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Summary: can you do a tom holland imagine, where harrison introduced y/n to tom and eventually tom and y/n date and tom gets a little jealous of how close y/n and harrison is. one day while tom was shooting late at night y/n and harrison go out to a bar and get drunk and they end up accidentally kissing right when tom walks in,and can you use your imagination to how the imagine ends? Thank youu

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

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An Ed Sheeran One Shot (featuring Harry Styles)
A Request:
 Ed has had a crush on you for a long time but you’re dating someone else and he is really cute and kind of shy about it

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Word Count: 3,186

Sweat beaded along the nape of Ed’s neck while he sang, his eyebrows knitted together as he belted out the notes.  Four hours had ticked by but nevertheless he was still encased by tight walls that never failed to leave him claustrophobicand with a craving to bust through the glass window in front of him.  Clamping his eyes shut while he sings helps him lose track of how long he’s been in the booth, but the rasp in his throat from pushing himself too hard doesn’t disappear with his sense of time.  With every intake and exhale the sandpaper at the back of his throat overpowers him and his lungs strain with each sharp breath.

The headphones he wore rested uneven on his ears while his fingers tangled in the thick black chord. He’d done it for no reason other than to distract himself from you sitting next to Harry, the two of you behind Jake Gosling at the soundboard.  Ed twirled the chord once over his palm and then over his wrist, until the veins tightened under his skin and the tips of his fingers buzzed from lack of circulation.

With the crack of his dry lips he sucked in a gulp of air, exhaling the notes into the space between him and the microphone, hopeful it would be the last time.  He refused to open his eyes and witness a smile on your face because of Harry’s witty jokes or playful teasing, forcing his voice through the sting in his throat.

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35 and 5 please?!

“Wait a minute, are you jealous?” you asked him.

Now it all made sense. The dirty looks you caught him giving guys who approached you, him always seeming to be at your side through out the night even when you swore you saw people trying to wave him over to them. It was never like Luke to act like this but tonight something was definitely up with him and jealousy would explain it.

“What?.. No,” he scoffed, looking down at the floor.

“I mean it’s fine if you are, actually it’d be kind of cu-” but he cut you off before you could finish your sentence.

“I really don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about,” Luke said, raising his plastic cup of cheap liquor to his lips, eyes looking past you while they scanned the room.

Alright, if he wanted to play games then you could suit up and play with the best of them. If he wanted to ignore the past two weeks of subtle flirting and exchanged looks of adoration while you both were supposed to be working on a presentation together, then ignore them you would.

He invited you along with him to tonight’s party claiming he thought you were incapable of knowing how to ‘let loose’, but you knew lately he had been thinking of anything he could to spend extra time with you. Like earlier this week when he complained about the long drive home to do laundry, you somehow knew it was his way of asking you to help him and your theory was proved correct when his eyes lit up once you had offered. And you knew it wasn’t a coincidence that he had suddenly started to show up outside of your night classes shortly after they were dismissed just to 'bump in to you’ and walk you back to your dorm.

“Ok well then if your shift as my care taker is over, you can go now. I can handle myself just fine,” you say, placing your drink down and moving to walk past him.

Before you could even get around him, you felt his hand grabbing your wrist and pulling you back to him. You were pressed up against his chest and your heart was beginning to beat faster in a mixture of anticipation and excitement.

“Dammit Y/N,” he says, his lips right next to your ear. “So what if I am? Hmm?”

He moves back to look in to your eyes, a sadness seemingly overtaking his.

“I know I don’t have a chance but I’ll be damned if I don’t at least protect you from making any mistakes,” he huffs, finally releasing his grip on you and frustratedly running his hand through his hair.

“The only one making any mistakes here is you,” you said, reaching to grab his hand and give it a reassuring squeeze. “Of course you have a chance, you big dork. You’re the only one here who has my attention.”

You watched the sadness drain from his expression only to be replaced by a dorky smile and obvious giddiness.

“Yeah?” he asked once more, just to be sure.

When you nodded and smiled at him, that’s all he needed before he leaned forward and pressed his lips to yours.

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i honestly need to know your favorite lyrics!! you only put beautiful words in your blog!! (english is not my first language sorry about the grammar mistakes lol)

okaaaay, it’s gonna be a veeeeeery long list(the lyrics are only from songs):

  • “I’m a mouth that doesn’t smile / I’m a word that no one ever wants to say.”
  • “You took my heart and you held it in your mouth / And with a word all my love came rushing out “
  • “When you see yourself in a crowded room, / Do your fingers itch? Are you pistol whipped?”
  • “You got something to say?Why don’t you speak it out loud, instead of living in your head?”
  • “Soon you’ll find that if you try to save her / It will renews her anger / You will never win” 
  • “Corrupted by the simple sniff of riches blown / I know you have felt much more love than you’ve shown / And I’m on my knees and the water creeps to my chest”
  • “Through pre-pubescent tones, the sticks will break your bones, and as you’re walking home you cry, cry, cry alone. “
  • “I was told when I get older all my fears would shrink, / But now I’m insecure and I care what people think.”
  • “You’re so conceited / I said “I love you” / What does it matter if I lie to you? ”
  • “If brokenness is a work of art, / Surely this must be my masterpiece.’’
  • “All the violence that I swore you could have back. / There’s red varnish on the door, I don’t wear that. “
  • “How our bodies, born to heal, / Become so prone to die? 
  • “Destroy the middle, it’s a waste of time. / From the perfect start to the finish line.”
  • “I’m gonna be free and I’m gonna be fine / Maybe not tonight”
  • “Tender we fall / Quiet and alone / Tired and gone, just speechless / Speechless / Tired and gone” 
  • “You think you’re gonna get with me? You’re never gonna get with me. You’re never gonna dance with me.”        
  • “How long does the madness last? / How long is a piece of string?” 
  • “If I could take your hand, / If you could understand / That I can barely breath the air is thin / I fear the fall and where we’ll land”
  • “I gave you something you can never give back, don’t you mind / You see my face like a heart attack, don’t you mind don’t you mind”
  • “I feel it coming out my throat / Guess I better wash my mouth out with soap / God, I wish I never spoke”
  • “Where do we belong, where did we go wrong? / If there’s nothing here, why are we still here?”
  • “Whatever I feel for you / You only seem to care about you / Is there any chance you could see me too?”
  • “You’re pushing down on my shoulders / And emptying my lungs / And in a moment I’m older /In a moment, you’ve won”
  • “With all our fate, hearts broken from the start / With the fear that we were born to fall / Only to be held tall by the writing on the wall”
  • “You made me feel again / Made me dance circles ‘round the pieces of your heart.”
  • “I’m not quite dead and I’m not quite yours”
  • “Next time you point a finger / I’ll point you to the mirror”
  • “When you’ve loved so long that the thrill is gone / And your kisses at night are replaced with tears / And when your dreams are on a train to train-wreck town /Then I ask you now, what’s a girl to do?”
  • “I’m trying to get out / Find a subtle way out / Not just cross myself out / Not just disappear”
  • “I’ve never felt more alone / It feels so scary getting old.”
  • “Hey, your insanity that’s driving me insane, / Well heaven knows that I’d erase you if I could, / Oh God I wish I could”
  • “And here I am watching the clock that’s ticking away my time / I’m too numb to feel right now”
  • “I wish you would dare to walk me home / So I wouldn’t have to feel alone”
  • “I’m cold, I’m hurt, I’m hard to love.“
  • “I hear, their mouths, making foreign sounds. Sometimes, you’d think, they spoke another language.“