are nine moderators of the blog, including myself, and all of us try really hard to reblog a large variety of different types of meta that bring new perspectives to the table. For instance, I have reblogged Bran meta and Shae meta, Olenna and Margaery Tyrell meta, I have reblogged Littlefinger meta as well- none of which were my own and many of which I had different opinions on.

The mod who reblogged the Arya fans = “bad fans” post believed that there was value in reblogging that post because:

“His point about “the Bad Fan phenomenon is closely related to recent pop-cultural discourse, which is that everything must either be talked about as The Greatest Ever or Hot Garbage” is about the zero-sum outlook on the world (Arya/Bran is only a victim of bad things and thus can never do anything bad; to say you want Sansa to succeed must mean you must want her siblings to fail)”

I don’t believe the mod in question saw it as an attack on Arya fans but rather a discussion of this phenomena. That being said, asoiafuniversity only wishes to have mature and thoughtful discussions encouraged by the meta we reblog. Thus, the post was removed after some people, including myself admittedly, felt offended by the massive generalization and targeting on Arya fans and misinterpretation of what Arya fans’ problem was in the first place.

On the topic of blog tags, some blogs have tags when they write a lot of meta that’s reblogged. I have a tag on asoiafuniversity, too, though it’s not really used on all my metas.

I’d like to believe I was asked to join asoiafuniversity for more than just to combat some bias. I actually do write about characters who are not Arya. I cannot speak to what specifically prompted joannalannister to ask me to help moderate though. 

As for why I’m a part of asoiafuniversity, I like to contribute to the fandom. I enjoy reblogging metas that may otherwise have never been noticed and the blog might not have felt comfortable submitting them. I also love to have my thoughts stimulated by such discussions. While it is tempting in fandom to confine yourself to your own faves/OTPs corner, and perhaps less stressful, it is also important to have different ideas challenge your own. Maybe they don’t have merit, but they will get you thinking. 

One important thing to understand about asoiafuniversity and its moderators is that we are don’t endorse everything on the blog. We don’t reblog only things we 100% agree with. We don’t have anything to do with many of the metas reblogged actually. We can only reblog what you, or more actually we, the fandom writes and contributes. 

If asoiafuniversity seems anti-Arya or anti-Arya fans, it’s because that’s what the fandom is pumping out. There are inaccuracies across the board on all characters because fandom isn’t perfect and sometimes we reblog things that have some inaccurate aspects but still discuss an interesting topic. I assure you that as a Arya stan I reblog all well written metas regarding her when I find them. But you know, when I first became a mod, I excitedly searched for meta regarding Arya that had not yet been reblogged- as I didn’t want to just reblog my stuff- only to realize that, with one or two exceptions, every well written pro-Arya meta that I could find has already been reblogged to asoiafuniversity. There are just only so much on certain characters. Some characters just don’t have a big fandom presence on tumblr or a lot of meta writers. This is not limited to Arya though for sure.

Asoiafuniversity is here for the fandom, we are a product of the fandom, and while all of us are meta writers, we don’t write even close to the majority of the metas reblogged. 

Boiledleather’s post shouldn’t have been reblogged in my opinion, but we’re not perfect, and it has been since taken down. On behalf of asoiafuniversity, I would like to apologize to everyone who felt insulted or offended by the post. But asoiafuniversity does not endorse anything that makes you feel targeted or personally attacked. 

Joannalannister is by far one of the sweetest people I have met in the fandom, she tries very hard to create a friendly and intellectually stimulating environment for everyone in the fandom. Unfortunately, fandom can get heated easily as we are all passionate people by definition. If you ever have any concerns, however, you can always talk to one of us.

I don’t, like the rest of the mods, endorse everything reblogged to asoiafuniversity. However, I would like to believe I have a positive impact on the blog and allow for some great meta to get the recognition they deserve or even just get some people thinking. 

Asoiafuniversity as a whole is a team of nine moderators who honestly want to promote thought-provoking discussion on a book series that has united all of the fandom.


Andy (donewithwoodenteeth)

anonymous asked:

How canon do you consider Drowley? And do you consider it all subtext or do you think there's anything that could be considered maintext about it being a thing that happened? I've seen some posts elsewhere implying that people who didn't see Destiel did see Drowley and it has me curious about how the GA views it.

Hi there! I saw this ask the other day, and I finally got over my internal cringing and have had enough coffee to answer it… :D

@elizabethrobertajones has A LOT of crack in her “worst ship on the show” tag, but there’s also a lot of serious meta in there. (I know I’m always pointing people toward lizbob for answers, but that’s because I can reliably find her tags for stuff…)

I think (and I haven’t specifically asked Mr. Mittens about this, because it veers too close to interfering with my destiel experiment with him) the GA may likely see it as having been played for a laugh, at least at first.

I think even the absolute most casual “i watch an episode now and again” kind of viewer will at least get that Crowley is portrayed largely as using sex and seduction to achieve his ends. He’s a demon, and was King of the Crossroads before he was ever King of Hell. His Best Thing has always been closing the deal (a deal that’s sealed with a kiss), and convincing someone to deal away their SOUL inherently involves a level of seduction, no? At least it’s FREQUENTLY been portrayed that was on Supernatural.

Remember 10.07? Demons using women to literally seduce men via dating apps, then getting them to sell their souls for A SINGLE NIGHT in the woman’s bed? WOW. OKAY. Talk about a sexual encounter that leaves you feeling empty afterward. Granted, that was not a Crowley-approved scheme, that happened during his “days of pining” after Dean was cured of being a demon.

Yes, it was Crowley in the end who returned Dean to Sam to be cured, who took the First Blade AWAY from Dean, then stole another angel’s grace to recharge Cas so he could help cure Dean. Because he KNEW Cas could help cure Dean, even if Crowley himself couldn’t.

But Crowley’s pretty much responsible for Dean taking on the Mark in the first place, and he’s the one who knew Dean would rise again as a demon after he was killed. Why would he turn around three episodes later and want him CURED?

He said it was because Dean was “out of control,” and his efforts to “take care of Dean” and convince him to come rule Hell together with him had sort of failed. They’d spent weeks together “howling at the moon,” filling their Flickr albums with incredible things they did with triplets. It seemed to me that while Dean seemed to be having fun, he was still a demon and didn’t have the same kind of emotional attachment that Crowley developed toward him.

Like Cas said in 10.03 about Dean not having any feelings as a demon, it’s probably easier that way, because while he can’t feel the good stuff (like love), he also can’t be hurt by the bad (like heartbreak). But Crowley seems to have done so, HE seems to me to be the one who let his newly rediscovered (since 8.23) humanity and need to be loved consume him for a while, and unfortunately for him, he settled his sights on Dean…

Once Dean was cured, Crowley spent most of the rest of the season LOSING HIS GRIP ON HELL because he was too busy pining over Dean to really care. He was sitting on his throne staring longingly at pictures of fun stuff they did together. His pining was so OTT that MULTIPLE OTHER DEMONS either offered to fill Dean’s role as his drinking buddy, or made fun of him for his continued attachment to Dean. They began questioning his ability to lead BASED ON HOW HARD HE WAS PINING FOR DEAN. One demon POURED HOLY OIL ALL OVER HIMSELF AND LIT HIMSELF ON FIRE IN PROTEST OVER THIS.

It may have started out, as Lizbob said in one post, as a game of gay chicken in the writer’s room, but other than having nearly become human in 8.23, the whole Drowley thing had the biggest effect on Crowley as a character in the last four seasons. And he’s STILL a little bitter about it all, and brings it up to Dean on the regular. Even in 11.23. It used to get a WTF paranoid glance from Dean, but now Dean’s completely over it. He doesn’t even react anymore.

At first, Dean was “embarrassed” about what he’d done with Crowley. He said that exact word to Sam back in s10 when he was still fighting the influence of the Mark of Cain, but as he’s worked through his own internal issues (again pointing at 10.11 for an explanation of how the external mirrors the internal in this specific context of light vs dark), and eventually was able to reunite those broken halves of Chuck and Amara, he’s finally accepted those parts of himself, too. He’s not “embarrassed” anymore. He accepts it and has moved on.

I think part of Crowley’s “Uncle Crowley” relationship with young Amara was written specifically to CONTRAST how different his relationship with Dean really was. He wasn’t trying to be “Uncle Crowley” or a parental figure to Dean. We know what Parent Crowley looks like, and it looks NOTHING like how he behaved with Dean.

Beginning in 10.01, we only saw the downfall of his relationship with Crowley, after six weeks of howling at the moon. We saw the relationship beginning to break down and fall apart. But we’ve ALL see this:

And seen Crowley staring heartbroken at his phone. They’d been having a good time for a while, until it all went sour.

So while it was likely EMOTIONALLY more significant for Crowley, and seems to have left him with some baggage he’s likely still working through, I think for Dean he’s moved well past it. He did, granted, have the excuse of the Mark of Cain and being a demon at the time, but I think he’s finally accepted the things he did as a demon were still things he did, and he’s long past being embarrassed about them. He’s just not pining away for Crowley like Crowley is for him. Dean’s busy pining for something else.

And since we got the s10/s11 Crowley-as-lover vs Crowley-as-parent compare/contrast lines, I think we’re going to see a similar parallel run in s12 regarding all the open-ended “who do you love?” themes from s11. Dean had to finish repairing that rift within himself (symbolized by finding another way to heal the rift between Chuck and Amara) before he could really begin seriously considering it.

So, yeah. That’s what I think about Drowley. Worst ship on the show. But it did kinda act like a narrative crowbar to start prying off Dean’s “Performing Dean” Mask. In a lot of ways *shudders* we have to thank it for helping Dean get over himself a little bit *cringes* because I’d rather have him go through all that regret/humiliation/negative baggage stuff over CROWLEY than over CAS, you know?

Yeah. Worst ship.