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A Single Voice Above The Noise

Anyone ask for another soulmate AU? No? Well, have one anyway. In this one soulmates share a telepathic link.

Summary: Stan doesn’t have a soulmate. That is fine. He doesn’t need one. Or so he thought until he suddenly hears a voice in his head that is not his own

Meanwhile Richie and Eddie can’t wait to meet each other and just have to make do with what they’ve got

Word Count: 17692 (I know it got long)

Pairing: Stan/Bill & Richie/Eddie

Some people heard voices in their head and Stan had a hard time understanding how these people were not on medication or in therapy. No… hearing voices was considered a good thing, desirable. Well, voices, plural, might not be. But hearing your soulmate talking to you was normal. At least that’s what people said, Stan had never experience it and he was honestly pretty glad about that. Sometimes he wondered if he should try it, but the day he gave in and tried to communicate telepathically with someone who probably wasn’t even real, he’d lose all self-respect. It’s not that Stan didn’t believe in soulmates, and he somehow also believed in the voices thing, because his friend Eddie heard a voice, and he didn’t think Eddie was crazy. But Stan didn’t believe that hearing a voice would be good for him and he didn’t believe there was a soulmate for him. That’s normal too, not everyone had one.

He was in his mid-twenties, if he had a soulmate, he’d have heard him by now, right? Eddie said, he’s heard the voice for years now. Stan didn’t know how he dealt with it, because there’s no rules to the voices and everything needed to have rules, everything needed to follow a certain path. So no, Stan was not envious of the people hearing voices. He was quite happy that he didn’t, but if everyone could stop pitying him every time he said so, that would be great.


I’ve told you not to call me that.

You never like any of my names for you.

Because they’re awful!

If I knew your name, I could personalize them for you.

Richie immediately regretted saying that, he knew what was going to happen next and sure…

My name is… And then silence.

Richie groaned. He had wanted to tell him about band practice, but now his soulmate was gone. This always happened when either of them tried to be a bit more specific. At first, he had thought his soulmate was a fucking tease, always shutting up when they tried to arrange a meeting or whatever.

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For Wanting

Rating: M (NSFW)

For Nalu Lovefest (late prompt )-Lust

A/N: Life has been so busy I can’t even sit down to write anymore. But, at least I have this done but I don’t see myself being able to find time to add more. Not anytime soon, that is.

When she had her writing time, Lucy usually demanded silence, solitude, and snacks. Her apartment was normally locked from the inside, all distractions falling away to pen on paper. 

Her goal was usually a few pages, unedited and not proofread. Just, writing as much as she could in one sitting before her drive left her high and dry. It wasn’t the easiest thing, but it got words on the paper and out of her thoughts.

The desk only consisted of the soon to be stained paper and a single cup of tea long cold. A stray pink cup sat in the corner, filled with pens, pencils, and colored pencils. Above the desk, along the shelves of books and binders, sat one little doll that had been her only comfort as an only child.

Her apartment was small, quaint, and made for her with the decent price she paid. It kept her warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and dry during those rainy seasons. Best thing was, she afforded it on her own, by busting tables for low wages and even lower tips.

At least the cafe and bar she worked at was a place where everyone was family and she would never fear going hungry.

Lucky Lucy was many things, primarily fortunate despite having little money.

She was also so lucky to have such an annoying best friend that really liked interrupting her writing time.

She shifted in the computer chair, wincing at the creaks and groans it gave despite its sturdy looks. She had found it on the side of the road, awaiting the weekly garbage pickup. With a little leather wax and replaced bolts, it was a pretty good seat for being free.

“Luuuucy, are you done yet?”

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You jess and meg have become such a clique. It's kind of sad to see, I missed when you worked with other people. Variety ya know?

(( OOC: Sorry you feel that way dearie. It’s kind of a natural thing that happens though. 

When I first started my blog I was interacting with everyone because it was all new and no one had established relationships yet. But now I’ve created some really close friendships with people that have similar creative styles to me, and I feel the most comfortable working with them. Not to mention that they’re my close friends, and that makes it really fun for me. 

It gets a bit overwhelming constantly working with new people, especially when there are so many people in the community now. I don’t have a lot of time to work on stuff, and when I do I just naturally ask the people that I’m close to for help.  

However, there are a whole bunch of fantastic cosplayers/blogs that have developed their own content, and are working with their own groups to create awesome stuff for you to enjoy.

If you’d like variety, feel free to follow some more of these talented peeps and enjoy what they have to offer. :) )) 

1. Puppies or kittens?

Camila Cabello: Puppies. Duh.

2. Which animal are you most like?

CC: I would say an elephant, because they have the best emotional memory out of all the animals.

3. Have you ever been mistaken for another celebrity?

CC: Actually, yeah! One time I was at the airport and I was getting some food, and this guy was like, “Oh my god, I thought you were Selena Gomez!” But he didn’t know who I was, he just thought I was Selena Gomez. I was like, “No, I’m not.” And then I just walked away.

4. Have you ever intentionally pretended to be another celebrity?

CC: No. I’ve never had the opportunity.

— 37 Things About Camila Cabello (Full List: https://www.buzzfeed.com/eleanorbate/camila-cabello-havana-interview?utm_term=.hxWlD6AJO)

Delightful Sin

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A/N: Uh, heh, hi.. So um, yeah, I did this. I wrote a step brother!au for Mark, and yes, the reader does fuck him. And all of this is because of a dream so I take full blame for this (there is no blaming my friends this time). So, if you are uncomfortable with things like this, please do not read.

Words: (she’s a long one) 6,306

This story seems pretty cliche to me, so please tell me what y’all think.

Also, welcome to my smut blog! Enjoy!


For most of your life, you didn’t know how negative feelings could affect a person. You had a family that loved you, friends that cared about you and the most amazing teachers you could ask for. But as fate would have it, reality hit you hard and life was no longer the easy-going love fest you thought it was.

You woke up in pitch darkness, you could only assume that it was well into the night, around two or three in the morning. You sat up for a while and realized that it was your mother’s voice was what woke you.

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Anything for You: Part Nine

Pairing(s): Richie Tozier x Eddie Kaspbrak, Beverly Marsh x Ben Hanscom, Bill Denbrough x Stan Uris

Warnings: swearing, mentions of death, hospital, this chapter in general (seriously, it’s a crap fest)

Word Count: 1.4 k

Part 9 / ?

a/n: this chapter was actually supposed to be happy, idk where everything went so wrong - also, try to stay up later next time, evie; i don’t work around your foreign clock smh

last part | masterlist


16 hours.

That’s how long Richie Tozier had been emitted in the hospital. During these long, agonizing hours, he had flatlined twice - both of these times included Eddie vomiting violently in a public restroom stall with one of the losers rubbing his back comfortingly.

Now, Eddie’s head laid on Ben’s knee. One of Hanscom’s hands rested on Eddie’s shoulder, the other on Beverly’s thigh as she sat curled into his side. Eddie was freshly cleaned, which offered him little comfort. But, he was incredibly thankful to Mike, who had sat him on the sink of the men’s bathroom and scrubbed the blood from his skin with wet paper towels.

Mike currently sat with his arms around both Stan and Bill, Bill was crying silently against his shoulder and Stan felt entirely numb. Bill and Stan’s fingers were entangled across Mike’s legs, Stan drawing small circles in Bill’s skin with his thumb. Crowds moved through the waiting room feverishly, agitating the losers to no end.

“Do you think I can see him soon?” Eddie mumbled, exhausted and depressed.

Ben’s hand went up to Eddie’s hair, “I hope so, buddy.”

None of them bother to mention how Eddie said “I” and not “we”, although they were all dying to see him. Eddie’s eyes stung as if he needed to cry, but he was certain that he had already shed all of the water from his body.

“I’m so scared,” admitted Eddie, as if the others didn’t already know, “If he dies-

“Don’t say that.” Stan interrupted sternly, lifting his head to look over at Eddie.

His serious tone was almost angry, and it made Eddie flinch. Eddie turned his neck, pressing his face into Ben’s knee.

“He won’t die, Eddie.” Mike’s voice was gentle and calming, “He would never leave you like that.”

They fell back into silence, and somehow it was more comfortable. Eddie allowed his eyes to flutter shut, his extreme sleep deprivation weighing heavily. He found that, if he really focused, the hand running through his hair felt almost like Richie’s. His grasp on Ben’s leg tightened, as it would on Richie’s leg.

“I love you, Rich,” Eddie whispered, too deep in his own thoughts to notice Ben’s shaky breath and shattering heart.

Eddie had never felt more drained in his life, his mind slowly beginning to drift in and out of consciousness. His heart rate slowed, beating in a light rhythm against his eardrums in the most soothing way. Behind closed eyelids, he could still see the flickering overhead light looming over the group - the one that had been driving Stan to insanity since they sat down.

The general hum of workers, patients, and various other background noises all started to tie together, creating a range of sounds that nearly soothed Eddie. He wasn’t alone, he could hear it within the room, and feel it through the hand weaved in his locks. He wasn’t  - and, yet, he was. Any place without Trashmouth Tozier was lonely, he could brighten every room with one goofy smile.

“For Richard Tozier,” A booming voice spoke, startling all of the losers.

The man behind the voice stepped into view, clad with a long white coat and thin-rimmed glasses. Suddenly wiped of all sleepiness, Eddie shot up. The others followed suit, but at a slower pace. squeezed together tightly. Eddie looked up at the man hopefully, his hands He was practically bouncing with anticipation as the doctor’s face held an amicable smile.

“Mister Tozier is currently stable,” The doctor paused as Beverly let out a sigh of relief that closely resembled a laugh, “You all may visit him, but I suggest just one or two of you at a time.”

Eddie’s hands went up to his face and he could’ve swore he was going to start crying again. Mike’s strong hand landed on Eddie’s shoulder blade as his body began to shake. But, he was not crying, he was laughing.

Laughing for the missed puns, inappropriate jokes, and obnoxious karaoke nights - he was making up for lost time. Eddie’s face flushed with a sudden feeling of calm. Mike gave him a push forward, nodding at the doctor.

“He’s going first.” explained Mike, grinning at Eddie, “Stay in there as long as you want.”

“Yeah, there’s no rush.” Stan added, Bill nodding along with his words.

Beverly let out a squeal, throwing her arms around Eddie’s neck and pressing a kiss to his cheek, “Go!” She demanded cheerfully, pushing herself away from his body quickly.

Eddie followed the doctor down the long hall, weaving through nurses and carts full of cleaning supplies. He grew more and more anxious with every step,  knowing that Richie could be behind any of the numerous doors they passed. Yet, he couldn’t seem to contain his excitement. 

Finally stopping, the doctor turned to Eddie with a serious look that made the boy’s stomach churn.

“Richard was still asleep when I left, but he could be up any time now. He’s very sensitive, so be thoughtful when you touch him. The lacerations on his wrist will definitely scar, but try not to let him see them too much now - we don’t want him to panic or anything.”

Eddie nodded, listening carefully to the instructions. His heart hammered against his ribcage as his hand came into contact with the cold metal handle. Letting himself in, a deep frown formed on his face at the sight.

Richie lay unconscious, his curls askew. Tubes stuck out of his milky flesh, making Eddie extremely uncomfortable - he didn’t want them there. But, Richie still managed to take Eddie’s breath away.

His lips were parted, and chapped, but just looking at them made Eddie’s own lips tingle as the familiar sensation filled his body. Richie was still pale, but had gained a small amount of color back in his cheeks. 

“Hey, Rich,” Eddie spoke gingerly, approaching the bed, “I don’t know if you can hear me, but I’m so glad you’re okay-” Eddie’s fingers twisted one of Richie’s dark locks, “-I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

He gently lowered himself onto the edge of the bed, brushing his lips on the scar running along Richie’s cheekbone. His fingers entangled themselves with Richie’s limp ones, and he couldn’t help but to smile when he felt how warm Richie was.

He placed a hand on Richie’s chest, heart swelling as he felt it rise and fall.

Eddie’s eyes fell onto the thick bandage wrapped around Richie’s forearm. He itched to see what lay underneath, although Bev assured him numerous times he didn’t want to know.  

“I know you promised you’d do anything for me, but please don’t get yourself hurt again. I don’t care what Bowers said about me, or my mom - I only care about you.”

Eddie continued to talk, unaware if Richie could actually hear him. He spoke as if the boy was awake, and conversing back with him. 

Eddie’s head laid on the hard mattress, words falling from his lips easily. He was used to participating in one-sided conversations with Richie, just the feeling of the older boy’s hand in his was enough to make him feel whole again.

He was so caught up in the warm feeling spreading throughout his body, he hadn’t realized the heart rate machine had fallen still and was letting out a loud screech. Eddie only noticed as the nurses dragged him out of the room and multiple doctors surrounded Richie’s body.

Eddie’s screams caught the attention of everyone, they all looked at him sympathetically. His body had re-hydrated itself, he found, as tears streamed steadily down his cheeks. 

A nurse stood in front of him, her hands resting on his shoulder as she tried to calm down. He couldn’t hear her - he couldn’t hear anything. His entire body tingled, as if he’d been stabbed with millions of tiny needles.

Eddie continued to panic until his body hit the tile floor with a ‘thump’. 

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Do you people think it's fair to keep Niall footage from the rest of us even if it is for a good cause?

I’m not trying to be rude, but I had to pay like 30 dollars for it with shipping and I wasn’t even going to post it to begin with but no one else was posting it so I decided to help fans out and post it, which then cost even more money to find a program to save it. I was going to just post it, but streams kept going down and it’s not fair to Niall. I realized I could use it as an incentive to get fans to stream, since no one is streaming and I’ll use any resource available to help Niall. Sorry if that’s a problem to you guys, but it is my money that I had to spend to get it so I think I should be allowed to do what I want with it, and helping Niall isn’t the worst thing I could do.

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I know I shouldn't be mad Willie gets brought up early but I am. It took away from the emotions Jamie should've had when seeing the pics of Bree. The moment he brought up Willie and showed him to Claire and all that made it seem like Willie is way more important to him then Bree ever was or will be. Matt messed up to me by doing that in this ep. Also why do so early. Also major change. What will LJG do now in ep 12.

anonymous asked: I kind of love that they had jamie tell Claire about willie.  One, because he should be the one to tell her.  And two, because I know it prob pissed Diana off.  Hence the reason she’s been so mouthy.  She hates when they change things she doesn’t agree with.

I really, really liked how Jamie chose to tell Claire about Willie in that scene.

Seeing the photographs of Brianna as a baby…he *has* to be thinking of the first time he saw his newborn son.

He tells her the truth. He does not flinch when she asks him questions - very personal questions - about Willie, his mother, how he came to be.

Jamie is giving Claire an out. He is telling her, this is what I did when you were gone. I do not want this secret between us.

Keep in mind that he is literally reeling from the shock of seeing her. And likely, the shock of knowing he has a daughter.

It’s so much for him to process. So he shares what he *can* process.

And therefore, this fundamentally changes the dynamics of the scene - or at least, how the scene plays out in Voyager. It’s now a very different scene.

Made even more different by how Jamie brings up Faith - and asks Claire what had happened with Frank. And I really, *really* like what they talked about, and how they talked about it.

Let’s also not forget the beautiful callback, right before Jamie and Claire finally fall asleep. He is able to rest easy because he knows Brianna lives, and thrives, and is safe. He doesn’t just bring that up - he’s clearly been thinking about it. He’s continuing the conversation that was interrupted earlier.

All in all, I’m very happy with the change. It will make everything more complicated further down the road.

I just got a text from a friend (yes, they’re a swiftie but they’re not just a swiftie friend to me) who feels like giving up about not meeting Taylor. And lemme tell you, this person has been noticed several times and I literally  thought they were hiding a secret from me that TN had contacted them or something and they were on their way to LA to meet Taylor. I legitimately thought that, because all the signs were there (LIKE MAJOR SIGNS). And the fact my friend is so down right now because nothing ever happened broke my heart. I don’t blame any single one of you for being upset, I would be too.  I just really wish I knew how to tell them that something magical is on there way and it will happen. Because I KNOW it will. I’m always right about these things, just watch. 

But I’m telling you this story, because I know A LOT of you are feeling the same way and think you’ve done something wrong by Taylor not choosing you for an SS. You have done NOTHING wrong, you’re smart, you’re pretty, you’re beautiful inside and out and don’t ever let this make you feel like you’re not worthy. I too have been there, when i’ve felt like Im not good enough for Taylor to like me, and guess what…. it happened! 

Ive said this so many times before, and I’ll keep saying it. Good things come to those who wait, and the more kindness and love you spread into the world, the more it’ll come back. 

A lunch “painting” of the most basic colors one would encounter on Thaelèssyn: Cyan sky with a lot of white on the horizon, fiery sunsets and reddish vegetation. I still want to build a nice infographic about Thaelèssyn’s properties and the implications for life, but that needs to wait a little longer.

Sorry to everyone who’s still waiting for me to start on their commissions. I had a bit of stress in the last weeks and wasn’t able to draw, this is a first step back into the swing of things.

BTS Reaction to Your Bad Korean Language ~Jin & Yoongi~

Anon asked: Hello can I ask BTS reacting to you spelling or writing something wrong in korean (which is not your original language)? ily, thank you 😘

A/N: For this one I changed it, only a little bit, to you saying something wrong instead of writing. I hope this is what you’re looking for. If not, I will rewrite it. 

( ˘ ³˘)❤

kim seokjin

“I just don’t understand, I thought I was saying the right thing. I’m so sorry.” You apologized to Jin for what seemed like the thousandth time.  Today was supposed to be a perfect day, but it turned out to be the opposite. You & your boyfriend Jin had been dating for a few months now, & he wanted to finally introduce you to his family. You were already nervous because Korean wasn’t your first language & now he wanted you to meet his family. It was a huge step in your relationship & you wanted to make sure that you didn’t do anything that could possibly jeopardize your relationship with him. You wanted to impress his family so much that you spent hours trying to learn various Korean phrases & words to say to them. When Jin finally arrived to your house to pick you up, you were a nervous wreck. You were having a mental battle, about to tell Jin that maybe you should meet his family later, but it was too late. His car was already parked in front of their house. Your heart dropped in your chest, but with a reassuring smile & kiss, you gained little confidence & was ready to greet his parents. 

When the door to their home opened & you were standing face-to-face with them, all of the Korean you learned, or attempted to learn, went out the window, like completely vanished from your mind & you were a mess. During dinner you were asked several questions & you tried to answer them as best you could, but your nerves took over & you said whatever came to mind, much to Jin & his parent’s horror. Which is why you were currently in his car, after an awkward dinner, nearly crying your eyes out. “It’s okay honey, I know you didn’t mean any harm.” he said trying to soothe you by rubbing small circles onto your back. “B-but Jin, I called your mom an old goose & I told your father I love to eat your d*ck! Your d*ck, Jin!” You cried into his shoulder as he tried to keep from laughing, remembering the terrified look on his parents face after you’d said that. You were trying to tell his mother she looked beautiful in her dress, but instead you told her she looked like an old goose. And you were attempting to tell his father that you loved to eat Jin’s meatballs that he cooks with noodles, but you told him you loved to eat Jin’s d*ck. It was an absolute nightmare. You couldn’t possibly face his parents again after saying such things. “Listen, they weren’t completely upset. I explained to them that your Korean isn’t perfect, so they understand. Don’t worry your pretty little head.” Jin reassured kissing your forehead, hoping to make you forget about your little mistake.

min yoongi

Hours before Yoongi was to pick you up to meet his friends, you sat in your bedroom practicing your Korean, which was nothing more than you googling certain words & phrases from Google Translate. You wrote down some words that you assumed would be correct to say when you would greet them, onto the palm of your hand. When you felt like you were prepared enough, Yoongi finally arrived to your house. You were so scared, you wouldn’t let go of his hand until he had to unlock the door of the dorm they all lived in. He walked you into the living room where two of them were, playing video games & shouting at each other. Yoongi coughed & immediately got their attention. They turned to you as the room filled with silence. You looked nervously at Yoongi who just eyed the boys, annoyed. “Seriously V, Jungkook, I tell you Y/n is coming over & you make a huge mess of this place.” he groaned. 

“Sorry.” the two boys mumbled. Just then a boy comes prancing in with a huge smile on his face. “Hello! My name is Jung Hoseok, but you can call me J-Hope. I’m your hope. I’m your angel.” he says excitedly.  You smiled politely at him & mustered up the courage to speak, taking a quick look at your palm & to your horror, the sweat from your hand caused the writing to smear, making it barely readable. You nearly had a mental breakdown. You tried to remember the Korean phrase that meant Hello my name is… but your brain was so scattered, you said the first thing that came to mind, much to your horror. You accidentally introduced yourself as Yoongi’s pet dog instead of his partner which caused the boys to burst into laughter. “I think Min Holly is not going to like this.” the boy whose name you learned is Jungkook, said with a grin on his face. You hid behind your boyfriend with an embarrassed look on your face. At the moment you just wanted to scream at yourself for being so stupid. 

The rest of the members will come soon! I just decided to break this one up. JH & RM will be the next. And then the maknae line. :) 

~Love, kissesfrombangtanatnight 💋

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(a little bit cliché but) "should I stay or should I go" Reddie one shot or something?

(I’ll do a hc list for this one, if that’s ok?)

~Richie and Eddie had been on the edge of dating for several months but neither of them were doing shit about making it actually happen. It was annoying the crud out of the Loser’s but they weren’t sure if they should meddle in it.

~They had been on this rocky path of just making out and then acting like it never happened the next day. And that’s just how things were going for the past couple of months.

~Both of them were convinced that the other was satisfied with the whole friends with benefits situation and decided not to voice their concerns or wants, in fear that they’d ruin what they had.

~It was driving both of them mad. Sometimes Eddie just wanted to tear his frickin’ hair out whenever Richie left through his bedroom window.

~Sometimes Richie banged his head against his wall in frustration.

~It all came to an end one Saturday night. Richie was climbing through the window as usual and Eddie had been preparing to swallow his feelings like usual but for some reason he just couldn’t do it today.

~Richie noticed Eddie’s change in mood and became nervous, sure he was going to end their fling here and now.  He braced himself for the worst. 

~”Fuck it! Richie do you actually want me or not?!”

~”What-what are you talking about?”

~”If the whole on again, off again thing is good enough for you-….well it’s not for me, i can’t stay in this  if that’s all you want! So tell me right here, right now if I can stay or go?”

~Richie stutters for about ten seconds. “it- I want you to stay…I want us to be the real thing too.” Richie took his arms and Eddie was over the moon. 

(Send me the 60s-80s lyric or song of your choosing, whether you want a Hc list or oneshot , Reddie or Stenbrough, and I’ll do it!)

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(So Tumblr is being a fucking dick and won't let me send this as an anon ask but I thought I would still send this) This may be a weird question but I've joined a gym and I go for the very first time tomorrow morning. Any advice on what to do or anything like that? I feel like I'm going to be the odd one out or the "fat" student surrounded by people who are skinnier than me.

I’m gonna tell you the exact same thing that I told a friend a year ago when she asked how I had the confidence to wear running tights to the gym

And after all that hard work, I’m down from 237 to 174lbs and still going strong

Don’t worry about what other people think. You’re in there for you, and you’ve got this.


No, I don’t have it. But I have been cleaning stuff out of my life that are little daily reminders of things that act like mental cancer.

We had a combined iCloud account for bills, emails, shared notes, etc. and it was pretty convenient for digital organization. When things started falling apart I cut off her access almost immediately (to keep track of bills and finances since she wasn’t). At one point we had some shared contacts on there (it was primarily for family only) and when I went through it last night and thinned the 5628626385 contacts that I have built over time I noticed that a lot of her boyfriends made it to the ‘family only’ contact list. Fun. Exported and deleted.

The whole photo debacle that I fixed tonight was because I exported all of her photos out of the Photos app and threw them into a folder. That will eventually get put onto a 12TB external hard drive that I keep in the closet for things such as this. It will live quietly in a small digital cocoon now with all other digital reminders relegated to a quiet corner of darkness. Once everything calms down in my digital life and my cloud catches up with the massive changes in data I’ll start rebuilding my documents folder with the things I need. Everything else will get throw into the closet where it can rot.

I’ll burn the pictures and exported boyfriends onto a dvd and toss it into the mail as a final Ross farewell.

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Kinktober2017 Day 22: Scars with Shatt

So, this one actually isn’t very smutty, although Matt does have one dirty line because he’s a naughty boy. But, yeah, when I saw scars, all I could think about was this scenario. Also, don’t worry, I will write for Keith for day 23, since, birthday, duh.

The room was quiet and dimly lit, lamps no brighter than candlelights as Matt straddled Shiro’s lap and kissed him passionately, relishing in this moment where they finally just had some time to themselves. Discovering that his sister of all people was a paladin of Voltron had been one of the more surprising things to happen to Matt while he was in space, but somehow, he wasn’t surprised at all to find Shiro at the head of the whole thing. After all, if Matt could make it to where he was as a rebel officer, then of course Shiro would find a way to become a leading force in the fight against the Galra.

But enough of that. Right now, Matt was just focused on indulging in the physical intimacy he and his lover could share, emotions of warmth and color pulsing from his very veins. During his time with the Galra, Matt had been prepared to face his death at any time, and in order to stay sane, he had never allowed the thought of one day reuniting with his Takashi and being able to share moments like this like they used to. The fact that they had made it this far and could be together again was a miracle upon miracles, and Matt was going to indulge in every second he could get of it.

“Takashi…” he whispered in between their kiss, scooting onto his lap more to get more comfortable and wrapping his arms around his shoulders, which seemed even broader than he remembered.

Shiro chuckled and nuzzled their noses together lovingly, each second spent with each other bringing the sunlight back into their lives. They pressed their lips together again, eyes closed to the rest of the world so that it was just them. Nothing existed but them.

His lover’s arms reached behind him to wrap around his back, pulling him onto him more, and he welcomed the feeling of security as they made out with the passion of two lovers who had been split for a long time - because that’s exactly what they were.

As they were kissing, though, Matt felt a hard object poking against his thighs. A grin planted itself on his face as he grinded down against Shiro’s lap, giggling at the moan that escaped the larger man’s mouth.

“Matt…” His hands reached up to Matt’s hair and began playing with it as they twisted their faces together, with Matt grinding his hips down against Shiro’s the entire time. They quickly ran out of patience, having been away from each other for much too long, and Shiro gingerly picked Matt off of his lap before starting to strip.

“I bet you haven’t had a blowjob in a long time, huh? Missed my mouth on your cock?” Matt spoke dirtily, eager to have sex with Shiro again. He knew exactly how to get his man riled up, pleased to see that their sexual habits hadn’t changed.

…however, something else had certainly changed.

Matt watched eagerly as Shiro rid himself of his shirt, exposing his large muscles and sweaty chest to the air. He took in the hot body of his lover in all its glory, ready to literally start drooling over how lucky he was…until he noticed the countless scars embedded in Shiro’s skin.

Of course, he had noticed the deep scar that ran through Shiro’s nose, but he had so far chosen not to ask too much about it, because he didn’t want to bring up bad memories for Shiro. But seeing all these scars…seeing how deep each one was…it made Matt’s heart ache.

“Takashi…” Shiro looked up at the sound of Matt’s sad voice, fingers pausing against his belt as he rose an eyebrow.

“…Matt? Is everything o-”

“Shhh…” Matt was back on Shiro’s lap in an instant, shushing him in a soothing voice as he leaned forward, pressing a kiss against the scar on his nose. He held his lips to it for a long while, eyes closed as he focused on all the pain Shiro had gone through. Both of them were silent and motionless, and the mood of the room had changed drastically.

When Matt did pull away, he saw understanding and relief in Shiro’s eyes…and pain. So much pain.

“Matt…you don’t have-”

“Shhh…” Matt shushed him again, running his fingers down a deep gash on Shiro’s shoulder lightly, waiting until he had traced the entire scar before leaning forward and pressing his lips down it. His gentle kisses made Shiro squirm a bit, but Matt knew it wasn’t because he was uncomfortable.

He immediately transitioned to the next scar on Shiro’s body, not giving him a chance to protest, and it didn’t seem like Shiro had any intention of protesting anymore, either. He sat back in the chair, letting Matt sooth his scars with sorrow and love.

It broke Matt’s heart. Each time he touched a scar, Shiro’s breathing would pick up slightly and his sweating would increase, but when he pressed his lips against the bad memory, when he touched his love to the physical nightmares, Shiro’s muscles would relax and loosen up. He could tell his lover had been through hell while in space. Matt could empathize.

“I’m sorry…” Matt whispered, speaking in a hushed voice, not to Shiro, but to the scar that he was caressing against Shiro’s side leading to his hips. “I’m sorry…but it’s okay. The nightmare is over now.”

Shiro sighed as he spoke and ran his fingers over the scar, letting Matt work his magic. The brainiac looked up to see Shiro had his eyes closed, brows furrowed as he let the stress and memories flow through and out of him. Each scar represented something he would rather forget, something that had caused great amounts of physical and emotional pain on him. Matt was here to chase it away.

“It’s okay…” He ran his hands up Shiro’s side as he slid his body close, once again pressing his nose against Shiro’s. His lips planted a long, gentle kiss in between Shiro’s eyes, both of them keeping their eyes shut as Shiro’s furrowed brows slowly eased up, until they were resting normally in relaxation.

When they looked at each other again, there was a melancholic triumph shared between them; something akin to adoration…and pride. Pride that Shiro had made it through everything he did while still being able to be the person he was, and pride that he was strong enough to let go of the lingering stress from each scar that still plagued him.

“I love you, Takashi,” Matt said, hand cupping his cheek.

Shiro smiled at him in return and leaned into his hand, nodding. “I love you, too, Matt…”

They shared a quiet and tender moment in the dim room, staring into each other’s eyes with a longing that had been separated amongst the war…but now that they were here, in each other’s arms, they found their souls once again piecing themselves back together, bit by bit, step by step.

“…you know what I really miss?” Shiro spoke at last, smiling as Matt lowered his hand and waited for him to continue. “…I miss your beautiful skin, Matthew Holt. Can I see it?”

Horror struck Matt all at once as his heart picked up pace, and he froze on Shiro’s lap, unable to even hide the panic that had suddenly taken him over. Even if he did hide it, though, Shiro would’ve been able to tell. He always could.

“Matt…?” Shiro’s hand glided forward to where Matt’s hand was trembling, interlocking their fingers and looking over his face with concern. “Hey…what’s wrong? Focus on me, look at me.”

Matt could feel instant regret and sorrow creeping up on him, making his bones feel stiff, but he did his best to focus on Shiro’s smooth voice, did his best to feel Shiro’s hand against his, and looked his love straight in the eyes as the other hand that wasn’t linked with his moved to cup his cheek. There was so much concern in Shiro’s eyes, and it filled Matt with so much warmth…and ache.

“Love, please,” Shiro spoke sadly, already knowing what to expect. He was far too perceptive. “Please…show me.”

They shared another moment of just staring into each other’s eyes, but the atmosphere was different than before, what with Matt shivering on his lap and drowning in fear and hesitation. But Shiro had asked to see…so Matt would let him see.

The rebel fighter pulled his shirt over his head slowly, so very slowly, hiding his face in the shirt for as long as he could, doing his best to get his breathing under control so he could play it off. Once his chest was completely exposed, he put on his bravest face and slumped his shoulders a bit.

“…Matt…” Shiro’s voice nearly broke Matt’s poor last-minute facade, but he held it together as his fingers self-consciously ran over the scars painting his body.

“Heh, I know…not exactly the smooth skin you remember…but I mean, this is pretty cool, right?”


“You know what they always say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and scars are the ultimate show of just how hard you’ve fought!”


“I always read about this type of stuff in manga, how cool is it that I actually get to wear actual battle scars-”


Matt cut himself off with a quiet gasp, looking down at Shiro as his forced optimism slowly began to die down. He knew he didn’t know what he was saying, since he wasn’t the only one here with scars, and that he was being insensitive by trying to talk about his scars like they were good things after that whole ordeal with Shiro’s scars, but…well, he could be stupid sometimes, too…

Shiro’s thumb moved down Matt’s cheek, stroking his face sadly but reassuringly.

Matt’s facade came crashing down all at once from that one simple action as he stared at Shiro and focused on the fingers against his cheek, heart melting and cracking and breaking all at the same time.


Matt’s lips trembled as Shiro gave him a small nod, feeling an entire year’s worth of pain and stress and fear and anxiety clawing through his body, each scar giving him another lucid nightmare all in this one moment. But then, he felt Shiro’s lips pressing against the scar on his right arm, and suddenly, a little bit of light began to enter him.

“Takashi…” A single tear fell from Matt’s left eye, trailing over the scar beneath it, but Shiro immediately leaned up to kiss the tear away, pressing his lips against the scar in the process.

Matt sat upon Shiro’s lap, crying silently and letting the man press gentle kisses to each of his scars. Neither of them spoke a single word, but they knew. They both knew, better than anyone else.

Battle scars were often romanticized in media as being ‘cool’, sometimes even ‘encouraged’. But Matt and Shiro knew.

There was nothing romantic about scars…not the physical kind or the emotional kind. There was only pain…and nightmares.

But even if scars couldn’t be healed…the pain they brought with them could.

So Matt and Shiro sat together in that room, sharing a silence that spoke more than anyone else could understand, and healed each other’s scars.

I just noticed something in the recent Forces trailer

So I was rewatching the latest Japanese Sonic Forces trailer we got a few days ago, and I noticed something in one scene of the trailer, specifically something with Classic Sonic

If you look closely at his eyes, they aren’t a Solid Black but rather you can see his pupils wrapped around a grey iris. This most likely isn’t a developer screw up since a long time ago Sega released some wallpapers and in those wallpapers Sonic didn’t have solid black eyes, rather he had brown eyes or had grey/slat blue irises like in the Forces screenshot. Examples:

In conclusion, Classic Sonic doesn’t have solid black eyes, and I felt like this could be a fun thing to share.

anonymous asked:

Recently, I've come out to my poly friend as aro, and she immediately said "Well, it could just be a phase!" As I tried to say "yeah but you don't need to tell me" she continued on so passionately and oh so kindly about how "we're so young, we don't even know what love is!" (mind you, she's had a boyfriend for the past two years). To top it all off, she smiled at me and said "Aww, I hope you get married one day." How do I tell her how unbelievably rude she was?

(last anon here, sorry, I feel like I should clarify that my friend is completely fine with the LGBT+ community and my being ace) (aro was just too far a stretch for her I suppose) 

Ew. To be honest I really am pro-telling it exactly like you feel. Say that was an unbelievably rude thing to say and i thought about it for days. If you can’t accept the ways I am, then I rather you just say silent about it. Or swap in whatever your feelings are about it. 

I don’t think you really need to justify it much “simply X was rude and please don’t say things like that anymore please.” a friend who respects you will do that or at very least work on it. 


If you use Photos (Mac based) please make sure that you attempt to copy the actual library every so often to a physical source (external hard drive) to check file integrity.

I was trying to copy mine to a laptop and the file was corrupted to I had to rebuild the database (show package contents and copy each thing until you find the offending data).

Time machine will end up copying the corrupt database as well so when you rebuild the new one rename it something else and load it back into photos so it doesn’t corrupt the data further with bad overwrites. Then you’ll have a fresh backup.

Liam just had another milestone of progress!

So one thing you know about Liam by now probably is that he isn’t interested in very much besides me. He sort of expanded over the three years I’ve had him:

at first he wasn’t sure he was in to anything, including me. The first time we met he bit my nose.
Then he started getting kind of into me because he had to because he was stuck with me and that’s sad and why we need to really give our best to dogs and children because we are what they are stuck with, dogs forever and kids until they turn 18 usually so let’s do right by them okay?
After about a year he started getting more interested in the world around him when we were on walks. Prior to this his tail was ALWAYS between his legs, he huddled next to me and didn’t lift his leg to pee, and if we happened to come across other humans on our walks he would do this UNBELIEVABLE BACK FLIP WRIGGLE out of his harness and run and run and run, home usually but early on in his time with us he didn’t know where home was and at night this was super stressful, trying to find a small fat black dog in the dark, but I found him pancaked under a push each time and then he learned where home was and I would find him on my back steps and eventually he was able to walk by other humans without doing this which was a big step, around the same time that he started getting interested in the world around him, like I said, which started when we walked by a certain house on our route that had two incredibly horribly behaved fluffy white dogs.

I started to notice Liam would perk up when that house was coming up and then he started bouncing up and down and borking his head off with his tail straight in the air with more enthusiasm than I ever thought he would show about anything, I mean SERIOUSLY, for the first year I had him Liam HATED LIFE. I was okay, MAYBE, but obviously because he was stuck with me and since he was stuck with me he really intended to be STUCK with me, full on hurling himself against the door and howling when I left, right? Which is why I started bringing him with me everywhere because I had that creepy fucking neighbour who was such a creep about the wifi and was always watching me come and go and I didn’t want to alert him to my movements or my dog.

So that was the next big step!

After that it wasn’t til I got Miranda really that he opened up more; Miranda was determined to love him and she basically made him hold still so she could lick his face and she would pounce at him until he played with her and then he got really into it! This dog I never thought would play, who spent all his time at the dog park jumping up and down with his arms stretched up to me demanding I pick him up; he doesn’t like other dogs, he doesn’t like playing, his joys in life at that point were food and me and I don’t know about that order.
But now he plays with Miranda, and TODAY! While I was playing catch with Omar!

Liam started doing the bouncing up and down and growling he does with Miranda, and caught a piece of the ball Omar chewed off and took it into the crate (which is really Omar’s crate but if he’s not in it the littles will use it as a safe space to chew on things they don’t want ruthie to take away from them–Ruthie takes things away from the others, Omar just watches and sulks until something is freed up).
I took another piece of chewed up ball and threw it and Liam ran after it and brought it back, bouncing with the same pure joy that Omar does or that Liam does when he’s about to walk past that house with the fluffy white dogs (he hates fluffy white dogs) and making the creaky kettle noises that are his version of growling.

Liam now likes ME, ONE OTHER DOG, and TOYS!!!!