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Chinese Mulan sucked all the way, even tho I love Zhao Wei and she was amazing there. I like Arden Cho too, at least her voice (she voiced Sam Nishimura in Tomb Raider Reborn and she was greaaaaat! Wanna hear her again!). But Hollywood adaptations usually suck even more than Chinese versions... Where did you get the news, btw? I haven't heard anything about new Mulan.


Wow I’m gonna have to disagree with you there bc I actually loved that adaptation (even tho it was hella sad)?? Zhao Wei is such an incredible actress, she totally killed that role like wow shot me right in the heart 

I mean look I love Arden Cho, she’s great I want to see her in things. If they ever bring the Young Avengers into the movie MCU I will riot if they don’t cast her as Kate Bishop (i’m attached to that fancasting ok EXTREMELY ATTACHED). But like. Mulan is Chinese. Arden Cho is Korean. Asian peoples are not interchangeable. (And look as much as I love Jamie Chung, she’s also Korean, so they probably shouldn’t have cast her as Mulan in OUAT, but can’t change that now). The movie is already gonna be westernized (if they’re developing it based on the disney movie) so AT THE VERY LEAST they should do right by the casting.

I’ve just seen the news on my dash so idk if its totally legit or just a rumor. There was an article saying its what the studio is planning next but it could just be something they’re considering? Idk, I’m not holding my breath here for it to be good or anything so. I just feel like whatever they do they’re gonna find some way to be offensive or disrespectful. 


Selena Gomez Versace dresses pt I
Which one di you prefer ?

Have you noticed guy’s fingers ?! 😱 They are so long 😂 !
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ARIA FOR A COW - a new animated musical short based on an unreleased Ashman/Menken song

We are so happy to announce our world premiere of Aria for a Cow at the San Francisco International Film Festival April 23 to May 7, 2015. Congratulations to all the selectees! (X)

Watch the teaser trailer here! (Official Site)

Aria for a Cow is an animated musical short based on a previously unreleased song by the Oscar winning team of Howard Ashman and Alan Menken (“Little Shop of Horrors”, “Little Mermaid”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Aladdin”).

When a callow young farmer shows himself to be completely uninterested in the sensitive art of milking a dairy cow, Aria, a bovine diva, along with her singing and dancing back up bulls, belts out a tune demanding to be respected for more than just dairy products. In the end, our young farmer learns to respect the collaborative effort that made Krelborn farms and its cows an award-winning dairy farm.

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Oh wow, I didn't even think to check Cho's ethnicity. I reblogged some of those fancasts. Thanks for pointing it out! I'll go back and delete those reblogs.

Honestly I wouldn’t delete them all, I’d def keep the ones with the commentary, for example x. The one I commented on was a gifset and gifs represent a lot of hard work and after all you can always add links that have differing opinions on who should be cast. And just for reference this was the tags of the person who’s gifset I reblogged:


And like at some point its important to keep differing opinions on your blog for future reference. 

But most important about the gifset in question is the fact that it was inspired by another important fancast that lots of MCU fans don’t know about and that’s the mission to make Kate Bishop be Asian

So like… go ahead and keep the gifset, but maybe add links to the discussions and maybe tag it with ‘kate bishop’ and that way it’ll help spread another fancast that maybe isn’t getting as much attention you know? 

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Please send me messages i wanna talk :):

A little bit different and a little bit relax …

i get really annoyed when people make posts like “hey please tag spoilers of [some book that was just recently made into a movie]” and someone just reblogs it with nothing but a picture of the publishing date of the book

like god wow yes we get that you’re ~*super sassy*~ but Shut Up Please

not everyone reads for pleasure

not everyone CAN read for pleasure

film is not an inherently inferior media to books, some people want to just fucking enjoy a movie without your pretentious ass shitting all over it

go back to sitting in a dumpy old coffee shop with your tardis tee shirt waiting for a mediocre white boy to start quoting page 15 paragraph 4 of huckleberry finn verbatim to you or something you absolute piss

Just a heads up agents! Starting May 1 I will be blacklisting ALL AGE OF ULTRON SPOILERS UNTIL AFTER MY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!!!!

I realize ive posted and seen all the released stuff but as far as ACTUAL film footage/pictures/screencaps after may 1 I don’t wish to see. But could 1 agent send me a message telling me if my hubband steve is ok after this movie :(
Thanks! Btw if you have a custom aou tag u use to tag it tell me so i can blacklist! Thanks!!!!!!

Btw my birthday is may 12
Things I’m currently in love with.

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one song

  1. The Heart by NEEDTOBREATHE (yup, that’s the song from the HoD finale)

two movies

  1. The Imitation Game
  2. Emma (1996)

three tv shows

  1. Merlin
  2. Once Upon a Time
  3. Grimm (because that’s what I’ve been watching in the last three weeks or something)

four people (real, fictional, whatever)

  1. My boyfriend (always), because he’s just the best and the cutest.
  2. My 3 little cousins, because they always manage to make me smile. (I know that’s 3 people, but I want to put them all on 2. :P)
  3. Merlin, because I’m just really in love with him right now.
  4. Colin Morgan, because same, and because I think he’s wonderful and inspiring.

five foods

  1. Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Buttercup
  2. Garlic pizza bread
  3. Sushi
  4. Käsespätzle (cheese spaetzle? or cheese noodles? but like a special bavarian kind)
  5. Milka Löffeleier (spoon eggs?? those chocolate eggs with white cream inside and you use a very small spoon to eat the cream. I love those.)

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One Song: Always Gold by Radical Face

Two Movies: Sunshine and Looper

Three TV Shows: Supernatural, Vikings, and Brooklyn 99

Four People: [I’m confused by this part, haha! am I supposed to pick people you should all follow? Well I’m just gonna make an executive decision and do that, lol.] K here we go, markofcainn cause she’s my rl bff and got me hooked on both SPN and Tumblr (ETERNAL DEBT FOREVER right there), her blog aesthetic is unreal and she’s into BTVS/SPN crossover stuff; lipglosskaz, because she is unbelievably funny and kind and her tags alone will make your life worth living; winchestersandwordprocessors, cause I don’t think she’s ever posted a thing I haven’t liked, and as a bonus she’s lovely and cute and wrote this wonderful little fic (don’t read this anywhere that you can’t sit down and be emotional for a few minutes); and tipsysam, because if you aren’t following Hanna you haven’t truly experienced Sam!girl fandom, I CANNOT EMPHASISE THIS STRONGLY ENOUGH. I <3 you all!!

Five Foods: coffee (does that count?), wine (does that count? :P), eggs, Chinese food, green beans. (That list does not make it sound like I have a very balanced diet, does it …)

Six People To Tag (obligatory ‘only if you wanna’): spnsmutscribe, novakev, spectaculacular-sammy, rainsoakedsam, patchworksam, ultimatecin73

things i’m currently in love with

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one song

  1. Angel with a Shotgun, by the Cab

two movies

  1. Jupiter Ascending
  2. the Road to El Dorado

three tv shows

  1. Merlin (duh)
  2. In the Flesh (yeah yeah, we all knew it had to happen eventually)
  3. Pretty Little Liars (behind in this one cuz the latest isn’t on netflix)

four people (real, fictional, whatever)

  1. my anthropology professor (he’s a giant goober, it’s adorable)
  2. the guy in the building i work in that has two super fluffy adorable dogs and brings them down to get treats and lets me cuddle his puppies
  3. sirgvvaine for being awesome and being willing to chat like 24/7
  4. myself (because it’s never a bad time to love yourself, and because i don’t actually interact with a whole lot of people on a regular basis…..)

five foods

  1. Kraft macaroni and cheese
  2. butter streusel coffee cake
  3. Otis Spunkenmeyer’s double chocolate muffins
  4. f’Real cookie n cream milkshakes
  5. twix

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Tag People You Want To Know More About

I was tagged by the lovely timeyladyclara!!!:*:*

*Name: Ave
*Nicknames: I really don’t need one
*Birthday: 9th August
*Height: ~165cm
*Favourite colour: Red
*Last thing I Googled: Fullmetal Alchemist
*First word that comes to mind: öö
*Place that makes me happy: My room
*Favourite book: Murder Is Easy by Agatha Christie
*Favourite drink: Hartwall Jaffa Orange. Also apple juice.
*Last movie you saw in cinemas: Kingsman: The Secret Service
*Dream vacation: With friends on a car trip around Europe.
*Dream wedding: Quiet, humble paper-signing in the registration office.

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  • name: ashley
  • time: 5:17 PM
  • average hours of sleep per night: 8-10
last thing i googled: the order of the phoenix transcript lol
nickname: ash
birthday: december 13th
gender: female
height: 5′8″
favorite color: crimson/maroon
one place that makes me happy: wwohp tbh
favourite film: other than the hp movies, i finally watched interstellar last night and it’s one of my new all time favorites
  • what i’m wearing right now: grey sweatpants and sorcerer’s stone shirt
last book you read: currently reading the maze runner and seraphina
most used phrase: probably omg or some cuss word
first word that comes to mind: okay (lol idk)
favourite beverage: water and/or dr. pepper
favourite food: southwestern eggrolls from chili’s
last film i saw in theatres: insurgent
dream vacation: london or to orlando because i keep dreaming about visiting
dream wedding: idek???
  • dream pet: i already have a dog so maybe a cat cause i miss having kitties
dream job: acting or directing/producing films, that’d be nice

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Things I am currently in love with tag

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  • One song: Lea Michele - Defying cravity (season 5 version)
  • Two movies: Ugh just LOTR and The Hobbit, I guess.
  • Three TV-shows:  Breaking bad, Glee & Rupaul’s drag race
  • Four people:  Orlando Bloom, Lea Michele, Natalie Dormer & Lee Pace
  • Five foods:  All I want is sushi.
  • Six people to tag: I really don’t know who to tag to do this that hasn’t done this like billion times already.