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night vision - toddler hair

@leahlillith – night vision conversion [hair conversion & retexture]

this is my first hair conversion, and far from perfect! i just really wanted more alpha hair for toddlers. the hair doesn’t fit perfectly and doesn’t work well with all hats and looks weird in s4s, but well… this is the best i could do. hope you guys like it anyway!

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– adult hair mesh not included [you can find it here] you need it to see my conversion –

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character descriptions!

So this is a thing I’ve seen a few people do around here and honestly it’s so cool! I need a distraction right now also I really want to do at least a little writing before I start my fiction writing class this semester and have written literally nothing all break!! I think it’ll be a good exercise and hopefully fun?? So!

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guys i care about you but like… you cant just… send anons about you hurting yourself…. because A) i wont reply because i cant tag it on mobile and im sure theres people who would be upset at it, B) its hard to say anything except “im sorry, take care of yourself, i hope you have someone who can help you feel better”, and C) like….. i want to help out, and if i can cheer people up and/or make them feel slightly less sad im very happy, but you cant just expect random people on the internet who dont even know who you are to be up for this kind of emotional support at any given time?

i realise this sounds harsh and im not angry or mad or anything, and it doesnt happen so often, but like… folks… im a person…… im not always up for this…. its different if we are friends and its a bit different if i can talk to you privately (but even then please dont get offended if i dont reply, its nothing against you), but anonymous asks about self harm or whatever? i cant help you with that

Imagine being Stiles’ little sister and being old friends with Theo 2

A/N: It clearly took me a long time to write and post this, and I’m sorry about that. But you guys liked the first part so here is part two! I hope you like it just as much as the first part :))

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Part one

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You stood there for a while, trying to take it all in. Theo were clearly not as innocent as you wanted him to be. Something just didn’t add up - if he were a werewolf, the other wolfs would have smelled it. Why didn’t he smell like wolf? He had to be something else.

You went to the desk you had sat at before and got your stuff. There was no way in hell you were staying here. Though you had to wait for Scott. He was really slow, and Scott is never slow. Suddenly a tall figure busted through the doors looking frantically around him. You sighed in relief when you saw it was Scott and not Theo. “Y/n!” He called out and you quickly got your stuff and walked to him. He grabbed your hands and searched your face for damage. “Are you okay?” He asked and looked deep into your eyes, daring you to lie to him. Of course you could never lie to Scott, he would know in an instant and that’s without his werewolf perks. “Scott I’m alright. I just want to go home…” You never broke eye contact, putting meaning behind your words. He nodded and looked around the room to make sure nothing were wrong. He started to pull you out but suddenly stopped. “What about the girl?”

“I actually think she’s still up there.” You hadn’t seen Theo take her with him, so she must still be up there.

“Want me to go check?” He asked, sympathy laying in his words. You nodded and watched him walk up the stairs. He walked carefully but stopped at the end of the staircase. He looked down at you in concern. “Y/n… I don’t see any girl.” Instantly your eyebrows furrowed. “What are you talking about?” You ran up the stairs and halted at Scott’s side. There were no girl. 

“Look y/n you know I believe you in anything you say, so tell me are you one hundred percent sure Theo killed a girl?”

“Yes.” You answered with no doubt in your mind. He gave you a nod before finding his phone. Whoever he called made a pack meeting happen.

The whole pack were there as you arrived at the McCall house. "Oh thank god,“ he breathed out as he pulled you in for a hug, “are you okay?” He cupped your face and raised his eyebrows. “No cut lip, no broken arm how about that little head of yours - are you okay?” He always knew what to say to make you laugh. When you and Stiles were kids he always pointed out the things that weren’t wrong with you when you were hurt. That made you realize your condition wasn’t that bad after all. “I’m not hurt. Just a little shaken.” He hugged you again before turning his full attention to the pack. “If you tell me now, that I have to trust Theo, I will mistletoe every single one of your asses.”

The pack meeting ended with a plan. Well an idea for a plan. You had to figure out why he killed that girl and who the girl was. Besides that the whole pack were on edge with Theo. When you told them about you and him being lab partners they practically screamed at you. “Everyone shut up. Don’t any of you have chemistry with her?” Stiles, Scott and Isaac all nodded, “Then see if you can switch partners with her, and if you can’t, keep an eye on her and Theo at all times.” He said in a tone that told you not to argue with him. 

So the following day, you could say everyone was on edge. First period were chemistry with Mr. Harris. You didn’t like Harris at all, and neither did Stiles. He had some weird hate towards the two of you, even though you were in the top of his class. You walked inside, heading straight to Mr. Harris’s desk with the boys on your heels. “I was wondering if I could switch lab partners with one of these?” You asked and the three boys pointed at themselves and each other. “I’m sorry miss, that is not possible, I told you last week that when you sat down, the person next to you would be your partner. No exceptions.” He barely looked at you. Stiles were about to open his mouth to complain but Mr. Harris was prepared. He held his hand up. “No exceptions Mr. Stilinski.” 

Disappointed you sat down next to Theo. “Now don’t look so sad, I’m not that bad am I?” He said with a smug face. He knew right where he had you. Except you refused to let him get to you. “Depends who you’re asking.” You shot back with a false smile covering your nervousness. His head jerked a little back, the only sign that he were surprised. Because he were. He grinned and shook his head. “Well y/n why don’t we turn that frown upside down and enjoy some quality time,” he moved closer, “except they’re all listening aren’t they?” He looked at Isaac’s back one table ahead, shot a small look in Stiles’s direction behind you and lastly Scott at the neighboring table. Isaac growled and you could see his muscles tense under the white t-shirt. Theo turned his attention to Isaac and his smug smile grew. "Don’t worry Isaac I’m not going to do anything,” He answered Isaac who apparently had said something to Theo. “Yet.” He looked at you and you couldn’t help but jerk back at his comment.

He had threatened you and you couldn’t get that out of your head. His small comment that sent shivers down your spine. “Yet” It kept on crawling back to you no matter how many times you tried to push it away. At your locker you switched your books. You were a little late so you hurried. Theo appeared. The bell rung in the empty hall and it was just you and Theo. Your heart raced twice the speed of a horse. “Hello Y/N.” He said and moved close. Closer than you wanted him to be. “Excuse me Theo I have to get to class.” You politely excused yourself and tried to walk away, when he grabbed your wrist. “Not so fast Stilinski. You’re not going anywhere.” You thought you were about to pass out in fear as you heard footsteps at the end of the hall. Isaac rounded the corner. His eyes landed on you and Theo. His demeanor changed and his jaw clenched. You ripped your wrist from Theo’s grib and walked to Isaac as calm as you could. You thought Isaac would follow you but he walked right past you towards Theo. He slammed Theo against the locker. “You keep away from her. You hear me?” You could see it took all of him not to rip Theo apart. “I hear you.” He smirked and held his hands up in surrender. Isaac let him go and dragged you into the closest classroom which fortunately was empty. 

“Did he hurt you in any way?” Isaac’s eyes bored into yours. “No… Only threat.” You sighed and let Isaac’s arms comfort you. Your head leaned against Isaac’s chest and you could hear his steady heartbeat. You weren’t dating, but you liked him and you had for a while suspected he liked you too. “I swear if he ever lays a hand on you…” He mumbled. “He won’t. How could he? I’ve got you…” You quickly realized what you had said. “And the whole pack.” You said with hurry. “You know if you ever need me, just yell or scream my name and I’ll be there faster than you can say Stiles’s real name!” You chuckled. Stiles had just recently told the whole pack his real name and you could say they were having the time of their lives. Constantly joking with it and calling him it. Stiles could take a joke but you wondered how long he could keep it up. “I know. Thank you.” You said and squeezed him a last time before walking out. 

Cheerleading practice had just ended. You were Stiles’s sister, but you did not share the same genes when it came to sports. Something you were actually good at and he wasn’t. You had always been into sports and you had tried out for the lacrosse team, but sadly you weren’t that good. Therefor you turned to your old passion gymnastics and tried out for the squad. Seven years of gymnastics had its perks. You packed your bag and headed out for the school parking lot. It was dark and you thought about how bad an idea it was to be out here alone. You pulled out your phone and called Liam. “Hey Y/N. You calling to arrange that rematch?” He said confidently. “You mean the game were I’m gonna kick your ass?” You shot back and you heard him laugh in the other end. The lamppost blinked and left you in complete darkness with nothing shining except the moon. “Crap.” You fumbled with your keys. “Hey where are you?” Liam shifted his phone. He sounded alert. “I’m at the school parking lot. Cheerleading practice just ended. I’m trying to open my car but I can’t see anything because the goddamn lamppost just went out. Something clicked. Loudly. “Liam do you hear that?” You were starting to freak out. You had read the book about the Dread doctors. You knew how they looked. And that man before you was one of them. “Y/N run.” Liam said and you heard him move. “Liam you know it’s too late. Please just come and get me.” You tried to move away but they were faster. One appeared behind you and one in front of you. Before you knew it they injected something in your neck, making you fall to the ground. The last thing you heard was Liam shouting in the phone. 



Can You Keep A Secret? Peter Parker [[request]]

[[request prompt: …My request is about a AU universe where the reader is Spidergirl and Peter… is just Peter, so one day she saves him from an accident and they start talking in a roof of his building, one day he knows the reader is Spidergirl but he doesnt say something about that, after a week or something like that, so the reader and Peter are in a party, when they are in the roof, he tells her about the secret and that stuff I hope you can do it:)) ]]

oh man you guys i’m so happy that i’ve gotten so many requests ( ෆຶДෆຶ) since it’s a little overwhelming, i’m going to temporarily close my requests since i would like to finish writing the 5 requested stories that i have so far. once i finish all of them, i’ll accept requests once again ;w;

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You didn’t know what miracle happened that made Tony Stark come into your life, but you were grateful all the same. About a week ago, he had spoken with you in front of your parents using the excuse about how you had applied for one of his scholarships. He tells you that you had gotten the scholarship (much to your parent’s pleasure) before setting you aside and telling you about how he was willing to help you in private. 

To put it simply, Mr. Stark knew about your alter ego, and if you were honest with yourself, you were grateful because you needed all of the help that you could get. 

Wearing the suit that was personally made for you by Stark Industries, you begin your patrol of the city. Your only complaint was that the suit was a tad bit too tight for your liking-

but that was a minor detail you could overlook. After all, it did an excellent job with hiding your identity.  

With your hair whipping behind your head as you swung from building to building using your web shooters, you kept an eye out for any sort of trouble. The mask that hid the top of your face was surprisingly comfortable as you pulled it down to cover the bottom part of your nose, revealing only your lips.

To make a long story short, you were a superhero known as Spider-Girl who mostly operated in the city of Queens (since this was pretty much your hometown). Due to a certain incident from a field trip to a nuclear factory, you got bitten by a radioactive spider and now you had these strange abilities. 

From climbing on walls to superhuman strength, you knew that you weren’t a normal 16 year old girl anymore and had to do something with your newfound powers. 

So why not work on protecting the citizens of Queens?

You land on top of a lamp post, feeling something amiss with your senses when you looked down to see a speeding car. The car seemed to give zero fucks about the red light when it quickly came closer to the pedestrian who was in the midst of walking across the street. 

Within seconds, you grab on to the person and swing away, making the speeding car miss hitting the passerby by a mere centimeters. When you land safely against the sidewalk, you look down to see a scrawny boy with messy brown hair gazing at you with wide eyes. 

You frown and slowly let go of him, still feeling the aftershocks of his tremors even when you asked, “Hey, are you okay?” 

He nods and begins rubbing his hands up and down his arms, “Y-Yeah, that was just really scary. I wasn’t e-expecting that to happen.” 

“Well, you have nothing to worry about!” With a wide grin, you gently smack the boy’s back, “You can always count on me, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Girl, to come and save the day! So if you’re ever in danger, just call out to me okay? By the way, what’s your name?”

You hear him quietly answer, “I-It’s Peter.”

Without further warning, you wrap your arms around Peter’s back, bringing him closer to you as you used your web shooters to stick to a building before swinging upwards. “Where do you live, Peter? I’ll be happy to take you home!” 

“N-No that’s really not necessary! I c-can walk- whoa!” You ignore his protests and pull him up with you toward the building’s roof. “Come on Peter, don’t be so embarrassed. Besides, you strike me as the type of guy who’s a tad bit unlucky.” You smile at him before shooting your web against the next building, swinging around it with a completely red-faced Peter in your arm.

After several seconds of not telling you where he lived, Peter relents and told you his address upon realizing that you were completely serious about taking him home. You smirk in victory, telling Peter to hang on tight before swinging him all the way to his apartment complex. 

You found his apartment and land at the top of the roof, finally letting him go because you were sure that Peter was embarrassed at being held by you. When his converses met with the concrete roof, he refused to look at you while stuttering, “W-W-Wasn’t I h-heavy? I m-mean, it m-must have been uncomfortable for you to carry a g-guy like me.” 

You laugh and shake your head. This boy was just so adorable, and you have honestly never met someone so pure like him. Most boys his age were total fuckboys who liked to brag about their nonexistent sexual escapades, but Peter was someone who seemed very genuine to you. 

Shaking your head, you take a step closer to him, making Peter take an automatic step back, “Don’t run away, I won’t bite.” Leaning closer to him, you press a kiss against his cheek, gently trailing your lips toward his lips when the sound of sirens heard coming from a distance stops you. 

“Ooops, gotta go! Duty calls!” You pull away and give Peter a mock salute before running across the roof, ready to swing across the city again as you searched for the next person to help. 


Ugh, after two weeks of fighting crime, I’m starting to feel worn out. 

You almost didn’t want to go to school because you were so exhausted, but alas, skipping was not an option. Especially when midterms were quickly approaching.

You were grabbing your Chemistry textbook when you heard a commotion coming from the middle of the hallway. A group of boys were crowding around, all pointing and laughing at someone on the ground. You recognize one of the voices belonging to Flash as he yelled, “Look at this dude! Pathetic! He has so many pictures of Spider-Girl, like he’s stalking her!”

Hearing the name of your alter ego, you slam your locker shut and began to shout, “Yo, Flash, why don’t you learn to back the fuck off?” Your presence causes several boys to turn and face you, and when you pushed your way through the crowd, you felt one of the boys reach out to grab you. 

Before he could even clasp your wrist within his vice grip, you swiftly pull away and slapped his hand, giving him a smoldering look as you silently dared him to touch you again. Knowing that you were being serious, the boys step back with Flash giving you a nervous laugh, “Whoa, calm down [Name], we were just teaching Peter Parker on how wrong it was to stalk a girl, even if she is some B-rated superhero.”

You kneel down, realizing that it was the Peter, the same boy you had saved all those weeks ago. He was on the ground glaring at Flash while several pictures of Spider-Girl were scattered on the ground. “She’s not some B-rated superhero! Spider-Girl could kick your ass with ease!” 

You felt warm at the fact that Peter was so passionate about defending you, but quickly shot that thought away when you placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder, “It’s okay, don’t instigate this any further. He’s not worth it.” 

Flash lets out a scoff before pulling up the collar of his cashmere sweater, “Come on, this poor piece of garbage isn’t worth our time. Let’s ditch this tool and do something productive.” 

You let out a sigh of relief when Flash and his lackeys walk away, making you turn your attention back to the photos scattered on the ground. You pick them up and realize that each of these candid shots had been taken during the few weeks you were out patrolling the city. Peter helps you pick up the pictures, his ears turning red when he softly murmured, “You th-think I’m weird now, h-huh?” 

You shake your head and give him the rest of the pictures, “Why would I think that you’re weird? People take pictures of Spider-Girl all the time, you know, for online articles and stuff.” 

“Yeah, I know th-that, but they don’t take as many pictures as I d-do.” Peter refused to look at you when you helped him stand. Once you were standing, you dust off some imaginary dust away from your jeans to keep up with the façade that you were disinterested in talking about Spider-Girl. “I mean really, there’s nothing wrong with admiring a superhero, so you don’t have to feel so guilty for doing something that you like.” 

When all of the pictures were collected, you watch as Peter placed them all in his binder before holding it beneath his arm, “You know…Spider-Girl saved me from getting run over by a speeding car. She was so amazing and cool, and I just- I c-couldn’t help but become i-interested in her.” 

“Whaaattt? Dude, you met Spider-Girl?! That’s amazing!” You feign surprise and let out a laugh, “Well, I gotta go before the late bell rings. You take care, and don’t follow Spider-Girl around too much! Some of the stuff she does can be very dangerous, and I’m sure she wouldn’t want you as collateral damage!” You place a hand on his shoulder briefly before giving him a wink, “Bye!” 

You run off to your morning class, unaware that Peter was staring at you with wide eyes. Now that he had seen you up close, he was sure that there was a lot of similarities between you and Spider-Girl. 

Taking out one of the pictures that he took of Spider-Girl, he looks down at her mouth, recognizing the curve of her lips as it matched your own smile



Now that you really thought about it, you being Spider-Girl was the perfect ruse. While you attended Midtown High, no one really noticed you unless you chose to make yourself known. 

Your features were pretty average for a girl (at least, in your opinion it was), so you seldom had boys crushing on you because you were 100% sure that they were into girls who looked like Liz Allan. You were a quiet girl who had a penchant for chemistry and liked to remain invisible, which explained why you had no friends. You sometimes came off as cold without meaning to be, but since you took on this alter ego, you stopped feeling lonely at the thought of being by yourself. 

You didn’t have the luxury to form relationships, not unless you wanted to endanger innocent people.  

No one was to ever know that you were Spider-Girl, hell, not even your own parents knew. And you planned to keep it that way until you were too old to fight crime. 

Your alter ego was a secret that you were going to keep to the grave, and truthfully, you weren’t too concerned about your identity being found out.

After school, you were ready to don your alter ego’s outfit as you escaped from the confines of Midtown High. Enjoying the cool autumn breeze, you were admiring the blue skies and sniffing at the fresh air when you felt someone following you from behind. 

You look back to see Peter standing about fifteen feet away from you. When you stopped, he stopped as well and seemed to linger within the crowd. At first you thought you were being paranoid and shrugged, believing that there was no reason for Peter to be following you. 

You continue to walk around the city, paying attention to your surroundings when you casually looked back-

only to see Peter again.

Shit, does he know? With a click of your tongue, you began to sprint, running straight into the crowd as you hoped to lose him. 

After a few seconds, you go into an alleyway and hid behind a dumpster. Taking out your Spider-Girl outfit, you quickly change into it before stuffing your old clothes inside your backpack.

While wearing your backpack, you decide to wait for Peter and carefully crawl up the wall of the building, inching closer to the edge when you saw Peter run into the alleyway. “[Name]? Are you-”

Catching him off guard, you shoot your web at him, webbing his hand against the wall as he tried to pull the material off of his hands. “Wha- Spider-Girl?” 

You land in front of him and began poking the front of his chest with your pointer finger, “You. Back off and stop following me! It’s dangerous, and I don’t have time to rescue your sorry ass again, got it?” 

Peter’s hurt expression makes your heart clench, but you ignore the feeling and worked on ripping the webbing away from his hand. “Go home and leave me alone. Don’t think you’re anything special just because I saved you one time.”

He looks down at the ground and nods, softly murmuring a cracked “Okay.”  

You flip back your hair and force yourself to walk away from Peter, using your web shooters as you swung away from him. You knew that you were being mean, but you really didn’t want Peter to keep following you around. He seriously could get hurt, and you kept reminding yourself that being mean to him was absolutely necessary for his protection. 

But still, that didn’t mean you didn’t feel any less guilty about hurting him. 


For the past couple of days, you hadn’t been getting much sleep. Every time you closed your eyes, all you could see was Peter’s defeated expression. 

Grateful that it was finally Friday, you had plans of sleeping in all day Saturday (the police could handle any crimes without me for one day, right?) as you returned all of your textbooks inside your locker. 

From the corner of your eyes, you saw someone make their way toward you, causing you to look up to see who it was. Standing beside you was Peter, and you stiffen, remembering how much of a bitch you were- only to momentarily relax because only Spider-Girl had been cruel to him. 

You, [Full Name], were in the clear. 

“H-Hey Peter!” You clear your throat to keep from stuttering nervously, “What’s up?” 

Peter starts running a hand through his hair, a habit that you noticed him doing a lot whenever he got anxious. “Hey, uhm, I-I was wondering if you were free tomorrow?” 

Fuck, what? “Uhm, yeah, I’m free. Why do you ask?” 

“You see, I’m uh- I’m not so great at parties, but my best friend Ned was just invited to this party by this girl he likes, and he wanted me to come with him.” 

You try to keep your anxiety at bay whilst staring at Peter, carefully nodding at him to continue (despite you knowing where this was headed), “S-So I was thinking if you’d m-maybe like to go with me so that I wouldn’t b-be so awkward.” 

You face your locker and carefully play with the metal slits, “What time is the party tomorrow?” 

“A-At 8. If you tell me your address, I-I don’t mind picking you up. We can go there together?” 

You shut your eyes and sigh, thinking that if you agreed to do this, then you would somehow make it up for the time you had yelled at Peter. 

“Okay, I’ll go with you.” 


This has got to be the greatest regret of my life

You were standing in the corner of the living room with your cup of punch in hand. This party was totally boring and not your thing. To be honest, you would much rather get punched in the face by a crook than stay at this party. 

You and Peter had just arrived to the house party when he was suddenly taken away by Liz Allan. Her voice was coated in sugar when she coaxed him away from you, needing to talk to him about something as you were left alone. 

You tried to enjoy the party, really, you did, but parties were so not your thing. You didn’t like being social in general, so you were basically suffering right now. 

Knowing that you wouldn’t be noticed, you take your cup of spiked punch and threw it in the trashcan. Wrapping your arms around your chest, you put your hoodie up and began to walk out of the house. 

It takes you a couple of minutes to navigate through the crowd, and after having several heated bodies pushed against your form, you manage to escape the party. You were walking across the lawn when you heard Peter’s voice calling out to you, making you stop in your tracks. “[Name], wait a minute. Please, don’t go home yet.” 

You scoff and look back at him, “Why not? That party was awful and-” You pause, hearing some sirens coming from the distance. Shit, and my outfit is at home

“You don’t have to worry about me, I’m sure Liz will enjoy your company. I-I’m just going to go home now.” You jut your thumb toward the direction of the street, ready to run off when Peter stopped you again. 

“Wait, please don’t go! I-I really needed to talk to you.”

“About what?” You face Peter, getting impatient with him, “I need to go Peter, so what do you want?” 

He gulps nervously, and you see the way his Adam’s apple bobbed when he softly told you, “I know. I know that you’re Spider-Girl.” 

You felt a cold wave wash over you, making you tremble as you tried to deny it, “W-What are you talking about? Are you crazy? Me? Be some lame superhero? I mean, I’m just a normal girl-”

“But you’re not normal, [Name]! And don’t try to deny it! I-I’ve looked at those pictures and I’ve seen you in them each and every time.” His sudden outburst makes you wince as he continued to explain, “You’re not normal for all of these amazing reasons. You’re fearless and s-selfless. You pushed me o-out of a speeding car’s way without flinching. You’re my hero, [Name], and I love you for it.”

You began to blush, not expecting his confession when Peter looked away from you, “I m-mean, shit. I th-think I messed up. You’re Spider-Girl. You can have any guy you want. There’s no way in hell you’d want a wimpy guy like me.”  

With a shake of your head, you step closer to him and grab the bottom of his chin, forcing him to look at you before leaning in, “Well, I could say the same thing about you. You’re so pure and handsome, I’m sure girls like Liz Allan would love to be yours.”

He shakes his head, “Liz Allan’s no Spider-Girl.” 

You let out a surprised gasp, “Why, Peter Parker, are you saying that I’m your first choice?” You didn’t even try to deny the fact that you were Spider-Girl now; Peter was just too pure, and lying to him left a bad taste in your mouth. 

Peter gives you a crooked grin before nodding, “Honestly, yeah. Always, since the first time I met you.” 

Feeling beyond happy, you lean in to press a kiss against Peter’s lips while murmuring against his skin, “I’m sorry for pushing you away that one time. That was really cruel of me, and I never got over how hurt you looked.”

“It’s okay, you were trying to keep me safe.” Peter reassures you, making you let out a breath of relief. 

Tugging at the collar of his shirt, you gently peck at his cheek and sigh, “You know, I hear a ton of sirens echoing throughout the city, but you’ve made me feel spoiled and selfish. I don’t want to do anything else but invite you home just to cuddle and kiss you beneath the blankets, the cops can handle crime for one day. What do you say? Will you come home with me?” 

Peter nuzzles your nose in response while chuckling, “I’d love to do that, [Name].” 


Remember The Happy - MASTERLIST

Thank you so much for sending in all those prompts! You guys were AMAZING! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! For anybody who’d like to catch up or re-read a thing or too, here’s a list:

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Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.