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So about a week or two ago I asked if I could tag you in a drawing of Shiro I planned to do with this style I'm working on. I finally got around to starting it today (cuz life), but idk if you're trying to leave "that fandom" (don't want this showing up in that tag if you are) and I didn't want to throw you back into it if you were. Also if you're not leaving "that fandom" would I still tag your old url or this new one? (new to posting art and stuff so I'm not really sure how that works ^~^;)

NONO im not trying to leave comepletely im just seperating myself a BIT so i can work on my own stuff n mental health!! i still love the show to bits so please tag me in it. i need my good shirpno content daily

candy floss

length: 1.9k

genre(s): the fluffiest angst

triggers/warnings: none!

an accident in class turns simon’s hair pink, triggering old memories for baz and bringing the two of them closer than before

a/n: much love to @cherryonsimon for the beta! go tell her nice things!! @bazwillendinflames i don’t know if this is exactly the fic you were imagining but thank you for getting me out of my writing slump ^__^ from now until the end of july i will be posting a new fic every wednesday so you can track the tag #egfics to keep up!! (the readmore might not work on mobile so just click my url to get to the post!!)


I smell Snow before I see him. I’d know the scent anywhere. The cloying smokiness of him; forever the cruelest joke. I hear him too, clomping up the stairs in that way of his. Like he’s always got somewhere to be, and he has to be bloody loud to get there.

He gets closer to the room, and I brace myself. I don’t know what kind of mood he’s in, but I don’t feel like fighting today. I haven’t been to any of my classes . Instead, I’ve been working on a paper for my last one of the day, and I still haven’t finished. (It’s Snow’s fault, of course. I’ve had days, but he keeps distracting me.)

The door to our room flies open with a bang and there’s Snow, breathing heavy and scowling. He looks like he’s just been for a run. I almost comment on his appearance, something snide and cutting. Something sure to remind him that we hate each other.

Then I notice his hair. It’s…

It’s pink. Simon’s hair–his normally bronze hair–is pink. Not just pink, but the colour and texture of the candy floss. The kind I used to get whenever I went to the fair with my mother when I was a child. When my mother was still alive. The memory hits me hard. She’d despised the stuff. Hated the way it made everything sticky and pink. But she knew I loved it, and made sure to get me one every time.

Feelings that had been locked away for years threaten to spill out, and I turn my head. I can’t look at him. Not with that hair. It hurts too much. I can feel Snow glaring at me, though I can’t imagine why. Surely he can’t be blaming me for this. I wasn’t even in class today; again, I’ve been working on this paper. I wonder what I missed.

He clears his throat. “This is all your fault.”

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So due to some unfortunate and convoluted happenings, I had to remake my blog. Got my url back so I am indeed me if any of you know me.
I’m sort of glad it happened though because all the old baggage is gone!

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heyaaa ya girl is back once again and i’m p close to 3k??? which is so amazing idek what to say??? thank u all so much ily <33

as a thank you i kinda wanna do moodboards (bc i did blog rates, blog awards, and shoutouts/a follow forever already for my other milestones), but since i’m trying to have more of my own content on my hp blog @mxlfcyy i’ll be posting them there (and probably reblogging here? so if they’re hp related, that’d be great!! if not, then it’ll only be posted on my studyblr here).


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Krystal-Tsuki >>> VitjaNikiforova

I did it yay!! (ノ ´ ♡ `)ノ*:・゚✧

do u ever just see one of those basic ass anti-terf posts (“anyway terfs are all ugly and they can choke” or something similar) and u look at the “cartoon-character-against-terfs” url… and u look at the weird anime icon… and u look at the description and see that it’s a fourteen year old with they pronouns… and u can just tell that those kids are like so fucking weird in real life like please if you insist on having an edgy phase can you just go listen to my chemical romance and get choppy layers in ur hair like every other kid instead of harassing lesbians on the internet

hey!! ive seen a couple of these going around and they looked like fun so i’m gonna give url edits a shot!

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A Few URL Changes

I have finally done the thing. 

I’ve stuck with mothsbymoonlight since I joined here in 2012- but after about a year or two of debating it… I’m finally ready to update my URLs! All of them. I want handle to be as similar as possible across all the websites I use now and forthcoming.

Mothsbymoonlight > Beedalee (personal)
Beesinsunlight > Beedalee-Art (art only)

My main catch-all reblog blog (formerly Beedalee) > Beedablogs (unfortunately I can’t use the redirect feature for this one but it’s just my junk blog so yeah no biggie /o/ )

All these old blog urls auto-redirect on the desktop and should also work on mobile. (I checked) I will be editing links out on all my sites which will take a minute, but otherwise… yeah. It’s still me and my icons won’t be changing for the time being, so hopefully it won’t be too jarring!

Lastly, I also changed my DeviantART username. 

Ai-Bee > Beedalee-Art

Wow I’ve been wanting to do this forever. Haha! 

We may now return to our regularly scheduled posting!! (* >ω<)/)

Like She’s Mine (part eleven) - Stiles Stilinski

this is a mini part really, as an apologize for not posting part 10 yesterday

this part is for jackee bc i’ve been tagging the wrong url for her and im forever sorry honey :(

In case you were wondering, yes I tossed and turned all night.  I thought of every possibility.  Maybe my macaroni was old and I was having troubles with reality.  Maybe I took bad medication and I had an acid dream.

Yeah… an acid dream makes sense.  Why else would Stiles Stilinski bust into my apartment and kiss me like he’s wanted to for years? It wasn’t real.  It couldn’t have happened.  Surely I was dreaming.

But when I touched my lips, they still felt tender.  Freshly made out with.

That morning I’d run into the bathroom, and sure enough, they were pink and somewhat swollen.  This only made me smile.  

So it was real.  Stiles really did come here last night all beaten and bruised.  He really did come running back into the room like every cliche rom com moment, and he really did kiss me.  Multiple times actually.  He kissed me, I kissed him, he promised to come back in the morning… it was all real.  The thought made my stomach fill with butterflies and my head stir with thoughts I thought I’d long buried.  I couldn’t believe it.  I couldn’t believe it.

I danced and squealed as I went into Madi’s room.  She was already awake, playing quietly and contently in her crib.

“Mama!” She exclaimed in delight upon seeing me.

“Madison!” I mimicked, and scooped her up in my arms.  I held an arm against her back, pushing her into me and I held her hand in my empty one.  I continued dancing around the room while holding her which made her giggle and her eyes crinkle with happiness.  “Today’s a lovely day!” I sang as I lept on the tips of my toes all over the living room.  She just continued giggling, shoving her fingers in her mouth.  It was how she showed her happiness.

Eventually after I grew tired I set her on her blanket with her toys.

“Time for breakfast!” I said, clapping my hands together.  I went into a frenzy, and I don’t know where my sudden ability to make french toast came from but I did it.  I had just walked out to the living room, setting the plate on the table when there were knocks on the door.  What is it with always having company over when I was trying to eat?

Not that I was about to complain.  In fact it was difficult to not skip to the door.  Or keep a straight face.  As soon as I opened it I leaned in.

“I missed you”

“If you’re gonna kiss me, I’ll tell Scott” I retracted fast upon hearing Allison’s voice.  “Because that’s what friends do, they TELL EACH OTHER WHEN THEY START MAKING OUT WITH PEOPLE!”

“So you hear-”

“I had to hear from Scott.  Why did you not tell me!? Did you bang-”

“Madi” I said with raised brows, and pointing towards my daughter.  But she was too invested in ramming a toy train into one of her stuffed animals.

“Okay but still.  Why.  Didn’t.  You.  Tell.  Me!” Allison whacked my arm between each word.

“I was going to! I was but last night just….” A lazy smile spread on my lips and I held my hands against my chest.  “He’s coming over sometime this morning, I thought you were him”

“Clearly.  Ya puckered up before the door was all the way open” I rolled my eyes, and strolled back into the living room.

“I made french toast, you want breakfast?” I asked.

“That’s okay I ate earlier” She said.  I was still beaming as I began to eat my food.

“You are ten feet off the ground” Allison giggled, setting her bag on the sofa, then squatting to the ground by Madi.  She instantly began to goo goo talk with her, playing with her toys and earning the girl’s affection.


“Did you hear that? Did you hear what she said?” The brunette looked at me with such an excitement on her face my heart swelled for her.

“I did” I said with my own grin, shoving in another forkful of food.

“That’s right, it’s Alli” Allison tickled at Madi’s sides

“Alli Alli!” Madison continued to squeal cheerfully.  I watched them play and laugh until I finished eating, then made my way to the kitchen.

“Hey, you guys know it’s not really safe to just leave this open right?” I had just set my plate into the sink when I heard Stiles’ voice.

“Stiles?” I walked back into the open area, seeing him close the door.

“Hey” He smiled at me, and ran his tongue over his scabbed bottom lip.  He still had prominent marks, but they didn’t look as bad as last night.

“Hi Stiles- woah who’d you beat up?” Allison’s eyes widened when she turned around.

“Theo” Stiles and I answered at the same time.

“Oh… so that’s how you ended up making out” Stiles looked surprised and confused.  “Let me guess, you beat up Theo, came here, y/n fixed you up and didn’t like the fight but just couldn’t stay mad at you, and on an impulse you kissed her and realized she liked it?”

“Yeah… yeah that’s sorta how it went” Stiles said sheepishly, and I giggled.

“Come on, I’ll get you your sweatshirt” I said, and Stiles followed me.

“Also Madi said my name before yours!” Allison called.  “I do believe you owe me ten dollars” Stiles groaned as we entered my room.

“I don’t see-”

“It’s not even in here” I said, turning and standing on my tippy toes to kiss him.  Stiles smiled instantly, his hands coming around the back of my head and tangling in my hair.

“You’re a good liar y/n” He chuckled, kissing me again.

“Hmm so you told Scott?” I asked, and he flushed.

“Yeah maybe sorta” I giggled and shook my head, splaying my hands across his mole scattered cheeks.  “He was eager to know what happened, he said, spare no detail” I gave him a chaste kiss.

“Oh? So you knew when you came over that that’s what was going to happen?” Stiles scoffed.

“Yeah of course confidence is key- no.  Not at all I did not” I laughed as he pulled me closer to him.  Both of my feet in between his and our chests pressed together.  “But if it weren’t for Scott telling me to be honest with you, I probably wouldn’t have either.  It felt wrong just walking out that door” He sighed, and I smiled softly at him.

“Well then it’s a good thing you have your own key, so you can come whenever you want” I said, and pecked his nose.

“Mm it’s almost like I have a boyfriend status” I raised an eyebrow.

“Let’s see… good hair, check.  Intelligent…eh… half check”


“Cocky, double check for sure.  Dreamy eyes… check.  Sweet but salty personality check.  Loves me-”

Stiles leaned down and captured my lips in a soft kiss before I could finish.  I hummed against his mouth, sliding my hands from his jaw to the back of his neck.

“Check” He whispered, and I took his parted lips as an opportunity to trace his bottom lip with my tongue.

“Does this still hurt?” I whispered, gently caressing the cut on the pink flesh with the pad of my thumb.  Stiles smiled and shook his head.

“Not at all”

“Okay good” I said smiling a little before pulling him down for another kiss.  He smirked into it, and I breathed out heavily when we parted.  “What, Stiles” I knew he was thinking something.

“Something tells me you really dig me” He sing songed, and I rolled my eyes.

“Alright buddy” I patted his chest, and walked past him.

“Wait wait” I spun on my heel, walking backwards out the door.

“Sorry Stiles, I’ve got a daughter to go check on” I said and almost turned around but his hand snatched my wrist.

“Hold on a sec” He murmured, and his nose bumped mine accidentally.  “You haven’t told me yet if I was boyfriend material” I snickered a little.

“Oh I’m sorry” I said, feigning care.  I kissed him sweetly, putting my hand on his cheek.  When  I pulled back, I smirked, and patted his cheek twice.  The spun around, and sashayed out of the room.

I made a mental note to text Lydia and tell her I’d mastered her technique.

The morning was spent dodging Stiles’ questions, heavily focusing on trying to get Madi to swallow down her food.  It took a lot of faces and airplanes for her to eat, but I finally did it.

“Thank god” I muttered as I fed her the last spoonful of that ghastly baby food jar.  “Another year Madi and we can feed you real people food!” I clapped excitedly, and put the spoon in the sink, and the jar into the trash.

“Y-yay!” She said while clapping.  But it was her wrists that hit together rather her palms.  I just giggled, and walked over to her high chair.

“Okay sweetie, let’s go get you dressed for the day” I said, lifting her up and peppering her cheeks with kisses.  I walked past Allison and Stiles who were sat comfortably on the couch, Allison doing her nails, and Stiles watching television.  He caught my eye, and stood up quickly, following me into her room.

“Sooo” Stiles held his hands behind his back and rocked on his heels.

“So?” I gave him a side glance then set Madi on the changing table while I went through her drawers.

“So.. am I boyfriend material?”  I didn’t look at him this time as I removed Madi’s pajamas.  “Oh come on y/n” He walked up behind me.  “Please just tell me”

“Stiles” I warned as his arms encircled around my stomach from behind.  It was as lame as empty threats come.

“Come on, please?” He whispered, setting his chin on your shoulder.  I tried my best to not react to him.  Just put all of my focus on putting Madi in her cute little blue jeans and a pink sweater with a rainbow stitched into it.  Baby clothes were just the cutest.

“Stiles I’m busy” I said, and Maddie giggled as I helped her stand up.  He turned his neck, pressin his lips against my neck.  My heart skipped a beat.

“Too busy for me?”

“Mama!” Madi threw her arms and I was about to move away from him but his grip stayed firm.

“Stiles, you’ll upset Madi.  Do it now and she’ll never say your name” He sighed, and I took her back to the living room, and letting her play with her toys again.

“Look Mama!” She held up her train again.

“Oh good for you baby-”

“y/n” I sighed as Stiles’ hands grabbed onto mine, and pulled me as he walked backwards.

“Stiles, as nice as it is, I have things to do, I can’t make out with you all day” I said.

“I got it!” Allison called.  I rolled my eyes but was already halfway leaning before he sealed the kiss.

“Stilinski you will be the death of me” I muttered, pushing him back to my room.  When I kicked the door shut he gave me an amused look before wrapping his hands under my thighs, and lifting me up.  I gasped in surprise and smiled down at him.  “But I’ll day with a boyfriend”

I wondered then if I’d wake up later with bruises from being pushed down onto the bed so hard.

sorry it’s short, it’s just a little mini reader x stiles thingy for in between chapters :) have a good night everybody

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xoxo ~ jordie

We had a good run, even I have to admit.

It was four years ago this month that I started using this blog to share my collection of Patrick Stump. Now, 25,660+ posts on this blog and 15,260+ fobomatic posts later, I think it’s time to officially turn in my Certified Fall Out Boy Blogger card. I have loved my 8+ years in this fandom. I survived the hiatus, witnessed three marriages and the birth of four children, made great friends, and obliterated three hard drives with the more than 80,000 photo and video and audio files I’ve amassed of this band, which is much more than just a band to me. I still love these four dorks and their music. I’m sure I always will.

Months ago I promised that if I didn’t return I’d leave you with a gift. Today I’m making good on that promise. So here it is: weighing in at just under 10GB, here are the files I haven’t shared (more or less). I did my best to keep a record of this band and since these didn’t make their way onto my blog, I wanted to put them somewhere accessible to everyone. If there was a practical (free) way to share the 20 GB I have already posted to my blogs, I would include that as well, but unfortunately you will just have to make use of my tags and hope for the best.

A couple things:

  • There is a .txt file of all the old tour dates in case anyone is wondering what show a photo is from.
  • If you check the .xif file and see a url in the title line, that where I found the photos.  
  • As you’ll see, the files are somewhat organized and I’ve done my best to keep track of dates or guess dates, though mistakes have been made.
  • There are a couple folders that I honestly can’t remember what I was doing when I made them.
  • Sharing this is a lot like letting someone poke around in your bedroom closet so please excuse the mess and shoot me an email if you find I’ve left something in there that might mortify me.

I am honored to have been followed by so many of you and it’s been a pleasure sharing this band’s history as best I could. I won’t be answering any more asks, sadly (though I would still put my ability to date a photo of Patrick against anyone—even Pete), but the blogs and their content will remain here, tumblr willing. 💋✌🏻