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SugarDaddy!Cal Pt. 20 [FINALE]

A/N: Holy fuckballs you guys, it’s finally come to an end. I just want to thank everyone for all of the nice feedback and support, and definitely for sticking with me this long. This series is honestly one of the best things I’ve done in a while if I’m being honest, and I’m glad that I got to share it with you. Who knows, maybe I’ll write a sequel to this pretty soon. This chapter is honestly just one long imagine full of different fluff scenes to makeup what for what happened at the end and I’m apologizing beforehand. Also, I tagged each person in the section of their idea and thanks for the suggestions. Tysm again, and I hope you enjoy the finale💕 

I swear I never noticed how many tats Calum actually had until I wrote this, good lord.


Parts: One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
Sixteen/ Seventeen/ Eighteen/ Nineteen/ Twenty{END}

“I don’t understand why you just won’t go to the doctor.” Calum tried to persuade you for the millionth time as he held your curls away from your face and rubbed soothing circles onto the small of your back.“ You’ve been sick for what, three weeks now?”

You’ve been sick a little longer than that, but you decided to keep that to yourself.

“I’m okay.”

“No, you’re not.” He argued whilst rolling his eyes. He always found your stubbornness bitter sweet. “You’re going to see a doctor.”

“Ashiiid.” You laughed lightly, letting your boyfriend know that you found him as a joke.

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Speed Bumps (Peter Maximoff x reader)

Fluff overload yo. This is only sweet because I ate an huge amount of love hearts whilst writing this.

Let me know if you have requests, feedback or want to be added to the tag list!

ALSO Huge thanks to the absolutely amazing @steverogershield for beta-ing this. (is that what you call it?) I’m eternally grateful to Enna! Follow her for amazing imagines! AND thank you’s are in order to @denialanderror who had a read beforehand and convinced me to post this!

Characters - Peter Maximoff x reader and Charles Xavier

Warnings - itsy bitsy gory 


That was one word to describe Peter Maximoff and also one of the only fitting ones, besides fast bitch and pain in the ass. You didn’t really know how you fell in love with him. It might’ve been his charming looks. Or, if those failed him, which they absolutely didn’t, it could certainly be his amazing silver hair or taste in the best music to ever exist. All you really knew was that you fell hard and fast (HA!).

After a few years of dating, Peter proposed to you with a gummy ring (the Haribo one), while you were eating Twinkie’s under the stars. No joke. Well, that ring didn’t last very long because you ate it within three minutes of his proposal because you were hungry. Peter did, however, get you a proper engagement ring, which he had actually bought. It was probably the only thing Peter hadn’t stolen, besides you. Or had he stolen you and your heart? You really didn’t know.

Time had now sped like lightening and before you knew it, you were married to him. You always laughed when you replayed the memory of him speeding around the venue and scaring the shit out of the guests, even the people who were used to his antics. But for once, everyone bore with him, because after all, he was marrying the love of life and he couldn’t control his excitement. Peter might be a man, but inside, he was the most childish kid you ever had the fortune of meeting.

Everyone knew Peter could be a handful, but to him, you were worse.


Because you could stop time. That’s it.

He never stopped moving, not until you came around. You were his weakness. Time manipulation stopped the speeding boy in his tracks on more than one occasion. You cherished an entire album full of photos, all of them endearing and slightly embarrassing pictures of Peter completely frozen while the rest of the world moved around him. Word spread, and eventually even the youngest of the students were posing him with props and giggling at the faces he made.

It was without doubt that you two were the power couple of the mansion (sorry Charles and Erik). You two were also the worst company to be around. No one would think Peter and you were in your early thirties, the way you guys behaved, pranking everybody and everything under the sun.

But what you loved most was that you could get Peter to slow down. He wanted to savour every single minute of his life he spent with you and that led to him always hitting the brakes. Peter loved you more than video games and that was actually saying something. To your dismay or delight, you didn’t know which, the whole mansion started calling you a speed bump, because you always made Peter come to a halt and want to spend as much time in the, in his opinion, slow world.


“(Y/N)….” Peter pleaded as you shook your head no. Your husband of three years wanted to go to the funfair that had just opened a few miles away. Usually, you would’ve jumped at the chance to go, but right now you didn’t really feel like it. A few weeks ago, you found out that you were pregnant and you didn’t want to risk anything by going on the rides. You wanted to surprise Peter, but you weren’t that creative, so you didn’t really have any ideas how.

Up until now.

You remembered that you’d been there before, getting to know the place and making a few friends in the process. Peter loved it, following a rigid schedule, trying to fit as many activities in as possible. You knew he’d be there, at the end of the night, like always. It would be the perfect place to surprise him.  

“Okay, I’ll go, but don’t make me go on any rides or I’ll leave without you.” Of course you didn’t mean that threat. Well, maybe a little, as Peter could get back to the mansion within seconds. Peter was absolutely overjoyed that you decided to come, because even though he could’ve gone without you, he didn’t want to. He wanted his precious wife by his side.

“C'mon sweetheart. You get the car ready and I’ll see you down in 10 minutes alright?” Peter came to a halt before you as you said these words and softly pressed his lips against yours. He placed his hands on the sides of your waist and smiled at you fondly when he pulled away, his forehead against yours as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

At that moment, the professor wheeled into the room and looked at you both. He smiled slightly, before clearing his throat, which caused you and Peter to break apart from your embrace.

“(Y/N), I need to ask you something. In private.” He added, glancing towards Peter with what could only be described as the most mischievous smile you had ever seen. You nodded and told your husband you would be down in 10 minutes. Peter quickly kissed you on the forehead and sped off.

“What is it Charles? Is something wrong?” Charles had never been upset with you and even though he looked anything but angry you were still worried. You didn’t want to get in the bad books of Professor X. He had been your mentor for so long and had helped you in so many ways. 

Charles chuckled and shook his head. He motioned for you to sit down and took a deep breath, before saying: “Does Peter know yet?” You looked up at the telepath, who was grinning from ear to ear and a confused look came over your face.

“How did you know?” Charles had promised you never to look into your mind without permission, so you didn’t understand how the hell he knew you were expecting. “Well,” Charles began, looking at you rather guiltily, “I can already feel the baby’s mind in my head and you didn’t exactly say I can’t read it.”

You looked at Charles with a face that said one thing: I’ll get you back for this. However, Charles turned your (fake) frown into a smile by asking again when you were going to tell Peter about your pregnancy.

“I’m going to surprise him tonight at the funfair.” You told the professor this without giving him any extra details. He, in return, gave you a huge smile and a small pat on the back. With this, Charles exited the room.

Shaking your head and smiling slightly, you quickly changed into comfortable clothes and slipped on your flat shoes. You would, after all, be at the fair for at least three hours. You picked up your phone and dialled a number. Time to put the plan into action.


The sky was slowly turning dark as you and Peter walked through the funfair. The crowds were thinning and slowly, but surely, the funfair was closing. A few rides had already closed. Rides that Peter went on. Without you of course. He initially didn’t want to go on them without you, but you forced him to. Just because being pregnant kept you from going on the attractions, didn’t mean that you would stop Peter from having fun.

Here it was. The illuminated lights welcomed you, and a few strays, inside, standing tall as one of the last few places open. It was late, as most things were already packed up and left to sleep. The decorations here were strange, always changing, and this time a lot creepier than you remembered. Tugging on Peters sleeve, you walked through the entrance, turning your backs to the rest of the fair.  

You had arrived at the Haunted House.


Kruegers Kraziness Horror House, or simply KKHH, wasn’t your typical haunted house. It wasn’t a bunch of skeletons jumping out and scaring people. Kruegers Kraziness was a perfect name for this attraction, because it was plain gory. There were dismembered and beheaded people lying around that looked oh so real. There were real bats used in this haunted house and this had caused people to run out screaming many a time. It was your favourite place to visit when the funfair came in town.

You and Peter walked through the winding halls, trying to find your way. KKHH definitely looked different from the last time. The dim lighting didn’t help and the two of you constantly stumbled over the (fake) limbs lying around. After a few scares from grotesque zombies and Peter screaming in a high pitched voice, you arrived at the best place of all.

The High Court of Injustice.

The High Court of Injustice was one of Kreugers greatest attractions. Bloodied and beheaded bodies compacted into a room, the innocent called to the stand for horrific crimes, sentenced to even worse punishments. Behind a curtain, a familiar face winked, easing the small worry that set in your chest. Not long now.


“You there!” Your significant other jumped up when he heard the banshee like voice of the judge who no one saw come in. The judge was pointing at Peter, who didn’t know whether he should look scared or happy. Peter had never been called out to sit in the tribune, but now he was having second thoughts. You nudged your husband and he looked at you before gulping and going up the rickety stairs. He went and sat down in a chair and awaited his punishment for god knows what.

The judge started accusing Peter of countless charges, some not too far off from the petty crimes he’d actually committed, though promised to leave in his past. The utter shock washing across his face was enough to make you laugh, luckily camouflaged under the judges voice.

“I declare you guilty for all these crimes and..” Peter was actually shaking now. How did the judge know that he’d actually stolen these things? He looked over at you, but you looked as shocked as him. Good thing you were a good actor.

“I sentence you to the eternal doom of fatherhood. Go through the tunnel where you shall await your punishment.” Peter was now more surprised as he slowly stood up and walked towards the tunnel, trying to process what the judge said. He glanced over to where you were supposed to be, but you were nowhere to be seen. A zombie pushed Peter into the tunnel, where he would get ‘punished’.


You stood at the end of the tunnel, waiting. “Punishments” varied, some going so far it almost felt real, all of them taking more than a few minutes. Those sentenced to beheading swore they felt a burning sensation on their neck. A head -their head- would fall from the ceiling, lights would flash, everything felt a little too real for comfort. The fear was what mattered most. The fear was what drew people here, and what made the creators turn them away. The gore was considered too much for anyone under eighteen.  

In the meantime, Peter tiptoed through the tunnel, which was even more bloody than the actual haunted house itself. Organs were spilling out of the bodies scattered everywhere. He shuddered before spotting a faint light. He ran towards it, wanting to get out of the nightmarish place as soon as possible.


Peter didn’t know what he had been expecting at the end of the tunnel, but it wasn’t this. Yellow balloons were scattered around everywhere (with Pennywise standing behind them obviously) with the occasional baby bottles on the cupboards and in people’s hands, and there you were, standing in the middle of the commotion, with one of your friends, who was dressed as a vampire. The both of you laughed when you saw Peters flabbergasted expression which turned to an amused one within a minute or two.

“What’s all this (y/n)?” You were now sweating profusely and looked around for someone to help you tell Peter, but there was suddenly no one left except the two of you.

“Well, you see- ermm…” You mentally slapped yourself. You had rehearsed how to tell him so many times but now you we’re struggling to form full sentences. Peter noticed your tense expression and gently grabbed your arms and wrapped them around his torso, pulling you in for a hug.

“You can tell me anything (y/n), you know that.” Peter murmured into your hair, whilst gently rubbing his hands up and down your back. At this gesture, you leaned into his touch even more. This was bliss. Man, you were going to have a love/hate relationship with your not-yet swollen stomach, which would probably become a barrier whilst hugging Peter so closely like you were now.

You looked up at Peter and he held your gaze. His eyes were full of nothing but love for you and you felt at ease. You just had to gather up your courage to tell him slowly or you could tell him quickly and be done with it. Of course, because of your awkwardness, you did the latter.

“Wha-, what did you just say?” A small smile crept up on Peters lips. He barely caught the words, but he hoped to the heavens you said what he thought you said.

“I’m pregnant okay? We’re having a baby.” You let out a deep breath. It was out and the burden rolled off your shoulders. You looked at Peter carefully, awaiting his reaction. Your initial worries washed away as you saw the joy on his face. He pulled you in for a huge hug as you heard clapping all around you. All the people who worked at KKHH were cheering and coming up to congratulate you and Peter.


After around 15 minutes, you both were standing outside of the gates of the funfair, hand in hand. Peter turned to you and smiled. There weren’t words to describe how happy he was. So all he said was: “I love you.”

You smiled slightly and gently pressed your lips against his. Peter held you close to him and you only broke apart once you needed to breathe. Peter smiled at you fondly as you said: “You mean you love us both. The baby and me. Plural.” Your husband chuckled and wrapped his arms around you.

“Yup. I love you both. You’re my little speed bumps.”

“Peter!” You laughed as you both started walking into the darkness, towards a new life. You, Peter and the baby.

Need me a haunted house like KKHH. I love haunted houses. If you don’t like this blame Enna, not me :) no okay I can’t do that to Enna just blame me

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Translating JJBA tags in pixiv (Crossing Over Parts)

Hi! Since I’ll be too busy to post next week I’ll do a special edition: Crossover!!

((WARNING: This post will contain a LOT of incest ships. If you are not prepared, scroll past the whole ship translation part, or simply block me. Personally I think the whole idea of calling ships ‘problematic’ is overall ridiculous, but I know many people feel uncomfortable wth certain ships. The best I can to worship both sides is to warn you beforehand. ))

Okay, Lets go!

Group tags:
Crossover 混部
The Joester Family ジョースター家
All Villains 荒木荘
195cm trio (Jonathan, Joseph, Jotaro) 195cm組
Hamon Generation (all Part1,2 characters) 波紋世代
DIO’s children (Giorno, Rikiel, Versus, Ungalo) DIOの息子
The Three Big Bros (Keicho Nijimura, Prosciutto, Hermes) ジョジョ三大兄貴
Muda family (Jonathan, DIO, Giorno, DIO’s sons) 無駄家族
Team Food-chain (Kars, DIO, Diabolo) チーム食物連鎖
Child Generation JoJos (Josuke, Giorno,Jolyne) ジョジョ子世代組

Pair Tags(not shipping):
Mudad (DIO, Giorno)  無駄親子
Bokudad (Jonathan, Giorno) 僕親子
Oradad (Jotaro, Jolyne)  オラ親子
Swindler dad (Joseph, Josuke) イカサマ親子
Team Hamon (Jonathan, Joseph) 波紋組
Team Secret Child (Josuke, Giorno) 隠し子組

Heterosexual ships:
Giorno/Jolyne  ジョル徐
Josuke/Jolyne  仗徐
DIO/Jolyne     DIO徐

Homosexual ships:
Jotaro/Jonathan  承ジョナ
Joseph/Jonathan  ジョセジョナ
Giorno/Jonathan   ジョルジョナ
Giorno/Josuke   ジョル仗
Josuke/Giorno   仗ジョル
Josuke/Kakyoin    仗花
Jotaro/Jotaro   承承

DIO/Jonathan  DIOジョナ
DIO/Dio     DIOディオ
DIO/Giorno   DIOジョル
Giorno/DIO   ジョルDIO
Kira/Diavolo   吉良ボス
Kars/DIO    カーDIO
DIO/Diego     DIOディエ

That is all! I really had fun translating special names of groups and pairs. If you have questions, please  send me an ask!
Thank you!

Writing Challenge!

Meet the Idea Box. For this challenge, you will be assigned a prompt, song, or quote/dialogue that you will have to use in your fic. Are you ready? Look below the Box for the rules of the challenge and how to enter!


1. Absolutely no stealing! Use your own creative thoughts to bring your card to life!

2. Use your warnings! Swearing and smut is absolutely allowed but you must tell the reader beforehand. Self harm and anything else involving mental illnesses is perfectly fine but it MUST BE IN THE WARNINGS. I don’t want any readers to be triggered!

3. Tag me in the finished product! I’ll be making a masterlist when the challenge is over so I need to be able to find your fic.

4. Your tags must include #the writing box, #writing box, #writing box challenge, and #THE BOX!

5. It must be a new fic! You can’t use the 3rd or 4th part of a series you’re writing for this challenge. You can create a series using this challenge (if you do I only ask that you please tag me in every new chapter). You can use any characters from movies and TV shows or make up your own.

6. Please try to avoid using your own name as the main character! Try to keep the main character as (Y/N) so readers feel part of the story. It’s fine if you don’t but it would be appreciated.

7. All fics must be a minimum of 500 words! If you have more than that please use the “keep reading” button.

How to enter:

Send me an ask saying you’d like to join my writing box challenge! I’ll randomly pick a note card out of the box and that’s what you must use in your fic. Songs can be used as lyrics in the fic, as inspiration for certain events, or you can ask the reader to play it in the background while they read.

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brawls’ star trek fic recs

kicking it old school, over here. i watched st:b and i immediately dove straight back into reading some of my old fav star trek fics. i haven’t yet read anything new, bc i haven’t really had a chance to delve into the newer stuff – i’ve been too happy mucking around in this very familiar puddle of nostalgia. anyway, @senator-benamidala asked me for a couple recs, so i figured i could cobble this together! there’s just so many wonderful fics – this is just skimming the surface of the things i have reread multiple times.

if you’ve got any new ones to share, please send them my way, i’d love to read them.

read the fic tags for any trigger warnings beforehand!


with my feet toward the stars (let me remember you as you were when you existed) (33k) 

how we are (but not how we’re going to be) (36k)

you don’t have to (say yes) (192k) (trigger warnings, read tags)

so wise we grow (81k) (trigger warnings, read tags)


spit on a stone (13k) (dubcon, read tags)

insight (4k)

mission impossible (17k)


your boldness stands alone among the wreck (3k)

catching fire (the firehouse au) (137k)

in the event of an accidental marriage, please fill out form 27b-6 (7k)

anonymous asked:

(2/2)post they're being warned against. maybe it's a smart idea to post a warning afterwards as well so people who go through the tag or just people who follow you will see the warning before they see the post? again, i love the texts and imagines you make but i don't want to see you getting hate bc people didn't see the warning beforehand (this is also not aimed at the other anon or anything if they're wondering, i'm sending this with no ill will intended just thought i should point it out)

I appreciate your post, and I’m glad you enjoy my work! Thank you for the advice, and I will take heed to that for the next set of texts like that one!

anonymous asked:

do you know how you're gonna avoid ndrv3 spoilers until it comes out in English?? because I really would love to play the game w/o knowing all the murders and stuff but on this site idk how to avoid spoilers and I'm following a lot of dr blogs I don't want to just unfollow mutuals ygm???? what should I do????

Yes hello there anon, sorry for only responding now, I was pretty tired last night after streaming! Anyway, I’ll just list pretty much everything that I have planned and hope that it’ll help you out:

On tumblr:

1. Of course, blacklist the heck out of “ndrv3 spoilers” and other v3 name variants like “drv3 spoilers”, etc. If you wanna be extra careful and don’t mind not seeing the characters for a while blacklist the whole ndrv3 tag overall.

2. Close submissions. People can just send you an ask if they want to show you something.

3. Turn off anonymous. I personally won’t do this, but more about that in the next point.

4. Really silly sounding, but if possible, get someone who understands what spoilers are/or is into Danganronpa themselves and doesn’t mind spoilers and let them check your ask box. It has to be someone you trust of course, I trust my best friend with everything so she will check my ask box for me to prevent spoilers. I’ll leave anon on for the shy ones.

5. Check your favorite blogs and mutuals to see if they have written about spoilers in their description or in a link on their blog. “I will tag spoilers” “I won’t tag spoilers” is a common phrase I see for bigger blogs to give you a warning beforehand. If they don’t say anything about spoilers on their blog check their past entries to see if they actually tag things (including spoilers).

6. Yeah, you’ll probably have to unfollow them if they don’t tag spoilers and refuse to do so for whatever reason (which is completely ok). Just write those blogs down and go follow again after you’ve played through NDRV3 yourself.

7. I personally will go on Hiatus on the release date of the English localisation because I am sure my dash will blow up that day. I will play the game myself, then come back onto my blog. I’ll announce this beforehand.

8. No more tumblr mobile.

9. A lot of mutuals will probably also wait for the English release, so you’ll prolly be on the same boat, you might wanna talk to them about it. Chances are they will not even reblog any spoilers.

10. Make tumblr chat available for blogs you follow only.

11. Add “No spoilers about NDRV3 please” in your description and/or ask box. Yes, there might be jerks who want to ruin your experience through ask box, but with the precautions I’m taking I’m just gonna let my friend block them without me even seeing those spoilers. Too bad for them.

Outside of tumblr:

1. Youtube. New Youtube account. No clicking or watching Danganronpa videos. You might get recommendations about NDRV3 that way, including spoilery thumbnails and/or spoilery titles.

2. Discord/Skype. No more group chats where people you don’t know properly yet are. I will leave all Discord groups that are DR-based aside from my streaming group because I completely trust them.

3. AO3. No searching through Danganronpa - All Media Types (or the NDRV3 of course) fanfics. Check just game/other specifics like Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc nd stuff. Possibly block NDRV3 fanfics too in case someone decided to put the ndrv3 cast and previous casts together.

4. For all of those who go to Cons with a cosplay: It probably won’t be a good idea to cosplay a NDRV3 character before you have played the game. I don’t wanna limit you on this, but it is possible that someone would accidentally slip a few spoilery words out towards you without even meaning it.

5. Streaming-sites. Including art streaming site Picarto. You prolly won’t want to join if you don’t know the streamer properly and see that they’re making DR art or is streaming DR content.

6. As a streamer yourself. I personally will start private streaming and giving the links to people I know frequent my streams/people whom I trust only. This option on Picarto is only available with a Premium account.

7. Google. You know google is the big source for all those sweet, sweet Danganronpa spoilers. Heard of Danganronpa for the first time and you’re googling the pics? Well, too bad, scroll just a tiny bit down and you’ve been spoiled. You probably don’t want to google Danganronpa after it’s been a while since the release.

8. This should be a given: Danganronpa Wikia. It’s a spoiler landmine, don’t go on there. Even if you just want to add a picture for a previous game’s character, the most recent pictures added to the Wiki will show up and they are most likely going to be things such as executions and other spoilers.

9. Ask people (tumblr or outside, whatever) when the English NDRV3 will be instead of trying to search it yourself (unless you get like a heads up on your dashboard or something).

Download MP3 (music only) or MP4 (video) files of YouTube videos if you:
-Want to still listen to DR OST and your only source has been YouTube up to now. Go download your favorite tracks in MP3 format to listen to them privately so you do not have to try and wiggle your way around through YouTube only to see a spoiler.
-Want to still watch some videos. Perhaps you want to download the NDRV3 trailers and maybe the opening too (which I suspect will come out before the game just like the DR2 opening if I’m not mistaken), or other DR videos. Download them in MP4 format instead of going on a risky adventure on the DR side of YouTube.

My thoughts on when NDRV3 might come out:
This is just my pure speculation and nothing official of course, but I thought I’d voice my expectations for the waiting time on here:

DR1 JP first release (PSP): 25th of November 2010
DR1 NA first release (Vita): 11th of February 2014
-> a 3 year and 78 days gap

SDR2 JP first release (PSP): 26th of July 2012
SDR2 NA first release (Vita): 2nd September 2014
-> a 2 year and 99 days gap

DR:AE JP first release (Vita): 25th of September 2014
DR:AE NA first release (Vita): 1st September 2014
-> a 11 months and 7 days gap

EU and AUS release are usually just a few days after NA release.
I personally suspect that it will take less than a year, just like DR:AE. I heard DR:AE didn’t do so well in NA, apparently? I cannot say this for sure, but I’m hoping that that doesn’t scare them off since NDRV3 is a main series title after all. I am hoping it will take 8 months, but do not take my word for that. This is gonna be a tedious wait.

I hope this helps at least a little bit.

cell113  asked:

About the whole Sans x Frisk thing - You likely already know this, but I think the reason concern is being expressed is because of the notion of underage shippy stuff. Like, the Frisk you usually draw is a small child, and shipping (Cont PT 2)

Thank you for clarifying, my good friend! If that had been anon’s explanation for being against Sans x Frisk from the start, I would happily respond that I neither endorse nor support any sort of sexual relationship between a minor and an adult. (I somewhat expressed this in my other ask regarding Little Pup in my UT Mob story.)

As you well know by now, none of my art/comics promote this type of relationship and I never plan to do so. Sure, I did draw several platonic loves and some borderline ones too which can be taken as a one-sided crush at best. If I ever were to display a full romantic relationship, it will be between two consenting adults.

But what anon wrote to me was that they were upset at the fact I liked something they did not and wished for me to stop…to which I felt anon did not give a chance to consider my feelings on the matter. If they showed me the reasons which you explained, at least I can happily agree with them. If there was something I disagreed, I would explain my reasons. Saying “I don’t like it,” the best I can respond is “but I like it” (which is what I tried to show in my comic).

To convince someone it begins with communication. Communication means both sides are open to hear each other’s thoughts and come to an agreement. If they’re uncomfortable seeing this particular ship, I’m more than willing to tag them so they can be avoided. Or maybe I can put them under cut and place a decent warning beforehand. Or maybe I can make a separate blog where I can post all my shippy materials.There are many ways we can approach this, together! 

In other words, let’s talk it out! :D

(Just to clarify, most of what I just said is not directed to you. If anything I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to explain. Many kudos to you for your help, my kind friend. And many kudos to everyone who have been so supportive in regards to my last answer. Love you all! <3 )


I warn you beforehand that this is me being irrationally angry at something relatively innocuous, I’m well aware, but I just… need to let it out somewhere.  I’m not tagging this post at all, because I’m sure fans of the character in question are understandably pretty happy right now, and I don’t want to rain on their parade by having my whiny 5-year-old moment showing up on their tag.

So, with that out of the way…

You’ve most likely heard that Kubo is probably back on twitter. The account is not verified, so this could be a hacked account for all we know, but the artwork he’s posted looks a lot like his omakes and the latest posts in particular make me convinced it’s him.

 Because he would:

Look at this face.  Look at this smug fucking face. This is Kubo himself cosplaying as Ma//yuri, btw.


I’m just… SO ANGRY right now, because after shitting on so many characters in the last arc, this fucking troll reopens his twitter account and what’s the FIRST thing he posts? 

Fucking Ma//yuri art.

Out of aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the characters in his roster, the ones he ignored, the ones he humiliated, the ones he toyed around with like a fucking kid with a magnifying glass messing with ants, he keeps on posting art and photos of FUCKING MA//YURI.

The formerly Chaotic Evil piece of shit who beats up his daughter and blows up his subordinates for the lulz, who got a fucking reprieve from being killed by Ishida because Kubo liked him, who got to TEAM UP with Ishida later on and taunt him, ‘cause what’s funnier than the dude who tortured your grandpa messing you about amirite, who got TONS of screentime compared to far more important characters, who got to survive a QUINCY FUCKING STORYLINE, who got a new daughter to torture and got his fucking happy ending, and in the meantime, HALF THE IMPORTANT CHARACTERS ARE EITHER MISSING OR DEAD AND WE DON’T HEAR A FUCKING PEEP ABOUT THEM BUT WE GET FUCKING MA//YURI COSPLAY.

I’m going to go break some windows now bye

captain-slammi  asked:

Hey, I've been seeing this show pop up a lot and some of the trailers sparked my interest a lot. I've been digging for hours trying to find where I can watch the episodes in order but even on this blog I can't find the first episode or at least in the tag. Is it possible you could link me to your translations or at least a translated first episode.

Hi there!

In case some folks haven’t noticed, there is a button on top of our blog that says ‘CLICK HERE TO WATCH EPISODES!’ in red lettering.

Also all our episodes are tagged with the tag ‘episodes’ or ‘episode  (episode #) ‘. 

To all those who have ‘trouble’ finding the episodes. A little warning beforehand, you cannot see these buttons on tumblr’s mobile app, you can see the buttons when you load our blog on the browser app (ex. Chrome, Safari, Browser, etc). 

Note: We will not be answering more questions like this. If you send a question like this, we will ignore it. Since it has already been publicly addressed.

Hope this helps!

- Jae (azurajae)