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the funny thing is i've heard aphobic gay ppl go on and on about how ace/aro ppl always call gay pda 'gross' but like...i follow quite a few ace ppl and i've literally never heard that?? i feel like the only ppl that would push that are trolls pretending to be ace so aphobes get all up in a fit to try and demonize them (kinda like posts that say all allo ppl think about is sex, which i'm p damn sure are made by trolls)

I’ve literally never seen actual aspecs say that “gay pda is gross”. There are, however, aspecs that ask for pda in general to be tagged because they’re romance/sex-repulsed. But they never specify “gay” pda.

Aphobes just assume everything is about them. They’ll lie and misinterpret as much as they can to try and further their argument.

–Mod Mercy


bleh…these are awful pictures because my camera sucks and i look gross but, I finally finished my cosplay!! after two and a half years of trying to perfect it, i’m pretty happy with it 😌

a month without blogging she comes back with a tag....

This is a lie. I’ve been on this blog all week.

Anyways I was tagged by @paradisedan (Ilu lo), @amazingmegara (meg you can tag me in anything and everything,, I love attention), and probably others, I haven’t done one of these in a while, sorry!

Anyways, I’m using the Alphabetical tagging idea that Ester ( @dangoghs  (; ) uses because that’s such a great idea! I tag @astronautdan @artsyphil and @artistphil - you all don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, it’s just fun!

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Previously: Ep. #1 | Ep. #2 | Ep. #3 | Ep. #4 (Part 1) | Ep. #4 (Part 2) | Today on Husbands of Changsha Seoul SPECIAL: Exo M go to China where they get the opportunity to visit their old member Luhan. It’s all fun and games until… Well like Jongdae said, it isn’t a reality show without any drama. Too bad this drama was caused with a purpose at hand and that was to make Yixing jealous. Meanwhile, there may be some trouble going on with Luhan and Minseok.

I can’t believe I did another so soon. Oh well. Who am I kidding? They’re fun to make. Luhan is not a slut. Yixing is not violent and Jongdae is most definitely not a troll. Just pointing that out there. My LuChen feels kicked in so I did it. Enjoy! ^^ Once again. Do not take any of this seriously. It’s just a bad joke that will probably never go away. I also made it extra long to make up for the last one. Bye! ^^

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Hello! I really love your art, so I browsed through the Homestuck tag and found your headcanon heights for the alpha & beta kids and the beta trolls, but I didn't find the alpha trolls. Did you draw their version? I'm sorry if you did, I just spent hours looking at everything but I didn't find it. If you didn't, would you mind drawing it? When you feel like it, obviously.

no I haven’t made one ;v; I don’t have very specific headcanons about the alpha trolls either so I’m not sure who would be taller than who haha;

Anon: When you draw comics, do you completely redraw a panel if there are very little changes, or do you just erase certain parts and redo them? 

same panel with edits :^)

Anon: Do you mind if i make some of your Icons you made in the past into buttons? Im not gonna sell them or anything, just wear them to show off. If anyone ask i’ll tell them you drew the picture

ahh if it’s for personal use it’s ok!


I aspire to be one of those pretty black tumblr girls. I’ll do it one way or another! And no I’m not tired I’m just naturally puffy eyed…-.-