i tagged it since it's so flashy

ok so the whole epilepsy thingy

I’ve always had sensitivity to strobe lights and stuff but it was never as bad as now like i used to just get a little dizzy and be over it fast

but now i saw a flashy gif and its an hour later and my head still hurts, i got dizzy and light headed and that is not good for my health. so I’m begging you please just tag flashy things with #epilepsy or #epilepsy tw because that could save my life because i don’t know if i have epilepsy but its a possibility and i want to be safe than sorry. not only could you be helping me but followers that suffer from this. luckily i do not have seizures but it does hurt your head and ever since childhood I’ve had various bad head injuries (one was a 30lb tv falling on my head) and I’m just so lucky to not have brain damage or cracked my skull. this is just a PSA that i believe you should do and i am also asking you to, seriously all it is, is typing in the tags.