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“People who see us from the outside think that our greatest struggle is the disability. It’s not. Our greatest struggle is that we’d fallen out of love with each other. I lost a lot of my independence when Tatiana was born. I fell into a depression. He was working a lot. We grew distant. I didn’t think I could ever love him again. Two years ago I prayed one night, and said: ‘God, you’ve done so much. Please grant me one more miracle and make me love him again.’ The first change came from me. He’s always been the easygoing one, so I had to change first. I started trusting more. I tried to be more forgiving and understanding. I started to cook for him and organize things around the house. And he started spending more time at home. We started enjoying each other’s company. We talked about things other than diseases. And we started going out together– just like this. It was like I suddenly met a friend, who became my best friend, who became my love. And our life started over again.”

(São Paulo, Brazil)


Context: Our normal DM wasn’t able to be there so I was DMing our alternate campaign (We call these Chaos days because I purposely let silly things happen. its funny and leads to things like this) we had 2 Rouges, a wizard, and a fighter, they were exploring a goblin hideout. they had just come out of taming some wolves. this is what happened (Note: I am laughing my butt off the entire time and we purposely consumed many sugary things :3):

DM(Me): you are in a cave there is a stream two side passages and one main passage.
Rouge1(ooc): I’m going to roll perception *rolls* 21
DM: You hear rustling from the first side passage and snoring from the second side passage.
Rouge1: I’m going to walk up so Im level with the first side passage. Do I see anything?
DM: roll perception
rouge1(ooc): *rolls* 17
DM: you see a Taco.
Rouge1(ooc): how would my character know what a taco is?
DM: I just saying taco so I’m not describing a taco.
Rouge1: Ok i’m going to throw a dagger at it *rolls* 23
DM: it hits the taco the taco is now almost broken and has a dagger sticking out of it.
DM: its a really old taco.
Wizard: I roll to see if its possed *rolls* 17
DM: its not possed it looks tasty tho.
Rouge1(is suspicious): i’m throwing my other dagger at it. *rolls* 19
DM: The taco breaks
Rouge2: Thats it just the taco breaks?
DM: thats it the taco breaks.
Fighter: welp Im going to go get that taco and feed it to my wolves.
Everyone else: Were coming too!
*they wade through the stream*
Rouge1: I stealthly walk up to the taco. *rolls* 24
DM: roll perception
Rouge1: *rolls* 25
DM: you see a pile of tacos
Everyone: WHAT?
DM: if you want to blame someone for this blame my brother he gave me the idea.
Rouge1: I shoot the pile of tacos with my crossbow. *rolls* 15
DM: you hit and A Black and Taco colored thing Streaks out of the pile. Roll perception.
Rouge1: *rolls* 26
DM: you see a Feline that looks to be wearing a taco
Fighter and Rouge2: *Walk into the cave*
Rouge1: I’m going to throw a Knife in front of it *rolls* 16
DM: you startle the cat and it runs over to [fighter’s name]
Fighter: I crouch and coo the kitty. *rolls* 19
DM: the cat instantly seems to take to you. roll cat knowlege
Fighter: *rolls* 17
DM: You know basic cat knowlege such as things like you should let a cat sniff your hand so its not hostile. also roll perception
Fighter: *rolls a 12*
DM: you see a sign over the pile of tacos that says tacos.
Fighter: (is not going to tell the others about teh sign) PEOPLE COME LET THE CAT SNIFF YOUR HAND
*Everyone Rolls well*
*They roll well except for the wizard*
DM: you everyone except fur the wizard sees the sign that says tacos!
Wizard: IM GONNA EAT THE PILE OF TACOS *Rolls* nat20
DM: You eat all the tacos then feel sleepy. [fighter’s name] roll perception.
*Fighter rolls decently*
DM: you notice a cord around the cat’s neck. will you inspect it?
Fighter: HECK YEAH! *rolls a 18 for perception*
DM: you see the words taco cat on the tag.
Rouge2(ooc): So its a taco cat called taco cat?
DM: yes! because paradoxes! btw you all feel safe in this room. :3

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Are commercially bred fish (such as goldfish and bettas, who have been altered by humans for their pretty tails/colors/patterns) considered domesticated? Wikipedia classed them as such but I'd like a professionals opinion in conjunction with that.

Yes, they’re considered domesticated. Humans have kept them for multiple, multiple generations and selectively bred them to an extent that they are now very different genetically and phenotypically from their wild ancestors.

For example, the Prussian Carp


Was eventually turned into multiple varieties of goldfish.

(Examples from here)

That’s the result of a long period of selective breeding. There’s some pretty strange shapes we’ve bred into those fish, several of them making me downright uncomfortable. Some of these fish can’t see in front of their face, they can’t see what they’re eating. They’re pretty, but I wish people would remember these things are alive too.

I was very keen on Bettas in my adolescence. I think the most I had was twelve at one point. I would classify them as domesticated as well, because we took a fish like this:

and bred them into these:

They’re genetically and phenotypically different from the wild type betta. It shows, too. Breeding half-moons and over half-moons is very challenging, especially if you’re using a ‘quality’ male. The volume of finnage they have to drag around is huge, and they breed by wrapping their body around a female and squeezing her. The female is lucky enough to have much shorter fins.

They are very pretty and I like them a lot, these little fish to actually have personality and attitude, but I also feel like going beyond super delta is too far.

The welfare aspects of breeding fish to such extreme shapes s generally overlooked, and will probably remain that was because fish are often viewed more like ornaments than like animals. I hope that changes, but I doubt it will happen very soon.

And I’d like to take a moment to indulge a pet peeve. Someone, somewhere, had the bright idea of taking my favorite species of fish, the beautiful pearl gourami…

… and inbreeding it to the point where we end up with creatures like this…

I mean, WHY did you have to do this? It just saddens me like you wouldn’t believe.

Just because we can do these things, doesn’t always mean we should.

"He Could Have Pie, He Just Won't Eat It Though...": On the Absence of Pie in Season 12 and the Demystification of Mary Winchester

I am prefacing this by saying that I haven’t watched the most recent episode yet, so if Dean and Co. happen to eat pie in 12x13 “Family Feud” I had no way of knowing it. :)

That said, in the end, even if Dean did enjoy a slice in this week’s episode, it really wouldn’t change a whole lot, because so far we have seen Dean very rarely eat one of his favorite types of food in S12: pie. Sure enough, the reason why we may see Dean not indulge in eating as much pie may be entirely be explained by things outside of the show - like maybe Jensen saying “man, please no more sweet stuff” ;) - still within the context of a show the absence of pie his season feels very telling. Especially so as pie for Dean definitely was a typ of comfort food and held a good deal of connotations and associations that all circled round notions of family, home, safety and love.

In the 12 seasons of Supernatural Dean’s love for pie has become just as infamous as his love for his baby. Even more so Dean’s eating habits as such have been used as an indicator for his emotional state of mind, his longings and wishes and especially over the course of the “Mark of Cain”-arc Dean’s hunger or lack thereof was drawn attention to as it revealed a lot about his emotional struggles (I have written lot on this topic, I’d insert links but as I am typing this on my phone I can’t) as well as the fight he faced within between human and demon. After all, little else is such a direct example of basic human necessities: the need to eat and drink to survive. That entire plot with Dean edging away from being human to becoming a demon was exemplified heaviest when Dean “left that cheeseburger uneaten” as Crowley reminisces before raising Dean as a demon in 9x23 “Do You Believe in Miracles”. Dean’s arc was contrasted with Castiel’s, who as a human for the very first time experienced hunger and thirst as two real necessities to be able to function.

The topic of hunger and food as indicators for humanity therefore have been very directly written into Dean’s personal story arcs from S8 onwards. Given this focus of recent seasons paired with the shows adamancy of inserting Dean’s love for pie as a recurring stylistic device over 12 seasons of the show in general, it feels very striking that Dean seems to have lost his taste or love for pie in S12 almost completely - the season in which he sees his mother returning from the dead.

As mentioned above Dean’s love for pie seems to be to a good extent directly connected to the memory and love of his mother. In fact, 5x16 “Dark Side of the Moon” even gives the audience as much of a “starting point” as to how Dean’s love for pie came to be in the first place when we see one of Dean’s memories play out in which we (as much as Sam) learn that the Winchesters’ “marriage was never perfect until after Mary died” and that Dean comforted his mother when his father had moved out for a couple of days after a bad fight (one now has to wonder if maybe that could have been due to Mary disappearing and hunting), told her that “daddy still loves her” and offered emotional support to his mother when he was a mere 4 years old. It’s that memory standing out clearest in relation to Deans love for pie as Mary not much later after she calls Dean “her little angel” offers him some pie. It’s by no means a truly happy memory imo, especially as it does kind of showcase how Mary tries to lighten the mood with the offer of pie. It’s this action really that frames and explains Dean using pie as “comfort food” in the most literal sense of the term. So of course this will sound somewhat over the top, but one could argue that every time Dean enjoyed a slice of pie in his life he remembered this moment with his mom. A moment nonetheless in which he again acted almost like an adult rather than a child (and yes, that is suppose will just always remain the tragedy of Dean Winchester: his lost childhood, that, as the show progresses, it seems was lost much earlier than when his mother died…

Keeping all of this in mind I think it is interesting to take a look at S12. The season of Mary Winchesters return. The undoing of the past. But for sure not the erasure of old wounds, scars or traumas, but rather the start to add a few new on top. Amara giving Dean “what he needed most” was his mother. She gave the Winchesters a chance to re-write their story, because maybe she wished her and her brother could do the same. What Amara wanted - and there is not a single doubt in my mind, because even though Dabb seems to have forgotten what he himself wrote at the end of last season, Amara wasn’t cruel just cause - was for Dean to be happy and find peace. Little did she know that bringing back the Winchesters’ mom would hardly bring that for him.

Now, as I have written about multiple times at the end of last season and prior the beginning of this season with Mary’s return we aren’t just loosely following the possible re-write of the Winchesters’ story (though much of this season to me feels sadly like “same old same old” and plain repeat), most of all we see the demystification of Mary Winchester - and that may actually be one of the most painful ones for the Winchesters and Dean especially as it seems countless times he is proven that his mother really is nothing like he remembered her to be. Of course there are few characters that have had such a “cult” surrounding them on the show as Mary Winchester. Her own children never really got to know her as a person as they simply were way too small for that to be the case, yet over time Mary was stylized, idealized and turned into a symbol that had very little in common with the very real Mary Winchester - as this season explores.

Not a single episode this season didn’t feature some sort of deconstruction of Mary Winchester as a person and character or a realization of who she is opposed to how she was imagined to be. It’s vital to see things for what they are, but there’s no denying it’s tough and eliminates foundations that provided at least some sense of stability - and so far we have not seen any kind of building new ground together for a stronger and more mature foundation. In the first episodes Dean learns that Mary “never cooked” or “continued hunting even when she was already married” and that many of his memories are unveiled to have been “false”. Getting to know their mother really is a constant progression of disillusionment for the Winchesters (and for Dean much more than for Sam since he doesn’t have any memories that could be rendered untrue or incomplete or downright “wrong”) and while I firmly believe that Mary does somehow care about her grown up sons, true emotion and connection doesn’t seem to be there. And one can’t really blame anyone for that because of course for Mary suddenly being alive is hard and she never learnt how to have grown up kids, because well… she never lived to have them in a natural progression.

Still, I think it is fairly well portrayed how much Mary struggles to form a meaningful connection with Sam and Dean. A relationship that could build into becoming the loving relationship that meant safety and home and everything being okay for Dean for example as seen in his memories - and one memory in particular featuring pie. Coming back to the symbolic meaning of pie again I think it’s valid to analyze the absence of it in S12 (I truly only remember Dean eating pie in 2nd episode when all was still fairly “okay” and happiness prevailing over Mary being back rather than the start reality setting in) in relation to the demystification of Mary as a symbol and mother figure. Pie may simply not provide the comfort and safety it once did for Dean, because like so much of his past and memories regarding his mother have been overturned and corrected, but not in a very healing - or worded differently - comforting way.

So in a way this season exemplifies imo rather perfectly the saying “You can’t have your pie and eat it too”, which describes you can’t have two good things at the same time, which seems awfully fitting to the whole Mary Winchester arc. And in that regard I think it is indeed very revealing how now that Mary is back “Dean could have pie”, but we don’t see him eat it…

These last few days have been difficult and I’ve wanted so much to contact you… I haven’t of course because I know that I can’t, but that old familiar feeling is there and I’ve had to fight so hard not to give in to it.
I suppose it’s only natural in times like these… when the ground feels like it’s crumbling under my feet it makes sense that all I want to do is run back to the last solid stable thing I can remember. There’s so much going on and so much going wrong … and as always you’re the only one I want to turn to.
But I remind myself that it’s not an option anymore, no matter how difficult life gets. You are no longer a part of my life, so no matter how frightened I am or much it feels like the whole world is crumbling away beneath my feet – I cannot run to you.
You are no longer my safe place, my confidant or my salvation…
I must learn to stand on my own two feet again
—  Ranata Suzuki | I stand alone

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Hi!! I've heard a lot of us (bughead fans) thinking that they should kiss in the rain next episode. Do you think you can write how do you think that scene will play out? I love your blog by the way, is so freaking amazing. Every single thing you've written is perfect.

Oh my god thank you so much, you’re gonna make me cry❤️ onto the story!

“Shit shit shit shit”

He couldn’t even see her anymore, the rain was pounding heavy on his shoulders and his hair was falling into his eyes.

Where was she?

“Betty!” He shouted over a clap of thunder.

Everything had gone to shit before he even had the chance to gather his wits. One minute they were exploring an abandoned car in the woods, next thing he knew the car was on fire and the blaring of sirens was ringing through the woods.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, he had lost the sneaky blonde.

“Betty! Damnit come on! Where are you?!”
The rain was sharp and it stung his skin, but there was no way he was leaving these woods, without Betty.

Let the cops find him.

There was a murderer on the loose in riverdale, and his beautiful partner was alone in the middle of a rainstorm, he had to find her.

What if this was a set up? Somebody could have been watching them the whole time, knowing they would find that car. Knowing Betty would be there.

He felt his heart drop into his stomach.

What if they had found her.

Picking up speed, he started running against the rain.

He vaguely recognized that his hat was gone. It didn’t matter.


He heard the shout coming from behind him

Whipping around, he squinted his eyes finally finding her, running toward him something clutched in her hands.

“I was looking for you, when sheriff Keller came I didn’t know what to do I panicked… I”

Jughead had her up in his arms in seconds flat swinging her around and squeezing her.

Then his lips found hers.

Kissing her with everything he had, he tried to put everything he felt for her in to that kiss. Every ounce of fear he had at losing her was in that kiss.

Pulling away Betty couldn’t keep the stupid grin off of her face as she held the item in her hands out to him showing him, the familiar beanie she had picked up off the ground.


He laughed pulling her back into him


too much information???

so i am a part-time cashier at a certain gigantic corporation that rhymes with wal-fart. just last night i was working at one of the two self-checkout areas in our store, it was a saturday night and it was fairly busy but not overwhelming. things had been going smoothly until this little weird incident happened.

a woman is using the self-checkout and halfway through checking out she comes up to my register and asks if i can buzz a csm to get someone a liter or so of ginger ale because she feels nauseous. so i do! while i’m waiting for the csm (let’s call her T) to come over i help out some other customers at my register up front because all the other self-checkouts are full.

T comes over and i say “the woman on register (whatever) isn’t feeling too well, would you mind grabbing a ginger ale for her?” and tdoes.

the customer then comes up to my register and i didn’t expect any of what she was gonna say. she said what i just said was EXTREMELY disrespectful and rude and i embarassed her in front of other customers and made them judge her, and she couldn’t believe i could be so thoughtless and make her personal problems public like that.

naturally i say “oh my gosh i am so sorry i didn’t realize that was insensitive”

“oh yeah im sure you’re SO sorry. try thinking before you say things from now on and not ruin someone’s night like you did mine.”

yo???? i just told my csm what you told me???? if you were so embarassed about feeling sick then why the shit did you say anything about it????

T comes back with the ginger ale for this lady and then i see her talking to the T and pointing at me, surely complaining about my rudeness and invasion of privacy. she left afterward while i was helping another customer so thankfully she didn’t bitch at me more but i was so confused. T didnt talk to me afterward so she probably thought the customer was overreacting as well.

honestly… the things some customers get upset about just confuses the shit out of me.

tl;dr: woman at self-checkout says she isn’t feeling good and wants someone to run and get her ginger ale, call my csm and say nauseous lady wants someone to grab the drink, she gets mad at me for sharing too much information and embarassing her in front of other customers

- chapter one: part two -

“There’s a million reasons why this won’t work…but there’s only one reason why it will…”

7 weeks

I struggled with what I wanted to, or actually, what I should say to Niall for what felt like forever. It was more like…four hours and twenty three minutes. Which may seem a bit excessive to some, but being in the current situation I was in, with the person I was in it with, I knew I had no choice but to get this exactly right on the first go. I had no clue as to what I was going to do about…anything quite yet, but the first thing that needed to be done was to tell Niall.

Sitting on my couch and continuously staring at the little piece of paper as I contemplated word for word what I was going to say to him, almost made my head hurt. But I finally swallowed back my fears and picked up my cell phone, getting up from my couch to nervously pace back and forth across the carpeted floor. My teeth nipped increasingly hard at my bottom lip, scraping off the bits of skin that I had already been picking at for the past four hours and I could feel my hands jittering uncontrollably as I held the phone in my hand. Nervous was beyond an understatement at that point; I was absolutely scared shitless.

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“Blog Rates + Icons + Compliments!”

So I had a really good day at work today and I’m in a good mood so how about some blog rates yeah? Happy Weekend to those of you who have one! (I work tomorrow tf is this adulthood)

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On Jasper’s wisdom in 4x04.

Okay so like I said I’m not planning on doing big meta’s during the season’s airtime, but yesterday some people’s attitude toward Jasper surprised me. 

I for one saw a slight change in Jasper’s behaviour in 4x04. Yes, he’s till dangerously depressed and his dark humour is jarring, but at the end of the episode he talks to Clarke, instead of just … flinging words at her. One thing he said that I really loved was ‘it’s the only choice you gave yourself’. THIS IS SOMETHING I’VE BEEN WANTING CLARKE TO HEAR SINCE 3x11. Clarke is always justifying her actions not just by saying ‘it’s for my people’, like Monty pointed out, but also by saying she had no other choice. This has never been true and it was so important that someone said this to her. And I don’t think it has landed on Clarke just yet, but that’s okay. She definitely registered Jasper’s words, she paused, but then she filed them away and talked about Jaha. Nevertheless, this was an overdue exchange and I think opens the way to Jasper and Clarke communicating more openly in the future. 

Secondly he says ‘if you think you have the best idea, you have to convince them, not lie to them’. DING DING DING *correct again*. Like, I get that some people are not feeling the contrast between offering this wisdom and then deciding to lie back and party and not contribute anything, but to me that’s another discussion entirely. This one might be a little harder to follow than the other one what with a ticking clock, but it still shows Jasper has actually thought about the whole matter instead of just, you know, take himself out of the business completely. He doesn’t care what happens to himself, but he still cares that the other Arkadians know what they’re about to face. If he truly didn’t care a dime, he wouldn’t even make the effort to try and let everyone know about the list on speaker. 

(Another thing that to me comes off as a change is that he’s back in cahoots with Monty again. This is not the time and place to talk about Monty’s greatest capacity for understanding and compassion, but something must have happened between them between the rain scene and the office prank scene. I hope this will evolve further as the season advances.)

Tagging @lovelylights & @falafel14 bc they asked and also @jontyaxefive for good measure.

I am so tired of Louis never being given credit for the wonderful things he does. These days, literally every single good thing he does, every gesture, every word; is discredited; brushed off as something he had to do, a stunt, ‘his team’ doing it, twisted to fit one conspiracy or other. Can’t we just accept things at face value once in a while, and acknowledge that maybe Louis just wanted to do something nice, because he is a good person and he wants to make other people happy?

Last night was a perfect example of that. I was disappointed not to see him at the Brits. I had assumed because he was there last year when he had nothing to promote that this year, he’d go, especially when he had music to promote, an award to possibly win, and when he did the promo for the nominees show and said how important they in particular were to him. When he flew in 3 days before, it seemed pretty much a given that he’d attend. And it was strange to not have him there and not know why; especially as he was on social media and didn’t appear at the time to have other things going on. And when he posted the video it was such a sweet gesture, to show that it was still important to him that we voted, that he still appreciated the award, that he wasn’t taking it for granted. And it was great that he was getting to spend time with his family. Yet I still wasn’t sure why he chose to go back home at that specific time, why he chose then of the several nights he had been home to do something with them, especially because it really would benefit his solo career to be with the music industry people.

Then, I realized that there was a reason for it. Louis specifically chose that time and that night *because* it was the night of the Brits. His mum went to the Brits with him last year, and I believe she did in prior years. He spoke very fondly of sharing his first Brit win with her, and always said how special they were to him. And, his family probably always watched the Brits together, or, once he was there himself, attended it. Louis PURPOSELY stayed home to do something with them, because it was more important to be there for and with them for support because the Brits was a big thing to his family. Watching it with them and maybe having dinner or something was his top priority and he wanted to show that, instead of being about himself and going to promote himself. Then, to add to that, he then made us a really sweet video, which was posted only 12 minutes after the award was announced, proving that while his family means everything to him, he really does care about us and is grateful for the things he wins too. And not only did I totally understand it then, but I was so proud of him for it.

And seeing people dismiss it and brush it aside and say ‘he could have tweeted that’ or making it about him refusing to attend the awards show for some sort of rebellion or to fit some theory, I just felt like I needed to say something, this time. He went out of his way to make everyone happy, and why is it never good enough for people? He really does do special things to show how much he cares whenever he can, and, too many people dismiss them and turn them into something they’re not. He deserves more credit in all areas than this fandom ever gives him.

completelydonerightnow  asked:

My English springer really likes to swim. If we go near a river he will jump right in and swim for the entirety of a walk. He ignores ducks and swans, but I'm worried that one day hell get a bit too close and get hurt. Are there any ways to teach him to keep a distance from them? Also, what are the other things we should be looking out for?

Continue rewarding him for ignoring them. Once he notices them and realizes they’re interesting (because them running away makes chasing them inherently rewarding) it’s much harder to work backwards. 

I don’t think you need to look out for anything in particular, but as someone who once had to swim into a river in January to get a setter back from the geese she was chasing, make sure to keep your dog on a long-line when he’s swimming so you’ve got a way to reach/restrain him in an emergency. 

A world in color

  A FFXV Prompto one-shot, in which Prompto has Synesthesia.
  No warnings, Word Count 1064

 Prompto’s world was more colorful than most.
 At a very young age he learned that sounds had color. So did music. And so did voices. He could spend hours at a time just listening and watching.

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I was tagged. Six things about me

1. Though I have my favorite pizza toppings I’ll eat nearly any pizza. If you and I order a pizza we’ll get whatever you want for toppings even if it’s kale and brussels sprouts. It’s pizza and pizza is delicious. Watching high-maintenance children and adults at parties moaning “Ewwww, olives are the grossest!” or “I can’t eat onions!” or “Yuck! No one likes pepperoni!” kills me. I’ll argue about tap water before I’ll fight over pizza toppings. Being on a deserted island with one of those people would be amusing if the only food was a pepperoni and olive pizza. Be picky, be hungry. Fine with me.

2. I was the captain of my cross country running team in high school.

3. I don’t like big music concerts. One time my wife and I got free tickets to see Paul Simon and Brian Wilson. The music was good but everyone there bugged the shit out of me. Near the end of that concert I started a fight with some obnoxious high school kids. I may hate some people but it’s extremely unlike me to fight. That fight was mostly pushing and shoving. Security saw us and kicked the kids out but I was allowed to remain.

4(a). Twice in my life I have pulled a dead body out of a lake. 4(b). Twice I’ve done the Heimlich maneuver on a young child. It worked! 4©. Once I did CPR on an adult. It didn’t work.

5. If I could go to college all over I’d consider majoring in psychology. Being a therapist would be interesting. People open up and tell me things even if I’m not asking questions. I think I’m a good listener and discreet with what I hear.

6(a). If I obtain ridiculous wealth wearing a brand new pair of socks every day will happen. The feeling of fresh, squishy socks is amazing. It would cut down on laundry too. 6(b). I actually like doing laundry. It’s why I bought a washer will all the bells and whistles.

anonymous asked:

Has anyone else here put 2 and 2 together? i mean think about it, not only was Reyes pushed into the background as head of Blackwatch, tucked out of sight and given all the dirty jobs Overwatch couldn't take credit for to keep their hands clean. but Dr Zeigler essentialy robbed him of the one thing he had left... a way to end it all. imagine how heavily everything he'd done weighed on Reaper's concience... in truth... who's the real villain?

They know too much


Dear Merlin, I am telling you now, because I’m afraid that it might be too late one day if I don’t: This was the most fun I’ve ever had. You’re next to me in my life. You’re the best person in the world, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Please remember me, even when I’m not there anymore one day to pick on you, and laugh at you, and call you names. You said I made you feel special. Well, you are special. And I would spend centuries with you if I could. I fear that the universe would rip in half if we went further apart than this, but I don’t think we have a choice. It’s not fair, but none of it ever was. Whatever the future holds, though, I don’t want you to change. I want you to always be you. Let’s make it the best life we can. Love, Arthur. 

Where the quote actually comes from:

“I am just one hundred and one, five months and a day.”

“I can’t believe that!” said Alice.

“Can’t you?” The Queen said in a pitying tone. “Try again: draw in a long breath and shut your eyes.”

Alice laughed, “There’s no use in believing impossible things.”

“I daresay you haven’t had much practice.” Said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips on getting used to my gender identity? I'm agender but i figured that out relatively recently (a month to two months ago) and I keep accidentally misgendering myself.

it’s 100% normal to misgender yourself so dont feel bad about it! You’ve spent your entire life until a few months ago referring to yourself as the gender you were assigned at birth. It takes a while to get out of those habits! 

When I realised i was trans I told my best friend and she would refer to me by the correct pronouns in private while I got used to them. She eventually did the same with my name once i had chosen one. I found that really helped to normalise things. 

It’s a big thing to realise your gender identity doesn’t align with what you were assigned at birth, but usually it’s the little things that help you get used to it! My advice is to find the little things that affirm you to yourself and do a few each day. 

Some other followers might have more tips, and I’ll ask the rest of the mod team if they have any :) 

Good luck on your journey! 

- Mod Zac

Girl’s Night

Prompt: Oh! Marvel imagines! Okay, so how about the reader kinda looking up to Black Widow as a sorta big sister figure and asks her some advice when dealing with guys, and Black Widow is just like, “…” but reader gives her some puppy eyes… no one can resist the puppy eyes! Thanks <3 by Pinkiepie125

“Hey, Nat? Can I ask you a question?” Y/N asked hesitantly. They were sitting on the floor of her bathroom painting each other’s nails. Things had been a bit crazy lately so Y/N had invited Nat over for something of a girl’s night in, just the two of them. Wanda had been invited, but she had a date with Vision and wouldn’t be around until much later, if at all.

“What’s up?” Nat asked, briefly looking up from the toenail she was painting.

“How do you flirt with guys?” Y/N asked quickly, losing courage by the moment.

Nat was so surprised that she painted a black streak up Y/N’s foot.

“Shit.” She muttered as she grabbed a cotton ball and soaked it in nail polish remover.

“Is there a specific reason you are asking me this? Like someone in particular you are thinking of flirting with?” Nat questioned as she scrubbed the color off of Y/N’s skin.

“Hypothetically speaking, I might be interested in somebody.” Y/N’s cheeks began to turn a light rosy pink.

“Well, hypothetically, does this somebody have a name?” Nat asked gently.

“Hypothetically speaking, it might be Steve.” Y/N admitted, her voice barely audible.

Nat just smiled and nodded. “If I had to put money on it, that’s who I would’ve bet you fell for.”

“Is it that obvious?” Y/N groaned, covering her face with her hands.

“Not really. It is just you two are such good friends and you’re so similar in a lot of ways.” Nat explained as she finished painting the toenails on Y/N’s left foot.

“If I am being honest, I have shipped you two since the day you met.” Nat said as she reached for Y/N’s other foot.

Y/N’s pink face was now full on red. “It’s not funny, Nat! I don’t know how to talk to him about this.”

Nat was quiet for a minute. “Do you want me to talk to him?” She asked slowly.

“Not really. I don’t want him to know if it doesn’t come from me.” Y/N said with a sigh.

Nat nodded and continued working.

When she finished, she stood up. “I am gonna go get some snacks, you want anything?” She left after Y/N shook her head.

She walked into the kitchen to find Sam and Bucky engrossed in a conversation about something sports related.

“Hey, I don’t mean to break up the bromance you two have going on, but I have a mission that requires your help.” She said with a smirk.

Y/N had never said she couldn’t talk to Bucky and Sam or that Bucky and Sam couldn’t talk to Steve.