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all you gotta do is bite

No but what about newly-made popstar Eren? I mean, so pop your teeth hurt, so pop he sparkles under the lights in the grocery store? No, not alternative, not indie, he’s pop. Synth and catchy beats, and colourful music videos with him dancing, singing intensely while he drags hands all over his face and makes gestures at a wildly panning camera, in an abandoned warehouse– that kind of pop star. Strobe lights. A lot of them.

Levi kind of thinks he’s pop trash, and sticks to his own indie brand of angsty guitar solos and angsty singing at a wildly panning camera while dragging only one hand down his face in an abandoned air strip. The songs are catchy, though, so Levi listens to them, all the while considering himself above the genre. He doesn’t care for the theatrics, is all it is. The makeup, the lights, the sexed up image, the way Eren’s hips seem to move in every. Single. Video. Not that Levi has seen every one of Eren’s videos since his debut. The boy is cute, he admits, kind of buzzed one night after a concert, and Hanji is pressing him about why he knows the lyrics to Touch my Wings when it comes up on the radio.

“You should… hit on him,” Hanji slurs, draping on him and laughing uncontrollably at the thought of the Ice Queen Levi Ackerman, lead guitar and vocalist of Bloody Handprint looking at the shiny new guy on the charts. Levi snorts, and makes a comment about how Eren Jeager is pretty much the symbol of Heterosexuality and the Mainstream, both of which were things Levi was… decidedly not, really.

Hanji drops the subject, but mainly because they fell asleep against Levi’s shoulder.

One day Eren does a music video in a miniskirt, all hip sway and hands running down tanned thighs. 

Take Down My Walls goes to a billion views on YouTube in record time, partly because it’s a damn good song, and partly because of Eren dancing in a 50s pinup style video.

A lot of people say he’s going to hell, and refuse to keep supporting him. 

Most of his fans, however, came to the ultimate conclusion that Eren Jeager looked damn fine no matter what he wore. 

Levi hits replay the moment the video stops, and doesn’t really know what to think. (He agrees, though. Eren does look damn fine.) 


Levi is really… not trawling the internet for Eren Jeager. 

He’s found Eren’s blog, though. The kid has a Tumblr, of all things. The only things he has learnt is that Eren likes cat videos, but writes the most in the tags at pictures of puppies. The kid takes selfies often, which is how Levi finds out that Eren is a fan. A selfie, Eren all tousled and grinning, a band Tshirt – Levi’s band T-shirt, with a bloody handprint in red on dark grey. He scrolls quickly to the tags. 

#selfie #favshirt ngl #BloodyHandprint #faeijvwhyamIawakeee #6amdancepracticeCRUELTY

Levi laughs, despite himself. Eren was a fan, how about that.

The first time he meets Eren, it’s at the recording studio. Eren is apparently visiting his friend, who works with Levi’s label. The guy really is that gorgeous, it’s kind of ridiculous. He nods at Mikasa, their label’s most popular act. (Picked up at 14 when she was found on YouTube under the handle RedScarfMikasa for her distinctive vocal quality) 

“Eren, this is Levi. Levi, Eren.” she says, curt in her usual manner. Levi nods, and extends a hand. Eren makes a strangled sound, and shakes his hand firmly, green eyes flicking up to meet Levi’s gaze for a moment, before stepping away. 

God, the kid was cute. Levi curses inwardly.

“I’m a huge fan, though I guess you hear this a lot,” Eren says, shy but grinning. 

Levi can’t help it. He smiles. “I saw a photo of you in our band shirt. You were at the 2013 tour?” 

“In Toronto!” Eren answers. Mikasa leaves after one of her sound engineers drag her attention away to work, and she tells Eren to stay put. 

“Levi, I’ll leave him here, if you’re free?” she asks. Levi nods. He likes Mikasa, and they have a good relationship based on mutual rivalry and respect. 

Eren sits down, all long limbs and easy grins, and Levi hands him a guitar. Eren takes it instinctively, fingers settling on the neck before he realises what’s in his hands.

Levi takes another guitar, and strums a few chords absently. 

“Mikasa’s going to take a while; Jean always takes forever when he’s going over the mixing,” he says, settling on a chord and playing it. “Wanna play?” 

Eren grins, and settles in his chair, fingers digging into the back pocket of his jeans for a pick.

They end up hanging out, after that first meeting. Mikasa and Hanji have some mutual friends, and his agent keeps telling Levi that he needs to ‘get out more’. They go for drinks, they go for coffee. They meet up at the studio and work on songs that never see the light of day. Levi makes fun of Eren’s pop aesthetic and strobe light MV’s, and Eren huffs and kicks Levi’s shins and says that at least he isn’t in the same abandoned warehouse head banging every other music video. Levi really does have to admit that Eren has a point. 

The next music video they do, they do it in the woods, and Eren laughs and laughs when he sees it. I like the change of scenery! ;) the text from him reads, and Levi stares at it for far too long before he realises he’s grinning as well. 

Eren goes for the grunge aesthetic in his next video, and Levi will swear to every god ever that he was not expecting the sight of Eren clad in leather (those thighs, oh god) clutching at a microphone would ever do things to him. There are gratuitous close-ups of his lips, painted black, painted red mouthing the song, almost touching the microphone, and Levi is most definitely not thirsty as all hell. 

‘Nice pants’ he sends to Eren, and the reply is a simple ‘;)’. 

The next time Eren comes over, he’s wearing those pants. Levi has no idea why the studio let him keep them, because they were patently illegal. Whatever sarcastic greeting he had get stuck in his throat as he looks at Eren’s legs. 

“Hey, eyes up here!” Eren is laughing. “Also, good, I just wanted to confirm that you really have been staring at my butt,” he says as he shoulders past Levi to deposit their takeout lunch on Levi’s coffee table. 

Levi stares at Eren mutely, trying frantically to come up with a denial but failing. 

“I-shit. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable, Eren,” he begins, stomach lurching as he tries not to freak out. 

Eren’s eyes widen, and he puts his hands up placatingly. 

“Nonono. I uh,” he scratches the back of his neck, tugging at his ear in a nervous gesture that Levi has already begun to find utterly endearing, “I like that you are staring at my butt? Wow this is terrible. I’ve had a music-crush on you for a long time but uh. I really like you? In the I-want-to-make-out-with-you way, if that’s okay.” 

Silence. Eren is beginning to look panicked, as though he’d completely misjudged. Levi has to say something. 

“That’s uh. Very okay. Shit.” 

To be fair, Levi’s levels of articulation were low because of those pants. And Eren confessing. Eren blinks, and laughs breathlessly, and Levi can’t help but chuckle at how terrible they are at all this.

“You do realise you’re a national sex symbol, right?” he teases, as Eren makes his way across his living room to stand in front of him.

“You do realise you’re the same, right? You’ve been making love to microphones with black nail polish since I was 16, Levi,” Eren murmurs back, eyes lowered. 

Levi reaches a hand out. His fingernails are painted black, and he snorts. He reaches out, pressing a palm around the curve of Eren’s waist. It fits there easily, and he thinks he can get used to it; the same way he got used to the heft of a guitar, the surprising weight of a microphone in his hands.

When Eren kisses him, Levi leans back and parts his mouth easily, tasting soda and mint. The soft, wet heat of him is addictive, and his hands are palming all over Eren’s long, smooth body-

“You really like the pants, huh?” Eren laughs breathlessly. 

“They looked good in the music video,” Levi says by way of answer, heat curling in his gut as Eren presses closer. 

Eren pulls back, a mischievous glint in his eyes. “I kept the miniskirt from the other MV, too, you know.” 

Levi didn’t really know what he did to deserve this, but he regrets ever thinking of Eren as pop trash. 

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I wrote a silly grunge AU for BBKaz Day 2017! Theme is “first encounter”  

Sometimes you gotta trick people into joining your shitty grunge band. 2.6k words. Had to come up with some way to do a comedic take on Big Boss and Kaz’s first encounter. Also I accidentally made Kaz really cute. 

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Word Count: 2703 (holy crap that is like twice as much as the previous chapter you’re welcome)

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