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They tell me love is beautiful
                            is good
                            is pure
but my love, we
were never beautiful
                   or good
                   or pure

we are just two tired souls
trying to survive
only survive, nothing more
     side by side
     in lockstep

and every time we kiss
     i swallow poison from your lips like the nectar of the gods
and every time we touch
     my skin blossoms blisters under the heat your fingers
and every time we speak
     another star fades away like a candle blown out by our cold breaths

but perhaps
     in the background
     hidden away
     in the darkness
our shadows held hands
like they cradled the entire world in the nest of their joined fingers

and perhaps
     that is beautiful
               and good
               and pure

and perhaps
     that is

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How do you think the RFA members (you could include V in this one if you want) would act if they found out their S/O had a wicked talent for rapping? Like they can bust out in those dank rhymes without hesitation ( ಠ◡ಠ )

This was seriously so much fun to write! I switched up the formatting a little bit so I hope that’s okay. Thank you for the awesome request!! ;D 


  • He was having a tough time memorizing some terms for an upcoming exam
  • Poor Yoosung was stressing out but you offered him a way to help remember
  • Yoosung happily agreed and after you looked through his notes, you came up with a easy to remember but still super awesome rap
  • He’s so surprised but so impressed!
  • You help him get a passing grade and Yoosung is so thankful
  • Even though you teach him some basic raps, Yoosung is literally the worst rapper ever
  • He tries so hard but he just can’t get it
  • But you tell him he’s doing good and Yoosung gets so happy
  • It becomes a fun bonding experience for you and Yoosung to try and teach him how to rap
  • Rap Name: Lil Yoo


  • Zen took you out to karaoke for a date night
  • Since Zen has the voice of an angel, everyone was in awe as he sang
  • But you wanted to share his limelight
  • When you got to the stage, you busted out the greatest rap about how great Zen is
  • Everyone, including Zen, went crazy
  • Zen begs you to teach him how to rap
  • And since he’s a fast learner, by the next song both you and Zen are rapping your hearts out
  • Both you and Zen agree that it was the best night that they had in a while
  • Rap Name: Bad Boy Zenny


  • She was humming one of Zen’s songs while the two of you cleaned up the cafe after it closed for the day
  • You told her how much you love to hear her humming
  • Cue blushing mess Jaehee
  • She says that she’s never heard your singing voice and asks you to sing for her
  • You tell her that you’re not really good at singing but you can do something better
  • Jaehee eagerly asks you to do so
  • You take one of Zen’s songs and turn it into an awesome rap
  • She is so stunned but so amazed!
  • Jaehee says that your rapping is better than Zen’s singing
  • Best moment of your life
  • Rap Name: Mama Baehee


  • He takes you out to a fancy business party
  • The people there are super snobby but you and Jumin stick together
  • You and Jumin are talking to a couple of particular stuck up people
  • They find out that you’re not in the upper class and ask if you have any skills
  • Jumin gets upset and is about to tell them off but you stop him saying that you do
  • You bust out an awesome rap about how ridiculous the people at the party are
  • They all gasp and whisper about you but Jumin starts clapping
  • He leads the two of you out of the party and makes sure that those people’s investments fail
  • Jumin has never heard about rapping and he becomes so intrigued!
  • You teach him a some easy raps and now all Jumin raps about is Elizabeth the 3rd
  • Rap Name: King Juju


  • When he gets bored, Seven randomly challenges you to weird contests
  • He usually proclaims himself the winner and today was no exception
  • Seven taught himself some basic raps and he’s ready to completely roast you
  • So when he comes into the living room with some shades and a snapback on, you know it’s about to go down
  • He declares the ultimate rap challenge against you and you gladly accept
  • Seven says some pitiful rhymes, thinking that he’s doing so good
  • But then it’s your turn and you destroy him
  • You bust out the greatest rap that you could come up with
  • Seven is S H O O K
  • He bows down to you and calls you the rapping queen
  • Your honestly so proud of yourself because you finally beat Seven!
  • He begs you to become his rapping master to which you happily agree
  • You and Seven rap all of the time now especially during RFA meetings annoying everyone but you two have so much fun
  • Rap Name: Killer Seven


  • The two of you were cuddling on the couch, enjoying each others company
  • V decided to play some soft orchestral music
  • It was nice, but after a while you asked V if you could change it
  • He happily agreed but you wanted to take it one step further
  • You told him that you wanted him to listen to one of your talents
  • V gets so excited and anxiously awaits
  • You play a fast, up-beat song and bust out an epic rap
  • Once you finish, V is literally speechless
  • You think that he hated it but a second later, he asks you to rap for him again
  • V thinks that your rapping is art and records you and listens to it when he gets sad
  • You ask him if he wants to learn but he just smiles and says that he’s going to leave the rapping to you
  • But after a while, he gives in and V becomes the most timid rapper ever
  • Rap Name: Playa V

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[Translation] Kamisato blog 09272016 (Graduation)

Graduating from Tenimyu, and connecting.

Good evening! This is Kamisato Yuki.

Allow me to announce once again - all 48 tours of Tenimyu 3rd Season Seigaku vs Hyotei are completed.

There were live viewings in Osaka, Aichi, Miyagi, Fukuoka, and Shanghai Grand final, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude towards many people who have supported us in Hyotei performance.
Thank you so much to those who have supported us during Hyotei performances!

Next up, Rokkaku performance…
…as much as I wanted to say that
but I’m no longer there.

In the performance the day before yesterday, Seigaku 8th has graduated from Tenimyu.
No longer could I perform again with those members.

To everyone who was involved in Tenimyu, and my dear fellows,
thank you so much for supporting Seigaku 8th.

I’ve graduated. And I must move forward to the future.
I kept saying this to myself since yesterday.
But it is strange - I want to swing the racket and wear Seigaku jersey.
I’m overwhelmed with such feeling right now.

It’s something I’ve never experienced. Very mysterious indeed.
Perhaps this emotion emerged because
right now I keenly feel how dense, and how blissful it has been for the past two years.

Now I thought of it, Tenimyu stage was one of my dream when I entered this world.
When I wished every day that someday I would achieve this goal
it became a reality before I realised.

At first, I was so overjoyed that I could portray Fuji Shusuke, the genius.
However, it wasn’t that easy.

The weight of Fuji’s batons across generations, the weight of so-called Tenimyu, the weight of 3rd season
There were so many things that made me realise the truth that
it requires not just ordinary effort to shine on the stage

There were times it was so painful that I wanted to run away.
There were also times when I seemed to overcome with such weak feeling.

It’s my first stage so I don’t know anything, but instead of just words, Seigaku 8th extended their support for an inexperienced person like me.  
At that time I thought
“Ah, perhaps that’s what Seigaku is.”

Even without saying, we make every endeavour to work harder in the shadow while helping each other to aim for higher.

Troupe leader Kazuki, who never goes off his course, but cares deeply about his fellows.

Captain Zaiki, who gave strict criticisms to people around him, but even harsher to himself and never let people notice his heavy pressure.

Those two in particular had a strong presence amongst us.

And so I spent everyday searching for what exactly “Fuji Shusuke” is. And I spent two years walking along with Fuji Shusuke.

Fuji Shusuke-kun is really difficult. Difficult as in how he is not obsessed with victory, and how he doesn’t show his real self and limitless strength - yet with an overwhelming presence.

Seigaku fights in anticipation of victory, but he doesn’t about it that much. Then, how should I sing and dance during Seigaku’s songs or full cast songs? I feel like the lyrics aren’t quite linked to Fuji-kun himself. Yet I must live on the stage as Fuji Shusuke. Then how should I portray Fuji?

I feel like Fuji Shusuke gave me a lot of challenges to work on.
What is “Fuji Shusuke”? I don’t know the answer. But is that okay? I thought there was a meaning to continue exploring what Fuji Shusuke really is.

So I have decided that instead of just finding the answer, I should never stop exploring.
Perhaps there’s a day when both Fuji Shusuke and I will change. (referencing Boku wa kawaru)
I myself can’t feel that as Fuji Shusuke, but it is very fun to think a lot and find answers to questions I can’t answer.

However, Fuji thinks a lot about his fellow teammates, so there must be many times when he is noticed by his fellow teammates too. Especially when it comes to Taka-san and Tezuka.
I have also cherished this part of feeling as myself. I’m not good at talking, and I probably haven’t told anyone. But I really Seigaku 8th!

I am glad to have encountered Fuji Shusuke-kun in my life. It wasn’t just about tough times. I’ve also felt blissful things from it too. I feel lonely that I can’t portray you, because I really like you. But I have no regrets. It was a lot of fun. I was very happy to have met you, thank you so much.

Before I knew it, Tenimyu has become a part of life and I felt that having Tenimyu is a matter of course.
During Hyotei performance touring around different cities, I started to feel that this is not a matter of fact, but a happy and blissful time, and performed on different stage with a renewed understanding.
Savoring this happiness and not paying much attention to graduation, I just lived on every single performance.

And then, the grand final two days ago.
After singles 2 match with Jiro and I returned to the wing of the stage, I felt, “Ah, this is over. I can’t have matches anymore.”
It felt a bit like the burden on my shoulder was relieved. Everything was completed.
It was a relieved feeling that I have never experienced before, like, I have put everything forward.
There was still the third act so I quickly switched back.

And then
Singles 1 match, Tezuka x Atobe
Perhaps it will become the legendary match in Tenimyu that will be passed down to future generations.

In an instant, I grasped what was on Tezuka’s polo shirt. Immediately, I thought “Zaiki, is he alright?”

There was nothing we could do.
Could this continue?

In a few seconds, there were many things occurring at the same time,
but the most surprising thing was that
Zaiki was Tezuka.
“He is real.“

Despite how this action could influence and control everything,
Zaiki never released himself being from Tezuka,
and naturally I continued watching Tezuka’s match as Fuji Shusuke.

I wonder if everyone on the stage felt the same way.
How Zaiki’s dialogues are linked to Tezuka.

It was a match that I’ve never seen before.

From wanting Zaiki and Tezuka to forfeit the match,
to hoping wholeheartedly that Zaiki and Tezuka will go towards "victory.
It really moved my heart. Perhaps, Fuji-kun would as well.

Of course, it was until later that I firmly understood how it was the weight of Tenimyu that made Zaiki to continue in such situation, but also perhaps it wasn’t something he wanted to show.
After all, he was the captain.

Hiroki didn’t discard his Atobe side too, and the match became more heated.

It really felt like an amazing performance on the stage until the last minute.
It was a match I would never forget in my life.

But above all, it ended well.
It was relieving that we could end this without losing even one person.
all 12 of us have successfully graduated.

Even after wriitng this long, I wasn’t sure if I could convey this properly,
but as I wrote
the real feeling has emerged.
Please allow me to say that again.

7 members from Fudomine, 7 members from St. Rudolph, 8 members from Yamabuki, and 9 members from Hyotei,
all of you are the best rivals. Thank you so much for your occasional support.

Seigaku 8th.
Because we spent together more than a family, it would be lonely to depart from you all, but we have shared painful, fun, tough, happy times together. I’m glad that such members could work together in 3rd season. We will continue our own paths from now on, but let’s work hard! If anything happens, let’s chat and have fun in group talk.  It’s the best to have all 12 of us graduate together without losing anyone. Thank you so much, everyone.

Dear staff members.
I cannot thank enough for so many of you putting enormous time and effort into supporting this musical in places that we couldn’t see. Sometimes we received your strict criticisms, small chat, and even laughing moments. I am full of gratitude that you always come and pour love into this. Thank you so much.

Everyone who supported us.
It is because of everyone who came all the way to the theatres, that made us able to come all the way through. And it was truly wonderful that I was able to meet all of you. I’ve never seen the grand view in Dream Live with the stadium filled with blue colours. The applause and cheer during the performance. And sometimes even letters and present too. How happy it was for the past two years. Thank you so much.  

Although I can no longer wear Seigaku jersey, but I am sure that the next new Seigaku, and Fuji as well, will become the best team. Please continue to support Tenimyu 3rd season.

And for Fuji Shusuke-kun.
There’s only one word I have to say.
Thank you.

New Seigaku Fuji Shusuke actor   Sadamoto Fuuma!

Fuuma, go enjoy it (^^)

Kamisato Yuki will also fly towards the future.
I’d be really happy if you can continue to support me!

It’s really a blessing to be involved in Tenimyu once in a lifetime.
Thank you, thank you so much.

Seigaku 8th Fuji Shusuke - Kamisato Yuki.


Being human is about fighting even when it seems hopeless, and finding happiness even in a world that hates it.

Endless List of Favorite Fictional Characters

 ↳ 8/∞ Junpei Tenmyouji [ Zero Escape ]


aqua’s story - deep space

Do you think maybe…my circle of friends could become part of yours?

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How would the Rfa handle their stubborn-sick s/o? Like mc will never admit that they're sick and just almost sulking all day lol

Wanted to fix the switch-up as fast as i could, so formatting will be off until this weekend most likely. The writing might not be the best either; sorry for the inconvenience!

- Mod Ember


- He will fucking fight.

- Not physically, but you’ll be having constant staredowns at each other, getting the other to concede defeat.

- (You both keep track of victories and defeats; right now, you were losing by one.)

- He’ll also glare at you every time you do something besides sleeping or eating food.

- He gets pissed when you don’t take your medicine because “it tastes horrible” and he wants to scold you for it, but he feels bad since you’re sick.

- But then he just feels bad in general that you’re sick in the first place.

- (So everytime you guys don’t have a stareoff, you use his guilt to your advantage and make him let you some unhealthy food.)


- He is worried beyond belief??

- He knows you’re a tough person, but he also knows that you don’t have his monstrous rapid healing.

- He’ll honestly just follow you around everywhere just to be safe because he knows you won’t take medicine or go to a doctor.

- It gets even worse when you have a coughing fit, and you say it’s nothing, but Zen is already worrying if he has to plan your funeral.

- He actually feels kind of helpless because you are actually too stubborm for your own good.

- (Also, every single time you heal, he ends up sick; you both wonder how that happens…)


- He is ready to cry and beg you to take care of yourself.

- He ends up being hella responsible and caring, taking care of both yours and his work around the house.

- That left you with nothing to do but rest, and you were not happy.

- Yoosung accidentally makes it worse because you’re now really salty towards him.

- He ends up crying because he didn’t mean any harm; he just wanted you to rest and not be sick longer than you had to.

- In the end, you feel bad for sulking and being stubborn, so Yoosung ends up winning, and you actually rest.


- She does not care that you are denying it, she heard that fucking sniffle.

- The house goes in a lockdown; you can’t even go outside your shared room until you rested and let Jaehee give you medicine.

- You’re stubborn, though, too much sometimes, and sometimes a week or two will go by before you end up conceding

- (It’s always you who will lose, no exceptions.)

- She ends up muttering things about how you don’t take of yourself enough and how you always have to be so unwilling to get better faster.

- She still loves you, though, and lowkey doesn’t mind taking care of you.


- He tries to take care of you.

- Key word: tries.

- When you just keep denying it, he ends up letting you do whatever, just like usual.

- Except, he never gets extremely stubborn abou you taking better care of yourself until it’s too late and now, he’s sick.

- You both end up sick, but in denial.

- Vanderwood has to take care of you both, and you guys were not going to try fighting against Vanderwood…


- He’s too nice and caring and understanding???

- You feel guilty denying that you were sick everytime he brought you medicine and watching him nod and smile before returning it back.

- He makes it impossible to deny it without feeling bad.

- It happened so often before, but now, it’s rare you’ll deny it.

- This man actually has working methods on how to get someone stubborn to take care of themselves.

Plot 13


Luna had read about people who dreamt in color. Supposedly it was uncommon. She dreamt in color…when she wasn’t dreaming in black. She used to dread sleeping, her dream self suspended in the sea of nothing, but she welcomed it as of late. It meant the other dreams couldn’t disturb her. She felt comfort in the black nothingness that used to suffocate her. 

She breathed deeply in the moments of calm that lingered tonight. Her eyes snapped open when she hear something approach her. Fur. Bertram, the rabbit that used so be her pet before he died years ago. She crouched down and nuzzled her face in his brown fur. This wasn’t good. Once one thing penetrated her dreams, it was usually followed by something else….